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Big Nymphomaniac by Rapscalion

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Big Nymphomaniac

Writer Rapscalion


Including: Slow female Growth, Grow by Chemicals, Comparison


The guys were all jealous. Kelly had been described to me as a girl with a great personality and a lot of fun... so naturally, we all assumed the worst. When I met her, I discovered that she was also absolutely gorgeous, with big brown eyes and long dark hair. Her body was astounding -- 5'7", great legs, cute butt, and nice big breasts. The guys drooled all over her.


Unfortunately, so did I. Because what they didn't know was that Kelly -- fun, beautiful, smart Kelly -- was about as interested in sex as she was in the fluctuation of the Japanese yen... not very. She wasn't a prude. She just seemed to have no sex drive. There wasn't an ounce of horniness in her. I was very much in love with her. But after three months of seeing this beautiful, sexy woman with little more than a peck on the cheek to show for it, I thought I was about to explode.


I was in Chinatown way early for a business lunch when I wandered into Fong's Specialty Shop. Fong was an old Chinese man right out of an old Fu Manchu movie. "Help you?" he asked me, in broken English I thought was a joke at first. The whole place was so unreal, I was charmed... but not enough to actually spend money. "No thanks," I replied smiling as I headed toward the door.


"Not getting any, are you?" Fong asked. I stopped. Was it that obvious? "Bundle of frustration, that's what you are."


He was so straightforward, I found myself oddly at ease with him. "She just doesn't seem to have any interest."


Fong smiled. "But you do. You want big nymphomaniac!"


I laughed. "Right now," I told him, "I want her to be the biggest nymphomaniac in the world!"


Fong took a breath. "Ten dollars."


I smiled. "For what?"


Fong put a small vial of powder on the table. "Put it on her food. Guaranteed. I have twelve children! Ten dollars."


What the hell? I figured. Twelve kids! Maybe this old guy really knew something. I took a twenty out of my wallet. "Give me two."


It took me exactly ten minutes to feel like an idiot. I left the vials in my pocket. It was a week before I thought of them again. Kelly was over, in a tight brown dress that absolutely had me gasping for breath. I couldn't stand another night of sitting and watching TV. As I prepared pasta, I emptied one of the vials over hers. I'd spent the money. It was worth a shot.


Two hours later, there we were again -- watching TV. Same as always. I took it as consolation that at least the powder didn't kill her. Suddenly, I felt something on my leg. It was her hand. I turned to look and found her nuzzling up against my neck. "I'm sick of this show," Kelly said. "Why don't we do something more interesting?" She moaned as she kissed my neck and climbed on top of me. I couldn't believe it -- that stupid powder worked!


Kelly was on fire! She grabbed my head, opened her mouth, and kissed me passionately, her whole body writhing atop mine. She reached into my shirt and opened it up, wrapping her arms around my naked torso. Then she ripped open her top. Her breasts were even more fantastic than I'd realized, barely contained in her filled-beyond-capacity bra. She popped it open and let her big breasts free. Then she reached into my pants. Needless to say, I was fully erect immediately, while her mouth traveled down to engulf my penis.


"The bedroom," she moaned. The two of us ran into my bedroom and jumped onto the bed. We stripped off whatever remaining clothes we had on and she proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me. She was not gentle. She was certainly not

quiet. As she finally cried out with her last orgasm and fell onto the bed, she stared into my eyes and smiled devilishly as we both drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to feel Kelly kissing my chest. She climbed up on top of me and kissed me on the lips. Something felt not quite right, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Naturally, I was erect again, but my bladder had priority, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.


I could barely get my erection down so I could pee. It didn't help that Kelly was standing outside the door cooing breathily about how much she needed me inside her again. Finally, I opened the door. She jumped me and pushed me against the wall, kissing me voraciously. I was surprised at how strong she

was... but I wasn't exactly complaining.


And then it dawned on me, what was wrong. I pushed her away for a second. It was true. Kelly was as tall as me! She'd always been a good six inches shorter. Had I shrunk? I looked around. No, I was the same size as always. But Kelly had grown to over six feet in a few hours! "What happened?" I asked her. "How did you get so tall?!"


Kelly smiled. "I grew." And she didn't seem to find anything wrong with that. She wrapped her long arms around me and planted her mouth on mine. Her breasts seemed to have swelled even bigger as she pressed them against my naked body. Whatever caused this... well, it was certainly interesting. She pulled me on top of her, onto the bed, and we made love for hours. She screamed so loudly, I was sure they could hear her for blocks. But at that moment, I couldn't have cared less.


I awoke with a start, as I nearly fell off the edge of the mattress. Kelly was still asleep, and hogging the bed. I looked at her beautiful, sleeping face as I stretched out, my knee brushing against her stomach. That's when I knew something was seriously up. I got out of bed and had a look at Kelly. She was huge! No wonder she was hogging the bed -- she had to be seven feet tall, at least! Her long, long legs were bent to keep her on the mattress.


Kelly rolled over and opened her eyes. She saw me staring at her from the edge of the bed, then glanced down at my erection and smiled. "You look like you're ready for more," she said. With that, she stretched her long body, her legs shooting way out over the edge of the mattress... and damn if it didn't seem like her body literally stretched longer as she did it! I backed away.


"What's the matter?" she asked coyly. Slowly, she stood up. I could hear my heart pounding as she rose slowly above me, taller and taller, until I barely came up to her shoulder. I looked up at her as she smiled down at me. "What are you waiting for?" she asked. "Let's make up for lost time."


With that, she shut her eyes and ran her hands over her big breasts and down her long torso, stretching her arms downward. She moaned softly as she tilted her head back and stretched before my eyes, growing another two or three inches in a matter of a few seconds, her head inching closer to the ceiling!


She opened her eyes and looked further down at me. She hardly seemed aware of the insanity of what was happening to her... she just seemed to be enjoying it. She cupped her huge breasts in her hands and pushed them into my face. I sucked on one of her huge tits as she moaned some more... and grew still taller! Her breast was rising up to my mouth level while I sucked on it, her massive torso expanding as I held it!


I backed away and looked up at her. Her head was now grazing the ceiling! She ran her fingers along the ceiling, licking her lips. "Don't stop now, lover," she purred. "It's just getting interesting."


Whatever was in that vial, I had to figure out how to stop it. I glanced past Kelly to the door. At her size, she wasn't going to have an easy time fitting through it. I ducked between Kelly's legs and dashed out of the room. She laughed as she watched me leave.


I ran upstairs to find the other vial. Maybe Fong's phone number was on it. I searched through my jacket pocket. There it was! Suddenly, the floor shook below me. Kelly was pounding on the ceiling! One hit. Two hits. Three hits. I jumped back as her hand burst through the floor! Then her head rose up through the hole! By now, she was probably eleven feet tall! She looked at me and smiled. She reached her long arms through the hole and grabbed me, gently lowering me back into the bedroom.


Her body was awesome. I stood on the floor staring up, barely as tall as her legs, her big breasts nearly at the ceiling. She gently guided my head toward her crotch. I wrapped one arm around each leg and buried my face in her crotch. She moaned in pleasure and took a short breath... and suddenly, she grew again, her legs now rising above me! So much for that plan.


Kelly bent over and effortlessly dropped me onto the bed. I didn't know what she planned to do, but I watched with a mixture of fear, awe, and incredible arousal. Suddenly, she spread her legs and sat on my erection. My endowments must have seemed quite puny to her now -- I would imagine a fourteen foot woman would need something a little bigger. But she didn't seem to mind as she writhed atop me. Even sitting, her head nearly reached the ceiling! She was as stunningly beautiful as ever, an orgasmic grin on her face... though I could barely see it from my angle, obscured as it was by her staggering breasts.


I could feel her skin expanding against mine as she started to grow even bigger! It was a very strange feeling. She was getting heavier on top of me, and she had to lean over as her head rose to the ceiling and she continued to grow! Luckily, the mattress was taking the brunt of her weight as she pushed me further and further within it.


Finally, as she let out an ear-piercing orgasmic scream, she tried to stand. Leaned way over, she tried to straighten her legs... but even they were too long and her butt pressed against the ceiling with her knees still bent. I could only guess that she was at least twenty feet tall by now! With a great grunt, she straightened her legs, and I had to run out of the way of falling plaster as the ceiling collapsed against her mighty ass!


As her tremendous body straightened, rising high above me, I realized that even the second floor ceiling was not going to contain her! She bumped her head against it, then lifted her arms and pressed against that ceiling. It crumbled, revealing the attic, as Kelly stood up to her full height. Her head had just a few feet of clearance before it burst through the roof!


I ran up the stairs to the second floor. Kelly looked down at me, curiously. The oddness of it all seemed to finally dawn on her. "My god," she said, admiring herself. "Look at the size of me. Nobody's ever been close to this big before." She grabbed her massive breasts in her hands. "I mean, I've had big boobs since I was fourteen, but never this big! I wonder how I did this."


I was about to tell her of the mysterious powder, and how Fong must have taken my yearning for the "biggest nymphomaniac in the world" a bit too literally. But considering that she was easily four times my height and was quite capable of crushing my house like a toy, I decided not to risk angering her.


"You're awfully quiet," she said. "But you were wonderful! I never knew how fulfilling sex could be."


"Well," I joked, "chalk it up to a growing experience."


She laughed. "It's like the pleasure made me grow." She stopped to think. Then she smiled a mischevious smile. She reached her huge hand down toward her crotch.


I knew what she was thinking. I looked outside. Dawn was breaking on the horizon. Soon, the neighborhood would be awake. She started to finger herself, and moaned as softly as a two-story woman could. "Are you sure you want to do this?!" I begged. "I mean Kelly, look at you! You're a giant! Any bigger and you won't be able to fit inside anything! And what are the neighbors going to think?"


She smiled. "I'm beyond big already. I'm not exactly going to slip out the back door at this size. What harm could another ten feet do? Or a hundred? You don't know how incredible this feels!"


She started to masturbate more quickly. Her gigantic breasts heaved with her quickening breath, knocking back the furniture in their way. And then, with a sudden giggle of pleasure, she started to grow again. Her head rose closer and closer to the roof, finally pressing against it. It was no contest. The roof snapped easily, and her head rose up into the morning sky.


I looked out the window. Several lights in nearby houses were coming on, as people gathered to look for the source of the sound. I looked up. Kelly was growing relentlessly bigger, her eyes rising to peer over the roof. My house was certainly not going to last much longer. As I ran downstairs to grab some clothes and make my escape, I noticed something.


It was the other vial of powder.


As I watched my gorgeous girlfriend grow towards thirty feet tall, with no sign of slowing, I realized what I wanted. I popped off the cover and downed the powder in one gulp.


Would it work for me, too? I had no way of knowing, but I had to try. I looked up to see Kelly's monumental breasts rising above me, swelling still bigger as she steadily grew taller. I grabbed my rock hard penis and started to stroke it, imagining what it would be like to make love to a giant Kelly. I came quickly, shooting cum onto the floor. Intense pleasure coursed through my body. I was no stranger to the joys of masturbation, but either the circumstances or the powder made this one incredible! My body tingled with excitement... and I started to grow!


The feeling was incredible! I stroked my cock more quickly. I could feel my feet rub against the floor as they expanded, while my perspective started to rise toward the ceiling! I continued to come, drenching my increasingly smaller possessions as my head rose into the hole in the ceiling that Kelly had made. The feeling fed on itself -- the bigger I got, the more turned-on I got, the more I came, the bigger I got. As I continued to get taller, my head rose to the level of the second-floor windows. I looked outside. My neighbors had gathered in the street and were looking way, way up.


By now, Kelly's massive tits were rising toward the roof. She smiled down at the gathered crowd as she continued to stimulate her own growth. "Wait till you see these," she told them.


I looked to the side. I could see her legs expanding. It was incredible. I was huge, now -- the second biggest person in the world! -- and yet I wasn't even as tall as her legs! I spun around, and my erection knocked over a lamp. Amazing! My cock was now as long as a normal guy's arm, and significantly fatter. I'd been coming for quite some time, but I certainly wasn't running out of steam. Quite the contrary, actually.


Suddenly, I heard Kelly let out a thundering cry of satisfaction! I looked up. She was growing at an amazing rate, her head shooting upward into the air! She had freed her hands, which rose up through the roof of my now-worthless house. Finally, her growth slowed, until finally she stopped, her legs as tall as the whole house!


Outside, people were panicked. Kelly smiled down at them. They looked so small to me. To her, they must have been tiny. "Don't worry," she said. "I don't want to hurt you. But you might want to step back." She lifted one enormous leg and climbed out of my house. For the first time in quite a while, I could see all of her again. She was magnificent! She must have stood fifty feet tall, or maybe even a bit taller! The sun was rising behind her, bathing her gargantuan body in golden light. She stepped gracefully into the street, avoiding crushing cars or homes or people in her way. At her size, she could easily crush all three in one step. Then she looked down, peering over her spectacular breasts. "Where's my boyfriend?" she asked, a sexy grin coming over her face. "I don't see him." She kneeled down to look for me.


My cock throbbed with excitement, pumping and pumping as it grew longer and I grew taller! In minutes, I was just tall enough that my head reached the roof. I stood on my tip-toes and called out "Oh Kelly!"


The crowd gasped as Kelly spun around. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. Slowly, she stood up. And up. And up. I was in awe. Even at my enormous size, she towered way, way over me. I was like a child to her, only as tall as her waist. I stroked my cock some more.


"Oh no you don't," she said. "Not without me."


She lifted me effortlessly out of the crumbling house. Standing next to her, I realized what she had in mind. I may have been half her height, but I was big enough for her purposes.


She took a few gigantic steps to the grassy hill up the block and lay back on the grass. Her enormous weight made a depression in the ground. "Come here," she commanded. I looked down. My neighbors were staring up at me. Most of them barely came up to my knees. I was still fully erect, and my massive cock cast a giant shadow on the street. Cum still dripped from it, splashing in puddles ten or twelve feet below. Whatever fetishes I'd had before, exhibitionism certainly had never been one of them. But with my fifty-foot girlfriend beckoning, and a five foot erection, what choice did I have?


I walked over to Kelly. She spread her massive legs. A mischievous grin spread across her face. "Make me grow," she said.


I lay on top of her and buried my face in her giant breasts. Then I slid my cock inside her. She screamed with delight. It wasn't long before I started to come. I could hear the crowd gasp as I felt my body move against Kelly's. I was growing again, both on top of and inside her! As my growing cock probed deeper within her massive body, she moaned with pleasure and started to grow, too!


"Bigger!" she cried. Though my new growth had started first, it now felt like she was growing faster than me. I thrust inside her, throbbing massively. Again, she exclaimed "Bigger!"


Suddenly, she grew so quickly that her legs kicked out unexpectedly, smashing a couple of cars under her gigantic feet. Her head was pressing uncomfortably against the splinters of some trees she had uprooted. "We need more space," she said, rolling me off her.


I stood up. My new perspective made me dizzy. I had to be close to forty feet tall by now! The crowd reacted, but by now they were so small to me that I could not make out a thing they were saying. Then I heard a roar from them.


I turned around to see Kelly starting to stand. She gathered her long, long legs under her and slowly straightened her tremendous body. Her head rose up to my level, and she stopped momentarily, grinned at me, and kissed me playfully. I was standing. She was crouched. Then she straightened her legs, rising higher and higher and higher above me. Now, I didn't even come up to her waist! I guessed she was ninety feet tall!


"Let's go," she said to me as she turned toward to leave. "The football field at the high school. That should do nicely... at least for a little while." She smiled at me and walked in the direction of the school. Her steps made massive pounding sounds, and people fled in fear as she passed.


I hurried after her, as her massive stride gave her the speed advantage, and I didn't want to make her wait. The powder had to wear off sooner or later, I thought. In the meantime, I wondered if my size could ever catch up with Kelly's. I doubted it... but it would sure be fun trying.

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