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Alison’s Epiphany  by Antithesis

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Alison’s Epiphany

by Antithesis


Bustling around the kitchen, Alison hurried to add the finishing touches to her boyfriend’s birthday cake. He would be there in less than an hour and she wanted everything to be just right for him. Alison loved him more than any other person in the whole world. He was the perfect match for her, except for that strange growth fetish that he had hinted on more than once. She was no prude, but she just couldn’t get herself to playact any kind of fantasies for him, it just wasn’t in her makeup. “Almost done!” she muttered to herself happily, applying the frosting. Finishing with the cake she decided to take a shower so as to be prepared to give him his ah, other gift. Undressing before the mirror she looked at herself. Five foot four with a pleasantly full body. Not fat or even plump, but full. Her breasts were her pride, she had spent hundreds on herbal growth lotions and pills and contrary to their product’s claims she did not gain size as they promised. But, after trying numerous ones, it seemed that they all had done some enlargement. Instead of being a 36 B-cup she was a 36 full C, not as large as she had hoped, but wonderfully round and firm, they looked much larger than a c-cup on her.


Doffing all her clothes she started to step into the shower when she remembered to turn on the C-D player. As she grabbed the remote for the stereo she felt a kind of warm flush spread through her body. Pressing the on button produced no results so she had to run out to the rack system and do it manually. “Darn batteries!” she exclaimed, “Always seeming to die at the worst time!” Stepping back into the shower she started to soap up. She cleaned her breasts first as usual, loving the way the soap felt as she ran her hands over her erect nipples. Then working her way down, she made sure that her “pleasure triangle” was as fresh as an Irish summer eve or something. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped up in her big beach towel that she loves for shower time and entered her bedroom. “Might as well watch a little tube while I dress.” She said to herself and reached out for the T.V. remote. As before the strange sensation of heat returned, although she didn’t put the two events together in her mind. “Aaagghh, what is the matter with my remotes today?” She complained to no one but herself. “Oh well, it’s all crap on the tube anyway.” Alison put on those black panties that her boyfriend Ray loved so much. When she tried to put on the matching demi cup bust booster bra she found it very snug. “Wow” she said, “It must be the exitement, but look at ‘em pushing out of the bra, Ray is gonna love this!” Finishing off her ensemble with a tight red top and quite short black almost-mini skirt she twirled in front of the mirror. “Oh yeah, he’s gonna not want to wait to eat the cake before he gets his present!” She laughed.


Having a few minutes yet before Ray showed, she went to the junk drawer and started looking for some new batteries for her two remotes. There in the back was a package of AA’s. Four of them, just perfect. As her fingers closed on them she again felt the rush of warmth, only a little stronger and with a hint of sexual pleasure. At the same time she noticed her bust being constricted even more. “What the..” was all she could say as she walked into the bathroom to rinse her somewhat sweating face off. As she did she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Shapelier, definitely bustier. “No way!” she exclaimed, “what the hell!” Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth she giggled and proceeded to touch up her make-up. Ding-ding-ding-dong. It was Ray! She skipped out to the entrance hallway and opened the door. “Happy birthday babe!” She cried as she swung the door open. Throwing herself into his arms she planted a big sloppy deep kiss on his face. “MMPPPHH thanks hon!” Ray said, “Wow! You look great!” “I dressed in your favorites.” she purred. “Come see the cake I baked you.” She said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house. Lots of boring stuff happened for awhile, you know, eating cake and talking about the day’s weather and stuff. “Let me get one of your presents.” Alison said as she ran off into her room. She returned with a brightly wrapped box.Ray happily tore it open to find the cell phone that he’d been wanting for awhile, it had web access and games and lots of cool features. “This is great, Thanks a lot Ali!” Ray said while checking out the new cell, “but how do you get to the menu list?” Leaning over, Alison reached out for a button “This one right here” she said as she touched the menu button. Instantly the now familiar warmth enveloped her and she felt so horny that she shuddered. The display on the phone went dark. “Alison are you ok?” Ray inquired, “I could almost swear that...oh never mind, It’s my imagination going wild on me again.” “Yes, I’m fine.” Alison replied but her bra was killing her now and her skirt seemed tighter too. She stood up and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As she was drinking, Ray came up behind her and slipped his arms around her. When she turned around to kiss him, she noticed an odd look on his face. “what’s wrong?” she asked. “Are you wearing risers in your shoes?” With a puzzled expression she replied “No, why?” “You look taller.” He said “You have never reached my chin with the top of your head out of heels.” He went outside and returned with a tape measure. “Take off your shoes Ali.” Well, it’s his b-day, I’ll play along right now she thought to herself. After removing her shoes he stretched the tape from the floor to the top of her head and announced “Five foot seven.” “What!?!” Ali exclaimed “are you sure?” “Oh yes, I know how to read a tape measure babe.” he replied. “What the hell happened?” Alison looked thoughtful for a moment and said “I really don’t know, I didn’t do anything strange today.”


After another moments thought she ejected “D.C. batteries....that’s it! Ray, please grab my square 12 volt flashlight for me.” As Ray went to get the light Alison was already looking forward to the feeling she knew was coming with the arrival of the light. “Here it is.” Ray said as he held out the flashlight to his girl. “Great” She replied as she reached out and made contact. The same feeling, only concentrated, shot through her body. Her teeth gritted and she released a guttural moan as she grew. Ray stood there in a state of happy shock as his girlfriend slowly grew three more inches. The shirt and skirt were very tight now and he could see that her breast growth was not proportionate to her body. If she had been the same size as ever, he would say that she was about a d cup. “Wow is my bra tight now!” Alison cried after the fluttering feeling left her sexual center. “Oh Ray! This is great!” With that announcement she started looking through the house for more batteries. “I can’t find anymore” She wailed from upstairs. “Come down here” Ray replied “let’s go out to the garage, I’ve got an idea.” Once there, he instructed her to wait. He disappeared behind a wall of junk and stepped out with a large automotive battery charger. “Let’s try this.” He said with a gleam in his eye and a bulge in his pants. “I will start on the six volt setting trickle charge okay babe?” “Whatever, just hurry!” She pleaded. She grasped the offered battery clamps in her hands and impatiently watched Ray turn on the machine. He turned a dial and the energy began coursing through her. “Oh yeah!!” she cried as the growth feeling spread, she opened her eyes and watched herself and the floor and Ray to judge her growth. Although the feeling was exquisite, she didn’t seem to be growing. “Turn it up Ray!” She yelled. Ray immediately turned the dial to twelve volt, but left the charger on trickle. Now there was a little growth, Ray could see her starting to inch upwards, it was a steady growth, but slow. With a moan she started to rub herself through the panties. “More!!!!! More!!” She cried. Ray was more than happy to flick the switch over from trickle to fast charge, and when he did, She immediately screamed, but it was not a scream of fear or pain but of pure pleasure. The growth was no longer slow and steady, but quickly and in spurts. Every spurt was about two to three inches and seemed to be followed by what looked to him as an orgasm. Her shirt was getting very tight very quickly and he soon saw the bra underneath it give up it’s fight to hold those growing melons. As those orbs popped free of the bra’s confines he estimated them to be a proportionate dd at least.


After the bra breaking, Alison thought enough to try to remove the remainder of her clothing, she was able to get the skirt off before another, larger, spurt of growth hit and paralyzed her with pleasure. Now it was too late. Almost seven feet tall now, she just gritted her teeth in ecstasy and allowed the growth to overcome her again. With another pulse her shirt just ripped from the sides and fell away, revealing huge, firm breasts, the kind she’d always wanted. As she cupped them, another pulse of about six inches sent her into a shuddering fit and the skirt snapped. The only clothing remaining were the panties, and they were stretched to transparency. “Ungh, I think it’s getting stronger!” she cried as another wave hit and her body grew another eight inches. That was it for the panties, they had given a valiant fight but in the end just couldn’t stretch anymore. With a load snap they shot off her waist and just missed Ray’s hugely grinning face. Completely nude now Ray watched in glee as his girlfriend continued to pulse larger in front of him, his every fantasy playing out in real life. She had to be close to ten feet tall and approaching the ceiling of the garage. With one more pulse he killed the power and watched for her reaction. Even with the power off, her body continued to pulse. Once twice, three times more. Her head hit the ceiling on the first pulse and the second and third drove her to her knees. “Happy birthday little man” Alison cooed happily as she sat in front of Ray. She was easily fourteen feet tall and her breasts were huge and beautiful. “I just hope this is temporary so we can get out of this garage and try it again!!’ All Ray could do was stare at the expanse of his girl’s giant body in front of him. “You know” said Alison as she looked around, “I think there may be a little more room in here, whatcha think big guy?” Ray reached again for the charger dial.

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