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A Mockery of the Laws of Physics by Yesroofaccess

Page history last edited by yesroofaccess 9 months, 1 week ago

Brief Summary: Two brainy nerds help cute-but-short Josie become taller with the magic of science.

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Last Updated: October 2023



Josie was 19 and a measly 4’9” tall. Her bright, auburn hair was long and well-cared for. What she had in hair, however, she lacked in body. While Josie was not ugly, she felt that she was hopelessly under-endowed. Every morning, she would wake up, brush her teeth, look in the mirror,  and mutter to herself:


Too little. Too flat. No guy would ever want you.


How she longed to be something more than just a pretty face with long hair! She would weep quietly as she combed it in the mirror.


It was a Monday morning, and Josie had class at the local community college. Her first two classes went by in a flash, and she arrived at the campus food court for a late lunch. Josie had two friends, Nikki and Luis, who were huge science nerds. She had texted them earlier that day inviting them to meet up at their typical haunt: a small, square table in a remote corner of the campus food court. Luis was a light-skinned Latino guy and Nikki was a petite Asian woman. The two were having a quiet but intense conversation when Josie showed up. 


They immediately stopped talking as soon as they saw her.


“Oh geez. You know, guys, when you show up and people stop talking, those people were definitely talking about you,” remarked Josie, taking a seat at the table.


“Actually, we weren’t talking about you. Conceited. We were talking about a huge breakthrough we just made in one of our projects. It could change history forever,” said Luis. Nikki prompted Luis to quiet down with a mean look.


“Oh boy,” said Josie in a sing-song manner. “That’s the third time this week that you’ve changed history forever!” Josie took a bite of her sandwich.


“You know, he’s not kidding,” added Nikki. “I seriously don’t know how we managed to get this done, what with the square-cubeA Mockery of the Laws of Physics by Yesroofaccess The Curse by Massive and ChatGPT law being a thing in this universe.”


“I don’t know what that is,” said Josie.


“It’s the most horrible universal law that exists!” exclaimed Luis. “Or the most horrible one that existed.


Nikki rolled her eyes at Luis.


“We seriously need to be careful about this, though,” mused Nikki. “If it works--you know--without blowing up the universe, then we’ve performed nothing short of a miracle.”


Nikki and Luis stared at each other as it slowly dawned upon them. The awesome power that they had somehow tapped into.


“Will one of you please tell me what is going on?” asked Josie, a tomato slipping out of her sandwich as she bit into it.


Luis picked up his bag, visibly trembling a bit. Josie could see a big, round object inside of it. Luis took two hands and opened his bag, making sure that no-one else but Josie would be able to see it: an apple the size of a human head.


“Holy shit, is that a fucking apple?!” yelled Josie, dropping her sandwich as Luis and Nikki shushed her loudly. Luis put the bag down and hid it between his legs. “What did you do?”


“We, ah, we grew it. Made it bigger,” whispered Nikki.


“How?” said Josie.


“You know the project we’ve been working on? Well…It worked. And we’ve managed to make a mockery of the laws of physics in the process,” said Luis.


“Oh my god,” said Josie. “This…this is insane. How…? Why…? I just have so many questions! Think of the possibilities! You could end world hunger! You could…you could shrink humanity to diminish our reliance on non-renewable resources--gasp--or…”


Luis and Nikki gaped at Josie as she grinned darkly.


“You could make me taller.”


“No, that’s out of the question. We haven’t tried it on anything else. We would have to make sure it doesn’t harm biological material. There’s just so much work to be done before we even think about trying it on a human being. That would be extremely unethical at this point,” argued Nikki. 


“Guys.” Josie looked down, took a sharp breath, exhaled, and looked back up at Nikki and Luis again. “How tall are you?” asked Josie.


“I’m 5 foot and 11 inches,” said Luis.


“5 and 6 inches,” said Nikki.


“Do you know how tall I am?” asked Josie.


“Uh…5 feet?” guessed Nikki.


“4 feet and 9 inches. There are kids--KIDS!--that are taller than I am. And it really fucking sucks,” said Josie. “So I am asking you, please, PLEASE, try your thingy on me. I promise I will accept the consequences. I promise I won’t sue you if I blow up and die.”


“Well, now I want to try it even less,” shot Luis.


“Come onnnnn!” whined Josie. “Couldn’t you grow me just a little bit? Like just the tiniest dose of whatever it is? A microdose. Come on. Microdoses don’t get you high.”


Nikki and Luis hemmed and hawed. Josie sighed loudly.


“Look, if this is for real, you guys are gonna become world-famous. I’m never going to ever see you both again--”


“That’s not true!” 


“Oh, be serious. Once the world catches wind of this, you’ll be whisked off into super-stardom. You’ll change the world forever. Before all that happens though, couldn’t you give little, old me something to remember you both by?”


“Josie,” sighed Luis, “we’re not joking. Doing this could seriously hurt you, or even kill you.”


“I don’t care,” said Josie, tears forming in her eyes. “I just…don’t want to be this little anymore.”


Luis looked at Nikki for a long time, as if they were having a telepathic conversation. Nikki sighed.


“Ok. We’ll try it, but I seriously don’t--” Josie cut Nikki off with a happy squeal.


“Oh my gosh, can we try it tonight?” asked Josie.


The three of them then made a plan to meet up at Luis's apartment that night. His living room had a high ceiling and his roommates would be gone for the weekend. Josie went home to gather some things that evening with a spring in her step.


When she got to Luis’s, Josie had brought an outfit that her (taller) sister had left in her apartment during one of her routine visits. Luis let her in and Josie looked up. His living room was about 12 feet high. To the left of her was an ugly-looking machine and a bevy of wires and levers coming out of it. A large cannon-like device was perched atop the machine. Suddenly, shit became real to Josie.


“How are you feeling?” asked Nikki.


“I’m so excited!” Josie shouted, throwing her arms around Nikki. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I, ah, you’re welcome,” said Nikki, shooting a worried glance at Luis. Luis looked away and faced the machine.


“So the way this works, Josie, is that we’re going to shoot you with a small beam of energy. We  managed to reconfigure this to give the lightest, teensiest effect possible, so that we can be in complete control of everything,” said Nikki.


“Theoretically,” chuckled Luis nervously.


Josie breathed in loudly. “I’m ready. Hit me.”


“Ok, so let’s put you in this chair--” said Luis.


“Uh…what are the straps for?” asked Josie.


“So,” started Luis, “we don’t know how your brain and body will react to the growth ray. So, for our safety and yours--”


“Got it, got it,” waved Josie. Luis looked at Nikki. Nikki shrugged. Josie sat in the chair and Luis strapped her arms to the chair.


“Ok, so let’s, ah, start you off,” said Nikki as she typed something in the machine’s side interface.


“Alright Josie, you might feel a pinch,” said Luis, flicking some switches on the machine. A low humming sound grew in intensity. 




“Yeah,” said Josie, wincing a little. Nikki pressed a button and a beam of light shot out of the cannon, making Josie’s whole body glow with a neon-blue light. As quickly as it powered on, the machine had turned off and the beam disappeared. 


Josie continued to wince. She began to feel every bone in her body begin to warm up, as if she were stretching after a long nap. All of a sudden, her head jolted upwards and startled Nikki, who yelped a little. 


Josie had never felt such…power. Every molecule in her body was tingling with energy, beckoning her to expand. She gained an inch, and another. Her body spurted rapidly, upwards and outwards, taking her sleeves, shirt, and pant cuffs with it. Her breasts seemed to swell larger and faster than the rest of her. They rubbed against the fabric of her t-shirt, making her nipples grow erect.


Josie's hands tore out of their harnesses, grabbed her breasts, and squeezed them as her breasts grew larger and firmer. She let out a deep and low moan that was growing deeper and lower the more she grew. Josie’s head and legs inched up and out, higher and higher. Her blouse stretched out and pulled up as her midriff became exposed. Her waist widened, and as it did, the denim of her jeans made a low groaning sound until, finally, a side seam tore open. 


Josie’s gasps and moans became sexual.


The chair creaked as her growing hips pushed the chair arms out.


The machine had stopped long before, yet Josie continued to inch taller. The whole time, she was in ecstasy. Her body swelled to supermodel proportions, covered in glittering sweat. When she had her last spurt, the chair broke underneath her and she fell to the ground, panting like an animal. Her blouse and pants looked three sizes too small.


“Are you okay, Josie?”  asked Luis, a bit frightened. He and Nikki walked up to Josie slowly.


“Oh god, I’m…I’m so fucking horny…” A bit of drool escaped her mouth as she panted lustily. 


Luis watched Josie cautiously. Before he could react, Josie reached to grab Luis’s hand, placing it firmly on her swollen breast which was now the size of a softball. Her breast was warm, soft, and wet to the touch. A tent quickly formed in Luis’s pants.


“J-Josie, you’re in a state of euphoria, I don’t think we should continue any further until it wears off—“


“Don’t you want to squeeze it, Luis?” Josie beckoned. A bead of sweat formed on Luis’s brow. Luis pulled hishand away as he tried to hide his throbbing erection and hid behind Nikki and the machine.


Josie stayed on the floor, wet, dripping, and panting. “You guys,” she panted, her chest swelling up to mammoth proportions every time she took a breath, “you have to know…how good this feels… Nikki.”


Nikki jolted.


“Josie…what are you doing?” said Nikki, backing away. As she tried to get away, Nikki tripped over a wire, and she fell on top of the machine, accidentally pulling a lever all the way down. Again, a beam of neon blue light was shot out from the cannon and shot Josie again. 


“Oh no!” screamed Nikki.


Once again, the familiar feeling of warmth pulsated through Josie’s body and her entire body became aroused to a fever pitch. Josie began to scream a primal scream of ecstasy. Her body began to glow neon blue again.


YESSSSSSSS… moaned Josie.


“Shut it off!” screamed Nikki as she pulled the lever back up.


“I’m trying!” Luis screamed back as he scrambled to stop the machine. If a split-second of exposure made Josie grow that much…he couldn’t imagine what 5 seconds (and counting) would do at an increased dosage.


Josie exploded in growth. She let out a moan that shook the house as she rubbed her labia with her forefinger, her other hand greedily groping her breasts. Writhing on the floor, Josie began to grow faster and faster. She reached 8 feet tall in under a minute. She could not hold in her feelings any longer. Josie pulled down her jeans, panties, and plunged her long forefinger deep into her pussy. She could feel her feet and legs elongate on the carpet floor. Her shoes tore apart at the toes and her blouse stretched out to look like a training bra for her unbelievable breasts. Her boobs had blown up like balloons, growing to the size of small cantaloupes as she furiously pleasured herself. 


Her long auburn hair grew longer and more beautiful. It sprawled out under and about her rapidly-enlarging body. Her massive thighs could no longer fit within the confines of the groaning jean denim. What was left of it exploded off of her,  making her gasp loudly in euphoria. She glanced down at her nipples, now fully erect and visible through her bra-blouse. She reached down and tore her blouse and bra completely off, letting it fall to the ground beside her in tatters.


Nikki watched in catatonic awe as Josie grew and grew, her body reaching 11 feet. Luis, in the meantime, frantically tried to figure out a way to shrink Josie.


On the floor, and desperate for someone to explore her enhanced body, Josie looked up and watched Nikki again. Nikki, through the panic, somehow felt a pang of arousal at the sight of Josie eyeing her like a hungry tiger. 


Josie caught onto her arousal and slowly moved towards Nikki. Nikki was motionless--captivated with the sight of a giant Josie crawling towards her. Josie was no longer human--she was a giantess. 


The moment Josie felt Nikki was within her grasp, she pounced. Nikki, startled, fell back a second time, activating the beam a third time. A beam of neon light crossed her body, exposing her to a one-second dose of maximum growth.


All of a sudden, Nikki began to feel warmth all over her body. She began to glow neon blue.


“Fuck!” she screamed. She looked at her hands. Slowly, but surely, they also began to elongate. Next, she caught her breasts slowly inching forward out of her chest. Then she caught the floor slowly moving away from her as her head inched higher.


“Luis!” she screamed in fear as her breasts pulled her tucked shirt out of her denim jeans. Nikki began to feel the surge of power and arousal that Josie had. She tried to tuck her shirt back in, but to no avail. She was already too big. She then began to moan softly, but she tried to snap herself out of it. 


Nikki turned to look at Josie. Josie had slowly stopped pleasuring herself as she stretched her body out calmly on the floor. Her hair and clothes were a tattered mess beneath and around her. Her breasts were like small hills, rising  and falling with every breath. Yet Josie still continued to inch taller.


“I think it’s stopping!” said Luis.


“Luis…” said Nikki, whose voice sounded different…huskier. Luis looked at Nikki’s enhanced body as she sat up with her legs out on the ground. Nikki began to take it all in. The growth. The euphoria. Josie. She took a deep breath in, held it in for a few seconds, and let it out.


Nikki was now about 7 foot even, yet despite being shot with a hefty amount of energy, she was not experiencing the same type of hysteria that Josie had. Nikki’s midriff was bare, and she was barefoot, because her feet had grown too big for her shoes. Her jeans looked like tight capris, and were starting to tear apart at the sides. She looked really cute.


“Shit,” Nikki winced a bit, and she grew another inch, breaking off one of the legs of her glasses.


Luis blinked at this strapping young woman. Then he turned to Josie on the floor. She was completely naked, about 13 feet tall, and staring blankly at the ceiling, experiencing an alien peace.


“Luis. This feels…,” Nikki started, her voice getting louder and huskier by the second. She smiled at him awkwardly. Her lacey pink bra and nipples were visible through her yellow shirt, now stretched out beyond repair. One more spurt and it would give up the ghost.


Josie stirred. A spurt of growth hit them both, there and then, and they cried together in ecstasy. Nikki’s shirt tore at the side seams. Luis could see her mocha skin through the holes. He was captivated by her.


Their spurts slowed and decreased in intensity. Nikki began feeling sharp swells of pain around her chest and thigh areas. Her clothes were becoming too small for her body, which continued its steady growth. 


“Ow,” she said, running her finger through the sides of her denim jeans. Looking down, she saw her breasts, which had enlarged to impressive C-cups. She felt them and cooed softly, trying to contain her horniness.


“I, ah, got the shrink ray back online, guys,” called out Luis from behind the machine. Josie and Nikki looked at Luis absent-mindedly. They were, quite simply, high.


“That was fucking awesome,” said Josie. She seemed to have finally broken out of her possessed state. She looked around to see how tiny all of the furniture in Luis’s living room was—and how tiny he was compared to her and Nikki, who had slowly grown to 7’5”.


“Guys,” said Luis, “you’ve just undergone a lot of growth. You might feel a bit disheveled. Your bodies are still adjusting to the changes.”


Josie heard Luis and slowly stood up. And up. And up. She realized she had to crouch to be able to fit in the room. She noticed the disparity between Luis and Nikki’s height. She put out her legs underneath her and decided to sit on the ground like Nikki. Sitting down, she realized she was nearly as tall as Luis.


“What happened to you?” she asked Nikki.


“Oh, the ray hit me too. When you startled me back there, I accidentally turned on the machine. And now I’m big!” Nikki grew two more inches the moment she said “Big,” making her squeal a bit. Her bra was on the verge of snapping.


Josie was amazed at her new height. She was stark naked, but completely OK with it. She loved her new body. She had never felt this much confidence in herself before. Josie, and Nikki, were drunk with euphoria.


“You’re so big and beautiful, Josie,” said Nikki, blushing violently. Josie blushed a deep shade of red. It made the entire room feel hotter. Luis and Nikki could hear Josie’s heart beat loudly and rapidly from where they stood.


“Thanks, Nikki,” she replied. 


“Hug?” Josie asked, forgetting for a second that she was as tall as a small tree now, and held out her arms. Nikki ran up to her, shaking the ground a bit as she fell into her giant friend’s arms. From Luis’s perspective, it looked like a mother hugging her daughter. As Nikki hugged Josie, she felt Josie’s huge, pert, and soft breasts rubbing up against her face. This made Nikki spurt up another inch. 


What were these feelings that Nikki had for Josie? Could Josie be feeling them too? No, it had to be the effects of the growth.


Josie felt Nikki’s nipples poke into her flesh, and she smiled a sly smile that made Nikki blush even more intensely. At that moment, Nikki underwent a huge growth spurt, quickly reaching 9 feet in seconds. Her pink lace bra popped off and her jeans hiked further up already-mammoth thighs. Her hourglass midsection seethed outward in all directions, and her pants’ zipper shot down, exposing her rainbow-colored panties. Nikki’s whole body began to blush and sweat, as she grew taller and wider.


Nikki, having no idea what to say, stuttered mindlessly, her voice huskier than ever. Josie just looked at Nikki with a smile on her face as she planted a big, wet, giantess kiss on Nikki’s mouth. Nikki’s pussy exploded in wetness as Josie’s giant tongue explored Nikki’s mouth. Josie’s hand, now the size of a notepad, rubbed up against Nikki’s wet panties. 


“You’re such a big girl, Nikki…” Josie said, as the two giantesses moaned in favor of each other’s actions, “Such a big, pretty girl…”


They gave into it. The two collapsed in each other’s embrace onto the floor, and began to explore each other any way they could. Josie noisily sucked and bit Nikki’s cantaloupes as Nikki welcomed all Josie’s advances with emphatic squealing.


“Guys!” shouted Luis.


Nikki and Josie lazily looked in his direction.


“I can shrink you now,” he muttered. Josie and Nikki looked at him like he had a third eye on his forehead. As if going back to normal was the most foreign concept in the world.


“Luis,” started Nikki, “um, why don’t you join us?”


“Oh yeah, Luis. You deserve a little reward,” whispered Josie. Luis smiled awkwardly, blushing at Josie’s suggestion. 


“Come here, Luis,” sang Josie, sitting in the middle of the living room. Luis gingerly walked over to Josie, realizing now just how much bigger than him she was. She wasn’t a giantess anymore: she was a Goddess. With one stray look at Josie’s tits, Luis quickly noted that he could probably hide his entire head between them.


It looked like Josie realized the exact same thing at the exact same time. She reached out for Luis and shoved his face into her tits. Luis regained his footing, noticing how far apart he had to place his legs so that Josie’s right thigh could fit in between them.


Without thinking, Luis opened his mouth and sucked the inside of Josie’s right boob. Josie threw her head back, moaning loudly. Josie grew some more, managing to stay perfectly still as Luis sucked.


“Yummy,” said Josie in a breathy voice. Her newfound arousal made the growth spurts come back in full force. Her body ballooned up and out, forcing Luis to stand with his legs further and further apart. She reached out to completely embrace Luis in her massive body. Luis felt a rush of blood to his head as he felt his erection pushing against Josie. He tried to pull away, but Josie stopped him.


“I don’t want to take advantage of you, Josie,” admitted Luis.


“Well aren’t you the sweetest!” lilted Josie. “I promise you, you aren’t taking advantage of me. As long as you feel I’m not taking advantage of you. We’ve had a crazy night, and to be completely honest, I am hornier than I have ever been in my entire life. What about you, Nikki?”


“O-oh yes,” said Nikki, moving closer to Luis and Josie.


“If you’ll…let us…we can make it…worth your while,” said Josie, running her huge forefinger through Luis’s hair. Luis closed his eyes and fell into Josie. Josie hugged Luis tight as she continued to inch higher and higher. Luis felt the skin of her breasts stretching out against his body. moaning


Still, she held him close. Luis closed his eyes and felt Josie’s tender warmth surrounding him, growing warmer and stronger. All of a sudden, Luis felt his feet leaving the ground. As Josie’s height increased, she pulled Luis up with her. Josie was feeling so good, she hadn’t realized she was smushing Luis’s face into her tits. Luis didn’t mind.


Luis sucked her tits again. Josie threw her head back,  softly. Higher and higher, Josie grew, still managing to stay perfectly still as Luis sucked on her delicious breasts. 


“You do that so well,” said Josie in a breathy voice, now about 15 feet tall, with breasts the size of bowling balls.


Restricted by the space, Josie tried to make as little movement as possible as she laid down with Luis squished firmly against her tits. Nikki got down on all fours and moved towards Josie’s hot pussy.


As Luis lay in the valley of Josie’s breasts, he saw Josie’s huge hand from above reach down into the valley and touch his body gently. Her fingers were very warm. She felt Luis’s erect penis. 


“Oh, it’s so little!” said Josie. “Well, little to me.”


Josie gasped, feeling Nikki’s tongue lick the length of her wet vagina. 


“Ooh, Nikki, that feels good,” she whispered. Josie’s other hand made her way to the back of Nikki’s head as she lightly stroked Luis’s dick.


Luis flinched with pleasure as Josie giggled and moaned softly. She heard Luis gasp, cumming over her tits. Josie then began to blush as she felt the wetness. Suddenly, she and Nikki began to grow again.


Josie felt her body expand against the carpet. Luis, being as small as he was, felt her breasts grow around his body, falling deeper into her cleavage as she grew. Josie’s body began to become cramped in the confines of the room, her feet inched closer and closer to the opposing wall. Nikki continued her ministrations, gasping hungrily for air as she felt her body expand with Josie’s.


Josie was quickly running out of room. She scooted up towards a wall to support her back as her legs grew out on the carpet. She lifted her back off the ground with her arms. As she did this, she slid her butt back, so that her back was supported against the wall. 


The entire time, Nikki followed, gently sucking Josie’s clit. Josie found she could finally stretch her legs out so she did, careful not to break through the wall. When she stopped growing, she was 10 feet tall sitting down on her butt. Her breasts were now the size of weather balloons, slowly crushing Luis between them.


Josie spread her legs as much as she could for Nikki. She placed Luis on the ground near one of her oil pipeline-sized legs. Luis walked behind Nikki as she blew Josie. The heat emitting from Nikki’s ass and pussy made Luis sweat, making him more and more aroused. Luis moved up to Nikki’s ass and shoved his entire hand into her sex, his other rubbed her giantess clit. Nikki arched her back, overcome with pleasure. 


“OH GOD, LUIS!” she screamed. Then, she grew again.


She screamed as her knees slid back and away from her hands as she exploded in new growth. Her increasing asscheeks bumped Luis in the head as he fingered Nikki with his entire hand. As she grew, he found he had to insert more of his arm into her.


Nikki was growing so quickly that she couldn’t sit or stand up comfortably in the room anymore. She and Josie looked like they were in a dollhouse room. She caught Josie’s eyes in the chaos. Josie smiled devilishly as she slid underneath Nikki’s body and started biting and squeezing her nipples. Nikki yelled as she threw her head back and bumped the ceiling, making a small dent. She felt her back slightly pushed up into the ceiling by Josie’s body underneath her.


And Nikki grew faster than ever. Her growth startled even Luis, who pulled on his pants in a flash and ran outside before he was crushed by the giantesses.


“Shit! You guys need to stop growing!” shouted Luis from outside.


Now, Nikki was on top of Josie. The two looked at each other, face flushed and glistening, as they locked lips in a tongue-heavy kiss. The two fingered, groped, and sucked away, even after realizing that their bodies had reached the length of the room.


They were too into each other to care anymore. Through the window of Luis’s apartment, the two looked as if they were in a small cardboard box. Nikki was some 26 feet tall now, and she had to remain with her legs slightly bent to the ground and her back hunched over so that she would not break the house.


The two exploded in orgasm together, screaming so loudly that the ground shook beneath them.


Nikki arched her back, growing to 30 feet tall as her head burst through the ceiling of the apartment. Josie and Nikki grunted and strained as she tried to constrain their growth, but to no avail. Josie’s head and legs crashed through both of the walls they were constrained against. Nikki’s head poked out of a gaping hole in the roof, enabling her to see over the neighborhood. A kid looked up at Nikki and fell off of his skateboard. Luis stood on the sidewalk, gaping in disbelief with his hands grasping his forehead.


“Sorry!” Nikki whispered loudly. Even her whispers seemed to shake the ground. 


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