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Big Trouble by Rapscalion

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Oddly enough, it was her eyes that first attracted me to Laura. Considering how amazing the rest of her was, this may seem a bit strange. But seeing those big brown eyes across the bar that night was what stopped me dead in my tracks. I stared at her for a good long time before I got the nerve to go over and talk to her. She was sitting at a table by herself, which in itself was astonishing. I thought she was the most gorgeous woman I'd ever laid eyes on. Her hair was dark and long, and she wore a clingy black dress that showed off her very big, perfectly-shaped breasts.


When I finally got up the nerve to speak with her, I found my tongue wouldn't form most of the words I wanted to. Happily, she actually seemed to find that charming. I grabbed a stool by her table and tried to act casual. I don't think she was buying it, but she didn't seem to care. She had a lovely voice and a contagious laugh. And when the band started up again, I asked her to dance.


She smiled and looked at me. "You should know something," she said. "I'm pretty tall."


"How tall?" I asked.


"Very tall," she replied.


"Taller than me?" I asked.


"Much taller than you," she said.


I paused. "And this bothers you?" I asked.


"Not if it doesn't bother you," she replied. And with that, she slid her legs out from under the table and stood up.


She wasn't kidding. She was very, very tall. Astoundingly tall. She towered over everybody else in the place. I hopped off my stool and found I barely came up to her shoulders. I'm about 5'10". I guessed Laura had a foot on me. I looked up at her for a second. "You call that tall?" I asked.


She laughed. It broke the tension. As we went out onto the dance floor, the other dancers looked up at Laura and gave us a wide berth. I'm not a terribly good dancer, but frankly, neither was Laura. It was fun. But with her a good foot above me and the music playing, we could barely hear each other. "What do you say we go someplace quieter?" I asked. She agreed.


I met up with her at a nearby coffee place. I gasped as I watched her duck through the door, her long, long legs bending slightly, then unbending as she stood up to her full height. I waved. She spotted me and sat down in the booth. She had to bend her legs considerably to even fit in the booth, but she did so with remarkable grace.


"Right off the bat," she said, smiling, "I should tell you -- yes, I do play basketball. Just not terribly well."


"Same here," I replied. "Of course, I have more of an excuse."


She laughed. "Well, when you're seven foot one, people seem to expect it of you."


Seven foot one! I could hardly believe it. "Tall family?" I asked.


"No," she said. "Just me. Of course, I guess I bring the average up considerably."


For the next couple of hours, I somehow managed to talk about things not height-related. To be fair, Laura made it easy. She was witty, and smart, and fun. But no matter how much I liked the conversation, my heart kept pounding as I tried to conceive of a girl growing that big.


I suppose it was partly in deference to her size that the folks at the coffee place let us stay so long after closing. But finally, we had to leave. I offered to walk her home. She smiled -- it was obvious she didn't need protection. But she gladly accepted. We talked as we walked a few blocks downtown. Laura had to duck as we passed under awnings. Finally, we got to the loft building she lived in. "Can I get your number?" I asked.


"Why don't you come up and get it yourself?" she replied. I could hear my heart beating faster as I fumbled a positive reply. I think I flew up the stairs to her apartment. It was a fairly large place, with two rooms off one hallway and a high-ceilinged living room with a skylight off to the side.


I didn't get much chance to look around, because as soon as we got in, I felt Laura's large hands grasp my waist. Without much effort, she lifted me into the air so she could look me in the eye. Her strength was astounding! She licked her lips. "How would you like to make love to one very horny, very big girl?" she asked.


I didn't say no. Not that I could have. Immediately, she planted her mouth on mine and moaned as she kissed me passionately. I tore open her blouse and reached my hand in between her enormous bra and her enormous breasts. They were truly stupendous! All the while, she continued to hold me in the air like I was a child.


She kicked open the door to her bedroom and leaned down so we'd both clear the frame. She jumped onto the bed on top of me, being careful not to crush me under her huge body. She literally ripped my clothes off and then stood up to her full height. Her long hair fell sloppily in front of her eyes. She slipped off her shirt, then unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor. She slid off her skirt down her long, long legs. She stood before me, naked, towering high above me, her head less than a foot from the ceiling.


"Now, my little friend," she said, "have your way with me."


When you make love to a seven foot woman, you have a lot of area to cover. But I enjoyed every last inch.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking. I slipped into my pants and went to the kitchen.


Laura was making eggs, wearing a little summer dress. Of course, "little" is a relative term. On most women, it would have been a long gown. On her, it barely covered her big breasts and ended well above her knees. Her sheer size continued to astound me. She smiled down at me, leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek.


"You slept well," she said.


"You exhausted me," I replied.


She grinned. "It was amazing." I noticed that she was cooking up quite a large breakfast. "Well," she said, "a girl my size can work up quite an appetite. As I guess you know."


"Why isn't a girl your size dating basketball stars?" I asked her.


She served me some eggs. "My last boyfriend was a big guy. He thought he owned me. Just because of his size. No thanks. Right now, I like guys exactly your size."


"Glad to hear it," I told her. I stood on a chair and gave her a kiss. She wrapped her long arms around me and pulled me closer. Then the doorbell rang.


"Could you get that?" Laura asked as she went back to her eggs. I went to the door and opened it.


Standing before me was the biggest guy I'd ever seen in my life! He leaned way over and easily pushed his way in. Then he stood up and looked down at me. His head was barely an inch from the ceiling! This guy was close to eight feet tall! "Who the hell are you?" he demanded.


I heard Laura put her pan down and come running over. "Todd!" she said sternly. "Don't you dare come into this apartment!" But even she looked small next to this guy.


"This is my apartment," he countered.


"Not anymore it's not," she said.


"Now who is this pipsqueak?" he demanded. I never felt so tiny in my entire life, as these two towered high above me. Obviously, Todd was the "big guy" she'd dated. Clearly, he still thought he owned her. And surely, I was not the guy to prove otherwise. Suddenly, Todd lifted an arm to slap her. Laura grabbed his hand before he could. Then Todd grabbed her and lifted her into the air.


"Put me down!" she insisted. But even she was no match for him. He threw her to the floor. "I'll get to you in a minute," he told her. "First, I'll deal with your new friend."


That didn't sound good. This guy could snap me in two without even exerting himself. I was terrified as he approached me. I backed my way into the living room, a pointless effort if ever there was one. If anything, the high ceiling gave him room to stretch. "So," he said to me, pretending (badly) to be my friend. "I guess you and Laura are an item. How cute. You have any idea what you're up against? The competition? Here."


With that, he unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest erection I've ever seen! It was probably a foot and a half long, and very fat! "There," he said. "Now, suck it."


I looked up at him. "I don't... I'm not..." I stammered.


"You're right," he replied. "It's not fully erect yet." He shoved it into my face, and the damn thing grew! It throbbed fatter and longer by several inches until the enormous head was right in my face. "Now," he said, "suck it."


There was no way I could even open my mouth wide enough to get the head in. Not that I wanted to. But then, I also wanted to live. "What are you waiting for, shrimp?!" he shouted. "Suck it!"


Suddenly, I heard Laura. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" she said. We both turned to look. She was standing there, a hypodermic needle in her hand. It was filled with a bright red liquid, and she held the needle to her arm.


Todd was incensed. "I thought you said we used it all up!"


Laura laughed. "Like I was going to let you grow bigger. This is the last of it. Don't make me use it."


"We'll split it!" Todd suggested. "There's plenty there." Laura just shook her head. Todd smiled. "Come on. I know you're going to give it to me."


Suddenly, Todd dashed toward Laura. With equal swiftness, Laura plunged the needle into her vein and emptied the liquid into her arm. Todd backed away, stunned. Laura started to breathe rapidly.


At first, it just seemed that her breathing was heaving her breasts further against the fabric of her dress. But soon, it became clear that they were actually swelling. Meanwhile, the skirt of her dress started to rise up her legs. There was no question -- Laura was growing bigger!


She smiled. Her breasts were starting to push her dress to the limit. But in fact, it was at her hips that the fabric first started to tear. It was no match for her increasing size. Before long, the dress was completely torn apart, and fell from her now naked body. She grinned at Todd. I watched in utter amazement. Laura was nearing Todd in height, and if anything, she seemed to be growing faster!


Slowly, she walked over to Todd, her legs lengthening as she did. He still had probably four inches on her, but it didn't seem like that would last long. She stood a few inches from him. "Now then," she said to him. "You're not so big, are you?"


Before Todd could even respond, he was looking directly into Laura's eyes. She was as tall as he was! But only briefly. As her tremendous body continued to stretch, she began to look down on him. She was growing even faster now, breathing deeply as her towering body grew relentlessly bigger. It was a good thing the living room had high ceilings, because she was now well over eight feet tall, and showing no sign of stopping!


"I'm sorry," Todd pleaded. "I guess I just got carried away. I get jealous." He found himself looking higher and higher as Laura rose above him. Her big breasts were rising up to his shoulders, while he now didn't even come up to her chin! I guessed that by now, nine feet was a memory for her. She moaned softly with satisfaction. She wasn't just going to just be taller than him... she was going to dwarf him!


Of course, dwarfing him meant that I was truly tiny next to her. Her smooth, round butt was rising up to my chest level as her shapely legs continued to sprout. Her breasts were rising so high above me that I wondered if I'd be able to reach them even on my tip-toes. Her cleavage was now rising past Todd's nose! She was easily two feet taller than him, and still she was growing!


Finally, her amazing growth started to slow. Of course, by any normal standard, her growth was still off the chart, but it was definitely leveling off. After about a minute, her breathing slowed to normal, and she looked around. Then she looked down at Todd. She was easily a good three feet taller than him. The sheer size of her body was staggering, her tremendous breasts right in his face. His massive erection was still pointing straight at her. She looked down at it and smiled.


She reached down and grabbed Todd by the hips. Then, without much apparent effort, she lifted him into the air! I couldn't believe her strength! She lifted him until his cock was at her mouth level. "Are you ready?" she asked. Then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his giant erection. I couldn't believe she was doing it, after what he'd done. But then, who else would be big enough to satisfy her?


Todd moaned as his cock disappeared inside her huge mouth. Then, suddenly, he cried out! Laura had bit down on it! Todd doubled over in pain. Laura removed him, and I expected the worst. In fact, his cock was still there, and not bleeding. But I could imagine the pain. Laura casually tossed his enormous body against the wall, which he hit with a crunch! Then he slid onto the floor, clearly hurting. Laura reached over and effortlessly lifted him over her head.


"Do you see me?" she asked. "You are nothing compared to me. You are a child. I could crush you right now. And I would enjoy it. So understand this -- if I ever hear so much as a rumor that you have misused your size, in any way, against a man or a woman, I will kill you. Painfully. You cannot keep me out. Look how strong I am." To demonstrate, she lowered an arm and held him above her with only one. "No lock can keep me out. I'll break down walls if I have to. And you will deeply regret it. Understand?"


Todd nodded. "Say it!" Laura demanded.


"I understand," he pleaded.


"Good," she replied. Then she simply let go of him, and he dropped the fifteen feet to the floor, landing with a bone-crunching thud. Laura smiled girlishly. "Oops."


Todd writhed around on the floor. "Get out," Laura commanded. Todd didn't respond. "Don't make me throw you out," she continued. That gave him all the incentive he needed. Coughing, he managed to crawl to the door and leave. He shut the door behind him.


Laura turned to me. I stood next to her for the first time. My god -- I was barely taller than her legs! She looked way down at me and smiled guiltily. "Do you think I'm awful?"


"Not at all," I told her.


"You're not just saying that because I'm a giant now, are you?"


I laughed. She smiled. "I suppose I kind of owe you an explanation, don't I?" she said.


"I suppose I kind of owe you an explanation, don't I?" she said.


"Well," I said, "I can't say I'm not curious."


Laura sat down on the floor. Even sitting, she was as tall as me, so I took a seat, too. She began. "I met Todd in college. He really is a genius. He understands biology in ways most people can't dream of. And I'm pretty good at it, myself. We were... normal sized. Actually, I was tall even then. 5'10". That's the funny thing, I was always very tall. Todd was a couple of inches shorter than me, which I guess bugged him. We were attracted to each other in bio lab, because we were both kind of these science geniuses. It seems kinda geeky, I guess, but we'd get so turned on doing our experiments that we'd race back to my room and screw each other's brains out. For something that was mental, it sure was physical."


"And you invented a growth serum," I offered.


"We did, more or less. Based on technologies that have been around for years, but failed because... what do you know about biology?"


I shrugged. "Not a lot."


She smiled. "Well, suffice it to say, the key was developing a way to make the muscle tissue denser, so that the body wouldn't weaken with growth. The chemicals involved were not easily gotten, but we managed to get ahold of just enough. We tried it out one night, just the two of us. We marked our heights on the wall, so that in a month or two, we could see if we'd actually grown. It turned out, in the span of a minute, we each grew three-quarters of an inch! Neither of us could believe it! We had unbelievable sex, and the next day, we tried it again. Before the weekend was out, I'd shot up to six feet tall, and he was nearly my height. We had to buy all new clothes, it cost a fortune, and we agreed to stop growing just for practical reasons. But the fact was, it was an incredible turn on. After a month or so, we broke down and tried it again. And grew again. And then that weekend, we kind of thought it would be fun to grow during sex. So while he was inside me, we took the serum. My god, the feeling of our bodies growing against each other was incredible! But we got a little carried away, because the next day, we both had to duck to get through doorways. We'd grown to 6'7". When we went outside, people would stare up at us. And what was weird was, it was a kick! We'd look down at everybody below us and smile as their jaws dropped. And then we realized, quite by accident, how strong we'd gotten. It consumed us. All we wanted to do was grow bigger and stronger."


"Which you did," I suggested.


"Yes. But then Todd started to get out of hand. I knew he was sneaking in and getting more of the serum, which we'd promised neither of us would do without the other. I mean, it was obvious, he was growing so big! I didn't object at first, because his size was kind of a turn-on. But then, I found him cheating on me."


"Another woman?" I asked.


"Six other women. All at once. He was certainly big enough for it. Another time, a father caught him sleeping with his two daughters, and Todd literally threw him through a door. Nobody could stop him. The school had to forfeit their football season, because Todd was having an orgy including the quarterback's girlfriend! Eight guys from the team attacked him, and he put them all in the hospital. Eight football players, all at once, and they didn't stand a chance against Todd. He was just too big and too strong. And he wanted more. So I had to destroy the rest of the serum. At least I made him think so. Actually..." she laughed, "...I threw out a beaker of Hawaiian Punch. But it fooled him. That was two years ago."


"You kept the rest of the serum," I said, always the master of the obvious.


She grinned. "I had a hunch it might come in handy. Measure me," she said as she got to her feet and grabbed a tape measure out of a drawer. My god, she was huge! She handed me the tape measure and with one huge hand lifted me into the air! I lowered the end of the tape to the floor as she stood up straight and lifted me to her head level. I checked the tape.


"Eleven feet, eight inches," I told her.


"My god," she said. "I really am a giant. Even I didn't think I'd grow this big!" She put me down and looked at her enormous body. She ran her hands over her humongous tits, and down past her stomach, obviously enjoying the feeling. Every inch of her was perfect... and there were a lot of inches. I was in awe. She looked down at me and smiled. She was staggeringly beautiful.


"How'd you like to have the biggest fuck in the history of man?" she asked. She didn't have to wait for an answer. I wrapped an arm around each of her six-foot legs, buried my face in her crotch, and licked like I've never licked before. Her massive body shivered with pleasure as she moaned her approval.


After a few minutes, she suddenly picked me up and carried me to her bedroom. She had to crawl once she got there, as the ceilings were nearly four feet shorter than she was! She effortlessly tossed her bed out the door and lay down on the carpet. "Climb me, my little friend," she whispered.


I started at her neck, then moved to her lips. She shoved her gigantic tongue into my mouth, and for a second, I thought I was going to choke. "Oops," she giggled. "Sorry." I proceeded down to her huge breasts, sucking on one double-size nipple while I reached my hand across her vast chest and pinched the other one.


Suddenly, she could stand it no longer. She grabbed me, lifted me into the air, and guided my cock inside her. "Are you sure I'm big enough?" I asked, nervously.


"I know you'll make up for it," she replied.


Very few men, aside from the occasional lucky midget, have ever had the experience of making love to a woman literally twice their own size. Laura was magnificent, her entire body my playing field, writhing in ecstasy and tossing me around like a ship on the ocean. When she climaxed, I felt like I was in an earthquake. But as she slowly came down from it, I rested my head on one of her big, big breasts as she wrapped a long arm around me.


"That was unbelievable," she murmered, softly.


I smiled. "It's a shame you used up the rest of that serum," I told her. "Imagine what we could do with a little of that."


She looked at me and smiled. "Who said I used it all up?" she asked.


It had been an interesting day. Somehow, I had a hunch it was going to get more interesting.



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