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The Party by Eelskin

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The Party

by Eelskin


"Hey, thanks for springing for the cab," he said.

     "It's cold out! I'm not taking the bus!"

     He laughed. "Fair enough."

     They walked up to the house and rang the bell. They could hear muffled shouts and music coming from inside, and Maria looked at her watch. "We aren't late, I hope. It's only 8:45."

     "Oh, don't worry about it. Even if we were, they--"

     The door opened, and in the doorway stood a tall, slightly overweight teenager with messy brown hair and a slightly patchy beard. "Peter!" He extended his hand.

     "Hey Clyde!" He shook it and laughed.

     "Glad you could make it!"

     "I've been looking forward to it! Clyde, this is my girlfriend." He introduced Maria, a short Hispanic girl with her hair done in a braid, going down to her shoulder blades.

     "Oh, good to meet you!"

     She took his hand and he shook it vigorously, a little more than was comfortable.



     "Yeah, come on in, it's fuuuucking cold. Anna and Jose are here."

     "Really?" Peter grinned. He turned to Maria. "I've known Anna and Jose for about... uh, eight years. They're really good friends." Clyde walked back inside to the kitchen, and Anna called to the front door. "Peter, is that you? You're just in time, the cookies are almost ready!"

     Cookies? Peter thought to himself. Uh oh. They walked inside and took off their hats and coats. Peter was a slightly shorter than average boy with light blond hair and a muscular build.

     “Oh, are we baking?” Maria said with a smile. “That’s not what I was expecting. That’s really nice.”

     “Uh, they might not be normal cookies.”

     “What do you mean?”

     Anna, holding a tea, and Jose, drinking a beer, walked in. Anna was a tall Chinese girl with a pleasant round face, and long black hair going down to the small of her back, wearing a bright dress with a flower pattern. Jose was a thin Hispanic fellow with a shaved head, in jeans and a t-shirt.

     “Hey dude!”

     “Hi Peter! Is this your girlfriend?”

     “Yep! Guys, this is Maria. Uh. Jose, can I talk to you and Clyde for a sec?”

     “Sure, I guess.”

     “Ok.” He turned to Maria. “I’ll be right back.” He kissed her lightly on the lips.

     Anna turned to Maria. “Here. Let me take your jacket. I’ll put it on Clydes’ bed.”



     In the kitchen, Jose and Peter sat down. Clyde closed the oven and walked over. “Almost done. Man, I love it when my parents are out of town.”

     Jose raised his bottle. “No kidding, dude. Who else is coming?”

     “Just my friend Victoria.”

     “Oh, yeah, I met her. Nice girl.”

     “Yeah, she’s cool. So Peter, you cabbed it over?”

     “Yeah, well Maria can afford that kind of thing. Her parents are pretty well off.”

     “Ah, dating a rich girl, eh?” He raised his bottle. “Cheers to that.”

     “Dude… those aren’t normal cookies, are they?”

     “Hell no. How often do I bake fucking cookies?”

     “You didn’t tell me we were dropping anything tonight.”

     “So? Why is that a problem?”

     “Well, Maria isn’t exactly into that kind of thing!”

     “Oh. Really?”

     “Yeah! What the fuck am I gonna do now?”

     “Well, she doesn’t have to have one.”

     “Yeah, and it’ll be really awkward all night.”

     “Oh, please. If she’s not a baby she’ll be fine. Get her to try something new for a change!”

     “Dude, shut up. Hang on, let me go talk to her.”


     In the bedroom, Anna placed Peter’s and Maria’s coats on the bed. “So, have you ever taken Redulix before?”

     Maria looked up. “I’m sorry?”

     “Redulix. The drug. Have you ever taken it?”

     “Um… no.”

     Her eyes widened. “Really? Oh, you’re going to have fun. It’s a blast.”

     “Is, uh, is everyone taking it?”

     “Uh huh. Well, I think so. I don’t think it would be too fun to be the only person who isn’t shifting.”

     “No… I guess not…”

     At that point, Peter walked in. “Hey guys. Um, Anna, can I talk to Maria alone for a second?”

     “Sure. Just don’t get ahead of the party.” She winked at him and left.


     “What the hell is Redulix?” He sighed. “Did you bring me to a party where everyone is taking drugs?”

     “I, uh…” He looked at her. “Apparently. But I didn’t know!”

     “You didn’t know?”

     “No! Clyde didn’t mention that!”

     “Peter, have you done this before?”

     “Uh, yeah. A couple of times.”

     “Great. That’s great. My boyfriend is a drug user.”

     “It’s not a normal drug.”

     “No, I’m sure! Let me guess, it’s the best high ever or something like that, eh?”

     “No, it… it doesn’t do anything mental. Well, it does… it acts like an aphrodisiac in some people.”


     “The main effect it has is that it causes people to, uh… to shrink.”

     “To what?

     “Yeah. It’s… well, it’s really interesting.”

     “I have to go to the bathroom.”

     “Look, we can go. If you don’t want to do this. We can go right now.”

     “I have to go to the bathroom.” And with that, she walked out and slammed to door to the bathroom.

     That’s fucking great, he thought to himself.


     Peter walked back to the kitchen and saw someone there who was new, a girl with short black hair and a tall face, sitting at the table chatting with Clyde and introducing herself to the others.

     “Hey, Pete. This is Victoria.”

     “Hi. Look, guys, I don’t think I can stay.”

     “What? How come”

     “Well, because you didn’t tell me what kind of party this was going to be, and I brought my girlfriend, who isn’t interested.”

     “Dude, just tell her to try it. She’ll like it.”

     “Clyde, you are a fucking genius when it comes to women. That’ll be perfect. Why didn’t I think of that? Look, when she comes out of the bathroom, she’s going to tell me that she wants to leave. And I’m sure as hell not going to stay and send her away. So thanks for the invite, but I’m off.” And he walked out of the room.

     Back in the bedroom, he picked up his jacket and started to put it on. Behind him, Maria approached him. He looked at her, and then looked forward again. “Hey.”

     “Hey. Look, I… we don’t have to go.”

     “Maria, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”

     “No, I know. I was thinking… I’ve never tried this before. I mean, I’ve heard about it. But… I just never knew anyone who actually did it. And I never thought about what I’d do if anyone asked me to try. I always thought it seemed… unrealistic, but… fun.”

     “So… what, you want to stay?”

     “Yeah. I think.”

     “Oh, Maria…” he kissed her on the mouth. “You’ll see. It’s so much fun. This’ll be a blast.” He took off his jacket, held her hand and they walked back into the kitchen.


     Victoria looked up as they walked in. “So, you two are headed off?”

     “Um, actually, we’re staying.”

     “Sweet!” Clyde winked at Peter.

     “But, um, this is going to be my first time, so, uh, can I have just a little bit?”

     “Um… not really.”

     “What do you mean?”

     “Well… ok, well I’ll just explain everyone what I have planned for tonight. It’s a surprise, but we’re all here now! On the table here, I have six cookies. I’ve mixed into four of them varying amounts of Redulix.”

     Anna spoke up. “Four of them?”

     “Yeah, four. I, wheeler and dealer extraordinaire, have managed to procure a few grams of Magnum.”

     A collective gasp went up. “Magnum?” asked Jose. “Dude, that must have set you back a shitload of money. I haven’t been able to find any for months in this city!”

     “Nope! It was given to me as a favour, the details of which I am definitely not getting into right now. So that’s in the other two. But not only that… as a special present to all of you, my good friends, in three of these cookies is a tab of Chrome.”

     Peter looked at Maria. She was listening with an expression of confusion on her face. She doesn’t know what any of this is.

     Victoria laughed and yelled, “No way! Chrome? I’ve only ever taken Chrome once. That’s a trip.”

     Jose turned to Anna and asked, “You ever tried Chrome?”

     “No, you?”


     “So who gets what?”

     Clyde stood up. “Ah, but that’s the best part. I don’t know what’s in each cookie. None of us do. It’s going to be a complete surprise. I’ll take the last one, just to prove it.” The guests all looked at each other, smirking.

     “So, ladies and gents, whaddaya say? You ready to get fucked up?”

     “Um…” Maria spoke up. “I think I’m the only person here who’s never done this, so… what the hell does all of this mean?”

     “Well,” began Peter, “Redulix makes you shrink, I mentioned. Magnum does the opposite. It’s really expensive and hard to find, but it actually makes you grow.”

     “And Chrome?”

     “It, uh… it switches your gender.”


     “A man who takes a tab of Chrome will turn into a woman for a few hours. A woman will turn into a man.”

     Maria looked at Victoria. “You’ve done that?”

     “Sure. It’s fun to shift and then go out clubbing.”

     She turned back. “Peter, have you ever done that?”

     “No. Look… are you okay with this? We can still go.”

     Maria looked around at the faces in front of her, a group of people she hardly knew, in one of their parents’ house. They were all looking at her expectantly. Then she looked at Peter and saw only concern and understanding. “No… I trust you.” Peter’s face broke into a huge grin.

     Maria walked over to the table and looked at the six cookies. They all looked identical. “So… which one’s mine?”






     They measured themselves to begin with, out of curiosity. Clyde had attached a few yardsticks to the wall in the living room going up to the ceiling, so anyone could measure themselves at any time. Clyde was the tallest, at 6’3”, followed by Anna, who was an unusually tall 6’0”. Jose came next, at 5’11”, and then Victoria at 5’6”, Peter at 5’5” and Maria at 5’2”. After measuring themselves, they each selected a cookie and moved into the living room. Maria looked at the dessert in her hand. What am I doing? She thought. I hope we eat them soon, before I change my mind. She was in luck, as Clyde sat down on the couch, lifted his tea and cookie, and announced, “Here’s to a night of shifting!” and ate his cookie in two bites. Everyone else followed suit, including Maria. Peter watched her expectantly, but she didn’t seem bothered. She looked up at him and smiled nervously. He leaned in.

     “We’d better stay here for the night, now… or at least until we’re sure we’ll be okay.”

     Maria was looking at her hands and feeling her face. “I don’t feel anything.”

     “Give it a while. It might take a few minutes. It might take like half an hour.” He raised his voice to the room. “So what do we do while we wait?”

     “I have video games!”


     It didn’t take half an hour. It was no more than ten minutes before the first drugs began to kick in. Victoria and Anna were playing a shooting game, and Jose, Clyde and Peter were laughing about stories about their classmates. Maria was nervously measuring herself against the wall. Still no change. I wonder if I’ll be able to get something do drink. I wonder if I’ll shrink or grow… I hope I grow. I really hope I don’t turn into a man. Is that… are they serious? What if I have to go to the bathroom? With a penis? I’d better go now. She disappeared into the bathroom, and no one watched her go.

     It was Anna who first noticed that the controller was getting slightly difficult to hold. “Hey! No fair! My controller isn’t working properly! I swear I pushed the button! Clyde, are these normal controllers?”

     “Yeah, why?”

     “Well, it’s kinda hard to hold.”

     Everyone quieted down as the gravity of that statement sank in. Peter spoke up.

     “Is it too big or too small?”

     “Uh… it’s a little too big. Ooh! This is exciting!”

     “That was fast,” said Jose.

     “Jose! Stand up! Let’s stand back to back!”

     Grinning, Jose did. Victoria put her hands on their heads and they turned around and saw that they were almost exactly even; Anna’s was just a little lower! She clapped in excitement and began picking up everything in the room; the ashtray, her keys, Clyde’s guitar. She placed her hand flat on the strings of the guitar. “Guys! I can… I can actually see the guitar getting bigger, really, really slowly!”

     Suddenly they heard a scream come from the bathroom. Peter was there in a shot, pulling open the door, and he saw Maria struggling to hold her pants at her waist.

     “Close the door!” she yelled, and Peter quickly closed it. He turned around to see Jose,

Clyde and Victoria laughing.

     “Guys, it’s not funny.”

     “She’ll be fine. She’s just getting used to it.”

     He knocked on the door again. “Honey? Can I come in please?”

     A strangely quiet voice said, “Okay.”

     Slowly, he opened the door, walked in and closed it behind him. Maria was clearly smaller than before. Not more than a few centimetres, but all of her clothes had been slightly baggy even at her normal size, and now they looked ridiculous. If she weren’t holding up her pants, they clearly would have fallen right to her ankles.

     “You’re… so big!”

     “How do you feel?”

     “Fine… it’s just really strange.” She walked toward him and hugged him around his chest. He kissed her on her forehead. “Are you okay to come back to the party?”

     She took a deep breath, smiled and nodded.


     The first thing Peter noticed when he returned to the main room was that he now had to look up at Jose, ever so slightly. “Uh oh.”

     “What?” Clyde looked up from the game he was now playing against Victoria.

     “I think I’m shifting too.”

     Victoria looked at him. Are you sure? You look about the same to me.”

     “No, I think he’s right.” Said Jose. “Here, let’s go to the wall.”

     Jose, Peter and Maria went to the yardsticks and marked him. “No, you haven’t changed. Look, you’re still at the same mark,” pointed out Maria.

     “Yeah, but he looks way smaller. Come to think of it…” his face brightened as understanding dawned. “Ohhhh.” And he started to laugh, and Maria had to block her ears. She started to laugh too. Jose reached down to his waist and started to unbutton his belt. “I was wondering why my pants were feeling so tight…”

     Clyde stood up and said, “You know, I’m starting to get kind of hungry. I’m going to order pizza. Who wants in?”



     “I do!”

     “Not for me.”

     “I want in.”

     “Right, everyone except Maria. I’ll be back.” And he disappeared into the kitchen to place the call.

     Anna was still sitting in her chair, holding the guitar and trying to play it, but failing with her now considerably smaller fingers. She put it down in the floor and got down off the chair, but misjudged the distance to the floor and stumbled slightly, landing ungracefully and almost falling back onto the chair. Victoria helped her up. “Are you okay?” Anna simply stared straight ahead at Victoria’s nose; she was now significantly shorter.

     “How tall are you?”

     “Uh, I was 5’6”. I don’t think I’ve shifted at all yet, though.”

     “I was six even.”

     “Heh. You aren’t anymore!”

     “It’s so weird to stand up…” she wandered around the room, continuing to touch everything. Her pants began to drag, and she pulled them up. She tightened her belt.

     Jose watched her and looked down at his own waist. His pants were now beginning to press painfully against his crotch. “Uh, yeah. I hope nobody minds, but these pants are coming off.” And with that, began to pull off his jeans with some difficulty.

     Maria looked at Jose and gasped. “You’re huge!”

     He looked down at himself. “Why, thank you.”

     “That’s not what I meant!”

     “I know. You’re getting pretty small, though. Everything’s huge to you.”

     “Yeah, but… you’re really huge.” He stood up straight. The next tallest person in the room was Victoria, who hadn’t begun to shift yet, and he looked a full head taller than her. Standing next to him, Maria’s head reached only the bottom of his chest. She reached out and touched him. Her dress slipped a bit and fell over her shoulder, but she didn’t seem to notice. “I mean… I know you were a lot taller than me before, but now…”


     Everyone turned to look at the doorway to the kitchen. Standing there was a shorter, slightly more… pretty version of Clyde. Two small but clearly visible mounds were pushing out from his chest, and the hair on his face was beginning to fall off. “Yeah. I think it’s safe to say I got one of the Chromes,” he said in a melodic, higher-pitched voice than he had had before. “Ever had your voice change when you’re right in the middle of ordering a pizza? It’s fucking embarrassing. I sounded like I was 12. Not to mention I had to reach up to put the phone back when I was done. It’s going to be $35.”

     Peter walked up to him and took a look at his chest. “Looks like you’re getting a few new assets there, too.”

     “Oh really? Yes, that was a clue. Great job. Genius. I thought I was shrinking, too, but maybe not. You look about the same height.”

     “Yeah, you look the same height to me too.” They both turned to look at the four others in the room, who were all grinning. They looked back at each other then, then at the measure sticks on the wall. “Ah. Okay then. It looks like it’s kicking in for me too.”

     “Actually… you look even a little smaller than before.”

     Peter looked at Clyde- normally, his eyes were level with Clyde’s chin, but now they were level with his shoulders. If he looked down, he could look at his slowly developing breasts. He reached out and squeezed them. “Almost the right height, then!”

     “Hey! Lookee, no touchee!”

     “Uh… guys…” Victoria drew their attention to herself, in the corner of the room. “I think I’m shifting too. Up.” She stood up slowly, and it was clear how her breasts pushed against her blouse far more than they had before. She wasn’t nearly as tall as Jose, but she was clearly growing quickly. She stood still for a few moments and anyone watching closely could actually see her stretching slowly upwards. “Ooh! This is exciting! Move! I want to go measure myself!”

     Peter suddenly felt that his bladder was full. “Guys, ‘scuse me. I’m gonna take a piss before I can’t reach the toilet anymore.”

     He stepped into the bathroom and unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor, as his reduced waist wouldn’t hold them up anymore. When he reached down to hold his dick, though, he found that something was very wrong. He looked down and saw that it was no more than an inch long, even from his smaller perspective! “What the fuuuck?” As he spoke, his voice cracked and shot up an octave. “Oh, shit. Maria’s going to be pissed.” He put the toilet seat down and sat upon it.


     Maria, meanwhile, had measured herself against the wall and discovered that she had dropped down to 4’1” – a difference of over a full foot – and was still shrinking. She had followed Victoria, who had just begun shifting, but was already 5’10”. Everyone then decided to mark themselves. Anna had dropped to 5’0”, Clyde was 5’9”, and Jose had risen to an amazing height of 7’0”. Anna walked up to Maria, who looked almost normal to her. “How are you enjoying it?”

     “It’s so strange… how long does this last?”

     “Not more than a few hours, give or take. I’m shrinking way faster than I ever have before! It’s so cool! But I’ve never seen anyone shrink as fast as you, Maria. You must have had a lot.”

     Maria laughed nervously. “So… what’s the smallest you’ve ever seen anyone get?”

     “Oh… maybe 14 inches?”

     14 inches? Where’s Peter? She wondered. And then, thinking about Peter, she suddenly felt a wave of arousal pass through her entire body. She had to fight not to moan loudly in front of everyone… but she needn’t have worried, because Anna was moaning loudly enough for both of them.

     “Woah…” moaned Anna.


     “Um… I’m not sure… I just felt something strange. I think I’m about to shrink again…” And as she said it, she did. She dropped several inches all at once, standing there talking to Maria. Her face turned flush. “Wow… I’m starting to feel kind of hot now too. It’s really kicking in!” One of her shoulders was starting to become visible through the neck hole in her shirt, and her pants fell down onto the floor. Her shirt hung low enough to cover her down to mid-thigh, so her crotch was still covered. “Excuse me… I need to check something,” She said and walked over to the bathroom. Seeing it was closed, she disappeared into the kitchen.

     Once there, she lifted her shirt and took a look at her crotch, and nearly fainted. Her clitoris was extending out from her pussy by a good two inches. She took off her shirt completely and examined her chest. Sure enough, her breasts were flatter and firmer than they had been an hour ago, and her hips had slimmed down. “Ho… ly… crap. I got a Chrome.”




     Peter came out of the bathroom and immediately noticed how much bigger everything was. I must have shrunk in the bathroom! Crap! He tried to hold his pants up around his waist, but the legs were dragging around his feet and keeping him from walking properly. The first person he saw upon turning into the main room was Victoria, which stopped him in his tracks. Her shirt had been tucked into her pants, but it now didn’t reach that low, exposing her flat belly. Her pants stopped above her ankles, as well. She was now so much taller than he was that it was a little scary. He knew that she had been only an inch taller than he had been at the beginning of the evening, and now, he only came up to her breasts.

     She saw him looking up at her. She grinned. “Hey shorty.”

     “Uh… hi.”

     She nodded to indicate for him to look to his left, and he saw Maria holding her knees to her chest on the couch. He climbed up (which was way more difficult than he had remembered!) and sat next to her. “Hey.”


     “How are you doing?”

     “I’m kind of scared.”

     “Hey, it’s okay. It’s just for tonight. It can be fun.”

     Just then, Anna ran back into the living room, with her shirt on, but with her legs exposed. “Hey everyone!” She announced, sounding decidedly more masculine. “I got a Chrome!” That earned a round of applause from Clyde, Jose and Victoria. “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to pee!”

     Peter turned back to Maria.

     “I don’t want to become a man,” she whispered.

     “I don’t think you will.”

     “How do you know? Anna got one and Clyde got another. There’s one more.”

     “Yeah. Uh…” he looked at the far wall.

     “Peter? Honey? Are you okay?” He looked back at her. She was looking at his arms.


     Honey, your arms are really smooth. They weren’t this smooth before…” She suddenly looked up at his face, her mouth in an O of surprise.

     “Yeah. I got it. I got the last Chrome. I’m turning into a woman.”

     She suddenly burst out laughing. Everyone turned to look. Peter looked at them all, and Maria was on her back on the couch, laughing.

     “I got the last Chrome.”

     “Hey! You! Come here!” Anna grabbed his hand and pulled him into the kitchen. She closed the door behind them, reaching up to grasp the doorknob. Then she turned around. Peter was stunned- here was Anna, the tallest girl he knew, looking him right in the eye.

     “Anna, how tall are you?”

     “Last I checked, I was five even. I’m probably a little shorter now, though. Take off your pants! I want to see!”

     Five even? He didn’t have any more time to think about it, though, as Anna crouched down and yanked his jeans to his ankles. There, in front of her face, was a vagina. The clitoris was extended, and was still covered in skin, but it was very clearly a pussy. She stared for a moment, and felt a strange feeling in her crotch. She sat back and pulled up her shirt to reveal, above masculine thighs and below a toned waist, a small ballsack and dick. And her dick was growing right in front of their eyes, getting firmer and turning slightly purple.

     “Holy shit! Peter, is this what is feels like? This is amazing!” She grasped it and moaned as it flexed in her hand. She stood up and stroked it softly and cooed to herself. “It’s so… different…” With a big grin, she looked back at Peter’s crotch. “How do you like it?”

     “Uh, I don’t know.”

     “Hrm.” She got on all fours and placed her face right in his crotch and give him a long, slow, strong lick up the length of his pussy.


     “Good, huh?”

     Peter steadied his breath. “Do that again.”


     “Clyde! Is that still you in there?” Victoria tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to start. “You’re staring off into space.”

     “Uh, yeah.” Clyde grimaced at his extremely feminine-sounding voice. “I’m just trying to… savour this. It’s really cool.”

     “You ever taken Chrome before?”

     “You’re taller than me.”

     “No kidding. You had some Redulix too, remember?”

     “Yeah. Yeah, it’s just… a lot of things all happening at once.” He shuddered, and closed his eyes. He exhaled. “See, things like that. It just feels so…” he opened his eyes again. “You’re way taller than me.”

     “No, not way taller. Not more than a few inches.”

     “You used to be nine inches shorter than me.”

     “Yeah, well… things change.” She smirked. “Speaking of which…” her gaze dropped down to his chest, which was starting to fill out nicely. Clyde was slightly overweight, and remained so as a woman, though the extra body weight went to all of the right places and shaped him well.

     “No kidding. These things are getting really heavy.”

     “Have you ever taken Chrome?”

     “No. First time.” He smiled up at her.

     “So you’ve probably never felt anything like this.” And with that she grabbed both of his breasts and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze.

     He gasped. “Oh! That’s… nnno, I’ve never felt that.”

     “You want to feel it again?”

     Clyde watched as Victoria seemed to rise a bit higher. He was now at eye level with her chin. “Uh… let’s go to my room.”


     Jose sat down on the couch, throwing Maria up in the air a little. He looked down at her with a sheepish grin. “Sorry.”

     “No problem.”

     “So how are you doing? It looks like you got a pretty big dose.”

     “So I hear. It’s, uh…” I’m just trying not to masturbate right here on the couch. “…interesting.” She looked up at him. The two of them were sitting down, and the top of her head didn’t even reach his shoulder. His pants had long been discarded, and his underwear…

     …Maria lost her train of thought. His underwear is about to burst. Jose hadn’t taken off his underwear, trying to keep some measure of decency, but it looked as though he wouldn’t be able to for much longer. His raging erection was straining the fabric of his briefs, and it was pulling them far away enough from his groin that the shaft of his dick was clearly visible. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. It looks almost as long as my forearm! “Uh… yeah… you too.”

     “Me too what?”

     “Uh… you look like you got a pretty big dose.”

     “Hah! Yeah, I…”

     “You’re huge.”

     He looked down at her and saw that she wasn’t looking at his face. “Why thank you.”

     “Can I… Can you take it out?”

     He smiled down at her and, with his massive hand, pulled the elastic over the head of his cock. It sprang free with almost visible relief, and pointed up towards the ceiling.

     Oh my God… I was wrong. It’s longer than my forearm. She held out her arm to compare them, and sure enough, if she touched her elbow to his groin, the head of his penis fit nicely into her palm. At least… it is now. If I keep shrinking, and if he keeps growing… All thoughts of Peter vanished from her head as she began to stroke the monstrous shaft in front of her. Jose leaned his head back against the wall and groaned in pleasure.


     Peter, meanwhile, was having the strangest sex of her life. Anna was down on his knees, licking Peter’s pussy while Peter held the back of his head and pushed him into her. This is so strange… Anna eventually pulled away, licking his lips. He stood up, and Peter saw that he was even shorter than before. There was now clearly a few inches’ difference between them. Anna now was staring at Peter’s chest and bent down to lick her left nipple. “Oooh!” She couldn’t help but let it out. “That feels so… my God! It feels like my whole body is getting turned on!” He smiled up at her and kneaded her breasts slowly, carefully. They were still a little small and firm, maybe A-cups, but they were clearly growing. Peter stepped away from Anna and whispered, “Hang on… hang on. I’m still… getting used to this. It’s just so strange.”

     “That’s fine.”

     She looked at Anna and hadn’t realised until now just how much he had changed. There, before her, was a beautiful Chinese man, toned, with long black hair, standing naked and erect. She eyed Anna’s new dick with lust. “But I can pay you back, I think.” She grinned. She lay down on the cold kitchen floor and curled her finger towards herself. “Come here and lie on top of me.” Anna almost jumped forward as he placed his feet on either side of her body, and placed his hands on the floor behind her head so that his cock was hanging down directly on top of his face. She took it in her mouth and sucked it hungrily, squeezing his butt with her hands. Anna cried out in amazement and ecstasy as he received his first-ever blowjob. He didn’t notice how he had to keep moving his hands to accommodate his shrinking body and keep his dick in position. She moved one hand underneath his body and started cradling his balls, fondling them as she sucked and bringing him closer to orgasm.

     When she pulled her mouth away from his groin, he protested. “Hey! Why’d you stop?” Then he got a good look at Peter, seemingly for the first time. Sitting on the floor in front of him was a gorgeous woman with short blonde hair and perky, beautiful breasts. Without an ounce of extra fat on her build, she looked like an athlete. Also the fact that she was now very obviously taller than he was made her a sight to behold.

     “Well,” she said, winking, “something you might not realise is that you might not be able to cum more than once in an evening anymore. Don’t spoil it too early. Now what do you say we get back to the main party?” She looked at the door and gasped- the doorknob was now over her head level. She looked back at him. “How short are we?”


     Victoria giggled as she walked into Clyde’s bedroom. She had to duck slightly to avoid banging her head on the top of the doorframe. “Clyde, dear, do me a favour and help me out of these pants.”

     Clyde walked toward her and began pulling her pants down to her feet, and was surprised at how much effort he had to exert. Victoria stepped out of them lightly and then stood right up against her to see how tall she was becoming. The top of Clyde’s head came up to her collarbone. “Hasn’t your mother ever told you not to wear clothes that are too small?”

     “Mmm, it seemed to fit fine before. How about my shirt?”

     Clyde pulled them up over her breasts, but stopped when she realised she actually wasn’t tall – or strong – enough anymore to pull it over her head. “Um, you might need to take care of that one yourself.” Victoria’s lucky she isn’t wearing a bra, or else she’d be in a lot of pain.

     Victoria snorted in mock indignation. “Women!” And, with some difficulty, she pulled it over her own head, banging her elbows on the ceiling and stretching the neck hole. She threw it on the floor, grinned and looked down, drinking in the sight of this tiny, tiny person groping her breasts- especially someone who used to be so much taller. She moaned as she felt herself climb up several more inches in another spurt, and she felt her head brush the ceiling. Clyde shuddered as she dropped down at the same time- the biggest drop she’d felt that evening. She looked around her at the room as she watched everything growing bigger, and then looked back at the giant beauty before her. The top of Clyde’s head now only reached Victoria’s stomach, and she leaned forward to kiss Victoria’s flat pussy.

     Victoria pushed Clyde – hard – onto the bed. She fell backwards and sat up, surprised at how much force this formerly average girl had managed, with no effort on her part. Victoria crawled toward her and lifted her shirt off of her with total ease. Clyde’s fat breasts swayed and jiggled, and her nipples were rock hard.

     “You have beautiful tits. I bet they taste even better than they look.” And she took her nipple into her mouth, biting them ever so slightly, putting just enough pressure on them so that it wouldn’t be painful. Clyde yelped in surprise and pleasure, and fell back down backwards onto the bed. She felt the sheets underneath her move ever so slightly as she shifted again and shrank a couple more inches. Victoria opened her mouth wide and took her entire left breast into her mouth, sucking it with enough force to make Clyde gasp. She released her hold on her breast and backed up, placing her face between Clyde’s thighs, and stuck her tongue down her pussy, flicking it expertly along the walls of her vagina. Clyde was totally helpless; she had never felt anything like this before. She yelled gibberish words, amazed at this enormous tongue snaking its way inside her.


     Jose was starting to feel constricted in his shirt. “Maria,” he said. She stopped rubbing his gigantic shaft and looked up at him. “Hang on. I need to take this off.” He stood up slowly, and when he lifted his arms to pull it off, his elbows banged against the ceiling. “Oops.” He leaned forward and pulled it off in front of him, but when he straightened up, the back of his head struck the ceiling. “Fuck!”

     Maria was in awe. There was a completely naked giant standing in front of her, and though she was standing up straight, on the couch, her face didn’t even come up to his stomach. In fact, pointing right at her, seeming to block out all other parts of her vision, was his enormous prick.

     “I need to sit down again,” he laughed. She started to move toward his crotch again, but he picked her up in both hands.

     “H-hey!” she yelled. “What are you doing?”

     He didn’t answer. Instead, he just grinned at her, and lifted her up effortlessly to his face where he stuck his enormous tongue directly between her legs.

     “Ohhhh!” she cried out, strangely quietly, as this huge, wet, clumsy organ wound its way around her thighs, across her ass, and on her belly. He tipped her backwards and she didn’t put up any resistance as he held her up in front of her face and placed her legs on either side of his head and began to suck on her pussy. Her dress was comically large, so he pulled lightly and it fell to the ground. She didn’t even notice, as the feelings emanating from her crotch were rendering her almost insensate with arousal. She wouldn’t have noticed a bomb going off. The more he sucked on her, the smaller she got, and the more powerful the feelings became. She slowly spread her legs wider and wider to accommodate his growing face, until she finally came in an orgasmic explosion, shouting loud enough for Jose to hear, but no one outside the room. She fell back into the palm of his hand and exhaled as he pulled her away. She grinned, blinked, and looked around—and the room was enormous. She looked in shock at the enormous grinning face in front of her. He let her down slowly, and he leaned back, his shoulders resting on one of the couch’s arms and his calved resting on the opposite arm. She lay on his belly, facing him. She almost was afraid to look behind her, but when she did, she saw the most beautiful sight in the world.

     His penis came up to her chin.

     She approached it and hugged it, provoking a groan from Jose. She tightened her arms around it and wrapped her legs around it, hanging on as it swayed back and forth. Eventually, her weight brought it down, and her back rested against his belly. She squirmed and wriggled against it, loving the feeling of this enormous—and still growing dick pressed against her entire body! She licked his head all around and ground her crotch against it, loving the feeling of his thick, pulsing veins against her skin.


     Peter tried turning the doorknob, but couldn’t. She could reach it; it wasn’t too far above her head that she couldn’t touch it, but it was too big and heavy for her to do from this angle. Anna, at this point, only came up to her breasts, so he couldn’t even touch it. “As pleased as I am to finally be taller than you,” she said, “at a time like this I’d appreciate your extra height.”

     “So what do we do?”

     She walked over to the kitchen table and started pulling a chair over to the door. “Here, help me push this chair.” Anna followed her and grabbed the other leg, but even with the two of them, the wooden chair was far too heavy.

     “Is this thing bolted to the floor, or what?”

     “Okay. Um…” Peter looked back at the door. She didn’t know if she was starting to get paranoid or if this was true, but the doorknob seemed even higher than it had a moment before. “Oh, shit.” She crouched down and faced away from Anna. Okay, climb on my back.”

     “You need to turn it, and you can’t do it from below.”

     “I can’t turn it!”

     “Do you want to try carrying me?”

     “Good point.” He stepped up behind her and scrambled up on her shoulders. She stood up slowly, but Anna weighed less than she had feared. “Okay. This isn’t so bad. Let’s give it a go.” She moved forward until Anna could touch the doorknob.

     This thing is just as wide across as I am, he thought. He wrapped his arms around it, pressed his chest against it, and tried turning his whole body using Peter as leverage. “I think it’s working! I can feel… wo-o-a-a-ah!” He suddenly started hanging on to the knob for dear life as the door swung open and he was no longer standing on Peter’s shoulders. “Hey! A little help here!” He slipped and was now hanging off it, but the drop to the ground still looked pretty daunting. Peter came up behind him and stood under him again.

     “Here you go. Just get on my back again.” Anna carefully placed his weight on Peter’s back, and let go of the knob when he felt he was secure. They teetered and almost fell, but Peter managed to catch her balance and put Anna down. Out of breath on the floor, they started laughing. “Okay. Let’s go see what everyone else is up to.”

     They stepped out of the kitchen and could hear squealing and moaning coming from the bedroom. Anna tapped Peter’s shoulder and motioned toward that room, but as they turned in that direction, Peter suddenly heard a very familiar voice coming from the living room. “Oh, shit! Maria!” She ran off, and Anna continued on to the bedroom.




     Victoria lay on her back, with her head against the wall and her ass on the opposite edge of the bed. With her arms she was gripping the mattress, and she was staring up at the ceiling. Clyde was kneeling on the floor by the foot of the bed, licking her out.
“Oh… it’s so little… it’s aaahhh.. it’s such a little tongue…”

     Clyde hit a sensitive spot, and Victoria bucked her hips off the bed, bringing her crotch well out of her reach. She stood up to follow it, grabbed her waist, held herself in place, and continued licking, while standing upright. After about half a minute, however, she began to notice it was even harder to reach her pussy than before.

     “Wha… why’d you stop?”

     “Are you doing that on purpose?”

     “Doing… what?”

     “Lifting yourself too high. I can’t reach.”

     Victoria slowly lowered her hips and realised that Clyde had actually become too short to reach her pussy! Victoria looked past her, though, at the bedroom door. Pushing the door open, with great difficulty, was the smallest person she had ever seen. A tiny, tiny Chinese man was making his way in. Clyde may not have been able to reach her pussy, but she doubted that this one would be able to reach her knee.

     Clyde followed her gaze behind her and gaped. “Anna? Is that you?”

     Anna grinned as he pushed the door shut. “Yep. You guys got room for one more?”

     “I think we can make room,” Victoria said. “Come here.”

     Anna walked over to the bed slowly, taking the room in. The bed was taller than he was, and he started to climb up the side, when an enormous hand closed around his waist. “H-hey!”

     Victoria lifted him into the air and held him above her face. “You… are… so tiny.”

     “I may be small, bu-u-u-ah!” Anna started to protest, but Victoria placed her lips around his dick and began to suck. Anna’s prick was smaller than her little finger, but she had a good grip on it and Anna was unable to speak for the feelings he was experiencing. Almost as soon as it began, though, she popped him out. “Hey! How come no one here will finish me off?”

     “Soon. First, I want you inside of me.” She grinned and placed him on her chest. “As much of you as will fit. As for you, Clyde, come here and sit on my face.” At that, both the shrunken lovers ran excitedly to where this giantess was directing them. Clyde got there first, placing her feet in either side of Victoria’s head and gently lowering herself down, propping herself up with her hands on the wall behind Victoria’s head. Victoria began to lick, now quickly, now slowly, now using her whole mouth, now just the tip of her tongue. It was all Clyde could do to stay upright.

     Anna, however, was having trouble. He had walked down Victoria’s chest and stomach carefully, take care not to fall, but once he got to her crotch, he saw that her ass was extended over the foot of the bed. What do I do now? He wondered. He tried lying on his stomach and reaching in with his arm. He rubbed her clitoris and kissed it gently, but that only provoked Victoria to yell, “Come on now! You can do better than that!” Shit, he thought. Alright, let’s try… this. Slowly, carefully, he grabbed hold of her pubic hair and tugged. No response. He pulled harder. Still no response. He gave it a yank. Nothing. Good. Hanging on to her hair to keep from falling, he slowly turned to face Victoria’s face and moved his feet backward until they were no longer resting on her crotch, but pressed against her pussy. He felt around her vagina with his feet until he found no resistance. Here goes… He held on to her hair and swung his legs inside her as quickly as he could…

     And suddenly he was up in the air as Victoria’s hips bucked again and she let out a shriek of ecstasy.

     “Oh, yeah. That’s what I want. Keep doing that!”

     Anna was inserted into her pussy up to his waist, but her waist was way up off the bed. His knuckles turned white as he gripped her pubic hair, and he started squirming his legs about inside of her.

     Clyde, meanwhile, was experiencing his first ever orgasm as a woman. Victoria’s tongue, teeth and lips were rubbing and sucking her in all of the right ways, her thighs, pussy, and ass, and she came with a shriek, dripping her juices into Victoria’s mouth. Victoria swallowed them eagerly.


     Peter walked cautiously toward the living room, and stood in the doorway. The only thing she could see from this angle was an enormous pair of feet sticking over the side of the couch. She could hear Jose moaning, and, much more quietly, if she listened carefully, she was sure she could hear Maria’s voice squealing alongside him! She ran over to the side of the couch and saw that there was no way she could get up there with Jose’s massive body hanging over the side. She climbed up on the table instead, and froze when she saw Jose’s head extending all the way to the wall. There’s no way he can stand up in this room. “Hey!” she shouted. They both looked up and stopped moving.

     Jose started stammering. “Hey there, uh, ah…”

     “It’s Peter!”

     “Pete? Really? Holy shit, you look good.”

     “Yeah, you’re not looking so bad yourself.”

     Maria felt herself shrink a bit more, both physically and from embarrassment. “Peter, I… I’m sorry… I…”

     Peter motioned for Jose to help him over, and Jose extended his arm, opened one gigantic hand, closed it around Peter’s midsection, and carried her effortlessly over the gap, placing her gently on his chest. Maria stood up and Peter was shocked to find that she didn’t even reach her waist. I thought I was small! “Maria…”

     “I’m so sorry… I don’t know what came over me… I…”

     “Maria, it’s okay. It’s the drugs. It’s the combination of all the drugs we’ve taken. You should see the other rooms, everyone’s having sex here. It looks like you’re, uh, in a unique situation, though…”

     “I feel so horrible…”

     “Hey…” and Peter crouched down and hugged her, taking great care not to squeeze her too hard. “Hey, it’s okay. I love you. Tonight is just for fun.”

     They sat on Jose’s belly, looking over each others’ bodies.

     “Hey… Peter?”


     “You’re really sexy.”

     “Heh. You’re really sexy too.”

     Maria leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Peter leaned back and kissed her as well. She accidentally pushed her a bit too strongly, though, and Maria fell backward against Jose’s thigh. Peter crawled toward her on all fours, and started licking her breasts gently, making her way south.

     Jose reached over and grabbed a beer from the table, and drained the entire thing- barely a mouthful. He put his hands behind his head and watched the two shrunken lovers have sex on his belly. When he rested his head back, though, he struck the wall with more force than he expected. Ouch! Then something else occurred to him. Wait a minute… am I still growing? He looked down at his belly again, and he could see Peter’s backside pointed directly at his face. Oh, but… this is just too good to give up. He moved his hand behind her and started stroking her back. He then extended his pinky finger and slowly started pressing it against Peter’s pussy, penetrating her from behind.

     Peter cried out in pain and intense sexual pleasure. Jose’s other hand was around her waist, holding her in place, and his pinky started moving back and forth, in and out, deeper and deeper. Peter resumed licking Maria, who was getting a show of her own, watching her boyfriend, as a woman, getting a pinky bigger than any dick up her pussy from behind. It didn’t take long for Peter to cum. She scratched at Jose’s skin and wailed in a haze of euphoria as his finger struck the perfect spot, over and over and over. She eventually collapsed on his belly and rested. “That… was… incredible.”

     Maria looked up at the enormous cock, jutting into the air right next to the both of them. She walked up to it and put her arms around it- she had shrunk enough that it was now almost twice as tall as she was! She couldn’t put her arms all the way around it, but she tried. Jose laid his giant hand next to her, palm up, and she climbed in. He lifted her straight up until she was level with the head of his dick, where she climbed out and wrapped her legs around it to keep her balance. There she again started grinding against him, twisting this way and that, bringing him off.

     Peter looked up at her girlfriend riding this enormous cock in front of her, and she got up. When she stood up fully, Jose’s dick came up to her breasts, and her face was right in front of Maria. She smirked, and sat back down at the base of his shaft, wrapped her legs around it, and began to squeeze, pressing her whole body against it. She licked this enormous pole of skin in front of her, feeling the contours of his veins and pulling on his loose skin.

     Jose was in bliss. Looking down at these two tiny women rocking his dick was too much for him to take. He jerked his head back, hitting the wall again, and murmured, “Oh, that’s… Oh, I’m gonna… Oh, that’s it.”

     Peter, smirking, worked Jose’s rod even harder.

     Maria stopped moving and looked up. “Hey, wai—”

     It was too late. His cock flexed and stiffened and a stream of hot jizz shot out of him, completely covering Maria’s body from below.

     “Augh!” She had to lean forward over his head to keep from falling off, as he continued to pump semen out onto her belly. Big, thick drops fell down onto Peter’s head, who opened her mouth to catch some.

     After what seemed like an eternity, the cum stopped flowing, and Jose held out his hand to the now very sticky Maria. She got on, and he lowered her back down to Peter, grinning ear-to-ear and sitting propped up against Jose’s thigh.

     “I hope you enjoyed that!” Maria yelled.

     “Um… yeah, I did.” And she laughed.




     Frank, the pizza delivery guy, pulled up to the address. Shit, I’m late. I think this is the place. He rang the doorbell. He waited, whistling to himself. Fuck, it’s cold. No answer. He rang it again and looked at the window. The curtains were drawn, but there were lights on, and he could hear movement and voices. Man, hurry the hell up. It’s… the door opened, and standing in front of him was a completely naked, slightly chunky woman with enormous boobs and short, light brown hair. And she barely came up to his waist.

     “What?” she demanded.

     “Uh… I, uh… is Clyde here?”

     “Yeah, that’s me.”

     What? “I have a delivery here, for a… uh, a Clyde…”

     “Oh, sweet! Sorry for that, you kinda caught me in the middle of something… uh…” She reached over to a table next to the door and handed him some money. Here, keep the change, it’s all good. Thanks!” He handed her the pizza boxes, which were clearly too big for her to hold. “Hm. Uh, can you just put them down on the floor there? Thanks.”

     “Yeah, no problem… uh, goodnight.”

     “Goodnight!” And she closed the door, slowly and with difficulty.

     Frank stood there a moment and looked back at the car. He hesitated, considered, debated, thought about it… and then rang the doorbell again.

     After a moment, the door was opened, and Frank saw an enormous man’s head popping from the side. The head itself must have been twice as big as a normal person’s head! Frank couldn’t see any of the man below the collarbone, but he obviously wasn’t wearing a shirt.


     Frank didn’t answer.

     “Can I help you?”

     “Uh, sorry… wrong door.”

     “Oh. No problem, have a good night.” And the door closed again.
Frank considered ringing a third time, thought better of it and walked back to the car. I am never coming to work high again.


     “Alright, the food’s here! I… Jesus, Jose, how tall are you?”

     “I don’t know, but I can’t stand up, and I’m still growing.”

     “You’re what? You can’t still grow. You’re going to destroy my parents’ house.”

     “I didn’t make the fucking cookies.”

     “We need to get you outside.”

     “No way! It’s freezing. Besides, I don’t think I could get out of the door, either.”

     “Well, we have to do something.”

     Maria piped up. “Can you shrink him?”

     Jose looked up at Clyde. “Yeah, dude. Do you have any more Redulix?”

     “Man, that stuff’s not cheap!”

     “Cheaper than replacing all your parents’ furniture?”

     Clyde thought about it. “Dammit! Fine. Wait here.”

     “Hey, toss me a slice of pizza.”

     “Shit no! Wait ‘til you’re smaller.”


     It took about 20 minutes for Jose to shrink down to a more manageable size, during which time he sat on the couch and didn’t move, hoping he wouldn’t break it with his weight. Everyone else took the time to measure themselves, as everyone’s size had stabilised, except for Jose. Maria was by far the smallest, at 6” tall. Next was Anna, who had shrunk to 11”, then Peter at 19”, and Clyde at 2’10”. Victoria had to crawl into the living room to join everyone, and had to be measured lying down, since at 9’9”, she would have been way taller than the ceiling. She didn’t compare to Jose, however, who had a length of 12’6” and could barely move. He exhaled a breath of relief when he started shrinking. Once that had been done, Clyde carried her to the bathroom to let her wash off the cum that was slowly hardening over her body and making it rather difficult to do anything. Peter came with them, and she enjoyed a nice hot back in the bathroom sink. Everyone eventually made their way to the kitchen, crawling or riding or being carried. At the table, Victoria sat on the floor, while Maria, Peter and Anna sat directly on the table to eat. Clyde insisted on using a chair, and, propped up with telephone books, she ate sitting down. Jose shrank slowly until he could move around freely, and came to the kitchen at a more-or-less-average height.

     “Hey, toss me a slice.”

     “You still shrinking?”

     “I think so.”

     “Then wait.”

     “Man, how small am I going to get?”

     “I dunno. Wait and see.”

     Jose grabbed a slice and leaned against the wall to eat it. Victoria took an extra-large pizza and a half all to herself, and the remaining half-pizza was divided among everyone else. As they ate, and talked, and laughed, Jose continued to shrink slowly. When he finally stopped, he was measured at 3’7”, which placed him well above Clyde, but almost three times smaller than Victoria.


     Victoria stretched her arms, nearly brushing the ceiling, and yawned. “Well, I’m tired. This has been really fun, but I’m going to bed.”

     “Well, wait,” said Clyde. “We need to figure out where we’re all going to sleep.”

     “Oh, that’s no problem for me. I’m sleeping in your bed.”

     “What? You’ll take up the whole thing!”

     “Try and stop me.” She smirked.

     “It’s my bed!”

     Winking, “Then come and join me!” And she crawled off through the doorway.

     “Fucked if I’m not sleeping in my own bed,” Clyde muttered as she helped the smallest people off the tabletop. “Okay, well where do you all want to sleep?”

     “Sleep?” asked Anna. “I still haven’t gotten off. I’m coming in there with you.”

     “I just took an extra dose of Redulix. I’m horny as hell,” added Jose.

     Peter and Maria looked at each other. “Um… I think we’ll take the couch.”

     “Hah!” Clyde laughed. “Right. Some privacy for you two. No problem. Jose, you mind?”

     “Nope.” Jose picked the two of them up and carried them to the couch. “Have fun. I’m off.”

     “Have a good night, dude.”

     Jose closed the light on his way out, and Maria and Peter were asleep within five minutes.


     Jose walked back into the bedroom and saw Victoria sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking at Anna, who was being carried by Clyde, held against her breasts. “Alright, hon. Let’s finish you off first.” She lay down on her back, and Clyde set Anna down on the bed, and Victoria picked him up gently and rested him on her own breasts. “It’s a shame I didn’t get any of that giant cock of yours, Jose.”

     “Yeah, not without destroying my house,” piped in Clyde.

     “Well, since that was your decision, you can have the duty- nay, the honour! of getting me off. Jose, come here.” The smaller lovers did as they were told, and Victoria placed Anna gently on her lips. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing her tongue to drift gently, sensually, around Anna’s tiny prick, and kissed it softly. Clyde was once again working Victoria’s cavernous pussy, experimenting with different body parts. First her tongue, then her fingers, her hand, and then her forearm disappeared into Victoria’s snatch, eliciting progressively deeper moans of approval and arousal. Jose was sitting on her stomach, with his dick between her breasts, and she was pushing them together to give him the world’s largest tit-fuck.

     Anna was the first to come. Having been denied it all night, it only took a minute of Victoria’s enormous lips sucking him off to cause him to explode in her mouth. He slumped over.

     Victoria took longer- Clyde was pumping her fist in and out of her pussy, going almost all the way up to her shoulder, but Victoria didn’t seem to be getting much out of it. Then she had an idea. She turned her hand over so that her palm was facing up, and began to drag her fingers against the upper wall of her pussy.

     “Oh, that’s it! Keep do- keep doing that! Oohhhhh…” Jose began rubbing her nipples at the same time, and Anna simply lay on her stomach with his hands behind his head, enjoying the ride.

     “Oh, I’m close. I’m so close. I’m going to… I’m… going to… aaahhhhh!

     When Victoria came, she literally woke up the neighbours.

     The four of them fell asleep on top of each other, Jose under Victoria’s arm, Clyde leaning his head on her belly, and Anna tucked in between her breasts.



     When Peter awoke, he saw that he was back to his normal shape and size. Maria wasn’t there. He wandered to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and found Victoria, Clyde and Anna frying eggs and pouring breakfast cereal, all back to normal.





     “Where are the other two?”

     “In the bedroom.”


     He left and walked into the bedroom. There he was Maria, sitting on a backwards chair, staring at Jose sleeping.

     He approached her and kissed her on the forehead. “Morning,” he whispered.

     She smiled up at him. “Morning.”

     They both watched him as he slept.

     “He looks so small.”

     “Well, he is.”

     “Yeah, but I’m thinking about how small I was last night… and how big he seemed… and now…”

     Jose stirred and slowly opened his eyes. He looked at his two friends leering down at him and closed his eyes again. “Ah, shit,” he groaned.

     Peter laughed. “Looks like someone still has some drugs left in his system.”

     “How short am I?”

     “Well, I’m no tape measure, but I’d guess you’re about… oh… 20 inches.”

     “Fantastic. Can one of you carry me to the breakfast table?”

     As they walked back to the kitchen, Maria whispered into Peter’s ear. “Honey, the next time your friends invite you to a party…”


     “Ask if I can come.”



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