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Darby By The Marquis Moon

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago


© 2003 The Marquis Moon




I guess I should tell you how it happened. That summer, the summer after sixth grade, Dad went to Europe, Allen went to baseball camp, and Mom spent most of her time running around selling houses. That meant Maggot, Marshall, and me got to hang out in Allen's room in the basement, with practically no supervision. We passed those first days of the summer reading cruising the Net, listening to all of Allen's CDs, and helping Maggot Jackson put together his motocross bike.




One day Maggot and I were just hanging out when Marshall stuck his head in the door.




"Hey, look what I found! Help me out, you assholes!"




It was a wooden crate, but there wasn't anything on the outside that said what it was, so we pulled it into the basement and opened it up. It was full of plastic bottles, like shampoo bottles, except that they were full of a thick, brownish fluid. There were a hundred and twenty eight of them. Maggot opened one. It smelled nasty, like the coal-tar shampoo they use on you at school when you have nits.




Each bottle had a white sticker on the side.




"What the fuck does this mean?", Maggot swore, turning the bottle over to see the label more clearly in the sun. Maggot has good eyesight, but he doesn't read too good, so I grabbed the bottle from him and began reading.






Property of Cardoza Pharmaceuticals: Experimental Mammatrophic Unguent #7 For the treatment of amastia, micromastia, and hypomastia. CAUTION: Approval for use on human subjects still pending. Do not use more often than q.d. on animal subjects. Keep refrigerated after opening.




Marshall snickered. "Whaddya guys think? Its a secret formula. Bet it makes ya see in the fuckin' dark."




"More likely makes ya piss until you get the dry heaves, like my grandma's kidney pills", retorted Maggot. "Where the hell did you find this stuff anyway?"




"Under the bushes, down by the road. I think it fell off a truck."




I took the bottle of the black goo and stuck it back into the box. "Maybe we should call Cardoza and tell them to come get it", I suggested.




Marshall and Maggot looked at me like I had lost my mind.




"Well", I added weakly, "at least we can find out what the big words mean."




We copied down the words we didn't understand on a sheet of paper, and decided to go look them up in the big Oxford dictionary at Maggot's house. Unfortunately, Maggot lives right next door to Susie Pallister, and sure as shit, there they were. The whole gang, Susie, and Veronica, and Sheila, and Darby, Susie's nasty little fourth-grade sister, were hanging out on Susie's front porch.




"Hey look girls! It’s the Loser's Club!" Susie fairly cackled with glee. Susie had a crush on me all last year. That's how Susie treats you when she likes you. Chicks are weird.




"Hi Francis!", Darby shouted. Francis is Maggot, in case you didn't know.




Hey, Darb", Maggot replied, without much enthusiasm.




Veronica pushed back her black hair and smiled at Marshall, and poor fat Sheila just giggled. Sheila was so big that she had to wear size 8Ws, and she also wore big floppy hats. Actually, she wore big floppy everything. She wasn't cute-blond like Susie, or cute-dark like Veronica. She was always just kind of there, big and floppy.




No way to avoid it. We'd have to talk with them. Darby and Susie had bought some new lip gloss and they were all trying it on. Susie saw the bottle I was carrying and demanded to know what it was. I kind of handed it to her, and she read the label.




"What you nerds going to do with this?” she demanded. But just then Sheila blurted something out."




"Oh shit, just when everything was going good, she has to show up!” Sheila snorted. Marshall, Maggot and I turned to look, and sure enough, there was Lorraine Parker strutting down the street. Lorraine Parker was had just finished fifth grade, going into the sixth, a year behind us. But she looked two, maybe three years older than the other girls - she was tall, with long dark hair down to her waist. When most girls stuffed their mothers' bras with socks just to have some curves, Lorraine stuffed her bras with, well, Lorraine. She was wearing a white scoop-neck polo shirt that showed off a little of what she had, and what other girls didn't.




Lorraine slowly sauntered up the sidewalk. I noticed that with each step she took, something kind of moved around, and jiggled, under her shirt. Susie didn't jiggle like that. Neither did Veronica. Sheila just kind of jiggled all over. The way Lorraine jiggled around on top was definitely interesting. She noticed us staring and she threw her head back and laughed a little...




"Hey Susie. Hey Veronica. Hey you boys", she purred.




Susie and Veronica mumbled something back. Sheila just stared angrily. Only Darby seemed happy to see Lorraine.




"I'm going down to the pool. My mom bought me a new bikini, 'count of I outgrew the old one, you see." Lorraine had a brown bag that she brought up towards the objects of our attention. She pulled out a hot pink two piece. "I was just falling out of that old one. I dove in last week, and one of my boobies popped right out. Shit! Bobby Reddick saw it and it gave him a woody!"




Even I could see that Lorraine's bragging was making Susie and her friends really angry, but there wasn't anything they could do really. They handled Lorraine's bikini reverently. Veronica went so far as to stick her fist into one of the cups before handing it back to her. Lorraine noticed and smiled proudly, holding her bag in such a way as to show us just why she needed a new suit so badly. Then she turned and walked down the street.




"Brag all about your boobs, Lorraine Parker, cause you sure as hell don't have anything else to brag about", Sheila fumed.




"Maybe they're not real", Maggot offered, hoping to defuse the situation. "Billy says she stuffs."




Darby leaped to her hero's defense immediately. "They are too real!” she crowed. "I saw 'em! For real! At Shannon Vega's slumber party, they dared her to take off her pajama shirt. She did, and there they were! She's got real girl boobies, not puffy nips like Susie! They're about this big...” Darby put her fist under her shirt and pulled it out about two inches. "They’re beautiful! I'm gonna grow mine that big too!"




"You are not!” Susie shot back, "and I don't know why you're always sticking up for that skank. Maybe you and her wanna lez."




"Oh yes I will, Susie-flattie! I take after Dad's side, and everybody says you're just like Mom!'




"We shouldn't be talking like this with the boys around", Veronica remarked, and with that, the girls stood up and went inside.




We found Maggot's father's dictionary and began looking up the unfamiliar words. “Unguent", I read. “A lotion or other liquid or semi-liquid used for medicinal purposes or as a topical application"





"Doesn't help much, do it?" Marshall began paging for the next word.




"No asshole. That just means you spread it on like a cream, or a lotion", I replied. "That's all."




Marshall read the next word. "Holy shit, guys", he blurted out. "Listen to this: amastia; the state of not having breasts." He flipped to the middle, found his place, and continued. “Micromastia: having smaller than normal breasts." Then he turned back towards the beginning. “Hypomastia: having underdeveloped or ru-ru-rudimentary breasts”




I read the label on the bottle again. “For the treatment of amastia, micromastia, and hypomastia..."




We looked at each other in total disbelief. Then Marshall smiled.




"This shit grows titties on girls", he croaked.





Three days later, we were back in the basement trying to figure out what to do with our find. It was obvious to us that none of us knew any girls well enough to let them in on our secret, and we sure as hell weren’t gonna use ourselves as guinea pigs. We needed someone we could trust, who wouldn't go blabbing all over and get us into trouble. We made a list of the girls in our class and went down them one by one.








"Don't know where she lives."








"Too religious."








"Her mom's a biker."








"Too stuck up."








"Too slutty."








"Not slutty enough."








"How would we know it was working?"




Finally Marshall stood up. "I know who we can use", he said, and disappeared. A half an hour later, Susie's little sister, Darby Pallister, was shaking her red curls in laughter sitting on Allen's bed, in our sanctuary.




"Marshall tells me you got a case of some kind of Titty-Grow!” she crowed.




"SSh!” I hissed. "God DAMN! We don't want anybody to know!"




"Well, lemme see it before I say yes or no", Darby demanded. Maggot passed her the bottle, the only bottle we kept out, the rest being in the refrigerator in my basement. To our amazement, Darby unbuttoned her shirt right in front of us, cracked the cap off the bottle, poured a handful into her free hand, and began massaging the lotion vigorously into her chest.




"Don't freak out, guys. I ain't got anything for you to see. So, if this stuff grows boobies on me, it'll grow boobies on a lamp... oh!"




"What's up, Darby?” Marshall asked.




"Uh, oh, uh, that stuff tingles."




"You think its working?" This from the curious Maggot.




Darby stopped rubbing her chest and looked down for any sign that the lotion was working. Sure enough, Darby's immature pink little nips had darkened and thickened, and came to a point. As we watched, a small pad appeared under her nipple, gently rising off her chest wall.




"God-DAMN!” whispered Maggot.




Darby touched her nipple with her finger, and pushed it down into her tiny, just-formed breast. "It works guys. It works." She giggled. She poured another handful out and began rubbing it in again.




"I don't think you're gonna get any bigger today, Darb", Marshall counseled. "Q.D. means once a day. I had that on a cough syrup bottle last winter. You'll have to come back tomorrow."




Darby buttoned her shirt back up with an air of disappointment. "Damn. I don't even show in this shirt, you know? What a waste!"




"Wait a couple of days, Darb", I told her. "Wait 'til the end of the week."




Sure enough, Darby came back each day for her "treatments". Each day, she lathered on a handful of Titty-Grow and we got to watch as she grew, little by little, before our eyes. By the third day, it was apparent Darby was growing more than just thick nipples. After her fourth treatment, she gently placed two fingers underneath the flesh beneath her nipple and pushed it upwards. It moved.




"Look, I got boobs", Darby squealed. "This is so cool. I love you guys this is better than Christmas." By the way, I'm hungry as hell. Jimmy, can you make me a sandwich?




Two days later, Darby had a surprise for us. She had an additional garment to remove before she could take her treatment.




Darby was just glowing as she explained. "Yeah, you should have been there. My Mom grabbed me by the arm and said ‘Young lady that looks like more than just puppy fat under that shirt. Its time you and I went down to the department store.' So off we went, Mom and me and poor Susie, pissed as hell that it was me and not her, who had to sit and watch while I took off my shirt and they measured my titties for the very first time. Mom bought me three bras. 32As. Susie was just ready to shit. She hasn't got anything yet. This is great. I love this. Hand me that Tittie-Grow!"




It was kind of strange, but we were kind of tingling ourselves. Now that Darby had real titties, we could see her nipples move around while she rubbed the Tittie-Grow in, and I had a raging hard-on by the time she was finished. Darby noticed. "You guys kind of like this don't ya, ya pervs? Well, that's OK. I like it too."




Then she pulled a candy bar out of her purse and devoured it, after which she pulled out a peanut butter sandwich and made short work of that. I had to get her some milk to wash the peanut butter down with. For some reason, I decided to bring her some leftover cold chicken as well. In the end, I had to go back to the fridge for a Coke and a pear.




After a week, there was no disguising it. Darby was growing a respectable pair of tits. Her bra, which had been a little loose at first, was starting to fill out. Darby could now cup her new breasts with four fingers, and the nipples stuck out pertly like a couple of pencil erasers. But she was hungry all the time. She was bringing buckets of food to her sessions, and it was nothing for her to gobble down two or three Big Macs or Quarter Pounders with jumbo fries.




Later that night, the three of us decided that now that we knew to stop for a while, and let things cool down. When Darby showed up the next day, we told her of our decision. She began to cry. "No! No! You can't do this to me!” she sniffled. "You promised!"




"Darb, we already know this shit works", I pleaded. "Look what its done to you."




"Yeah, and anyway, you look like you've been growing", added Marshall. "Getting taller, I mean. You're ankles show out of your jeans."




Darby hung her head. "Mom says that too. I've grown two inches in the last week. Do you think its the Titty-Grow?"




"What do you think, Darb?” asked Maggot.




Darby stood up and we saw that she had indeed grown. Before, she had barely come up to my chest. Now she was about even with my shoulder. She pulled another candy bar out of her purse and hungrily demolished it.




"That's why you're eating so much, Darb. Can't you see?” I scolded her. "Its not just for growing boobs. This is scary."




Darby stuck her chin out defiantly. "So what's so wrong with that? Are you guys just jealous 'cause this stuff won't work on you? What? You wish this was stud sauce, don't you?" Then she unbuttoned her shirt and folded it carefully on Allen's bed. Smiling wickedly in her bra and jeans, she turned to me, since I had the bottle in my hand. "I got and idea, guys. Why don't I let you guys rub this stuff on me? What do you think about that?" Then she slowly unhooked her bra, letting her new titties jiggle ever so slightly as she lay it on the bed on top of the shirt.




There was no way we could resist an offer like that. I passed the bottle to Marshall who Darby said could have the first turn. He poured himself a handful of Titty-Grow, and began massaging it slowly into Darby's breasts. She moaned a little. "That feels good, Marshall. That feels better than when I do it myself. Oh, uh.."




When she was finished she invited us to share the box of Kentucky Fried Chicken she had brought along. Each of us had a piece. Darby ate seven, and a quart of mashed potatoes.




The next day was my turn. I was shaking a little, and Darby grabbed my hands and pulled them over her breasts gently. "Like that, Jimmy, like that." Darby's breasts were the first I had ever touched, and it was strange that I had helped them grow, but they did feel good. Soft and squeezable, just under a handful. It was strange, but she wasn't shoulder-high to me any more. The tip of her head came up to my mouth now.




In this way, Darby convinced us to continue her treatments. And little by little, she responded. She grew.




As Darby grew, she needed more of the lotion. And, to be honest, it got to be more and more fun to administer the treatment. She jiggled a lot now, and it was like she enjoyed showing off how big she was getting, glowing with pride as we massaged her growing boobs.




By the time we had finished a quarter of the squeeze bottle, Darby surprised us with new underwear. "I'm a 32B now, boys!", she crowed. "What do ya think? That ol' little-girly bra doesn't fit me any more. Bras like that are for little girls, not big girls like me."




Everyone else noticed the difference in Darby too. People mistook her for thirteen or fourteen rather than ten, because, not only had she grown a decent rack, but she had gone from about four-eight to five foot two. She wasn't but a couple of inches shorter than Susie now, but she looked way more mature. "I'm having a growth spurt", she'd answer anyone who asked her. "You like it?"




We'd see her hanging out with older girls, girls in the seventh or eighth grade, while Susie, Veronica, and Shelia hung back in impotent rage and jealousy. Of course, she started to flirt, too. Breasts mean you can flirt. She flirted shamelessly with us in front of her sister and her friends. She flirted with Bobbie Reddick, she flirted with other boys, too. She was bold as hell too. If she saw a boy she liked, she'd just walk up to him and start talking.




But for all that, she treated Marshall, Maggot, and me decent. She always waved to us, said 'hi', or kissed us on the cheek. And of course, she showedup every day, usually with several pounds of fast food, for her daily treatment.




We tried talking to her about Sheila, Veronica and her sister.




"We've got plenty of this stuff, Darb", I told her. "You don't need it all for yourself." She had come over for her treatment for the day, her tenth altogether. We were alone, since Marshall had to go to the store with his Mom, and Maggot was at a motocross race. Darby by this time was an ample handful. Her breasts hadn't yet started to droop, and the bottom part of her breast sloped still straight down to the chest wall in a perfect conical shape, without yet curving into a teardrop. And to beat all, she was looking me practically in the eyes. She was taller now than Maggot, and he was a little scared of her.




She sighed and leaned her naked breasts into me. I felt them press against my arm and my chest. "Please don't tell Susie and Veronica about this yet, Jimmy. This is so much fun, and its like our little secret. Just you, me, and the other guys. I love being the one every one pays attention to, being the one in charge. You know I'm taller than Susie now, don't you? She is so scared at what's happened to me. I'm not her little sis anymore, and she can't push me around."




She sighed and looked up at me, her mass of curly read hair hiding her breasts from my sight, but I could still very much feel them pressing softly against me. I leaned over slightly and kissed her, and then she grabbed me by my shirt, and pulled me to her mouth again. I felt her hot little tongue dart into my mouth, and the tips of her nipples brush against my chest. She leaned in and started unbuttoning my shirt, holding it open. Feeling her breasts rubbing against my bare skin was like nothing I had ever felt before.




"You know, I could be your girlfriend, Jimmy. Don't you want a girlfriend? Would you like that?"




She unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped my fly, and stuck her hand down my boxers. My rod told her everything she needed to know. She kissed me again, hard, and rubbed my dick with her hand. "You do want me to be your girlfriend, don't you, Jimmy? Me, little Darby?"




"Y-you're not so little any more, Darb", I stuttered. I knew then that I would do just about anything she asked, whatever it was.




"No. I'm not little any more. But I'm not that big yet. Not really." She was panting. I cracked the bottle and poured the lotion into my palm. I began rubbing it gently onto her breasts. She looked up at me with a look of triumph that said much more than words. "Not as big as I'm going to be."




"What about the guys?", I asked. "What about them?"




"Oh, them!", she snorted. "Don't worry about them. I'll take care of them. They'll be fine." It dawned on me that she had found out I kept the lotion under lock and key in Allen's 'fridge. I was the one she needed then.




I called the guys over so that we would all be there the next day when Darby showed up. I told them what had happened the day before, and what Darby had said. They were indignant. "We're in this together, Jim", Maggot grunted. "All of us, together." As it turned out, though, Darby was way ahead of us.




She showed up that day with three girls from her fourth grade class, Carlene, Shaundra, Abby, and Abby's little sister Octavia. The girls sat on the edge of Allen's bed, eyes as wide as saucers. Darby made the introductions.




Carlene had kind of a hard glint in her eyes. "These are the guys with the titty cream, Darby? I still don't believe you."




"So why didn't you stay at home, Carlene, and stay flat-chested?", Darby shot back. Octavia giggled, a mass of blonde hair and blue, blue eyes.




"How old is she?", Maggot pointed at Octavia.




"She's seven", answered her sister Abby, just as blonde, but hers was cut in a pixy.




Marshall snorted. "And she wants tits?"




"We all want tits", answered Shaundra, as dark as the sisters were blond. "Darby says you can give 'em to us."




"Let's prove it to these unbelievers", Darby laughed, unwrapping a protein bar. "Jimmy, you got a tape measure?"




"I think I can find one in my Mom's room", I answered. By the time I got back, Darby was stripped to the waist, and there were seven pairs of eyes fixed on her impressive bosom. "Measure me!", she ordered.




"Measure me under the boobs first, Jimmy." I pulled the tape measure across Darby's rib cage, twenty-five, twenty-six, and twenty-seven. "Measure close, watch the fractions!", she continued. She was twenty-seven and three-eighths just under the bottoms of her breasts.




"Now", she commanded, "measure me right across the boobs. Mind the fractions."




The other girls moved in for a close look as we measured Darby across the fullest part of her bust. She smiled proudly as the tape closed around her. Octavia read off the numbers. "Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty four and a quarter, thirty-four and three-eights."




"Thirty-four and three-eights", Darby stated. "Now, guys, the lotion?"




Carlene, Shaundra, Abby, and Octavia watched closely as Marshall carefully massaged the lotion into Darby's breasts. Then she unwrapped another protein bar, eating it while she waited for the treatment to take effect. "Measure me again", she said calmly, when she was finished.




Carlene grabbed the tape measure from my hands. "I'll do this, boy", she growled.




Putting the zero end of the tape flat on Darby's erect nipple, Carlene pulled the other end around her back to join in the front. "There's thirty-three, thirty four, no, not quite thirty-five, but, yes, thirty-four and three-quarters, seven-eights, make that fifteen-sixteenths."




Darby stepped forward lightly, which caused her naked breasts to jiggle. "Before - 34 and 3/8 inches. After, 34 and 15/16 inches. That's more than a half an inch. Are you satisfied?" Darby regally put her bra back on, and all of us could see that she was outgrowing it. It pinched on the sides, and on the top. "Damn! See? Now my bra's too small."




By the time Darby had her shirt on, the others had their shirts off. We literally had our hands full massaging the lotion into the four eager girls. Each of them showed some growth after the treatment, but Octavia expressed her disappointment. "But I don't have big boobies like Darbee-ee", she whined.




Darby smoothed Octavia's thick blond hair back. "I've done this eleven times now, Octavia honey. Each time they get bigger, I promise.




Looking back, it was a wonder we didn't get caught those next weeks. It was crazy. I gave two bottles apiece to Mag and Marshall, and they kept pretty busy, Maggot with Carlene and Shaundra, and Marshall with the Van Dyke sisters. I saw little Octavia five days later, and she was already blossoming.




She was standing on a street corner with a gaggle of her little friends, but she was already a head taller than they were. She was wearing a t-shirt cut off just above her navel. As she waved at me, I saw that she had faithful to her time with Marshall. She had already sprouted two gently swelling mounds that pulled her shirt out. I counted one, two, three stress lines on the shirt where her boobs were pushing out.




Like Darby, she was eating. And it was obvious that she was the center of her little group. When she moved, the other girls moved to accommodate her. She waved at me again, and I saw her breasts bounce slightly with the motion.




But there was nothing delicate about what Darby was becoming. I had her all to myself now, and she was getting a little scary. More than a little scary. She ate constantly, shakes, chicken, lots of fats and proteins. And she grew, and grew.




Two days after she had brought the other girls over, she proudly unbuttoned her blouse and showed me her latest acquisition. A new brassiere, a 34-C. That day, she started demanding I measure her daily, before and after. Before the treatment, Darby taped in at 35 and 3/16 before. Afterwards, she had swollen to 35 and 5/8.




The next day, she stretched the tape out to 36 and 1/16 inches. I remember that because it was a Sunday and we snuggled up together to watch a video on Allen's bed. Before we both knew it, we were stripped to our underwear, and Darby was grinding her hips against mine. "Bigger, bigger, bigger!” she gasped. The next day, she measured 36 and 7/8 inches, her biggest one-day gain yet, although I wanted to take off an eighth of an inch for her erect nipples.




"They count too", she shrugged, sipping a chocolate vitamin smoothie. After the next day's treatment she measured an amazing 37 and 1/2 inches, and couldn't squeeze back into her 34-C bra. It was then that I noticed Darby was looking down at me.




"Hey, shrimp", she chuckled.




"Hey, you", I replied. She pulled me closer and kissed me hard again. "Let's go on a date, Jimmy. This Friday. We can go to the movies."




I agreed. Obviously, Darby was getting used to giving the orders. I agreed to pick her up at three on Friday afternoon, and her mom would drive us to the mall.




"Won't your mom go postal, I mean, with you going on a date at ten? With a thirteen year old boy?"




She snickered. "My mom's scared to death of me. I've got bigger boobs than she does now, and she knows it. I've shown her. It won't be long until I'm taller than she is, too. We're the same height, you know."




What could I say? God, Darby was starting to look good.




Wednesday, she measured 37 and 7/8 inches. She sauntered in with a 34-D bra on Thursday, and grew to 38 and 5/16 inch. "Do you think I'll be 39 inches by our date, Jimmy? I sure hope so, but my Mom says she's tired of buying me a new bra every three or four days."




"You could always take a couple of days off, Darb", I suggested. "You're getting pretty big already." She grabbed me by the arm. "Don't EVER say that to me again, Jimmy!" Squeezing my arm, I was surprised at Darby's strength. Even though she was relatively slender, she was immensely strong. I had no doubt she was now the stronger of us.




"I'm gonna get as big as I can."





She didn't make it to 39 inches after Friday's treatment, which we set up for early in the morning, in our living room. After she saw that she had grown out to a very respectable 38 and 7/8 inches, she was pleased. She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. "See you at three!” she whispered.




At 2:45, I knocked on Darby's front door. Susie answered it. I was astounded. Susie really did look like a little kid next to Darby. "Hi, stranger", she said. "You've been pretty scarce."




"I've been busy. Helping my mom", I lied.





"I hear you got a date."




"With Darby. That's OK, isn't it?"




Susie looked very hurt. "Ask yourself. She's ten years old, Jimmy."




"She doesn't look it", I observed. "Or act it."




"Oh, she's v-e-r-y mature now, you know. Can't be bothered with her 'big' sister since her 'growth spurt'. Still, I guess it wouldn't have been long before the boys found out about her. I'm glad its you, though, Jimmy." She grabbed my arm. "Treat her good, Jimmy. She's just a kid. I mean, she's just a kid."




I wanted to laugh. It was hard not to. Susie was trying so hard to maintain the role of "older sister", even though it was obvious that Darby had blasted right past her. I wanted to tell her the whole story, tell her about the lotion, and how I was afraid of Darby, afraid of what we had done to her.




But just then Darby walked down the stairs. "Mom-m-m! Jimmy's here! Its time to go!" She was wearing a tight, tight red top with spaghetti straps that showed off every inch of her big new breasts. The shirt had her name "Darbie", with an "ie", spelled out in sequins on the front. I wondered where she had gotten it. The "r" and the "b" rushed together into the chasm between Darby's breasts, and the "a" and "i" were slightly stretched.




I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra or not. I supposed not, because try as I could, I couldn't see any fabric lines under her shirt, although it was thick enough not to show any details. They, her breasts, were high and round, no longer conical, but almost perfectly spherical, about the size of large grapefruit.




Even I, who was intimately acquainted with Darby's breasts, had my breath taken away by this first exposure to them in a social setting, where I could see the power and prestige they bestowed upon her. Susie cowered against the wall as Darby strutted past her. If possible, she even seemed to shrink. Darby's mom, who I could see was about an inch or two shorter than her younger daughter, looked cautiously aside at her.




"Let's go, Mom", she ordered, grabbing my arm with hers. I felt her soft round warmth pressed against my arm, from my elbow to about halfway to my shoulder





At the theatre, Darby walked in on my arm. I saw lots of kids from school, older guys, and guys in the eighth and ninth grades. It was a little uncomfortable to have them stare at us, and Darby had to know she was the center of attention. But she acted like it wasn't anything, and steered me through the mass of kids and up to the concession counter. It was a good thing I had my mom's credit card, because Darby’s snacks set me back $30 - four foot-long hot dogs, three jumbo Cokes, nachos, and six boxes of candy. The theatre guy packed it into two boxes for it, and Darby polished off the first hot dog on the way into the show.




There was a knot of kids, guys mostly, by the video games. As Darby and I walked by, the guys turned around. In the center of the group was a very put out Lorraine Parker. She pressed her lips together tightly and glared at Darby, trying to figure out who the new competition was. Darby wiped the remnants of the first hot dog from her mouth with a napkin, and rubbed her big breasts against my arm demonstratively.




Lorraine broke free from the crowd and wandered up to us. "Hey, Jimmy", she taunted. "Introduce me to your girlfriend. I haven't seen her around here before."




My throat went dry. "Uh, hey, Lorraine. I thought you already knew Darby."




Lorraine's jaw dropped open as she finally made the connection. "Darby Pallister? Little Darby Pallister?" 'Little' Darby towered head and shoulders over Lorraine, and she thrust her chest out to signal to Lorraine that she was, indeed, a contender.




"I grew", she informed Lorraine icily.




"I should say so. Not bad, not bad. What's it been? Two weeks?" Lorraine stared at our mountain of food. Darby started on the second hot dog. "And I'm still growing."




Lorraine lowered her head and softened her tone. "We ought to, you know, hang out together, you and me."




Accepting her victory, Darby nodded her head slightly and smiled. "Yeah. Maybe we should." Then she took a long pull on her Coke.




"I'll call you, Darby!” gushed Lorraine. "Susie gave me your number. I'm sure I got it somewhere."




"OK. Whatever." Darby's conquest of Lorraine was complete, and the sixth grader turned to go. "I'll see you around too, Jimmy. See you, Darby! Bye!"




The movie was pretty forgettable. We didn't see much of it, on account of Darby wanted to make out. She attacked me as soon as she finished her food, kissing me frequently and long, rubbing her breasts and hair against my arms, face and chest. After about a half an hour, she growled huskily.




"Touch my big breasts, Jimmy. Feel me up", she commanded.




"Uh, Darby. I touch your breasts every day", I whispered back.




She gave me a sharp poke in the ribs. "Do what I say", she hissed. "I want you to feel me up right here, where people can see." I put my arm around her, and she leaned forward so that I could move my hand up under her shirt onto her breast. Then I slipped my other hand up underneath on the other side, and grabbed her other breast. Soon, I was caressing, pressing and massaging her, and she started to moan softly.




"You have no idea how hot that makes me feel, Jimmy", she confessed. "I feel like the hottest girl in town."




The next day, Saturday, Mom threw the keys of the house in my lap, told me Grandma would check in on me twice a day, and to call her if anything came up. Then she took off for a two-week real estate convention. I called Darby, and she came over right away with a suitcase. I was astounded. Her mom dropped her off. Actually, I think her mom was kind of relieved to get her out of the house.




"This makes it real convenient, doesn't it, honey?” she crowed. "No more making excuses and sneaking over. Just grow and grow. I'm gonna love this." She whipped off a loose-fitting man's t-shirt and told me to go get the bottle.




"And don't forget the tape measure, either, Jimmy!” she called after me.




We went through our little ritual, and at the end of it, Darby found that she had finally broken thirty-nine inches. "Thirty-nine and one-quarter inches", she read. The next day, Sunday, we slept in after watching horror flicks most of the night. At two o' clock, we administered another dose, and Darby's rampaging boobs measured thirty-nine and 7/8 inches.




"Call me Miss Meter!” Darby boasted. I turned the tape measure over to the metric side and measured her again. "101 centimeters, with change", I corrected her.




Later that afternoon, just before she was ready to go home, Darby asked me to give her another dose. I objected. "We know it doesn't work, Darb. Remember?"




She got that look in her eye that told me it would better to do what she said. I complied, and gave Darby her second anointing of the day. I measured again, and to both our surprise, Darby had gained another 3/4 inch, taping out at 40 and 5/8 inches.




"That's a lot of new tittie at your volume, Darb. Its like, oh..." I did a quick calculation. "...75cc of new tissue."




"I know. I'm starving, but ain't it great?" Darby cleaned out the refrigerator, polishing off a turkey leg, two ham and cheese sandwiches, five eggs, and a bowl of left over mashed potatoes. Then, she helped me wash up naked to the waist, and it was just so much fun watching her big new breasts sway with her exertions. Then she asked for another dose.




This time the gain was less, but Darby was thrilled to find she measured 41 inches even. "That's 1 and 3/4 inches today.




"That's like getting a 250cc set of implants, Darb. You're past big now. You're just plain stacked. What's your Mom gonna say?"




Darby moved her hands over her now-expansive breasts, lifting them, gauging their increased weight and heft. They looked very, very impressive. They no longer had a spherical shape, but were becoming slightly oblong, teardrop-shaped. Also, once Darby's nipples pointed straight ahead, but the added weight of her breasts now pulled them slightly apart, each nipple pointing ever so slightly away from the other.




Darby was on the phone. "Yeah, Mom. I'm gonna stay over here with Jimmy. Yeah, his Mom says its ok. No we are NOT gonna fool around. Honest. Yeah, you and Susie are good too, OK? Love you." Something came over me, and I filled both my palms with lotion, came up behind Darby, and grabbed her swaying breasts from behind, working the lotion in with wide circular motions.




Darby hung up the phone. "Oh, Jimmy, you want me to get bigger still, don't you? She began pumping against my crotch with her ass in rhythm to my massaging. "Oh, Jimmy, that feels so good. Don't stop." Suddenly, something gave way down in my pants. There was a sharp tightness that gave way in a tide of pleasure, and I felt kind of wet and sticky in my pants.




"What happened?” Darby asked.




"I think I came, Darb. I, I didn't know..." Darby reached along hand down inside my pants and felt around. "Yep. You came", she told me. I went to clean myself up, and when I returned, Darby had picked up the bottle and was giving herself still another dose.




That night, before we climbed in to bed together, we measured Darby for the final time. She gasped as the tape pulled closer and closer and the numbers went higher and higher. "Look, Jimmy, there's 39 and 1/4 inches. That’s what I started out with today. Look at how much titty I still have to be measured!"




"Thirty-nine, forty, forty-one, forty-one and a half, that's forty-two, forty-two and three-eights!"




I turned the tape over. "And, for the metric-minded, that's 107 and a half centimeters!"




She pulled me to herself as I switched the lights out. Darby's immense breast made such a soothing pillow. She stroked my hair and pressed my head against her breast. "I like centimeters. the numbers go up so quick!"




I woke up with a start as my Grandma pulled up into the driveway. I shook Darby, and half-mindedly hustled her downstairs to Allen's room. Then Grandma and I cleaned the place up and went and bought groceries. Fortunately Grandma wasn't all quite there and I was able to buy all kinds of food. It took us nearly a half an hour to lug it all into the kitchen.




As soon as Grandma was gone, I opened the basement door, and tiptoed down. What I saw scared me stiff. Darby was completely naked with her back towards me. She looked immense. Her masses reddish-brown curls fell nearly to her waist, and she was rubbing her breasts furiously. As she lifted and hoisted them, I could see Darby-meat peek out from either side of her back. I looked at Allen's refrigerator. Darby had torn the hasp of the lock off the door with what appeared to be a little effort as she would have opened an envelope. I could only imagine how strong she had become to be able to do that.




Darby now had all one hundred fourteen remaining bottles in the box sitting on the bed beside her. Her body could handle as much of the formula now as she wanted to give it, and would probably only be limited by the amount of food she could shovel down.




Somehow, I knew I wouldn't be able to get the formula away from her. She was too strong, too big, and too determined.




"Darby", I interrupted. "I brought some food. You must be pretty hungry."




She turned around with a start. "Oh. Hi Jimmy honey. I found the lotion. I hope you don't mind. I've been using it. But yeah, I am pretty hungry."




She stood up, and it was then that I saw how tall she had become. I was five-seven, but I only came up to Darby's shoulder. She must have been six-foot one, six foot two. Yet somehow she seemed very docile, very quiet. "How many doses did you give yourself, Darb?” I asked.




"Oh, five. No, six. Oh I don’t know. A lot."




Her breasts were just huge. They swayed from side to side as she walked, and I could hear them slap lightly against the stairwell as she followed me up to the kitchen. I pulled a dozen eggs of the fridge, scrambled them all, and plopped them down in front of Darby, who seemed kind of pale and woozy. She lit into the eggs and shoveled them in. Fortunately, I had a quart of oatmeal to follow the eggs, then another dozen eggs, with a pound and a half of sausage. I heaped the food on her plate - more eggs, more sausage, ham, donuts, and more eggs. A gallon carton of orange juice was gone by the time she finished her fifth dozen of eggs.




Darby had eaten over fifty dollars worth of groceries, and it was obvious that her weakness was due to a critical lack of food. She might have starved to death within the hour. Her breakfast restored her feistiness. She stood up. "God damn I feel great, Jimmy. I feel like I could eat a whole cow. She patted the side of one immense breast. "Hmmm. I'm getting pretty big. Just how big am I now?"




I grabbed the tape measure she had left on the sofa the night before. It was kind of strange. I had to stand on a chair to measure Darby comfortably now, but the tape revealed that she had grown considerably. However many doses Darby had given herself had resulted in a measurement of forty-six and one-half inches. Her rib cage measured thirty-one and a half inches, so I calculated that Darby needed a 36HH or a 38G brassiere. I found her old 34D under the couch, and Darby had a good laugh at it. She pulled it across her mammoth breasts. "I can't imagine having such tiny breasts, Jimmy. What a drag it must be to have such inadequate, measly tits, when you can have these!"




I watched in astonishment as she carried the box of formula up and plunked it down in the center of the living room. Then she stood with her arms on her hips, glaring at me.




"Well, aren't you going to do me, Jimmy? Aren't you going to make me bigger? Either you can do it, or I'll do it myself. I don't think you can stop me, little man."




It was true. I opened another bottle and began spreading it across the vast expanse of Darby's breasts. This time, I didn't even stop after each application. I just poured more formula out onto my palm and kept rubbing it in. We emptied the first bottle and I opened another, but Darby had to stop and eat again. I ordered five chickens from Boston Market delivery, and she devoured them like they were biscuits.




After "lunch" we got to work on the second bottle. By now I had to reach up to rub the formula onto Darby's breasts. My eyes were just level with the undersides. Her nipples were pointed at my forehead. Her boobs hung proudly practically to her abdomen, and still I worked. I finished the second bottle and cracked the third. By the time I was halfway done with the third bottle, I had to run to the kitchen and get a chair to stand on. We stopped again and ordered seven pizzas.




I was getting ready to crack open the fourth bottle when Darby stopped me. She wanted to use the telephone. Her breasts were so big by now that she had to hold the telephone at eye level to punch the numbers. I heard the dial tone and the ring, and then someone answered on the other end.




"Hello? Abby? This is Darb. Hey, yeah, I'm doing great. Hey listen, can you and Octavia, and Shaundra and Carlene come over to Jimmy's house? Yeah. Maple Avenue, you know it. White house, green trim, that's the one. Fifteen minutes? All of you? Oh great, they were over at your house last night. Cool. Yeah, I wanna show you something." She set the phone down and smiled.




Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. I answered. It was Carlene, followed by Abby, then Shaundra, with Octavia bringing up the rear. They had all been on the formula for ten days, and it showed. They were all about three inches taller, and were sporting breasts in the high-C small-D cup range. When they saw Darby, though, standing in the middle of the room, the top of her head mere inches from the ceiling, and her immense breasts jutting like pumpkins with her nipples for stalks, they all choked back a collective gasp.




"Hey girls. How do you guys like the new me?"




"GodDAMN, Darby", Carlene. "What have you done to yourself?"




"Its the formula. Once you get past a certain point, you can forget about the once-a-day rule. And it looks to me like you all are right at the sweet spot. Look at me! I'm six foot seven..."




"Six foot nine", I corrected.




"Six foot nine, then, and my breasts, just look at these babies! This is what we are supposed to look like. Jimmy can't even pull the tape over these babies any more. They're too big." She massaged the sides of her immense boobs, causing the shot glass nipples to rise."




She pointed at the box, and the three empty bottles on the floor. "There's the juice, girls, go to it!"




Each of the girls grabbed a bottle, stripped to the waist, and began massaging themselves, or each other, with the formula. There was a lot of giggling and laughing, as the four girls got into the swing. I didn't have time to attend to them, though. I had to attend to Empress Darby. I cracked the fourth bottle, and then a fifth. By now, it took the better part of one bottle to lubricate just one of Darby's enormous appendages. It got to where she had to lean over, as her head began bumping on the ceiling, so I made her sit down.




The other girls were making up for lost time. Empty formula bottles now littered the floor. Every time I turned around, it seemed that a large breast was stuck in my face. The breasts kept getting larger and larger, and so did the girls. Only Octavia was my size now, but by the looks of things, wouldn't be for much longer.




Of course, the growing girls had to eat. I called pizza places, Chinese take out, Thai, Mexican, anyplace that would deliver. I placed $150, $200, $250 orders. It seemed like there was an endless stream of food coming up the sidewalk into the living room.




Darby wanted to keep on going. She could hold an entire extra-large pizza in the palm of one hand and nosh it like it was a bagel. A quart of kimchee or chop suey she could polish off in a couple of mouthfuls. To keep applying the formula to her breasts, I now had to stand in her cleavage and pour it directly out of the bottle onto her thirsty glands. I didn't even have to rub it in. Somehow, Darby's gargantuan breasts were so accustomed to the formula now, that they just drank it in, absorbing it like a sponge.




And she grew, and she grew, and she grew.




The floor around Darby was littered with dozens of empty formula bottles. I had lost count at twenty-seven, but I was sure that I had used more than that. Also, mountains of trash; take-out cartons, pizza boxes, empty soda bottles. Every time Darby shifted slightly on her ass, her huge breasts plowed the trash into ever-mounting piles.




Between answering the door for the delivery guys, and attending to Darby, I was able to catch a bit of the conversation around me. The girls were growing, and very excited about it.




"Forty-two inches already. Is that a G or an H-cup, do you think?"




"Five foot ten? Do ya think?"




"No way am I gonna be able to get back into those jeans. I can't even get 'em snapped."




"That Jessica bitch better not give me any shit after this, or I'm gonna tear her new asshole."




"Pass me some more off that pizza."




"Forty-five inches, and I'm only seven years old!"




"Wait until Darrin sees these!"




But my responsibility was still Darby. Even seated she looked me straight in the eye, and her breasts rested on the floor but rose in great fleshy walls to the level of my chest. I was grabbing six or eight bottles at a time now. I'd open two of them and pour them out onto one of Darby's breasts. It would start to flow out, but never a drop reached the floor. Great veins would throb and pulse just under the surface, sticking out like great ropes, and then subsiding as soon as the formula was absorbed.




After dumping the formula on Darby, I'd usually have to run to the door to accept the delivery. My orders were running into the $500 - $1000 range - sixty pizzas, gallons of Chinese. I called a caterer, and she brought over six hot trays of lasagna. Darby gobbled down four of them like they were nothing.




And Darby grew, and she grew, and she grew.




Even seated, her upper body was taller than I was standing. Her unbelievable breasts rested in her lap and reached nearly to her knees. I touched her nipple, so large and thick I couldn't get my hand all the way around it, and the brown part around it swelled out at least four inches. "That feels good, Jimmy", Darby purred. "Are you going to put more formula on me so I can keep growing?"




I cracked upon two bottles and poured them over the top of Darby's left breast, then I repeated with two bottles more for her vast right breast. By the time I returned to the left breast, it was dry and her veins had stopped pumping.




It was getting crowded in the living room, since the other girls were getting bigger too. Darby sent them downstairs to the bedroom in the basement with twenty bottles. We kept the other twenty-four for ourselves. Another truckload of lasagna pulled up in the driveway, and I carried the hot trays in and set them next to Darby. Then I took four of them downstairs to the basement. While I was in the basement, I saw a plastic bucket Mom used to mop the floors with. I picked it and carried it upstairs.




Darby was just finishing her lasagna and was ready for more formula. I took the last twenty four bottles and emptied half of them into the mop bucket, filling it nearly half way. Then I crawled on top of Darby's left breast and hauled the bucket up after me. Darby couldn't even sit up inside anymore, and she leaned against one of the walls. Her toes almost touched the other wall.




There wasn't enough headroom for me to stand up on top of Darby's breast. It was a soft, pliant, but stable platform, but the top of Darby's breast was five feet off the floor. I knelt and poured the bucket of formula slowly over Darby's breast, then watched carefully as her veins started to throb and she sucked it in.




I lowered myself carefully, then repeated the process on her other breast. After her breast dried, I lay out spread eagle on it. I could feel her massive breast grow and stretch underneath me. At first, I could embrace her breast with my arms, encircling it somewhat, but as she grew and grew, my arms lifted and soon were splayed flat across the awesome plain of Darby's gigantic breast.




She could no longer stretch out inside the living room, but had to buckle her knees side the living room. I watched as the ceiling lowered, and i feared I would be crushed between the growing Darby and the ceiling, but it soon stopped, and I had a few inches to maneuver between my fleshy platform and the ceiling.




The doorbell rang again. "More food?", Darby asked. I crawled over the tops of Darby's breasts, then slid, or more like fell, to the floor near the door. Someone was trying to force the door open, but was blocked by Darby's massive shoulder, which was pinned against the door, effectively locking it.




Then the door flew of its hinges, outward, and two men in black uniforms stepped over Darby's log-like arm and into the limited space of the living room. Darby tried to shift her massive bulk to meet the oncoming threat, but the second man lifted a rifle with an enormous barrel and fired what appeared to be two darts into Darby's neck. She went silent almost immediately, slumping against the wall. Two more men with helmets and radios followed immediately, passing me by, and heading downstairs for the basement. Then the rifleman lowered his weapon at me, and everything went blank.




When I came to, I was in a room with a white ceiling, white walls and a white floor. I was dressed in a white gown, lying on a white cot, and a man in a business suit was talking to my parents. My head hurt like a son of a bitch, and I tried to bury my head in the pillow.




My parents left, and so did the man in the suit. Then a nurse came and wheeled me out of my room and into another white room with a white ceiling, white walls and a white floor, but no white cat. It had a white table instead, and there was another man in a business suit waiting for me.




He told me that Cardoza Corporation was not going to hold us liable for the misuse of their experimental serum, although we really should have done the right thing and returned it immediately.




The man thought it was an inside job. Someone else was supposed to pick up the crate of formula, not a bunch of curious kids. He had a lot of papers for me to sign. He said that Cardoza would pay for everything, if our parents would waive the rights to lawsuits. It seems they made the pot real sweet, cause my dad had already signed all the papers.




"So, you're Jimmy Jeffries, aren't you?"








"That big girl, the giantess. She keeps asking about you."




I scratched my head. "Darby? Is she here too?"




The man shuffled the papers. "Of course she's here. So are your friends Marshall, and Ma--, uh, Francis. The other four girls, the more or less normal sized ones, have all been released to their parents."




"Can I see Darby? Is she all right?"




"She's healthy, but I don't know if I'd call her 'all right'. She's 22 feet and 6 inches tall. She can look into a third story window without stepping on tippitoe."




"Wow. You guys can't shrink her back to normal?"




"No. What's done is done. She'll have to get used to her size, and live as normal a life as possible. She's only ten years old. Its easier to adjust at that age. Besides, I think she kind of likes her size."




"She would."




"I can take you to see her if you want."




"Is she here?"




"Of course not. She couldn't fit in here. She's down at the airstrip, in a hangar."




We walked down a long corridor, down another hallway to a door that led out onto a private airport. The man in the suit led me to a large hangar, but instead of taking me in the front, he led me up a fire escape to a small door that gave out onto a cat walk. I saw Darby.




They had fixed her up pretty well. She had a huge bed, and what looked like a shower. They had made her some clothes from parachutes, and as she stood to her feet, I saw that she came just about level with us at the catwalk.




Her eyes were the size of baseballs. It was uncanny. But her breasts were the size of two small weather balloons. Somehow, she had manipulated the parachute fabric to show off her impressive cleavage.




"Hey, you", she shouted when she saw me. "They treat you OK?"




"I just got up, Darb."




"I was only out for a couple of hours. The tranks they shot into me were enough to stop a bull elephant, but then, I'm six or seven times the size of a bull elephant." She cupped her hands under her breasts, showing me for the first time their astounding girth and mass. They had to be twelve feet across. "I'm the world's largest land mammal", she laughed. "And I am a mammal. No one can miss that!"




"What are you going to do, Darb? You're twenty-two feet high!"




"Twenty-two feet, eight inches", she shot back, always the stickler for numbers.” And these", indicating her breasts, "it doesn't make much sense to talk about them in terms of inches. It sounds too much like I'm bragging. But I am pretty close to an even thirty feet around."




"I was growing for a couple of days after that last dose you gave me."




She was just about level with me on the catwalk. I reached out and touched her cheek. "You know", I said, "If you want to, we can still go out."




She put her notebook-sized hand over mine, and said "I'd like that. Thanks."




Something tells me she’s gonna be just fine.

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