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Devilish Gift by Unknown

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A Devilish Gift


Part 1


 "Well, another birthday and another day of crappy mail", I thought as I lugged the load of it up the forty-odd steps to my apartment. Why I got one on the third floor in the first place I'll never know.

I unlocked the door to my apartment, flopped into the most comfortable chair in the living room, and started to sort through the mound before me. "Hmm...bills, bills, happy birthday from my brother in jail, what's this..." It seemed like the same old junk except for a mid-sized package, about the size of a basketball. There was no return address, but there was an envelope taped to the box with a card inside. I read it:

Happy Birthday Mark!

I know your love life has been on a down spin lately. The enclosed gift will help your romantic endeavors to grow. Just give the woman of your affections a few drops and enjoy the results.

Your friend,

The Devil

Well, it's not every day I get a birthday gift from the Devil. But I was wise to this little game. "Yeah, right", I said aloud, "and then you come round to collect my soul for this little 'gift'! No thanks!"  I was ready to throw the unopened gift and card out the window when I noticed more writing on the back of the card:

P.S. - There is no price tag attached to this gift. You can have both it and your soul if you like.

- D

Next to the 'D' was a small drawing of a grinning devil-face. "Cute", I thought. "Well, if it's really free, I may as well take a look. It sounds like a love potion..." I ripped open the package and, sure enough, a stoppered beaker of luminescent azure liquid was packed inside. I pulled it out of the packing foam and walked it in to the kitchen counter.

Needless to say, my mind was already filling with images of women I could use this magical elixir on. Woman I would love to have pawing all over me. Hmm...now there was a thought. This gift could be some sort of monkey's paw; the sort of magic that would perform the magic but in the worst possible way. Well, I had seen too many episodes of the Twilight Zone to fall for that one. I would have to try this stuff out on a 'guinea pig' so to speak before I did anything serious.

At that moment I heard my neighbor opening her door. Poking my head out my door I caught her just as she was getting ready to walk into her apartment. I thought quick.

"Hey, Tonya! I haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah", she smiled, "I've been visiting friends up in San Francisco for the last week."

"Sounds cool. I was about to mix up a rum and coke. I'll fix two if you want to come in and tell me more about it."

"OK. Let me just put these groceries away first." She shifted the sack in her hands that, until now, I hadn't even noticed. We each went onto our apartments with a smile to the other.

Now mind you, Tonya is no swimsuit model, but is quite an attractive black woman. I always suspected that she was at least a bisexual (heck, San Francisco, do I need to say more), but if so then this would be perfect to test the so-called love potion.

I prepared the drinks, adding several drops of the potion to Tonya's, and just finished giving the drinks a stir as she walked in. I was relieved to see that the potion disappeared completely in the drink, and I handed the glass to her with what I hope was not too big a smile. We sat down on the couch, turned toward each other, and I listened as she talked about her flight to northern California, how her friends picked her up, and how she spent her first few days up there. I must admit, I barely heard a word as I kept eyeing her drink.

"Drink!...Drink!..." I kept thinking, hoping that somehow my thoughts would be transmitted to her and she would actually sip at the laced beverage.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she put the glass to her lips ant took a sip. As she lowered her glass, her body pulsed, like she withheld a burp. But this was clearly no burp; her body had visibly swelled, and Tonya was now several inches taller in height. The initial look of surprise on her face quickly faded to one of ease, like she had just slipped into a comfortable bath.

As for me, I looked over her body in complete dismay! Her previously baggy jeans now fit her snugly. Her loose blouse was pulled tight against her expanded cleavage. I now had to look slightly up at her short-cropped hair. It only began to hit me...'help your romantic endeavors to grow'...a play on words. Something I should have realized, this was a GROWTH POTION! Unfortunately, it only began to hit me as she raised to glass to her lips again, her eyes focused intently on me.

I heard the tearing of denim as I watched those seductive eyes rise up higher than my forehead in another spurt of growth. Tonya lowered the glass and looked at me with a predatory look. I swallowed hard under her gaze. My eyes darted down to see her hand running along her enlarged breast line, now nearly even with my shoulders. She inhaled sharply as her fingers ran along the nipple, sending three buttons flying off into my face. Her other hand ran down her thigh, the jeans now straining to hold them, the fly already torn open. Her figure was as alluring as ever, only more intimidating at its exaggerated scale. Despite my reservations, I could feel my cock begin to throb as I eyed this giant beauty. I was pulled out of my trance as she spoke. "You know, Mark, I'm usually not attracted to men..."

I could feel myself give a distinct sigh of relief. I did not feel ready for romance of this scale.

"...however", she continued, "you're not very 'manly' at that size, are you?"

My heart froze in my throat, and I could feel my stomach drop down the three floors to the ground. Before I recovered enough to move or speak, Tonya reached out with a giant hand and grasped my leg seductively. She did not grab hard, but it felt like needles hitting my flesh as I realized that her fingers wrapped almost all the way around my leg.  Heck, her thumb was almost a thick as the hard on growing in my pants, much to my dismay.

I looked back up into her face with a mix of attraction and panic, unsure what this towering woman would do next. My curiosity did not last long as she picked her drink up from the coffee table and raised it to her lips.

"Just a little 'pick me up'", she teased. I felt my heart rate triple as she swallowed from the glass.


Part 2


My neighbor Tonya now loomed at what must be seven feet tall. I had unwittingly given her a rum and coke laced with a growth formula that I had mistakenly thought was a love potion. I now paid the price for my scheme as she once again lifted the drink to her lips, all too aware of the effect it would have.  *gulp*

I watched nervously, my heart racing, as once again her body swelled.  Her arms stretched and thickened, her dark skin now tearing through the shoulder of her blouse, the short sleeve barely managing to constrain her enlarged arm. Her top had also come untucked from her elongating torso and looked more like a skin-tight midriff now. I stared at her flat stomach for what seemed like several minutes. God, it was nearly as big around as my chest. Her jeans, having split open already at the fly, now strained to contain her increased dimensions. She looked smugly _down_ at me as we both sat on the couch and slowly crossed her long legs. Instantly her jeans gave way like a paper bag, tearing with an audible *rip* from her calf up to her mid thigh, then across along her hips. I could make out just a hint of her black panties straining under her sundered jeans.

The look on her face was one of sublime joy...mixed with something. It was hard for me to make out her expression at first as it took a moment or two to take in her entire large, beautiful face. Then with a gulp I recognized the expression...lust!

As this giantess began to advance on me, heedless of the straining protesting of the couch under us, there was a knock at the door. 'Hello? Is Tonya in there?'

I recognized the voice as Tonya's roommate Julie. Tonya leaned over (and down) and whispered in my ear. 'Let her in. And give her the same drink you gave me...OR ELSE!' I was starting to protest, but with the 'or else' Tonya stood and, grabbing me under the arms, carried me to the door. I was shocked to see her head almost at the ceiling. She then moved swiftly by the couch, picking up her drink, and ducked out of view onto the stairs.

I opened the door. 'Hey, Julie.' Damn, my voice was trembling. I cleared my throat. 'Yeah, Tonya is here. She's up in the bathroom right now. I just mixed us some rum and cokes...care for one' 'You kidding! Great!' and she almost pushed me down coming in. That was one thing about Julie. She sure could pack away the booze.  As I mixed the drink, I looked her over, knowing that soon there would be a lot more to look over. Whereas Tonya was just under model materiel, Julie looked like she just stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. She had always reminded me of the brunette, Yasameen, in the catalog. Except that Julie had beautiful red highlights in her hair.  She sat sweetly on the couch, wearing a short summer dress that did, in fact, look like one of Victoria's.

I moved over to the couch, my hand slightly trembling in anticipation of the spectacle to come. Julie took the glass from my hand and drained it in one fluid movement. 'Thanks', she smiled, liking her lips. 'Got another?'

She looked confused, as all I could do was stare at her mutely, mouth hanging open. Tonya had only half finished her glass and she already stood nearly eight feet tall!

I sat there, uncertain what to do next...transfixed by the thoughts of what could happen to the beautiful Julie sitting by me. Suddenly her body shuddered, not the way people do when they're cold, but her entire body quickly swelled and diminished slightly, over and over, for just a second. When the motion stopped I looked closely at Julie. There didn't seem to be any change in her size at all.  Julie must have spied me looking her over because she shot me a smug, sultry look. 'What's on your mind, Markey?' Before I could think of a response she eased her way over to my lap and planted a full, deep kiss on me.

My heart pounded in my chest as I quickly responded to her affection.  It seemed to turn her on even more as I kissed her back. 'Yes!', I thought, 'this is how magic love potions are supposed to work! That first time must have just been a fluke.'

In moments I would realize just how wrong I was. As our passion heightened, I began to slide my hand up her sleek leg and work it under her dress towards her sweet behind. I quickly accessed her lack of underwear and grinned to myself between smooches. I found I could not resist another peek at her voluptuous legs. But as I glanced down I saw her skirt was clearly covering less of her legs than before. And I doubted that it was my imagination that was making her seem heavier on my lap. I looked at her face...UP at her face...and realized she was growing. I tried to pull away from her but she quickly leaned into me with another kiss in protest. I was torn between lust and the familiar fear of a growing giantess.

Julie seemed lost in desire. Seemingly oblivious to what was happening, she grasped my wrist and easily maneuvered my hand up to her swelling breast. Her breasts, normally good sized, looked to be almost the size of basketballs now. Her weight had increased considerably, and I was beginning to lose feeling in my lower legs. I heard a rip as Julie stretched her back in ecstasy. The straps holding her dress were tearing. She peered at the ripped fabric with a careless look of abandon.

Much to the relief of my legs, Julie stood and stretched. Feeling quickly returned to my legs, accompanied by the fierce needle pain of falling asleep. However, my attention was riveted on the seductive form of Julie. She continued to stretch her arms, which now easily reached the ceiling. With one hand pushing on the ceiling, her other hand lowered onto her large body, quickly pulling the scraps of summer dress from her still incredibly seductive form. As she proceeded to caress her body I could see it respond by swelling even larger! Each fondling of her breast caused her body to inch up higher and higher. She seemed barely distracted as her head bumped into the ceiling. Her only reaction was an elated smile, followed by an intense look of desire directed at me.

I started to make for the front door, but a firm hand planted me back on the couch. Tonya's hand. I looked up at her in terror. She was still big, but nowhere near as big as the still growing Julie, whose probing fingers were still causing her to grow larger.  I Tonya's other hand was the bottle of blue fluid I had added to the drinks. 'So this is your magic fluid, eh Mark', she said pointedly.  'Here's the card', she said, tossing it into my lap, 'It was very informative.' Glancing down at the card, I noticed some writing that I was certain was not there earlier...

P.P.S. Individual results may vary.

'Thanks for warning me', I muttered under my breath. I looked up from the card to see both ladies eyeing me hungrily.

Uh oh.

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