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Revenge by mmm123mmm

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by mmm123mmm


George had always been a tall guy. He remembers being a head above everyone else starting in grade school. As an adult he was 6' 7”, just over 2 meters as he liked to say. He loved being the tallest, and did not like meeting people that were taller than him. It really bugged him.

He worked for the ZZY software company. He was an OK programmer, but went into management, being very tall really helped. Being tall made people naturally think he was a leader. He had worked his way up to regional manager by the time he was 27. He had about 100 working for him.

He was the tallest in the office by far. He had managed to get anyone close to him in height transferred or otherwise replaced. The next tallest man in the office was only 6' 2”. He especially disliked tall women. The tallest woman in the office was 5' 8”, he supposed it was about the limit since in heels she would at most be 6 foot.

He used his height to his advantage to intimidate. He was careful to stand close enough to someone to make sure they had to look up uncomfortably. But, he was also careful enough to give just enough space to avoid harassment issues. He loved the power play which he pretended never to notice. His coworkers thought he had did not understand personal space, most never suspected that he was playing secret domineering games with them.


All was going well in his little kingdom until a summer intern named Susan was hired. She was selected by the head office. George did not have a choice in the matter, she was the niece of the owner. She was a good fit on paper, so he could not object. He never got to interview her, so he did not know anything beyond her application and resume.

Susan was 6' 3”. She was in college with a basketball scholarship, she was studying computer science. Working for her uncle's computer company for the summer would be a great score for her resume. She was used to her height, but a bit self conscious about it. She usually wore flats since she already towered over most people. She did not mind being tall since it opened up opportunities like her sports scholarship, but she knew she needed a good career for the rest of her life. Little did she know how much her boss's boss would dislike her.

George did not see Susan until halfway through her first day when her boss brought her by to meet him. It was unsettling for George not to tower over Susan. Not being able to look far down on her really irritated him. He was unable to really get close enough to her to force her to have to bend her neck to look up at him – she was just too tall.

He was somewhat rude during the meeting, barely acknowledging that she was even there. Susan picked up on the bad vibe, but she was just the intern and did not have to work for George, so she just ignored it and hoped she would not have to be around him the rest of the summer.


Mark was a brilliant programmer. He breezed through school and graduated college at 19. He had been working at ZZY for two years, and just celebrated his 21st birthday. He was short at 5' 4”, but he was too busy with computers to really be bothered by it.

As far as George was concerned Mark was a perfect fit, brilliant, hard working and short. George felt he could easily intimidate Mark whenever he felt like it. It was good to keep employees like Mark in line, slightly intimidated, it made George feel even more powerful. Mark, like many others in the office, failed to notice George's mind games.

Mark was really too busy with his job to notice much of anything until Susan walked through the door. Susan was going to be interning with his group. This was going to be some what of a problem for Mark. From the moment he saw her, all he could think about was her. He had never really been around such a tall woman before. At 11 inches shorter he looked strait into her bosom. They were intoxicating. Her long blond hair just reaching down to caress the tops of them.

He was a bit shy and being awestruck by her beauty he stammered out an awkward greeting. Susan took an almost immediate liking to him. They would work closely together for the summer. Susan was glad to have such a nice coworker, and not have more the likes of George to deal with every day.


Towards the end of the summer Mark finally got brave enough to ask Susan out. He figured it was a good time. They were the same age and she was about to go back to college, and would not be working for him any more.

Susan and Mark had a whirlwind romance, and they knew they were right for each other. He was her brilliant boyfriend and she was his towering goddess. The got married soon after.


Mark got a promotion at work soon after their marriage. He now worked directly for George. George who had just treated Mark as another of his minions until then was not really happy with the arrangement. His unhappiness quickly grew into a genuine dislike as he realized that one day he could be working for Mark now that he was the son in law of the owner. He could not stand the thought of having to work under the pip squeak that would move up just because he married right.

Mark really did not want the promotion, but he took it anyways. He loved doing what he was doing, and did not really want to move up too much. Being the project head was OK, since he still got to do lots of programming. He would never want to move up in management, contrary to what George feared.

George grew more and more unbearable of a boss. But, he never quite stepped over the line. He made Mark's new position very unpleasant. Mark was not the type to run and complain to his new father in law, instead he just bottled it up inside him.

Susan noticed Mark's unhappiness. He would not really come out and say anything bad about George, but Susan knew. She had seen what was going on in the office. She knew what kind of man George was, and saw how he came down on any threat to his position. She also knew that George's region was the top producing region, his projects were all on track and no way her Dad would consider doing anything to George and upset the region's performance.

Susan wanted to do something, but she did not know what.

A short period of time went by and Susan had to talk to someone about it. She over at her close friend Janene's appartment while Mark yet again had to work late on a programming project. Janene was on the college woman's basketball team with Susan. She was a tall 6' 4” brunette.

A couple glasses of wine later and Susan started to talk about Mark and how George was making him unhappy. Janene listened with interest. They talked about all sorts of aspects and eventually came around to a debate on George's verses Mark's height. Were they the way they were because of their heights? If Mark was tall would he still be as nice? Would George learn to respect others if he was short?

Janene smiled slyly, and said that there was one way to find out. Susan asked how? Janene said that she was not always so tall. Susan did not catch on to what Janene was saying. Of course not, they both were taller than they used to be, they were just 21, barely finished growing. But, no Janene was talking about more than that. Janene had stopped growing when she was only 5' 8”. A fairly tall height for a woman, but her height combined with her skills was not good enough to get a college basketball scholarship.

Susan was puzzled. Janene was 6' 4”, the second tallest on the team. What did she mean she stopped growing when she was 5' 8”? Surely she just had a later growth spurt. No, it turns out that Janene used other methods to reach her current height.

Janene went on to explain that a family heirloom had been passed down to her from Aunt Janene that had no children of her own. Aunt Janene knew how much Janene loved to play basketball, and how much she needed the scholarship. Janene had of course been named after her aunt, and her aunt viewed Janene as the daughter she never had.

Janene explained how the heirloom worked. It was a small odd shaped object. It did not act alone but had to be activated by a set of potions. You gave one to the person you wanted to take height from, and you drank the other. Then you slept with the heirloom near you and you would start to grow and the other person would shrink.

Susan was interested but conflicted. She told Janene she would have to think about it. It seemed wrong to shrink someone, even someone as mean as George. Then again she wondered what Mark would be like if he was tall. What would it be like to look up into his eyes instead of him into hers? She also had her doubts that what Janene told her was real. After all who could believe something like that, it was probably just Janene trying to play a practical joke on her.


The year continued and Susan notice Mark was getting more and more unhappy. It was time for the office Christmas party. Susan decided that enough was enough and she would have to deal with George. She got the potions and the heirloom from Janene. The clear potion was for George, the green potion was for Mark. Janene had told her to only give Mark a drop or two of the green potion so the effect would be slow. Janene also said it was a magic effect on George – only George and Susan would know that George used to be taller. Everyone else would think George was always that height. The same only Mark and Susan would know that Mark was growing taller, everyone else would think he was always that height.

At the office Christmas party she slipped George the clear liquid. It was not hard, he did like to stand very close to people, she just had to distract him a bit and slip it in. She watched as he finished his drink. She also slipped two drops into Mark's drink. She was getting excited. She could hardly wait to find out what would happen.

She had slipped the heirloom into the box springs of their bed. She was confident no one would ever find it there. She could hardly sleep with the excitement. Well Janene had said that it would be slow, and Susan could not tell anything had happened the next day. So, she decided that she would just have to wait and see if anything really would happen. After all Janene could just be playing a practical joke.


A week went by, and Susan began to suspect that Janene had been playing a joke. That was when Mark said something that gave her hope. Mark commented that he was having a problem with his pants shrinking in the dryer. She looked down and sure enough, he could be said to be wearing high water pants.

Susan was excited, but she could not say anything. What was she going to say, hey I shrunk down your boss using some ancient artifact, I hope that you like being the taller one now? Janene had said that only Susan and George would know George was shrinking. She hoped that it was true and Mark would never know that he was growing at the expense of his boss.


A couple more weeks went by and Mark was definitely getting taller. He had Susan measure him. He came in at 5' 7”. Wow, he had grown almost 3 inches. He did not know what to think. Was he going through a late growth spurt?

Meanwhile George went to the doctor. He was certain he was shrinking. At first he did not believe it, but he was definitely shorter. George's doctor measured him and proclaimed him just as tall as ever at 6' 4”, just like on his chart. George was flabbergasted. He got mad and accused the doctor of having a bad chart. The doctor assured him that it was impossible to be shrinking in your 20s, much less shrink 3 inches. He might lose 3 inches by the time he is 90, but it was not going to happen in the late 20s.

George went home still stunned. He did not know what to think, he felt dizzy. He knew he was getting shorter, but why did not anyone else know? He decided to go visit his parents. His dad was 6' 5”, George knew his dad would notice that his son was no longer 2 inches taller than him. He could not be going crazy.

George was stunned again when his parents refused to believe he was taller. He had to look slightly up at his dad now, but his dad insisted it was always that way. They even brought out family photos to prove to George that he was not that tall. Sure enough in the photos George was slightly shorter than his dad.

George's world begin to spin. Had he gone insane? He knew he had to sound like a babbling idiot with talk of secretly shrinking. Then there was the other matter of his clothes still fitting. How come if he was shrinking did his clothes still fit? Was he always 6' 4” and just delusional that he was 6' 7”?


A few more weeks went by and Mark continued to shoot up in size. Mark was now 5'10”, he was getting scared. How could he be growing so fast? Did he have a tumor? He went to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor measured him at 5'10”. The doctor said his last measurement was 5'10” too. Mark was getting confused. How could his chart say 5'10” when he knew he was only 5'4”? He knew Susan knew, but how could they be the only two that knew? He did not say much to the doctor, he did not want to be locked up in a mental hospital since he knew it would sound crazy.

He went home and talked to Susan. Susan decided to play coy and convince him to just be glad he was taller and not talk about it to others. After all she wanted to have him at home and not locked up as a science or mental experiment.

It was a new life for Mark. He loved to just go out and walk around. It was so odd to be such a normal height. Not having to look up at everyone. He was actually taller than most women, even though they wore heels!

George on the other hand was not taking it so well. He was down to 6'1”. And he did not know what was more depressing that he was 6'1” or that no one noticed!?! He looked at some company photos, and instead of towering over the other employees he was just one of the tallest ones. There were guys in the office taller than him now, and he did not like it. But, he did not know what to do. He was still taller than most, thanks to his efforts of only trying to hire short people, but he came to the sick realization that if this kept up he would be one of the short people soon.

George went to a few doctors. He did not tell them he thought he was shrinking, he did not want to be directed to a psychiatrist like the first doctor had politely implied. Instead he complained that he felt tired and weak. At least it was partly true, he was a lot weaker than he used to be. He still had a big athletic build, but 6 inches of build is a lot to give up. They performed many tests on him but kept declaring him perfectly healthy.

Had it all been in his mind? Was he delusional? Is he now coming back to reality? He did not know what to think.


A month passed. Mark was now 6'2”. He did not know what to think about it. He was so tall now. He was able to look down on most people now. It was an odd sensation, almost unnatural to him to be looking down instead of up. Susan was excited about his new found height. He loved her and decided to go along with her and not say anything to anyone else. He looked in awe at his wedding pictures, he was only slightly smaller than Susan. How could the pictures keep changing? How come only Susan noticed? Was it a miracle?

George was not taking it well. He was down to 5'9” tall. So, many guys seemed to tower over him now. He knew he was around average height, but he was never average height before in his life. One thing for sure, he was not going to lose his dominance at work. He was tougher and meaner than ever. He had to compensate for his new lack of intimidation. He really resented those that were taller than him. He really resented Mark. He always thought it had been a mistake to hire someone so tall to start with, now Mark was married to the boss's niece, he could never get rid of him.

Well maybe he could for a while. He had to take pleasure in a few things as regional manager. He decided that Mark should be the one to go help with an installation of the project overseas. George would not have to look up at him for at least a month! A small pleasure, it would be nice to punish that tall Susan too. She would have to do without Mark for a month.

Mark told Susan the good/bad news. He would have to go away for a month, but it was a great opportunity. Susan could not go, she was in her last semester of college and could not miss a month.

Mark was almost Susan's height now. He was just shy of 6'3”. Susan helped Mark pack. As he was leaving he made a remark that caught Susan off guard. He mentioned that the only thing that was bad about his new found height is that she was no longer his giantess. They had a long deep kiss as the taxi came to take him to the airport.


Susan was a bit distressed. She loved it now that Mark was tall. Yes she was the same height, but she had thought of having him grow just an inch or two more so she could look up into his eyes when she wanted. Now she realized that he loved looking up into her eyes. What was she to do.

She remembered the green potion. She still had some left since she had only used a couple drops on Mark. Mark had been gone 2 weeks already, she knew she was short of time. She decided that 6 drops would probably be best. She would grow while Mark was away and surprise him when he got home. Then she would give the heirloom back to Janene.

Susan made a drink and added 6 drops. A few hours later she felt a tad bit dizzy and decided to go to bed. She slept in late the next day. Good thing she did not have early classes today. She measured herself. She could not be quite sure, but she thought she could be a bit taller. She was tingling with excitement. She could hardly wait for Mark to come back and she could once again be his giantess.

She grew 3 inches that week. She could not believe it. It was so empowering, intoxicating in its power. She was watching the weather closely. A strong possibility that a late season blizzard was going to hit. She hoped that it would be passed by the time Mark got back. She did not want to wait any longer to see him again.

The blizzard was going to hit tonight. Susan was ready. She had stocked up on supplies. She would use the time to study and of course grow. She was already 6'8”. Now she knew what the world had looked like to George. She had a brief guilty twinge as to how small George must be by now.

She settled in to study when she was surprised by the door opening. It was Mark! He had come home early. He told her that he had raced through the installation in Europe to get home to her. He was glad he was able to land before they shut down the airport.

Mark was a bit shocked to see that Susan was taller! But, he was secretly overjoyed to at least have his giantess back. He could not control his passion. He had not realized how much he missed his giantess. They made passionate love while the blizzard raged on outside.

Susan began to worry a bit. They had been snowed in for almost a week. She had to get the heirloom back to Janene or she was going to be a giant. Mark had started to grow again being back near the heirloom. She had moved the heirloom out of the bedroom, but the growing effect did not stop. In fact with their round the clock exposure they seemed to be growing faster than ever. Mark was about 6'5”, and she was about 7'2”.

She was never so glad as when she saw the snow plows finally make it down her street. Not that she did not love the passionate time with Mark, but she was really worried about getting the heirloom back to Janene.


Mark went to work and she went over to Janene's apartment. Everything was so small now. She had to duck so much to go under doorways. She gave the heirloom back to Janene. Janene asked how it worked. Janene like everyone else did not notice any changes. She always thought Susan was a giant and Mark was tall. But, she also knew what the heirloom did and Janene knew she could not trust her memories.

Susan told her that Mark had grown quite a bit. She was too embarrassed to say just how much. And, Susan also left out that she grew too. She felt it was better than Janene just thought that she grew Mark up some since he was so tiny compared to her.


Mark was really tall now at 6'7” and George could do nothing but rage inside that he used to be as tall as Mark. He wondered why he was never able to get him transferred when they were the same height. Now he could do nothing but crane his neck up to see him. People at the office whispered about his Napoleon complex behind his back. He could no longer intimidate people. It was so depressing to have to ask nicely for something to get done.

Outside of work it was even worse. George was used to striding along on top of the world, not worrying about the little people. Now he was the little people. Women would flirt with him and tell him how cute he was. He had kept his athletic build, but now he looked like a grade school athlete. He had to show his drivers license to buy beer. He was almost 30, and people treated him like a child. He was humiliated.

Just when George thought his days could not get any worse, Susan came to the office to drop off a report Mark had left at home. Susan was truly unbearable to George. George turned and ran strait into her leg. She was a glorious giantess at 7'8” tall. George of course had lost the 32 inches they gained, he could only look up at her waist. He was now just under 4' tall.... She looked down and smiled at the angry little man, she knew she had made the right choice.

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