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Annette By MiniMaxi

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Annette (Unfinished)



Chapter 1


I entered into the Ice-cream parlor down at the beach and as I waited in line to order, I noticed the blonde girl taking the orders on the other side of the counter, seemed to be unusually big, for a girl.


I couldn’t see her face or how tall she was as of yet, since she was currently bending down and trying to get something out of the shelves below the counter. But by judging by how high her ass was in comparison to the counter, I instantly new that this had to be a really tall chic.


Then suddenly another girl broke my concentration and asked me if she could take my order. And as I got distracted selecting what flavors I preferred , I didn’t notice that the tall blond left to the back room behind the counter, where I could no longer see her.


When I finally discovered that she was no longer visible to me, I somewhat irritated settled for a waffle cone, with chocolate and vanilla. And went to sit down by the window at a table, to enjoy my feast as I lazily scanned the people passing by outside.


From time to time I kept looking back at the counter, hoping to catch another glance at the blond. But to no avail. As I finished my Ice-cream and stood up to turn to go and throw away the napkin, I almost RAN INTO HER. I stopped in the last second and stared straight ahead into what looked to be two, huge, round, silicone enhanced mega-tits straining under som hot pink thin knitted material that was tied to a knot underneath pushing them even higher, creating two swelling orbs that seemed to overflow the low-cut top that she wore. And as I raised my eyes higher and higher I got a thick lump in my throat as I finally way up, met her sexy gaze as she giggled in a seductive fashion and uttered “ooops” without leaving my eyes and smiled a big sexy candy pink smile on her light pink impeccable heavily painted lips.


I couldn’t believe it, I had to crane my head way up to meet her gaze. She had to be at least a foot taller than me. She looked down at me with a smirk on her pretty face. I quickly looked down at her feet and discovered that she were in flats. It was amazing. She looked to be no more than about 17-21 years of age and yet, she completely dwarfed my 5’5”. She completely towered over me.


Immediately I felt a stirring in my pants as we kept eye-contact and froze for just a few seconds. I finally broke down and stammered “I, IIIm ssoorry!” And broke her gaze as I looked to the side and tried to find space to walk past her. And as I moved to the side, she misinterpreted my intentions and moved to the same side as if she wanted to let me pass by her, with the resulting effect that we bumped into each other.


Her tit hit the bottom of my face. I turned beet red as I looked up to see her holding her well manicured hand over her mouth as she once again giggled sexily as in faked surprise saying “OOOHH Im sooo sorry!”


In an attempt to save my composure, I rapidly stammered “Its s s my fffault, forgive me miss!” She asked me if I was alright or needed any help, because she noticed that our little ordeal caused me to smear ice-cream from my sticky napkin onto my shirt.


“Let me get you some new napkins to help you clean that mess” she offered and walked graciously past me to fetch some new ones. As she did so, I couldn’t help but notice that she wore low-cut jeans that finished low on her rear and exposed a little tattoo above the start of the crease of her round sexy looking ass. Then she spun around with a wet napkin in her hand and bent down so that she could reach to clean my shirt at my mid-section.


As she did so, I couldn’t help but notice how BIG and beautiful she was. She was extremely tall, but seemed perfectly proportioned for her size. With long wavy blond hair that was cut in layers and cascaded around her pretty face and down her back to about her shoulder-blades.


Then I noticed that her hands seemed bigger than mine, but extremely feminine with long light candy pink colored nails that seemed to extend about an inch past her fingertips. As she scrubbed of the sticky ice-cream her huge tits wobbled in pace with her rapid movements and presented quite an erotic display of rippling flesh right in front of my face.

Due to her close proximity to me, she generated a halo of sweet heady perfume that seemed to envelop my whole being. This was too much for me. I was starting to really get turned on by this erotic display. Talk about sensory overload. Her sexy presence caused my pants to stir to life and produced a tent that threatened to rip my shorts soon, if I didn’t get some relief.


After she finished, she said “There you go Honey” and stood up to her full height and flashed a big sexy smile down at me. I recovered from my erotic fantasies and woke up to reality in an instant, and while I consciously tried to hide my big erection that she caused, I thanked her and tried to smile back up to her.


She kept her stare on my face for a little longer than normal which made me feel a little uneasy. And then she told me that she thought that I looked familiar for some reason. She asked me my name. And when I told me my name was Pete, she took a step back as if in surprise and just stared at me with her mouth open. I bursted out “what’s the matter?”


And she asked me if I knew her brother Mike? “Mike who?” I asked. Mike Calhoun she said with an impatient look on her face. Suddenly, I felt faint as my head was spinning as it finally dawned on me, this was one of my old friends LITTLE SISTER whom I’ve known for years. But how? It would be impossible, wouldn’t it? It couldn’t be. She’s Annette, Mike’s little sister.


If this was true, it would make her only about 19 year’s old.12 years younger than me. This 19 year old was once way shorter than me. I couldn’t believe this. How this before, seemingly tiny girl, in only a few years, had been transformed into this blond Amazonian bomb-shell, towering way above me. I felt inadequate and dizzy for a moment as this realization hit me.


I know remember her as my old friends little sister years ago. I remember when I used to come over and hang out with my friend and this scrawny, shy little girl, kept peeking in on us through the crack in the door as we went about our business. She couldn’t had been more than 4’2” back then but with big feet and leggy for her small, young size.


And now as I raised my eyes up and looked way up into these intense blue pools of her beautiful made up eyes, I could hardly believe that this was indeed the very same girl that now literally dwarfed my 5’6” stature. She had to be at least 6’5” I estimated.


I felt very uneasy at this fact. Especially when she told me that I hardly had changed at all except that I now looked a lot shorter to her than she remembered me. “I can’t say the same about you” I said. “What happened to you?” “You have really changed a lot”. “To the better I hope”. She said hopefully, as she stretched her body up in a sexy pose and smiled seductively down at me. “You could say that” I said with a faint voice as I was now getting aroused again, as I took in the sexy display in front of me. “I don’t understand, how did you get so tall?” I asked remembering that neither Mike nor his parents was anywhere near this girls height.


“I’m not sure, but I think it had something to do with the injections that my doctor kept giving me as I was about 12 years of age, due to the fact that I was so skinny and seemed under nourished and wouldn’t grow correctly for my age as the doctor explained, if he didn’t help it out a bit by giving me special hormone injections that would stimulate my glands to produce more growth hormone.


And about 3 months after the injections began I started to change drastically. I kept getting rapid growth spurts every now and then. Very often at first but then it slowed when I hit 18 years of age.


And now It only seems to hit me then and then. “Which means that: YES? I am still a growing girl”, she said with a teasing but sexy expression on her face.


I felt faint for a moment. I couldn’t take anymore of this. I had to get relief or I would embarrass myself right in front of her and everybody else in the store. “ I I hhave tto to go to the restroom for a, a moment, wwould you excuse me please?” I uttered with a coarse voice. “Of course” she said and pointed the way to the rest-rooms with her long finger.


Then I stood up, and almost ran over there and slammed the door behind me, and locked it. I had barely sat down and started to frenetically “jack off” with her fresh in my memory and her heady smell of her sweet perfume still in my nostrils as the sensory overload took the overhand and I exploded with such a force, that I can’t ever remember having such an orgasm before.


This girl was incredible. I could hardly believe it. This was my friends little sister that used to be tiny next to me. And now I was tiny next to her. This girl was 12 years younger than me (a teenager still) and I, now an adult grown man must seem tiny to this young Amazon of a girl.


This seemingly impossible fact seemed to arouse me to no end. I felt so helpless yet so incredibly turned on, at the thought of her now being so much bigger and maybe even stronger than me. I couldn’t explain it. But for some reason I just knew that I had to get it on somehow with this Amazon of a girl. It would be the chance of a lifetime. I considered my chances and decided that I thought that despite the size difference there would be a good chance that she liked me.


I wiped myself off, washed my hands and inspected myself in the mirror. “sharp” I said out low to myself, and exited the restroom. As I entered back into the Ice-cream store I noticed that she was now helping other customers. As she noticed me, she winked at me with her eyes and smiled and said she would be off her shift soon and we could talk. She told me to wait for her outside at a stairwell in the back of the building that led up to a upper level parking garage, and she would be out in about 10 minutes.


As I waited for her, I contemplated on how lucky I had been to run into this amazing Amazon of a girl and the fact that she actually recognized me from a long time ago.


I thought about how tall she was and the fact that she is actually still growing. Just how tall could she actually get, I wondered, as my fantasies took the overhand again and I started to feel the familiar stirring in my groin again.


I don’t know what it was, but I have never felt this erotic rush before, over a girl being so much taller and bigger than me. But one thing was for sure. I was really starting to like it a lot. Suddenly, the door swung open and there she was waving goodbye to the other employees and smiled up at me as she approached the stairwell.


As she started to climb the steps towards the top where I was at, she just kept growing and growing in my vision as she kept coming closer. As she took the step that made her eye-level with me she stopped for a moment and whispered a breathy “Hi” while flashing me a huge smile that made me feel weak in my knees. I returned the greeting nervously and could do nothing but stare in disbelief as she started to grow again, taller and taller as she started to approach me again.


As she reached the top she came within two feet of me and I had to crane my head way up to meet her big eyes. I felt uneasy again and she seemed to notice my discomfort and asked me if her height bothered me? “ No way” I blurted out and then nervously explained that it had been something of a shock for me to realize her incredible transformation as it dawned on me who she was.


“I get that a lot” she explained to me but said that by now she was used to it and actually liked to be bigger than everybody else and said that it had its benefits to be tall she had discovered. And could hardly wait, to be even taller.


At this I took the freedom to ask her “just how tall she is?” And when she responded 6’7” and an half inches at the moment but expected to hit 6’8” within a few months, my head started to spin and I suddenly felt faint again. She was almost 15 inches taller than me already and she wanted to get even taller. I was getting so aroused at this that I sported a massive boner again in my shorts. And she seemed to take notice and looked down at my face with a grin on her sexy lips.


Then she stopped right in front of me and stood in a very close proximity of me with her huge tits jutting way out and almost touching my chin. And as I looked way up at her, she rested her arms on my shoulders and played with my hair with the fingers of one hand. And she said:” I’ve got a confession to make”. Do you remember when you used to come over and visit Mike? And when I used to peek at you, from the crack in the door.


“Yeah! I think so” I said. “Well”….she started. “I kept peeking at you, because I used to have a huge crush on you then”, she said. “Really?” I said in surprise at this.” Really”, she responded back and stared deeply down into my eyes from her elevated position but now with a somewhat serious look on her beautiful face. And it grew silent as she suddenly pulled on my shoulders slowly, so that her tits crushed into my shoulders and sides of my neck without taking her eyes off of mine. I could feel my own heartbeat pounding in my chest as my breathing was constricted of excitement and anticipation. And my boner, now ready to burst, was almost touching her leg through my shorts.


As she couldn’t get any closer now, she pushed me slowly a few steps backwards in her advances until I touched a cement wall behind me. Then she pushed my body against the wall with hers and bent slowly way down, until her eyes were level with mine. She kept staring at me with her face just inches from mine and slowly she closed the distance while breathing heavily in anticipation until she finally embraced my smaller body in a hug and engulfed my lips completely in her bigger ones and kissed me so deep that I almost gagged on her tongue as she almost took my breath away.




Chapter 2




Then she stood back up straight to her full height, looking down at my eyes with a satisfied smile on her face and I took the opportunity to study her more in detail. She had big blue eyes with long eyelashes and used a lot of make-up which gave her a face that was sexy like a blond stripper but with a childish innocence due to her young age that showed through her beautiful eyes and giggly personality in a sexy innocent way.


Her nose was straight but slightly up-turned that gave her a cute look. And her lips looks full and soft and extremely sexy with her light candy-pink creamy lip-stick which made my shorts stir again as I studied them. Then suddenly she said in an almost whispering tone of voice” You have no idea how many times, I fantasized about kissing you”. “I used to cry silently sometimes at night thinking, that because of my underdeveloped, scrawny body, you would never notice me”.


“Thanks for modern science”. She said almost with tears in her beautiful eyes, as she thought about how things changed to her favor lately and how lucky she had been.


At this, I thought about what she had said for a moment. And concluded that “Yeah!” Modern science had really worked miracles on this girl all right! And was I ever happy over that fact or what? As I looked back up into her big eyes, she smiled a warm loving smile back at me. And said: “You can’t even begin to understand how happy I am over that we met again”.” And I was thinking, that now when I finally got you here with me, I want to make up for lost time “What do you say?” “Interested?” Feeling up for a date with this not-so-little-Annette-anymore?”


Before I could answer she quickly said; “I know, How about dinner at my place at 8 tonight?” “I’m renting an apartment not to far away from here, what do you say ok? I promise that you will not be disappointed”. I could barely believe my luck and nervously stammered trying to contain my happiness in response replied that” Yeah! That would be absolutely perfect”


At this response she hugged me hard to her big body and gave me another breath-taking kiss that completely took me by surprise. And due to the force of her hug, almost swept me off of my feet, as I was taken by the force of her powerful hug. And as I tried to keep my balance, I put my hands on top of her arms and to my surprise her arms felt hard and toned to my touch, even though her skin was smooth as silk. She quickly released me and giggled mischievously down at my surprised look and asked: “I hope you’re not too scared, of dating someone bigger than you? Especially so much younger as well?”


“Nnoo, not at all”, I blurted out, On the contrary I feel somehow very attracted to you and there is something about your height that really starts to turn my engine A LOT “, I added, still recovering from her forceful advances.


She flashed me a big smile down at me and said” I am VERY glad to hear that, you be surprised how many men find me intimidating and afraid to get to know me, because of my size”. Then It hit me that, I now suspected that she was not only bigger than me, but most likely quite stronger as well, since her body felt like it was in a very good shape.


After I answered her that she didn’t have to worry about me being scared of her, she took out a paper from her purse and wrote her address and number on it and held it out between her thumb and forefinger and said,” Here, take this and I see you at 8 sharp Honey” and as I took it from her I realized just how much bigger she was than me as I stared at her hand. It looked strong but yet incredibly feminine and easily bigger than my hand with long sexy fingers that looked even longer due to her long pink fingernails that she sported.


After I took it from her hand, I nodded my head as she blew me a kiss and started to walk away to her car. But before she went away she yelled, “I hope you like surprises”, and left with a big smile on her lips and sashayed away with a sexy teasing wiggle in her hips.


And I went my way. My head still woozy after the encounter, with this incredibly sexy being. I found my car and went back to my apartment, while still thinking of all these amazing things that had happen to me this day. I jumped in my car and quickly glanced at my watch as I sped through traffic. I had about 3 hours to get ready for the date of my life.


As soon as I got home I almost ran up the stairs to my apartment and slammed the door shut behind me as I entered in. Immediately I went to shave and shower while feverishly thinking about what possible, fantastic things that may lay ahead of me this evening. I brushed my teeth and went into the closet to select what to wear.


After deciding on dark forest green slacks with a white shirt and a burgundy tie, I jumped in the shoes, sprinkled some after-shave and ran down to the flower-shop around the corner and settled for a dozen red roses and wrote on the tag;” For an amazing and Tall Beauty with Love….Pete!” and paid and left the store. As I got back I double-checked myself in the mirror, grabbed my keys and the flowers and almost ran down to my car in anticipation to later events.


As I drove to her place I was speeding, swearing at other slower Traficant’s that didn’t seem to have anything better to do than to slow my pace by being in my way.


As I got close I glanced at the time, and noticed it was 4 minutes to 8. “Perfect” I said for myself. I parked my car and walked up the walkway with my heart banging in my chest, a big lump in my throat and erotic feelings in my pants in anticipation as I searched for her apartment number. As I found it, my heart almost did a double take.


I noticed that she seemed to live in a nice area. And even more nervous with a bigger lump in my throat and my heart hammering hard in my chest in excruciating anticipation. I kept thinking and wondering about what she meant when she told me that “she hoped that I liked surprises”.


Finally, I pushed the bell to her door. A loud “Ding Dong” Sounded from within. And I could hear heavy clic-clacs from within, as someone approached the door. I saw a distorted image of something BIG approach the door through the art-glass in the upper half of the door. And the door clicked and suddenly swung open.


When I saw her, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Almost in shock I noticed that “SHE WAS EVEN TALLER”. She would need to duck to get through the door-frame. I felt faint of shock. She was a living vision of sex and beauty right in front of my face. Her hair was a blond shimmering “Halo” that enveloped her head and cascaded down her back. And her face was heavily made up with thick false eye-lashes that made her eyes look very dramatic and OH-SO-SEXY, with the heavy eyeliner and blush. Her lips looked like, as they were wet and belonged to a porn-star with layers of impeccable applied creamy pastel pink lip-stick framed by a darker tone lip-liner.


She had big glimmering silver colored ear-rings dangling from her ears and she was dressed in a light blue pastel-colored dress that was hugging her every curve and left a curve-shaped opening at her mid-riff to expose her pierced belly-button. And continuing up in a criss-cross fashion was two palm-wide straps of the same material that seemed to frenetically fight to contain her immense mammaries that seemed to overflow their tiny confinements.


As my gaze went down I noticed through the high slit in the side of her dress, that she was wearing white stockings that encased her endless columns in a sheer shimmer from the lights. And as I looked at her feet I felt weak in my knees. She was wearing what looked like the tallest set of silver colored plat-form sandals that I have ever seen. And as she noticed my surprise, she said:” they make me 8” taller honey”.


“How do you like the new me?” I told you that I hoped you liked surprises…Well…Surprised?”


“Your date for tonight is almost 7’4” tall. Am I tall enough for you honey?” she added in sexy breathy sounding words and then she giggled like an innocent little child, while she with her hands on her hips, looked way down at me intently, waiting for my reaction.


I couldn’t form words. I was so shocked I just stood there and had to crane my neck up so high it started to hurt. I felt puny next to her. My knees started to get weak and I started to feel faint for a moment. She was absolutely”stunning”. And enormous. I did a disoriented attempt to give her the flowers. But couldn’t form words with my mouth. Just blabber came out. As she saw my predication she ducked through the door jamb and took a step out towards me and stopped about a foot and a half away from me.


And immediately I lost vision of her face as her now incredible mammaries, now above my head, threatened to land on top of my head, as they barely bruised me on top, as they jiggled by her movements. Suddenly I noticed her hands coming out from nowhere and she proceeded to rest one of her forearms on top of my shoulder, and the other one grabbed the flowers from my hand.


And as she did so, I noticed how big and sexy her hands were which now seemed to be sporting silver colored, slightly longer nails than before. It looked like her nails now extended about 1 1/2” past the tips of her fingers. And it made her fingers even longer looking and her hands even bigger in comparison to my now small looking hands. Then she stepped back slightly and looked way down at me from above with a sexy expression on her face.


She said,” Oh! Thank you! How sweet of you Honey!” And with that I suddenly felt her long fingernails tickle my hand as she grabbed it and pulled me with her inside.


As soon as she closed the door, she turned around on her tall heels and put one hand on the wall behind my head, and proceeded to bend way down at the waist to be at my eye-level and with the other hand she grabbed me by my shirt-collar and pulled me into her large face and proceeded to give me a sexy peck on my lips. And stood back up to her full height and said: “you look absolutely adorable tonight. And with that she went to put the flowers in a vase in the kitchen.


I swallowed hard, completely enveloped in her perfume, with the taste of her creamy sweet tasting lip-stick on my mouth, trying to compose myself. By now, I felt dizzy of lust for her.


Then she motioned for me to step into the living room and make myself comfortable. And as I entered in I noticed that she followed right behind me. Again, she had to duck to enter and as she did so she supported herself temporarily with one hand on my shoulder. And as we entered she suddenly spun me around and looked intently way down at my face from way above.


Then she said something that completely shocked me in surprise:” You know what sweetie…..I am finding it incredibly sexy to have to look way down at you like this.” “I feel so big and powerful. And so in control of things.”” It’s an incredible high that I feel when I can completely overwhelm you like this.” “And judging by your expression when you saw me in the door, it really looked like you got overwhelmed”.


My head was racing thinking: She liked to overwhelm me. To be taller, bigger and stronger than me. To completely be able to overpower and have her way with me. I guess that must be a side-effect that escalated from her feeling so incredibly inferior and scrawny before. And now looking like this…It has just escalated to some sorts of kinky fantasy in her mind to compensate for her unfortunate child-years.


I said to her:” You look absolutely amazing to me. You are breath-taking (literally) sexy and unbelievably beautiful. I have never met anyone like you before”. “Well, Thank you Honey”. “Then I am happy to announce, that I think you are a very handsome little man, and a very cute one at that”. When she said that I blushed and she took my shin in one of her big hands and bent waaayyy down and kissed me full on the lips, with her larger sexy mouth and completely enveloped my lips within hers. I started to feel really weak in my legs as my hormones were going wild to the point I thought I would explode.


Then she stood up to her full height again and told me to climb up and stand on top of the armrest of the couch, so that it would be a little more comfortable for the both of us and gave me a sexy wink.


I immediately hurried to comply after that I took off my shoes. And as I stood there balancing on top, she came over and it seemed that we were at similar heights now. She proceeded to wrap her long arms around my body and I wrapped mine around her long neck. And we started to kiss passionately like two love-starved people in heat.


Her enormous mammaries were almost crushing my rib-cage like big warm basket-balls that flexed when we moved. And I could feel her nipples getting hard through the flimsy material of her sexy dress.


My heart-rate kept increasing as our arousal grew as we kept feeling each other up feverishly. My senses was now reeling with her sweet perfume in my nostrils and the feel of her giant sexy body squished against mine as I was rubbing my hands all over everything that I could possible reach from my position. It felt like her nipples were big and very hard against my chest. And I could feel her long nails scratch me lightly as she kept roaming her hands over me.


I almost gagged at times when she probed her larger tongue into the deep recesses of my smaller mouth. I was screaming for relief now and I guess that, so was she. Because suddenly she whispered hoarsely into my ear that lets go to the bed-room right now. Dinner can wait. And with that she put her large hands under my ass-cheeks and lifted me bodily off the couch with ease as it seemed. I felt weird and bewildered at the same time. How could this “teen-ager” man-handle me this easy I thought to myself as my mind was reeling in awe and mixed emotions.


She took two steps backwards and proceeded to let me slide down against her tall sexy body very slowly, with me still in her embrace. My head landed in her tits and got surrounded by her fleshy hills and as I looked up in wonder, she broke out in a hysteric giggle at this sight, and teasingly said;” what’s the problem sweetie? Do you feel lost in my silicon valley?”


As I proceeded to slide down further my chin got stuck in the criss-cross designed material that barely could contain her huge orbs and threatened to rip it off her tits. I looked up at her beautiful face and saw how she seemed to be growing taller and taller as I kept sliding down her magnificent body until I suddenly felt the floor beneath my feet.


Woahhh! I felt tiny next to her. As I looked straight ahead I was eyelevel with her upper abs and the “V” of her rib-cage as her tits jiggling above me barely touched the top of my head. I have never experienced something like this in my entire life. This Amazonian “Bomb-shell” used to be a tiny, scrawny kid that was nothing next to me. And now I felt like the scrawny kid, next to this now “teen-aged super Amazon of a girl.


It all felt like a dream…Unreal because of the never before experienced seemingly impossible role-reversal, but yet extremely real, erotic and sexy in a way I never thought possible before. And I could feel that this feeling kept getting me more and more aroused by the minute. I had to have relief and that NOW




Chapter 3




As I stood on the floor, still with her hands draped around my neck, looking up at her tall being with the bottom of my chin now touching the V of her ribcage in front of me, I marveled at the sight. I couldn’t see her face clearly because of her huge tits obscured the view.


Then when she suddenly leaned forward slightly and her pretty face appeared over her fleshy hills, I noticed an amused smirk on her face as she asked:” where did you go? You seemingly disappeared beneath my breasts “SHORTY”, she teased and giggled.


I was really feeling weird now. My boner trying to rip my pants and I had a lump in my throat of excited confusion over the reality of the impossibility of this situation, with this much younger than me, supposedly, teen-aged little girl, making me feel like I am a 5 year old little kid next to my much bigger, adult sexy stripper sister or something like that. My breathing became short and labored of excitement.


And as she saw my expression she said,” Follow me sweetie”. And with that she wrapped her long fingers around my smaller hand and started to pull me towards her bed-room. As we walked I noticed that her butt-cheeks came up to about my chest level as they moved sexily in front of me as we walked. As we entered into her “Den”, I felt strange after what I saw.


She had a big wooden bed about queen-size with four bedposts sticking up in each corner. But what got me most was that she had a really thick mattress on it which made it a little higher than normal. The top of the bed came to about my groin level, whereas normally, a bed only comes to about right above my knee to mid thigh. When se saw my surprise she stated,” Ohh…I just put two mattresses on top of each other. After I got taller than 6’ it just didn’t feel right so I got this little thinner mattress and put it underneath my normal thick one. And look, now it’s perfect height for me”. She said as she plopped herself easily down and sat on top and patted her hand next to her, mentioned for me to come and sit next to her on the bed.


It made me feel even “smaller’ in comparison to her. She just sat down with such an ease since to her; the top of the bed only came to behind her knees with her plat-forms on. Whereas I had to use my hands and do a little “hop” to plant my ass next to her on the bed.


On one side of the bed against the wall next to her walk in closet, I noticed that she had a multitude of sexy shoes lined up neatly pair by pair and all with at least 5” or higher heels. And also a whole lots of platforms as well with the tallest ones at least as tall as or even taller than the 8” ones she had on now. I’d never seen that tall shoes before.


As I asked about them, she told me to my surprise, that she was going to school studying to get her business degree so she could open her own beauty salon and needed to know how to become successful. And to survive she worked as a stripper on the weekends to pay for her studies and her apartment etc. And then added, that’s the reason why she got so many platforms, and explained further that she only worked part-time at the ice-cream parlor so people wouldn’t find out about her stripping, because she was conscious about her reputation with her tall sexy body that she now got.


“Wow” I thought to myself. Then, I looked over at her sitting next to me on the bed and noticed that my feet didn’t touch the floor by almost a foot, but her legs was on a slight angle and her tall shoes easily touched the floor like two feet away from the bed. I felt even more belittled over this discovery. I was now feeling faint of wonder and weirdness mixed in with my seemingly uncontrollable arousal that kept me on my very edge.


Aaannetteee…I whispered with difficulty due to my labored breathing. As I looked at her I noticed that even sitting down, she still towered way above me by about a foot. She looked down at me and as she moved a little closer, her heavy weight made the mattress heave as she moved. Then she started to angle her body over mine and planted her left hand on my other side next to my thigh on the bed, as her pretty face came slowly closer and closer to mine as she slowly lowered herself on top of me.


First, I felt her seemingly big nipples on top of her heavy basketball-sized breast rub up against the top of my chest at my collarbone. Then as she lowered her self down further, now with one hand on each side of my body, I felt her breasts squish up against my body which caused them to swell up even higher on top of the restraints in her criss-cross designed dress.


She then looked me intently in my eyes and slowly lowered herself further down on top of my smaller frame. As she did so her breasts seemed to swell even more and were now touching my chin as her heady sweet perfume emanated from them and enveloped my whole head. And she then teasingly asked me,” Well sweetie…how do you like silicon valley now?” as she looked down from 45 degrees above and smiled a sexy smile.


Then she added,” I had them surgically enhanced as I started to work as a stripper because the other girls that was very well endowed, seemed to earn more tips than me, and I envied them and decided that I wont mine bigger as well. They are now a whopping 48EE’s Do you like them?” she teased.


My heart skipped a beat at this as I tried to respond with a stammering,” I II LLOVE THEM” and tried to give the closest one to my mouth a peck with my lips.

And quickly as I looked back up at her I saw that, her face shone with happiness as she smiled sexily back down at me. And slowly she started to slowly gyrate and slide her sexy body down on top of me until her face was level with mine. And as she did so I noticed that her knees touched the floor, whereas my feet still couldn’t reach.


She lowered her face slowly down towards mine and intently stared at my eyes. She shook her head and her blonde tresses enveloped my whole head like a curtain. Then as she neared, her face seemed to grow larger and larger as she whispered hoarsely,” I dreamt of this moment for a long time” and suddenly planted her lips over my mouth, completely enveloping mine in the process. Then as her larger tongue snaked its way inside my mouth, again I almost gagged. I wrapped my arms around her larger frame and we started to kiss intensely as we completely lost it and rolled around in her bed exploring each others bodies.


Suddenly she raised herself and stood up on the floor to her full height and asked me to help her to peel of her dress. As I slid down beside her on the floor, I couldn’t reach, so I had to climb up on top of the bed again and stand up, to be able to do it. As the dress cleared her huge tits they literally flopped out and swung free, causing me to gasp at their sheer size. They stood almost straight out about a foot from her body, even if their heavy weight made them sag just a little. I then noticed that she had to be very excited because her BIG nipples stood fully erect and were the size of the tip of my index finger.


As she stood there in only her white garter-belt, panties and silk stockings, elevated on her tall platforms in all of her glory with her stiff nipples, I just knew that I was falling madly in love with this much younger 19 year old Amazon. I was certain, that never would there be any other girl that would even come close to compare to this. Right here, staring me right in my face was all that a man could ever wish for in a woman and that in abundance. There were just so much of her, I thought as I stammered,” You are sso beautiful Annette”. III think that I’m in love.”


As I said this, she took a step towards me and wrapped her long arms around me and told me that she had a crush on me for a long time as she was smaller and dreamt of how it would be if she ever met me again now, when she was so much taller than me after her amazing transformation. What would my reaction be, when I saw her now? Then she to my surprise, admitted that she think she’s even more attracted to me now than before.


With that said she literally attacked me pushing me down on the bed with her. And after stripping me of all of my clothes and me hers, she almost smothered me to death with her big tits. Then, she took her inch long nipple between her inch and a half long silvery nails between her thumb and index finger and pushed it in my mouth and told me to suck on it.


And I could feel her other hand as she reached down and scratched me lightly with her long glamorous nails lightly as she stroked my now almost exploding pole, gyrating herself on top of me with my body between her thighs, pinning my arms to my sides and slowly sitting down guiding it inside of her now overflowing dripping pussy. She could easily dominate me in this position. She was in complete control.


I felt the warmth of her, as she slowly eased herself down and completely enveloped my dick with her warm flesh. She moaned at first as she agonizing slow at first, raised and lowered herself on top of my stiff pole. My head was laying in the crook of her other arm as I felt her long sexy fingers of her other hand sexily scratch me with the nails on my neck and the side of my face. She was soo wet and it felt soo good. And with her big nipple in my mouth my vision was completely filled with her enormous tit-flesh with glints of her angelic face behind, looking sexily down at me. It was all too much. I couldn’t take it any longer as I felt the stirring from below and I screamed in pleasure,” Annette…I I lloooove you!”, as I came violently deep inside of her.


Then I completely collapsed in a heap beneath her, exhausted. And later, as I felt her planting light kisses all over my face and lightly stroking me with her other hand, I opened my eyes and looked up, and saw her face lovingly smile back down at me. Then she kissed the tip of her long-nailed index finger and planted it on my lips as she said,” You are so handsome sweetie, I think I am falling in love with you too.” And then she lowered her face down and kissed me lovingly, and soo deep to the point, I had to make a brake for air so that I could recover my breath.


At that moment I felt like the happiest man on Earth. I felt like I had my “Dream woman” And after that day we became an item, boyfriend and girlfriend to my ecstatic pleasure.




Chapter 4




The next morning I was awakened by the sound of somebody taking a shower. I opened my eyes and tried to focus on my watch to figure out what time it is. And realized it’s only around 5 in the morning. Then the shower sound stopped and I heard the shower-curtain being pulled to the side mixed with dripping water and somebody moving around in the bath-room. Then it hit me where I was. I must have slept through the night in Annette’s apartment.


As I just finished that thought, the door suddenly opened and Annette came in wearing a towel wrapped over her huge tits and another one like a turban on her head. “Good Morning sleepy-head!” she greeted and looked down at my figure on the bed with a smile on her lips. “Morn’n” I mumbled in response still trying to clear my head as I stretched and attempted to sit up.


She sat down at her vanity-table and started to apply make-up to her face very swiftly with an expert’s moves, as she explained that, she had to be at school at 7:45 am to make it to her class. But told me that I could stay as long as I pleased, as long as I left my number and locked the door before I left, so that she could call me later when she returned home.


“Thank you”, I said as I swung my legs over the side of the bed and did a quick double-take as I got surprised of how far it was to the floor, and then quickly remembered that her mattress were higher than normal so that's why, it seemed further to the floor than I was used to.


As I sat there I couldn’t maintain my rear on top and touch the floor with my feet at the same time, as my legs were bent at their knees. So I had to slide down slightly and straighten my legs to be able to feel comfortable and have my feet planted on the floor.


Then I noticed that one of Annette’s tall platform shoes from last night, were lying on its side right next to my left foot. And I couldn’t help but notice how small my foot seemed in comparison to her big platform shoe. I couldn’t resist picking it up with my hands to look it over as I noticed the size stamped on the underside of the sole. My head reeled as I read the number 12. I couldn’t believe it. This 19 year old girls feet, completely dwarfed my small size 8.5’s. I dropped it to the floor as I felt uneasy and bewildered over what I just learned.


As the shoe hit the floor Annette jumped and looked at me quickly and asked,” What happened?” I just swallowed hard as I tried my best to explain without offending her that I got startled when I realized how much bigger her feet were than mine.


As she heard that, she giggled to my surprise and happily explained that since she is so much bigger than me; wouldn’t it be strange if they weren’t? And then added that every time she have a growth-spurt, she usually have to get new shoes as well since her feet are getting bigger as well.


“Huh” I muttered as I just remembered that she indeed said yesterday that she is still a growing girl, and gets growth spurts then and then. And I then realized as the thought hit me, that it is really very possible that this sexy girl could grow even taller and bigger than she already is in comparison to me. After this realization hit me, I felt even more bewildered but also noticed a familiar tingly feeling making itself noticed between my legs as I now sported a rock-hard tent-pole in my underwear.


Annette of-course noticed this as she looked at me through her mirror at her vanity. And asked with a happy voice,” I gather that you like what you see, or are you hiding something in your underwear?” At that I became self conscious and automatically tried to cover up with my hands as I felt my face redden slightly.


When she saw this she started to giggle and stood up to her full height and walked over to the bed and sat down next to me and with a seductive voice teased: “Oh my goodness! What do we have here?” And with her sexy long-nailed fingers, forced my hands away seemingly with ease, and pulled my underwear down to expose my stiff pecker for her inspection.


” Mmmm…All for me!”, she said and lowered her head down and I felt the warmth of her sexy lips envelope my shaft and suck as she jerked with her hand and moved her head teasingly, agonizing slow up and down at first, as she kept her eyes fixed on mine to see my reaction.


I groaned and moaned and could feel my heart beating harder and harder and started to gasp of excitement, as she quickened her pace and started to lightly tickle and rake my balls with the nails of her other hand, I couldn’t take no more and exploded violently deep into her sexy mouth as she seemed to be swallowing everything that I threw at her.


Then she released me and teasingly licked her lips looking at me and smiled, as she stood back up and turned to continue get ready for school. I just laid there, exhausted and relaxed in the aftermath of my orgasm, and told her that,” This, was the best blow-job that I had ever experienced”. At that, she smiled back at me and said” Well, Thank you! Sweetie”. I went up to go to the rest-room and noticed she was getting up from her chair as well, in the same time as me, and felt strange again as I had to look way up at her to meet her eyes as she towered about a foot above me in her bare feet.


She went to get dressed as I showered and as I later was about to enter the kitchen I almost collided with her and got her tits mashed in my face as I again had to strain my neck to be able to see her face way above, as she now had heels on her feet and made me feel even smaller in comparison again.


After that first date, we were going together steady and were together as often as we could aside from work and all. Even though I felt very jealous when she went stripping sometimes on the week-end nights, so she made me come with her to calm me down. And the months flew by to about mid September, when she announced that she had to go to her quarterly appointment with her doctor to check her hormonal levels and also to get an injection to stabilize her endocrine-system that fluctuated still and caused her to experience these “Growth-spurts” then and then as she called it.


I had never experienced her having any of those yet I thought to myself, as she explained to me that she had to fly to a special clinic in New York for her treatments and would have to remain there for about a week as they monitored her reaction to the treatments before she could return. I felt sad at this but realized that her health was number one and told her that I would be her waiting for her, counting the hours until she would come back. At this she bent way down and kissed me full on my lips and said “I love you baby!”


I spent the next week at work worrying about her as I missed her company. She called almost every night and reported to me the news. And Wednesday evening when she called, she said, that the doctors had injected her with a large doze of some new substance that supposed to have some sorts of anabolic stimulating effect on my glandular system to help my growing body support its mass so that I wouldn’t develop pain in my bones of carrying to much weight pre-maturely.


And she added that she noticed a lot of pain at first where they had put the needle, but it subsided eventually and now she noticed that she got cramps in her legs and her breasts felt tender and swollen all of a sudden. But the Doctors had said that it was probably only temporary as my body adjusted to the new drug.


The following day when she called, she cried in the phone saying that now the intermittent cramps had spread to other parts of her body as well and she sometimes woke up with severe head aches at night as well. She said that it felt like her breasts had got bigger somehow as they now felt swollen and emanated some liquid as she squeezed her nipples during the night to calm a tingling “itch” as she called it. And that the bed had big wet spots underneath where her breast had been during the night.


She then mentioned what I was afraid that she would say next. She begged that she hoped that I please, wouldn’t stop loving her, because she believed that in fact, she had experienced another growth spurt, And a big one at that, which she believed was due to the new drug that hadn’t worked out as expected and too all of the cramps that she had experienced.. She added that her shoes felt really tight and she could barely fit in her jeans any more.


When I asked her about how tall that she believed that she is now, she responded with a somewhat serious voice that I would have to wait to see when she came home, because she said that she rather tell me in person.


As it was Saturday I went to her place and waited for her to return with anticipation. I had cleaned her apartment and cooked a luxurious dinner and sat down on the couch as suddenly, I heard her keys in the door, and I sprang to my feet to meet her at the door.


As the door opened I looked up but couldn’t see her face and gasped in surprise. She was so tall that her head and shoulders were actually higher than the beam of the door-frame. The top of the door-frame was now resting on top of the tips of her now enormous breasts which forced her to squat way down and duck to get through the door-frame. I quickly looked down at her feet and noticed the biggest set of sneakers that I had ever laid my eyes on. And they were flat. I was shocked, as I stared way up trying to see her face as I back-pedaled a few steps to take all of her in as she stood up to her full height on the inside, almost bumping her head in the 12 foot ceiling in the process.


I felt dizzy and almost fainted for a moment as the realization hit me like a ton of bricks, that Annette, my girl-friend, now must be looking like a veritable giantess compared to me. She came over to me with a worried expression on her beautiful face with her tears running down her face.


And as she came up and planted her big shoes right in front of my feet, she made my feet look like they belonged to a child. Then as I looked straight ahead of me I noticed that I now was eye-level with her mid to upper thigh with the top of my head barely reaching her groin area. Her one leg was now bigger than my entire body I noticed as I saw that her knee now was about chest-high to me. And then as I had to bend my head way back as I tried to look up to see her face now way distant above me I couldn’t see it because of her bosom…”HER BOSOM” I gasped as I saw the biggest tits that I have ever seen as there were these two enormous orbs, obscuring my view of her face, way out of my reach, as they threatened to rip her T-shirt to shreds.


They were easily bigger than beach-balls. And seem to stand out almost three feet from her body, hanging heavy with nipples forming big lumps under her shirt, at the tip of each one that seemed as thick around as “Red-Bull cans” and the XXXL T-shirt had wet spots the size of silver-dollars surrounding them.


Then I saw her hands coming towards my face. Oh, her hands! Them too were much bigger as well, almost a foot and a half long from her wrist to the end of her finger-tips with nails about two and a half inches long , with only her fingers now about double the length of my whole hand, and thumbs as thick around as my wrists, I noticed, as she put one big hand on each side of my face and completely covered the sides of it as she wrapped her long fingers around my head until I felt her long nails dig into my neck as daggers as she clamped on. Then she bent her knees as she squatted further and further down until she was on her knees and still towered over me as I looked on in shock as her now much larger face approached and kept growing as she came closer until she enveloped my entire mouth, nose and part of my chin within her big lips as she proceeded to give me a kiss. I had to open my mouth wide open, for the tip of her tongue to be able to enter in as it almost choked me to death as I couldn’t breath.


Then she said with a loud voice,” I missed you my love! Look what happened to me. I’m a freak. I now stand almost eleven and a half feet tall because of their big fiasco with the so called new wonder-drug. Which instead did the reverse of what it was designed to do, and made my growth-spurts even more powerful instead?”


I just stood there in shock staring at her, loss for words trying to make it all sink in and make sure that I’m not dreaming this. But after the reality-check with her enormous breath-taking kiss making me gasp for air and made me wide awake I realized that this is indeed all too real.


“Do you still love me” she asked with her big tear-filled eyes looking down at me.” If you don’t I’ll understand” she added as her tears was running down her big beautiful face. “I woke up from my trance with a bang and quickly realized that I had really missed her a lot and even if she now was enormous next to me, she was still as beautiful as before, if not even more at this size. So I told her that I had really missed her a lot and “YES” No matter how big she is or would become, I would always love her dearly.


Then she did something that startled me and scared me at first, as she moved her big hands quickly and placed them under my arms wrapping around my sides and “STOOD UP” to my surprise, as I felt my feet suddenly leave the floor and felt a nauseous rush as she lifted me up with her higher and higher, until her head almost touched the ceiling and I was up to her face-level. Then she held me in front of her face with my feet dangling almost six feet off the floor, as she happily proclaimed how much she loved me and how happy she was that I was hers etc. etc. And finished with something that she would make sure that I never would need to look at another woman ever, and that she had surprises in store for me that she was sure I would love.




Chapter 5


Then she quickly lowered me back down on the floor and asked me if there were anything to eat in the house, because she was starving. And I told her that I would order Pizza because I had forgot to buy groceries. “PIZZA’ she repeated loudly and continued: “I love Pizza!” And then looked way down at me from high above, licking her sexy pink lips in a very slow and erotic fashion while staring at me intently and saying in an almost whispering tone: “I am so hungry right now…I feel like I could just eat you up!”


After that she suddenly turned and went to unpack her enormous bag with, as she called it: “Custom clothes for her”. As she did, she got a sexy gleam in her eyes and said that she had a surprise for tonight that she was sure I would love. I could barely wait.


My girlfriend had literally turned into some sort’s super-sexy giant version of what I was used to. Like she wasn’t big enough before. And what if she got even taller, what would that leave me? I felt a little uneasy at the thought, but strangely enough very excited as well. I started to realize that what I had suspected for a very long time must be true. I have a size-fetish. The fact that the opposite normally weaker sex was now much stronger and bigger than me, made me feel somewhat helpless and weak. Imagine…To my girlfriend, I was now the weaker sex. Complete role-reversal. But not quite, since she had always been taller than me since we got together.


But this fact seemed to arouse me immensely. I felt like my pecker was going to explode of excitement. Ooohhh…I am so horny now. The more I thought about her and let my fantasies run wild about what she possible meant by her so called “surprise later tonight”, almost made me cream in my pants.


Later that evening after the Pizza, I was upstairs, watching Television as I waited for Annette to give me her signal that I was allowed to enter the bed-room downstairs for her “little” surprise.

Suddenly, about 4 hours later, I heard a sexy giggle from downstairs followed by: “Honey…I am ready. Come down and get it” As I heard that, I almost stumbled and fell on my face on my way out of the room as I literally ran down the stairs. As I approached the bedroom with great anticipation, I noticed that the door was slightly ajar and it seemed to be pitch black inside. All I heard was a fast whisper from inside saying: “Hurry, come inside and close the door”. I did as I was told but couldn’t see anything at all, due to that the bright hall-light had blinded me just before I stepped into the darkness.


Then I heard a voice from somewhere above me, saying: “The light-switch is to your right. Turn it on and be surprised”. With enormous anticipation and a trembling hand I held my breath and flicked the switch and whaaa….a…a! I felt a funny feeling in my stomach as I noticed something to my right. Something huge.


It looked like a human leg….Ohhhhhhh. I almost fainted with a lump in my throat as I took a second look and saw what looked to be a knee-cap about a foot above my face-level. Staring straight ahead, I WAS LOOKING AT HER SHIN…And as I looked down I saw what looked to be the biggest giant size platform-shoe that I had ever laid my eyes on. Due to its enormous size the heel had to be about 2 feet tall to me, and her toes resting atop a platform seemingly about 10 inches above the floor.


It appeared to be a white open-toed platform sandal with a sexy ankle-strap around her ankle with glitter on the strap and all in proportion because of its sheer size. I stared at her surprisingly big looking perfectly pink lacquered toes through what looked like sheer white silk stockings. Her huge toes were halfway up my shins, visible through the open toe model platform, perched about 10 inches off the ground on top of the massive platform, with her ankle-strap at my mid to upper thigh-level due to my short stature. This is all too surreal I thought to myself almost in shock.


I was almost afraid to look up, fearing what I would find. But my emotional high of arousal got the overhand and finally, as I slowly raised my gaze, I jumped as my face almost touched an upside down image of a much bigger face with tons of blond tresses hanging down from my now, seemingly enormous girlfriends head, as she was standing doubled over and looked down at me with her to my surprise now much bigger looking face between her legs. She broke out in a sexy giggle and asked: “What do you think my tiny little love? Like what u see?” with such a loud and powerful breathy voice that I could feel her sexy minty breath envelope my entire head.


I almost got scared of her sheer size. And as I stared at her big sexy pink lips as they moved sexily about as she spoke, I noticed that they had to be wider than my whole face and each lip thicker than my arm, which didn’t make any sense to me at that moment. I didn’t remember her being that big before. As she noticed my surprise, she waved a syringe in one of her hands way above and said: “Surprise, surprise…, I just grew some more due to my follow up injections that I must take to be stable and not endanger my health. I was told that I will grow every time I inject myself. And they even told me, how much bigger to expect for this injection and therefore I got my clothes custom made to match each growth-spurt. And I wanted it all to be a BIG surprise for you. But I hope I didn’t scare you, did I?” She then started to raise herself up until her lower back hit the ceiling. Ohhh my Gawd I thought,….she is now so tall that she can’t even stand up straight. She then went down on her knees and started to crawl out of the door to the hallway which sported 18 feet tall ceilings because of the town-house style apartment that she rented with a stairwell to the second floor.


As she got through she stood up and stretched herself way up to her full height and closed her legs to be even taller. Then she put her hands on her hips and turned around to face me, looking way down, with her huge shoes so close to my feet, they almost touched my toes


I had to crane my head so hard back my neck hurt. As I stared way up at her now colossal image, I felt absolutely tiny next to her. I got dizzy and felt disorientated having to look so far, way up at her, from my seemingly lowly perspective. As I looked at her, I noticed that she had on an extremely sexy short white negligee made from some almost see-thru silky material, with a white giant-sized brassiere underneath that seemed like it was ready to burst as it seemed to be completely stretched to its limits of her tit-flesh that completely overfilled her bra-cups and threatened to spill over the top.


As she leaned back a little with the top of her head grazing the ceiling, I could actually see her face high, high up there, looking way, way down at me, with a sexy expression on her heavily made up face. Ooohhh…I thought to myself. She look’s just like a giant-sized stripper, with tons of make-up on with very long thick, furry false eye-lashes and everything, which made her big doe-like bed-room-eyes look dark, big and sexy. Her blonde hair was piled up high on her head in an ultra-feminine fashion like a playboy bunny with tons of big sexy curls framing her pretty face perfectly and cascading down her back.


I felt funny all over. Just the thought of my girl-friend being almost 18 feet tall, made me tremble in my knees as I felt my head spin of confusion. I felt like I was the size of a cat next to her. She was absolute stunning and enormous: “How do you like your now, super-sized version of Annette…the giant stripper…huh, honey?” She said with a cocky but extremely sexy seemingly victorious, breathy kind of voice, followed by a giggle like a excited school-girl that had just succeeded to use her sexy looks in school to get what she wants from the boys and then turn and giggle at their humiliation as she realize that she can completely get them to do what she wants. After she said that, she took a challenging stance and put her hands on her hips and looked way, way down at my tiny being from high above with her eye-brows in a raised expression like in surprise as she waited for me to answer.


“It..t..t….Itsss….amm.a.a mazing!” I stammered, still stunned from the initial shock of seeing her this big.


“Isn’t it? First it scared me, but now it makes me feel so powerful and sexy. It’s such a rush. I now realize that I actually enjoy having you so small and helpless compared to me.” “I even wish that I could be even bigger compared to you or that I could somehow make you much smaller, so that I could hold you in the palm of my hand.”


“Just try to imagine what it would be like”, she said, “To be able to hold you in the palm of my hand. To be able to pick you up between the tips of two of my fingers, and dangle you in front of my face as I talking to you. To completely dominate you and be like a Goddess to you”. “Wouldn’t that be great?”, she asked and looked down at me with a horny, sexy look on her face. I was in complete shock. She had just verbalized a secret dream that I used to have sometimes but used to feel ashamed of since this was something that was physically impossible and could never happen in real life.


“I dddont’t know if.” Then she quickly squatted down and put a huge finger over my mouth and filled in: “of course you agree”. She said, like I didn’t have a choice in the matter, and then I realized to my terrified surprise how big her hands was. She repositioned her hand and put it on her knee a little above my startled face. Her hand looked to be almost 2 feet long with her fingers looking almost more than a foot long because of what looked like square-cut, French manicured finger-nails almost 4 inches long and 11/2 inch wide. “Ohhhhhhh my!” I sighed as I noticed that her index finger alone easily looked thicker around than my fore-arm.


As that realization hit me I got scared. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like her pet. I started to slowly back away with a lump in my throat, with her watching my every move intently from above in her squatting position. “What’s the matter honey? You are not scared of your girl-friend are you? “Suddenly she reached out rapidly with the fingers of her huge hand and clamped down with one of her hands over my shoulder so that I couldn’t escape. Then she looked sexily down at me from way above as she licked her lips and breathily said in a loud whispering voice:” I’ve been waiting a very long time for this moment.”


Then she slowly lowered her other hand which I in terror noticed was open in the grabbing position as it agonizing slow neared my body in a teasing fashion as she flexed her fingers and giggled un-controllable because of the reality of this impossible situation as she saw my terrified face and stopped just short from touching, flashing her huge, long sexy nails in front of my face for a moment before she asked: “Ready?” And then to my surprise, she opened her hand wide and slowly started to slide her long fingers around my mid-section from the front. And to my terrified surprise I noticed that her hand was just big enough so that she could get a grip on me, wrapping her huge fingers around me and squeezed a little as she started to pull me towards her, causing me to slide with my feet against the tiled floor.


I tried to resist with all my might but she was much too strong. And as I locked my legs against the floor and tried to pry off one of her huge fingers with both of my hands, she simply lifted me bodily off the floor about a foot, with ease as it seemed, as if I didn’t weigh anything to her. My mind reeled. It was a weird feeling. I felt nauseous over the initial motion as she moved me with her hand towards her with my feet dangling about a foot over the floor and also over the constant conflict battling my mind, trying to make sense of this impossibility as it was really happening before me even though it defied logic.


Then she reached down with her other hand and supported my butt with it as if she was afraid to drop me. And then it happened…..She suddenly stood up fast, moving her hands and me, up with her, in what felt like a super–elevator ride that made my stomach flutter like on a amusement-park ride.


As she did, I felt the edges of her long nails dig into my sides of my back as a result of the strain of the sudden acceleration as I saw her body pass by rapidly almost in a blur as I ascended in the air, until I suddenly looked straight ahead at her stunningly beautiful and now much bigger face.


I looked at her smiling face as I cached my breath from the “thrill-ride”, hanging suspended by her one hand, way up high. And couldn’t help but think that she was absolute breath-taking as she studied me with her sexy heavily made-up gorgeous face.

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