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Hel's Spells for Spring Break by thesonandheir

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Hel's Spells for Spring Break

by thesonandheir



Chapter 1


Helena Hastings jumped out of her father’s Escalade; she nearly lost her balance as she dropped all the way from the SUV door to the driveway below. It had been a hell of a long journey back from college and now she felt weary. 


She popped the boot of the car and reached for the bags. Her father put a hand on her shoulder and stopped her short. He then leaned over and grabbed her luggage by its handles before she could get hold of them.


“Don’t be silly, bunny. I’ll carry your bags! You get yourself inside and say hello to your mother!” her Dad said hoisting the two large pink duffel bags out of the boot with a grunt.


“Oh, thanks Daddy,” said Helena with a smile. Attempting to carry her luggage into the house had been an empty gesture. Truthfully she had no intention of lugging either one of her heavily packed bags up to the front door. She skipped down the driveway as spritely as her 5,1” frame could carry her, with just her lightly packed handbag at her side. She burst through the front door shouting with uncontainable excitement.


“I’m home!” she announced. Her words echoed through the open plan kitchen, carrying into the conservatory where her Mother was sat reading with a glass of wine.


“Oh hello honey!” Helena heard echo back. She heard her mother’s heels clicking against the marbled floor as she rushed to meet her at the door. “I’ve missed you SO much! How was the drive home?”


“Boring and long! But we got here, obviously... Hey, what smells nice?” Helena asked savouring the sweet baking smell which wafted through the kitchen. She gave her mum a big, squishy hug, standing on her tip-toes she also give her a kiss on the cheek. Helena’s mum squeezed her tightly and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips. Helena’s nose scrunched as the smell of alcohol blew out of her mother’s breath.


“You’ve had a few of those already haven’t you?” Helena asked pointing to the glass in her mother’s hand.


“Of course I have darling! I’m celebrating aren’t I? My little girl has come home from college!” Her mum ran her hands through Helena’s hair. “Are you having a glass, hun?” she asked her daughter.


“Okay. But just a small glass please. Not one of your measures!” Helena said with a wink. Her mum giggled and poured her a glass of the half finished bottle of white from the fridge. She topped her own glass up and threw the empty bottle into the bin, sauntering back over to her daughter with the glasses of wine in hand. Helena scowled at her glass. It was three quarters to the top; probably more alcohol than she had drunk in her whole first week as a freshman. She sipped it cautiously. Her mother smiled at her inquisitively.


“So dear, tell me EVERYTHING about Wizard’s College! Is it amazing? Have you learnt to fly yet? Can you turn lead into gold? Can you turn boys into toads? I’m dying to know!”


“No. None of that yet, mom. I’m still only in my first year. But it's amazing fun! And I’m top of my class! I got firsts and distinctions in all of my essays. –And... I’m supposed to keep it quiet but... -well my black magic teacher gave me an advanced spell book to look at over the holidays... so I can get ahead of the curve for next semester. Isn’t that neat?” 


“Well done, Helly bunny!” her mother said, putting her fingers through her daughter’s curly brown locks and stroking her hair. She gave one of her milky pale cheeks a loving pinch. It was obvious to her mother that Helena spent more time in the library, absorbing knowledge, than she did on the green fields of the campus, bathing in the fresh air and sun. Her skin was like porcelain.


“You should let your hair down once in a while too though honey bunny. Get some more of that famous Western sun! Haven’t you gone down to the beach and met some nice boys yet?” Her mom nagged. Helena flinched away from her mother’s playful touch. 


“Mom! Please. Term time is for learning magic! And fun? That’s what Spring break is for! Anyway I’m planning on having plenty of fun now that I’m home...” Helena said enigmatically. Her mother’s hand settled back on her head as she twirled her finger around another chestnut lock. 


“I thought you weren’t allowed to use magic outside of wizards college, darling?” she asked absently. 


“No.” Helena said swatting her mother’s wandering hand away from her hair. “We’re allowed to use magic. We’re just not allowed to get CAUGHT using magic.” Helena said with a smile.


“Oh well try not to get yourself into any trouble, please darling,” Helena’s mother said.


“How can I get into trouble by doing my homework, mom?” Helena said with an innocent smile. “Where’s my brother by the way? Is he eating with us?”


“Your brother? Well you know Geoffrey. I expect he’s in the gym, training for his next meet or match or whatever. Get your father to shout him. Tell him that dinner is nearly ready.” 


Helena’s father had just stepped into the room. He seemed short of breath after lugging Helena’s bags up the stairs to her bedroom on the top floor. She was only home for spring but Helena had to have everything. Her ratio must have been three outfits to every day that she’d be home. That’s without even mentioning the shoes.


“You sure did bring a lot of stuff back with you didn’t you darl-“


“-Daddy," Helena cut him off. "Mom wants you to find Geoffrey and tell him that dinner’s ready.” Helena said cutting him off while staring down at her mobile phone. Her father sighed.


“Sure. No problem. I’ll go and find your brother. You just make yourself at home sweetie,” her dad grumbled. As her father went outside and across the garden to the gym, Helena stepped out into the hallway to use her mobile. Although she had been away all year, she still knew the house rule; no phone calls in the dining room. She dialled Katherine’s number and put the phone to her ear.


“Hey, I got your text!” Helena told her best friend Katherine on the phone.


“Hey Hels! You home now then?” asked Katherine on the other side of the line 


“Yeah I just got back. I'm about to have my FIRST home cooked meal. My first meal this year that didn't come out of a microwave! You jealous?” asked Helena.


“Me? Nah. I just ate. Mom’s specialty. -Guess what though?" Katherine whispered excitedly. "It actually works!!” she announced.


“What works? The spell?”


“Yes!! The transfer spell you gave me from the advanced spell book! It works!!”


“Well of course it works, I copied it out perfectly! Why? Have you had some fun with it already?”


“I-“ Katherine started to giggle on the other end of the line, all giddy. “I used it on my bigger brother and stole his height! I was head and shoulders taller than him! It was great. I was WAY taller than my mom too! I was having great fun with his height until my mom made me give it back!”


“He he. Cool! I might have to try that myself. My mom won't have as much to say about it I bet-” just then Helena's brother burst through the door, cutting her phone call short.


“-Hey sis! Heads up!” Geoffrey shouted, lifting his sister up and throwing her over his shoulder.


“WAAH! Put me down! YOU OVERGROWN JERK!” Helena shouted, unhappy with the interupted conversation. She kicked her legs and smacked her brothers back and squealed as he slapped her ass playfully. “OWW! Get off me!” Geoffrey scoffed, putting his sister back down on the ground carelessly. Helena, out of breath, said her goodbyes to her friend and hung up the phone.


Helena looked up at her brother disdainfully. He was two years younger than her but he was starting to tower over her already. He must have hit 6,3” while she’d been away.


“How’s clown college sis?”


“You should know, aren’t you enrolling next year? WIZARD’S COLLEGE is great though! I’m getting better with magic every day. Jealous?”


“Meh. Making books levitate? Pulling rabbits out of hats? I can’t say that I’m too impressed.


“That sounds a lot like jealousy to me.” Helena smirked.


“Well you never know, I might apply yet. I could get in on scholarship perhaps. Two Colleges have offered me scholarships because they want me to be in their soccer team. Has mum not told you that yet? Oh, but they don’t play REAL sports at Wizard’s College do they? They just play that stupid hurling with broomsticks game, right?”


“You wouldn’t get in anyway. You haven’t got the gift!”


“I play sports. I dedicate my body to hard work, and I’m going to compete at the highest level.” Geoffrey shrugged. “You just play with silly wands,” he said with a snarl. 


Helena winced. She hated that her brother was so good at sports. She was smarter than him, that was a given, but the idiot never seemed to care about that. Everyone knew that Helena was smart. She had always been top of the class. Not a lot of people knew how keen on sports she was. Not a lot of people knew about her competitive spirit. Not a lot of people knew because she'd kept it to herself since she was a kid. She didn't have the courage to compete anymore.


Helena had been bigger than her brother all throughout adolescence. She would always beat her brother in a running race or a swimming race. She could always climb a tree higher. She would always overpower him while wrestling. When she got to twelve though, she stopped growing, whereas her brother just kept shooting up and up. Soon enough her “little brother” was beating her in play fights and at every single sport they played together. Now staring up at her brother, with his broad chest, wide shoulders and big arms, she went a little red. He made her feel little. Helena tried to turn the tide. 


“Aww, but it must suck to be you. You’re probably all done growing now. Whereas me? In a few years time I’ll be finished growing more powerful than you can possibly imagine!” 


“Yeah? Give us a shout when you figure out how to magic up free satellite. When I can watch the games in my room, then I might be impressed.” Helena huffed. Just then their mom shouted from the other room.


“Dinner's ready!” she shouted from the kitchen. Geoffrey drummed his hard stomach and pushed past his sister, laughing as she faltered. 


“Laugh it up, jerk,” Helena muttered with an evil smile, “I’ll show you yet!” 




“So, have you decided what you are going to do with your break, hun?” Helena’s father asked, scraping the last of his peas onto his fork and clearing his plate.


“Not sure yet. I’ll see what Kiki wants to do first. We might go away for a weekend. Who knows?


“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Go away,” said Geoffrey.


“Don’t be rude to your sister, Geoffrey,” scolded his father. Geoffrey just chuckled. “If you need to borrow the car, just ask, Helena,” her father said. Helena smiled finishing her mouthful.


“Thanks Daddy, but we'll be hanging around this week,” she said.


“Whatever you want honey.” Her father said. Getting standing up from his chair and taking his and Helena’s plates away to the kitchen sink. Helena stuck her tongue out at her brother.


“So, have you got a game this weekend Geoffrey?” his mother asked. Geoffrey clicked his tongue.


“The season finished last week, mom. I’m all done until next year now.”


“Where did you come in the league?” Helena asked half heartedly.


“First, obviously,” Said Geoffrey rolling his eyes. “It’s a shame that you missed all of our games. I got player’s player of the season. You should have seen me, I was on fire this season! I was awesome!” He told his sister gleefully.


“Well done Geoffrey,” his mother said. “We’re all proud of you! Has he told you about the scholarships yet Helena?


“Yeah, good for you, Geoffrey” Helena forced out. “By the way Dad, Kiki is doing a fun run this Sunday for charity. Can you drive me down to the park to cheer her on?”


“Sure, bunny,” said her father. 


“I never imagined Kiki as a runner,” Geoffrey smirked. “I always had her pegged as more of a roller,” he finished, Laughing. Helena scowled at him. Kiki had been over for dinner many times, being one of Helena’s best friends. Geoffrey had noticed that she was a little on the chubby side, although he’d never mocked or teased Kiki about it to her face, he teased Helena about her 'fat friend' every chance he got. He'd never noticed that Kiki had had a little crush on him since he'd developed into the strapping young man he was.


“Don’t be an asshole, Geoffrey,” said Helena.


“Don’t say ‘asshole’ at the table, honey,” their mum said picking up her wine glass and taking it into the kitchen for a refill. Both Helena and Geoffrey took a moment out of their bickering to share a suppressed chuckle at their mother’s expense. One thing they agreed on was the fact that their mother was hardly a great pinnacle of authority.


“Anyway, Kiki’s shed some of her puppy fat. She’s been training really hard for this race,” said Helena. Geoffrey blew his tongue.


“Training hard for a FUN RUN? What’s that? Like 10 km or something? How hard do you have to train for that? It’s a piece of piss!” Geoffrey said laughing. Helena looked at her brother disdainfully while he leaned back on his chair with a cocky grin. His arms were folded behind his neck and as Helena stared at him angrily, he flexed his biceps, making his big muscles pop out of his arms. He sighed audibly, his broad chest heaving out a big breath full of air. Looking her brother up and down, Helena realised again just how much he had grown since she was away. She didn’t like his larger frame and his cocky attitude. Now that he was so much bigger, there was just a lot more of him to hate. An idea came to Helena and before she had time to fully think it through she had already blurted it out.


“I’m doing the fun run too!” She announced. Her father turned around from the dishes, and her mother looked up from the fridge. Both of them looked bemused. Geoffrey on the other hand looked amused.


“Really honey? ... I mean, are you sure you’re up for it?” said her father doubtfully.


“You? Run? You don’t run.” Geoffrey laughed.


“Well it’s not until Sunday, so I’ve got a couple of days to practice. A bit of hard work and I’ll be there,” she said.


“Well it would be a walk in the park for me, but not everyone can be blessed with my fine physique.” He said slapping his thick leg. Helena rolled her eyes. 


“Then why don’t you come along too? I’ll make a nice change from just chasing a ball around won’t it?” teased Helena. Geoffrey scoffed.


“Sure. I’ll show you how it’s done. Like I said, piece of piss!”


“Don’t say piss at the table, dear,” his mom said walking back to the table with her full glass of wine.


“Anyway, can I be excused? I’ve got a lot of hard work to do if I’m to be ready for the run by Sunday.” Helena said getting up from the table. “Not to mention I’ve got plenty of reading to be getting ahead with.” She made her way out of the dining room, surreptitiously sticking her middle finger up at her brother on the way out of the door.


She was only being truthful about the second part of what she said as she left. She did have some reading to be getting on with; it was of her advanced spell book. As for the hard work she said she was going to put into her training for the run? That was a lie. She’d done her hard work this year at Wizard’s College. Now it was time for some fun. And she was planning to use her newly learned magic to do exactly that. Have some fun.



Chapter 2 


Geoffrey couldn’t resist the urge to do some light weight training after dinner. The weight he lifted was not enough to tire him, but it was enough to work up a good sweat. He patted down his brow with the towel around his neck. On the way down the hall towards his bedroom, he found Helena in the study, face buried in an old book. 


“There’s a perfectly good TV downstairs you know? I’ll show you how it works if you’ve forgotten.”


“Very funny. I’m busy actually.” Helena said eyeing the doorway which Geoffrey had stepped through, hinting him to leave. Geoffrey didn’t take the hint. Instead he approached the desk that Helena was working at. He peered over her book. It was written in a strange dead language which he didn’t recognize at all. The Script was ornate and decorative and completely indecipherable. Helena seemed to understand it though; she traced her finger over the text as she silently read.


“Go on then.” Geoffrey scoffed. “Give us a trick!” he demanded. Helena sighed, tapping her finger on the ancient volume with impatience.


“Can’t you see that I’m busy?” She snapped. Just then Tabitha, the family cat, jumped onto the desk from the window ceil where she was perched. Tabitha was a fat ginger cat, with long fluffy hair. Geoffrey had wanted to call her Garfield when they were younger but Helena had insisted on Tabitha. He’d pretty much lost interest in it since then, meaning that Tabitha was HER cat. Tabitha started to lick Helena’s finger, which had been tapping against the book. Startled at first, Helena smiled when she saw her kitty.


“You wanna see a trick too, Tabby?” she asked her cat. “Okay,” She told her brother. I’ve got one for you.” Helena reached over the desk into her pencil case and pulled out her wand, brushing the pencil shavings off of the handle. The pointed the wand at her unsuspecting cat and said a spell which she had memorized from her big book.


A flash filled the study. When Geoffrey’s eyes came back into focus stared at his sister. At first glance nothing appeared to be different, then he slowly noticed her hair changing colour. Her rich brown coloured locks were slowly lightening into a vibrant orange. Her curls were straightening out, as her hair turned bushy and wild looking. Meanwhile Tabitha’s fur turned darker, and duller, until it was chestnut brown. Geoffrey noticed his sister’s eyes changing colour. They turned from brown to bright emerald green. As she looked at him her eyes glared brightly like cat’s eye’s catching the light of her desk lamp. Her hair was now bright orange, two-tone streaks of sun kissed blonde. It was a bold yet good look. She looked punky and slightly supernatural.


“Ta da,” she said while Tabitha slinked of, ruffling her chestnut coloured fur. Helena grabbed the hand mirror which was lying on the desk, and adjusted her hair, running her hair through it to ruffle it up, completing the punk look. Her hair looked great. A salon would charge top dollar for the look. Geoffrey cleared his throat. This was the first time he’d ever seen magic first hand. Yet he was determined to sound unimpressed.


“That it?” he said, “I guess it’s an alright look, but you can get hair dye and contact lenses for that.”


“That it! This is a fairly powerful transfer spell! Nobody in my class knows it yet!” Helena exclaimed.


“It wasn’t that impressive,” said Geoffrey rolling his eyes.


“Well hair and eye colour isn’t the only thing I can transfer,” she boasted.


“So show me something bigger then! Show me something more impressive,” he demanded. Helena sighed at her brother.


“One more ‘trick’ and then you leave me to get on with my work, okay? Deal?”


“Fine,” he said. An unnerving and mean smirk crossed his sister’s lips as she pointed the want towards him. He froze with apprehension as she started to mouth a spell. A spark shot out of the wand and suddenly another great flash filled the study.


Once again it took Geoffrey a moment to realize what was happening while his eyes came back into focus. First he felt was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He felt like he was on an elevator going down. He looked over at Helena stunned, she was now ginning widely. The desk she was sat at seemed to be rising higher in front of him, where as her head, high above the desk, seemed to be rising even higher and quicker. He could hear the leather of the desk chair Helena was sitting on scrunch and squeak. He couldn’t work out why the chair was creaking. Other than her gradual rising upwards she appeared to be sitting crossed legged and perfectly still. It wasn’t until he heard her knees knock against the bottom of the desk that Geoffrey realized what was happening. She laughed with delight and repositioned herself on the seat. She enjoyed a new higher vantage point. 


Helena sucked in a deep lungful of air and the top button of her blouse popped undone. She laughed boisterously, looking down at the two bigger mounds of bosom that made up her chest as well as the larger, well formed arms which now bulged out of her sleeves by her side. Her chest heaved as she laughed and slowly stood up from behind the desk. The bottom of her blouse untucked itself from her leggings, exposing her leaner firmer stomach, which also rolled with laughter. As she stood up to her new full height, she confirmed Geoffrey’s worst fears. She stood much taller, she was now a statuesque height of 6 foot 3 inches! She kicked the now uselessly small plimsolls off her size 12 feet and made her way around the desk to stand in front of Geoffrey. Her leggings now rolled up to the tops of her calves, revealing her firm, sporty legs. He had a hard time digesting the fact that this tall, large and athletic red head grinning down at him was actually his sister.


“What’s up bro? You look nervous.” She giggled. He looked up and gulped. Looking up at his much larger sister went against every fibre of his reasoning. 


“Is this big enough for you now?” She laughed freely, looming over her brother. “How do you like your BIG sister’s magic tricks now?” she mocked.


He noticed that the sleeves of his rugby shirt were now dangling over his fingers and that the collar was extremely loose around is neck. That’s when it dawned on him what had happened. The transfer spell. She must have stolen his height. As terrifying as it was that his sister was now over six foot, it was a fact made even scarier when it meant that he must only be a fraction over 5 foot. His face must have dropped as Helena seemed to notice it had dawned on him what she had done. She put an arm around his neck and squeezed him in close playfully.


“What’s the matter little bro? Don’t you like being short?” He struggled, pressed up against her chest. She seemed so much stronger while he felt a lot weaker.


“Get off!” He tried shouting but his protests were muffled.


“What was that?” she said looking down at his vain attempts to get free. She laughed loudly and rapped her knuckles against his skull as he wriggled wildly, further infuriated by her mocking. He exerted even more effort into trying to free his head, pushing into the broad, firm wall of his sister’s body with all of his feeble strength. When Helena saw his arms begin to shake with exertion while he failed to move her even an inch. She laughed even harder. Finally she picked him up in a bear hug and squeezed him firmly until he stopped squirming and kicking, admitting defeat. She lowered him back down to the floor as her giggles trickled away.


“What the fuck have you done to me? You fucking bitch!” He shouted. Helena quickly smacked him around the head with an open palm, not thinking twice. His ear rang and stung from the big red imprint which his sister’s hand had left. His head pounded.


“Oww! What the fuck- OOPHH!” He was cut off as she kneed him in the stomach without hesitation.


“Stop swearing at me!” she scolded. Geoffrey gasped, having the wind knocked out of him by the surprising power of his sister’s strike. In between deep breaths he blurted out an apology bred by quick conditioning, “O-okay,” he gasped “I-I’m sorry...”


“Good, his sister replied. I hope that means I won’t have to tell you again.” She smirked. She reached down and put an arm on his shoulder.


“Aww,” she started with mock sympathy. “This must be pretty weird for you. You’re not used to magic are you?” she asked. “It must be weird for you, being so small. Looking up again at your big sister, it’s been a while, right? It’s kind of weird for me too, I have to say. I haven’t been taller than you for years! And I’ve never been THIS much taller! I guess I’m taller than Mom and Dad too which is pretty neat!” Helena said with a gleeful smile. “It’s kind of weird, but I could definitely get used to it.” Helena chuckled. Geoffrey shook his head and clinched his fists.


“Okay, Helena. You’ve had your fun now, so switch back our heights. I’ll make sure that I leave you alone from now on.” Geoffrey said. His voice was half quivering with rage but he managed to channel it into a pragmatic tone.


“Nuh uh. You knew the deal. ONE more trick and then you have to leave. No more magic for you tonight, I’m busy. So shove off, squirt!” Helena said, giving her brother a push backwards towards the door. He stumbled, falling backwards onto his backside. This elicited a hearty burst of laughter from Helena. 


Now on the floor with a bruised arse and a bruised ego, Geoffrey went red in equal measures of anger and embarrassment. He let out an angry howl, jumping up and running towards his sister, shaking his fists in rage. In his haste towards her, his looser sweat pants slipped around his legs, tangling around his feet and tripping him up. Geoffrey went head first into the floor. He smashed his nose and his eyes watered in pain. This caused Helena to burst. She howled, her body doubling over as her chest shook violently with laughter. Geoffrey got back up lashed out at her, throwing his fists wildly as his pants still dangled around his ankles. With one hand on his head, Helena kept him at arm’s length with one arm as she continued to laugh hysterically, Geoffrey arms flapping wildly out of range. 


After Helena had finally settled down and stopped laughing, and Geoffrey had finally tired, admitting defeat, Helena put her arms around his waist, hoisted him clear off the ground and carried him out of the study door and dropped him down carelessly. Geoffrey tried to dart off but Helena tugged him back by the collar.


“Now, provided that you don’t go whining to Mom or Dad and I don’t hear a peep out of you until tomorrow, then I MIGHT give you your height back in the morning. If you tell on me though... Well...” A mean smirk crossed Helena’s lips, “If you tell Mom and Dad then I might have to cast a new memory spell over them. I’ll make them forget that you were ever this tall! I’ll make them forget that you were ever the star athlete that they painstakingly drove to matches and tournaments all year round without asking for even a simple thank you, nor getting it. I can make them think that they’ve always had a 6,3” athletic, grade A wizard for a daughter, and that they’ve always had a rude, useless little pipsqueak for a son!” Helena rolled her eyes backwards, contemplating further spells that she could cast. “Jeez, if I wanted to, I could even make YOU forget that you were ever this tall! I could also make you forget everything you know about sports, or business, or accounting. I could take away everything which you could ever possibly use to better yourself in life and force you to live forever in the shadow of your MUCH BIGGER sister, who will better than you in every conceivable way. Would you like me to do that? I can grow even bigger you know? Would you like that?” Helena asked, pulling him closer to within an inch of her gritted teeth, he felt her hot breath on his cheeks. Geoffrey shook his head.


“N-no,” he stammered. 


“Good, then scram!” She said letting go of his collar and giving him a swift push. “Behave!” she shouted after her diminutive brother as he scuttled off down the corridor. She beamed with satisfaction as she stood back up to her full height and slammed the study door, locking it behind her. She went back to work on her advanced spell book, finding it hard to concentrate. She couldn’t keep her mind off how exhilarating it felt to be bigger and stronger. She flexed a meaty bicep, staring down at her arm with pride. She already had one or two ideas about what her next move would be. This spring break is going to be awesome! she thought to herself.



Chapter 3


Geoffrey could feel his blood seething as he tossed around in his bed. How did I let my fucking sister trick me like that? He scolded himself. He was swimming in his sheets. They were far larger than he was accustomed to. He was swallowed by his Kingsize bed which was now much too big for his diminutive 5,1” height. Understandably he only got an hour or two of sound sleep.


Helena slept relatively soundly. She had some trouble squeezing her new 6 foot plus frame into the single guest bed. The mattress groaned under her weight every time she rolled over. While it was an annoying putting up with the creaking all night, it did remind her of her newfound size and strength gained at the expense of her little shit of a brother, which made her feel quite happy. Her bare feet poked out of the bottom of her covers as they struggled to accommodate for her much longer legs. Stretched out straight her feet dangled off the edge of the bed. Minor inconveniences considering how much fun she was due to have at her new commanding height of 6'3” she decided, joyfully drifting back to sleep.


Geoffrey arose from his doze to the smell of fried bacon. He jumped out of bed. The drop from his bed into his pair of oversized slippers instantly reminded him of his predicament: he was still pint sized. He slipped on his dressing gown which absolutely drowned him. The bottom dangled just off the floor like a cloak while his hands didn’t even reach through the sleeves. He rolled them up and made his way to the bathroom via the laundry.


He came out of the shower fully dressed in clothes from a few summers ago he’d been meaning to take to the charity shop. It was a pair of skinny cut jeans and a tight V neck t-shirt from his punk phase. Years ago these clothes were stylishly tight on him, but now they were loose and baggy. He had to roll up the legs.


Geoffrey stormed into the kitchen in a huff. An action made comical by his much smaller frame. His mom had her head in her hands. She looked like she’d had too much wine again last night. His Dad was putting the bran flakes away. 


His sister was rummaging through a cupboard which would have been previously been too high for her to reach. It was a cupboard which was now at her eye level. She took Geoffrey’s industrial sized tub of protein powder out of the cupboard and started to fix herself a shake. She stuck her tongue out at him when she saw him staring. What started as a feeling of anger soon turned to a feeling envy as he looked at Helena’s body. She was popping out of her woefully undersized sport’s tank top and jogging shorts. Her bigger arms twitched as she twisted the lid of protein open. Her athletic muscles and full curves nearly bursting out of her clothes where an instant reminder of the size and mass he now lacked. He felt weak. With a burst of sudden anger he opened up his mouth to demand, in front of his parents, that Helena give his muscles and height back immediately. Just as he opened up his mouth, his mother burst out laughing.


“I’m sorry honey,” she said wiping a tear of laughter from her eye. “You just look so cute!”


“It’s not funny!” he snapped. His mom stifled her laughter. “Tell her to switch us back now!” he demanded.


“Well... your sister has just been talking to us about that,” started his mother, “... you tell him Helena.”


“Gladly,” Helena interjected. “You see my advanced spells tutor has set me homework to see how long I can sustain prolonged spells such as this one. So I can’t reverse it right away, sorry. We've got to stay like this for a while to see how much my concentration has improved. I’m supposed to document it.” Helena finished her sentence while sitting down at the breakfast table. The wooden stool creaked under her weight. She bit into the thick bacon sandwich in front of her, comprised of almost a full pack of bacon.


“Bullshit!” Geoffrey snapped. “That’s absolute bullshit! You can’t let do this mom?” he almost pleaded to his mother.


“Well... Your sister’s studies are very important, Geoffrey... And we want her to do well. If she says that this is what she needs to do to get ahead... then we all have to support her.”


“What?? You’ve gotta be bloody kidding! I can’t stay like this! What about my bloody training? I can’t train with this bloody body!” he protested.


“Oh stop getting hysterical Geoffrey! You’ve finished football for the season now anyway! You can do without it for a couple of weeks or so,” said Helena. There was a hint of smugness in her words which her parents didn’t pick up on.


“Helena’s right. You don’t need to train all the time honey. Have a little break, okay?” his mom insisted.


“Dad?” Geoffrey clutched a final straw.


“Do as your mother says,” said his dad.


“Fucking piss take,” mumbled Geoffrey. His mom frowned at him. For a moment he wondered whether his mother would let it lie or not. She stood up and put her coffee mug on the side. She moved toward him and stood right in front of her son. She loomed over her him, inches away from his face. It was disconcerting having to look up to meet his mother’s authoritative eyes. She had her hands on her hips, and was looking down with disapproval. 


“Don’t say ‘piss’ in the kitchen Geoffrey.” There was a smirk forming at the corner of her mouth. It seemed she was enjoying being in charge again. “You know I hate that word... Say sorry,” she ordered. She was smiling, so clearly only half serious, but there was a pause. She was still waiting for an apology. Geoffrey was unnerved.


“Sorry,” he muttered. His mom laughed, Helena picked up on her cue and joined in laughing. 


“Good boy Geoffrey!” His Mom said squeezing him into her big, hefty body for a hug. Worryingly he his feet left the ground when his mom leaned backwards slightly and he was pulled up onto the tips of his toes. His Mom giggled as she grabbed his head still at either side of his cheeks and forced a sloppy, embarrassing mother’s kiss on his lips. Helena laughed wildly as Geoffrey cheeks burned red. Geoffrey spat and wiped the lipstick off his mouth with the sleeve of his t-shirt.


“Get off me mom! Sicko!” Geoffrey protested.


“Aww, sorry. I couldn’t resist,” said his mother letting him go. “It’s just such a novelty...sorry. I couldn’t resist teasing you.”


“Well thanks for your bloody support!” said Geoffrey.


“Don’t be such a grumbly guts! It might be fun being little again, just give it a go! I can see it having its benefits already” she said leaving the kitchen. Geoffrey could hear his mom chuckling down the hallway. 


“ Keep that chin up, champ!” said his Dad, thumping him on the arm on his way out of the kitchen with the newspaper. Now towering over him, his father looked pretty tough, rather than the gawky, stuffy old man he’d grown accustomed to thinking of him as. His mom and dad looked like the imposing, authoritarian figures of yesteryear. This was a thought which made him sick to the pit of his stomach.


He was left in the kitchen with his sister, who was now grinning as she munched her thick bacon sandwich. She took a big swig of her protein shake.


“How much fried bacon are you eating?” Snapped Geoffrey. “At least look after my physique if you’re gonna steal it!” he said. Helena laughed.


“Don’t be such a fairy! I’m going for a run this morning anyway!” She was kicking her long legs playfully under the table, her knees bumping against the bottom of the table at her newfound size.


“Hey! Are those my trainers!” Geoffrey said pointing down at Helena’s feet.


“Yep. They fit me perfectly! You can borrow my trainers though if you like, they’re pink. Is that okay?” she said with a smirk.


“Fuck off.” Helena stood up to her full height. A full foot taller than her brother. She walked over to him and stood right in front of him, getting in his grill. Geoffrey bent his neck upwards to avoid having to look straight at his sister’s breasts, which were in his face as she squared up to him. She breathed down his neck.


“Watch it, short stack,” she told him. She grabbed her plate and threw it into the dishwater. She then gulped down the rest of her shake, and let out a loud belch. She covered her mouth and giggled. “I’ll leave you to wash the dishes, okay?” Geoffrey bit his tongue. “Good.” She said leaving the kitchen and humming down the hallway.






Geoffrey had calmed down since the furore moments ago. He was relatively happy munching away on his cheerios when the doorbell rang. He heard high pitch girly squeals and giggles echoing through the corridor from the front door, and then heavy footsteps towards the kitchen. His oversized sister pushed open the door and entered the kitchen with her friend, Kiki.


“Here he is,” said Helena. “Get up squirt!” she said. Geoffrey glared at her and raised another spoonful of cheerios up to his mouth. She grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and hoisted him off his seat, standing him up in front of her friend.


“Jesus, Helena. What the hell?” Geoffrey protested. She swatted him lightly on the bum.


“Don’t be rude in front of guests,” Helena said. Kiki looked slightly embarrassed on his behalf. Her embarrassment soon made way for fascination though. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This was surreal. This was Geoffrey: Her best friends brother. A formerly tall, muscular and hunky man who she’d had a crush on for years. And now he was small. The same size as herself. She became flooded with mixed emotions. She still found him unbearably cute. Did she find him even cuter now?


“Wow.” Was all Kiki could muster at first. “You did this with magic?” she finally asked, unsure what else to say.


“Duh? What else would they be teaching me at Wizard’s College?” said Helena laughing. Geoffrey wasn’t saying anything either, he was just staring at Kiki. “Aww, you two look cute together. You’re the perfect height for each other now!” Kiki went bright red and her eyes shied away from Geoffrey’s.


“Oh knock it off Helena!” Geoffrey said. “Just give it a rest. You’re embarrassing your friend now!” Kiki gave him a nervous smile. He offered her just the raised corner of a lip in return. It was a disconcerting perspective shift for Geoffrey. From down here his sister’s friend looked different. She wasn’t the chubby, short girl which he remembered her as. She was actually quite pretty if you took the time to look. She had lost some of the puppy fat around her face and her cheeks had a more defined rosiness. She looked sweet all flustered; her blue eyes hiding behind her chocolate fringe. He noticed that wearing her sports clothes, she wasn’t as chubby as she was the last time he’d seen her. The running must have been working. She was still curvy, and still had a bit of a belly but she looked a lot healthier. She looked back at him and he realized that he’d been staring at her for a while. She gave him another nervous smile.


“Aww,” Helena said looming behind him. “Give Keeks a hug!” She said pushing him firmly in the back. Geoffrey fell forward into Kiki who caught him. His face found itself smooshed in between Kiki’s breasts momentarily. She caught his weight and firmly stood him back on his feet without letting him fall to the floor. It was a strength which he wasn’t expecting from her, he had forgotten how light he was. The contact had stirred a strange feeling of arousal inside of him. Up until now he’d only been manhandled by his sister so he hadn’t noticed it before, but was there something strangely erotic about a stronger woman? His loins seemed to think so, they stirred in response. It was Geoffrey’s turn to go red now.


“Oops,” said Kiki, putting Geoffrey back on his feet. “Don’t be so cruel to your brother Hels!” she told Helena.


“Oh I’m only teasing him! Anyway, our little Geoffie here is going to be helping us prepare for the fun run today aren’t you Geoffie?” Helena said prodding him in the ribs with a stiff finger.


“I am?” Geoffrey said with some concern.


“Yep. You’re gonna help us put these bodies through the motions before our big race!” she said ambiguously. Kiki looked her friend up and down again, and shook her head with disbelief.


“You do look absolutely amazing Hels! You look like an athlete...-Screw that, you look like an amazon! I’m SO jealous!” Kiki said emphatically.


“Oh you,” Helena said with a giggle. “C-mere, let me give you a ride!” she hoisted her friend up into the air for a hug while Kiki let out an excited squeal. She hoisted Kiki over her shoulder and slapped her bum playfully, then smiled wickedly and winked at Geoffrey, as if to rub in the gulf of size and strength between them both. Geoffrey felt his stomach churn with anger. After a round of giggles Helena put her friend back down.


“Let’s go warm up.” Helena said taking her friend by the hand. “Go and get ready Geoffrey. We’ll be leaving for the park soon,” she instructed, on her way out the door. “Oh and you’ll need to call some of your football friends and invite them along. We’ll need their help for our training.” Images of dread started running through Geoffrey’s mind. “Make sure that you invite TALL friends,” she said finally.



Chapter 4


Despite having been tricked once by his sister within the last 24 hours, Geoffrey wasn’t completely dim. He knew that Helena had something foul planned for their little training excursion, even if he didn’t know specifically what she had in mind. He wasn’t going to be inviting any friends. Not that he was bothered particularly for their well being. He just didn’t want to jeopardize his football team any further. The star player was already out for the time being.


He didn’t want to cooperate with his sister, but he didn’t see any other options. His sister clearly had their parents in her back pocket but that didn’t surprise him much. It had always been that way. Perhaps playing along would get things back to normal quicker. Some part of him also wanted to spend time with Kiki. He couldn’t shrug his curiosity off. He was just intrigued to see her run he told himself. What was wrong with that? 


He had to scour the back of his cupboard to find some training clothes which would fit his barely over 5 foot frame. His muscle shirts swam on him and his tracksuit bottoms looked like parachute pants. He couldn’t shake the MC Hammer look of his wardrobe. Reluctantly he had to rifle through his sister’s clothes to find a pair of tracksuit bottoms which would fit. He picked out the most unisex coloured pair he could find. The best pair was a mauve colour with light pink sport stripes. Not very manly but they fit okay. Embarrassingly they were fitted to be tight around the bum so they looked quite ridiculous. He managed to find a T-shirt which fit him at the back of his own closet. It was a GAP teens T-shirt which he used mostly for dusting now. He dusted it off and threw it on. Grudgingly he picked up his sister’s pink shoes and headed downstairs.


Waiting by the door for the two girls, Geoffrey bent down to do up his pink shoelaces. As he did up the laces he heard giggling from behind him.


“Nice ass baby!” said Helena sarcastically, tugging back and snapping the waist band of his hip hugging tracksuit bottoms. Kiki held back a giggle.


“Yeah, yeah. Very funny. Are we going then?”


“Sure, we’re all warmed up now!” Helena wiped sweat off her brow with a huff of her breath. “Where are we meeting your football friends?” She asked. Obviously Geoffrey hadn’t invited any friends. He deflected her question.


“Why are you two so sweaty?” he asked the girls.


“We’ve been doing weights.” Kiki said proudly. “You should see how much Hels can do now, she can lift-“ Kiki cut short noticing the expression of annoyance across Geoffrey’s face. “-I mean, never mind.”


“Yeah never mind that, where are we meeting your football friends Geoffrey? You better have invited them!” Helena asked sternly, her fists clenched by her side. Geoffrey didn’t say anything. It looked like he had a snappy decision to make. Whether he was going to take his beating before they left the house, or when they got to the park and Helena found out his friends weren’t coming. He thought carefully. Just then the phone rang. “Saved by the bell,” she said moving across the hallway to answer the phone. Geoffrey breathed a sigh of relief. Kiki offered him a nervous smile. Helena picked up the receiver.


“Hello? Oh hi, Tet! Yes, Geoffrey’s just here... He’s just about to take me and my girl friend out for a jog. Are you coming along with us? Uh huh, we need help with our stretches... We’ll be down at McArthur Park if you wanna check us out. –Just a quick question Tet? Who’s the tallest guy on the football team? Dunk? Bring Dunk along as well. See ya soon. –Okay hang on, let me just put him on...” Helena handed the phone over to Geoffrey. “Your friend Tet wants to talk to you.” Geoffrey grabbed the phone and put it to his ear.


“Hey Geoff, so that’s your famous sister is it?” Tet said laughing. “I can see why you’ve been keeping her a secret! She sounds like a babe!” he said. It was a running joke of the football teams. They all gave Geoffrey stick for having a sister their age.


“Knock it off, Tet! Listen to me DON’T come to the park!” He said frantically. Helena raised her eyebrows and flexed a big bicep, and pointed to the peak.


“What are you talking about man? I wanna meet your sister, actually we all do! I’m definitely coming down to the park.”


“Trust me man, you really don’t want to come down.” He said. Tet chuckled.


“Your voice sounds weird dude. I’ll see you at the park. Tell your sister I’ll help her warm up.” He hung up the phone. Geoffrey sighed. At least Tet had made it easy not to feel sorry for him, but it was obvious that now him and at least one other player of their football team was going to fall prey to Helena’s devious plans.


“Come on, let’s get going.” Helena said forcing her brother out of the door. Geoffrey grabbed one of his large sweaters off the coat rack and tied it around his waist. Helena giggled again at his ill fitting, hip hugging, girlie tracksuit bottoms and Geoffrey’s attempts to mask them.


“You’re not borrowing a pair of my knickers too are you Geoffrey?” Helena scoffed.


“Piss off Helena,” said Geoffrey as they walked out of the front door.






Helena was jogging on the spot and punching thin air. Kiki stretched her hamstrings out across the cool grass. Geoffrey was limbering up his small limbs carefully. Being a cautious athlete he didn’t want to sprain anything while still getting the hang of his softer body. His sister panted heavily, sweating from boxing thin air in the hot sun. Geoffrey found himself wondering where all the added aggression she’d displayed today had come from. She had been bullying him something fierce today. Was this years of pent up aggression finally being released onto him? Or was this the extra hormones surging through her bigger body? Probably a little from column A. and a little from column B. he thought.


He’d got a few funny looks walking through the park. Most people did a double take, looking down at him. They must have taken him for a weird, older looking 11 year old. Quite a few of the women were a few inches taller than him thanks to their high heels. A few were a couple of inches taller than him in their flats. He got a few wry smiles and winks from the girls he passed. This was the first chance he got looking up at members of the fairer sex that weren’t his sibling. So far he was enjoying the view. Every woman he passed looked like a supermodel from his vantage point, the women just seemed to ooze sex. Even Kiki looked her own kind of sexy, stretched out on the cool grass, warming up her thick, womanly body.


Just as Geoffrey was coming to grips with the plus side of being 5,2” he saw his two friends approaching from over the grassy hill. They were kicking the football to one another. Tet, or ‘Arteta’ calling him by his full nickname, flicked the ball over his head and did a few kick ups to show off his skills. Big Dunk was now the biggest man Geoffrey had ever seen. He was about 6,8” Geoffrey remembered, but he looked like an absolute mountain of a man from Geoffrey’s current perspective. Geoffrey’s stomach churned. He couldn’t look his friends in the eyes. He put the hood on his sweater up and looked to the ground, crouching down and pretending to tie his shoe laces.


“Heya fellas!” said Helena bouncing on the spot. “I’m so glad you guys could make it!”


“So you’re the sister Geoffrey’s been keeping under wraps all this time, huh?” he said looking her body up and down, focusing far too long on her breasts. 


“Can’t say I blame him. If my sister was a babe, I wouldn’t want my friends to know either.”


“I’m flattered,” said Helena pretty flatly. “How tall are you Tet?” she asked getting straight to business.


“6,3” why? How tall are you?” he said in a jocular tone.


“6,2” pretty tall for a girl, huh? And I’m still growing!” she said with a wink as she glanced down at her bust. Tet chuckled mindlessly. “You’re a good height though. I want you to go and help my friend Kiki with her stretches,” she instructed. Tet clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes.


“Her?” He said pointing at Kiki who was still stretching on the floor. “I wanna help you with your stretches! Not her!” he said, talking about Kiki like she wasn’t even there. Kiki frowned and looked down at the floor. At this point Geoffrey decided that he no longer cared what Helena had in mind for Tet. He hoped it was bad because Tet was a dick.


“Listen, if you help Kiki with her warm up, then you can help me with my cool down. I usually take a relaxing shower when I cool down, because I get all hot and sticky when I go hard,” Helena said suggestively. This provoked another round of chuckles from Tet.


“Who is little man?” said Dunk, in a thick Eastern European accent. He was pointing at Geoffrey. With his hood up, his two friends hadn’t recognised him. Apparently Geoffrey was far less striking with his bright hair covered up.


“That’s my brother... my littlest brother... Geoffrey couldn’t come you see, so I told G-Gary to come along instead” Dunk shrugged.


“You don’t say much do you Big Dunk?" Helena asked. "Why do they call you that anyway? Your name isn’t really Duncan, right?”


“I am Dimitri, please to meet,” he drawled. Tet cut in.


“We call him big Dunk because he’s got a monster in his trousers,” said Tet, sniggering.


“Ooo, charming,” mocked Helena. “And why do they call you Tet? Because you’re a dyslexic tit?” she said. Kiki giggled. Tet sat down on the floor opposite Kiki and put his feet against hers He joined hands with her and gave her arms a sharp tug, stretching out her hamstrings.


“Hey, not so rough please,” Kiki said without any real authority. Tet ignored her.


“They call me Arteta because I play like the best little Spaniard they know,” he said with a smirk. He gave Kiki’s arms another tug. Kiki sighed in pain.


“Good for you!” Helena said with false honesty. “Big Dunk, you can help me stretch out so long as you’re gentle,”


“Don’t worry, Big Dunk has plenty of experience stretching girls out!” said Tet.


“Cute,” said Helena flatly. “Lemmie just get my water bottle first.” Helena reached into her sports bag and got her wand out. She wiped the wetness from her water bottle off of her wand with her towel. She closed her eyes and mumbled an incantation and with a swish and a flick there was a flash of blinding light.


Geoffrey’s eyes readjusted but it took a while to fully understand what he was looking at. His “friends” were frozen stiff. Tet was still yanking at Kiki’s arm, Kiki face was frozen into a wince of pain. Big Dunk still has an ever vacant look on his face, now however he wasn’t moving or breathing either. Helena was moving to and fro throughout the three mannequin like still bodies, and scratching her head.


‘hmmm’ she sighed like an artist trying to decide which brush to stroke paint with next. As if they were weightless, she picked up her two mannequins and repositioned them so that they stood up straight and side by side. She surveyed in turn, Tet and then Kiki, nodding as her eyes darted from side to side as if reading something which Geoffrey couldn’t see.


Geoffrey looked across towards Big Dunk, and then just beyond him. There seemed to be a rippling, translucent wall just behind him. Geoffrey looked over his shoulder. Sure enough there was a similar watery skin which divided him from the rest of the outside world. Jeff looked upward. The rippling walls seemed to form a pyramid like prism, the tip of which flicked electric blue.


“What the hell?” said Geoffrey. Helena turned around startled.


“What the hell indeed, what on earth are you doing out of stasis? You’re supposed to be frozen along with these guys.”


“What? Why am I not then?”


“Well I cast the spell perfectly so it can’t be my fault,” said Helena with unfaltering confidence. “So I haven’t really got an honest answer for you on that one Geoffrey. I have no idea.”


“What the hell are you doing with them?” he said.


“I’m remodelling, so if you must indeed be here, sit still and be quiet.” Surprisingly Geoffrey did sit still quietly, for one or two seconds until curiosity got the better of him.


“...No, screw that. WHAT, specifically, are you remodelling.”


“Well...” Helena sighed. “Specifically I’m remodeling Kiki and I, by taking selected attributes from your two very obnoxious friends here. Why do you ask?” Geoffrey shrugged. I’m gonna make Kiki and I taller, better, faster and stronger for the big race and then we’re leave everyone in the dust. Problem?” Geoffrey gulped and shook his head. “Good.” Helena stood in front of Kiki. She started moving her hands in front of her body, doing her best Karate Kid -wax on, wax off- routine. “I love Kiki, and I know how hard she’s been training for this run, that’s why I have to do this without asking because I know that she’ll say no. But I know that she’ll thank me once she starts to reap the rewards. 


Like a mime, Helena acted out pinching and rolling Kiki’s paunch belly. Geoffrey watched as miraculously the fat melted off Kiki’s stomach, to make way for a set of flat abs. The mime act continued as Helena proceeded to throw what looked like an invisible bag of sugar at Tet. A paunch pot belly suddenly busted out of Tet’s torso. Without missing a beat Helena ran her hands up her friends sides, drawing through the air the shape of an our glass. As if liquefied, the excess flesh of Kiki’s love handles moved up to her chest, filling her C-cup breasts up to DD’s. She then moved round to the back of her friend and with both hands she mimed squeezing her friend’s bum. Her cheeks firmed up instantly. It was as if they’d just been put through the paces by years on the stair master in just a short millisecond.


“Nice huh?” said Helena, surveying her handiwork. Geoffrey nodded. Her body was perfect. She looked like a popstar, or an actress. She was undeniably feminine in every way, but also firm and sculpted. Her face was still a touch puffy and this made her look irresistibly cute. Her cheeks were still a characteristically round and rosy. “I’m not finished yet though,” Helena announced. “Oh no.” 


With that she put one palm on top of the other and pushed down on the top of Tet’s head. Tet suddenly began to sink. It took a moment for Geoffrey to realize what was happening. At first it looked like his sister was pushing Tet into the ground. That was until Geoffrey looked at Tet’s feet. Tet was in fact shrinking as Helena pushed downwards he shrank down to below her neck, her breasts and then finally her ribs when Helena finished pushing. Tet was now an inch or so smaller than Kiki. She stood in front of Kiki again and placed her hand underneath her friends chin and slowly started to pull it upwards. Kiki began to inch higher and higher as her limbs elongated, her spine stretched and her body swelled with growth. She finished her ascension at an impressive 6,4” which was two inches taller than Helena. “Perfect,” said Helena. “I couldn’t get used to looking down on Keeks. She looks more normal like this, doesn’t she?” Geoffrey couldn’t breathe. It was too much to take in. It might have been a more accustomed to perspective for Helena, but there was no way that he could call looking up at this teen behemoth, who he’d been used to looking down at for most of his life, a normal experience. If stood in front of her he would have only come up to her ribs.


Helena turned her attention to the still life that was big Dunk.


“Now what have you got for me Mr Big?”she said looking him up and down. “Oh wow, there’s lots I can take from this one. Aggression, determination. STRENGTH! Lots of strength, both mental and physical. Gimmie!” The stern look on big Dunk’s face melted away and was replaced by a look of shyness and apprehension. “And I’ll share that between Kiki and me, I’ll give her a larger portion though because I already took a fair bit from you, Geoffrey,”


“Oi!” he protested. “I thought something was up!” Helena paid him no attention.


“I’ll take that too!” Helena clicked her fingers and almost immediately Dunk dropped two foot down to 4,8” and then she clicked her fingers again.


“One for you!” she announced as Kiki instantly shot up another foot, putting her at an obscenely tall height of 7,4” within a moment. “And one for me!” Helena said zooming up with an instant growth spurt and joining her friend at the lofty height of 7,2” and stretching her long legs out proudly. “Wow... This is new!” Helena said, soaking up her new perspective. “Kiki is gonna love this!” Helena bent down and squeezed the tip of her shoe, making sure it still fit okay. It did. All hers and Kiki’s clothes fit like they had been tailor make for abnormally tall women. “I could get used to life at this height,” she said with a chuckle. Helena tapped her cheek with her index finger, deep in thought. “Is there anything else...” A thought suddenly came to her, and she mimed unzipping Dunk’s fly and reaching into his trousers. “Oh my word. That IS big!” she declared. She looked at Geoffrey, who was sat on the floor looking completely overwhelmed by all of this. “You might as well have this,” she said clicking her fingers. Suddenly Geoffrey felt the not altogether unpleasant tightening of his boxer shorts as his member started to swell bigger.


“What was that for?” he said.


“Dunno,” she replied honestly. “Just felt like it. I guess I don’t want you to feel totally short changed by this affair. Besides, what is Big Dunk gonna do with it? The man’s got as much personality as a gravestone. It would be a waste leaving a dick that size under his care, he's never going to use it.” She looked back at her friend Kiki. “...And while we’re in this department, I’ll kick Kiki’s sex drive up a couple of notches. She’ll run faster if she’s gasping for it I’ll bet,” Helena said with a snigger. She clicked her fingers and it was done. All of her changes were put into place. “And let’s not forget to make sure these two little wankers don’t remember anything about our little transfer here... and... done. Now... It’s show time!” said Helena with a final click of her fingers. There was a bright flash. Before the flash I was certain that I could see the top of the pyramid we were locked in splinter and shatter into thousands of pieces. I rubbed my eyes and waited for the world to come back into focus.



Chapter 5 


The world swirled back into focus. Geoffrey was brought back to consciousness by a gasp and then a giggle. When he opened his eyes he saw two of the biggest people he’d ever seen having a conversation over the top of him.


“So how do you feel?” He heard his sister say, her voice booming out a few decibels louder than he was used to. His ears popped.


“Weird I guess. But also kind of great at the same time! We’re bloody huge Hels!” said Kiki.


“I know! What a trip! Absolutely everyone will be looking up at us now!” Helena said wickedly.


“How am I going to explain this at work? Don't you think it’ll raise a few eyebrows when the local librarian turns up for work suddenly 7,4” tall?” asked Kiki.


“At least you won’t have to use one of those silly little step ladders to reach the top shelf anymore! Tell your boss that you’ve been on some new vitamins in preparation for the race, and they’ve just... kinda kicked in!” said Helena.


“New vitamins? Is that how I’m gonna explain these too?” said Kiki bouncing her breasts with a slight shimmy of her torso. Helena giggled.


“I don’t know how people are going to be able to keep their eyes on the books,” said Helena. Kiki blushed.


“We’re gonna blow them all away on race day!” Helena said laughing.


“You know, I’ve never been more pumped up for anything in my life!” Kiki said. The two girls high fived, slapping their huge digits together with a crack.


“Okay down there short stack?” said Helena, doubling over to address Geoffrey. “You ready for the jog? Ready for us girls to show you how it’s done?” Geoffrey looked up at the two towering girls, and then looked over his shoulder.


“Where’d Dunk and Tet go?” Geoffrey said slightly bewildered, surveying the park for the missing footballers.


“They’ve gone,” said Helena. “They weren’t feeling up for the run, unsurprisingly.”


“Those boys were rude,” said Kiki with a new found sternness to her voice. “Somebody ought to teach them some manners.”


“I’m sure they’ll both develop a new ...perspective on things soon enough,” said Helena with a giggle.


“Shall we get to jogging now then?” said Kiki with a hint of impatience. She was clearly eager to let off some newfound steam. Helena gave Kiki a coy smile.


“Show him first,” Helena said. Kiki’s cheeks went a shade of red. Helena laughed while Kiki looked down at the ground.


“He won't want to see them,” said Kiki bashfully. Helena giggled.


“Show him!” shouted Helena. Reluctantly Kiki rolled up her sleeve and flexed a softball sized bicep. She smiled down nervously at Geoffrey, seeking his approval with searching, unsure eyes.


“Pretty big, huh?” she said quietly. Helena laughed again. She slapped her palm around Kiki’s arm and squeezed her bicep.


“Now that’s what I call girl power! GRRRRL power,” Helena said through gnashed teeth, bending over and leaning forward into Geoffrey’s face, getting right into his grill. She broke into a fit of spluttered laughter. Geoffrey felt sprayed droplets of saliva hit his face.


“Urghh! Say it, don’t spray it!” said Geoffrey with distain. This only encouraged more laughter from Helena. 


“Right, come on little man. Let’s get running.” Her and Kiki broke off and started running down the track with long legged strides. Geoffrey started after them. His smaller legs had trouble keeping pace with the bigger girls’ jogging speed. They were effortlessly running and chatting a few steps ahead while he ran, panting behind them. Helena looked down and over her shoulder at Geoffrey and sniggered.


“Now I know you’re going to be trailing at the rear for most of this run Geoffrey,” Helena said, juggling breathing, speaking and jogging effortlessly, “So try not to stare at Kiki’s lovely tight rear, too much. You’ll make her nervous!” She said laughing. Kiki looked down at her training shoes nervously. Helena slapped her friends bum playfully.


“Eeek!” was the noise which escaped Kiki’s lips. She started to run faster. Helena matched her strides.


“Keep up short stuff!” Helena said over her shoulder. Managing control of his flailing, exhausted limbs momentarily, Geoffrey managed to flip his sister the finger. Helena just laughed.





Geoffrey finally stepped onto his front lawn with legs like jelly, gasping for air. He’d never played a game of football or partook in any other exercise which had drained him as much as this run had today. His smaller legs and lungs were ready to throw in the towel half an hour ago, but his pride kept him tagging closely behind his sister and Kiki right until the end. He had given their jog everything. Those two on the other hand, ran like machines, but they hadn't even exerted themselves. Their toned, athletically lithe legs bounded forward never threatening to break stride once. All the while they chatted incessantly about clothes shopping and teen vampire fiction. Despite his sister’s teasing, Geoffrey caught himself staring at Kiki’s rear quite a few times, as it bounced and swayed rhythmically with her heavy bounds. Kiki had caught him looking out of the corner of her eyes. The girls carried on running for the whole duration with steady breaths, they hardly broke a sweat.


When their run had finally come to an end. Geoffrey collapsed onto the hot, dusty grass of their front lawn, feeling beat up like Cool Hand Luke. Helena comforted him with mock sincerity.


“Aww, was that too big a run for you, bro? So much for showing us how it’s done then.” Helena said.


“I’m... fine... just... need... quick rest...” Geoffrey said between deep breaths. Helena laughed through her nose, kicking her brother’s arm softly as he led flat and lifeless, spread eagle on the lawn. 


“You’re lucky Kiki and I are big enough now to not need you to spot us with your weights, cos I don’t think you’d be up to the job today,” she mocked. “Anyway, want a drink..." she paused, as Geoffrey's trembling lip started to move she finished. "...Kiki?” she finished, turning away to address her friend. Kiki nodded. Geoffrey’s mouth was too dry to berate his sister. He just led back and gasped for air instead. “You can make your own drink Geoffrey,” she said looming down over her dilapidated brother with a smirk. “See you in the kitchen Kiki,” she said disappearing into the front door while Kiki finished off doing her stretches. 


Geoffrey closed his eyes and wiped the sweat of his forehead as he tried to catch his breath. The salty beads of sweat rolling down his eyebrows made his eyes sting. As he wiped he saw a dark shadow loom over him. When he opened his eyes Kiki was standing over him. At 7,4” she looked big enough as it was, but from Geoffrey perspective, led flat on the floor and looking up, she looked truly gigantic. Her size 16 shoes (at his estimation) were inches away from his head as she stood over him, smiling meekly.


“You did really well to keep up with us today,” said Kiki. Geoffrey went even redder in the face. Kiki’s sincere condescension was more embarrassing than his sister’s mockery. Kiki realised how it had sounded and pulled her face nervously. “Sorry... what I mean is...” Kiki fidgeted. Not knowing what to say or how to say it to cater to his pummelled ego.


“It’s okay, never mind,” said Geoffrey, sparing her further anxiety. “I know you two wiped the floor with me. I never knew you were such a good runner, Kiki.” She smiled down bashfully.


“Thanks, I train a lot,” she said.


“It shows,” he said. She gave him a big smile.


“...Sorry we went so hard on you today,” she said, extending her hand out to him as a peace offering.


“S’okay, I think I’ll live,” Geoffrey said clasping hold of Kiki’s big, soft and clammy hand. She lifted him back to his feet with a gentle yet firm tug. The sudden upward movement gave Geoffrey a bit of a head rush, his knees buckled and he started to fall. Kiki saw him falter and caught him by the shoulder, holding him straight against her sturdy body.


“You okay, little guy?” She asked. Geoffrey legs were shaking and she was supporting almost all of his weight. “C’mere,” she said softly. She bent down and put her head under his arm and hoisted him up in the air. Before Geoffrey knew what was happening Kiki had lifted him up and was cradling him against her big body. He tried kicking his legs with all the energy which he could muster to break her hold but Kiki already had a strong arm hooked firmly underneath them.


“It’s alright Geoffrey, I’ll help you inside.” Geoffrey burned with embarrassment. This now extremely big woman, whom he’d always known as his sister’s pudgy little friend, was handling him like a child. Part of him felt mortified, yet part of him was strongly receptive to the soft, full bosom which was now rubbing freely against the side of his body. His loins stirred. He felt absolutely powerless against her big, strong feminine body. His tool started to snake down the length of his tracksuit. It felt as if Kiki could do whatever she wanted to with him now, and a part of him which was growing increasingly hard to deny, wanted her to have her way. To do whatever it was she had in mind. She clasped him tighter to her body and smiled down innocently. Her soft, sweet breath enveloped him as she laughed silently.


“At least one of your legs has still got some life left in it?” she said breathtakingly with an air of seduction which had never been there before. Geoffrey was confused. She’d never been a forward girl. She couldn’t hear the word penis without blushing. He adjusted his member; tucking it under the waistband of his tracksuit, inadvertently flashing his enlarged, engorged tool. She squeezed him into her body tighter and walked through the front door. He felt a swollen nipple brush against his ribs. “We’ll just chalk it off to the motion, okay?” she whispered into his ear. Geoffrey felt the hairs prick up on the back of his neck. She carried him inside and bent over, placing him down on the couch. She knelt down and ran her fingers through his hair. Stoking him silently, amazed at how comparatively small he was next to her bigger body. She stared, transfixed for several quiet seconds.


“Errr, I think I’ll be fine now thanks,” Geoffrey said, breaking her out of her haze. Flustered, she shook her head and smiled embarrassed.


“Sorry,” she said turning red. Geoffrey gave her a wink in return.


“Keeks! Do you want ice in your blackcurrant juice?” Helena shouted from the kitchen. Kiki rolled her eyes.


“Hang on! I’m coming!” Kiki shouted back. “See ya later,” she said to Geoffrey as she stood back up to her impressive height; head higher than the door frame behind her. She turned around and ducked through the doorway scuttering after Helena. Geoffrey closed his heavy eyelids with pictures of Kiki spinning through his head.



Chapter 6


When Geoffrey awoke from his nap, it was turning dark outside. The last orange stretches of the sunset were dissipating over the horizon as dusk settled in. The automatic lights on the patio were on and so was the lamp at the foot of the couch. He looked beyond his trainers; somebody had left a full glass of blackcurrant juice on the coffee table for him. One tiny slither of ice floated on the top. Geoffrey reached over his feet and grabbed for the glass, necking half of its contents with a few thirsty gulps.


Geoffrey jumped up off the sofa. His legs already ached after the run. He took his drink with him up the stairs. He heard heavy footsteps and giggles from upstairs. Soon enough Helena and Kiki passed by the top of the staircase carrying an assortment of bean bags and pillows. Then he heard a bedroom door down the corridor slam shut. He made his way up the stairs. He could hear girlie talking and laughing on the other side of the closed door of his bedroom. Confused and cautious he creaked open the bedroom door. The smell of impulse deodorant and perfume hit his nostrils as he pushed the door open. The first thing he noticed was that his bedroom walls were rose pink. They were also plastered with posters of Eddard Callum, a teen vampire heart throb, and the cast of a Disney-esque, high school, sing along thing. Helena’s bed covers were on his bed which Helena laid on, while Kiki laid on the bean bag on the floor, belly down, kicking her legs back and forth eating popcorn. There wasn’t enough time for Geoffrey to dwell on the fact that he could see Kiki’s knickers peeking out of the bottom of her skimpy nightgown. He was too angry and confused.


“What the hell has happened to my room?” Geoffrey burst out with. Kiki and Helena both turned round to see what Geoffrey was yelling at. Kiki gave an awkward smile, while Helena rolled her eyes and glared at him. 


“We’re trying to watch a movie here!” Helena snapped.


“Never mind that! What the fuck have you done to my room?” he shouted.


“We’ve swapped rooms. This is my room for now.”


“You WHAT?”


“My rooms too small for me now. So I’m borrowing yours.”


“BORROWING? This is my room! You can’t bloody borrow it! You’ve painted it pink for Christ sake!”


“No, I magicked it pink. I don’t know why you’re getting so bent out of shape, you can repaint it once I’m back at Wizard’s college.”


“But this is MY room!” he shouted.


“And it was my room before I went to college, so deal with it. Mom already knows about it and I’ve already swapped over all of our stuff. So you can either shut up while we’re watching this or you can get out!” Helena snapped. Geoffrey was fuming. Helena smirked and turned back to the telly. Kiki gave him a sympathetic look. He shook his head vehemently and stomped over and sat on the end of the bed.


The girls were watching a drossy rom com with a typical storyline about a young man and a woman who took half the movie to realize that they even liked each other, and then spent the other half of the movie finding out that they were meant for each other. Or something dreadfully predictable like that. Helena was hugging her teddy and sucking her thumb; a bad habit that Geoffrey had always torn into her with mockery for, however he didn’t feel like teasing his towering sister today. She shifted herself, getting comfy in her bed, the mattress springs creaking under her weight. Helena rested her big feet on Geoffrey’s legs, just to annoy him. It worked. They were sweaty and slightly smelly from their big run. Her toenails were half painted pink, paint flaking off the tips of the nails. She wiggled her toes. Geoffrey could see a smarmy smile spreading across her face from the corner of his eye. He did his best to ignore her.


“Oh this is my favourite bit,” sighed Kiki, biting her bottom lip as the hapless couple in the film shared their first kiss. “Aww, how sweet,” she whispered. Helena rolled her eyes and dug her heels into Geoffrey’s quads.


“Do you mind?” he said taking his eyes of the screen to berate his sister. She just laughed silently. Geoffrey shook his head and turned back to the TV screen. The rom com couple were caught in the rain, sharing an umbrella and arguing about who should pay for the taxi. Kiki was giggling to the movie. It was a sweet giggle, short, soft and squeaky. She caught his eye and smiled. Geoffrey smiled back. 


Geoffrey lifted his drink up to his mouth to take a swig. That’s when Helena’s feet moved. She took them off Geoffrey’s lap and put her soles into his backside and gave him a swift kick off the end of the bed. Geoffrey fell downwards and landed with a thud on the bean bag Kiki was sitting on. The blackcurrant juice spilled all over his chest, drenching his top with the ice cold liquid. Geoffrey gasped. He snapped his neck back and the side of his face collided with something soft and fleshy. Looking up and over his shoulder he realised that he had landed in Kiki’s lap, her breast was pressing against the side of his cheek. Kiki looked down at her unexpected lap passenger momentarily in stunned silence. The juice which hadn’t instantly soaked into his top, trickled down his front and onto the inside of Kiki’s bare thigh, underneath him. Kiki gasped. And shot up reflexively. Her sharp movement onto her feet threw Geoffrey off her lap and flat onto his face with a thud. This caused Helena to laugh uncontrollably. She rolled around her bed howling with laughter at Geoffrey’s plight. After the initial shock, Kiki apologised profusely to Geoffrey, picking him up off the floor, dusting him off. Helena was still laughing.


“Don’t be so horrible to him!” said Kiki, chiding her best friend.


“Did I give you a bit of a shock then? Aww sorry,” Helena said unsympathetically. Geoffrey’s fists shook uncontrollably. He good feel his forehead burn red.


“Fuck this shit!” Geoffrey said storming out of the room and slamming the door shut. He wrung his t-shirt out on the way through the corridor, dripping all over the carpet. He slammed the door of his new smaller room shut and unleashed a slur of obscenities, directed at his sister. It only added fuel to the fire that he could still hear her laughing down the corridor.


After several minutes of lying down and thrashing his pillow, Geoffrey had calmed down. There was a soft knock at his bedroom door.


“Go away!” he shouted. The door creaked open, and Kiki’s head ducked under the top of the door frame and peaked around the door.


“Can I come in please?” she whispered. Geoffrey nodded sullenly. Kiki squeezed her big frame through the creaking door and shut it too behind her. “Helena says she’s really sorry about kicking you off the bed... I’m really sorry too... for everything.” Geoffrey took a deep breath and then shook his head.


“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s me and my sister. This is just what we do to each other. Truth be told, I’ve always been pretty rotten to her, so I guess I’m just getting it paid back to me in dividends now,” Geoffrey said. Kiki sighed and gave him a wry smile, shaking her head. “I’m just sorry that you have to be stuck in between our bickering... but I’m sure she’ll run out of steam soon enough,” he assured her. Kiki smiled. 


“Look at you, you’re soaked.” She said walking forward and putting her hand on his chest. “You should get out of these wet clothes before you get a cough,” she said quietly.


“What? In the height of spring? I’ll be bone dry in fifteen minutes,” he said.


“You’ll still be all sticky though,” she said pragmatically. Geoffrey sat up on the bed and rolled his t-shirt up over his head, revealing his bare torso. Except for his size, his physique had remained intact. He still had his six pack, broad shoulders and chest. Kiki looked Geoffrey’s torso up and down. Her pupils flared.


“You just wanted to see me with my top off, didn’t you?” Geoffrey said with a smirk.


“You’re an idiot.” Kiki said, smiling and turning red.


“Maybe. But that doesn’t put you off liking me, does it?” Geoffrey said grinning broadly.


“Shut up,” she said bashfully, picking up a cushion from the foot of his bed and throwing it at him. Geoffrey just laughed. “Do you like me, Geoffrey?” she asked perching on the corner of his bed. The open honesty and fragility of her question caught him off guard. She looked at him with her big puppy eyes. His over confidence melted, he could only answer her honestly.


“Yes, I think I do really.” He said softly, looking into her big blue eyes. She gave him an exacerbated smile as she flicked her hair of her face. She edged closer to him on the bed and clasped his hand.


“Thanks, I really like you too,” she said, her cheeks pooling into rosy redness. Geoffrey leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She flinched timidly, but as Geoffrey’s lips curled around hers, she returned the kiss. He put his hand on the bunch of her soft cotton nightie on her thigh as she moved in closer. They kissed passionately, her lips rapping around his tightly as her big tongue probed his mouth. She gasped coming up for air. Geoffrey paused, taking in her pretty face. 


Her puppy eyes had disappeared, now her deep blue eyes were glazed with desire. She looked down at his pants, sure enough a bulge swelling in the crotch of his jogging bottoms. Flushed, Kiki looked back up at him with a torn and lustful expression, “I- I want you Geoff,” she said, leaning into him hungrily. She kissed him fiercely, running her hand down his firm stomach. She reached under his waistband and squeezed his growing cock. This time it was Geoffrey’s turn to flinch. He had never in a million years expected Kiki to be so forward moving. She kissed him passionately and played with his big cock as it grew to full size, stretching out of the top of his waist band. He was taken aback slightly, but he did his best to keep up with her. She took her hands out of his pants and began to peel them down hastily, her fingernails scratching down his thighs. She tugged them off, the elastic waistband tore audibly as his cock sprang to full attention.


“Wait,” he said, composing himself momentarily. “You sure?” he asked. It seemed a silly question as Kiki grabbed the back of his head and pushed his into her thicker neck. He nuzzled into her collar as she ran her hands down his back. With swift movement she pulled the bottom of her nightie up over her head. Within an instant the not so shy amazon was semi naked and wearing only her knickers. She had her arm over her breasts and was smiling self consciously. “You’re beautiful.” Geoffrey said. She smiled warmly as she lowered herself onto him, her big, naked breasts pushing into his chest. She kissed him deeply with a soft sigh. Geoffrey’s hand rested on her large bum which was in the air as she straddled him. He worked his fingers under the corner of her loose cotton knickers. She moaned lustily, grinding into him. He could feel her warmth emanating from her crotch while they explored each other’s bodies. She ground against him rhythmically as they kissed. She nibbled his lips passionately. Carefully, Geoffrey traced the firm curve of her stomach with his fingertips, slowly reaching into the front of her knickers. Kiki sighed with pleasure as his fingers met her slick, wet lips. When touched her inside she let out a low moan, rubbing herself against his fingers.


Now sopping wet, she peeled her knickers off and kicked them off her feet. She ran her hands down the front of his body and hungrily spread her legs. Her shapely, glistening thighs were by his sides as she straddled him. She was ready, and she sat down on top of him, gasping as he entered her. His improved package was more than enough to fit her nicely. She sighed huskily and started to rock her big body back and forth. She pinned his arms by his sides as she built up a steady rhythm against his pole. He moaned as her hips rocked back and forth. He was surprised by her power and that she had taken complete control of him. She gasped loudly and pulled his hands up to her chest and put them on her breasts. He cupped her large bosom as she rocked back and forth, her weighty breasts jiggled in between his hands. Her nipples stiffened to his touch. Kiki’s back stiffened and curled as she shivered in ecstasy, like bolts of electricity were passing through her whole body. 


She started to pant as she bucked her big body up and down. The room smelled like desire. Her wet thighs clapped against his pelvis as she built up speed. She was now bouncing up and down on him with all her body weight as he gripped hold of her hips tightly, ensuring that she didn’t come off him. Geoffrey felt the pressure building up in his loins. Her wetness was glistening over his stomach. She was now bucking wildly on top of him. It felt like he was holding a jackhammer against his body as the big girl bounced up and down on top of him. They were both becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. Kiki’s pants turned into short, sharp wails as bed’s head board banged loudly against the wall. Geoffrey grunted as the two of them came together, Kiki screaming with pleasure as she grinded against him until she stopped coming. She slid off him and collapsed onto the other side of the bed in a big, sweaty panting heap. Then when she finally caught her breath back, she burst into tears.



Chapter 7


Kiki was curled up in a giant naked ball on the far side of the bed. She was sobbing quietly. Geoffrey didn’t know what to do. He had a hard enough time comprehending the events that had just occurred, but now he had to console an emotionally distraught teen amazon? He put his hand on her shoulder and ran his fingers through her messy, brown hair.


“What’s wrong?” he asked softly. Kiki cried even louder. “You okay?” he asked. The stupid question was all he could muster.


“Am... I... okay?” she said between sobs. “I should be asking you that question. You’re the one who practically just got raped!” she said with a whimper. “I thought I’d be really cool being big, but it’s not. It’s horrible.” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.


“Don’t be silly, I wanted you,” he said with some conviction. 


“Well I didn’t exactly ask whether you did or didn’t... and you wouldn’t have been able to stop me...” she said beginning cry even louder. He put his arm around her to console her as she cried. “You must hate me now. You must think I’m just some big, slutty freak!” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.


“No I don’t think that at all.”


“I’m really, really sorry... I-I’ve wanted you for so long... and I wanted this to be special...But I don’t know what came over me, I just couldn’t control myself,” she said with a fragile tone. He didn't know what to say. He just passed her a tissue from the box next to his bed and she blew her nose.


"If it makes you feel better, you can buy dinner and a milkshake some other time,” said Geoffrey with a smile. Kiki’s let out a short snort of laughter. She tried, and failed to say somber and composed.


“You’re not funny,” she said hitting him with his pillow. Her crying died down, and her breathing became more controlled as she wiped away her tears. “Can I have a hug?” she finally whimpered.


“Of course,” he said. She turned around to face him with a weak smile, her bottom lip still quivering. She wrapped her big arms around him and squeezed him tightly. She turned over onto her back, still gripping him tightly. She pulled his face into her soft, bare breasts as she nuzzled into his hair, sniffling quietly. Geoffrey felt more like a teddy bear than a bed companion. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed deeply, in and out. He could hear her heart pumping quickly inside her chest. His arms were pinned by his side as she hugged him tightly. He couldn’t move so he just waited patiently, his face squashed between her breasts, until obligatory hugging time was over. He started counting to one hundred in his head. By the time that he got to 93, Kiki’s breathing had got deeper and she was quietly snoring through her nose. She’d finally fallen asleep. He gently rolled off her onto the empty side of the bed, careful not to wake her.


“Fucking hell,” he muttered.






Geoffrey awoke to an empty bed and he had mixed feelings about that. His alarm clock read 11.30. Normally an early riser, his workout must have taken more out of him than he had anticipated. He got out of bed and slipped on his slippers. As soon as he got up, he noticed that something was slightly off kilter. He’d woken up different somehow. He looked around. The bed, his stuff, the room, everything seemed a bit less big. A bit more normal sized.


“What the hell?” he muttered to himself. For the briefest of moments he had a beautiful thought; what if these past few days have all been a dream? He couldn’t think of anything better than it all being an elaborate nightmare which he was just waking up from. He had to check something.


He rifled through his sock draw. At the back of the draw was a measuring tape. If you’re wondering what a measuring tape was doing at the back of Geoffrey’s sock draw, well it’s fair to say that Geoffrey was not a modest man. And at a quick check, his modesty was measuring up at 10.5 inches this morning.


“He’s a big lad,” Geoffrey said happily to himself. He drew a pencil line on the wall where the top of his head reached, then rolled out the tape measure to see how his height measured up. “5 foot 8 ½ inches,” he read out. “Weird.” 


It wasn’t his normal height but neither was it the height he was yesterday morning. He had grown. He was of average height once again. Although it was a relief to Geoffrey, his unexplained growth left him confused. It couldn’t be Kiki’s doing, nor would it have been Helena’s. How had he miraculously grown back to average height? Was this in any way related to the fact that that he hadn’t frozen when Helena last cast her transfer spell? It was a quandary which he’d have to get to the bottom of.


Helena was saying her goodbyes to somebody in the corridor downstairs, then her heard the front door close After showering and getting dressed (finally fitting back into clothes of his own, all be it a loose fit) Geoffrey dallied down the staircase. Kiki’s shoes were no longer at the bottom of the stairs, she must have gone home he deduced. He poured himself a bowl of cocoa pops and went into the living room to catch up with the sports news on the telly. Much to his annoyance, Helena was already in the living room, watching the telly, wrapped up in her flowery blanket. She grinned as he came into the room. She looked different and her wry smile told him that she was hiding something. It also told him that she hadn’t noticed that he’d grown a few inches back. With all the growing of her own she had been doing this weekend, it was no surprise that she was oblivious. Not to mention the fact that Helena could be pretty self absorbed at the best of times. 


“Was that Kiki leaving about five minutes ago?” he asked her.


“Hmm? No. Kiki left early this morning, why?” she said grinning.


“I just heard the door go before I had a shower,” he said.


“Why do you want to know when Kiki left, are you missing your girlfriend already?” she teased. Geoffrey shook his head. “I heard all about you corrupting my poor little Keeky-kins last night. Tut, tut.”


“Oh shut up,” he said dismissively. He scratched his head. “Who was that leaving through the front door just now, then?” asked Geoffrey. Helena laughed.


“That was just a couple of door to door salesmen. They wanted to talk to me about double glazing... They were both quite tall...” she said ambiguously. 


She threw the blanket off her lap and, uncurling her big body. She had grown even bigger. At the expense of the door salesmen no doubt. There was no missing how unnaturally huge she was. She rose to her feet and slowly rose higher and higher. There was no escaping her size. Standing in front of him, in her skimpy nightie, he realized that she had to be the biggest teenager on the planet. From her thick bare legs down to her big toes, stretching through the holes of her cotton pink socks, and up to her stretched out sleeves and impossibly long, thick arms, she couldn’t be too far away from becoming the tallest woman in the world. Her sheer size forebode an unruly amount of strength, power and danger. Her aura of looming danger was made more absurd by her strong scent of impulse body spray and the cartoon kitties on her nightie. She looked down at him, way down, with a mean smile.


As if Helena’s body could almost sense Geoffrey’s fear, her stomach started to growl hungrily at him. She reached under her nightie and rubbed her grumbling stomach. With her other hand she swiftly snatched Geoffrey’s breakfast bowl from out of his hands.


“I’ve already had one breakfast, but how very kind of you!” she said to Geoffrey as she raised the breakfast bowl to her lips and drained half of his cocoa pops with one slurp. After devouring Geoffrey’s breakfast in a matter of seconds, she licked the bowl clean and handed it back to Geoffrey.


“Go make me some pop tarts and I might let you watch the sports channel.” Geoffrey thought about arguing with her, but rethought it when looking her big body up and down. He had to crane his head towards the ceiling just to look into her eyes. Glaring under these conditions hardly had the effect he was hoping for. “Move it!” she said, clapping her hands loudly. Geoffrey jumped, and made haste to the kitchen. Pop tarts only take thirty seconds to toast, he reasoned to himself.


Geoffrey came back from the kitchen with a plate full of hot, chocolate pop tarts. He was impressed with himself. He had pre-empted that if he popped just two in the toaster, Helena would have sent him back for more. So instead he just emptied the whole packet of pop tarts onto a baking tray and shoved them under the grill. He took all six of the sugary breakfast treats back into the living room and put them in front of Helena.


“My word... very good,” she said. She sounded a little disappointed that she couldn’t order him back into the kitchen to cook up some more. “On my lap please,” she said. Geoffrey lowered the warm plate onto one of Helena’s tree trunk thighs. She patted him on the head patronizingly. He did his best to shove away her hand as he leaned over her giant body, reaching for the remote on the arm of the sofa. “Watch my pop tarts,” she warned. Next to the remote was Helena’s wand, presumably out from when she drained the two salesman of their heights.


Geoffrey tried to concentrate on the sports channel. He tried to concentrate on who was getting transferred to which club, as Helena chewed through her mountain of pop tarts. Something was playing on his mind. Two salesmen. There were two salesmen which Helena had welcomed into the house. Helena was 7 foot 2 inches when he saw her last night. Right now she must have been just shy of 8 foot, if not a little over. She could have only taken that much height from one man. Yet she had specifically mentioned TWO tall salesmen. If Kiki had left early this morning, then who had gotten the other man’s height? Just as he found himself asking this question, he heard a loud whistling and heavy footfall on the staircase. Helena started laughing through her nose. Two heavy heels thudded on the floorboards of the landing.


“No...” Geoffrey pleaded in disbelief. “Oh dear god, please no.” Helena burst out laughing and nodded her head.


“Morning mom!” Helena shouted.






Geoffrey was hoping to meet his parents on an even kilter again today, having grown back to the average height of 5 foot 8. These hopes were dashed when his mom sauntered into the room in her dressing gown, the hair on the top of her head brushing against the top of the doorframe.


“Morning kids,” his mom bellowed out. Geoffrey miserably looked up at all 6 foot 6 of his mother. She stood tall, large and looming over him, blocking him off from the door, his exit. Geoffrey looked down her long legs and gulped when he saw that she was barefoot. She was taller now than he’d ever been and she wasn’t even wearing aby shoes. She bounced up on the tips of her toes with her hands on her hips, rocking backwards and forth, smiling. She pulled the tie on her dressing gown tight and jiggled her torso as her matronly figure settled down under her ill fitting dressing gown. Geoffrey shuddered. Dread bubbled in his guts. 


“It looks like your old mom did some growing of her own! Right?” She leered down at Geoffrey. Geoffrey felt as though he was going to have a panic attack at any moment. “Be a dear and fetched me my slippers, darling,” she instructed as Geoffrey stared down towards her feet. “Chop chop!” She couldn’t resist adding with a loud clap of her hands. Geoffrey bit his tongue. Her pink slippers were in the corridor, just a few paces behind her. It would have been easier for her to fetch them herself. He brought the slippers to her, handing them to her. Her hands remain on her hips as she rolled her eyes and shook her head, smirking down at him. She lifted up her heel and wiggled her toes impatiently. With a dread filled sigh, Geoffrey got down on his knees and tried to slip the footwear onto her expanded toes. He tried, with no avail to squeeze her foot into the slipper. He gave up.


“Guess I’m too big!” she said with a broad smile. “Your dad will have to buy me a brand new set of night wear. I might even let him help me pick some out,” she said with a giggle.


“Jesus, mom. Shut up! What the hell is wrong with you?” Geoffrey said. Helena and his mom just laughed.


“Well I’m glad you like the extra height,” Helena said getting up to hug her mom. A foot and a half taller than her mom, Helena positively dwarfed her as she bent down to give her a cuddle.


“Oh wow! Look at you! You’re huge honey!” Mom said giving her a kiss on the cheek. “My little girl is all grown up!” she said laughing. “Why I remember when you were only this big!” she said placing a firm hand on Geoffrey’s head. Both women erupted with laughter.


“Ha ha! Very funny, idiots,” said Geoffrey, going red, partly with anger and partly due to embarrassment. This only elicited more laughter from the pair of them. 


“Awww, he’s mad now. I was only kidding honey... c’mere,” his mom said, putting an arm around his shoulder and pulling him in firmly for a hug. Geoffrey was 


forced into a group hug, caught between his sister and his mother’s huge bodies as they shook with laughter.


“Were gonna have so much fun like this, me and you!” Helena told her mother. 


“I know! The yoga gals are going to flip!” her mom said excitedly in return. “...And so is my tennis instructor! Wait until he gets a load of what I serve him up now!” she said with a wink. “You’re the best, Helly Belly!” she told her daughter, calling her by her now woefully inaccurate pet name.


“No problem, mommy! Think of it as an early birthday present.” Geoffrey tried to break away from the group hug, but he found himself being held firmly against their bodies. He found himself simply going redder with anger. “Quit squirming, squirt!” Helena rumbled. His mom just stifled a laugh. He looked up and saw his sister smirking down at him. She seemed to soak it in as his shoulders slumped, and he conceded to defeat in battle once again, in what seemed to be turning into a complete defamation and a systematic destruction of his spirit. Geoffrey dreaded to think what Helena had in store for him next.



Chapter 8


Mrs Hastings felt like a brand new woman. She sucked in a deep breath of fresh air as she ducked under the frame of her front door and stepped off the doorstep onto the porch. In her red high heels she stood 6 foot 7 inches tall and proud. She was truly a sight for the neighbours to behold. Mrs Jennings, who was panting her way through her power walk on the other side of the road, did a double-take when she saw the large woman. Mrs Hasting gave her a quick wave with a giddy laugh as she pushed the driver’s seat back and squeezed into the Escalade. Mrs Jennings rubbed the sweat out of her eyes, and took a breather.


Mrs Hastings bumped her knees against the dashboard as she squeezed into her seat. Her hair brushed against the roof of the car. She chuckled. The minor discomfort was a meagre price to pay for being large and in charge. She pulled out of the driveway with a victorious honk of her horn and headed on her way to the mall.


The mall was packed with shoppers, all of whom craned their necks up to meet eyes with Mrs Hastings as she bounded from store to store, a smug grin on her face. She was in the mood for some fun.


“What do you mean you don’t have it in my size?” She boomed at the sales clerk, looking down at him with a stern face and tapping her fingernail against the checkout desk. The young man squirmed nervously. She had a firm grip on the designer dress in her clinched fist, she waved the fabric in front of the sales clerk’s face. “This silly little French dress clearly won't fit a woman of my size!” She said, leaning forward into the young man’s face as she glared at him. The young man could feel her hot breath on his cheeks as she huffed. “Now, are you going to help me find a dress that fits me in this silly little shop, or am I going to have to have a few words with your manager?”


“I-I’ll do my best to help,” stuttered the nervous sales clerk, gulping as he craned his neck up to look her in the eyes as she stood back up to her full height and put her hands on her hips. “Th-This way please,” he said shuffling out from behind the counter and squeezing past her extraordinarily large frame. She looked down at him with a wide predatory grin as he scuttled down one of the clothes isles. She followed him with big and confident strides of her longer legs. She knew that this little boutique wouldn’t have much to fit her outlandishly large frame, she was just getting joy out of watching the little man squirm. The sales clerk wiped the sweat off his brow. He could hear the heavy heels of the excessively tall woman clopping right behind him as he made his way through the clothes racks. He stuttered and fumbled nervously. He was having a hard time focusing.


“Are you new here or something? Do you even know what you’re doing?” she boomed. The young man almost dropped the extra large dresses that he was fumbling through. She stood up straight, looking down over her nose at him with a contemptuous expression. “You look like you haven’t got a clue, little boy.” The young man pulled at his collar. He struggled for his words.


“I’m just looking for something that will fit your... your complexion... you have beautiful colour ma’am, your skin is very radiant. I need to find a dress with a shade that suits you.” It seemed just when the young man was angling for a slap, he had managed to save himself. Mrs Hastings almost broke character. She nearly blushed. She cleared her throat and adjusted the expensive Italian sunglasses on the bridge of her nose.


“Of course I have beautiful skin, that isn’t news to me... Keep the flattery coming though, kid,” she said, lowering her sunglasses as the hint of a wry smile formed at the corner of her mouth. The sales clerk nervously grabbed an assortment of dresses. He grabbed some larger dresses from the back, as most of the stuff on the shelves had no chance of covering the modesty of the extra large, extra tall and extra curvy woman, whom he’d been tasked with dressing. He threw several dresses over his arm and guided Mrs Hastings towards the changing rooms.


“Just in here, madam,” said the young man. He pulled open the curtains of one of the changing booth. As he looked over his shoulder t address her, the side of his face brushed across the soft underside of her bosom. She was stood behind him in very close proximity. The shelf of her breasts pushed against his head as she slowly breathed in and out. Her neck was angled downwards as she loomed over him, by both head and shoulders. She had a big grin on her face as she soaked in the size difference. “I- I’ll leave you to it then, shall I?” he stuttered. She grabbed his shoulders and shoved him into the changing room, closing the curtains behind her.


“Don’t be stupid, I’ll obviously be requiring your assistance in here, clothes boy.” She pulled the curtains closed and slipped her feet out of her tight red heels. Her toes announced their freedom with a wriggle across the carpet as she set each foot down with a heavy thud. She took her top off. The sales clerk stood there with his mouth wide open as she stepped out of her skirt. She twirled around slowly and folded her clothes up casually. She turned back around with her hands on her hips, in nothing but her underwear and silk stockings. She smiled as his eyes lingered on her curvy assets. She crossed her arms, pushing her breasts up in the process.


“Tell me what you see, little man,” she said deeply and huskily. The young man took her in with her permission. Her flesh looked to possess the soft suppleness which only a slightly older woman’s body could possess. She looked soft like veil. Her stomach had a firm shape to it which you wouldn’t usually find on a woman of her age. She noticed his eyebrows raise. “Yoga, Pilates... and tennis,” she announced proudly, patting her stomach. He was impressed. With her clothes on, she had seemed a touch weighty. Now in nothing but her underwear he could see that it was just her breasts which were on the larger side. They were big, even on her tall frame. They drooped slightly in the cream cups of her bra. A patch of lightly wrinkled skin adorned her cleavage and her rosy nipples showed through the cream fabric. She bounced on the tips of her toes to emphasize the shape and endless length of her legs. She flicked her platinum blonde hair out of her eyes and off her round cheeks.


“You’re beautiful, madam,” he said with a quiver in his voice. She took one step forward, closing the gap between them. He found his face just inches away from her massive melons. Her nipples hardened as his quivering breath blew against the cotton of her bra. She giggled.


"Do you like tall women?" she asked.


"I do now," he replied.


“Flattery will get you everywhere, little man,” she said with a reserved smile. She took one of the dresses off of him. She turned around and bent over and stepped into the dress, giving the young man a good look at her curvy backside. She stood up, pulling the dress over her hips. She looked over her shoulder at the young man. “Is this what you get paid to do? Kiss old women’s asses, and get them to part with their savings for your expensive French dresses?”


“N-no. Sorry madam, I didn't mean-"


“Don’t worry, I don’t mind a little ass kissing.” She said with a smirk. The young man laughed nervously. “Zip me,” she said, pointing to the zipper on her back. He leant over to do her up. “While you’re down there... It’d be good to know where we both stand with each other... Kiss it...” she said. He screwed up his face.


“Sorry? I don’t know what-”


“Kiss my ass,” she ordered. She hiked the bottom of her dress up, and slipped her fingers into her cotton panties, pulling them to one side to reveal a rosy, firm bum cheek. The young sales clerk stood stunned. “Go on, kiss it,” she insisted firmly. She was looking down at him sternly and there didn’t seem to be any give in her expression. He looked down, avoiding her glare. Not knowing where else to look, he looked straight ahead of him at the big, bare bum in front of him, an inch from his face. Reluctantly he leaned forward and kissed her bum cheek. Her wide bottom flinched as his wet lips pecked against her bare skin. Inadvertently her big bum knocked into his nose as she flinched, knocking him backwards. She let out a loud giggle. His eyes watered as his nose got banged. His face went bright red with embarrassment. “Now zip me up,” she ordered. He complied. He couldn’t resist peppering her back with small kisses as he zipped her up. He stood on his tiptoes and kissed her between her shoulder blades. Slowly, she turned around with a smile. “A little clingy, but it’ll do,” she said adjusting the dress over her hefty bust.


“You look ravishing,” he said. 


“You know, if you were a bit more of a man, then I might let you get laid this afternoon,” she said with a snigger. “Now point me in the direction of shoes.”


A few stores and a few swipes of the credit card later, Mrs Hastings was finished shopping for clothes. She had a brand new wardrobe to fit her intimidating frame, the one which she lauded over all the other shoppers, as she breezed from store to store in long, powerful strides. The little women stared up at her in awe, while the men seemed to be sweeping the floor with their tongues. Mrs Hastings loved all of the attention. She purposely bumped through the crowds, just because she could. She sent a few grown men stumbling as she powered through the crowd. Her new position of power was getting her quite fiery in her underwear. She needed to blow off some more steam.


Mrs Hastings got in the car and headed off to the other side of town. She squirmed her legs with excitement, her knees digging into the dashboard. She pulled up in front of a condo on the east side of town. She walked down the hallway through the apartments, ducking her head slightly to clear every doorway. She came to the third door on the right and stopped. By the doorstep was a waist high Sapporo cactus and on the doorstep was a doormat which read ‘Hacienda.’ She leant over and rang the doorbell, then knocked forcibly. After a few minutes the door slowly creaked open.


Aldo slowly poked his head around the corner of the door. With the force which Mrs Hastings had wrapped her knuckles against the door, Aldo had half expected to see the police standing on the doorstep. He was far more shocked however to look up and see Mrs Hastings, his favourite tennis pupil, standing tall and looking down at him from her newfound, super sized stature. Beyond her heaving breasts, she wore a self satisfied smile. She also wore a cream coloured dress that showed off her large thighs and longer legs, which were in magnificent shape for a woman her age. Taken in by her confidence and ripened beauty, Aldo nearly forgot the most pressing question. What on earth had happened to his star pupil? She was huge. He looked down at her feet, half expecting to see her wearing a pair of stilts. Instead she was wearing a pair of white heels which only seemed to be an inch or two high. He was still at a loss as to where the other foot or so of height had sprouted from.


“Boo!” said Mrs Hastings, breaking his train of thought by pushing through the door and entering the house. She looked down on him with a giddy smile and licked her lips.


“Seniora, please come in. Excuse me, but I wasn’t expecting company,” he said signalling to his bare chest and the towel that was tied around his waist. He was wet and his long black hair was slicked back behind his head. He had clearly just jumped out of the shower. He hadn’t bothered shaving. His jet black beard, along with his dark complexion, gave away his South American heritage. Aldo had always likened himself to Rafael Nadal on the tennis pitch. In truth, he didn’t look too dissimilar to him off the pitch either. With a mischievous grin, she walked towards him, with her hands on her hips. She slanted her head to one side to avoid the low hanging light fixture.


“Sorry Aldo, did I catch you at a bad time?” she said closing the gap on him with one long stride. She put her hands on his waist and dug into his firm abs with her thumbs. “... Or did I catch you at the best time,” she said with a wink. With that she bent down and pulled his towel off of his hips. “Hey, big boy. I missed you!” she whispered seductively. Aldo was only 5 foot 8 in height, but he was noticeably big where it mattered.


“Speaking of big, seniora... what happened to you? You’re huge!” 40 year old women don’t often sprout up a foot in height overnight. He wanted some answers. 


“Huge? That’s not a very nice way to describe a lady,” she said, her lips just inches away from his nether regions. He could feel her hot breath on his member. “Mmm,” she sighed as she started to lap him up. Aldo’s reservations were soon forgotten as he became lost in the moment. After a few minutes of tempting foreplay, she stood back up to her full height, she rolled her shoulders back and puffed her chest out. Her pillowy breasts pressed up against his face as she took a deep breath. She chuckled as she felt his engorging tool brush her inner thigh. “Want to take the tour? See what else this big body can do?” She asked him with a smirk. Aldo nodded, his eyes were glazed over. “I thought so.” 


She bent over and hoisted him over his shoulder. She gave his butt a firm squeeze as she carried him into the bedroom. “You’ll be my little sex toy today,” she announced. She threw him onto the bed and pulled her dress off over her head. There was already a wet patch on her knickers. She stretched behind her back and unhooked her bra, freeing her glorious breasts. Her nipples sprang to life. He could see the outline of her lips through her tight cream knickers. She was ready for him. “You’re not going anywhere this afternoon,” she growled. She stepped onto the bed and straddled him with each of her long, thick legs. “You, my sexy South American, aren’t going to be doing anything other than making me happy for the next few hours,” she rumbled, as she slowly sat down on Aldo’s face.



Chapter 9


Kiki stood on the doorstep with slumped shoulders. She tilted her head and crouched enough to allow herself the headroom. Her Amazonian body took up the whole doorstep. She shifted her weight from her front foot onto her back. She rang the doorbell, the plastic covering of the button cracking under her heavy finger. She cursed. Looking down past her massive breasts and through the frosted glass of the front door; she self consciously took a step backwards, realising that whoever opened the door would face a head on collision with her fleshy wall of a body. She was worried about the damage which she could inadvertently do with her humongous 7 foot 4 body. She stood rigidly, with her hands by her side, wishing it wouldn’t be Geoffrey who answered.


“Kiki, come in!” said Mrs Hastings, waving her through the front door. “My word, aren’t you looking tall today, dear?” she said with a chuckle. Kiki nodded meekly. 


“You’re looking nice and tall too Mrs Hastings,” she said. Mrs Hastings smiled, lifting the bottom of her brand new dress, giving a curtsey.


“Thank you, honey,” Mrs Hastings smiled proudly as the enormous teen squeezed through the frame of the door. “Helena's just upstairs,” she said, putting a hand on Kiki's expansive back.


“Thanks Mrs Hastings.” Kiki made her way up the staircase. She tried to creep but each stair creaked and groaned under her heavy weight. She stubbed her toe against the banister and sent a shudder through the framework of the house. “Shit,” she cursed her clumsiness and ducked into the bathroom unseen.


Geoffrey chomped ravenously on a peanut butter sandwich Helena had eaten most of the food in the fridge, but luckily she hadn’t started licking the jars in the cupboard clean yet. He looked over his shoulder. The door was open a crack. He half expected his sister to storm in and prise the sandwich out of his hand and devour it, thanking him with a hearty belch. He shivered with fear. His sister already had him conditioned like Pavlov's dog. He shook her out of his head. His sister had turned his life into a living nightmare. The very room he was sat in was testament to that. He was sleeping in his mother’s sewing room.


He was brought out of his worrying daydreams by the ringing of his phone. His hands were covered in peanut butter, as was his face. He put the phone on loudspeaker to avoid handling it with his sticky mitts.


“What is it?” he said.


“Hey bro, it’s Arthur!" Geoffrey recognized the voice. It was one of his overtly preppy friends from school. "Just checking that you’re still coming to my party tonight, meathead. I figured that you might be tired necking egg whites and that you might wanna sink some shots instead? The whole house is free and my parents have just cleaned the pool. You in?”


“Maybe,” said Geoffrey.


“Come on, bro, what else are you gonna do with your boring self? Tons of hot girls are coming. When was the last time you got your dick wet anyway?” Geoffrey rolled his eyes. His friend was still the same old arsehole.


“That shows what you know, I got my dick wet last night,” Geoffrey blurted.


“Yeah right, BS you did! Who’d you sleep with last night?” he asked.


“Nobody you know... just a girl who graduated last year,” he said reservedly.


“Not one of your sister’s friends was it? ...Not her best friend? Please don’t tell me you slept with Queen Kong!” he said, laughing wickedly. There was an awkward silence on Geoffrey’s side of the line. His friend carried on sniggering. Geoffrey cleared his throat. "You didn't sleep with that freakishly tall Sasquatch lady did you?" 


“It was... It wasn’t her... So when’s this party of yours then?” said Geoffrey, changing the subject.


“Next week. Be there. And don’t bring any sasquatches with you.” He hung up the phone. Geoffrey looked over his shoulder again. The hinges of his door squeaked and he thought he saw the shadow of a person through the crack of the door, although it could have been the wind playing tricks on him. He closed his window.


“What a dickhead,” he muttered to himself.


Kiki stumbled through the upstairs hallway clutching her mouth. She ran her huge hand across the plastered wall, bracing herself. She ducked her head to avoid bumping into the light fixture. She could hear Geoffrey’s words echoing through her head, playing on loudspeaker. Her heavy, wounded footsteps thumped against the floorboards. She burst through the door of Helena’s room, she nearly pulled it off its hinges.


“Hey Kiki, I think I’ve just mastered this spell. I’ve just found a great way to have some more fun with it!” Helena looked up. She saw the sorrow in Kiki’s eyes right away, and met it with empathy. She shut her book and offered Kiki her open arms.


“What’s wrong, babe?” she said as softly as her booming voice could muster. She stood up from the bed to her full height of over 8 foot. Her hair brushed the ceiling. She offered Kiki a hug, stretching open her wide arms. The gesture which was meant to be comforting was quite intimidating. Kiki burst into tears and dug her face into Helena’s big body. Helena wrapped her long arms around her and gave her a big hug. “It’s okay, babe. Calm down and tell me what happened...”






Most of the afternoon passed quietly for Geoffrey. The house seemed silent. He could hear the steady beeping of a truck reversing outside. He looked out of his window and sure enough the was a truck pulling into his driveway. Two delivery men jumped out of the cab. Geoffrey could hear frantic discussions coming from down the corridor in Helena’s room. Pressing his ear against her door, he could hear his sister panicking. “Oh god! The delivery men are here! What are we gonna do? We can’t go down there like this. Oh god. Everything’s ruined! It’s all gone wrong...” Helena cried. Geoffrey was puzzled. Against his better judgment, he knocked on her door. The room went silent. He knocked again.


“Is everything okay in there?” he asked through the door.


“Everything’s fine. Go away,” said Helena.


“You sure?” He heard a sigh. Helena opened up the door a crack and stuck out her head.


“Fine! Just go away!” Geoffrey looked down at Helena’s face. He was puzzled as to why he was looking down at her. She seemed to be crouching. Too intrigued to simply walk away, he pushed against the door. To his surprise, there was very little resistance on the other side. “No, don’t,” Helena cried with despair as Geoffrey pushed through into her room, brushing his sister easily aside.


Helena’s face dropped as she slumped against the wall. Kiki was hunched over on the bed. Both girls were back to normal height. Neither of them were much taller than 5 foot and they both looked quite depressed about it. After getting over the initial shock of seeing both girls shrunken back to their natural heights, Geoffrey was hit with a wave of relief. A smug grin crossed his lips.


“What happened to you two?” he asked, biting his cheek


“We shrunk,” said Helena, flatly. “There must be something wrong with my spell because our new height is gone and I can’t grow us back.” Her eyes were on the floor.


“What a shame,” Geoffrey said. “So you’ve tried casting another spell?” he probed.


“Yes but It didn’t work. None of my magic is working. I can’t even simple spells now. I think maybe the school or the council has found out that I was using my powers... and they must have taken them away... assholes,” She grumbled.


“Ha ha,” said Geoffrey, strutting across the room. “It serves you right, doesn’t it?” He loomed over her with his arms folded and a smug face. “In your face ‘little’ sister! I hope you enjoyed being the big girl around the house while you had the chance.” He squared up to her and she flinched. He then stuck a finger in her face. He stopped himself from going any further to prove his point. “I’ll leave you little girls to it,” he said turning his back.


“No, wait!” said Helena. “I need your help...” she said through gritted teeth.


“My help? After the shit you've pulled these last couple of days, I can’t believe you’d even ask,” he said.


“Please... I'm in trouble” she whined. Geoffrey sighed and crossed his arms.


“What’s wrong?” he enquired.


“Well, you see... Kiki and I needed some weights for training because yours were so pitifully light... And now there’s a delivery van outside which is delivering two grand’s worth of weights and gym equipment... and-”


“-Whoah! Hang on, TWO THOUSAND? How the hell did you pay for that, Helena?” Geoffrey interrupted.


“Well... I used Daddy’s credit card... I thought he wouldn’t mind too much... I figured that he’d want to keep his 8 foot little girl happy... It’s just that now that I’ve shrunk I’m a little bit worried...”


“And...” said Geoffrey stoically.


“And I need you to help me move all of the weights off of the front lawn and into the gym before Daddy sees them.”


“And why would I do that?”


“You wouldn’t make us two poor little girls move all those heavy weights, would you? We’re far too small to do it, we might hurt ourselves,” Helena whined.


“...So what’s in it for me?” Geoffrey asked.


“I’ll pay you! My allowance. You can have all my pocket money this month. Just help me hide those weights!”


“...I’ll need to hold onto some collateral until you pay me,” he said, grabbing her beloved childhood teddy and holding it hostage it behind his back.


“Fine, but don’t you DARE hurt Mr Cuddles!” she said sternly. Helena led the way out of her room, manoeuvring past her brother’s bigger body with a hint of fear. Kiki followed her, pushing past Geoffrey with an angry huff and a glare.


“Hey Kiki,” he offered. She ignored him. He sullenly followed her down the corridor.


The burly deliveryman piled up crate after crate onto their front lawn. He let out a grunt as he lowered each one to the floor with a heavy thud. He looked at the wall of crates with despair. This job was likely to take him all afternoon.


“Any chance you could help us move these to the back of the house, pal?” he asked the delivery man, hopefully. The delivery man laughed and shook his head. Geoffrey rocked one of the crates from side to side. The crate felt as heavy as it looked. He wrapped his arms around the length of the box, the corners digging into his armpits. He grunted and grimaced, and had no luck lifting the crate off the floor.


“You start getting these crates inside quickly, Geoffrey, and I’ll sign the delivery forms,” said Helena. Geoffrey bit his tongue and gave the crate an angry shove. He seemed to have more joy pushing the heavy box across the floor. With great difficulty he managed to get it over the steps and through the house. When he got it into the gym, he busted the crate open. The crate was packed to the brim with weights. He pulled one out of the crate. The weight was covered in pink vinyl, but it was far too heavy to be made up of sand or clay. Geoffrey had to guess that it was pure, cold hard steel under the pink vinyl covering. He looked closely at the big wheel of steel. There were little white butterflies etched into the vinyl. They were clearly custom made for a girl; a girl of tremendous strength. He dropped it onto the floor with a thud and made his way back out to the front of the house. Helena and Kiki were still on the front lawn, nattering. He’d worked up a sweat already. He whipped off his shirt, and stole a glance at Kiki, keen to see what she thought of his body since it had almost grown back to full size. She rolled her eyes as both girls made their way inside. Shrugging, Geoffrey went to work shifting the next crate. He assured himself that he’d now be taking two months of Helena’s allowance.


Panting and sweaty, Geoffrey was surprised to see the girls unpacking the weights and loading them up onto the bars as he dragged the second box into the room.


“What are you doing?” he asked. Helena ignored him, peeling her top off and getting cool in the stuffy room. Geoffrey made his way out of the room hastily, put off by seeing his sister strip down to her bra. As awkward as it was to for him to witness, he was glad to see his sister thin as a rail once again, rather than bulging with intimidating muscle. With a smile of relief he made his way out to the yard. He wiped the dust off his broad bare chest, feeling cool like Luke from the chain gang. Dragging the next box across the lawn and all the through the house to the gym on the other side of the property, and into the gym, he was even more surprised to see both girls, topless and pumping iron.


“What the hell is going on in here now?” Geoffrey shouted.


“We’re just trying the weights out,” said Helena nonchalantly. Kiki didn’t even look at him. She grunted and moved her arms even quicker as he entered the room, her wobbly bra bouncing up and down in unison with her jiggling arms.


“Be careful, those weights are quite heavy,” he warned condescendingly.


“Just make yourself useful and bring the rest of the boxes in,” said Helena. Geoffrey scoffed at his sister’s incredulousness. She lifted two dumbbells up over her head and started to shoulder press them with remarkably good form for a girl. The weights were quite heavy and the press was quite a difficult exercise. The sinews in her skinny arms twisted vigorously as she pumped the weight, wincing painfully. She won't keep that pace up for long, he assured himself.


He didn’t know whether it was the heat, or tiredness or whether this short lived chore had become unbearably boring already, but the next crate took him twice as long to shift across the lawn. He was out of breath and dripping with sweat by the time he got the crate to the doorstep. He took a breather. He wiped his torso with the shirt which was draped over his neck. Looking down at his torso, he was disappointed to see that he wasn’t looking as muscular as he first thought. His chest and abs were less prominent. He shrugged. Perhaps he wasn’t back to 100 percent yet. The mirror must have flattered his physique this morning, he reasoned. After a minute of recuperation, he got back to work shifting the crate over the stairs. He nearly didn’t manage it this time. It took all of his energy to lift the hefty box a few inches off the ground and up the stairs. He was shaking with exhaustion by the time he got it to the gym. He sucked in deep breaths of air as he slumped against the crates. 


The girls were giggling. Geoffrey hoisted himself up and sat on the lid of the crate. They were still using the weights as they chatted idly. They had unpacked and assembled a pair of pink benches and they were both laid down doing bench press. They were doing it all wrong. There wasn’t much weight either side of the bars, and the girls were lifting the weights up and down fairly uselessly. He grabbed a sports drink from his workout fridge, deciding to take a break from shifting crates. He listened into their conversation. The girls were discussing teen vampires; which one was the hottest and which one would make the best boyfriend. He rolled his eyes. To his dismay, they had now both wriggled out of their constrictive jeans, and were training in just their bra and panties. 


Their bodies looked... different... Kiki’s stomach looked a lot tighter and trimmer than he’d expected it to. Her arms were shapely. There was a hint of firm muscle underneath her puppy fat. As uncomfortable as it was to see his sister in her underwear, he noticed that she was also looking leaner. Rather than having the waiflike, bookworm physique, there was a trace of firmness to her. Both girls hung the weights up and sat up on the benches. Geoffrey cleared his throat.


“Don’t you two think you should put some clothes on?” he offered nervously.


“Why?” Helena scoffed. “It’s hot and it’s only me and Kiki working out in here, so who cares?”


“Surely you two don't want me to see you half naked?” he reasoned.


“I don’t recall inviting you to watch us work out, actually,” Helena snapped. She placed her small hands on her narrow hips, defiantly. “You’ve got a job to do, so get on with bringing the rest of those crates in here!”


“I’m on a break, so shut up, unless you want to pay me double?”


“Nope. I’ll only pay you half if you don’t hurry up!” she retorted. Geoffrey stood up quickly. She was pissing him off.


“Fine, I’ll take these boxes back outside and then you can move them your bloody self!” he shouted. He went to lift up the box which he’d been sat on. It hardly moved as he pushed against it. He bent his knees and tried to lift it again. He couldn’t raise it even an inch of the ground. He must have been far more exhausted than he’d realized. He was now far less confident about the idea of carrying those heavy crates back out onto the lawn. “J-just remember who’s doing who a favour here, okay?” he said, less forcefully. Helena giggled.


“Surely it’s not that much of a problem for you? Surely a big, strong, strapping boy like you wouldn’t have too much trouble shifting these boxes? I thought you’d manage it in no time, honestly,” she said with a smirk. Geoffrey kicked the crate and stomped out of the room.


Geoffrey hardly had the energy to move after he got back outside and was hit by the sweltering sun. He’d been sure to take care of the heaviest crates first, meaning that it was just the slightly smaller, lighter boxes to move now. These boxes also turned out to be deceptively heavy. He seemed to have just as much trouble towing the next one across the garden. By the time he’d got the box around the back of the house and into the gym, his face was bright red and sweaty.


Helena and Kitty were still working out. They giggled, loading more pink weights onto the bars. They hammered out another set of twenty or so repetitions as they chattered away. Neither of the girls were paying close attention to their routine.


Droplets of sweat were running down Kiki’s bare chest, and collecting on her bra.


“I wish you two would put some clothes on,” he sighed.


“It’s too hot,” said Kiki, quietly. She adjusted herself on the bench, peeling her sticky back off the pink leather seat. “Why do you care? Are you intimidated by the female form?” KiKi asked, puffing her chest out slightly. She looked slightly bigger and broader than she had done just minutes ago.


“You’re looking pretty buff, Kiki!” said Helena. Kiki smiled meekly. Her cheeks went red. "I didn’t know you were supposed to see results so quickly. Do we look bigger to you Geoffrey?” Helena asked, putting the weights back onto the bar with a heavy klunk. He looked at his sister’s body. She also looked slightly thicker than she had done a few minutes ago.


“No. Of course you don’t look any bigger,” he lied. “Besides, you’re not even doing it right. You’re hardly lifting any weight.”


“You think that we should lift more?” she said curiously. “Pass me some more weights then.” She said, pointing to the box Geoffrey was standing next to.


“Well, actually. Best not to overdo it...”


“-Pass!” she snapped. Geoffrey complied. Digging through the crate he pulled out an extra 10 kilos of pink vinyl weights. They were quite heavy, he carried them over to Helena with both hands and dropped them into her lap. “Oof! Watch it!” she cried, giving him an evil glare. He didn’t expect her to be able to lift them off her lap without dropping them. But he was surprised when she stood up and managed to lift the weights to chest height, slipping them onto one side of the bar. “Pass another 10, please.” 


“No, Helena, I was only joking. There’s no way you’ll be able to lift that much.”.


“Just pass it!” she insisted. He sighed. He felt slightly guilty as he handed her another 10 kilos. He silently hoped that she wouldn’t hurt herself. The dainty, 5 foot 1 girl stood up and took the second armful of weights off her brother with a grunt. She threaded them onto the other side of the bar and clamped them on. She gulped nervously.


“Careful Helena,” said Kiki.


“I just wanna see if I can do one of those 1 rep max thingys.” She rolled the bar to the edge of the hooks apprehensively. She gripped the bar so tightly that her knuckles were shaking. Geoffrey knew this was going to end badly, with Helena almost definitely getting hurt. By his count there was 30 kilos of weight on the bar, and the bar itself probably weighed close to 10. His dainty sister was about to attempt to lift 40 kilos; far too much weight for a girl of her size. 


He wanted to stop her, but he was too enthralled to move. He was about to but his hand on her shoulder, when she grabbed the bar off the rack. It dropped towards the floor quicker than cement, pulling Helena along with it. She doubled over, arms being yanked forward. She just managed to steady herself before her and weights came crashing down against the floor. Knees and back bent, she wobbled there by the floor for a few seconds, but then slowly, she straightened her back and rose to her feet with a grunt. The heavy bar of weights was shaking in her hand as she struggled to keep her grip on them. Her arms were pinned to her side. It looked as if they were about to be torn from her shoulders. She took a few deep breaths. Geoffrey took a step forward, ready to take the weights from her, when something stopped him dead in his tracks. Shaking with exertion, her arms started to move slowly upwards. Her back stayed completely straight while she slowly curled her forearms upwards. They locked at a right angle and then with a grunt she slowly pushed the weight up to her shoulders. She breathed out a huge sigh of victory and she let out a breathy chuckle of relief. She dropped the weight bad down to her waist, and gave Geoffrey and Kiki a huge smile.


“Wow. Did you see that? I curled it!” she said with enormous pride. To Geoffrey’s shock, instead of dropping the weight to the floor, Helena curled it again with another grunt. This time pulling the weight up to her shoulders in half the time it had taken her first time round. “It was easier that time,” she said happily. Geoffrey’s eyes bulged with shock as she curled the weight again, and again. Each time she curled the bar quicker and with more ease than the last. “Oh yeah, this is better. It’s kind of hard at first, but it’s easy once you get into the swing of it!” Geoffrey couldn’t believe his eyes. His scrawny sister was curling 40 kilos and making it look as easy as twirling a baton. She started chatting to Kiki idly as she reached 20 reps with no sign of slowing down. Her biceps bulged as she curled the weight effortlessly. He wouldn’t have been surprised had she started curling the bar in one hand, and flipping through a magazine with the other. She was making it look so easy. After about 50 reps she lost interest, and dropped the bar to the floor with a heavy thud.


“Can you see the results now?” she said with a grin. She was much bigger already. She flexed a softball sized bicep, which grew even larger as she tensed it. “Not bad for a beginner, right?” she said as she kissed the peak of her hard, round muscle. Both girls were now giggling. “Wanna feel it?” she said walking towards him, her muscles tensed. Her pecs twitched, making the breasts dance in a way he'd never seen before. He was repulsed. Her rippling muscle became more pronounced the more she tensed as she closed the gap between them. She wasn’t as short as he expected. The top of her head was at his eye line. She stretched her legs. Each one lengthening beneath her as she grew taller, reaching his eye level. “If I knew how fun getting in shape would be, I would have done it years ago!” Geoffrey now had to tilt his neck up slightly to look his sister in the eyes, as she stood directly in front of him. He was overwhelmed with feelings of fear and revulsion.


Helena chuckled, her hot breath hitting his face. “You’re so easy to torment! She said, her smile growing wider and wider along with the rest of her body. She surpassed 6 foot, and then quickly shot up to seven foot. She looked down at him with a cruel smirk. “No matter how big you are, or how little I am, you’ll always be my bitch! I’ll always be one up on you. You’re dumb, I’m smart, you’re little, and I’m HUGE!” she said, finally reaching 8 feet. “What a RUSH!” she said, her eyes rolling back into her head. The smell of girl filled the room. “You can’t even comprehend how powerful I am now, can you, little brother? I’ll teach you. I’ll teach Kiki too. I’ll show her how to treat you, and then you can be her bitch as well as mine. You can be her little plaything, and I’ll let her have all the fun she wants with you. After the way you’ve treated her, I’m sure she’ll LOVE that. Won’t you Kiki?” Kiki smiled. 


Kiki was still picked up a skipping rope. She started skipping. With every hop, she became lighter and lighter on her feet. Suddenly her puppy fat melted away and the body of a honed athlete started to take shape. Her hops got lighter as her body became firmer and more toned. Suddenly Helena and Geoffrey were looking at a size 8 athletic body, with all the toning of an Olympian. The only thing bouncing on her was her busty chest. She didn’t stop skipping. Suddenly her footfall got heavier and again, as she slowly started to grow upwards. Her whole body stretched longer, and wider and taller, as she hit 6 foot and then stretched higher to 7 foot, growing taller until she joined her best friend at the lofty height of 8 foot. Her feet thudded heavily against the floor. They worried that she might fall through the floor. She finally stopped skipping when her head hit the ceiling with a thud, spraying plaster throughout the room. She dusted the plaster out of her hair with a giggle and then bent over, leaning into Geoffrey’s face.


“BOO!” she boomed. He jumped out of his skin as Helena laughed with glee.



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