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10 Suit by Wussy

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10 Suit

By Wussy



Okay heres a different idea a man along with several other people are held hostage by several gunmen and things are going bad. The mans girlfriend who is a super heroin who grow to gigantic sizes goes of to save him and the hostages.


I don't really want any nudity and the violence should be mild (no death but destruction is allowed) and plus I would like to be funny in places.


Wow, I hope you don’t really mean that she’s super-heroin, as in a massively addictive drug! 


This is a little different than my usual stuff.  I wrote this backwards from my usual method:  I envisioned specific scenes, then back-filled in the plot to match.  It’s also a bit of shrinking combined with GTS. i swear i started writing this before that thread talking about gts vs shrunken man


- - - - - -


Sasha came home, surprised to find that Eric still hadn’t come home yet.  His work hours usually allowed him to get home an hour before her, and being the gentleman that he was, would often have started cooking dinner.  She tried calling his cell phone, but got no response.   Concerned for his safety, she turned on the TV and waited for him to call her back.


She tried to calm down, but her preoccupied mind wouldn’t let her focus on any one channel.  Instead, she continuously flipped from station to station, until something caught her attention and made her stop. 


It was a local newscast, and the reporter was saying, “… unconfirmed reports of several gunmen holding hostages.  It is unknown at this time how many suspects are involved and how many hostages they may have.   The gunmen have not issued any demands at this time….”    Sasha looked at the tall office building framed in the background.  “That looks familiar…” she thought, and after a moment realization hit her.   “That’s where Eric works!”


Sasha stormed into the attic and rummaged through half-forgotten boxes, and when she returned, she was dragging a medium-sized chest behind her.  Taking a deep breath, she opened the container, and inspected the contents carefully.  Pulling a strange-looking suit wrapped in plastic out of the box, she smiled; it was still perfect.


She stripped naked, feeling slightly embarrassed even though there was no one in the room, and put on the suit.  The electronics stirred to life as she slipped on the suit, the custom-molded contours hugging every inch of her voluptuous body.  “Oof!  A little tighter than I remember it…” she thought as she admired her appearance in the mirror.


The petite 5’ brunette twirled around in front of the mirror, looking at every angle.  Despite a couple ofinches here and there, the suit fit her almost the same as it did five years ago, when it was first made.  The navy blue suit resembled a one-piece jump suit with tiny light tubes running up and down the length of it, glowing faintly but occasionally pulsing with an extra bright surge.  She cupped one of her large DD-cup breasts, and smirked as she remembered when she first saw that some joker had decided to run one of the light conduits directly under the built-in bra, highlighting theirimpressive size in an unavoidable way.


“Man, I’m kind of surprised that this thing still works…” she said to herself.  Grabbing the helmet, she put it on and dropped the visor shield.   Instantly the system switched on, system diagnostics and status readouts filling the HUD.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she could only remark, “Perfect.”  The helmet and visor hid her entire face from view, and the suit covered every inch of her.  “The perfect disguise.”


On the 15 minute drive over to her fiancé’s office, she remembered how she got the suit in the first place.  At only 20 years old, she had landed a position on the team of one of the most secretive professors on campus.  He adamantly refused to discuss the project with anyone, and that drove Sasha wild.  She had to know what he was working on, and had to resort to her secret weapon: sex.   She shamelessly flirted with the man for a week straight, until he finally caved in and assigned her to his team.


She quickly learned why he had been so secretive.  The project could revolutionize the world, and he was afraid of anyone else getting their hands on it.  The professor had somehow stumbled onto a way to both enlarge and shrink matter through exotic particle-generated energy fields.  The project that he was now working on was a way to generate those exotic particles.


Sasha was not the brightest member of the team, but she could hold her own and keep up.   She was enthralled by the concept, and being as short as she was, she was fascinated by the idea of being bigger.   She talked it out with one of her teammates until she had convinced him that it would be a good idea to put the generator and field emitter onto a portable suit.   Then, she convinced the professor to fit the suit for her, both through shameless flirtation and by arguing that, as the shortest person, they’d need less fabric, conduit, and wiring.


Finally, she reasoned with them that a form of thought-control would be best.  As the test subject, a basic thought-mapper was placed into the helmet and keyed to her unique brainwave signature, ensuring that no stray thoughts could interfere.  The suit complete, it now had a name, the “10Suit”, so named because it had the ability to enlarge or shrink the suit and anything inside up to ten times its original size.  In this case, the suit was made to be 5’ tall, so it could enlarge up to 50’ tall, and shrink down to 6 inches.


When it came time for the first test run, she could feel the system make the connection, but simply faked it and claimed that the suit didn’t work.  They were unable to fully test the suit and its neural connections, and reasoned that the particles were somehow interfering with the thought control system. 


They ordered the suit to be destroyed, but she managed to switch the suit with a worthless duplicate, keeping the original for herself.  She had tried it out several times and found the feeling of both growing and shrinking exhilarating, but found that walking around town while 15’ tall might attract just a little too much attention to her.


Sasha loved the feeling of power and control she had over the nerdy, undersexed men in the group.  Not only had she convinced them to create the suit and to render hit usable only by her, but that the design was a failure as well.  After a while, however, she began to feel guilty about how she had manipulated so many people, and hung the suit up, never to be used again.


“Until now, that is,” she thought, arriving a block away from the building.  She dropped the visor into place as she stepped out of the car, looking up at the 80 story building.  Shrinking down to less than a foot tall, she snuck over to the police barrier close to where the reporters were talking, and tried to listen in and get more information. 


The reporter on scene was still talking, “…Police sources now confirm 6 armed gunmen are holding over 20 hostages inside.  We are receiving unconfirmed reports that demands have been issued, but Channel 10 is still trying to receive word on what these demands might be….”


Now having a clearer picture, Sasha snuck over to the building and worked her way in through one of the air ducts.  Due to her small size, what a normal person would be forced to crawl through, she could jog comfortably inside, and she made excellent time working her way up the building.  As she moved, she strained her ears, listening for any voices echoing through the building.


On the 10th floor, she could hear muffled voices, and peering through one of the grates, she could make out 3 or 4 haggard-looking men armed with machine guns watching over a group of terrified people in business suits.  Taking a deep breath, she kicked open the grate and scampered across the floor.  The noise from the metal rattling alerted the men to her presence, but due to her small size, they assumed that she was a large rat and paid her no more attention.


She continued to make noise by scattering pens, dropping cups, anything to keep the men distracted and confused.  After a couple of minutes her plan was working the way she hoped for, as the men started to bunch together, guns ready.  Sasha saw her chance, and climbed out through an open window.


The gunmen never stood a chance.  A huge King Kong-sized fist burst through the window grabbing two of them and flinging them out into the night sky.  The other two opened fire with their weapons, but at her full size, the bullets were little more than bee stings.  It was difficult for Sasha to see into the room, but she managed to flick one into the other, sending them both crashing into the wall, unconscious or worse. 


As she climbed back in, she reduced her size to a more manageable but still impressive 6’5”.   She stripped the guns from the bodies of the two gunmen and threw those out the destroyed window as well before turning her attention to the hostages.   Most of them were still shaking in fear, and her otherworldly appearance didn’t help.


She shrank down even further to 6’ in an attempt to calm them down before saying, “Guys, I’m not here to hurt you.  This is a rescue.   Get out of here before the others come down to wonder about the noise!”  A few of the braver souls started to get up and leave, and the rest soon followed suit.   Sasha looked over all of them as they started to run out of the room, and when she didn’t see who she was looking for, she called out, “Wait!  Does anyone know where Eric Roberts is?”


One of the men stopped while the others continued to flee.   “I heard that they took him up to the 30th floor.  Something about opening a safe.”   She nodded in appreciation, then took off running towards the elevator.   Now that she had made her presence known, there was no reason to be subtle about it.


As soon as the bell went “Ding!” and the doors opened, a flurry of bullets went into the elevator, spelling certain death for anyone inside.    The 6” Sasha looked up at the holes being punched into the elevator directly over her head, breathed a sigh of relief, and took off running.  The two thugs were still reloading their weapons, and Sasha saw her opening.


In just a few seconds, she had grown to nearly 10’ tall.  Her head scraped against the ceiling as she charged one of the men, slamming into him with a tremendous shoulder tackle that knocked him against the wall.  As the man struggled to his feet, her fist smashed into his face, breaking his nose and sending him deep into unconsciousness. 


Sasha turned to attack the last gunman, but stopped when she saw him holding his weapon to her fiancé’s neck.  She put her hands up while shrinking down to 7’, reasoning that she’d still be able to overpower him physically if it came to it.  She quietly said, “Let the man go, and we’ll both just walk away.  OK?”


The man was openly staring at her large breasts, and she once again cursed the design team that put the suit together.  She took a step backwards, but the thug stopped her.   “Wait.  Take off the helmet.”  She lifted up the visor, letting the man see her face.   He nodded approvingly, and she almost shuddered in disgust.


He continued, “It’s the suit, isn’t it?   It glowed real bright when you got smaller.   Get to my size and take it off.”  Sasha paused a moment before saying, “But… I’m naked under this!”   “Even better.  Strip!”  She started to protest, but the thug pressed the barrel of the gun harder into Eric’s throat, and she had no choice but to relent.


She reduced her size further, until she was 6’3”, but then paused.   She wasn’t sure what would happen if she took the 10Suit off while the enlarging effect was still on.   Would she instantly shrink down to her normal size?  Would the excess energy explode?  But she had to risk it, and slowly unzipped the 10Suit.


The man leered at her as she stripped, and even though she was over a foot taller than her original size, she had never felt smaller.  Still, she tried to get it off as fast as possible, but the extra effort and the tightness of the suit made her large breasts jiggle wildly.  The thug was practically drooling as she took the leggings off, but all Sasha could think about was how glad she was that she was still remaining the same size. 


As she kicked the suit over to the thug, she saw that Eric was blushing and trying not to look.  “Aww, he’s such a gentlemen,” she thought.  The thug looked at the suit crumpled into a heap and said, “Helmet, too.”  With a sigh, she removed the helmet and tossed it at the thug, who released his hostage to catch it.  Eric ran over to her side, and finally realized who the tall girl was.   He mouthed, “Sasha?” and she nodded discretely.


She watched with amusement as the man struggled to fit into the suit, but it was clearly not tailored for him.   She thought about how it just needed to be a couple of inches bigger, and she heard the faint beeping in her mind that confirmed the command.  She was stunned that the helmet was still reading her thoughts, but the 10Suit glowed faintly as it boosted up to fit the thug.  He was now having a much easier time, and despite looking incredibly shabby on him, he managed to zip it up.   “Now, how does it work?” he asked.


Sasha got the most irresistible idea of her life and grinned.  She replied, “You just put the helmet on and think about what size you want to be.”   He put it on and lowered the visor, and she saw him ball his fists as he thought about his new height.   Instead, she gave her own command, and the thug saw the world around him grow ever larger as he became ever smaller.


When he was a foot tall, the process stopped, and he looked up to see the biggest and sexiest naked woman of his life.   She easily picked him up with one hand and held him in place as the world got bigger again.  In just a couple of seconds, she had made him 6 inches tall, the limit of the 10Suit.


Her huge fingers made it difficult to get the suit off of the man, but she eventually managed it, and dangled him high in the air while she pondered his fate.  She shouted, “Here, catch!” and tossed him at Eric, who nearly dropped him in shock, but managed to keep hold.    “Umm, Sasha… what’s going on?  And why are you naked?”   She brought the suit back up in size to fit her and started to put it back on.   Leaning down, she gave Eric a kiss on the forehead and said, “I’ll explain everything on the way home.  But can you zip me back up?”


Neither of them wanted to outright kill him, but they wanted to do something extra mean to him.   Unable to decide on a fitting punishment, they simply left it up to fate by putting him in an upside down coffee mug, writing “DO NOT DRINK” on the side, and leaving it on someone’s desk to find in the morning. 


There was so much confusion going on from the suddenly freed hostages that they were able to sneak out the back and make a quick getaway to Sasha’s car.  She talked the whole trip home, detailing the story of how she got the suit and why she never used it until today.  When they pulled into the driveway, she nervously asked, “So, did you have any questions?”    “Yeah.  Why were you naked?”




Two days later, Eric was still watching a clip of Sasha’s appearance over and over again.   The suit glowing like it did, it stood out perfectly against the night sky, and both the news reporters on the ground and the helicopters in the air had an excellent view of her seemingly appearing out of nowhere, smashing through the building with a single punch, and tossing bad guys like yesterday’s garbage.  The TV suddenly turned off, and Eric turned around to see who did it when he smacked his face straight into Sasha’s stomach, now wearing the suit again.


He looked up at her and gasped.   Standing almost 12’ tall, she was sitting on her knees just to fit inside the room.   Looking down at her small boyfriend, she asked, “Do you trust me?”    “What kind of question is that?  I trust you!”    She started unzipping the suit slowly, revealing that, once again, she was naked underneath.   “This is important.  Do you trust me?”   He looked into her eyes and said, “Yes.”   She struggled to take the suit off from her awkward position, but finally managed it and handed it to him as it became smaller to fit.   “Then put it on.”


He looked at the suit in his hands, the electronics and tubes dead without anyone inside.   “What?  Why?  What for?”  She leaned forward and brought her face close to his.  “Because we haven’t really talked about this at all, and I need you to know that you can trust me.  Please put it on.  Please.”   Eric saw that this truly meant everything to her, and he started to slip the 10Suit on.


It was awkward and ill-fitting, and he felt it resize itself several times as Sasha adjusted the fit.   Zipping up the suit, he put on the helmet and asked, “OK, now what?”   She didn’t respond, but instead started to grin as she started to grow again, only this time without the suit.  It took him a couple of moments to figure out that she wasn’t growing, she was shrinking him!


He felt a tinge of panic and started to unzip the suit, but then realized what Sasha wanted and allowed it to happen.  Seconds later, he was only 2’4”.  The house was huge, and Sasha was impossibly massive.  She lowered her hand to allow him to climb on, then gently carried him up to her beautiful face.  She kissed him, her lips covering his entire body with lipstick, and whispered, “Thank you.  I really needed to know that you were OK with this.   I never really used the suit before, and I’ll never use it again.  I promise.” 


Now it was Eric’s turn to surprise her.   He kissed her back, a sensation like a butterfly’s touch, and said, “Now, I’m not going to make you promise anything like that!   You did good the other night.  You saved a lot of people, least of all me.  And, to be honest, you looked really hot when you were that tall.”   She blushed and took a second before replying, “And what about now?”  “As I said, you look really hot when you’re tall.  And when you’re really, really tall, you’re really, really hot!” 


He enlarged slightly to a little over 4’, still an absolute dwarf compared to her, and she kissed him again, this time able to get it more on his lips and feel his touch.  She grinned at him and said, “You always say just the right things.”  “I know.  And right now, I think I should be taking this suit off.”  


Sasha was genuinely started by that and said, “What?  You’re still too small!”   “And you’re too big.  I think it’ll be fun,” he replied, unzipping the suit. 


Two hours later, Sasha agreed: It was fun, and she couldn’t wait to do it again.



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