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DNAGTS by Unknown

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(Author unknown)


It started one day when I heard the most unbelievable story from my genius/billionaire/boyhood friend, Ed Rowinski, but it also coincided with hearing my wife's most incredible wish to have even bigger breasts, where I heard her one childhood secret she had kept from me.

My wife Veronica's wish and secret comes first since she is first on my mind. My lovely wife is unusual for a woman that is tall, 6'2" yet she measures 44-26-40". I met her on a business meeting, on an evening outing to a "upscale" nude dancing club. I spent the whole evening that night and every night I could manage. She was charming, sweet, and I found an accomplished computer scientist who had never considered exotic dancing until she lost her job and husband who left her AND took all her business's money. Her girlfriends told her to start earning some money with her physical assets, and stop being shy about it. She told me she liked her new career, but wanted to go back to business. So she started her own club and had her girls selected so they could take it over themselves, since they were all hotshot business and law majors in college. She had it arranged so her employers would eventually buy her out, in a new age win-win contract when they hired on. I'm an ex-defense electrical engineer who got into networking back in the crash years in the '90s, and she turned out to be my best partner as well as my wife. I remember how I couldn't believe it happened to me. She was perfect, including the fact she was 4 inches than me. Our fantasy's matched pretty well. I wanted to always be with a women taller than me, I am a giantess fan. My wife liked being tall but wanted to be gigantic in her dreams; she never told her mother why she really grew to appreciate her Ken doll in a new way when she was 12. She told me how she grew taller than everyone in her class, and her bust made a lot of girls jealous. She didn't like high school and interest in computers and swimming got her through. She hated macho type who wanted to conquer her, but she liked guys to adore her for her size. She lifted weights to freak out people out with her strength and show off. But she had a hard time finding guys who truly adored her overwhelming amazon body.

At that time, we lived in Walnut Creek in California, in an apartment building, where a small group of Bay Area tall women lived with their boyfriend and husbands, all of which were 1" to 8" (Ed's wife is 6'6') smaller than their wives, the way we like it. We stayed together since we could live in our normal world where women are larger. We had private get-togethers where the women could be free of prying eyes, staring eyes and stupid comments, like when they would dress up for us in high heels for dancing, or we would work out where our girls superior size could overwhelm our excellent physical condition, particularly when it came to their wonderfully long and powerful legs.

Then there was the morning my wife told me her secret after I came across some interesting old pictures and articles she had on breast gigantism, where a young women’s breasts grow enormous, quite suddenly. She told me she had the condition and had received treatment for it when she was young and very self-conscious. She always wondered what it would be like to be so big breasted but she knew it was the best thing she did since the doctor figured without treatment she might have broken the record of the women in the 1800's who was bedridden by her 54lb breasts. She had just met a women from Zimbabwe, who she was helping to enter the exotic dance scene it a way where she could keep her from being a circus side show. She was 6'8", from a family where her brother was a big basketball star, a 7'4" center for San Francisco, Ishmael Katimababa, built like a fortress. Fannie her gorgeous quiet sister was lucky to share his strength and build. If that wasn't enough she had 32 lb breasts, which made her weight close to 250 pounds, and measure 92"-30"-48", although she now worked out to keep her size DOWN. Veronica and Fannie really were becoming good friends, and she never had felt small before until she met Fannie. Fannie put her at ease and answered her obvious questions, such as her size and where she grew up. She liked to exaggerate her answers for fun to see people's reactions. After Fannie told her about how it was like to be so huge in her little village, "I love my village, I am popular and loved by everyone, and they say I am like great-great grand mother, so I am a woman chief like she was. I like to carry little children in her bosom when they get tired, and let the young men carry my breasts when we go on long walks to swim." Veronica couldn't get it out of her mind, she dreamt that she had grown to Fannie's size and could absolutely hypnotize men to carry her enormous breasts like her.

My genius friend Ed was now cleaning up the world with bio-engineered bacteria. We all worked to support his efforts in our enterprises; it was the best opportunity we could imagine, after the hard times of the '90s. Ed got the rest of us together that afternoon, to let us in on his private research on Dinosaur DNA. Well Ed told me that they have found out how dinosaurs could be so huge, and get up and walk around. They have isolated DNA from dinosaur bone and cartilage, which was preserved deep under the La Brea tar pits in Southern California. It took eight years to sort out the tiny fragments from the dinosaur tar fossil. The DNA, that gave the dinosaur light but amazingly strong "structural" strength, in bone and supporting cartilage as well as strong muscular fiber strength, matches very well with human breast material. He found that DNA transfer definitely occurs in nature, usually in bacteria and virus, when they under go major mutation that doesn't cause fatal flaws, like mutation after high radiation. This DNA can be transferred safely in, in other female mammals, and when the match was good they got some impressive body and breast growth, and the internal physiology changed so the test animal was not encumbered by the abnormally large breasts. Ed wanted a few volunteers, women who were very tall where good candidates. So he told the girls and after a week they were willing to try in on a small scale first. But he found the best candidates were women who had breast gigantism, a rare condition. He contacted Fannie the only person he knew with the condition. She declined because she told she was big enough but liked the idea of making women taller and bigger breasted on the average since "the man would be happier with women as big as me and stop making war."

Veronica, then broke the secret to Ed and said she wanted to be the first women to try the DNA transfer, she added maybe they could determine why her now benign breast gigantism made her the best candidate, so they could extent treatment to the other girls. So she had the new DNA introduced in a special benign virus carrier, where the virus itself does not replicate. In a week her appetite increased tremendously. In a month she was outgrowing all her bras. She wore loose clothes that could stretch a bit with the growth. This is when we moved to a secluded area in northern Marin County, where we all could have more privacy, and much more room he thought the girls would need if the dinosaur DNA transfers worked.

In two short month months Veronica's growth leveled off. She stood 6'10" tall. She was ecstatic about her size. The only side effect was her breasts were growing over twice as fast as the rest of her, and she now measured 55-29-44". It made it wonderful to be close to her, she loved to display her huge cleavage, and she loved to dance with me lifting me effortlessly off the ground to hold me to her bosom. I adored her hugeness and she enjoyed towering over everyone. Her strength and agility was scaled up with her size, when she walked fast I had to run to stay at her side. Now she didn't walk alone, because she had Fannie, and her boyfriend Tom a chemist from Jamaica, come to live next door. I thought Tom would be a big seven footer, but he was a normal sized guy who loved big women. He fit in perfect with the group.

So one night after we had a dance, all the other tall girls in our group told us they wanted to try Veronica's treatment. Fannie wanted just a little bit to give her some more strength to carry her breasts around a little easier. We couldn't resist their argument it was only fair to give everyone a chance to be as tall as Veronica and Fannie, or maybe 7 feet tall. So after a few months all ten girls were on the treatment, with the help of Tom who improved the formulation to work on any women.

Now results happened in only one month, all the girls gained 10 percent in height and size, and 12% in their bust size. The only expected thing was Fannie would got sick for a few weeks, and gained 4 inches in height rather than one to a height of seven feet. Fannie who measured 98"-32"-50" was awesomely popular whenever she was on stage. The girls took us out once to Venice beach where they really caused a scene with their sizes 6'7" to 7'2". We all were in paradise with our towering wives and girlfriends, all a head taller than us. Our girls would bend down to kiss us and lift us off our feet. All the girls felt their new strength along with their beauty. They weren't muscle-bound but their muscle tone enhanced their shapely bodies, especially their thighs and hips. At a distance they looked like normal sized beauties, but up-close they made men stare in astonishment, which they loved. Physically they moved and ran faster, scaled up with their size. They liked their new world of smaller men they could beat in most sports very much.

Mother nature had some real surprises for us. First Veronica got, sick and Fannie shortly got sick again, some kind of virus. Then they both started growing again. In six weeks my wife was 7'11" tall, and measured 72"-34"-51". She was outgrowing everything she had to wear as fast as we could buy it or have it made. Her normal walking pace was practically a jogging pace for me. Her hips came up to the chest of a man, and her huge breasts jutted out at their fullest just above my eye level.

I got her custom made clothes, then a weight machine, a bicycle for her huge size and 400 lb body. We now stayed in Ishmael Karimbaba old mansion, since he had built a new one and wanted to thank us for helping Fannie make it in the USA. Since our mansion was built for the Karimbabas who had males close to 8 feet tall it was just right for Veronica. Veronica always wanted to be 7'11" the mansion's design height for its inhabitants. Fannie was now 8'1" tall and measured 117"-37"-58" and she couldn't fit in a regular house now. They performed from time to time at Veronica's old club, where now all the girls had the treatment 10% taller ranged in height from 5'6" to 6'8" averaging over 6 feet tall. All the men felt short in comparison to them.

At 5'10" I felt like a kid at the patio bar counter. Fannie and Veronica and I would sleep together, if Tom was out of town and if I was away Tom would be their little boy. They weighted 880 lbs together against my 165lb. They would toy with me like a 60-pound boy, holding me down under their legs. My eyes only came up to their beautiful huge breasts; I was 27" shorter than Fannie, and over two feet smaller (25") than my wife. But I could definitely still please her in bed.

When I was on her my head was in between her breasts, and the tips of my toes could never reach her feet. To make love to such big women, huge thighs, great globes of buttocks on pelvis too big for me to straddle with my knees not touching the bed, and Veronica's 30 pound breasts next to Fannie's 60 pound breasts. "Bill we are still growing, and you will be our little doll won't you? Be a good boy and come to the bath with us." I washed their huge bodies, as they requested in the huge bathtub, at 10 feet long, 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide I would get in with them. They insisted every inch of their enormous bodies be washed carefully by me, to their great pleasure and mine. I would have a hard on as soon as it was physically possible just at the sight of them.

They grow. They eat almost 40 pounds of food a day, after two months I measured them again, on a ladder. Veronica was 9"7" tall, 700 lb, and 102-41"-62", Fannie was 9"10" tall, 830 lb and 147-45-70", and both her breasts weighted 200 lb, more than myself or Tom who was also the luckiest man in the world like me. My eye level was now below my wife's navel. On our wedding anniversary she greeted me at the door in a sheer silk dress she had made with 7" high heel shoes for her 22" feet. I looked up from the base of the huge bosom, at her smiling face close to 10 feet way up above the cleavage. After dinner our giantesses danced with us. Fannie's massive breasts were down to her pelvis I could hear her mighty breasts slap against her body. The floor vibrated under their huge feet. I danced at my wife's pelvis my inadequate arms could barely get around about their huge hips. They were outgrowing the house. We went swimming; they could stand comfortably near the deep end of the big pool. We would hold on to them. Veronica said in her deep voice. "Honey we started up a new business in the video market, where we stay anonymous, we produce it ourselves. We think we will make a lot of money. We want to help out on our huge bills, and even better we are planning, a new huge house for us. They stood together and pulled us to their mighty chests floating in the water. We feel great and like being huge you know", they laughed in their deep voices. "We found out that eventually we are going to grow a lot bigger. Then they took Tom and I to the Jacuzzi treating us to over 1500lb of passionate enormous female flesh. After Tom and Fannie went home, Fannie carrying Tom away, my wife approached me in the nude in her high heels. Straddling my shoulder with her giant thighs, her pussy in my face she said, "time for bed my little man. Here let me pick you up and take you there." Now she could overwhelm me in bed, wrapping me with her huge breasts. Her beautiful derriere is a blockbuster. It was incredible to be in bed with a beautiful woman with a body nearing the size and the strength of a horse. I fell asleep on her vast torso, resting my head on a enormous breast. I awoke in the night and we made love, my pelvis was dwarfed by her hips, her single thigh wider than me. I turn her on by concentrating on her big 1" clit; her bush seems to extend over my whole pelvis.

I was away on business and the girls just grew. 4 months later results where astonishing. Dinosaurs had a fast growth rate, you see. Now Veronica was 20'6" tall, weighted 6800lb and measured 320"-88"-132", Fannie was 21' tall weighted 8160 lb and measured 363-96"-150" We made a fortune on the exclusive alt vid market. They had the mansion remodeled when I was away on business. They planned on more growth, so things were even big for them, for giantesses 30' tall. The pool by the way is now 250 yards long and 75 feet deep. When I got home after the long trip I couldn't believe it. If the furniture was a little too big for them, I felt like a little toddler. The surface of the bed was 6 feet off the floor. I could barely open the door. Veronica walked slowly towards me dwarfing me in size, smiling. "Bill you're back with us in our new giant house". She walks right over me, and I reach up to touch her giant hands. Her vast breast heave and jiggle with each step, under a giant silk halter-top. They hang down to her thighs, a bust nearly 27 feet around. When she reaches down her great breasts move down where I can touch huge nipples. She lifts me high off the ground to a face 4 times as big as mine, to lips 2 inches thick each and 10 inches wide. She spent an hour holding me to her great bosom. She carries me to the pool. At the poolside she would cover my body with her breasts. Then she took off her giant swimsuit top, and held my face to her giant nipple. It was erect 9 inches long, almost six inches wide with areole bigger than a pizza plate. "Bill suck my nipple and milk me, pull hard." She was ecstatic with pleasure moaning in her deep and very loud voice. Milk came out, and I must have drunken a quart. Before this time I tried a similar DNA potion for men. I really strengthened myself, but no growth for men except for the little one eyed guy, a bit bigger for her but not a lot, She didn't suffer for pleasure, even though I am a 20-inch tall man in her huge eyes. During lovemaking I had to use my arm to penetrate her enormous pussy that could shallow my whole arm. At the end I am lying upon her 5' long thigh. She picks me up and carries me out back, holding me against an enormous breast. Then I see Fannie with rope around her waist. Tom is standing riding Fannie on her giant backside, leaning out against the rope. Veronica says, "Do you want to ride me too my little doll? My backside is 11' feet around now. Or I can hold you under my tit. She lifts a giant breast just so I can see and walks in great strides to a giant picnic spread, with the weight her giant 800-pound breast holding me so tightly. Now we talk after the girls stuff us in their cleavages, our heads and arms sticking out. "OK Guys In About Two Months We're Going To Outgrow The Mansion. Fannie's Family Knows An Island Off The Coast Of Africa, Near Madagascar. But how can we get there?" Tom mentioned his experience in the merchant marine, but we need a crew, and wanted to keep it secret. We figured we could get the ship and the island, but we needed our friends. After a while Tom and I couldn't stay on the subject being that we were between the colossal breasts of our huge wives. After a while the girls go for a walk, easy for them, running speed for us. Veronica's breasts surge against my body with each step. She can walk briskly very comfortably despite the size of her huge breasts. After a while she has to take me out of her cleavage. "What’s a matter Bill, big tits tire you out?" She reaches around so I can place my little feet on her buttocks, and I grab the back of her top. I ride my giant wife, catching a glimpse of the sides of her enormous breasts, heaving and jiggling as they slap against her thighs. She carries me home. She sits down so I can get off and she gets up and turns around, bending down a little so I can kiss her nipples. "Honey we are all getting together to plan our trip". She turns around to walk to a telephone. It is amazing to see her walk. Each breast would shake and move upwards and to her sides as her legs moved. You close actually hear the gigantic breast fall against her sides. Yet is seemed effortless to her to walk around. She now makes even more money with her model Tokyo model set as a heroine female Godzilla, ready to protect Tokyo. For extra-exclusive friends on virtual reality entertainment she was a Goddess.

Next week we are all together. We men at the knees of our giant wives and girl friends. All of them are voluptuous, but Veronica and Fannie are set apart by their giant breasts. The girls do most of the talking and deciding though they go out of their way to listen to us. It's just that they are so huge. Ed's wife at 24 feet is the tallest. They pick us up like house cats to talk to us, or sit down and set us on their giant laps. In one week they have clearly grown bigger, and we have to arrange our trip fast.

At the end of the month we are together again. The girls are approaching 30 feet in height. The giant furniture suits them well now. They decide to dance for us. Their size does not impair their grace or strength. They sway their enormous breasts, and dance standing right over our heads. My wife turns to one side and I look up, up to her face. "Bill you are so little compared to my giant tits and now you're back with me to climb them and sleep between them my sweet little thing. Just look at Fannie and I our tits just keep growing faster than the rest of us. Then Veronica sits; her breasts make the floor shake when they plop on the floor covering a huge area. She grabs me with a hand over 3 feet long. She rubs me on her giant sweaty breast. "Time for a big bath puny one." Veronica and Fannie walk to the huge bathroom holding their little husbands ... us in their hands. I see Veronica's breasts as long as a decent sized car, heave, sway and tremble with every 8-foot step. We shower our enormous wives with what seems to be fire hoses to us and regular showers to them. Their bath is a pool to us they toss us in. Then they get in heaving their giant breasts effortlessly over the edge we had to climb over. Veronica's huge right breast comes down right over me. I duck underwater. It traps me and she moves forward. I come up for air at her enormous derriere. She grasps me rubbing me between her buttocks. "Oh nasty little man, you're the greatest little toy"

We made our plans in record time, and we have a ship, a freighter not a luxury ship for our giantesses. It's got the basics; food, fresh water, cargo holds we lined with mattress for the giant women, etc. Still it took a few months and now the girls have doubled in size. Veronica is 42 feet tall. Her bust measures 64 feet, like Fannie. I am in the hold with her. She is sitting with her huge breasts draped over her 12' thighs. "There you are little guy be a good little doll and rub me with some suntan oil so I can do a little sunbathing." This was usual duty for us, the girls took turns swimming or sunbathing on deck, and all together they occupied a lot a room. We did all the girls in oil or some times they would put the oil on themselves and use one of us to spread to oil on their bodies. We are the size of Barbie dolls to them. The other girls are more conventional proportioned, that is if you call a 48" bust on a regular women regular. They love us and we are hopelessly under their gigantic spell. They try to treat us as if nothing happened, but at the same time they would pick us up and take off our little shirts and pants and oil our bodies, to rub us against their bodies, their giant cunts and try and see how far we could fit inside. "Come on move those little legs inside of me, make me feel good"

The growth has continued for the last four years. Her proportions are about the same. We think growth is stopping. We all live on a secluded Island in the Indian Ocean. My wife is 120" tall, and all my other friends’ wives are catching up. She is a colossal 245ft - 45ft - 78ft. When she takes me to the beach to sunbathe, she has her enormous female friends to place me on her nipples, which are over 10 feet long, if she doesn't want me to wander. They all have colossal house where we are their nice little pets. When we are outside wandering about sometimes one of the titanic women will run up to us and catch us in their giant hands with palms the size of king sized beds. Today giant Beth the tallest at 150 feet runs up to me the ground shakes at her huge footfall. "Look at my fishnet stockings, climb up and see me!" "I climb her giant leg, as she walks slowly. She guides me with her hand to her cunt; the hair on her bush is 4 feet long. No escape but who would want to, provided you could hold your breath. I get pushed inside; the pressure builds the juices flow with a great shudder of her colossal body. A mighty burst of joy I am dragged out of her vagina by her giant finger. "Here I'll take you home puny Bill" Luckily for us Ed found a way to produce huge quantities of food. for the world and we get our island, our privacy, and our colossal wives in exchange for saving the world at least for now. In my wife's house I am her tiny doll with a little place of my own. I love to climb her. She lowers her breasts to the ground, and make it up her circus tent sized silk top to her cleavage for the climb. Sometimes she sits where I crawl along between her legs under the hill-sized bosom to her vagina. Thanks to my greatly enhanced strength, I become her little dildo pretty often and I have the endurance to take it, I certainly have the will. Her cunt shallows me whole at orgasm. She can push me out for air, with her cunt. Afterwards she walks to snack, leaving me in her panties. Talking to me like as it was perfectly normal. The ultimate is the swim. When I am at a distance in my little doll house she tells me to come "outside", in her mighty trumpet of her voice, she advances to me quickly, with mighty crunch of her feet, and the sight and sound of a 250" bosom in motion. Sometimes I climb the enormous bosom when she has her giant silk top. Or she advances her huge breasts that she can bounce on the ground to either side of me and squats down over me. She puts me in her giant panties. "Come on mini-man I'm carrying you out to sea today." She carries me far to sea to be rescued by her bosom, where I am washed up. Next minute she heaves her breasts up and down laughing at the sight of me tossed off her breasts and bobbing in the waves. Or she strides over me telling me to hang on her pubic hair to get out of the shark-infested waters. But she doesn't really hurt me she needs to have a little fun. After the swim we go home, and I stand under her in a gigantic shower room. Her 10-foot nipples are fully erect, and she tenses and pulls up her breasts and squirts me in a blast of milk. "A squirt for my little squirt" I love the way she cares for me, but I'll never escape.


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