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Eighteen and Growing by CBaud

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Eighteen and Growing

by CBaud


Part I

It would have been so easy to use protection. I guess I never thought it would happen to me. But even after the damage was done, when I realized what had happened, what was coming, I didn’t tell anyone, not even Josh. Though I began showing almost right away, so it didn’t stay a secret for long. We still had options then. Choices. I could have put an end to it. It didn’t have to be like this. But I couldn’t help myself. I guess I thought it would all be okay and Josh would take care of me and we would live happily ever after.

I miss him so much. I still love him. And I know that he loves me too, deep down. He’s just scared. So much changed for us so fast. But when he gets used to the idea, he’ll come around. We’ll be together again, and it will be different this time. A lot different. It’s been almost a year, and we’re not the same naïve kids we were then. We’ve changed. We’ve grown up a lot in a short time.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be funny.


It started last summer. Last June. We were out of school, our parents were at work, and we had a lot of time to spend together alone. It wasn’t our first time to have sex. But we were having sex all the time. You saw stuff on tv about the new STD. Only a few cases but you didn’t want to get it. It didn’t affect boys, only girls, and only one girl in a million, in twenty million, but anyone could spread it. Josh never wanted to wear a condom. And I didn’t make a big deal about it. I guess I should have.

I remember I first noticed something at the end of a day where we’d had more sex than usual. It was a Monday. Josh had been away for the weekend, and I’d really missed my big strong handsome guy, and he’d missed me too, so we’d done it like all day long. We practically never left my bedroom. And it had been….better that day. I mean, it never felt bad, really, only hurt a little bit, but it had never felt great the way that I always thought it was supposed to. Sometimes, when it was starting to feel a little good, Josh would come and that was the end of that. Because I made him feel so good, he’s just lose control, he always said as he rolled off of me. And it wasn’t that it had lasted any longer that day. About average. But it felt better sooner, and better than it had ever felt before.

That night, my Mom wanted to take me and my little brother out for dinner. Someplace fancy. She wanted to celebrate some promotion at work. So I put on a sundress, and instead of the flip-flops I wore everywhere in the summer, I pulled out a nice pair of heels I’d gotten for a school dance in April. But the shoes were too tight. Which was funny, because when I’d worn them to the dance, I’d been a little annoyed at how loose they were. I’d finally taken them off during the dance, but not before I’d rubbed blisters on three toes. But now I could barely squeeze into them. I wore them to dinner anyway, because they went so well with my dress, but that night my feet were really red and sore. I thought it would be sweet if Josh would come over and give me a foot massage, but he and my mom don’t get along so good, and he was busy doing something with his friends. That’s what he texted me anyway.

The next morning, I weighed myself before my shower like I always do, and I was five pounds heavier than the morning before. It had been a good dinner the night before, but I didn’t pig out or anything. It just seemed excessive, to have put on that much weight in one day. I looked at myself in the mirror, and maybe I was just paranoid about putting on some weight, but I did seem…rounder. My breasts seemed a little fuller. Was my tummy sticking out a little bit? And my butt? Everywhere I looked, I saw something wrong. I finally decided it was just my imagination, and that I was freaking out about the big number on the stupid bathroom scale.

That day I went over to Josh’s house, and while we didn’t have as much sex as we’d had the day before, we still had more than usual. I was still liking it better and better, and it wasn’t hurting much at all. Josh had always seemed so big for me, but that day it was like we fit better. Usually I let Josh initiate it each time, but that day I think I may have started it once or twice. Josh may have seemed surprised, but he sure didn’t complain.

I was getting dressed before his mom came home, and I remember that my top, which was already kind of tight, was now exposing part of my tummy. But after weighing myself that morning, I hadn’t eaten any breakfast and barely any lunch. I was starving! But I was fatter now than I was this morning? I pulled my shirt down as far as I could, hoping Josh wouldn’t notice. I was afraid he would call me “muffin top” or say something else. I went home sooner that I was planning to. When I got home, I changed into a baggy tee shirt that hung down over my shorts. Which were also feeling a little tight.


That’s how the rest of the week went. I kept putting on weight, even though I was practically starving myself. My clothes kept feeling tighter so I started wearing the loosest, most comfortable clothes I owned. Even my flip-flops were starting to feel too tight, so I just went barefoot all the time. And sex with Josh kept feeling better and better. I guess I was stupid not to put it all together.

On Friday, we were in my room. I hadn’t even put a bra on that morning, because all of mine were too tight and kept cutting into the bottom of my breasts. Josh was playing with my breasts, squeezing them, rubbing his face in them, when he stopped and asked if my tits had gotten bigger. I laughed, nervously, and said no. He said I didn’t feel like a B-cup anymore, that I felt more like a C-cup, maybe even a D-cup. I was so scared that I didn’t even think to ask him how he knew so much about what cup sizes felt like. I asked him if he was complaining, if he wished I was smaller, and he smiled and said no, that he liked me bigger, the bigger the better! That made me feel so good. And he didn’t seem to notice that any other parts of me were getting bigger, which made me feel relieved.

He had to go away that weekend again, and I always miss him when I don’t get to see him, but now I really ached for him. Sex used to be something I would do to make Josh happy, but now I wanted it too! I didn’t gain any more weight, though, and I managed to get to the mall to buy some new clothes that fit better. Good thing I kept the receipts.

On Monday morning, I still weighed the same, but I didn’t look quite so round. On a hunch, I got the tape measure out from under the kitchen sink, and sure enough, I was now five foot six. I had grown a whole inch. Maybe that’s what all that had been about. A growth spurt! I’d put on a little weight because I was growing. I thought I’d stopped growing two years ago, but I guess I wasn’t done after all.

When I relaxed about having gained the weight, I stopped starving myself and starting eating normally again. Maybe more than normally, to make up for the previous week. Then when I starting gaining weight again, I didn’t freak out. Must be another growth spurt coming! Pass the mashed potatoes, please! I got rounder again, all over, and this time Josh did notice. He started calling me fatty and tubby, and I tried not to let it bother me because I knew that I’d slim down again once the growth spurt hit. He certainly didn’t want to have any less sex with me because of how I looked. If he noticed I was taller, he didn’t say anything about it. I stopped wearing my new clothes, and slipped back into the baggy comfy clothes.

That weekend, I went back to the mall. I measured myself first, and I’d grown another inch. And I exchanged my new clothes for even bigger ones that were a little extra loose. Just in case.


On Monday, Josh noticed my height. We’d been lying down all day, but when he stood up to get dressed, I grabbed for his arm, trying to drag him back to the bed. Josh is so much stronger than me, that it’s pathetic when I try to make him do anything. He likes to watch me try, pulling on his arm, me tugging as hard as I can, him not budging an inch. But this time I think I caught him off balance, because he fell a little ways towards me. Delighted, I jumped off the bed and stood beside him, pulling harder. This time he was ready, and pulled back. But he looked at me funny, and demanded that I stand up straight. I did, and he stood beside me. The top of my head used to just come up to his nose, but now we were almost eye to eye. He took a step back, muttered something about when did I put on my high heels. He looked down at my bare feet, and I happily rocked back on my heels and wiggled my toes for him. Then I stood on tiptoe for him, and for a second I thought I might have been taller than him. I laughed, but stopped when I saw Josh’s face. He looked mad. I told him it’s not my fault if I’m still growing, but he got dressed fast and left in a hurry. I must have called him ten times that night, but he never called me back. I was so confused and sad. I ate a whole half-gallon of ice cream that night while I watched movies on Lifetime.

The next morning, things seemed off. I now kept the tape measure in my room, and I measured myself again. Five foot nine. I’d grown another two inches in just three days. That made four inches in two and half weeks. I hadn’t been worried before, but that just didn’t seem normal. I told my mom I wasn’t feeling well, and could she make an appointment with Dr. Gordon for me. My mom hadn’t seemed to notice any changes in my shape and size, but she was awfully busy at her new job. My little brother rarely looked up from his video games, so I’m guessing he wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

Dr. Gordon made the diagnosis after an hour of tests and questions. I had Harmon’s syndrome. That new STD. There were only twelve confirmed cases of it in the world. I was number thirteen. Lucky me.

At first I cried. I didn’t understand. I mean, I know I got it from having sex, but Josh was my first and only partner. And I was Josh’s only partner. I mean, I know he’d had a girlfriend before me, but they’d only had sex twice, and Josh told me he’d gotten tested for everything before we ever had sex. The doctor suggested that Josh come in for testing again immediately.

Then he explained to me what Harmon’s syndrome meant. There was no cure yet, but it could be controlled. Part of the problem was diet. Someone infected with an active case of Harmon’s would store any extra calories as body fat, and once a certain amount of new fat was stored, a growth spurt would follow. And as far as scientists and doctors had been able to determine, there was no limit to the number of growth spurts.

So just so long as I don’t eat anything ever again, I’m okay? Water and carrots for the rest of my life, but I’ll stop growing? Well, no, the doctor said. Growth could also be triggered by sexual activity. Enough sexual activity would cause the body to generate a spontaneous growth spurt. It would take longer, and it would take an awful lot of sexual activity, but it would happen. And that of course some high-calorie food coupled with an active sex life would lead to accelerated growth. I didn’t tell the doctor how many times Josh and I had sex in the previous two and half weeks.

So carrots and water and no sex and I’d be okay? An oversimplification, but yes, he said.

I’ll never make it, I thought.


When Josh finally answered the phone, I asked him who else he was sleeping with. He hung up.

After I texted him that I had an STD and he needed to get checked, he called me back and screamed at me. He said I was sleeping with someone else and I was a filthy whore and what disease had I given him and how many other guys had I given it to and that I was a fat cunt and he hung up.

Two hours later I got a call from a girl named Tyra. She wanted to know what STD did I have. I asked her who told her I had an STD and what business was it of hers. She told me she’d been having sex with Josh for over a year, and she’d read his texts after he’d gotten so upset. He’d been at her house that night. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I told her to go get tested but that if she hadn’t noticed anything unusual by now, she was probably fine, then I hung up. I buried my face in my pillow and wailed and screamed until my throat hurt. My mom came in and tried to comfort me. She finally brought me a big bowl of ice cream, noticing that I hadn’t eaten much at dinner.

I ate that bowl. And three more.

The next morning I was five foot ten. And very hungry.



Part II


I didn’t hear from Josh for three weeks. When he finally called me, he told me he’d broken up with Tyra. They’d both been tested, and both were carriers for Harmon’s. Josh figured he must have gotten it from her, and that even though she didn’t have an active case, she’d gotten all weird and he was tired of putting up with her bullshit and he wanted to come over.

Josh let himself into the house, and I was sitting at the dining room table. He smiled at me, and told me to come give him a kiss. My heart melted. I’d missed him so much. I stood up and took a step toward him, but he took a step backward and I stopped. He was looking up at me with a look of surprise and maybe fear. I was now six foot three, five inches taller than Josh, who used to be five inches taller than me. I sat back down and started to cry. He came over to me, put his arms around me and kissed me. Then he started telling me it was all okay, that he still loved me, that he would always love me no matter how big a freak I became. It made me feel better. Sorta. But he kept kissing me, then I turned and started kissing him, and one thing led to another and we were in my bedroom having sex.

I had missed having sex with Josh, and I was so happy to have him inside me again. It didn’t hurt at all now. In fact, it didn’t feel quite as good as it used to. There wasn’t the same…..friction there used to be. I tried moving my hips more, and Josh kind of gulped in surprise, then he came. He tried to roll off of me, but I grabbed on to him, pulling him into me. I continued moving my hips around, and I put my left breast into his mouth. I nearly smothered him, but he seemed to have gotten over his initial surprise and was enjoying himself. I liked being in control, and I felt pleasure like I’d never felt it before. I howled loudly as I climaxed, and I think I scared Josh a little bit, but I didn’t care. I pulled him out of me, and hugged him tight. We were back together again, and everything was going to be okay.

Josh and I picked back up as if we’d never been apart. We spent every weekday together, having some of the best sex we’d ever had. Because of what the doctor had said, I tried to be so careful about my diet, especially now that we were having sex again. Josh was so thoughtful. He hated seeing me so hungry, so he’d always bring little treats for me, which I could never resist. I continued growing, an inch every few days. By now, of course, everyone knew about me and my condition. Still, we didn’t like to go out, where people might stare at us, so we mostly stayed at my house. Josh had never paid much attention to my little brother before, but now it thought it was a fun game for me to treat my brother like my slave. Josh would think of things for my brother to do for us, and if he refused, Josh would tell me what to say, like “I’m bigger than you and you’d better do it or I’ll sit on you and crush you with my giant butt.” Sometimes Josh would want me to pick my brother up and shake him like a little rag doll. Josh laughed and laughed. My little brother didn’t, but it was all in fun. I’d never really hurt him.


One night, in early August, about two weeks after Josh and I got back together, I got a text from Tyra.

Is Josh with u?

I wrote back--what do u care? do u want 2 give him another std?

She didn’t text back again, but she called me. She told me that before she dated Josh, she’d had a clean bill of health. She got a checkup every year, and always wanted to be tested for AIDS and STD’s, even if she wasn’t sexually active. She said that she’d gotten Harmon’s from Josh, not the other way around. I called her a liar and hung up.

But the next day, after Josh and I had had sex, I told him what Tyra had said. First he was mad that I’d been talking to Tyra. Then he was mad that I doubted him. Then he told me he was done talking about it. Finally he said that there was this one weekend when I’d been on vacation when he’d had sex with this girl he knew and had always liked and it was right after I’d said something mean to him and he was so sad and she was only trying to make him happy because I couldn’t and that she must have given it to him and it wasn’t his fault. He stood up to get dressed and leave, but I stood up too and grabbed Josh’s arm. I was much stronger than him now, and I pushed him against a wall. I asked him why he’d never told me this, and why did he cheat on me. I was so upset I may have been a little rough with him. He squirmed his arm out of my grip, looked up at me and shouted that I was a big fat hulking psycho bitch, and that he had gotten back together with me because he felt sorry for me, because he knew that no one would ever love a big fat freak like me, and if I didn’t trust him he would just leave and see how I liked it. He grabbed the rest of his clothes and ran out of the house.

I was so upset. There wasn’t any good food in the house, so I called the local pizza place that had my mom’s credit card number on file and ordered three large pizzas and told them to ring the bell and leave them on the front porch. I didn’t want to see anyone, even the pizza delivery guy.

As I was finishing the last pizza, watching tv, my little brother came into the living room. I was sprawled out on the couch, my legs hanging off the end. He said he’d heard me and Josh fighting, and had we broken up? I said I didn’t know, but probably. He said that Josh was really mean, and I was better off without him. That he knew that it was Josh who made me do all those mean things to him, that he didn’t blame me. I suddenly felt really bad about how I’d treated him. I asked him if he wanted to play Rock Band. He brightened up and said he’d go get it. So we spent the rest of the afternoon playing the video game, me crouched behind the drum set, the sticks like pencils, my toes curling off the end of the bass drum pedal.


School started, and Josh and I hadn’t talked since our fight three weeks earlier. Even though Josh and I were both eighteen, because I’d missed so much school the year my parents divorced I was a grade behind him and was only now a senior. Josh hadn’t graduated anyway, he’d been expelled, but it was weird being back at school without him.

I was now six foot eleven. I was taller than every teacher, let alone every student. During the summer, staying home most of the time, I’d managed to get away with very few clothes, because it was too expensive to keep up with my growth spurts. But ever since my fight with Josh, I’d managed to stick to my diet, and I obviously hadn’t had sex, so my growth had tapered off. Mom spent a lot of money on a new school wardrobe for me, and I promised I wouldn’t grow out of it.

School was hard. Everyone stared at me, even the teachers. I was taller than anyone they’d ever seen before. I didn’t fit in the desks, so I had to sit on the floor most of the time. I tried to concentrate, but mostly I missed Josh. I saw all the couples sitting together at lunch, and I’d chew my celery and carrot sticks and think of him.


About three weeks before homecoming, he texted me. i want to c u.

He met me in the parking lot after school. He stared up at me, not saying anything. I asked him if he’d been seeing anyone and he said no. He asked me how big my cup size was and I told him size K. He nodded, said he didn’t think they went up that high, then was silent again. He offered to walk me home. I tried to slow my pace a little so Josh didn’t have to jog to keep up with me.

He told me he didn’t mean all those things he’d said during our fight. He said he was just trying to hurt me because I didn’t trust him. Then he smiled up at me, and took my hand. I always loved the feeling of holding hands with Josh. It felt different now, his hand felt so much smaller, almost like holding a little boy’s hand. But it made me feel safe and happy, and I hadn’t felt happy in such a long time.

When we got home, he asked when my mother would be home. Not for another two hours, I told him. Good, then we have time, he said.

I think you know what happened next.


Josh said he’d take me to homecoming if he could, but because he had been expelled, he wasn’t allowed at any school functions. But he said that if I wanted to go to the dance for a little while, he’d meet me in the parking lot and he’d take me to a hotel for the rest of the night. A nice hotel downtown. I was so excited. I got my mom to help me pick out a dress pattern. Nothing off the rack would fit me of course (I had grown to seven foot one in the two months since school started), but we bought some fabric and found someone in town to custom make my dress. It was perfect.

Josh and I saw each other when we could. Though I’d been pretty good on my diet, our having sex again meant I started growing again. Slowly, but still. Fortunately, it was getting colder, so I could wear more bulky sweatshirts to hide it a little. When you’re over seven feet tall, people don’t tend to notice an extra inch or two.

One night, a few days before homecoming, Josh and I were having sex, and I really couldn’t feel Josh at all. No matter how much I moved him and myself around, I just wasn’t feeling anything. Then Josh tensed up and made that face he makes and I knew he’d come. Well I’d barely started and I didn’t want to stop. So I pulled Josh out of me, and I did something I’d never done before, I reached down and touched myself, all the while holding Josh close to my chest. Josh seemed content to be smothered in my breasts, so I focused on myself and my pleasure. Soon enough, I was breathing hard and moaning and finally screamed out as I climaxed. Then I lay back and gently moved Josh against me, reveling in the sensations coursing through me. Only then did I notice that Josh was scowling. He said what, am I not good enough for you now? You’ve got to do it yourself? I’m like your dildo, now? Not even that! I told him no baby, you make me feel great, I just needed a little extra tonight, but I couldn’t have done it without you. It was true. I loved feeling him against me, his little body nuzzled against mine. He didn’t say anything else, good or bad. He went home not long after.


By Homecoming night, I had grown two more inches since my final fitting. The dress which had fit perfectly was a little tight. No one said anything, but it didn’t look very good, not much better than if I’d tried to wear something off the rack, with the hem above my knees and the sleeves bunched up around my biceps. My custom ordered shoes were too tight as well, and I ended up slipping them off once the dancing began. I told Josh I’d stay at the dance for an hour, then meet him at 9:00 in the parking lot. I’m glad I went to the dance, but it was loud, and I was more than foot higher than the conversation level (sometimes two feet higher), so it was hard to hear and talk to people. Mostly, I was looking forward to spending the night with Josh. He said we could order room service and that we could go down to the hot tub and it was going to be a great night. At 9:00, I said goodbye to my friends, and went out to the parking lot.

Josh wasn’t there.

I waited until 9:10 before texting him. I waited until 9:15 before calling him. He didn’t pick up the phone until 9:45.

He said he’d forgotten. And that he was busy and couldn’t come over.

I didn’t yell. I didn’t cry. I just hung up and walked home. The sound of the music from the dance gradually got quieter, and soon the only sound was my big bare feet slapping the pavement.

When I got home my little brother was watching tv. He said I thought you were at the dance. I said I left. He said I thought you were going out with Josh afterwards. I said he was busy. He said he was sorry. We stared at the tv in silence for a while. Then he asked if there was anything he could do for me. I shook my head, then I said my feet really hurt. He said do you want me to rub them. I nodded. So my little brother took one of my enormous feet in both his tiny hands and started gently massaging them. He said will you sit on me with your giant butt if I stop. I laughed and I said I might. Then I started crying.



Part III


When I passed eight feet, I stopped going to school. My mom found me some online GED thing, but my fingers were too big and clumsy to use the keyboard, so I didn’t keep up with it.

When I passed nine feet, my mom put a lock on the refrigerator. She thought I was sneaking food, and that was why I kept growing, but that was only partially true. While she was at work and my brother was at school, I would sit in front of the television and touch myself for hours at a time. I had gotten very good at pleasuring myself, and that, coupled with the occasional delivery order, kept me growing an inch or two every week. We had given up having clothes made, and I would just wrap myself in fabric when my family was home. When they weren’t, I usually didn’t bother.

When I passed ten feet, my mom canceled all her credit cards and didn’t get new ones, so I couldn’t keep charging delivery orders. But by then, I had figured out which delivery men wouldn’t charge me for food in exchange for the chance to spend five minutes with my ever-more enormous breasts. The Chinese delivery man was especially cute. He was tiny, not more than five foot five (as tall as I used to be just six months and another lifetime ago), and I used to sit on the floor and let him put his face between my breasts, which I’d lift and wrap past his ears and behind his head, completely enveloping him, while I’d gobble down egg rolls. I stumbled on a gold mine when I finally realized that one of the pizza guys had a foot fetish, and I could get more pies out of him with my foot and a half long feet than with my on beyond Z-cup breasts. I would caress his cheek with my long toes, run them down his chest, and then scrunch them around his (by now) rock hard penis. Sometimes I would touch myself while bartering for take-out, but I never had sex with any of them. I’d sound more noble if I said it was because I didn’t want to spread Harmon’s syndrome to anyone else, but the truth is I knew I wouldn’t feel them, that I could do a better job myself.

When I passed eleven feet, Josh came to visit. My mom had long since taken away my cell phone, as if that would stop me from using the land line to call for deliveries, when really my fingers were too big to press those tiny buttons anyway. And I could have done about as good a job texting with my toes. So even if Josh had been trying to call or text me, he wouldn’t have gotten through.

He looked so small now. But he was still my handsome little guy, and I loved him. I was glad to see him. He didn’t say much, mostly just stared at me. I had covered myself when he came in, but those small scraps of fabric didn’t leave much to the imagination. He looked me up and down, lingering over my breasts, and my legs and….my feet? I knew the tell-tale signs now, and he was definitely liking the look of them. My feet were cute before they grew, but either he’d never noticed them before or I’d never noticed him noticing. I lifted my leg up and dangled my foot in front of him and he stared at it, helplessly transfixed. I also noticed a familiar bulging in the front of his jeans.

After a while, he said that he forgave me for the way I’d treated him, and he was ready to take me back. I wasn’t sure what he was forgiving me for, but I’d been pretty lonely and so I happily agreed. I scooped him up and held him to my chest and smothered him with kisses and boobs. After a while, he asked me to stand up, so he could see how tall I really was. There was no place in the house with a ceiling that high, so I offered to lie down and stretch out and let him measure me that way. No, no, he wanted me to be standing up. So finally I wrapped some more cloth around me, covering what little was left of my modesty, and I crawled outside. It was early March, and while it was a warmer than average day, it was still pretty cool outside. Josh wanted me to stand up, so I did. Eleven feet, five inches, almost twice his height. Then he asked me to pick him up, so I did. I pulled him to my chest, but he said no, hold him out at arm’s length, so I did. He looked up at my face, then down at the ground, finally he asked me to put him down. When I did, he lay down on the ground, and said now step on me. What? I said, surprised. He got impatient and said just do it, step on me. Stunned, I lifted one foot and placed it on his chest. No, no, he said, aim for my head. Bring your foot down like you’re going to crush my head like a grape. Now I was starting to giggle. Are you serious, I asked him. He started to get mad. I’m your boyfriend, aren’t I? Do what I say! So I planted my feet on either side of him, lifted one and brought it down slowly towards his face. I could see his face in the space between my big toe and the next toe (is it called the index toe?). He looked so happy.

I never really put any weight on his head. I would have hurt him! But we played around for a while, and finally we went back inside and he came inside me. As we cuddled afterwards, I said so you like that I’m so big. He had his eyes closed and sleepily said how much bigger can you get?


Josh started coming to see me every day. For a while he’d bring me fast food, but once he learned about all the free food I was able to get, he stopped. He didn’t have a problem with what I was doing, he said that it’s not like I was having sex with anyone but him so it was okay. And so I grew. And grew.

When I passed thirteen feet, my mother kicked me out of the house. I had pretty much crushed all the furniture by then, and smashed everything else when Josh and I would have sex. And I wasn’t hiding the fact that Josh was coming over every day and we were having sex in every room of the house that I could squeeze into.

Josh knew of a barn just outside of town on an old lady’s farm. No one had been in the barn for years, and it was plenty big enough for me to stand up inside. It was April now, and warm enough except for a few cold nights. There was no phone there, but Josh arranged for my delivery men to visit me. Some of them stopped coming when they couldn’t keep up with my increasingly larger orders. Since my mom kicked me out, I’d made no effort to deny my appetite, and between the food and the sex with Josh, I grew rapidly.

When I passed twenty-two feet, I hurt Josh for the first time. I was now four times my original size, and Josh didn’t even come up to my knees. One day, I was stepping on him, when I misjudged the distance or how much pressure I was applying, and Josh cried out in pain. I had broken his arm. He was so mad, he howled in pain and anger. I got down on my knees to pick him up and take care of him. He backed away and called me such awful names. I told him I was sorry, but I was just trying to help him enjoy his fetish. He froze. What did you say? I said, you know, your fetish, you like me as a giantess, and get more excited the bigger I get. One time, as you were falling asleep in my arms, you told me that you can’t wait until my foot is bigger than you are, when my toes are bigger than your head, so I can really stomp on you. And I’m happy to do it, baby. I’m happy to get bigger and bigger and bigger for my little tiny man.

I must have said something wrong, because he got madder than I’d ever seen. I used to be afraid when he got mad, but this time it made me a little annoyed. I’d done everything I could to please him. Become a giantess for him. I mean, I was already tall, but now I’d really changed a lot, forever. I could never live in a house again, never ride in a car again. And I was happy to do it. I’d keep growing to thirty, forty, fifty feet. Whatever he wanted. He would take care of me, and I would take care of him. But who was he fooling to pretend he didn’t enjoy it? His erection didn’t lie.

I stood up. I looked down at him, cowering there on the ground. He had never looked smaller to me. I took a step towards him, stuck out my leg, pressed the tips of my toes against his chest, and gave a little flex of my foot. He fell backwards, landing on the floor of the barn, crying out in pain. I said I’ve only pretended to step on you up until now. But I could, you know. For real. I could step on you or sit on you or pick you up and drop you. Do you remember when we used to wrestle? When I used to pull on your arm and I couldn’t budge you? I think I could budge you now. And I wrapped my hand around his good arm and lifted him to his feet. It was like holding a doll’s arm in my hand, and put up about as much of a fight. I could see him struggling, but I couldn’t feel it. I pulled him around the barn, making little zig-zag patterns in the hay. He was powerless to stop me. Then I picked him up by his leg, holding him upside down, and lifted him up my body, dragging him along the inside of my thigh, past my lady business (which felt really good), along my stomach, between my breasts where I let him dangle for a moment as I twisted slowly from side to side, letting each of my breasts slap him in the chest, rubbing my nipples across his body (which also felt really good), finally lifting him up to eye level.

I said we’re going have so much fun together. We’re going to be together forever. Soon I’ll be big enough that no one will be able to stop me from getting whatever we want. But don’t lie to me. Don’t tell me that you don’t like it. That you don’t like being my tiny little man. Then I lowered him back down below my stomach, and slowly lifted him up and down, so that his face brushed against me, and I tilted my head back and moaned softly. Josh had once accused me of using him as a dildo, and I hadn’t, I really hadn’t. Not back then. But soon. Soon I’d be big enough and he’d be small enough and we could do all sorts of interesting things we hadn’t tried before. And I knew we’d love it.

I finally let Josh go, so that he could take care of his arm and get us some dinner. I lay down on the soft hay floor, and as I stretched out, I found that I could brush one wall with my fingernails and the opposite wall with the tips of my toes. This place had been good for a while, but soon it would be too small. It was getting warmer, and maybe I’d be happier sleeping outdoors for a while. Not sure where I’d go next winter. Someplace further south, maybe? I dozed off to sleep to a distant buzzing sound and a sweet smell that filled my nostrils.


Someone had called the military. Probably my mother. She’d probably gotten worried, had been looking for me, and asked the military to help find me. Most of the journey here is all fuzzy now. There was a truck, and a ship. When I woke up on the island, the first thing I remember clearly is some little green army man in a helicopter squeaking at me through a megaphone from a toy helicopter. He told me they’d drop off food rations every week, enough to keep me alive but not enough for me to grow anymore. Five of the other thirteen women were also on islands like mine. Actually I think it’s fourteen women now. I heard a woman in Italy contracted Harmon’s. A model, maybe? The joke was that she used to be on billboards, and someday soon she’ll be bigger than a billboard. Anyway, six of us had grown too much too fast, and had been evacuated to these islands where we couldn’t hurt anyone and couldn’t grow any bigger. Where they could take care of us and keep us safe.

Well I’m so glad you found me too! Your cargo ship has so much good food on it. Thank you! I’m sure I must be well over sixty feet tall by now! And of course I’ll keep eating until we reach the mainland, and you’ll keep….visiting me….so there’s no telling how much bigger I’ll get. Then I can go find Josh. And he’ll be so happy to see me. I know it. One of the military men who dropped off rations one time said it was Josh who turned me in. That it had been in the news, that he had been seeing some other girl the whole time I’d been living in the barn. That I was his “more than a bit” on the side! Well I knew that was a lie, and I flicked that little green army man halfway down the beach for making up such a hateful story. Imagine! Because if it was true, there’s no telling how mad I might get. What I might do to some puny trashy slut, trying to steal my handsome little man from me.

He’s mine, you know. I love him and he’s all mine. And someday soon I’m going to find him. And he’ll look up at me, and I’ll look down at him. And in his eyes I’ll see the love he feels for me in his heart. And I’ll make all his fantasies come true.


The End

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