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The Object of my Desire by Eelskin

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     “Desire is a much more powerful force than we imagine. It overcomes our thoughts, it changes our behaviour, and it most certainly has a physical effect on our bodies, our metabolism. When you are overtaken by desire, you surrender control of yourself. Your heartbeat, your breath, your attention and your concentration are all victims of this silly little emotion for which most people have no respect.”


     Veronica was listening with rapt attention to what the old man was saying. I was browsing through his collection of old books. I really enjoyed looking through old books for sale at flea markets. Of course, 99 times out of 100, there would be nothing of any value whatsoever, but that wasn’t the reason I looked. There were always amazing curiosities in people’s collections. I looked up from something that looked like it may have been a 40-year-old Romanian erotic fiction magazine (judging from the pictures) to look at what the vendor was holding in his hands, something which Veronica clearly intended to buy.


     “When you desire something, you cannot see anything else. Everything else is secondary. The object of your desire is all-encompassing; it grows until it fills your vision, your thoughts, your memories and your life.”


     I craned my neck to see. It was a small ceramic bauble with a chain around it, about the right size to be worn as a bracelet. I folded the smut magazine and listened to Veronica haggle with the fellow. At least, she was trying to haggle.


     “I’ll give you $4 for it.”


            “Can you put a price on desire? The value of this bracelet cannot be measured in dollars and cents. If you are to be its new owner, you must fully appreciate the gift which you are accepting. Do you understand?”


     “Um. $5?”


     The shopkeep frowned and breathed a small sigh of resignation. “$10.”




     He nodded slowly and Veronica reached out to take the bauble. He placed it gently into her palm and closed her pudgy fingers over it. He looked into her eyes, seeming to study her. She took a step back, taking her hand out of his, and he suddenly grinned a wide, toothless grin. “A pleasure! Always a pleasure to do business with a lovely lady such as yourself! Please, you will always be welcome back here!”


     “Thanks…” She smiled, slightly wary, and looked over at me. “Are you getting that?”


     “Nope. Let’s keep moving.”


     The two of us wandered off, past a few more stalls of junk. “What was that guy on about?”


     “I have no idea!” She laughed. “You know, I was not really looking forward to coming to the flea market. I honestly thought it would just be really tacky and boring. But there’s so much cool stuff! I’m really glad you and Marie-Eve convinced me.”


     “That’s it. Just wander and window shop – without the windows. Seriously, you can find pretty much anything here.”


     “Think we’ll be able to find a gypsy selling a magical weight loss potion?”


     I laughed. “Babe, if I saw one I would hide it from you.”


     “Stop it! You better not!” She punched my arm playfully. “Where is Marie-Eve?”


     “I think she’s over there somewhere.” I gestured over to my left.


     “Well, let’s find her.”




     Veronica was what some would call a big girl. Others would call her fat. She occasionally called herself unmentionable things. I just called her sexy. She called me crazy. I usually didn’t press the issue, just smiled and counted my blessings.


     In the car on the way home I was admiring her upper arm- one of my favourite parts of her body. I just loved the shape of it- how it seemed to bulge slightly out of the sleeve of her t-shirt. I sat in the passenger seat and pulled my eyes away from her arm long enough to examine the trinket she had bought from the toothless ranting shopkeep, which she was wearing on her right wrist. She had put it on almost immediately after buying it. “How much did you pay for this?” I asked.


     “I think $7?”


     “I think you may have paid too much.”


     She took her eyes off the road and glanced at me. “Well, yeah. But that $7 isn’t going to break our budget. Besides, I like it.”


     Marie-Eve piped in from the back seat. “Let me see!” Veronica held out her arm to show her. “Véro, this is really pretty! I’d pay $7 for this.”


     Veronica made eye contact through the rearview mirror. “Well I’m glad I have someone’s support!”


     I spoke up. “Did you get anything, Marie-Eve?”


     “Eh, check ça!” She reached into her bag and pulled out what was quite possibly the ugliest lamp I had ever seen. “C’est pas mal cool, non?”


     “Uhm…” I pointed out.


     “Buh…” Veronica countered.


     “I… where are you going to put that?”


     She grinned. “I don’t know. Maybe in the bedroom.”


     “Really?” I asked, incredulous.


     “Yeah… why? What’s wrong with the bedroom?”


     “Well… people go in the bedroom.”


     Veronica burst out laughing. Marie-Eve scowled. “Hey, you don’t like it, it’s not your problem. Ta gueule.”


     “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” laughed Veronica.


     Marie-Eve started poking through her bag, examining the other, equally ugly, things she had bought. Veronica put her eyes back on the road. My eyes drifted for a moment and settled back on her arm. I could watch this arm for hours, I thought. After a minute, my gaze moved up and saw that she was looking at me with a strange expression on her face. “What?” I asked.


     She was looking at me with a mixture of confusion and pleasure, as though she were feeling something unfamiliar but really nice. “Nothing…” She smiled and put her eyes back on the road.





     Veronica and I dropped Marie-Eve off at her place and went to have a late lunch. Summer was winding down and it was one of the last really warm days of the year, so we found a restaurant with a patio open and sat down to enjoy the end of Sunday afternoon. We ordered food and wine and chatted about nothing in particular: about our friends, about work, about which movies we wanted to see and what we wanted to do this week. Something was unusual, though- as we ate, she seemed distracted. Every so often she would look over her shoulder or glance away, smiling.


     “What is it?” I asked.


     “What’s what?” She looked back at me.


      “What are you thinking about?”


     “I don’t know. I just feel good.”


     I smiled. “The flea market will do that.”


     “No, I…” she paused. “I feel pretty.”


     My eyes opened a bit and I grinned. I rarely heard Veronica say that. “You are pretty.”


     “You always say that. But today it’s different. I really feel it. I feel really good about myself.”


     I leaned back and looked her over once again. She does look particularly good today, I thought. Her hair was done in waves and it fell down just past her shoulders, framing her round face just perfectly. Her arms were crossed resting in front of her, and the way they pressed and squeezed against each other just slightly made me want to squeeze them myself. Her quite large breasts pressed against her arms as well, emphasising her cleavage. The sun was angled so that it illuminated one side of her face, and I could see a drop of sweat slowly rolling down her left cheek. And her upper arms were still bulging slightly out of her sleeves. As I leaned back and took the image in, she closed her eyes and inhaled sharply.


     I frowned. “Are you ok?”


     She opened her eyes, not focusing them on anything in particular, and nodded quickly. “Yeah…” and grinned and looked back at me. “I feel great.” And as she smiled, she seemed to become even more beautiful. Nothing I could put my finger on, but she just seemed that much lovelier and sexier. “I just…” she bit her lip and looked down. “You know… when you tell me that you think I’m sexy, I… usually don’t believe you. I always think that you must be just trying to make me feel good about myself.” She raised her eyes back up to meet mine. “But today, I really do believe you. I don’t know why. It’s like I can feel it. It’s like I can feel what you feel when you look at me.” She leaned forward invitingly, giving me an even more spectacular view of her cleavage. “And it feels really good.”


     She crooked her finger at me. I leaned in until we were almost touching noses, and then she moved forward and kissed me on the mouth across the table. Underneath the table, I could feel an erection building in my pants until it strained painfully against my jeans. Her breathing became more forceful. She kissed me harder, and our teeth struck each other clumsily. When she broke off the kiss, I saw in her eyes a look like I had never seen before. “Want to come back to my place and fuck?” She whispered.


     I nodded. “I’ll get the waiter.”


     “No time. Here.” She fished a few bills out of her wallet and placed them under her empty wine glass. “That should cover it. Let’s go.”




     We didn’t even make it to her place. My place was closer by at least three minutes, so it was there that we went. I didn’t complain. We were naked almost before we had gotten inside, and I was barely able to close the door before she pulled me into her. She tilted her head back to reach my mouth; at 162 cm, she was just a bit shorter than me, but not enough to make kissing awkward. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I reached around her to hold her ass and pull her body against mine. My very stiff penis was pressed between my stomach and her soft, fleshy belly.


     I broke the kiss off and stepped away. “I’ll be right back.”


     “What! Where are you going?”


     “Hang on, we might need this.” I ran to the bathroom, pulled open the cabinet and grabbed the bottle of lube. Stepping back into the living room, I held it up for her to see.


     She clicked her tongue. “David! My underwear is soaking wet. We definitely don’t need the lube! Now…”


     Her sentence didn’t finish. From across the room, I was taking in the majesty of my girlfriend standing, naked, with the afternoon light making horizontal lines along her smooth, wide thighs. I paused and cocked my head, to savour this delicious image. As I did, she seemed to get dizzy, a little, and took a step back to steady herself. We looked at each other from across the room. I don’t think I had ever wanted her as much as I did at that moment. And for a moment, it almost seemed as though she were even bigger than normal- just by a bit.


     But a moment later I had forgotten, because we then moved towards each other and kissed each other forcefully, frantically. I sucked on her earlobe, and she responded by biting me gently where my neck met my left shoulder. My hands were moving up and down her sides, squeezing and massaging her rolls of fat. I must have dropped the lube at some point, but I didn’t even remember.


     This time, she broke the kiss. “Bedroom,” she gasped. I grinned and moved there. Once I got to the bed, I turned around and she pushed me so that I fell onto my back onto the mattress. I moved backwards to get comfortable, propped up on pillows, as she crawled toward me and began to suck me off. She moved back and forth rhythmically, and her enormous breasts hung down low enough that every time she moved forward, they brushed against my balls. The feeling was amazing. Back and forth she went, but it was less than a minute before I had to stop her.


     “Woah… ok, hang on… you need to stop or I’m going to come.” She looked up and made eye contact with me, without taking my dick out of her mouth, and I nearly lost it right there. But she propped herself up on her arms and crawled on top of me.


     “Well, we can’t have that. Slide down off of those pillows now.” I gladly complied, moving towards the foot of the bed, so that I would be lying flat on my back. As she moved forward, I got the most spectacular view, first of her breasts hanging down directly above me, then of her luscious belly, which I lifted my head to kiss, and then of her now dripping wet pussy. “You ready?” she asked me, getting herself into position.


     “Oh yes.” I replied, and Veronica sat on my face.


     This was when I realised that something was different. My mind briefly moved back to that split second, just a few minutes ago, when I had thought that she seemed bigger than before. Now I felt it again, because she was definitely heavier than usual. Veronica usually weighed about 120-125 kilos, but at this moment it felt like she was at least 10 kilos heavier. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but at the moment the only thing I could do was eat her out. Now was not the time to tell her that I thought she had gained weight.


     As I licked her, I could feel the pressure on my face and chest slowly, slowly increasing. It wasn’t uncomfortable or alarming; just noticeable. It didn’t matter. I wanted her so badly that everything else was secondary. Her moans started getting faster and I adjusted my speed to match. For a moment I thought she was about to come, but then suddenly the pressure disappeared; she rose and moved backward, positioning herself to take me inside of her. She brought her knees down onto the bed, leaned her body backwards and started moving back and forth, once again. The movement of her belly was almost hypnotising. I reached up my arms to massage her breasts and was struck by how I couldn’t quite seem to take as much of them into each hand as I could before. And now I was certain that she was heavier.


     Not that it mattered. I forgot about it almost instantly as I came into her, and she followed just a moment later. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes and fell forward, landing on top of me. Her breasts spread out over my chest and we lay there panting for several minutes.


     Eventually I brushed her hair away from her forehead to take a look at her face. I got no reaction. She had fallen asleep on top of me. I let my head fall back onto the pillows and followed her.






     We both slept right through the evening. When I woke up, it was close to 1:00 in the morning, and Veronica had rolled off of me at some point. She was now resting on her back, sleeping contentedly with a smile on her face. I sat and watched her for a minute, and then rested my head, looked at the ceiling. What happened tonight? I wondered. I certainly wasn’t about to complain… but I never liked not understanding things. Could she really feel my attraction? Why did she feel like she was getting so much heavier while we were having sex? I was lying and imagining different ideas- none of which made any sense at all- when my stomach began to rumble. I put my brainstorming session on hold and put some panamas on to go downstairs.


     The day had been hot enough that even in the middle of the night, it was still kind of sticky. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and cold milk and sat down at the table to eat. As I was finishing the bowl, the light in the hallway turned on and I could hear her footsteps coming towards the kitchen. She came in, dressed in her baggy, bright pink pyjamas, squinting and smiling. “Hey,” she said. Stepping behind me, she put her arms around my neck and hugged me, pressing her cheek against my head. I kissed her arm and, as I did, I noticed the ceramic bracelet she had bought from the flea market earlier in the day. It couldn’t be… could it? I thought back to what the man who sold it to her had said. At least, I tried to. I had dismissed his ramblings and couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what he had said. Something about desire… I think? No use. It was gone. A new thought occurred to me, though. I stood up and turned to face her, and looked her up and down.


     “What?” she asked.


     I hesitated. She didn’t look any bigger. She was no taller, and I didn’t think she was any larger in any other dimension. I shrugged it off. “Nothing.” I hugged her tightly, and she returned it with as much enthusiasm. “So,” I began, sitting down at the table. “what got into you this evening?”


     She grinned and sat down facing me. “I don’t know… I just felt so much… positivity coming from you. It was such a turn-on.”


     “I was thinking about what that guy at the flea market told you.”


     “What, the crazy one?”


     “Well… I’m thinking that he may not have been quite as crazy as he seemed. But I don’t remember exactly what he said. Do you?”


     “No… well, I remember that he asked me if I could… put a price on desire.”


     “Apparently, it’s $7.”


     “Stop it! This is serious!” She held up her wrist to examine the bracelet. “No… that makes no sense. What would cause that to happen? Magic? No such thing.”


     “Well… something is causing it to happen.”


     “Maybe the bracelet has nothing to do with it. Maybe it was a coincidence.”


     “Well, take it off then.”




     “Let’s test it.”


     She hesitated. “Okay.” She pulled the chain off her wrist slowly, carefully. She put it down on the table and looked at it for a moment, as though she were expecting it to run away. “Now what?”


     “Do you feel any different?”


     She thought about it. “No.”


     “Did you feel any different after you first put it on?”


     “No. I don’t think so.”


     “Okay. Wait a minute.” And I gazed at her again, the way I had done the previous afternoon. Her pyjamas weren’t exactly flattering wear, but that wasn’t necessary. The shape of her face, the colour of her skin, that wonderful bulge in her upper arm… that was enough. I looked over her whole body, slowly, taking my time. “Do you feel anything?” I asked, after a minute.




     “Okay. Try putting it back on.”


     She picked it up immediately, and hesitated again before placing it back on her wrist. I continued to fondle her with my eyes, tracing her every contour, her soft rolls and her fleshy bulges. I heard her gasp and looked up at her face. Her eyes were wide open and she was breathing deeply, gripping the arms of the chair. She looked back at me and laughed. “It’s the bracelet! That’s it!” She looked back at me with joy. “This feels wonderful.”


     And then, once again, something extraordinary happened. I could tell that she was slowly, slowly, swelling larger. She didn’t seem to notice anything, as distracted as she was with the emotional effects of the bracelet- but watching her sit in her chair, it was unmistakeable. I could see her ass slowly spread out over the sides of the chair, her knees had to bend more and more, pressing her wonderful thighs against her calves, and her arms, my favourite, were bulging out slightly more and more from her sleeves. All of her clothes were getting tighter; I could see her breasts pressing out of her shirt just a little bit more than they had been a moment ago, and her nipples were now obviously erect. Her pants, which had been loose when she came downstairs, were beginning to constrict her legs, and her shirt was being pulled up by her growing breasts until I could see the bare skin of her midriff. It was barely perceptible at first, but it became more and more obvious as the seconds passed.


     She continued to not notice. Her eyes were half-closed and not focusing on anything. In fact, it took a good twenty seconds for her to realise that anything was happening, by which point she was bigger than any human being I had ever seen. Her clothes were almost skin-tight, and her belly was fully visible beneath her now clearly-too-small shirt. Her pyjama pants reached down maybe to the middle of her calves, and her arm bulged wonderfully out of her sleeve, which was quickly bunching into her armpit. The chair underneath her had begun to creak under her weight and her head had clearly risen above mine.


     I stood up. The top of her head came up to my chin, despite the fact that she was sitting down. “Veronica… are you okay?”


     She smiled. “I’m just fine, honey. I…” and at that point she opened her eyes fully, looked at me, and stopped speaking. Her eyes focused on something behind me, then at the table next to us. She slowly turned around and looked at everything around her, and as she did, I could see that her shirt was so tight I could actually see her rolls of fat defined through the fabric. She continued to rise, and she began to notice that her point of view was moving, though she wasn’t moving herself. She spun around again, with mild panic in her eyes. “David… what’s happening?’


     “I… don’t know.”


     “Well stop it!”






     “I can’t!”


     “What do you mean, you can’t?” Her voice was suddenly much, much louder than I had ever heard it before. I almost had to block my ears.


     “I mean… I don’t know how this is happening! Take off the bracelet!”


     She immediately began fumbling with the bauble, but it seemed not to have grown with her; it was stuck on her wrist. There was no way it was going to be able to fit around her hand at its current size. “I can’t! Ouch!” She pulled at the elastic of her pants, which was beginning to dig into her waist. She stood up…


     …and my mind went completely blank. I had known she was bigger, but when she stood to her full height, it was a spectacle unlike anything I had ever imagined. She must have been over two metres tall and when I looked straight ahead, her breasts greeted me, wrapped tightly in her shirt. Her clothing was constricting her painfully now; she tried to pull the elastic away from her hips but she couldn’t even fit her hand in.


     “David!” Veronica yelled at me, but there was nothing I could do. As I continued to stare at her, my penis stiffened at the sight of my enormous girlfriend towering over me, with her formerly baggy pyjamas now skin-tight, and as it did, she actually began to grow faster. I heard a rr-iii-pp sound and her pants tore up and down the length of her left leg. Her soft flesh seemed to spill out of it and jiggled in the open air, no longer trapped by the cloth. A similar sound erupted from under her arm, and she grabbed her shirt by the neck hole and actually ripped it off her body. It tore into pieces with no resistance. Her right sleeve remained around her arm, but it, too, soon ripped by itself and fell off. As she gained height, her breasts, swaying back and forth, moved past my eye level, to be replaced with her now absolutely stunning belly, bulging out towards me, quivering with her frantic movement. She tried again to dig her hands under her pants elastic, but it was even tighter now than it had been. She scowled, took a deep breath, and stuck out her belly as far as it would go. With a loud SNAP, the elastic broke, causing her pants to fall around her ankles in tatters, and causing her belly to quake. She was now almost touching the ceiling, and growing even faster.


     At that point, there was a POP noise, a bright flash of light, a cry of pain form Veronica, and the whole room went dark. She swore – loudly – and I nearly lost my footing as a huge THUD and CRASH resounded and shook the floor. I couldn’t see anything, but I ran into the hallway. On the way I kicked a chair and fell over, cursing in pain and rubbing my shin. I stood back up and limped to the hallway, and turned on the light. When I looked back, she was still there, sitting on the kitchen floor, the table overturned next to her. She seemed to have stopped growing. There was broken glass on the floor and she was rubbing the top of her head and scowling. I looked up and saw that, sure enough, the ceiling lamp had been shattered. Looking back down at Veronica, I slowly stepped forward and, trying to avoid the broken glass, approached her. As I got closer, I could see that she was actually beginning to shrink. She seemed to notice it too, as she was looking around at the room in the same way she had when she was growing. Neither of us said anything. I sat down and took her hand, and she gripped mine tightly with both of hers. We waited to see how much she would shrink. As she approached her usual height, it slowed until it was almost imperceptible, and then it seemed to stop, leaving her at exactly her usual height.


     For a minute, we continued to sit in silence. She was the first to speak.






     “What the fuck was that?






     I wanted to take Veronica to the hospital, but she wouldn’t hear of it. We cleaned up the broken glass, moved the furniture back to where it all had been, and threw away her destroyed pink pyjamas. Veronica took off the bracelet and we went back to bed, but there was no way we were going to sleep after what had just happened. We lay in bed until morning, and when the sun rose, Veronica was still feeling fine. So she got dressed and went off to work, just like everything was normal. I was still kind of in shock. I kept thinking that it must have been some kind of strange dream… but then all I had to do was look at the damage in the kitchen to remind myself that it had really happened. My girlfriend had turned into a giantess… for just a minute.


     The following week was trying. Veronica seemed preoccupied and unhappy. I saw her almost every day, and every time she was very distant and she couldn’t keep her attention on anything.   At first I assumed that she was worried about that transformation she had gone through, that she might be sick or that it might have lasting effects. But when I asked her about it, she just told me that it wasn’t that, and said she didn’t want to talk about it. So I was at a loss. I didn’t know why she was so upset or what I could do about it. And then I started to feel down about it all as well. We had sex only once during that week, and it was so awful it only brought us down even more.


     It was exactly a week later, on Sunday afternoon, that she called me up and asked me if I could go over to her place so we could talk. Not quite knowing what to expect, I went.


     When I arrived, we hugged each other and went to sit in her living room.


     “Do you want something to drink?” She asked.


     I shook my head. “What’s up?”


     She sighed. “David, look, I… I’m not sure how you’re going to take this.”


     What the hell? I wondered. Is she going to break up with me?


     “I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about what happened at your place on Sunday.”


     “So have I.”


     “And… I’ve made a decision that you might not like.”




     “I want to wear the bracelet again.”


     This was something I had not even considered. I sat in silence for a moment while I tried to comprehend what she had just told me. I must have had an awful expression on my face because she immediately got even more nervous than she had been before.


     “David, you don’t know what it was like to have that feeling. That amazing, wonderful feeling that someone thought I was sexy.”


     “I told you every day…”


     “Yeah, but it wasn’t the same!” She interrupted. “I know you said so, but you don’t know what it’s like to constantly be told by television and magazines and so many people that you are hideous! I get that every day! All the time! I can’t escape it!” She looked down at her own body in disgust. “And… it means so much to me that you tell me you think I’m sexy. I don’t thank you enough for it. But it doesn’t really make me feel better a lot of the time because I don’t feel it myself. I don’t feel like I’m sexy, and that just makes the whole thing so fucking frustrating.


     “But when I put that bracelet on… it was one of the greatest feelings I’d ever felt. It was indescribable, and it made me so happy… like a confirmation of these feelings. I wanted them to be true, so badly… and I always doubted them and I doubted myself, and I doubted you, and I’m so sorry.” She began to cry softly. “But… when I could feel it myself, it was so real… it was impossible for me to argue or doubt it. I can’t remember the last time I was that happy. And now it’s gone, because I’m not wearing it. And I want it back. I want to feel your attraction. Because right now I miss it so much that I can’t bear it.”


     I didn’t respond immediately. I thought for a moment before responding. “What about, um…” I still couldn’t get over the fact that these words were coming out of my mouth. “What about what happened last time? What about the fact that you became ten feet tall?”


     “Um… that was really scary.”




     “But… it was really exciting too.”


     I met her eyes and tried to suppress a smile. “Really?”


     “I had no idea what was happening. I mean… how could I? But it wasn’t a bad feeling. Not at all. I think… I think if I were expecting it, it would be really different. I think it could be really amazing. You looked so small… and I felt so…” her voice trailed off, and then she looked into my eyes and gave me a wicked grin. “We just need to make sure we have enough room.”


     I swallowed hard.


     “But that’s not the point,” she continued. “I just want to feel that way again. Do you understand?”


     “I do. I’m just scared for what might happen. We don’t really know anything about this bracelet. We don’t know how it works, or what else it might do to you…”


     “I know… but how about this. I promise that I’ll take it off if anything else unexpected happens. And if you ask me to leave it off, I will. But for now, I really need it.” She moved closer to me. “And I think it’ll be good for you, too.”




     “Will you let me convince you?” She sat right next to me and placed a hand on my thigh.


     I thought back to the previous week, when I looked straight ahead, standing up, and saw her magnificent bellybutton at my eye level. Against my will, my penis began to twitch. She moved her face right up next to mine.


     “I think you already know how… nice it could be, David. And I know you’re worried. But I promise that I’ll be careful. And I promise to be… careful with you too.” She kissed my lips softly, inviting me to return the act.


     I smiled. “So when are you putting it back on?”


     She grinned back at me and held up her arm. It was dangling off of her pinkie finger. “How about now?”






     “Have you just been holding that there the whole time? Just waiting?”


     Veronica got bashful. “Yeah, kinda.” She wiped the tears from her face and smiled at me. “Are you as excited as I am?”


     In my mind I was playing over her growth in my kitchen, again and again. I took a deep breath. “Yeah… I think I am.”


     She kissed me on the lips. “No. You aren’t. Not yet, anyway.” And with that, she slipped it over her hand and onto her wrist. She looked at it for a moment, turning her hand back and forth, watching it. She then turned back to me and looked deeply into my eyes. “Oh, yeah… I can feel it. Oh, David… I missed this feeling.”


     She stood up, slowly, and I stood up to follow her, but she put a hand on my chest and pushed me, gently, back down onto the couch. “No, you stay there, honey. Your job is to make yourself comfortable and to watch.” She began to unbutton her shirt. “I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time,” she pointed out, as the buttons came undone one by one, revealing the white t-shirt she was wearing underneath. “These aren’t pyjamas. This is one of my favourite shirts.” The last button came open and she slowly, agonisingly, pulled it off one shoulder, then the other. She dropped her arms to her sides, letting it fall to the floor and revealing her upper arms to me. My eyes were drawn to them immediately, and she certainly noticed, because she brought her arm up as though she were flexing a muscle, then turned back and grinned at me. It seemed to me that she had been thinking about doing this for a long time.


     I thought, though I wasn’t sure exactly, that she was already a bit taller than she had been. But it was hard to judge- I was expecting it, even hoping for it. My mind was liable to play tricks on me. I could feel myself swell and get hard.


     Veronica brought her arms in front of her and slowly undid her pants. The zipper slid down and she leaned forward to push her pants down past her knees, presenting me with her wonderful cleavage at the same time. When she straightened back up, I could see a thin gap between the bottom of her shirt and her panties, where her gorgeous stomach was visible. As she inhaled, the gap widened slightly, just hinting at her belly button, and when she exhaled, the gap did not close again. She breathed in again, and it became fully exposed.


     She was growing again. I was certain of it. It was the strangest feeling, knowing that it was somehow being caused by me… and I had absolutely no control over it. I had no more control over Veronica’s growth than I did over the now raging erection I had. If, for whatever reason, she needed to be her normal size again, I would have no way to make it happen. I took a deep breath myself and shook such thoughts away. I was missing the show.


     Her shirt was beginning to turn into a very tight crop top. She grinned and pulled it over her head as well as she could; the neckhole didn’t fit around her head quite as well as it had earlier, and it caught her nose as she pulled it up. Under her shirt, I saw that she had not been wearing a bra; her breasts hung freely, which was probably for the best, since she would probably have been in pain right now had she not gotten it off in time. It occurred to me again that she had probably been planning for this.


     The only thing she was now wearing were her panties, which were just beginning to stretch to their limit. Veronica turned around, slowly, and bent over to pull them down to her feet. Her ass spread out before me, soft and fleshy. She straightened, turned back around, and walked toward me. She had probably grown no more than a few centimetres since she began to strip, but the difference was extremely noticeable. While normally her breasts would be at eye level to me while I was sitting, I was now staring directly ahead into the top of her belly. I leaned forward and kissed it, then placed my cheek against it. I could feel her slowly, slowly shifting upwards as I held her belly in my arms.


     I stood up and was immediately struck by the difference in her height. She wasn’t quite as tall as I was, but the difference was negligible- no more than two or three centimetres. Judging from the look in her face, she was just as awed as I was at her new stature. It was indescribably sexy; far, far more erotic than I ever could have imagined it would be. I could feel my body trying to pump even more blood into my rock-hard penis now, and it throbbed almost painfully. At that moment, she spurted up, until she was exactly eye-level with me. My breath caught in my throat, and she released a laugh of amazement as she slowly rose above me. I tilted my head slightly up to look at her, and she suddenly grabbed my waist and pulled me in to her, kissing me passionately on the mouth.


     My hands found their way around her, my right hand grabbing her butt cheek and my left grabbing the rolls of fat on her side. As I kissed her, she went through another spurt, and her mouth left mine. She looked into my eyes and laughed again, then bent at the waist slightly more to kiss me again. Her hands pressed against my backside and pulled my crotch forcefully into hers. Her eyes widened as she felt the bulge in my pants press against her naked flesh, and she rose higher yet again. She was growing far more quickly now than she had been before, and even faster than she had been last week. My eyes now only were at the level of her mouth, and it was steadily moving out of my reach. She stopped groping me just for a moment, and gazed down upon me with her hands on her hips. I tiled my head back – way­ back – to look up into her eyes. The look on her face was intoxicating. My penis ached for release. I took a deep breath. “Bedroom.” I said.


     Veronica did not need to be convinced. Smirking, she pushed me – gently, but probably with much more force than she had intended – down onto the couch, and walked away towards the bedroom. Her naked body swayed back and forth as she walked slowly, sensually, away from me, each step of her thick, beautiful legs causing her flesh to jiggle ever so slightly. And she walked, I could see her expand again; her head rose by a few more centimetres, her hips widened, her thighs thickened. She turned her head back and forth, taking in her surroundings from her new perspective. She paused, turned around, and winked at me, then disappeared through the doorway.


     I got up and followed her.




     I stepped through the doorway and saw her sitting on the bed, with one enormous leg crossed over the other. I stopped and stared, and she inhaled, closing her eyes in a tiny ecstasy, then moaned her pleasure. The bed creaked as she expanded further, and she got up to come walk over to me. My eyes, at this point, only reached her shoulders, and as I noticed this, it was no longer true. She grew as she crossed the room, so that by the time she was standing by me, my eyes only came up to the tops of her breasts. She grabbed my head and pulled it, forcefully, into her cleavage. I struggled for a moment, surprised, but soon leaned forward and began kissing and biting the tender skin between her breasts. The smell of sweat and sex filled my nostrils. I could feel the skin of her breasts rubbing against my cheeks, moving out and up, expanding faster with every passing moment, and her bountiful belly was pressing up against my chest. When she finally pulled my face out from her chest, she had risen so much that I could kiss her belly without bending down at all. I did, and put my arms around her as far as they would go. She reached down, however, and pulled me up by my arms.


     “Now, don’t you get overeager.” Veronica scolded me. “First things first, and you are wearing far too many clothes right now. Lift up your arms.” I did, and she grabbed my sleeves and gently tugged my shirt over my head. She then placed her hands on my hips and actually picked me up, grunting with the effort, and, turning around, brought me up to her face for a kiss. I wrapped my legs around her huge torso, placed my hands on her shoulders, and kissed her while resting in her arms. She lost her footing and stepped backwards, and I could hear a CRASH as she stumbled into her bookcase and knocked it over. We paid it no mind.


     This lasted only for a moment, though, as she moved forward and placed me down on the bed, grabbed the legs of my pants and pulled them off. My underwear followed, and my penis sprung into the air, no longer constrained. It was almost purple with blood, and harder than I’d ever seen it. She straightened up, and knocked her head against the ceiling. She grunted in pain, then laughed at the circumstances. “Wow… it’s a good thing there’s no ceiling lamp in this room.” She pushed me onto my back and leaned forward, placing her hands on the bed, one on either side of my shoulders. She stayed there for a moment, revelling in her size. I revelled in her size as well, and she spurted again, her soft face swelling to fill even more of my field of vision. From behind her I could hear a piece of furniture tipping onto its side, and then something splintered as she readjusted her footing. Her gigantic breasts hung above my stomach, swaying gently, and she slowly lowered herself onto me, so that her breasts pressed against my entire abdomen and her stomach covered my thighs and knees, her fat flowing over them to touch the bed on either side. It was so soft and warm, and the weight was incredible. She giggled and lifted her arms off the bed so that her entire body weight rested on me. I started to have difficulty drawing breath; the sheer weight of my girlfriend was pressing the wind out of me, but I wouldn’t have objected for anything. It was wonderful. I was being almost completely enveloped in her breast and belly flesh


     As I took pleasure in the sensation, I could feel her weight increase steadily and dramatically as her skin rubbed against my own in every direction. She took on an expression of painful pleasure and let out a high-pitched whine as her face, directly in front of mine, swelled even larger. She was now almost twice as big as her usual size.


     Suddenly, her weight disappeared. She propped herself up on her arms and gave me a wicked grin. “Now, David, do you know what comes next?”


     Without waiting for an answer, she crawled around the bed, which was straining under the massive weight which was being placed on it, until she was kneeling down, facing away from me, with one leg on either side of my chest; she had no trouble straddling my entire body. The largest ass in the world was presented in front of me. It was well over a metre wide, and so perfectly round and inviting that I nearly came right there. As I watched, it expanded right in front of my eyes, inching closer and wider. “Are you ready to eat me out?”


     I could barely speak, but managed to squeak out an affirmative grunt. Though I couldn’t see her face, I could imagine quite clearly the grin that must have been on her lips as she slowly lowered that unbelievable crotch onto my face.


     I had thought that the smell was powerful when my face was between her breasts, but now, pressed into her pussy, it was overwhelming. I licked and sucked with enthusiasm, causing her to buck and moan, grinding her crotch into my face. I felt the room shake slightly as her elbow struck the wall with a huge amount of force, but we paid it no mind. I tried to bring my arms up to fondle her butt cheeks, well over my head, but they were totally pinned under her thighs. She could feel my struggling, though, and lifted herself off me just enough to let me bring them out. I breathed deeply, and when she brought herself back down, I launched myself back into her. My hands could not even grab a fraction of her butt; it was like two enormous, heavy pillows pressing down onto my head. I tried to bring my arms around her, but she was just too wide. I could bring my hands into the folds of flesh where her belly met her thighs, and grabbed on there, pulling myself up in time with my licking. Her moans suddenly rose in pitch and urgency, and as I heard her gasp a flood of juice flowed from her pussy onto my face.


     Suddenly, there was a CRACK and I felt like I was falling. It lasted less than a second, and then I landed on the bed with a THUD, and Veronica’s enormous weight fell upon me before bouncing back up. Pinned underneath her, I was totally immobile, but she got up after a moment and looked down at me with genuine fear. “David! Are you okay?”


     From half-closed eyes, I slowly grinned up at her. “I am… doing amazing. What happened?”


     “Um… the bed broke.” She laughed. I looked around, and, sure enough, I was closer to the floor than I had been before, and my feet were slightly elevated. The mattress and box spring must have fallen right through the frame of the bed. I laughed with her.


     “Come here, you.” She picked me up – with far less difficulty than she had before – and she lay on her back on the bed, and lowered me down onto her body. I rested my chest on her monumental breasts, and placed my hands on her huge, soft belly. She, meanwhile, guided my crotch directly to her mouth. The feeling was beautiful. With the sensation of my entire dick being pressed between her lips, and her gigantic tongue flicking and slipping between my legs and around my hips, I lost all self-control and lolled around on her breasts, with my legs kicking in the air, revelling in the experience. I came explosively and cried out in pleasure, digging my fingers into her breast flesh.


     Veronica lay back and panted, and I slipped off her chest and stood up to examine the scene.


     The room was destroyed. Aside from the broken bed, there was a hole about 15 cm wide in the ceiling, and an even bigger one in the wall. Her bedside table was overturned and one of the legs had snapped off, and a small bookshelf was lying on its side with the contents all over the floor.


     And then there was the naked, beautiful, 3.5-metre long, one-ton woman lying on her back on the broken bed, playing with her hair and sighing contentedly. Already, though, I could see that she was beginning to contract, shrinking slowly back to her original size.


     “So,” she giggled. “Was it good for you?”






     Veronica called in sick to work the next day, and I only had a couple of short articles to write, so I finished those as soon as possible and we spent the day cleaning up. We patched up the holes in the wall and ceiling, swept up the drywall, and went out to buy a new bedside table. We were going to get a new bed frame as well, but then we decided against it, opting instead to just have the box spring and mattress resting on the floor.


     The next couple of weeks were, in stark contrast to the previous one, absolutely wonderful. The sex we had was mind-blowing; we did things that we didn’t even know were possible, and which hadn’t been possible a month earlier. I tried making her grow sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, sometimes as tall as I possibly could, and sometimes I tried keeping her close to her current height. That never worked. I once measured her at 4.4 metres, though; that was, by far, the biggest she’d ever gotten. We didn’t always have sex; sometimes she would put the bracelet on during a quiet evening of watching TV, and I would just sit in between her thighs, with my head resting on her stomach or breasts. Of course, she wouldn’t grow if I wasn’t paying attention to her… but once it began, it was never a challenge to keep it up. How could it be? She once put it on while I was giving her a back massage, and after a couple of minutes I actually had to get up and walk in order to work on a different part of her body. The more we experimented with the power of the bracelet, the more we came to love it.


     And Veronica was happier and more confident, all of the time. Even when she wasn’t wearing the bracelet. This was even better than the sex; just seeing her so much happier was a joy. She laughed more, smiled more, saw her friends more and kissed me more. Which, in turn, made me laugh and smile more. Things were looking up.




     I kissed Veronica good-night and rolled over. She snuggled closer and put her arm around me, pulling me closer to her so she could spoon me. Of course, at our current ratio, it wasn’t really spooning, it was more like enveloping. If I had to guess, I would say she was currently at a little less than 3 metres, and my head nestled comfortably against her breasts. She was dwindling as we lay there, though, which was something I had come to enjoy almost as much as the growth. I savoured the sensation of her arm slowly getting smaller on top of me, and I paid attention to her breathing, how the motion of her chest became less and less pronounced with every undulation. It slowed down dramatically, and I realised that she had fallen asleep almost immediately, still far larger than her normal size. She continued to shrink, though, and I closed my eyes and waited for her to stop.


     “David?” Veronica nudged me. I opened my eyes and rolled over. “Do you hear that?”


     “Hear what?”


     “I think there’s someone in my house!”


     “Are you sure?”



     I listened, and sure enough, I could hear someone speaking. Or…  laughing? It was difficult to tell. I turned on the light and stepped out of bed to go and see.


     When I got to the kitchen, I turned on the light and there, sitting at the table, was the old man from the flea market, the one who had sold Veronica the bracelet in the first place. There was no one else. I sat down and he grinned a toothless grin at me.


     “And how is your woman enjoying her new chair, my friend?”


     “Her new what?


     “I gave your woman a wheelchair. She could not walk without your support, and she purchased this item from me.”


     “Of course she could walk.”


     He leaned forward. “Do you know what happens when you desire something?” I shook my head. “When you desire something, you cannot see anything else. Everything else is secondary. The object of your desire is all-encompassing; it grows until it fills your vision, your thoughts, your memories and your life.”


     “What does that even mean?” I asked him, but he didn’t reply to this. Instead, he stood up and walked out of the room. I got up and reached for his arm. “Hey, how did you get in-” But he moved too quickly and I didn’t catch him. He disappeared into the next room. I followed him and turned on the light, and there was Veronica, sitting on the floor, cross-legged.


     She held out her hands and smiled. “David, help me up.” I took her hands and pulled, but as I did, she swelled outwards and upward. Unfazed, she got annoyed. “David, come on. Don’t play. Help me up.” I took a step back and pulled her arms. She leaned forward and expanded outward again, at a huge rate. She straightened up again, and although she was sitting on the floor, her face was exactly level with mine. She looked hurt. “David, why won’t you help me up?”


     “I can’t. You’re too big.” At this, her eyes widened and she looked as though she were about to cry. “David!”


     As she cried my name, she shot upwards, until her knees were at my eye-level. She sat before me, still cross-legged, still wearing her pyjamas, but towering over me with a painful expression on her face. “David!” She cried. “Please help me up!”


     “I can’t!” I shouted again, and she released a wail of anguish. I clapped my hands over my ears, and watched with horror as she exploded outward again. She stood up, and as she placed her feet on the ground, I realised that I was not even as tall as her toe. I would have needed a ladder to touch her toenail. She ran away, and I chased after her, but it only took a moment for her to disappear from my view.


     I looked around myself and didn’t recognise where I was. To my left was a forest, and to my right was an old, 1950’s-style diner. My stomach growled and I realised that I was extremely hungry, so I went into the diner.


     When I walked in the door, I saw that the diner was enormous. It was the size of a football field. A waitress approached me from a great distance, and as she got closer, I could see that she was well over seven feet tall. I looked to my right and there was a woman eating food at the counter, also far, far taller than I was. Everyone around me was a giantess.


     “Table for one?” The waitress asked, bored.


     “Uh… no. For two.”


     “Follow me.”


     It seemed like hours that we walked through the diner. The path we took twisted like a maze, and I was sure that if I lost my waitress I would never find my way out again. As I walked behind her, I could see that she was getting bigger. When she asked me what kind of table I wanted, I had come up to her shoulders, but as I walked behind her, I soon only came up to her shoulder blades, then to the small of her back, then to her butt, then to her thighs. I had to sprint to keep up with her. I kept glancing to the left and right, passing my hundreds of people, all squeezed into booths far too small for them. Then I stopped in my tracks. There was Veronica, sitting alone, eating a baked potato, at her normal size.


     “Veronica!” I said, and she turned to me. Her eyes widened and she reached out, grabbed my arm and pulled me into her, hugging me desperately. I struggled to get free, but she kept squeezing me tighter and tighter. Eventually I yanked myself away and fell backwards, landing on my back, and everything went black.


     I felt like I was resting on a mattress, but I was alone and couldn’t see anything around me. I turned to my left and could barely make out, in the gloom, the outlines of furniture. I turned to my right and could see something glowing green out of the corner of my eye. I squinted, and saw that it was a digital clock. Veronica’s digital clock. The glowing numbers read 2:49. I slowly calmed myself down and realised that I had been dreaming, and that I was now awake. But where was Veronica? I turned over to look all around me, and as I propped myself up on my arm, my hand sunk into the mattress in a way that it never had before. Come to think of it, that doesn’t feel like a mattress. It feels like… my mind went numb as I realised that it felt like skin. And that the warmth of it was not my body heat, but Veronica’s. I turned slowly, and my hand sank into her belly button. My entire fist fit inside. I pulled it out with a soft pop.


     I had been sleeping on her stomach, and she was big enough that I could stretch out my legs and arms and still be resting on her. I became aware that I had an extremely rigid erection, made even more painful because we had had sex just a few hours before. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see her breasts, each one the size of a dishwasher, slowly and rhythmically moving up and down.


     As gently as I could, I climbed down off of her. This is too much, I thought. Her feet pressed against the far wall and her legs were bent at the knees, because she was almost as big as her bedroom. She had never gotten this big. As I watched, I thought I could see her knees bend just a little bit more. My eyes widened. Oh no. I need to get rid of this erection, right now.


     I disappeared into the bathroom and turned on the light. As I masturbated, I tried to remember my dream. I know that Veronica was in it, and that we were… in a maze? I can’t quite remember. And someone had broken into her house? I feel like I’m forgetting something terribly important…


     I came, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I turned off the light and stood in the bathroom for a moment to allow my eyes to re-adjust to darkness. Once I could see, I stepped back outside and, sure enough, Veronica’s feet were sticking over the edge of the bed but most of her body fit without a problem. I waited several minutes until she was back to her normal size, and gently, carefully, slipped the bracelet off her wrist. In her sleep, she whined softly, but didn’t wake up.


     Note to self: Veronica must never go to sleep with the bracelet on again.






     Later that month I was at home, writing. I had a couple of 500-word articles to complete by midnight and I was making good time. It was the early afternoon and I was already almost finished.


     It had actually been a couple of weeks since Veronica and I had used the bracelet. That is to say, since we had used it while having sex. She still wore it occasionally, but not during our really intense moments. To be honest, that last growth spurt had really worried me. I wasn’t sure why she had grown so much, but it was far beyond any growth she had experienced up until that point. I couldn’t have measured her, but given that she was clearly longer than the room, I might have placed her at six metres. Maybe more.





     When I spoke to her the next day, she was not happy about it. I woke up unpleasantly.


     “Hey.” She shoved my shoulder.




     “Where’s my bracelet?”




     “My bracelet, David. It isn’t on my wrist. Where is it?”


     “Uh… jer.”






     She turned on the light and I held my pillow over my head. I could hear her open several drawers and rummage through them until she found the one where I had placed the bracelet.


     “David, why did you take it off me?”


     “Phuh… later. ‘m still sleeping.”


     “It’s my bracelet, David. You can’t do that without asking me.”


     “You were ‘sleep.”


     “So you should have left it on.”


     “No, you grew.”


     She didn’t answer right away, but immediately after saying those words, I knew that it may not have been the wisest thing I had ever done. I closed my eyes and cursed in my head.


     “I grew… in my sleep?”


     “…yeah.” I began to compose myself.


     “Why didn’t you wake me?”


     “…you needed your sleep?” I took the pillow off my head and rubbed my eyes. Veronica was wide awake. She had put the bracelet back on and was sitting on the bed in front of me.


     “David! Tell me about it! Did I grow a lot? Were you thinking about me?”


     “Yeah, I was thinking about you. And you were taking up the whole bed.” It’s technically true.


     “That’s amazing! Next time you need to wake me up! Waking up huge must be so cool…”


     “Veronica, I think you should maybe not wear the bracelet so much.”


     Her eyes narrowed. “Why?”




     “It’s my bracelet. It’s mine.”


     Oh boy. “Yes, but… it’s kind of scaring me.”


     “How is it scaring you?”


     “Veronica, I didn’t mean to make you grow last night. It was really unpredictable. And I’m not comfortable with using this thing that we can barely control... or, with using it so much. It’s really powerful, Veronica. What happens if can’t stop it and you can’t take it off?”


     “That’s not going to happen.”


     “How would you know that?”




     “Just promise me that you won’t wear it while you’re sleeping. Or when we aren’t alone.”


     “What! Why?”


     “You want to become ten feet tall in public?”


     “Well, it’s you who makes me grow, David. Why should I be punished just…”


     “This isn’t a punishment! This is caution! You’re right, I’m the, uh, the trigger. But I can’t control it. Not fully. So please just promise me this. Just don’t wear it in public or when you’re asleep, because I’m frightened of losing control over it.”


     She looked down at her the bed. “…okay. I promise.”


     “Thank you.”


     “But I think you’re being ridiculous.”


     “That’s okay. I can live with that.”




     And that’s where we had left it. She hadn’t worn it to bed since, and I was thankful for it. It was almost impossible to control my thoughts when I was awake, and I did not want to have to start controlling my dreams. How would I even go about that?


     I tried to imagine what might have caused such a huge spurt. Was it because she had been asleep? Maybe the bracelet affected her in a different way when she wasn’t consciously able to process its power. Was it because I had been asleep? Maybe my thoughts affected the bracelet in a different way in that case. Or maybe when I’m awake, I was unconsciously limiting myself… and that doesn’t happen when I dream.


     Maybe the bracelet becomes more effective every time it’s used. I reflected on how I had made Veronica grow taller and taller. Not every time, of course, but on average, she would get bigger as she wore the bracelet more. The first time she wore it, her growth was barely perceptible. This last time, she had nearly quadrupled her size. I thought about that night and a shudder ran through me. I had thought about it every day for the past two weeks- I actually could not stop thinking about it.


     On the one hand, it was terrifying. This power we didn’t understand and could barely control was doing something to my girlfriend, something I didn’t trust. The fact that she seemed not to be concerned in the least confused and frightened me. At least she wore it less when I asked her. What scared me most of all was that I didn’t actually know how much influence the bauble held. This might not be the extreme end of its power.


     On the other hand, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Words cannot properly convey just how exciting it was to rest my entire body on my girlfriend’s stomach. Or to see her rise above my eye level- while she was sitting down. Or to suck on a breast larger than my head. Or…


     The phone rang.


     I shook myself out of my daze and realised that I had opened the front of my pants, and was masturbating. I didn’t even remember having done that. It rang again and I answered.




     “Hey sexy.”


     “Hey you. What’s up?”


     “Oh, nothing. I’m just taking my lunch – all alone in my office, with a closed door – and wanted to tell you that I’m thinking about you.”


     “Oh. Well I’m thinking about you too.”


     “Oh, are you?” She seemed very amused. “You want to know what I’m thinking?”




     Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I’m thinking about sucking you off.”


     I grinned and began to stroke myself once again.


     She continued. “I’m thinking about licking your balls, and growing while I do it. So that my tongue gets bigger while it’s moving all over you.”


     I moaned. “That sounds… good.”


     She moaned. It sounded like she was masturbating too. “I want you to hold on to me so that you can feel me growing. I want you to wrap your arms around me so that I push them apart as I get bigger…” My mouth went dry. “and taller…” I was getting short of breath. “…and wider.”


     “That sounds… amazing.”


     “I want to be tall enough for you to eat me out when you’re standing up.”


     My penis was rock hard.


     Her breathing began to get faster. “David, Let’s fuck tonight. I’m horny.”


     “Mmm… can you take the afternoon off?”


     “Can’t do it, lover. There are some things I really need to finish this afternoon.”


     “Alright. My place or yours?”


     “Come over to my place. While you’re waiting, just… aaahhhh… keep thinking about me.”


     “Oh, I wi-” Wait a minute. “Veronica… are you wearing the bracelet?”


     She let out a squeal. “Uh… sorry, David, what was that question?”


     “Are you wearing the bracelet?”


     “Yeah… and I’m naked, and I’m huge.”


     I was speechless.


     “David, I’m big enough to take up the whole loveseat. By myself. Do you want to see me do that? I could take up the whole thing and I would fill it.


     As she said these words, I had to fight to keep myself from coming, and I could hear her inhale sharply.


     “Oh, you liked that, didn’t you? I know because I just got bigger. I’ve been growing since before I called you. I just barely got my clothes off in time… and now I’m… almost as tall… oh!” She laughed again, louder. “I’m as tall as the ceiling. So that would make me… what, nine feet?”


     “Veronica, I don’t…”


     “I’m big enough to smother you with my body. Do you want that?” She laughed. “Do you want me to lie on top of your and press into your body? I can do it.”


     At these words, I came. It was so unexpected that I came all over the floor. I let loose a moan of pleasure and heard her cry softly into the phone. It sounded much louder than it should have.


     “Oh… David, I could feel that across town… it was wonderful. Thank you for that. I’ll see you tonight.”


     She hung up the phone.






     Over the next few days I found it harder and harder to convince Veronica to wear the bracelet less. For one thing, as she wore it more and more, she became more comfortable and confident with it. For another thing, my own resolve was crumbling. The more we played with it, the more and more aroused I was by its power and by Veronica’s titanic body. So more and more often now, I found that I simply didn’t have it in me to ask her not to wear it, because I realised that, more and more, I wanted her to wear it.


     She still didn’t wear it to bed, thankfully, but she would wear it occasionally outside of the house.  Every time she did, I got a little anxious… but I found it was an exciting, pleasant sort of anxiety. I began to enjoy the idea of being able to affect her from afar. If I knew she had it with her, I would occasionally think about her in the middle of the day, just because I knew I could expect a phone call shortly.


     So I wasn’t fazed when she told me that she wanted to wear the bracelet when we invited Marie-Eve over for dinner one night. A little nervous, sure, but no more than usual. Less, actually, since I would be able to see her, so I would be able to control myself if I could see that I was thinking about her too much. Right?


     We enjoyed having dinner with friends, especially Marie-Eve, since she seemed to enjoy anything. We took turns inviting each other over, and it was our turn. It had been over a month since we had seen her – since we had gone to the flea market in the first place, in fact – and I was looking forward to having dinner with her again.




     Veronica wore the bracelet – and nothing else – while we prepared dinner in the kitchen. I tried to hold off as long as I could, for the fun of it. We both knew that it wouldn’t take long before I began to get aroused by her, and by the promise of her growth, so I took it as a challenge to see how long I could keep her at her present size. We began preparing dinner normally, except for her nakedness; I chopped vegetables while she mixed a salad dressing. The longer I tried to think about baseball, the more difficult it was, but I held off.


     It was about ten minutes before Veronica got impatient, and began to cheat. Facing away from me while she washed the lettuce in the sink, she slowly swayed her bum from left to right, humming to herself. As though she didn’t realise she was doing it. At first I thought she might really be doing it unconsciously, but after a moment she turned her head, caught my eye, and winked at me. Then she turned back to the sink and began waving her glorious bum at me again.


     After a minute or two, she could see that it wasn’t working, but she wasn’t ready to give up quite yet. Walking past me to get to the pantry, she brushed her hips against mine slowly. I steeled myself and focused on the vegetables in front of me.


     “Oh, David…” came the sing-song voice from behind me. I turned and she was standing with her hands on her hips. She pouted. “What have I told you about putting the cooking wine on the top shelf? You know I can’t reach it when it’s up there. Can’t you get it down for me?”


     I smiled, put down the knife and walked over to the pantry. She didn’t step away from the pantry, so as I went to get it, we were standing directly in each other’s personal space. She brushed her breasts and belly against me as I reached my arms up over my head. I could feel my penis begin to stiffen, and I knew that she could too, but I was still holding off. I brought it down and handed it to her.


     “Well!” She huffed. “Aren’t you just such a big, tall man! It’s a good thing that lil’ ol’ me has you around, isn’t it? These shelves are just too tall for me.” She reached up, not really trying. Her elbow and knees were bent. “Look at that! I can’t even reach the shelf below that one! Maybe I should try again.” Her hand crawled upward as she put a bit more effort into it. The effect it had on me was instantaneous. I couldn’t help but imagine her arm growing, stretching, reaching higher- and then, suddenly, it was. Her hand easily touched the items on the second-highest shelf, and reached up toward the highest shelf again. I noticed that she was, once again, bending her knees and elbows. I looked down into her eyes, and she looked back up at me with a victorious smirk.


     “No, no. That’s not quite enough. David, put the bottle back up on the top shelf. I want to be able to get it down by myself.” Obediently, I did, and Veronica reached up. This time, she was just barely able to touch the bottle with her fingertips, but while she was standing on her toes, she cheated – again. My eyes were drawn downward as she waved her bum gently at me again, and I was mesmerised by the movement of her lower body. I could tell the subtle difference between her thighs now and her thighs one minute ago; even though it was barely perceptible, she was most certainly bigger. But she lowered herself back down so that she was standing normally, and she was now holding the bottle! I hadn’t even noticed her getting taller while I was staring at her, although it was hardly surprising. “See? I knew I could do it,” she laughed.


     She walked past me again, looking me in the eyes as she did so. We were now exactly the same height. She stepped back to the counter and continued mixing the salad dressing as though nothing had happened. I watched her pick up a tablespoon and begin to pour some vinegar into it, before closely inspecting the spoon, shaking her head, putting it down and picking up a teaspoon instead. She turned her head to look back at me, and, unsurprised that I was staring, kissed the air. She rose a few centimetres higher, there in front of me, and turned around to continue preparing the food.


     I looked at the clock. We had at least two hours before Marie-Eve came by. I grinned and looked back at my girlfriend and imagined her arms thickening, her head climbing, her belly bulging out even more. She stopped working and turned around.


     “David, what are you- oh!” She stopped as I dropped my hand down into my pants and began to stroke myself. Her head shot up at least fifteen centimetres all in one shot, and she gasped. She put her hand on her chest and lowered herself until she was sitting on the linoleum tile. She protested laughingly. “What are you doing?” With her back to the cupboards, her feet pushed out toward me.


     “Hey, you wanted to play, didn’t you?” I pointed out. She reached forward to grab me, but I backed up out of her reach and continued to stroke myself.


     “David…” she warned. “We need to finish dinner.”


     “We have plenty of time. Besides, I’m awfully distracted.”


     “Well, I guess I just need to clear your mind a bit, don’t I?” Veronica leaned forward and began to crawl towards me on her hands and knees. Already, the top of her head came up to my chest. I turned and ran into the hallway, past the two doors to the living room, up to the bedroom, then turned and waited for her. Too tall to stand comfortably, she followed me on her hands and knees down the hallway. I closed my eyes and thought about the weight of her, smothering me while I lay on the bed, and feeling her belly rolls ripple over me as we pressed against each other. I heard her cry out in surprise and then a rubbing noise. I opened my eyes to see her eyes and mouth wide open in shock. She turned around to try and get a better look, but the hallway was far too constricting for her now. She had expanded so much that her hips were now pressing against the walls on either side of her.


     “David… I’m stuck!”


     I grinned and walked into the living room.


     “Hey! Where are you going?”


     Veronica had a living room with two doorways, one at either side of the room, both leading to the same hallway. Veronica had gotten stuck directly between the two of them. I walked out the other door and saw her gigantic ass sticking way up in the air, in front of me. I began to rub my hands over it; it was at just the perfect height. I could see how much it was being squeezed between the walls, and how she was getting slightly more constricted by the second. I knew I would have to hurry.


     With one hand, I reached underneath her and began to rub her sex gently. She cooed in pleasure. With my other hand, I undid my pants and freed my penis. “Are you ready?” I asked.


     “Yes! Just hurry before I damage the walls!” She responded.


     I parted her thighs and opened her labia gently with my hands, then proceeded to enter her from behind. Although I was, of course, comparatively much smaller than I normally was, our excitement made up for the lack of tightness. She came quickly, and I followed soon after. I stayed and rubbed her behind as she shrank slowly in the hallway. Once she could stand and turn around, she faced me, bent down slightly and kissed me on the lips. “Now, can we finish preparing dinner please?”






     We showered, got dressed and frantically finished dinner, and Marie-Eve was, mercifully, late by about half an hour. By the time she arrived at Veronica’s, we were just about ready. I was setting the table and Veronica got the door. I could hear them exchange pleasantries as I placed the utensils, and they came into the dining room. Marie-Eve handed her umbrella to Veronica and gave me a hug.


     “Hey David!”


     “Hi Marie-Eve, long time no see.”


     “I brought some wine!” She produced a bottle of white wine and seemed quite proud of it. “I just tried some last weekend, and I think you will really enjoy it.”


     Veronica spoke up. “I’ll get some wine glasses. David, could you put this in the bathroom before it makes a mess?” She handed me the umbrella.


     “Sure thing.” As I took the umbrella from her, I let my eyes travel up and down her body quickly, pausing at a few choice places. The dress she was in made her look fantastic. It was a blue, knee-length dress that hugged her sides. She had received it as a gift a couple of years ago and hated it, claiming that she felt it made her look fat. She had never worn it, but she was feeling more and more self-confident and was willing to try it out. And I was certainly not complaining, because everything she had hated about it, I loved. Sadly, it hid her thighs, but the contours of her belly and hips were plain when she wore it. The neckline was also low enough that her generous cleavage was exposed at all times, but not tastelessly so.


     By the time my eyes came back to her face, she was looking into my eyes with one eyebrow raised. I winked, and left the room to open the umbrella and let it drip dry in the tub.


     Dinner went well. The wine Marie-Eve brought was really good, and, being in a good mood, we drank the wine more quickly than we had expected to, Veronica began to snort when she laughed, which was a dead giveaway for her. Marie-Eve’s face got flushed, which was her indication. The music was lively and the food was good. Time passed quickly, because we were having fun.


          After about forty minutes, I picked up the bottle and realised that it was almost empty, so I poured what little remained into our three glasses. As I emptied the last drops into my own glass, I looked up to see Veronica scowling at me.


     “What?” I asked, but she just turned back to Marie-Eve and laughed at the joke she had just told. I looked at our guest, to see if she understood what had just happened, but she hadn’t even noticed. I shrugged it off and put the bottle down.


     Once we finished our refilled glasses, being a good host, I decided to fetch another bottle. As I stood up, I realised just how much the wine had gone to my head. My balance was off and I had to concentrate not to bang my chair against anything when I moved it. I’m not sure what I did, but the girls certainly noticed.


     Marie-Eve laughed. “J’pense que t’en as eu un peu trop, David!”


     I slurred my words and stumbled around in an exaggerated way. “Wha- why d’you shay tha?” The girls laughed, I straightened up and went into the kitchen to get another bottle. When I came back, Veronica widened her eyes at me and rolled them towards out guest, hinting at- what? I couldn’t figure it. I turned up my palms and mouthed, “What is it?” but Veronica just clicked her tongue. I had no idea what she was hinting at. I sat back down and uncorked the bottle to let it breathe.


          Marie-Eve pushed her chair back- even more clumsily than I had, I might add- and announced that she was going to the bathroom. She walked off, listing slightly to one side as she did.


     Once the door closed, Veronica turned to me. “Would you cut it out please?”


     “Cut what out?” I wasn’t joking; I had no idea what she was talking out.


     “Oh come on David. You’ve been ogling me all night. And you know I love it, I really do, but not now! I thought you were going to control it while Marie-Eve is over!”


     “I’m not ogling you.”


     “David, I can feel it! And you’re drunk!”


     “I don’t know what to say! Yeah, I’m drunk, but I’m not doing that. Are you sure you’re feeling the bracelet?”


     “Yes, I’m sure! David, I-” Her breath caught in her throat and she closed her eyes. She opened them again a moment later. “Okay, right there! Don’t tell me that wasn’t you.”


     I shook my head silently, my eyes wide. “That wasn’t me.”


     “Well what else could it have-” And her eyes widened again. “David…”


     And she grew. It was very subtle, but by this point I was certainly able to tell. The top of her head rose about a centimetre higher than it had been before. And there she stopped, but the gravity of what had happened sunk in.


     “Veronica… what if the bracelet isn’t working properly?”


     A look of horror crossed Veronica’s face. “What do you mean?”


     “I’m not thinking about you right now, Veronica. I think you should take it off right now, while you can.”


     Veronica shook her head. “No.”


     “What? Why not?”


     “It’s mine. I want to keep it on.”


     “Veronica, it isn’t working properly! It’s unpredictable! You need to take it off right now before something else happens!”


     “It won’t!” She began to panic, very slightly. “You just need to control yourself!”


     “It isn’t me, Veronica. I don’t know why it’s doing-” And her eyes lost focus as she grew another couple of centimetres. Her dress was beginning to strain, and her already beautiful cleavage began to press out of her neckline.


     She looked at me again, angry. “Okay, fine.” She reached down to pull it off, and grimaced as she tried to slip it over her wrist, but it was too late. It wouldn’t move. It was on her until she shrank down to her normal size.


     She looked back up at me. “Now what do we do?”


     “I… don’t know.”


     There was a moment of silence while we contemplated our options, which ended abruptly with a squeal from Veronica as she expanded again. Ever so slightly.


     “Okay…” I thought out loud. “Well… first of all, we need to ask Marie-Eve to leave.”


     Veronica nodded. “And I need to get out of these clothes.”


     “So why don’t you go to the bedroom and get undressed. I’ll see Marie-Eve off. I’ll tell you you’re feeling sick.”


     “What, I got sick just in the last minute?”


     “Do you have a better idea?”


     She thought for a moment. “No.”


     “Alright, so go. I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”


     “Okay.” Angrily, she pushed her chair back and walked off to the bedroom. I went outside the bathroom door and waited for Marie-Eve to come out.


     Before long, the door opened and she emerged. She started when she saw me, hiccoughed and grinned. “All yours,” she said, pointing at the bathroom.


     I grimaced. “Actually, Marie-Eve, I’m really sorry about this, but Veronica’s feeling really sick. She just got a really terrible headache and she had to go lie down.”


     Marie-Eve had a look of shock on her face. “Is she ok?”


     “I think she’ll be ok after she sleeps, but right now she’s really feeling terrible. I’m sorry, I have to cut the evening short. Can I call you a cab?”


     “I’ll go say goodbye.” She began to walk toward the bedroom.


     I moved to block her path. “She’s in a bunch of pain. I’m sorry, but we really need you to go.”


     Disappointed, she turned. “Ok, I’ll go get my shoes on.” We both walked to the front door and I got her jacket for her. As she was putting her second shoe on, she snapped her fingers- or tried to. The wine was challenging her motor skills. “David, I forgot my umbrella in the bathroom. Could you get it please?”


     God dammit, just leave! I thought to myself, but out loud, I said, “Sure, no problem. I’ll be right back. I turned around the corner to find the umbrella. It was still quite wet, so I shook it twice into the tub and then came back to the front door.


     Marie-Eve was gone.


     I swore and threw the umbrella on the floor. “Where the fuck is she?” I said, out loud. Suddenly I heard a scream come from around the corner. “Oh shit.” I ran toward the sound and stopped when I saw Marie-Eve standing in the doorway to the bedroom, in shock. I walked up behind her and looked over her shoulder, and saw Veronica sitting on the bed totally naked except for the bracelet, trying to cover herself with a bedsheet, and growing, slowly but steadily. She was probably about two metres tall. Neither of the women said anything.


     “Marie-Eve,” I said. She turned around, startled. “Marie-Eve, you need to go.”


     “Mais…” she stammered. She turned back around to look at my girlfriend. “Mais… qu’est-ce-qu’y est arrivé?” The corners of her mouth turned up in a slight smile, as surprised as she was, and it was then that I realised. I looked at Veronica, who gave me a look back that confirmed that the same thought had occurred to her.


     The bracelet is working just fine. It doesn’t need my desire.


     It’s picking up on Marie-Eve’s.




     For a few moments nobody spoke. I looked on in horror, Veronica tried to cover herself up with an increasingly inadequate bedsheet, and Marie-Eve appeared to be in a kind of shocked lust.


     It was Veronica who first spoke.


     “Marie-Eve… I didn't know.”


     Marie-Eve pulled her eyes away from Veronica’s body and brought them up to her face. “You didn’t know what? How the hell did this happen?”


     Veronica looked at me, not knowing how to proceed. I started to explain. “It’s the bracelet. The one we got at the flea market last month. Souviens-tu?”


     Marie-Eve looked at me, not understanding. “Oui… I remember.”


     “Well, it, uh, it does this.” I gestured toward Veronica. Her growth had slowed when I started talking to Marie-Eve, and now appeared to have stopped.




     Veronica answered. “It picks up on people’s attraction. Whenever someone thinks… thinks I’m sexy.”


     Marie-Eve nodded hesitantly, then seemed to realise the implications of what Veronica had just told her. She began to blush, her face going even redder than the wine had made it. “Oh…”


     “So,” Veronica continued, slurring slightly and tying the bedsheet around herself. At her current size, it looked less like a sheet and more like a large towel. It was still a bedsheet, though, and her body was still visible through the shear fabric to anyone who looked directly at her. “That’s what I didn’t know. I never knew you felt that way… about me.”


     “Well, I didn’t, usually. But lately you’re different. You’re more… happy. More confident. And it makes you-” she glanced at me, then back at Veronica. “It makes you really sexy.”


     As she spoke those words, Veronica seemed to rise a bit higher, sitting there on the bed. She grinned, and Marie-Eve’s eyes widened.


     My worry increased, and I felt I needed to bring them back to the reality of the situation. I had thought that I would be getting Marie-Eve to leave right now, but from the way those two were looking at each other, and from the way they were speaking, it was clear they were still drunk. So was I, for that matter. “So Marie-Eve,” I blurted, “I really think I should be calling you a cab.”


     Both of them looked at me. “I don’t think you need to do that, David,” objected Veronica. “I mean, she’s already seen me. And we’re… such close friends. And we’re learning a lot about each other right now. Aren’t we?”


     Marie-Eve’s eyes were fixed back on Veronica. “Yeah… we are.”


     I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Veronica was still growing, slowly and steadily, and the bedsheet began to come loose around her expanding frame. She grabbed at it with both hands to prevent it from falling, but then a thoughtful look crossed her features. She looked at me with a mischievous expression on her face. I began to shake my head no, but she was already looking at Marie-Eve instead of me. Marie-Eve just smiled, and Veronica dropped the sheet.


     Her body was magnificent. Even after the previous six weeks, and after our sex just a couple of hours prior, I had never gotten used to the sight of my titanic girlfriend naked. She crossed her legs, and the sight of her two massive thighs pressing against each other was usually enough, just by itself, to get me aroused. I tried to restrain myself, but looking at her thighs, plus her huge belly bulging out, jiggling slightly every time she moved, and her enormous plump breasts hanging in open view, and her deliciously thick arms hanging by her sides, was more than I could manage. My penis immediately hardened, slightly painful from being called to attention so soon after performing. Marie-Eve stared openly with a tipsy smile plastered on her face, and Veronica just tilted her head back and closed her eyes, revelling in the sensation of being drunkenly adored and lusted after by not one, but two people.


     And she grew.


     She had been creeping up slowly, but the speed of her growth must have doubled at this point. She slowly, deliberately, leaned forward and stood up off the bed, rising above us and taking her time doing it, and Marie-Eve stood as though hypnotised, totally unable to remove her gaze from my girlfriend’s body. It occurred to be that she had spent so much time in the past month using her size to get me off that she now knew exactly how to do it. I hadn’t even noticed, because I had seen her clumsily improving her grace and body language, but watching her seducing Marie-Eve was like watching someone take candy from a baby. Marie-Eve didn’t stand a chance.


     Not that she would call that a bad thing.


     Veronica stood up to her full height, head almost touching the ceiling but not quite, exposing herself fully to the two of us, and took a step forward. The top of Marie-Eve’s head was at the level of Veronica’s breasts, for the moment, and when Veronica extended her arms to press her face against her huge, swaying belly, Marie-Eve just raised her own arms, as if automatic, to grasp the enormous belly in front of her, but she could barely get her arms around her. She held what she could and pressed her cheek against the massive belly in front of her with her eyes closed.


     Veronica looked at me with indescribable pleasure in her eyes. Her head was now touching the ceiling and she had to bend her neck slightly to stand up. She kissed the air while staring down into my eyes. “Marie-Eve, dear, don’t you want to take your shoes off? Get a bit more comfortable?”


     I spoke up again. “Veronica-”


     “David, I know you want to take your shoes off,” she interrupted.


     “I’m not wearing shoes.”


     “Did I say shoes? I meant pants.”






     And that was the end of the discussion. My pants came off directly, and so did Marie-Eve’s. These were followed by the rest of our clothes. Veronica sat back on the bed and leaned back on her elbows. She was long enough that her head was almost touching the wall, but her knees extended just past the foot of the queen-size bed and her feet rested comfortably on the floor. I placed a hand on her knee – which was almost as high as my waist – and ran it up and down the inside of her thigh, while she bit her lip and smiled.


     Poor Marie-Eve wasn’t sure what to do, being unfamiliar with the entire situation, until Veronica pointed at her and crooked her finger, indicating that she wanted her to come closer. Hesitantly, she approached the side of the bed, and squealed as Veronica hoisted her off the ground and sat her on her chest. She then leaned forward and began to lick Marie-Eve’s breasts, running her enormous hands up and down Marie-Eve’s legs. Marie-Eve ran her hands through Veronica’s hair and moaned in arousal.


     From between Veronica’s legs, I was in a perfect position to see her growth accelerate again. She was growing far faster than I had ever seen her do before, and it was making it difficult for me to control myself. I continued to rub her thighs, which were now so thick I could barely reach my arms around them. I did, and touched my fingertips to each other- just for a moment. As I held my own hands, her thigh simply pushed my arms apart until they couldn’t touch anymore. I then leaned forward and began to lick her belly button and kiss her rolls, taking the time to rub every square centimetre of her rapidly expanding belly. I knelt down and applied my lips to her clitoris, gently sucking and licking it.


     Marie-Eve, meanwhile, was repositioning herself. She turned around so that she was facing me, and Veronica began to eat her out while Marie-Eve sat on her face. As I applied my own tongue to her oversized vagina, Veronica trembled and spasmed, which made Marie-Eve lose her balance and fall forward. She landed on Veronica’s chest so that their breasts pressed against each other. It was impossible not to compare them; Marie-Eve had a fine set of breasts, but the comparison was just ridiculous. Both of her breasts would fit into Veronica’s cleavage, and did. Marie-Eve struggled to raise herself up, but couldn’t find a good grip anywhere. She eventually let her chest rest on Veronica’s, and simply enjoyed herself.


     It wasn’t long before I began to get pushed backwards; her head had reached the wall and as she grew, she grew towards me, which meant I had to keep backing up in order to be able to service her. I soon decided to approach her from a different angle. I got up and walked around to the side of the bed, climbed up on top of her belly, and lay face down with my head between her legs. Here, I resumed my work. I was also in a perfect position to pleasure myself; my penis rubbing against her soft, fleshy belly felt unbelievable. I ground my crotch against her as I sucked, and my penis once or twice actually slipped inside one of her rolls! It was incredible.


     Veronica must have been almost triple her original height, and was still expanding. If anything, her growth was still speeding up. Her body began to shift underneath me- she was changing position. I began to raise myself up, but she turned her body and I tumbled onto the bed next to her- not that there was much room left on there. Marie-Eve was already standing on the bed next to me, staring at our gigantic sex partner. I rose up and stood next to her.


     Veronica was propping herself up on one arm, gazing at us both, and her shoulder was at the same level as mine. Even though her hand was resting on the same surface I was standing on, her eyes were exactly level with mine. Each one of her breasts was almost as wide as my entire chest. I stepped forward and kissed her, gently, on her bottom lip. She smiled back and kissed me on the lower half of my face. I think she was trying to do it gently, but she pushed me backwards and knocked me over. I stumbled backwards, right into Marie-Eve, who propped me up and kept me from falling over. I turned around.


     “Uh, thanks.”


     She laughed. “No problem.”


     I looked at Marie-Eve. She was ecstatic. She was sweating all over and blushing furiously. It was incredibly alluring. I placed one hand on her cheek and kissed her, and she returned it with passion.


     After being in a monogamous relationship for months, it was a little unusual to be kissing a different person, especially someone with such a different body type. Marie-Eve wasn’t thin, but certainly not as big as Veronica was. It was nice. I gripped her right breast, squeezing it gently, and guided her to sit down on the bed. I leaned down and kissed her, and she leaned backward, inviting me to follow her onto the bed.


     Behind her, the wall that was Veronica’s belly lifted up to grant us more room on the bed, because the three of us were not going to fit side-by-side. She sat up on the bed and knocked her head against the ceiling, wincing as she did. I looked up, grinning.


     “Are you ok?”


     “Oh sure. I’m just glad we moved all of the furniture out of this room,” she said as she moved herself onto the floor. She propped her arms on the foot of the bed, then rested her chest on them to watch us. Her monumental breasts formed cleavage that was almost as long as my arm. I looked back at Marie-Eve, lying on her back, to see that she was staring at them too. I touched her gently on her shoulder and she turned back to me, grinned, and kissed me again on the lips. I lowered my head to her breasts and bit her nipples gently, pulling on them with my teeth. She gasped and wrapped her legs around my back, squeezing me between her thighs. I licked her chest between her breasts and reached behind me to squeeze her ass, which was quite a bit more soft and round than I had realised.


     Marie-Eve rolled over, with me still wrapped in her legs, until I was on my back and she on top. She sat on my stomach and leaned back, allowing me a view of her breasts from below. She winked at me, leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, then backed up slowly, dragging her breasts down my chest, over my stomach, then began to rub them against my penis. It was unfamiliar but wonderful. She then moved back further and took me into her mouth, licking up and down.


     From behind her, however, a shadow covered us as Veronica rose up slightly and began crawling on her hands and knees toward us. As she placed her hands on the bed, her head bumped against the ceiling again- much more softly this time- and she had to bend her elbows to keep from raining drywall down upon us. She crawled over Marie-Eve to get closer to me, which was simply amazing to watch. Marie-Eve was still giving me a blowjob, and Veronica was directly above her, her arms to either side of her, her pendulous breasts swaying back and forth as she advanced. She leaned down and kissed me again on my face, this time her lips pressing from my chin to my eyes. She then stuck out her tongue and licked me from my chest, up the left side of my face, to my ear. Her tongue was the size of my foot. She then rose back up and moved forward some more, so that her two breasts, each one about half a metre wide, hung directly above my face. Then she lowered them.


     I dug my fingers into her breast flesh, but I have no idea if she even felt them or not. She just continued rubbing her simply enormous breasts against my face, right to left, left to right, then raised them up above me and dropped them down again. I tried to lift them to take a look at Marie-Eve, and actually could not, because they were so heavy. I could sink my hands into them, but couldn’t actually push them up. I tried placing my forearms into her cleavage and pushing them apart, which I managed to just barely accomplish, though it was a huge effort. I looked down to see Marie-Eve still sucking on me, with Veronica’s belly pressing into her back. I strained to hold them up just for a moment, then let them flop back down. Her arms rested on either side of my head like pillars holding up a ceiling.


     Lying on my back, I could feel Veronica’s weight increasing steadily, though she wasn’t actually resting on us. Her breasts, just like the rest of her, were getting more and more massive, and I could feel their weight on my body. I could only imagine how it might feel if she were to actually rest her whole weight on us at this moment. I kissed her nipples and tried to suck on them, when I realised that they would actually not fit into my mouth. They were each almost as big as my fist.


     At this point, Veronica dropped her upper body down until my head was directly between her two monolithic breasts. She then pressed them together with her arms so that they completely enveloped my face. The smell of sweat was overpowering, and all light was blocked out, so I couldn’t see anything. I could just feel her giant breasts squeezing my face, her body heat enveloping me, and Marie-Eve still, persistently, sucking on my dick. I came powerfully into Marie-Eve’s mouth, shouting into Veronica’s cleavage in joy, though I don’t think either of them heard me.


     I went limp, and took a moment to recover from the experience. Not that I could have moved much, had I wanted to. I could hear Marie-Eve say something, but my ears were totally blocked and I couldn’t make out what it was. Veronica replied, and then the weight lifted off of me. I could see again, and my eyes were greeted by the sight of her cleavage. I continued to lie still. After a moment, Veronica spoke to me.


     “Oh David, honey…”


     “Yes, Veronica?”


     “I can’t move. I need you to crawl out from under me.”


     “Do I have to?”


     “Well I’d like to turn over. So unless you want to be under my back…”


     “No, I’m going.” And I slowly leaned up, flipped over, and crawled out from under my girlfriend. When I could stand up, I saw that Marie-Eve was already out from under her, staring dumbfounded at the beauty in front of her. I turned around to see that Veronica was far longer than the room; her knees and neck were bent to accommodate her incredible size, and her body spanned from one end of the room to the other. She must have been over eight metres long. Eight metres… that’s insane. I turned to Marie-Eve, next to me, and kissed her on the forehead. She grinned up at me.


     “As-tu aimé ça, David?” she asked me.


     “Oh, it was alright. Could have been better.” She laughed and punched my arm.


     Veronica, meanwhile, was trying, without much success, to turn over. There simply wasn’t enough room in the bedroom to allow her to turn the way she wanted to. After knocking against the walls and ceiling several times, she gave up and rested lying on her left side, propping her head on her arm with her elbow on the bed. Most of her body was resting on the floor, but she seemed content with where she was.


     “Well, kids,” she rumbled. “I am in desperate need of someone to get me off. David, since you’ve had your fun, why don’t you take the honour.”


     “Yes ma’am!” I walked toward her crotch preparing to do my job. Behind me, Marie-Eve approached Veronica’s face, and Veronica actually picked her up and held her off the ground, which distracted me for a moment. I watched Marie-Eve shiver and cry in pleasure while Veronica brought her to her face and began to lick her up and down, paying special attention to her thighs and vagina. She sucked on her breasts and nibbled her feet, then returned to her sex for more.


     I turned back to my task, and immediately noticed a problem.


     “Uh, Veronica…”


     Veronica paused and licked her lips. “Yeah?”


     “You’re bent too much. I can’t really reach you properly.”


     “I can’t straighten out without going through the wall.”


     “Yeah, I know.” But then I realised that if I could get to the spot behind her bent knees, I could reach her pussy from there. “Can you open your legs and let me get behind?”


     Like a portcullis opening, her thigh slowly lifted toward the ceiling. Her left thigh, which still lay on the floor, came up to my hips, so I had to climb over it. I landed on the other side, between her knees and the wall, and the wall of flesh closed slowly behind me. I turned and saw Veronica’s ass, which was sideways and pressed against the wall. It was just as tall as I was. I would not have been able to climb up on it had I tried. These two globes of flesh, each one weighing far more than I did, gyrated and swayed with her body movements, and I could hear Marie-Eve moaning. I brought my arm back in a wind up, then swung forward with as much force as I could muster, and slapped her cheek with my open palm as hard as I possibly could. The slap sound echoed loudly in the tiny cavern where I stood, and her ass rippled with the force of it in a beautiful movement. Veronica didn’t even respond. I grinned and kissed each of her cheeks before focusing on the task at hand.


     I turned to where her thighs met her bum, and there were her lips. They were more than twice as large as they had been the last time I saw them; probably about twenty centimetres long. If I stretched out my fingers as far as they would go, the distance from my thumb to my little finger would still not be as long as her lips. In went my right hand.


     I felt around, feeling the walls of her pussy, slowing massaging them, rubbing, caressing them. Veronica began to moan from the other end of the room, and the huge fleshy walls around me twitched. Marie-Eve cried out in pleasure once again, and this time it sounded like a climax, though I couldn’t actually see her. I pushed my arm in to the elbow and was shocked to find that there was still plenty of room. I pushed in deeper and discovered that I could my arm in to the shoulder – my entire arm – and I still could not reach the end. Oh well, I thought. Make do with what I have. And with that, I pulled out, and began to thrust in.


     Veronica reacted immediately, moaning and spasming throughout the entire room. I thrust faster, balling my hand into a fist. Veronica began to buck her body in time with my thrusts. “A-a-a-a-almo-o-o-o-st…” she whimpered, although her whimper was loud enough to be heard in the next room. I kept pumping until I could suddenly feel that my arm was soaking wet, and Veronica’s scream filled the entire house. I withdrew my hand, which was sticky and slimy from the fingertips to the shoulder, and wedged it in between her thighs. She opened them up to allow me through, and I climbed out from my cave.


     Veronica lay on her side, in the same position, panting. Marie-Eve sat on the bed, learning back against her breasts, with her eyes closed. I walked up to Veronica’s face and kissed her on the tip of her nose. She gave me a smile that was the size of my forearm. I sat down next to Marie-Eve and lay back as well. I closed my eyes and felt Veronica begin, slowly, to shrink against my skin. I nestled my head in between her breast and her belly, while I still could, and got comfortable.


     I’m glad I didn’t call that cab after all, I thought.






     Marie-Eve stayed the night. By the time we finished, it was the early hours of the morning and I unfolded the couch into a bed for her, while Veronica shrank and spoke with Marie-Eve. As Marie-Eve went to sleep out in the living room, I kissed Veronica and fell asleep immediately.


     The next day, I wasn’t sure what to make of the situation. My girlfriend and I had just had a drunken threesome with our friend, which was… unexpected, but also… well, amazing. But now that I was no longer drunk, I was having second thoughts about what had just happened, what it meant, and what the consequences would be.


     First of all, I was shocked that Veronica had been so willing – eager, even – to have sex with Marie-Eve. She had never been a prude, but, to my knowledge, had never been interested in multiple partners. Or women, for that matter. We had spoken about it briefly, and she had said that she had just never been attracted to them.


     I was one hundred percent certain that this was the result of the bracelet. The bracelet was changing the way she thought and acted in so many ways, and sometimes this was a good thing. She was happier, and I was happy for her. And that fact allowed me to push away most of my doubts and misgivings about this powerful tool which I just did not understand in the least. But when it caused her to do really unexpected things like this, it brought these doubts all back, twice as strong as before. Yes, she was still happy, but also… reckless. And this newfound promiscuity… it didn’t offend me morally, but the sudden personality shift was very alarming.


     I decided to bring it up that afternoon. Marie-Eve had gone home, giving my girlfriend and me a good-bye kiss at the front door, and Veronica and I had some errands to run, so we took the car to the grocery store.


     Walking up and down the aisles, I had no idea how to broach the subject. She hadn’t responded well the last time I had told her I was uncomfortable with the effects of the bracelet, and I had no doubt that her reaction this time would be similar. Worse, I didn’t want her to interpret it as jealousy. What if she reacted with hostility? What if she—


     “David.” I looked up. Veronica was smiling at me. “You off in space?”


     “Uh, yeah. Didn’t sleep too much last night, you know.”


     She grinned “Oh, I know,” then stepped forward to hug me. As she stepped away, she looked up at my face and saw that I wasn’t smiling. Her own smile disappeared. “David, are you okay? What’s wrong?”


     “I just… nothing.”


     “No, David. Tell me.”


     “It’s just… the bracelet. Veronica, last night you acted in such… you were so different.”


     She looked hurt. “I thought you liked that.”


     “I do! I love it when you’re happy. But this is more than that. This is really scary.”


     Veronica looked away. When she looked back at me, she was blinking back tears. “Not here. We’re going to pay for these groceries and then we’ll talk about this when we aren’t in public.”


     “Okay. I think that’s a good idea.”


     Luckily, there was one cashier who had no line, and we were out of the store within a few minutes. We got back in the car, she sat behind the wheel and turned the ignition. She pulled out of the parking lot and began to cry.


     “I don’t know why you keep wanting to take this away from me. David, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Ever! Don’t you keep telling me you want me to be happy?”




     “And now I am! Now I can finally appreciate what you feel when you look at me, and it feels so, so good! It’s something I’ve never felt before in my life… I couldn’t before I got this. And the sex! Fuck, David, the sex is amazing! Isn’t it?”




     “But you don’t want me to wear it anymore! Why?”


     “I just… don’t know what to expect from you next. Veronica, you’ve never been attracted to women before.”


     “Is that what this is about?” She was yelling now, and she took her eyes off the road to look at me while she was yelling. “I seem to remember you being just as active last night as I was!”


     “Not at first! I wanted her to go home. And so did you! Right up until—” I stopped.


     “Until what!”


     And as I thought about the events of the previous evening, I understood. I knew why she was suddenly attracted to Marie-Eve. She was addicted. She was addicted to the feeling of being lusted after, and she grabbed any opportunity to feel it again. Even when she felt it coming from me every day, she still couldn’t refuse it from anywhere else. That was why she wouldn’t ask Marie-Eve to leave once she had learned that Marie-Eve was attracted to her- because she suddenly had an opportunity to feel more lust. And she would always take advantage of that if she could, because she was addicted to it. It made sense. I didn’t like it, but… I understood it.


     I looked at her in a new light after that epiphany. “I… I think I understand now.”


     “What do you understand?” She was still fuming, obviously. Though she could tell what I was thinking sometimes, this kind of thought didn’t factor into it.


     “I think I understand why you—”


     “AUGH!” Veronica looked ahead and saw that she was about to hit the car in front of her. She swerved out of the way at the last possible moment, driving into the thankfully empty oncoming lane, missing the car ahead of us by mere centimetres. She pulled ahead of it and got back into the right lane, trying to ignore the chorus of angry HONKS that followed us, straightened out and slowed down. We took a moment to make sure our hearts were still beating. “Are you okay?” she asked, the anger gone from her voice.


     “Yeah. Are you?”


     She took a deep breath and nodded. “I’m sorry. I should have been watching the road.”


     “Look, Veronica, maybe we should talk about this more once we get home. It’ll be—”


     “Oh no.” Veronica was suddenly horrified.






     “Veronica, what is it?


     “Are you thinking sexy thoughts?”




     “Well, someone else is.”


     “Now?” I looked at her, and sure enough, her belly was beginning to pull her tucked shirt out of her jeans. The seat belt was digging into her waist. “Oh, shit. Hold out your arm!” She did, and I tried to pull the bracelet off of her wrist, but it was already too late. It constricted her pudgy wrist just enough so that it couldn’t be pulled off around her hand. I pulled harder, provoking a cry of pain from Veronica, who snapped it back.


     “Maybe I should pull over.” We were on a busy city street, and there were no parking to be had. She pulled over illegally into the space next to a bus stop, and jammed her enlarged foot down on the brakes clumsily. We strained against the seat belts as we bounced to a halt, and she put the car in park. Several people in the queue for the bus began to shout in protest.


     I looked over at Veronica, who was already stretching toward the ceiling of the car. This is a worst-case scenario, I realised. I looked back out at the folks at the bus stop, who were beginning to peek into the windows in angry curiosity. This is the worst thing that could possibly happen. It’s happening right now and there’s nothing I can do to stop it because I’m not even causing it this time. The seat belt strained against her belly and in between her breasts, and she grunted painfully as she tried to press the button to release the clasp. I realised that she couldn’t reach it, so I reached down and pressed it. The clasp swung up and struck me in the forehead before retreating back into the wall. “Ow!” I cried, but Veronica didn’t even notice. She looked down at me, already taller than I was.


     “David, you need to drive me home. I can’t do this. You need to drive me home right now.”


     She was right. “Okay! You see if you can squeeze into the passenger side of the car!” I opened my door and got out, closing it behind me. One of the people waiting for the bus stopped me.


     “Yo, man, you can’t—”


     I cut him off. “We aren’t staying!” I ran around in front of the car to get to the driver’s side door, but suddenly, a car passing by slammed on the brakes right in front of us, and an angry, short, balding man wearing a business suit got out of the driver’s side. He was actually blocking traffic. He came around the car and began to yell at me.


     “Hey, asshole! You nearly killed me back there! What the fuck is wrong with you? I tell you, I memorised your license plate and I’m going to report you! I have a photographic memory, and I’m calling it in as soon as I get home! That’s reckless endangerment of motorists and pedestrians! And if—”


     He was cut off as the horn started blaring. “David! We don’t have time for this!” Veronica screamed through the windshield. I grabbed my ears reflexively and looked in at Veronica through the windshield. Her hands were on the passenger seat and her knees on the driver seat. I had no idea how I was going to drive the car with her at this size. I looked back at the angry motorist in front of me. Other cars were now beginning to honk at him, since he was blocking traffic, but he didn’t seem to hear them, or see me. He was speechless, looking in through the driver side window at my girlfriend’s expanding ass, bursting out of her jeans, pressed against the glass.


     I ran past him and opened the door, and she came spilling out, her knees falling onto the pavement. Her bum barely fit through the door. “David!” she yelled. “Get in here!”


     I examined the situation to see how I could best fit in there, and after a moment, concluded that there was no way. I could not possibly fit in that car. If only I could… I got a bright idea. “Sit tight, Veronica, I’m going to call Marie-Eve!”


     “Why?” She was beginning to hyperventilate.


     “To tell her to stop this!”


     “Urgh… I don’t think she’ll pick up, David.”


     My phone was already in my hand. I found her name in the caller ID and hit send, then held it to my ear and waited the few agonisingly long seconds before it began ringing. Veronica’s legs stretched further and further away from the car. Finally, it began to ring.


     Two rings.


     Three rings, and I heard yet another enormous HONK from behind me. I turned to see that the bus was here. The one that wanted to stop where we were illegally parked. The driver continued honking at us while I waited for Marie-Eve to pick up.


     Four rings, and then a click. “Bonjour! Ici la boîte vocale de—” I hung up and yelled to Veronica, “I got her voice mail! I’m going to try again!” The people waiting for the bus began to yell at me now. The seams of Veronica’s pants ripped, her fleshy legs bursting through the fabric.


     Her muffled voice came from the inside of the car. “David, she’s really close to coming. She’s not going to answer the phone!” But I had to try. What else could I do? I opened the phone and dialled the number again. I looked back at the angry motorist, who hadn’t said anything for almost a minute. Looking at his face, he was staring, dumbfounded, at Veronica’s legs, which were now more naked than covered. He didn’t even see me. I looked down and saw that he was in too much shock even to cover his erection, which formed an obvious tent in his pants.


     The significance of that erection suddenly struck me. My entire body went cold. In a panic, I took a step forward and punched him in the face as hard as I could. He fell down on the ground and clutched his nose, which began to bleed profusely. “What the fuck is wrong with you, buddy?”


     “Yes!” I cried. Just keep looking at me. Just keep thinking about me. “How do you like that, asshole?” I didn’t know what else to say. I just needed him to look at anything else, even if that meant inviting a physical attack upon myself. But once I looked around, I knew that it was hopeless. Several of the people who had been waiting in the queue had stopped shouting and were now peering in through the windows at Veronica. The bus driver behind me had stopped honking, as well.


     Veronica was now big enough that she couldn’t even back out of the car if she had wanted to; her belly had grown so much that it was holding her fast in both front seats of the car. From the inside, I could hear her gasp suddenly and loudly, and her body began to expand even faster. Her palm pressed against the rear window and I could hear glass shattering as her elbow went through the windshield. I lowered the phone to my side. “David… she just came!” she yelled from the inside.


     I had no response. I was at a complete loss for words. Her thighs swelled and her belly began to bend the metal of the car as she outgrew the doorframe. Her hand disappeared from the inside of the rear window, and after a moment, I could hear her groaning in- I couldn’t tell. Pain? Effort? Both? After a moment I could see the roof of the car beginning to distend, being pressed upwards from the inside. I looked on in horror, with nothing I could possibly do or say. From my hand, hanging by my side, I could hear, faintly, Marie-Eve’s voice. She sounded annoyed and out of breath. “Allo? Allo? David, est-ce-que c’est toi?”


     With a powerful yell, my girlfriend pushed herself up from the seats with as much force as she could, and with a crunch of twisting metal and more shattering glass, Veronica actually ripped the roof off of the car and stood up.


     Slowly, majestically, she rose high above us, and her gigantic belly cast a shadow over me and the poor man whose nose I had just broken. What few tatters of her clothing she still had fell off of her body. The tops of cars were only as high as her knees. Everyone around us immediately stopped honking their horns, and I could hear cars rear-ending each other in the distance. Then an eerie silence settled around the area.


     Veronica looked around at the crowd of people before her, and then, slowly, her eyes lost focus. She stared off into the distance, and traces of a smile flickered across her features. “Oh… my…” she rumbled. She looked around again at the motorists who were getting out of their cars to see her better, at the people on the sidewalks who were fumbling for their cameras, at the windows of the buildings all around her, smiled, and her body stretched upward once again.






     “Veronica!” I yelled, but I don’t think she even heard me. Her eyes were glazed over and she wasn’t moving, but still rising higher. What the hell do I do now? I thought to myself.


     The angry motorist was standing up, next to me, blood staining his suit. He seemed to have a difficult time deciding whether he was more angry at me for breaking his nose or more awed at Veronica towering above him. For the moment, it seemed, awe was winning out, but he occasionally shot me murderous glances.


     “Veronica!” I yelled again, but got no response. People were getting out of their cars, beginning to crowd around, but keeping a safe distance at the same time. Windows were opening from buildings in every direction. I ran up and began tapping her thigh, which was right in front of my face.


     That got her attention. She looked down at me and grinned drunkenly. “Hey, David. I… feel… amazing.”


     Uh oh. “Pick me up!” I shouted back. I did not want her wandering away without me.


     She cocked her head and leaned down to grab me in both hands. This wasn’t the biggest I had seen her at, but she still could pick me up in both hands without much difficulty. She held me to her like a baby, with my chest pressed against her shoulder. My legs flailed as I tried to get a grip on her belly with my feet, but it was just a bit too high for me to find any purchase. I just had to grip her shoulder with my arms and hope that she held on to me. She looked away again, in through the open second-story window of a building where there was a wide-eyed young man, dressed only in his underpants, staring at her and smoking a cigarette with an unashamed erection poking out of his boxers. She looked him in the eye and pressed her lips together, blowing him a kiss. His eyes widened even more than they had been, and he started, clutching at his pants as he came just from the sight of her. She giggled.


     Correction: this is a worst-case scenario. She’s not thinking rationally. “Veronica!” I said, into her ear. She smiled down at me. “We have to get out of here! You need to get away from all of these people!”


     She laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, David. Don’t be jealous. I’m just enjoying this.”


     What? “I’m not jealous! Veronica, look at your car!”


     She bowed her head to examine the destroyed bits of metal and glass that littered the pavement around her feet. “I did that, didn’t I?”


     “Yes, Veronica, you did that! And if you don’t get out of here right now, you are going to get so big that you are going to destroy a lot more than your car!”


     She moaned. “Just a bit longer, David…” she held me out from her shoulder and looked me in the eyes. “I wish you could know how this feels… there are so many people out there.”


     She’s not just thinking irrationally… she’s drunk. This is very, very bad. I had not even considered this as a worst-case scenario. “They’ll still be able to see you, Veronica, but you need to get away from these buildings! And all of this traffic!”


     Slowly, carefully, she looked around at the pieces of her car around her feet, then at all of the cars gridlocked around her in every direction. “Okay,” she conceded, finally.


     Oh thank Christ, I thought. Now: where do we go? But it didn’t matter what suggestions I might have come up with, because Veronica pressed me back to her shoulder and shifted into motion, walking down the sidewalk, which was still wide enough to accommodate her- for the moment. Ahead of us, people screamed and ran out of her way, into alleys and doorways and into the street, between stationary cars. She paid them no mind, just walking down the street slowly, nonchalantly, as though she had just decided to go for a walk on an otherwise uneventful day. I held on to her shoulder for dear life, noticing that my feet could now rest comfortably on her stomach, and that her ear was just a bit further away from me than it had been a moment ago. I looked to my left and could see the second-story windows as we walked by them getting slowly, gradually, lower and lower, until we approached the third-story windows. On nearby buildings that didn’t have three stories, residents were congregating on the rooftops to witness the spectacle. Veronica waved at them. They didn’t wave back.


     At this point, Veronica yelped in pain and stumbled. I grabbed hold of her shoulder in panic, digging my fingers into her flesh. I’m sure most people would have yelped in pain at that, but Veronica didn’t even feel it. From below me I could hear a CLANG of metal on concrete and a rush of pressure, and suddenly I was being sprayed from below with ice-cold water. I realised that Veronica had stubbed her toe on a fire hydrant and knocked the whole thing off the sidewalk- without even trying. She fell forward slightly and tried to steady herself on a lamppost, but it collapsed instantly under her enormous weight. It fell into the street, denting the roof of one car and smashing the windshield of another. The alarm in one of them began wailing.


     She covered her mouth with her hands, nearly dropping me. “Sorry! Oh my god, I really didn’t mean to do that!”


     It was at this point that people began to realise how much of a danger she was. With every passing minute, she swelled larger and wider, and with every new meter of height, she became that much clumsier- and, as a direct result, that much more destructive. I could see people running away from her now, though many were still gawking.


     She looked into the street and saw that traffic was only jammed in one direction- two of the lanes were almost totally empty. She stepped over the parked cars to get to the empty lanes, where she could walk more comfortably. As she did so, I could hear a number of people underneath us cry out in fear that she was going to step on their cars, while they were inside. Luckily, she did no such thing. She just stepped over them and continued walking down the street, passing by people’s homes and shops, getting taller and heavier with every footfall.


     As she continued down the street, I could see her feet slowly taking up more and more of the lane as she walked down it, and noticed that we were moving perceptibly faster and faster. She was walking casually, but someone running alongside her would not be able to keep up. Occasionally, she would pick up on some particularly intense emotion radiating from someone, and look around playfully to see if she could find the source. When she could, she would pause and spend some time basking in it. From my vantage point, I was just about able to see the rooftops of the three-story buildings, and since there were no four-story buildings in this part of town, that essentially meant that Veronica was now visible from blocks away in every direction. Wonderful. The number of people who can see her just multiplied.


     At one point, she looked down at a group of two men and two women on the roof of their two-story apartment building, and she must have detected something particularly special emanating from them, because she turned and focused on them. They got nervous and took a couple of steps back, even though she was in the middle of the street. But when she stepped toward them, two of them actually ran away. Of the two who remained, one stood, transfixed, and the other stepped forward. Veronica leaned her arms down on the roof of the building and I cringed as I could hear the structure groan under her incredible weight. I’m sure the architects did not have this in mind when testing the stability of this building, I thought. She rested her gigantic breasts on top of her forearms, directly in front of the man and woman on the rooftop. She didn’t say anything. Nothing was necessary. All she wanted was to be adored. She grinned at them and they stared back.


     From behind, she began to sway her bum back and forth for the benefit of everyone behind her and across the street. My god, I thought. She’s posing. She’s putting on a show for the entire city. I was terrified to think of how big she was going to get as a result of this. I heard a CRUNCH and looked down to see that her protruding belly had collided with someone’s second-floor balcony, ripped it off the side of the building and sent it tumbling down to the sidewalk. It is actually getting impossible for her to not destroy everything around her, I thought to myself as I listened to the tenants of the second floor screaming at their wall being pulled apart by this titanic person. I climbed up onto her shoulder and turned around, sitting, facing the same direction as she was. I held on a few strands of her hair to keep my balance. Her ear was at my chest level, which meant I could speak to her quite easily.


     “Veronica,” I spoke into her ear, “How about going to the lake? There’s lots of open space there.”


     She turned her head from her adoring spectators and turned back to me. The enormity of her face shocked me as she smiled a huge, toothy grin that was wide enough for me to fit my entire head inside. Okay… now she is bigger than she’s ever been. And she’s still growing. I no longer felt horror or terror at the situation. Just numbness.


     “David, you are so cute down there!” Her voice boomed at me and I had to fight my reflexes to block my ears, because that would mean letting go of her hair.


     “I’m serious, Veronica. If you stay here you’re going to keep causing damage!”


     One of the two people on the roof began to climb onto Veronica’s breast, trying to sit on her other shoulder like I was. He grabbed some of her hair and began to climb up it like a rope.


     “Ouch!” Veronica cried as the weight of this man pulled on her hair. She jerked her head back reflexively and he was pulled away from the building. He began screaming as he held on for his life to my girlfriend’s hair, swinging wildly back and forth, bumping against her chest, two floors above street level. “Oh no!” Veronica gasped, and grabbed him in one hand. I could hear people screaming from a distance at the sight of this man being held aloft. He cried out as well, in pain this time, and she placed him back down on the roof, where he fell down onto his knees and gasped for breath.


     She looked down at him with concern, still rising higher. “Veronica,” I said again. I need to keep her focused. “Veronica, we need to keep going.”


     “I know, I know.” She was responding like a child. “I’m going. I think the lake would be nice… it’s so hot out today.” And she stepped back into the empty lane, following it south.


     I looked out toward the horizon to try to gauge how long it would take us, but it was then that I realised something awful. My heart sank when I realised that getting to the lake would be far, far more problematic than I had hoped it would be.


     This street will bring us to the lake… but first, we’re going to have to go through downtown.






     My mind raced. I ran through a dozen scenarios in my mind to imagine how we could possibly get out of this situation without destroying anything. Well, anything more. The bigger she gets, the more potential for destruction there is. What if she gets big enough to damage the street? What if she gets big enough to collapse a building? She couldn’t get that big, could she? I remembered that just half an hour prior, I would never have believed that she could be anywhere near as big as she was presently, and shuddered and I reminded myself that I had no idea what the limit of the bracelet’s power was- or if there was any limit at all.


     Veronica was still headed south, thankfully, but as she grew, she seemed to be more and more distracted. She was gazing around in every direction and not looking where she was going. I leaned in to her ear. “Veronica,” I began.


     She turned her head and grinned at me, and I completely lost my train of thought. The immensity of her face filled my vision. She didn’t seem to mind, though, that I suddenly had nothing to say. She just bit her lip and looked down at me in a euphoric haze, feeling my arousal, whether I wanted her to or not.


     I heard a horrible groaning sound of twisting metal from below, and, jerked out of my reverie, looked down. Veronica had nearly stepped on a car- that is, she had brought her foot down against the driver’s side, smashing in the door and snapping off the side view mirror. The alarm began ringing its shrill whine. “Oops,” she laughed. “Oh no! I’m sorry!” She bent down to get a closer look at it, forgetting completely that I was perched on her shoulder without a seatbelt.


     I panicked. “Veronica stop, stop, stop!” I yelled and clutched even more tightly to the hairs I was holding onto. They were like thin ropes, but I had no idea if they would support my body weight. It didn’t matter, because I was pitched over her shoulder and suddenly found myself falling down from high enough to kill me if I landed poorly. My body jerked as her hair went taut and I swung wildly, kicking frantically, trying to get a decent hold on it. But she was moving as well, and it was impossible for me to keep a good grip.


     Upon hearing me yell, she jerked back up, which yanked me forward against her. I bounced off of her shoulder and swung around behind her, screaming in terror. “Fuck! David?” she called, trying to find me. She turned her head, swinging me even more violently around her back, and when I swung back toward her shoulder I tried to grab onto it, but she was still turning around frantically, trying to catch me.


     In her panic, she stepped on the car again, fully in the centre of the hood this time. The windows exploded outward and the alarm was silenced as she completely crushed the engine with her foot. I barely noticed this, as when she stepped on the car unexpectedly, it caused her to lose her balance and she fell backwards, across the street.


     I barely realised what was happening; at first I thought that I had pulled her hairs out of her scalp and that I was falling to my death. I reflexively clutched them and closed me eyes, and was surprised when they suddenly went taut again as I heard the loudest CRASH I had ever heard, followed by Veronica yelling “Ouch!” I was still hanging on to her hair, my knees tucked into my chest, eyes squeezed tight. Her hairs were pulled to one side again and I went with them, and suddenly I could feel something soft under my feet. I relaxed a bit and collapsed into her hand.


     “David,” said Veronica. “David, are you okay? Oh please, David, look at me.” I opened my eyes and looked around wildly to see her face less than a metre away from me. I tried to speak but I was hyperventilating and couldn’t get any words out. She seemed slightly comforted by the fact that I could open my eyes look at her, at least.


     I turned my head to see that I was being held in both of her hands, resting against her breasts. I was lying on my back across her eight fingers, secure- for now. I also realised that I was still holding her hair, my knuckles white with the strain. I let them go and slowly flexed my fingers, feeling pins and needles as the blood flowed through them again. My breathing slowed and I took beep breaths through my nose. I looked up to see Veronica’s giant face above me, putting some distance between us, now that I wasn’t hanging on to her hair anymore. I took a glance around to see that she was sitting down on the ground, her back leaning against a building. I could see people looking incredulously out of the windows from behind her. Her legs stretched across the four-lane street.


     “Are you okay, David?” she asked again. I propped myself up against her fingers and nodded, still wondering what to do.


     “Oh, David, I’m so sorry! Oh my god, I can’t believe that almost happened! Are you sure you’re okay?”


     I felt her skin move, and it took me a moment to realise that she wasn’t shifting the position of her fingers, but that she was still growing and it was causing her skin to rub against my own. I was suddenly reminded that we were still in the middle of a city. I looked back up at her. “Veronica, I’m fine. But we need to keep going.”


     “Let’s sit here for a minute. I want to make sure you’re alright. David, you don’t know how much you-”


     I interrupted her. The absurdity of it hit me only afterwards, but I actually interrupted my building-sized girlfriend while she was talking to me.


     “No, Veronica. We need to keep moving. You’re still getting bigger.”


     She looked down at me, then looked around at her surroundings, then back at me and nodded. “Okay.” She slowly, gently, set me down on the sidewalk and stood up.


     She placed her right hand on the sidewalk in front of me and propped herself up, and I was shocked to see that when her fingers were outstretched, her hand was almost as big as my entire body. She placed her left hand in the middle of the street and her face rose high above me as she placed her legs underneath herself. Her breasts hung down well over my head and she took a few seconds to rise to her full height. I came halfway up her shin- at the most.


     As she stood, my eyes wandered to the space where she had landed. There was a pile of rubble where her bum had been, a crushed pile of flattened metal and shattered glass that had been a car. The car behind it had been damaged as well, the hood having been caved in, but the car that had taken her full weight was no longer a machine. It was scrap metal.


     I looked back up to see her facing away from me, and there were bits and pieces of debris stuck to her skin. I could see what was probably a rear view mirror pasted to one of her cheeks, held in place by her sweat and the heat. She turned around to face me, crouched down and placed her hands on the street in front of me, smiling kindly. I really didn’t want to step in them… but what else was I supposed to do?


     I got in and she lifted me up. She linked her fingers and held them to her chest to make a cup for me. I held on to a few stands of her hair anyway, to be safe.


     As we continued down the street, I thought to myself about times I had been drunk. I occasionally did something stupid or dangerous after having had too much to drink. My memory flashed back to a moment years ago when I had walked into the middle of the street outside a bar and nearly been hit by a bus. I remembered the fear and shame of the situation, as well as the relief that came with not having been hurt or having caused anyone else to be hurt. It sobered me up every time, without exception. But this isn’t the same… is it? I thought. I had no idea what Veronica was feeling. Whatever it was, it obviously felt great, but it wasn’t drunkenness from alcohol. Feeling someone else’s emotions was probably something no human had ever felt before. Would she react the same way?


     I looked up at her, at the underside of her chin. She was looking at her feet, stepping with care. As the street became narrower and narrower from her perspective, she had to pay more attention to where she was walking, and she seemed to be really doing it.


     I lay my head against her chest and thought that maybe that near-death experience was a good thing. Anything to make her understand how important it was to get out of the city. I just hoped that this self-awareness would last for a few minutes more, or as long as it would take to get to the lake.


     To my right was her wrist with the bracelet. It was the only thing that was growing along with her; all of her clothes were long since destroyed. Sitting here, so close to it, I noticed that it looked somehow different. It was difficult to identify exactly what it was, but after having studied it for a few moments, I realised that it was glowing. We were outside in the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn’t obvious, but it was most certainly emitting a faint light. It had never done that before; I was sure of it. I shifted over to try and get closer to it, and kneeled down on her palm to try to crawl to her wrist without having to stand up. I reached forward to touch it, and as my hand approached, I felt a wave of heat extend from it. I pulled my hand back. I wasn’t hurt, but that was so unexpected that I didn’t know what to make of it. Veronica doesn’t seem hurt by it, I reasoned. Her skin doesn’t look burned. I reached forward again, through the aura of heat that surrounded it, and placed my hand on it.


     I gasped in pain as the bracelet burned the skin on my fingers. Jerking back my arm, I put my fingertips in my mouth and fell backwards into Veronica’s cupped hands. I pulled them out and looked at them, and saw that they were bright red and slightly misshapen. If that thing is hot enough to blister my fingertips after just a moment, I thought, then why doesn’t Veronica seem to feel it? I looked back up and saw that she was still concentrating on where she was stepping. Good, I thought. That’s the most important thing right now.


     Looking forward, I saw that we were approaching the limits of downtown. We were once again beginning to walk by buildings that were taller than Veronica was. I leaned my head over her fingers and looked down, then immediately had to withdraw my head at the wave of dizziness that passed over me. I could not grasp the height that we were at; it was too high for me to look straight down without passing out. I decided to look ahead and pick a building on the next block, and counted the windows from the ground up to my level. I counted five. I am five floors above ground level. My girlfriend is five storeys tall. That means… I paused as I remembered that I had to look up to see her face. No. I’m five floors above ground level, which means that she is probably closer to six storeys tall.


     Looking up past her face, I saw something in the sky for half a moment before it vanished behind her forehead. Without consciously understanding what it was, I felt a deep tremor of renewed horror. Then I heard it, and I understood fully what was in the sky. Veronica didn’t seem to understand, or else she hadn’t noticed it, or maybe just didn’t care. But I suddenly began to question whether we’d be able to get through downtown at all once the news helicopters began broadcasting Veronica’s image across the world.






     Veronica peered into the windows of the buildings as we passed by them. She smiled down at me and placed me back on her shoulder to free up her hands, then she cupped them over her eyes to block out the sunlight so she could see through the glass. She laughed and smiled at the office workers inside, sticking out her tongue and taunting them. She moved from building to building, enjoying herself more with every new audience. I couldn’t see inside any of them, as the bright sunshine made all of the windows into mirrors, but I could imagine what Veronica was seeing. It was probably very similar to what we had been seeing for the past hour, except with more neckties. She began to tap her fingers against the window in front of her while she looked in, and the force of her fingernails against the glass shattered it on the first blow. She gasped and leaned in closer to take a look inside. “I’m sorry! Is anyone hurt?”


     After a few moments of inarticulate yelling, I could hear someone yell back, “Um… no…” at which Veronica grinned. “Oh good,” she replied nonchalantly, and moved on the next building.


     As she pressed her face to one window, I could see the wall in front of me slowly descending relative to my own position. Veronica had to bend down slightly in order to continue looking in through the same window, and I began to slip forward again. I grabbed on to her hairs once again and called out.


     “Veronica! Stop leaning! I’m going to fall again!”


     She instantly straightened up and took a step backward, away from the building, though she moved much more slowly than I was used to. All of her movements were now slower than usual, at maybe three-quarters of her usual speed, from her footsteps to her speech. This was a blessing; it made it much easier to keep from falling. As she straightened herself, I rose higher up until I could look easily into the sixth floor windows of the building in front of me. She looked down at me with concern.


     “Are you okay?”


     “I’m fine, I just need for you to keep straight!”


     “I’m sorry. I’m just so… distracted. I can actually… feel everyone’s thoughts about me. It’s getting clearer and clearer. I don’t know why.” She giggled. “It’s getting more… precise, too. I can feel people admiring my boobs.” She looked down and cupped her breasts in her hands. As she did so, she gasped and looked back at the building in front of her. “Oh…” she smiled. “A lot of people in this building really liked that.” She flashed a smile at the windows and hefted her breasts at her audience once again. As she did so, I could swear that she started growing just a tiny bit faster. It may have been my imagination, but somehow, I didn’t think so. Looking down at her hands massaging and rubbing her gigantic breasts, I saw, once again, that the bracelet was emitting light. Even in the bright afternoon sun, it was now becoming very visible. It also seemed to be coloured- it was very, very pale, but it seemed blue, or turquoise. And getting brighter.


     I looked up into the sky, trying to find the news helicopters. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they were there. I could hear them faintly.


     “Your boobs are gorgeous, honey. But you can show them off in a few minutes. It’s…”


     She sighed and interrupted me. “Yeah, yeah, the lake. I know.” She blew a kiss to her admirers in the office building and took a step southward, towards the other end of downtown.


     At first, I was confused by the fact that there was no traffic. There were cars parked along the sides of the street, which Veronica was, mercifully, avoiding as best as she could, but no cars in motion. As we passed an intersection, however, I looked down and saw that the police had set up roadblocks. That’s good, I thought. The fewer people in her path, the better. Just past the roadblocks, there were crowds of people gathered to witness the spectacle of Veronica strolling between the buildings. Directly below us, I could hear people screaming and running into buildings- probably people who hadn’t turned on their TVs and had wandered outside to see what was happening. Veronica didn’t appear to notice.


     I looked up at her face to see that she was staring intently straight ahead. I followed her gaze and saw a building ahead of us that was entirely windows, so that in the bright afternoon sunlight, it became a several-hundred-foot-high mirror. Veronica pointed at it. “In that building,” she breathed, slowly, “there are thirty-nine people who are admiring my belly.” She turned her head to gaze at a building to her left that came up to her shoulder. “On the third floor of this building, six people are looking at my ass.” She suddenly laughed. “No, seven. Nine! Oh!” She placed one giant hand on her left cheek and squeezed it. Veronica moaned softly and she spurted up by a few metres more. She turned to her right and looked two intersections away, at the throng of spectators who were watching from behind the roadblock. “Eighteen of them think I have sexy feet.”


     She looked back to the giant mirror in front of her. She didn’t move or say anything for a moment. I could hear indistinct talk from the people a block away, and police shouting something into a megaphone about there being nothing to see here. Veronica kept absolutely still, except for her continuous growth. I passed another story on the building to my right.


     Then, quietly, almost whispering, she said, “I can see it too.” She gazed into the mirrored building and took a step forward, reaching out her hand. The ground shook slightly as she placed her foot on the ground. “I can see it. In myself. I… I think I understand.” She slowly ran her hands up and down her sides, lifting her belly and watching the way it moved in the mirror. She then turned to her side and looked at her profile. She moved closer to the building, gazing at her own reflection, seeing herself through the eyes and the minds of a thousand people. She laughed again. “I can see it.”


     She walked forward steadily, no longer keeping her eyes on the road. Luckily, directly in front of the building was a public park which she walked across. It was public property, but at least there was no one in it. As she walked, she kicked a tree because she wasn’t watching where she was going. It was uprooted instantly and tipped over onto its side. Veronica, once again, didn’t appear to notice.


     She pressed her breasts and belly against the glass and giggled. “Oh… it’s cold.” I could hear the structure groan under her incredible weight, and I thought I could see the wall bend, but it held. She cupped her eyes again and looked into this building. She grinned and waved slightly at the people inside. “Hi there,” she spoke, softly. “I can see you.” And she closed her eyes and gently kissed the window. As she did so, her growth sped up once again.


     She grinned down at me. “There are a hundred and twelve people in this building who think I‘m sexy, David. A hundred and twelve.” She was giddy. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen her as happy as she was at that moment. “Forty-two of them think I have a sexy belly.” She slowly pressed her belly against the mirror, rubbing it back and forth, relishing every moment. I could only imagine what the view from inside the building must have been like. “Twenty people like my lips.” She kissed the glass again, deliberately and passionately, and when she pulled her mouth away it was wet with her saliva. She brought her hands to her chest again and pressed her nipples against the building. She shivered at the feeling of the cold glass against her. “Almost all of them like my boobs.” Before she had finished speaking, she had risen another story higher. She grinned from ear to ear. “See?” She bent her knees slightly so she could look into the eleventh story. “Three like my nose.” She touched the tip of her nose to the glass and smiled. She then burst out laughing. “And one person on the sixth floor wants to crawl into my belly button. I can feel him so… intensely. And…” she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. “There are eleven people in this building masturbating. Right now. To me. Ten men and a woman. Just in this building!”


     Still rising higher, she put her hands against the glass and slowly, carefully, pressed her entire body against it. I could hear the friction of skin against glass as her expanding belly and breasts rubbed against the windows and she grew ever taller, faster and faster. She was nearly fifteen storeys tall at this point. Sitting on her shoulder, I barely came up to her chin. Her ear was now well out of my reach. I yelled up anyway.


     “Veronica! We need to keep moving!” She didn’t interrupt me this time, but nor did she respond. She didn’t hear me at all, I thought. I began to yell again, when I realised that she had stopped rubbing herself against the side of the building. She was standing perfectly still, and the light of her bracelet brightened, slowly but steadily until I couldn’t look directly at it. The colour of its light shifted from turquoise to a pale yellow, and her growth accelerated once again, drastically this time. I grasped a few more strands of her hair and she began to speak.


     “I can… feel… New York.” What? What is she talking about? “And… Buenos Aires. And Marseilles. And Hiroshima. And Calgary.” All of a sudden it hit me. I realised that the reason she hadn’t heard me wasn’t because I wasn’t loud enough. Turning around, I could see the news helicopters hovering in the sky, three of them now. Those poor bastards had no idea what they were doing.


     And Veronica grew.


     Her growth was now terrifyingly fast. I could actually feel her strands of hair swelling in my grip as I held on to them for my life. They were approaching the thickness of ropes. I clutched them tightly as Veronica just placed her hands on her mouth and laughed. Looking ahead at the building in front of me, I watched as the nineteenth and top floor disappeared below me, and suddenly I was looking down at the roof. On this rooftop were gathered several dozen onlookers, but Veronica no longer noticed them either. I looked around and saw that there were people on nearly every rooftop around us, for as far as I could see, but the hundreds of people surrounding her were nothing compared to the tens of thousands of people who were gazing at the image of her on their television and computer screens in every country on Earth. Veronica, for the second time that day, outgrew all of her surrounding buildings. I could see, several blocks away, a couple of dozen buildings that were still taller than she was, but she was approaching fast.


     Still she laughed, almost insensate with joy.


     I heard a deafening CRACK, almost like thunder from up close, and Veronica abruptly stopped growing. It was so sudden that I almost fell off her shoulder from… I didn’t even want to guess how high up I was. But I could see, right in front of me, the bracelet on her wrist. Her wrist was wider than I was tall, and the bracelet was several times longer than my entire body. Then I realised what was different: the bracelet was no longer glowing. Its light had faded completely, and it now appeared like the dull ceramic it was when we first bought it at the flea market. More, there was a crack running up the length of the bauble. As I watched, the crack widened, and as Veronica raised her arm to examine it, it fell apart and tumbled hundreds of feet to the ground, shattering in the street by her feet.


     Looking up at Veronica’s face, I saw a total lack of understanding on her features. After just a moment, it melted into dawning comprehension, followed by horror, followed by an unbearable sadness. She took a deep breath that seemed to last a full minute, then breathed out just one word:




     Her eyes rolled up into her head and she began to tumble backwards.


     “Veronica!” I screamed. “Veronica!


     But she was already beginning to fall. I grabbed on to her hair as tightly as I could and prayed.


     My feet lifted off her shoulder and I entered into a free-fall.


     I actually opened my eyes and saw the city in front of me, the rooftops crowded with people watching my giant girlfriend faint in the middle of the city. I looked around and thought I could hear more screams, but it might have been the wind rushing past my ears. The rooftops disappeared as I fell below them, and I looked downward. I thought I would see the ground rushing up to meet me, but it was blocked out by Veronica’s enormous body, which was right below me.


     I’ve since found out that I was in the air for less than five seconds, but at the time, it seemed much longer.


     Veronica fell backwards into the park, crushing trees, benches and a fountain and causing the city to shake as thought it had been hit by a small earthquake. I landed on her breast and bounced ungracefully off it, onto the ground in the park. When I hit the ground, I narrowly missed a tree and heard a sickening snap, and felt my elbow twist in an unnatural direction. Then I passed out.




     I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but it couldn’t have been more than a minute or two. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by three paramedics who were trying to move me into a stretcher. I yelled and sat up, and they all jumped backwards, startled. I tried to prop myself up on my arm and realised quickly, with a wave of nauseous pain, that I wasn’t able to put any weight on it at all. I stood up painfully, using my other arm, and they rushed forward to get me to lie back down. I ignored them and turned to see Veronica lying on her back, head turned to face away from me. I looked to her body to see that her massive belly was still undulating with breath. Oh, thank Christ, I thought. She’s alive.


     My head swam and I couldn’t think clearly. Behind me, one of the medics was asking me my name, but I ignored her. I don’t think I would have been able to remember anyway. I looked around to see that the park was slowly filling with police, firefighters, city officials and paramedics, none of whom had any idea what to do. They were all milling around aimlessly, staring at Veronica.


     I stared at her too, still ignoring the medical personnel who were trying to take care of me, and saw that she was shrinking. Even now, she was much smaller than she must have been when she fainted; still, her shoulder, lying on the ground, was taller than I was. I watched her shrink, knowing that this was the last time I would ever get to see it.


     I limped over to her and leaned against her shrinking arm. I sat down, resting my head against her, and began to cry.






     It was about a week before I could leave the hospital, and almost two months before Veronica could follow. I had a broken arm, twisted ankle, and a pretty major concussion. There was nothing physically wrong with Veronica, other than a few minor bruises, but the doctors wanted to run about seven thousand tests on her before they felt they should let her go. My realisation about her addiction turned out to have been pretty accurate, actually. She went through an awful withdrawal period; though she suffered no physical symptoms, emotionally, she was a wreck.


     The first thing she did when she woke up was reach for her wrist, before she remembered what had happened. Once she took a moment to realise where she was and why, she began wailing in mourning. She wouldn’t talk for over an hour, she just cried into her hospital bed in loss, embarrassment and self-pity. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn’t speak to me any more than she would to anyone else. I touched her shoulder and she shrugged my hand off.


     The military had an understandable interest in what had caused her to grow, as well as the medical staff at the hospital. We were both questioned pretty intensely about the bracelet- how it worked, how it was powered, how it was controlled, where we got it, what we had planned to do with it. Needless to say, I didn’t know the answers to most of their questions, and the answers I could share were private or embarrassing. In a way, it’s kind of lucky that so many people saw her, because I shudder to think of what might have happened to her had the military gotten a hold of her without very many people having seen her. She might have just disappeared.


     As it turned out, the public wanted to see her and to know that she was alive and well. So after she had been in the hospital for a few days, she conducted a very brief interview with a couple of journalists who took her picture, asked her some leading questions, wrote something witty and fed it to the public. Veronica did not enjoy the interview in the least, but then again, she wasn’t enjoying very much at all, at that time. She didn’t want to see me, or anyone else, or talk, or eat. She just slept a lot and kept quiet when she was awake.




     Once the tests had all been run, and it was concluded that there was no sign of any long-term effects, and once the military had concluded that we had told them everything we knew about the bracelet (which was true), she was given some antidepressants and sent home. I picked her up at the hospital and drove her back to my place. The ride was mostly silent.


     Once at home, we lay down in bed together. I watched her from behind and admired her- just as I had done so often before. I had gotten so used to that provoking a reaction from her that I began to wonder what was wrong, before I remembered that she no longer had the bracelet. She asked me if I was thinking about her. When I replied that I was, she began to cry again, softly. She turned around and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back.




     Over the next couple of weeks, her life slowly returned to something resembling what it had been before. Going to work added to the normalcy that she needed from her life at that time, and it helped to distract her from her thoughts and memories. I had been back at work by that point for a while, and I was doing okay, but it was difficult knowing that there was nothing I could do for her. She was functioning, she was doing all of the day-to-day things that made up her daily life, but I often felt that she was just going through the motions. I sometimes looked at her and almost wished that we could have the bracelet back- before catching myself and remembering that my memory was being very selective. When she had had the bracelet, how often had it terrified me? How frightened had I been that it would become difficult to control? Now that I had actually seen the destructive potential of the item, how could I possibly wish to have it back?


     And yet… every time I looked at her, for just a moment, I wished for exactly that.




     One major change in Veronica’s life after that afternoon was that she had become immediately recognisable. It was obvious when she walked down the street. Some people were subtle; most weren’t. People would point and stare and take pictures. This did nothing to improve Veronica’s mood. I thought about how if she had had the bracelet, this would be exactly what she would want most. Now that she could no longer actually feel the internal lust and attraction that all of these people had had for her, their outward displays of interest seemed like a cruel mockery. Even my own attraction no longer excited her as it once had.


     We were once eating lunch at one of our preferred restaurants, a month later, when she met the gaze of someone behind me. I could see from the expression on her face that something was unusual about this person, though; she wasn’t hurt or angered or saddened by this particular meeting. I turned around to see a young man, younger than we were, having what appeared to be a business lunch. I saw him excuse himself and stand up to walk over to us. Veronica didn’t seem embarrassed or upset as she usually did, just… curious.


     He walked up to her and stood awkwardly, not quite knowing what to say. But he must have read something in her eyes, because he finally managed to ask her, “Do you recognise me?”


     “Yeah.” She replied quietly. I took a long look at the guy, but I was sure that I had never seen him before


     He smiled. “Well, I… I’m just really glad you’re alright. I was worried when you disappeared into the hospital for so long. I’m glad I got to see you outside again.”


     She smiled at him, and it seemed a genuine, tender smile, not forced or polite. “Thanks.”


     He hesitated, then extended his hand. “I’m Lee.”


     She shook it. “Veronica.”


     “Yeah, I know,” he replied, smiling. He looked at me and nodded a greeting, took in her image once more, and returned to his business lunch without looking back.


     I turned back to Veronica, who was still smiling softly to herself. “Who was he?”


     She looked off into space as she answered, clearly enjoying the memory. “He wanted to live in my bellybutton.”




     It was two years later that we found ourselves back at the flea market. I hadn’t wanted to go back there at first, but Veronica had encouraged me to go back by myself the year after we got the bracelet, because she knew how much I had enjoyed it there. So I did. And I actually had fun, just like before. It was the same old flea market, and it made me feel good that some things didn’t change.


     I had kept my eyes open for the old man who had sold Veronica the bracelet in the first place. I wasn’t really sure why. Was it out of curiosity? What would I even say to the man if I did see him? What if he offered to sell me something? I hadn’t exactly planned ahead. But I always found myself walking by the spot where he had been that one time.


     Well, it was a moot point, since anytime I looked, I never found him. And the year after I began going back, I asked Veronica if she wanted to join me on one trip. She did. And sure enough, she had fun too, for the same reasons as I usually did.


     So you might imagine my surprise and dread when I saw him there again. He had the same booth, set up in the same place, and I noticed him before I even saw that he was talking to Veronica.


     They were too far away for me to hear what they were saying, but my imagination immediately began to whir. I stood still for a moment, thinking about what I was seeing. Is he selling her something? Is he selling her the same kind of item? Something different? My god, what the hell are they talking about? My heart leapt into my throat as I saw him lift up a box and open it. I couldn’t see what was inside, but I began to sprint toward them, dodging through the crowd. I have to stop them. I have to stop him from selling her any more magical things. I didn’t even notice immediately when she shook her head and turned away. When I did notice that she wasn’t talking to him anymore, I stopped and slowed down, but continued moving forward. She was walking toward me slowly, looking at the ground. When she looked up, she met my eyes and smiled. She could tell from my face that I had seen the man behind her.


     “It’s okay,” she told me as I reached her and stopped. Her eyes were wet and she was breathing slightly heavily.


     “What? What happened?” Did he sell you something?” I looked at her hands to see if she was carrying anything.


     “No. I was… I didn’t even see him at first. I was just looking at his booth and suddenly he was there. And he asked me if I was looking for something specific… but I know that he recognised me. From the way he looked at me and the way he spoke, I know that he knew who I am. So I said no. And then he turned around and he picked up this little box, and he opened it and he showed me this ring inside. And he didn’t tell me what it was, but… I… I knew I didn’t want it.”


     “What do you mean?”


     “I mean…” she looked in my eyes and smiled. “I mean, I don’t need it. Whatever it was, I don’t think I need it anymore.”


     I stared at her for a moment. “I’m… not sure I understand.”


     “David…” she took one of my hands in hers. “I think I’m okay.” She hugged me, put her face against my shoulder and began to cry softly. I held her back, confused, and she broke the hug. She looked back up at me. She was crying and smiling at the same time. “I want to go back home, David. Let’s go.”


     I nodded. “Okay.”


     As we turned away, I looked back at the booth with the old man, to find that it was no longer there. It was a young woman selling microwaves. I looked back at Veronica to see that she wasn’t even turning around. She was just holding my arm, walking forward, smiling to herself.


     We got in the car and drove home.



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