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AT LAST!!!! by ZZZ

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Into the darkness, so it begins...


It was a typical day at the university. Ryan Mitchell had a shitload of homework, a bunch of tests to study for, and financial aid crap to figure out. It was Ryan’s fourth year in college, and it was the same story every semester, every day. So, with all the work, Ryan did what was expected of him. He procrastinated. He was done with classes for the day so he decided to go mess around on the web. But like most students, Ryan had to rely on the on-campus computer lab to get his net surfing satisfaction. It was far from his dorm room, but it was the only source of entertainment for him.


He wasn’t very lucky with the ladies, generally because he only looked for girls he could look eye to eye to, or his greatest fantasy, finding someone even the slightest bit taller than himself. His problem was his 6’2" height. Most girls that height were either already taken, or very slim and unattractive. He found lots of the short girls on campus attractive, and they found him attractive, but Ryan longed only for a tall beauty.


On his way to the computer lab Ryan had to pass the bio-department. He’d always found biology interesting, but it required way to much studying. Going down the hall he noticed two cute girls walking in his direction. Of course they were very short, but Ryan still smiled at them. Both smiled back at him, and simply giggled from obvious shyness. They then proceeded to enter the biology lab room nearby. Ryan walked on to the computer lab thinking about the two, obviously freshmen, girls. "That’s it, next time I see those girls I’m going to strike up a conversation. I’m just aiming way to high, and endin up with zippo." He went to the computer lab and as usual surfed the Giantess web sites. "Well just cuz I’m givin them up doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about them." He spent several hours chattin & roleplaying with his internet pal, Brittany. He often wished he could meet Brittany, but she lived on the east coast while he lived on the west. Besides, she was only 5’ tall. She always made up stories about how she would find out a way to become a giantess and satisfy both Ryan and herself.


Ryan chatted away until he was kicked out of the computer lab at closing time. "Maybe we should give you a key Ryan" was the usual comment, he was always the last one to leave. On his way back Ryan came across the girls’ bathroom. As he passed it the door opened behind him. He could hear familiar sounding giggles, and heard girls walk out. He recognized the giggles as those from the girls he had seen earlier that day. When he turned around, Ryan’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Ryan never forgot a face, but even more so, Ryan never forgot a body. Both the girl’s bodies seemed at least a little better looking than earlier that day, and at least an inch taller. At first he thought it was his imagination, but then he noticed how he could see a small bit of their bellies underneath their shirts. They also looked somewhat tighter on them. As they came out they noticed Ryan and turned red from shyness, gave him a smile and walked back to that same room from before. "No way..." thought Ryan. All he did was read giantess stories all day long, and this fit the starting scenarios for many of the stories- specially those by that ZZZ dude. "Alright, hell why not-I’ll just make like the guys in the giantess stories and swallow the bait." Ryan walked over to the bio lab room, and walked in.


It looked like all the other bio labs, except this one had several weird fish in it. The tanks were real dirty, mostly from algae that hadn’t been cleaned. "Oh my Megan, look who followed us in..." Ryan quickly turned to the corner of the room, and saw both girls leaning against one of the fish tanks, who looked about 5’3" each, only he remembered them being more like 5’1". "Well Sally, maybe he’ll want to play with us." "Ummm....Hi?" Ryan realized how stupid it sounded as it left his mouth, but he couldn’t get his mind off his great hope. "Are you girls doing some secret science type thing??" A look of surprise appeared on their faces. "How..how did you know that?" Ryan could hear himself screaming with joy inside. "I guess it’s just a lucky guess. By the way my name’s Ryan." "I’m Sally" Said the one wearing red shorts and a three button shirt. "And I’m Megan...nice to meet you." Was the response from the other girl, who wore black jeans and a low cut shoulder revealing shirt.


The girls giggled a little, glanced at each other and nodded. "You see Ryan it’s like this. These weird fish appeared off the shore of Puerto Rico and were shipped to school still alive. It seems like some deep sea activity ended up pushing them to the surface, thousands of feet above their usual water level. As part of our work study we were put in charge of cleaning the fish, and removing the weird colored algae that was forming on the fish tanks. Well, it seems to have an interesting affect on us..." Ryan could feel himself getting aroused, and quickly pulled down on sweater to hide his excitement. " Not only that, but it seems like the strange effect is magnified whenever we get stimulated." Ryan had to stand in an awkward way, but it was too much, and the girls noticed what was going on. "Sally, I think Ryan likes us..." Both girls just giggled as always as Ryan was squirming to control himself. "No, it’s not that, I just have to ummm...pee, yeah that’s it!" "Oh so you’re saying you don’t like us?" Both girls began to pout. "No, I do like you girls...ugh...um...gonna go pee, I’ll be back!!" Ryan dashed out of the room. "Man that was embarrassing. What was I thinking? Those girls are probably just pulling my chain...they probably saw me reading one of the giantess web pages, and have decided to screw with my head." After realizing this Ryan became relaxed and went back in to point out how obvious the girls were being. He found them giggling, but a serious shock came to him. There they both were, but Megan was now at least two inches taller than Sally! "Looks like your little dance got Megan excited Ryan." Ryan simply stood there with his mouth open, staring at how tight Megan’s shirt had become, with a small portion of cleavage coming out on the arm openings and center of the sleeveless shirt. He couldn’t help it, he got hard right in front of them again, and didn’t even cover it. Both girls let out a shriek of happiness and covered their mouths giggling. Sally was staring right at Ryan’s pants. Right before his eyes Sally seemed to be filling out her buttoned T-shirt, and her shorts were getting shorter. Soon enough Sally was Megan’s height. "See Megan I told you all we needed was a nice guy to get us happier than we could get each other." Ryan reached up to his arm and pinched himself. If this was a dream, he was probably just bit by a bee. He came back to his senses and started trying to cover himself again. "No don’t do that Ryan, we like it when your excited." Ryan’s mouth dropped open again, and he stopped struggling as he felt himself get more excited. "Woah!" Sally was staring straight at his now reinforced hard on. Slowly her once small breasts began filling out her shirt and slowly her nipples became more and more apparent as they became larger. "Wow Sally your bigger than we ever got ourselves..." Ryan could see Megan getting excited by watching Sally grow. Her jeans tightened up considerably as she became taller and taller. They were both around 5’5" tall now. "Maybe we should take of some of our clothes...I feel like my tennis shoes are about to pop open, and it looks like shorts are about to tear at the seams Sally." Ryan thought very quickly. He wanted his fantasy to be all that he always wanted. "Girls..let me tell you a little secret." They both stared at Ryan intently with a smile. "I would be ten times more excited if I saw you girls outgrow what your wearing...ugh...yeah...sorry..." He couldn’t believe he had just said that. To his utter happiness though, the girls both nodded. "We would love to see you even more excited!" Both girls became more aroused at the thought of Ryan becoming more excited, and giggled as their predictions came true. Slowly Megan’s tennis shoes popped open, while


Sally’s shorts ripped at the seams. Ryan noticed something else about the girls as they became bigger. It seemed like it was making them...Hornier!!! They kept staring intently at Ryan’s excited member as they ran their hands over their inflating bodies. At Ryan’s greatest surprise the girls simultaneously began to walk over to him. They were now about 5’8". Megan’s jeans were now halfway up her thigh, and Sally’s red shorts were looking more like a bikini bottom. Sally smiled and looked Ryan in the eye as her and Megan stopped inches next to him. "Ryan do you mind if we...." Both girls reached down simultaneously and grabbed at the excitement in his pants. Ryan was jumping up and down in his head running in circles and thanking God like never before. "It’s sooo hard..." Both girls had a hand on his member as they pressed up to him. The girls became even more aroused, both had their nipples pushing out on their shirts, and they pressed their very healthy sized breasts against Ryan’s chest. He could now hear the seams on Megan’s jeans tearing, as well as the remains of Sally’s shorts tearing off. They were reaching new heights while pressing up against him. First they were slightly above shoulder height, then they were above Ryan’s lips, and eventually they were both looking him in the eyes. "Oh Sally I can’t believe this, we’re both as tall as Ryan." "Ryan, just think how much more excited we would be, and how much more we would enjoy this if you touched us..." All this time Ryan had his hands on the wall behind them. "Your such a nice guy Ryan...we don’t mind if you touch us...anywhere you want..." Both girls pressed their breasts up further on him, right at his chest level. Ryan looked down at their breasts. He then looked up at their eyes. "Go ahead Ryan, we want you to do it..." Both girls still had a hand on his member, but with their free hand they grabbed Ryan’s and pressed it up to their breasts. "Oooooh.." they both began to coo as he slowly moved his hands over the large plentiful breasts. He could feel them getting bigger as he touched them, and he could feel them riding up his chest. He could also feel the amount of his manhood they held in their hands increase as their hands grew on his member. "Oh Megan, soon we’re gonna have to take turns holding his better half..." "You know Ryan, there would be more for us to hold if you took your pants off. Without a second thought Ryan pushed down his pants, and was standing in his boxers. Mr. Niceguy was gone now, and fantasy craving Ryan was all that was left. The girls giggled and pulled down his boxers. "Oh Ryan!!!!" They both reached for his serious hard on and each got a decent grip. Ryan was so excited he felt he would explode in their hands. Ryan mustered all his self control as the girls fondled him. The girls seemed to be getting stronger now, as Megan’s jeans finished ripping open under the power of her swelling thigh and calve muscles. Both girls reached for his collar and tore both his sweater and the shirt underneath it open. They then pressed their bodies up against him again. He could feel their large, hard nipples on his bare skin. The girls were now getting taller again, and he could feel their breasts rising up over his body. They were now a couple inches taller than him and actually had to look down at him. This seemed to make them more excited, and they grabbed Ryan and pushed him down to the floor. They both lay as best the could on top of him, Sally kissing his neck while Megan licked his face. All Ryan could do was run his hands up and down Megan and Sally’s amazing bodies. He could feel them growing on top of him, but he was way to aroused to care. They were now licking his chest, and then Megan went up to his face and gave Ryan a long, deep kiss. He could feel her tongue swelling in his mouth as both Megan and Sally were enlarging. It was all he could take. He released all over himself and some on the girls. "OH RYAN!!!" They said in unison. It seemed like his release actually made them more excited! The clothes which remained on their bodies finished shredding off, as they were now well over seven feet tall each. They kept on running their hands over Ryan, but they decided to let him rest and started concentrating on each other. Ryan didn’t care. Watching these two giantesses make out on top of him was almost as exciting as having them make out with him. Sally began licking Megan’s nipples as Megan caressed Sally’s thigh with one hand and Ryan’s face with the other. They were still growing bigger on top of him, but he didn’t care. He felt like his life would be accomplished even if he died by being crushed by the two expanding goddesses. "Mmmm Sally, we lets not get Ryan hurt ok?" "No no, we can’t let our personal lover get hurt. You just watch us ok baby?" They both got off Ryan, but kneeled next to his body, and began making fondling each other over his body. They kept on filling up bigger and bigger with more and more muscles while making out on top of him, till finally they both released almost simultaneously. They were both close to 9 feet tall at the time. They both lay down again, again one on each side of Ryan, but they made sure not to press their weight on him. "The effects of this stuff wear off in a couple hours, but we are growing some of it at home." "Ryan, neither of us have a boyfriend...you wouldn’t mind sharing both of us would you?" Ryan felt a smile on his face bigger than any he had ever formed or seen. "COLLEGE IS AWESOME!!!!"

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