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Higher and Higher Education by Mandangalo

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Higher and Higher Education

by Mandangalo



Part 1


Abbey Buckley could not sleep. She had been tossing and turning for hours. She had just recently gotten accustomed to her sub par college dormitory bed and now had a new problem to deal with.

Abbey had always had trouble sleeping in the comfort of her own home now she had the added trouble of a noisy roommate. Brooke Stephenson, Abbey’s roommate wasn’t a horrible person; in fact most people liked Brooke. She was an easy going, funny person and had many friends. However Abbey was jealous of Brooke because she was gorgeous.

Abbey wasn’t by any means ugly, in fact she was cute. All through high school Abbey had little trouble finding guys, her perky personality, beautiful green eyes, long flowing brown hair and bright smile did not hurt. At 5’7 Abbey was somewhat tall, her slender and curve-less body worked for her well, yet she yearned to be different, more like Brooke.

At 5’8 Brooke had an inch on Abbey, and her long shapely legs drove the guys wild. Her curved hips were paired with a firm, perfect butt. Her stomach was flat and lead up to a flawless pair of 34 D breasts which Abbey wished she had. Brooke could get any guy in the school she wanted, and she wasted little time finding herself a partner.

In the 2 months since school started, Brooke had already begun a relationship with Jason Freeland. Jason wasn’t the typical football jock that you would assume Brooke would go after; Jason was a tall, handsome, smart guy who excelled in just about everything. Jason was a kind hearted individual, basically everything that a girl could want in a boyfriend.

Abbey was insanely jealous; she had had a huge interest in Jason yet never had the courage to do anything. Now Jason and Brooke lay together across the room from Abbey, their whispering and the rustle of the sheets keeping Abbey up. Too nice to say anything, Abbey lay in bed hoping eventually they would cease whatever they were doing and go to sleep.

“Do you think this is a good idea Brooke?” Jason said quietly; looking over his shoulder at Abbey’s bed.

“Babe,” Brooke whispered “she went to bed over an hour ago, she won’t even know.” Brooke rubbed her boyfriend’s chest softly with her hands, moving her fingers slowly down his stomach and into his pants.

“I don’t know Brooke.” Jason pleaded with the forceful sexy girl, “What if she wakes up?” he questioned.

“Baby,” Brooke said with a moan “Are you really going to turn this down?” she said with a devilish smile.

Her slender fingers wrapped around Jason’s hard member and began to stroke it. Jason’s body coursed with pleasure as she continued to please him. She softly began to suck on his neck while she worked. Eventually she positioned herself, and placed the rock hard dick between her supple lips.

Jason shuddered softly as he felt the extreme pleasure. He bit his lower lip attempting not to moan loudly. Soon his body thrashed in ecstasy as his stunning girlfriend brought him to orgasm.

Brooke sexily climbed back over her boyfriend and laid down on top of him, her large breasts hanging hear his neck, suspended only in her large bra. Her sexy legs wrapped around his waist she slid her arms under his neck forcing his face into her tits.

“Can we pleeease just fuck baby, I want you so bad!” Brooke pleaded. “I’m so horny right now I can hardly stand it!”

“No way babe,” Jason stated, “not with Abbey in the room, that’s just rude.”

Brooke groaned and flopped off her boyfriend and placed herself underneath the covers. Disappointed, she put her back to Jason and curled up attempting to sleep. Jason put his head back onto the pillow and looked over to Abbey, her figure ambiguous underneath her blanket. Jason wondered whether she was truly asleep.

Abbey looked to her blank wall, her eyes wide open. “What the fuck.” She thought. She closed her eyes and thought about what it would be like to fuck Jason Freeland and drifted off to sleep.

The next day Abbey went off to class, Chemistry, at 10 AM. When she left both Jason and Brooke were fast asleep in Brooke’s bed. She looked at Jason who slept in only his boxers and admired his hot body as she walked out of the room. All throughout class she thought what it would be like to look like Brooke, to have her heaving breasts and sexy legs, and what it would be like to have Jason.

Abbey was working with some sort of chemicals with her lab partner Chad, Chad was a clumsy person and was a horrible lab partner. The four chemicals were supposed to mix together in a certain order, or else things could go wrong. Abbey had been daydreaming about Jason rather than paying attention to class. She looked up to see Chad doing things completely out of order.

“Chad!” Abbey screeched, “that’s wrong!” she went to try to grab the beaker filled with the mistake and accidentally spilled it. The liquid, a yellow green mixture slid across the lab table and neared an electrical socket. Abbey moved quickly attempting to unplug the lamp plugged into the wall. As she grabbed the plug and pulled she felt a shock shoot into her hand. The liquid had collided with the socket and had sent a short little zap into Abbey’s hand. She yelped in surprise but she felt little pain, no more than a typical static shock. Abbey unplugged the appliance and began to clean up the mess.

“Geez Abbey,” Chad said nervously, “sorry about that, are you ok?”

“I’m fine Chad, just a little zap, didn’t even hurt, good things these chemicals aren’t dangerous.”

Abbey talked with the teacher who assured of this fact, he told her she would be perfectly fine, “We aren’t really allowed to work with harmful chemicals anymore, all of these chemicals are manufactured, in fact one of them is a brand new chemical just released on the market.” Her teacher had told her.

For the rest of class Abbey felt fine yet her sneakers seemed somewhat uncomfortable, she clenched her toes in an attempt to make things more comfortable. She was somewhat perplexed, she had had these shoes for 5 months and they had never given her a problem. She quickly dismissed these thoughts and learned to live with the discomfort.

Jason woke up first back in the room; he climbed out of bed and stretched softly. He went to the bathroom quickly and when he came back he found his girlfriend standing in the room completely naked, preparing for a shower. Her body was incredible, her tall frame just made everything better. At 5’11, Jason only had 3 inches on Brooke and when she wore heels, which she did frequently to show off her seemingly endless legs and tight ass, they were the same height.

Jason could not stop staring at his statuesque woman whose perfect body was the desire of countless men. Brooke noticed Jason renter and turned around to greet him.

“Well good morning buddy.” Brooke said as she embraced Jason, her large breasts pressing up against his chest. Jason ran his hands up and down her back as they kissed, his dick quickly getting erect. “What do we have here?” Brooke said with a giggle, rubbing her naked pussy softly against his hard member. Jason’s dick was so hard he couldn’t believe it, he wanted so badly to throw this naked beautiful girl on the bed and have his way with her. As the thought raced through his head Brooke broke the embrace. “I’m gunna go shower big guy” she said with a laugh, wrapping herself in a towel and grabbing her shower accessories. “Now you know what its like to get so turned on and have nothing happen, don’t ya big guy.” She said as she kissed his forehead. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes babe” Brooke stated as she walked out of the door.

Jason was disappointed, he was so turned on he couldn’t believe it, his large, rock hard dick still jutting out, creating a point through his boxers.

Abbey was returning to the dorm walking through the quad of her school with her books in her hands. As she returned to the room, Jason was putting his pants on.

“Oh hey Abbey” Jason said as he quickly buttoned his jeans. “Sorry about that.” He said with a smile.

“Its not a big deal,” Abbey said with a smirk, walking to her desk. As she walked to her desk, Abbey removed her shoes, her feet felt sore from the discomfort she had felt in her shoes. She rubbed her feet and watched as Brooke reentered the room.

“Hey Abs” Brooke said as she began to change. Abbey and Jason both watched as Brooke, comfortable with her body stood naked, putting her underwear on. Abbey could not believe how perfect her boobs were, Brooke was more slender than Abbey and yet Brooke had 2 cup sizes on Abbey. Abbey stood up and walked around Brooke to throw away a piece of paper in the trash can. As she walked back she couldn’t help but think that Brooke somehow looked shorter, then quickly realized that an inch really isn’t that much.

Later that day at lunch, Abbey felt extremely hungry. She ate a large plate of food and yet still found herself hungry. “I’ll just have a salad.” She thought as she went to the salad bar. She sat down and inhaled the salad, shoveling fork fulls into her mouth. She left the cafeteria still feeling somewhat hungry but forced herself to leave; she has heard the legends of the freshman fifteen.

As Abbey returned to the room her shirt felt somewhat tight, she worried that maybe she had been gaining weight. Abbey was insecure with her body to begin with; she decided that she was going to go to the gym when she got back to the room.

Abbey walked back into the room to find Brooke sitting at her desk working on some homework. Abbey and Brooke began to chat about this and that for a few minutes. Throughout the entire conversation Abbey’s bra began to feel tight. The wire felt as though it was digging into her side. The more Abbey thought about it, all of her clothes felt a little tight, especially her shoes. She was wearing a looser fitting pair after the pain she had earlier.

As they talked, Abbey decided she was going to change so that she could go to the gym. While she changed Brooke walked by her grabbing a book she needed to use for her work. As Brooke walked by, she couldn’t help to think that something felt different.

“Girl, you look kinda different.” Brooke said as she walked toward Abbey. Abbey stood there in her bra and a pair of athletic shorts questioning Brooke’s comment.

“What do you mean different?” Abbey said nervously, wondering if she really had put on a significant amount of weight.

As Brooke stood right in front of Abbey, she knew immediately what had changed. Abbey noticed it quickly as well. Abbey now stood slightly taller than Brooke when she had been an inch shorter only a day ago.

“Whoa Abs, you definitely got taller!” Brooke exclaimed as she looked Abbey up and down. “I’ve never noticed it before but I guess you’ve grown a bit since the beginning of the year.”

“Brooke you’ve always been taller than me, at least that’s what I thought?” Abbey said with a question, “Maybe I just never noticed I got taller.” She said trying to reassure herself.

Brooke walked over to her closest and grabbed a tape measure that her father had left in her room the day she moved in. They had used it to measure out a rug for the girl’s room. Brooke never thought she would need to use it, but now was glad to have it. “Abs, how tall were you when you got college?”

“In my physical for school which I got in July, I was 5’7 even. I’ve been 5’7 since my sophomore year in high school.” Abbey stated.

“Stand up against the wall, lets measure you.” Brooke said, grabbing Abbey by her forearm.

Abbey put her back up against the wall and stood up as straight as she could. As she stood at her tallest, Abbey realized the height difference between her and Brooke. Brooke then pulled the tape out to the bottom of Abbey’s feet and strung to the top of her head.

“Well…?” Abbey said with anticipation.

“5’9 and a half.” Brooke said quickly, “You’ve got an inch and a half on me girlie.”

“I’ve grown two and a half inches in a little over 2 months?” Abbey said confused. “Wow,” Abbey said changing her tune “that’s cool I guess.” Abbey began to think about her self growing taller, she didn’t hate the idea.

“You better hope you don’t grow anymore,” Brooke said with a smile “or you won’t be able to find a boyfriend taller than you.” Abbey laughed slightly.

As Brooke was talking, Abbey began trying to fix her bra; it was giving her a lot of trouble. As she tried moving it around, she looked down as her breasts and was surprised when they looked as if they were busting out of her bra. Abbey had always filled a B cup nicely, but never quite like this.

“Looks like some other things are growing too!” Brooke said as she inspected Abbey’s breasts. “This bra doesn’t look like it fits you anymore Abs. What are you a C cup?”

Abbey grunted slightly, “I wish, I’m only a B.”

Brooke began to shake her head as Abbey talked, “Well it looks like you might be a C now.”

Abbey was ecstatic as Brooke said this and smiled widely. “Really, you think so?”

“Yea.” Brooke said as she walked over to her dresser drawers, she reached into her underwear drawer and pulled out a pink bra. “Here try this on, its one of my old ones, I accidentally packed it before we came to school. It’s a C.”

Abbey took the bra and looked at the tag ’34 C’ it read. Abbey unhooked her bra, which now looked even smaller than seconds before. Abbey put the new bra on and her boobs filled the cups well, she was no where near needing one of Brooke’s D cup bras, but she was indeed a C cup.

“Much more comfortable.” Abbey said as she admired her boobs in the mirror. She grabbed one in each of her hands holding them up, loving how big they felt. She hoped that they would continue to grow, till eventually her size trumped even Brooke.

“You can have that bra babe.” Brooke said as she grabbed each one of her large breasts in her hands, mimicking Abbey. “I’ve outgrown it” she said with a laugh. Abbey looked at Brooke’s breasts, boy she wasn’t kidding. Abbey could see that Brooke now fully filled a D cup, this C was of no use to her. Both Brooke and Abbey let go of their breasts, Brooke returned to her work while Abbey decided not to go to the gym and get dressed.

Abbey sat at her computer staring at her Spanish homework yet she could not stop thinking about her newly discovered body. ‘5’9 and a half with a 34 C” she kept saying in her head. She had obviously not noticed the growth before even though she had grown two and a half inches and increased her bust size. Abbey wondered if she would continue to grow, the thought began to please her. She decided that 5’11 would be as tall as she wanted to be, Jason’s height.


Part 2

Four days later Abbey sat in her Sociology class, instead of staring at the lecture the teacher was giving she found herself staring at Jason Freeland, who sat near her. She hoped that one day Jason would ditch Brooke and whisk Abbey off her feet. Suddenly her day dream was brought to an abrupt end as the entire class began packing up and leaving. Startled Abbey packed up her own things slowly.

“Wow Abbey.” A male voice said from her side, she looked to see Jason standing next to her, “I mean I know this class is boring, but you were practically snoring!” he said with a laugh.

“Sociology apparently isn’t my thing.” Abbey responded with a smirk. Jason laughed slightly as Abbey gathered her stuff and stood up. As she stood she looked Jason right in the eyes, smiling. “How have you been Jason?” Abbey asked.

Jason had not noticed it before, but Abbey looked somewhat different. Her body seemed longer, sexier, she looked good. Jason could not help but stare at her cleavage, which was being shown in her low cut shirt. Ever since Abbey has embraced her new size, she had begun to wear more revealing clothing, learning to love her body.

“Um I’m good….great even” Jason stammered. He couldn’t help but see Abbey in a new light. He looked her up and down, and then up and down again. Jason was confused; he looked down at her shoes, a pair of flat flip flops.

“Whoa, have you gotten taller Abbey?” Jason said staring at her flat shoes, which looked a little small.

Abbey smiled and answered proudly, “Yea I’m a little over 5’9 now, Brooke measured me the other day.”

Jason still had a look of confusion on his face as he looked at Abbey. “No way, I thought you were wearing heels at first Abbey, you look like you’re about my height.” Jason stated, he moved forward to look Abbey right in the eye, they matched up perfectly, Abbey was indeed Jason’s height.

“Wow, I guess I’ve grown a little since then?” Abbey said confused. “Will you come back to my room with me and check?” Abbey pleaded with Jason. Jason agreed and the two of them walked back to the dorm. As they walked Abbey could not help but worry, she had been 5’9 and a half four days ago, 5’7 before that and now today she stared a 5’11 man dead in the eyes. She wondered just how tall she really was.

They arrived in Abbey’s room, Brooke was not there she had gone to class. Abbey could not help but think about having Jason in the room alone, the things that they could do, she yearned for someone to explore her new body. Quickly her thoughts dismissed, she kicked off her flip flops and grabbed the measuring tape from Brooke’s closet. “Here measure me” Abbey said as she lined her back against the wall. Her new breasts pushed out from her chest and her long slender body straightened completely. Jason quickly measured her, as he looked at the results he couldn’t help but be puzzled.

“Um,” Jason said confused, “I think I measured wrong, let me try again.” He said as he pulled the tape back and quickly measured her again. The tension was beginning to build, Abbey wanted to just how tall she had become. “I don’t know Abbey, but this thing says you’re 6 feet even.” Jason said as he stepped back.

Abbey could not believe it, “Theres no way!” Abbey stated as she stepped away from the wall, examining the mark Jason had made. It indeed had been placed at 6 feet practically on the dot. “I’m…6 feet tall?” Abbey questioned with a shriek

“Apparently?” Jason said, just as confused as Abbey. “Here why don’t you measure me?” Jason offered, trying to calm Abbey down, as well as himself. Jason instinctively slipped off his shoes and pressed himself against the wall. As Abbey slowly walked over to measure Jason, the thought hit her. Jason’s shoes gave him at least an inch. Her flip flops were extremely flat, she wondered if she truly was 6 feet tall. She grabbed the tape anyway and measured Jason. “You’re 5’11, but just barely.” She said with a forced smile. “Can I really be taller than you?” Just then the door to the room opened and Brooke walked in. She was immediately puzzled, finding her boyfriend alone in the room with her roommate. Before she could voice her opinion she was hit with a shock. “Holy crap Abs!” Brooke stated as she walked towards her, “you’re way taller than you were a few days ago!”

“That’s why Jason is here,” Abbey said, covering any questions Brooke may have, “he was measuring me.”

“According to the measuring tape, Abbey is 6 feet tall.” Jason said from behind Brooke. “She’s 6 feet tall?” Brooke said as she looked at Jason, “that’s taller than you babe.” Brooke looked back at Abbey and then back to her boyfriend. “You two, go back to back.”

Abbey and Jason obliged to Brooke’s request. Abbey could feel Jason’s body on her back and was still somewhat shocked when she felt herself stretch his entire body from top to bottom. Abbey looked to her right, watching Brooke measure the two. “No way…” Brooke said as she examined, “Abbey, you’re definitely taller than Jason,” she stated “not a lot, but at least an inch, if not more.”

Abbey could not believe it, she really was 6 feet tall. She was disoriented quickly, only a few days before, she had been 5 inches shorter. What is really possible for her to have grown so much?

“I guess….I’m in a big growth spurt?” Abbey said with a smile, she did not know what to say. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw, her long body was beautiful. Her breasts were now significantly bigger; she now filled the C cup bra Brooke had given her. She felt sexier, more powerful than she ever had. She loved the way she looked now. “I wonder how big I’m gunna get.” Abbey said with a wide smile

The next day Abbey sat in her room looking down at her feet, which had grown along with her, once a size 8 none of her shoes came close to fitting. She measured her foot only a few minutes earlier, she would now need a women’s size 12. Abbey could not believe the growth that her body had gone through. The thought of being 6 feet tall excited her and a part of her wished that she would grow even bigger. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror again. With her roommate gone, Abbey stripped down to her under things and began to admire herself. Her breasts were now beginning to become too large for the borrowed bra. As she looked at her increasing breasts, she slowly unhooked her bra and looked at her naked breasts in the mirror. They looked even bigger out of the confines of her bra. Her breasts were flawless, large and perky. She grabbed her breasts in her hands and caressed them softly.

Abbey walked over to Brooke’s drawers and grabbed a bra from her underwear drawer. She wrapped the material around her boobs and hooked it. She found that she now filled Brooke’s coveted bra. She was incredibly thrilled. In a span of what seemed to be less than a week, Abbey had grown 5 inches, 4 shoe sizes and 2 cup sizes. She loved the thought of needing D sized bras and larger shoes to fit her larger frame.

She began to think of Jason, wondering if her new boobs and sexy frame appealed to him, wondering if Jason found her as sexy as she found herself. Her urge to have Jason caress her new body, grab her large breasts, to make sweet, passionate love to her.

Abbey was no stranger to sex, she had had a serious boyfriend through her senior year of high school and the two of them fucked frequently. She missed the feeling that sex gave her, and wondered what it would be like to have Jason inside of her.

Abbey thought about Brooke, how she raved about Jason’s sexual ability and his large dick. Brooke talked about how incredible it felt and how glad she was that he was a great fuck. As Abbey thought about this, she became increasingly hot.

Abbey looked at the time, seeing that Brooke would not return from class for some time. Abbey lay on her bed and slipped her underwear off. She unhooked Brooke’s bra and threw it into her dirty hamper. As she continued to think about having sex with Jason she began to pleasure herself. As she masturbated she ran her free hand across her stomach and over her large breasts. Soon she found herself thinking about herself growing relentlessly bigger, this thought seemed to please her more than Jason. As she thought of herself growing and growing she began to whimper with pleasure. “Bigger….” She moaned, “bigger….” As she brought herself to orgasm, she let out a screech of sublime pleasure. It was the most intense self inflicted orgasm she had ever had. She continued to run her hands across her body. “Bigger…” she whispered yet again.


Part 3


As Abbey stepped back away from the measuring tape, she had a giant smile on her face. It had been 3 days since she had last been measured. As Brooke entered the room only minutes before, she had commented on how big Abbey looked. Abbey asked Brooke to measure her, to see if she had grown even more.

“Jesus Abs,” Brooke said as she examined the mark, “you’re 6’3 and a bit!”

Abbey’s mouth opened wide, she had grown 3 inches in 3 days. Even she was somewhat surprised. It had taken her four days to grow 2 and half inches before that. This growth spurt had been the biggest yet, giving her slightly over three inches in a short period of time. Abbey was pleased, she was growing even faster now it seemed. At 6’3 she now stood taller than anyone in her family. Her older brother at 6’2 had been the tallest, she wondered what her family would say the next time they saw her, she also wondered how tall she would be by then.

“I can’t believe this Abbey,” Brooke said as she shook her head, “you’re becoming a freaking giant! You’ve got over half a foot on me now girl!”

To stress this fact, Abbey stepped forward, standing only inches from Brooke. Now seven inches taller than her once larger roommate the top of Brooke’s head reached to the very bottom of Brooke’s chin.

Staring right into Abbey’s neck Brooke looked up at her now huge roommate. Brooke felt incredibly tiny, she had become accustomed to being slightly taller than Abbey, not significantly shorter. Brooke looked down at Abbey’s boobs which stuck out far from her chest. Brooke wondered if Abbey’s were now bigger than hers, suddenly feeling inferior.

“Girl,” Brooke said as backed away from Abbey, “your tits look huge in that shirt.”

Abbey laughed slightly at Brooke’s comment, “My tits look huge is every shirt now, and nothing fits me anymore, especially that old bra you gave me. I’ve been using on your actual bras lately, I hope you don’t mind.” Abbey said softly.

“Oh its ok, I mean I don’t want my roomie to go without a bra.” Both girls began to laugh, “people will think you’re some sort of hippie or something.” Brooke continued.

“Well actually,” Abbey added with a giggle “I might be going without one soon, this bad boy doesn’t really fit me. I think I might be a double D now.”

Brooke couldn’t believe it, Abbey had always had somewhat small boobs, now she was bursting out of a D. Brooke looked at Abbey shocked. To prove her point, Abbey lifted up her shirt. Her boobs were flowing over the large cups and were pushed together. The bra looked like it would snap at any moment.

“See?” Abbey said with a smile, “I don’t know what I’m gunna do.”

Abbey could tell Brooke felt uncomfortable, Brooke was used to being the biggest, the sexiest and now little old Abbey was a stunningly beautiful amazon with a pair of boobs that put Brooke to shame. She loved looking down on her roommate, she was just so small. In fact, nearly everyone was beginning to look small to Abbey, not many people, especially women, stood taller than 6’3. And as far as those ones that did, Abbey thought that she would soon be taller than them too.

Later that day as Abbey was sitting at her desk, measuring her now even larger feet, which would require a size 14 shoe. She heard a knock on the door. Brooke again had gone off to class. Abbey stood up and opened the door to find Jason.

“Hey Abbey” said Jason as he looked into the room, “I guess Brooke isn’t here?” he stammered as he noticed Abbey had grown even taller since the last time he saw her.

“Nope, sorry Jason, she left over half an hour ago to get to class.” She said as she stood up straight, stressing her full height, “She should be back in a little while; you can wait here for her if you want…?” Abbey threw the idea out there, hoping he would stay.

‘Uh…” Jason said as he looked up at the now 6’3 girl standing before him, his eyes darted down to her tremendous breasts, ran all the way down her scary long legs and down to her massive feet, “sure I guess I’ll hang out for a bit.”

As he walked through the door he walked right next to Abbey who was holding the door for him. As he passed he couldn’t help but notice the obvious difference in height, neither could Abbey.

She smirked as she saw just how short Jason now was, 4 inches shorter to be exact. He had once held 4 inches over her, but now the tables had turned, significantly. Abbey closed the door as Jason sat down on Brooke’s bed. Neither of them talked for a few minutes, Abbey wanted so badly to just have her way with him, even if he was little. Jason finally broke the silence.

“You sure have gotten tall Abs.” Jason said as he stared at the floor.

Abbey smirked, “Sure have, I’m a little over 6’3 now, Brooke measured me before she went to class. But that was a few hours ago, I could be even taller now.” She said with a laugh. She had only been joking, but still the thought aroused her, to grow so quickly she would be taller after only a few hours. She wondered if her growth would ever speed up and become that quick, the thought turned her on.

“6’3?! No way!” stated Jason as he looked up at her, “you were only 6 feet a few days ago, no one grows that fast.” He stated.

“If you don’t believe me, you can measure me again.” She said with a laugh, “If you can even reach the top of my head,” she said with a large smile, “shorty…”

“I really don’t believe it, stand up” Jason said as he stood. “I wanna see just how tall you are.”

Abbey stood up and walked over in front of Jason, she could just see over the top of his head as she stood in front of him. She was amazed at much of a difference 4 inches made.

“I mean, you’re definitely taller than me, no doubt,” Jason said as he went and grabbed the measuring tape “but let me measure you, I wanna see this for myself.”

Abbey happily agreed, she loved getting measured now, loving the shock in the people’s voice when they state her impressive height. She walked over to the wall and pressed herself against the wall, standing as tall as she could. As she did this, she could almost feel herself grow taller.

Jason went through the usual routine, checking and double checking the measurement. “Did you say 6’3 and a bit?” he asked her as he triple checked the measurement.

“Yea, Brooke said I was just a tad over 6’3, but not quite 6’3 and a half.” Abbey said as she watched Jason.

“Well, either I or Brooke is doing something wrong.” Jason said as he checked the measurement for a 4th time.

“Wait, why?” Abbey stated with much curiosity.

“Every time I do it,” Jason paused, “it says you’re 6’4 on the dot.”

Abbey could not believe it; she had grown over half an inch in two hours? There was no way it was possible, Jason must have been measuring wrong. Thoughts began to race through her head; could she truly be growing that quickly? Getting bigger and bigger with each passing hour? This excited her incredibly, she wanted so badly to have Jason fuck her, to attempt to please the now massive woman. She smiled widely and looked at Jason, who was staring directly at Abbey’s tits.

“Ha!” Abbey said as she gently shoved Jason, “you like what you see huh?” she said as she laughed. “Geez Jason, I know they’re big, I love them too,” she said with a smirk, “but you’re off the market bud, you have a girlfriend.”

“Uh…” Jason said, obviously embarrassed “it’s just that everything on you seems to be getting bigger.”

“I’ve noticed” Abbey said as she stuck out her chest, showing off her giant boobs, “I’m a double D now.” As she stuck out her chest she noticed how small Brooke’s bra felt on her. “I’m wearing Brooke’s bra but it doesn’t fit very well.” She stated.

Jason was practically drooling at the sight of her breasts. Abbey was extremely excited to see Jason staring at her with such desire. “Ya know what” Abbey said as she turned her back to Jason, “I’m gunna take this uncomfortable little bra off.” She said as she unhooked the bra and discarded it. Abbey now extremely confident had no problem doing this in front of Jason. Jason did not have a problem with it either.

Pulled her t-shirt over her large breasts and turned back to face Jason. With her boobs hanging perfectly off her chest they were noticeably bigger now that they were free from the restraining bra. Her nipples became slightly erect as they rubbed against the cotton of her shirt. Jason could not help but staring at her tremendous knockers with her nipples poking out of her shirt. Her boobs were without a doubt larger than Brooke’s and Jason yearned to touch them, to suck them. He suddenly found himself getting extremely aroused, his dick getting hard in his pants.

Abbey yawned and stretched out, standing on her tip toes she added a few inches to her already giant figure. Arching her back her boobs jutted out far beyond her flat stomach. Abbey watched herself do this in the mirror. She was incredibly excited, she had now surpassed Brooke, Abbey had become the object of Jason’s desire. Abbey looked at him sitting on her roomate’s bed and smiled.

“Ya know Jason,” she said as she walked toward him, “I don’t know whether to be extremely flattered, or somewhat nervous.” She said with a laugh.

“I…I…I can’t really help it Abbey,” he managed to say, “you’re truly stunning, and you’re so big. I can’t keep my eyes off of you…”

Abbey began to giggle to herself, she walked sexily over to Jason. She leaned way over to look the sitting Jason in the eyes.

“You know,” she said as she grabbed Jason by his collar, pulling him to his feet, his eyes meeting below her nose, “what Brooke doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.”

As she spoke she pulled her t-shirt up over her head revealing her bare breasts to Jason, who looked even smaller than before. She tilted her head down and met her lips with his, pulling him closer. She could feel his rock hard member against her thigh which made her incredibly hot. What Brooke had said was true, it was quite large, much larger than her ex-boyfriend. She figured this was fitting, considering she now, was much larger

Jason could not help himself, as he kissed this giant woman; he grabbed one of her large breasts in hand, caressing it softly. Abbey’s wishes were finally coming true; she pulled her head away from the embrace and moaned slightly. She pushed Jason off of her and pulled off her pants. Standing in only her panties she un-strapped Jason’s belt, taking off his pants as well. She then wrapped her hand around Jason’s stiff cock and began to stroke it softly. She then stopped and giggled slightly, sliding off her panties. She laid down on her bed her long body almost too big for her bed. On her back her tremendous breasts spread across her body. She bit her lip in anticipation as Jason pulled down his boxers.

“I have never wanted to fuck anyone more in my life than I do right now.” Jason said as he walked toward Abbey’s bed.

“Do your worst little man.” Abbey said as she spread her freakishly long legs.

Jason slid inside of her wet pussy, his body shuddering with entry. Abbey could not believe how deep his dick went. As they began Abbey quickly felt the most intense pleasure she had ever had. Quickly Jason brought her to an orgasm, as she moaned and thrashed, she nearly threw the smaller Jason around. Abbey threw Jason onto his back and took control. Riding Jason’s large cock, her massive tits bounced up and down uncontrollably. The sight made Jason unbelievably hot, with each thrust he felt more and more pleasure until finally, he exploded inside of the massive woman.

Abbey rolled off of Jason and purred with satisfaction, rubbing Jason’s chest with her long fingers. She placed her face next to his ear, breathing sexily into his ear.

“You were absolutely incredible” she breathed, as she wrapped her hand around his still erect dick. “He was incredible too.” She said with a large smile.

“You are quite a specimen” Jason said as he wrapped his arms around her stomach, “I don’t think my dick has ever been that hard in my life.” He said with a sigh. Suddenly a pang of guilt hit Jason; he had just cheated on his girlfriend, not just with any girl, but with her roommate. Jason looked at the giant woman that lay before him, his eyes dancing up and down her phenomenal frame, a frame that now made Brooke seem unimportant.

“Get dressed big guy,” Abbey said as she rolled out of the bed, putting her much too small clothes back on. “We don’t want Brooke to find out.”

Jason and Abbey both got dressed, moments later Brooke returned to the room. She embraced her boyfriend and kissed him softly on the lips. Abbey laughed to herself, knowing that now, Abbey was the one Jason wanted. Abbey had gotten all that she had wanted. Then she wondered, had Jason really measured wrong?


Part 4


“I don’t believe it” Brooke said as she double checked the measurement, “you aren’t a millimeter shorter than 6’4 now. I swear I measured you right the first time. You were only a little over 6’3 then!”

Abbey stood at her full height, towering over both Jason and Brooke, smiling brightly. She had grown half an inch in 2 hours, and seemed to show no signs of stopping. She had gotten what she wanted from Jason, and it was amazing. Abbey adored her new fantastic body and hoped that she would only grow bigger and more beautiful.

“I’m really hungry” Jason stated after the measuring. “Want to order some pizzas?” he suggested.

“Ohhh, great idea Jason.” Abbey said, now noticing how hungry she was, “I’ll get a large cheese pizza for myself, you guys get whatever else you want.”

Brooke and Jason decided on a large Pepperoni and Mushroom, they were told it would be delivered in 45 minutes. Their food arrived, ahead of schedule and the hungry teenagers proceeded to eat.

Abbey was absolutely starving, she couldn’t even believe it, she had already put down five pieces and felt like she could eat a lot more. Polishing off her eight slices like it was nothing Abbey threw her empty box in the trash.

“Wow Abs!” Brooke said as she munched on her 2nd piece, their pizza not even half finished, “Your appetite has grown right along with you huh?”

“Yea, I feel like I could eat a another whole pizza.” She said with a shrug. “I’m still real hungry.”

Jason and Brooke continued eating and decided to stop, leaving 3 pieces left. Abbey quickly ate those slices as well, wondering if eating 11 slices of pizza was unhealthy. She didn’t really care, she was a growing girl.

The next day Abbey woke up and got dressed, ready to go to Sociology class yet again. She was excited to see Jason alone again, wondering if he would talk about how great the sex was the day before. With much difficulty, Abbey managed to fit into her clothes, which now barely covered her seemingly endless body. She decided to not wear shoes, considering any pair she had would be much too small. As she walked to go out the door she was quickly hit in the very top of her head. She wondered what had happened but then noticed, she had hit her head on the top of the doorframe! Abbey couldn’t believe it, she had never needed to duck through the doorways before, she must have grown overnight! She quickly grabbed the tape measurer from Brooke’s closest and measured from the floor to the top of doorframe, it measured to 6’7. Abbey couldn’t believe it, she had grown over 3 inches in one night, her growth truly was accelerating, and it was accelerating fast. Brooke was not in the room yet again, so Abbey decided to call Jason, to have him come over and measure her, see how tall she truly was.

“Hey Abbey, whats up?” Jason said as he picked up the phone.

“Jason, I need you to come over and measure me, right now.” Abbey said calmly, it was shocking to see such a pronounced growth, yet it was exactly what Abbey wanted, she easily kept her cool.

“Why, whats wrong?” Jason paused, “Wait, you don’t think you’re taller do you?!”

“Just come over…?”

Within minutes Jason had arrived, and he could not believe what he saw, Abbey stood in front of him, her neck directly in front of his face. Taller than she had been the day before, much taller.

“Holy shit Abbey!” Jason said backing away, “This is getting kind of crazy.”

“Ha, you’re not kidding.” Abbey said with a laugh, “Just measure alight shrimp?” Abbey said jokingly.

Again after four tries of measuring, while standing on a chair now because Abbey was far too tall, Jason reported the results.

“I don’t believe this,” Jason said standing in front of Abbey. “You’re 6’7 and a half. That’s 3 and a half inches taller than last night Abbey. You should get yourself checked out.” Jason pleaded with the giant woman.

“So what if I’m growing?” Abbey said with a smile, “I really don’t mind being this big” she stated, “in fact, I kind of want to get bigger.”

Jason truly did not know what to say, he looked at Abbey, towering 8 inches over him, every inch of her was gorgeous. Her breasts had grown along with the rest of her overnight, her nipples poking out of her tiny t-shirt again. Jason couldn’t help but agree with her, he wished as well that she grow even bigger. Staring at the incredibly tall figure in front of him, Jason found his dick once again becoming rock hard.

“I mean look at me” Abbey said staring at herself in the mirror, although she could not see most of her, she outgrown the full length mirror, “I’m so fucking hot I can’t even stand it, I get hotter and hotter the bigger I get, fuck it, I hope I never stop growing.” She said with a smirk. She walked over to Jason, who now looked so tiny to her. “Just imagine when I’m a foot taller than you, or two?” she stated “I’m going to be the biggest, best thing there ever was if I kept going like this. Now Jason, don’t you want to make love to a true giantess?” she said as she pushed him down onto her bed.

They skipped Sociology and had incredible sex, followed by more unbelievable sex. Abbey had multiple orgasms as Jason’s massive dick thrust further inside of her, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her entire body. While she orgasmed, Jason felt as if he could never get enough of making love to this tremendous giant.

After they could no longer fuck, both lay next to each other Abbey stretching significantly further than Jason. He was so little, she was rapidly approaching being a foot taller than him, a massive 6’11, Abbey hoped it would be soon. Abbey felt her breasts as she lay, noticing their equally impressive growth since the night prior.

“Wow these babies are getting big,” she said as she caressed herself, “I really can’t believe how big I’m getting.”

Abbey began to fondle her enormous breasts, playing with each nipple with her hands. Even her now giant hands could not cover her boobs. She continued to grab them as she laughed.

“Wow, that’s all I really have to say.” Jason said, taking one breast in his hands. He could not even begin grasp the entire size of the breast in his normal man sized hands.

Again, without fail Jason’s dick got hard at the sight of Abbey, her gigantic breasts, her everything made Jason unbelievably horny. Abbey noticed the growing that Jason had done beneath the sheets and quickly hopped over to greet him.

“Does he like these bad boys?” Abbey asked grabbing her boobs. She slid Jason’s large cock in between her tits, engulfing it completely. She explored his member with her large lips, swirling her tongue around his cock as it slid up and down through her tremendous boobs. Soon Jason’s cock unloaded onto Abbey’s neck, pulsing in between her boobs.

“That’s enough for today” Abbey said as she began to get dressed again. She threw Jason’s clothes at him. “You should leave before Brooke gets back.” Abbey said as she stood up at her full height. Jason got dressed and left. As he walked by the giantess Abbey, he couldn’t help but think that she may have grown even larger since the measurements only an hour before. Jason left in a hurry, not wanting to upset the ever growing girl before him. As Jason left, Abbey yawned, realized how worn out she was. Tired from all the sex, Abbey laid down in her bed and fell asleep, thinking about herself growing and growing.


Part 5


Hours later Abbey opened her eyes, as she began to rise she noticed how compact her body now had to be to fit into her much too small bed. She had curled herself up into a ball and yet her giant feet still were only inches from the bottom of the bed. Abbey wondered how long it would take before she could not longer fit in the tiny bed.

“You win some you lose some I guess.” She said as she stood up, her body rising for what seemed like forever.

Abbey finally took notice at just how small everything was beginning to look, she felt as if she was in a room made for children, everything seemed much to small for someone her size. As Abbey looked around, her stomach let out a large grumble. She looked at the clock and saw that 3 hours had passed during her nap, no wonder she was hungry.

Abbey decided that some fresh air would do her some good and planned to walk down the street from her school and to Subway.

Walking down the street in bare feet Abbey noticed just how painful it would be to live like this forever. She wanted to buy herself a whole new wardrobe that would show off her now towering figure. For the past few days Abbey had been wearing the clothes that fit her when she was a foot shorter, now the clothes didn’t cover her stomach, let alone her boobs. Any pair of pants ended well above her ankles. She now wore nothing but what were once long skirts, which now seemed much more like mini skirts. Abbey could not believe how small the other people were as she walked by them, it turned her on to watch them stare at her, so far above them.

Abbey finally made it to Subway, despite the pain of walking on concrete in bare feet. As she ducked into the store, immediately every person in the shop began to stare. Abbey smiled as she walked up to the ordering station. The sandwich maker looked up at the customer before him, in utter shock. Abbey smiled down at the tiny man, who could not even believe what he was staring up at.

“Hi, I’ll have a foot long turkey with American cheese.” Abbey said staring at the food before her, “actually” she added “make that 4 footlongs.”

“Uh…right away ma’am.” The sandwich guy said, quickly putting together each sandwich. As she paid for her 4 feet of sandwich she could not help but laugh at the cashier who was a woman, could not have been taller than 5’1.

Abbey brought her food over to a table, as she sat down her knees hit the bottom of the table, her infinitely long legs almost too long for regular sized seating. Abbey tried as she could to get comfortable but eventually managed too live with the discomfort.

Foot by foot, Abbey devoured each of her sandwiches, attempting to fill the incredible hunger she now felt. She had never had a huge appetite but now it seemed as though she never could get full. She quickly finished her large amount of food and left the shop, again with every eye on her gorgeous, massive body as she ducked through the door.

Abbey walked by the stores next to the Subway looking inside, seeing if anything appealed to her. Suddenly she stopped, seeing a tailor. Abbey walked inside eager to find out her measurements.

“Well first lets measure you, see how tall you are.” The tiny tailor man said as she pulled up a chair next to Abbey.

Used to being measured these days, Abbey put herself up against the wall, wondering if she had grown since the last time she was measured, somewhere around 4 hours ago. The tailor pulled the tape from the floor for what seemed like an eternity, finally ending at the tip top of Abbey’s giant body.

“You are 6 feet 9 inches tall ma’am.” The tailor said stepping down from the chair.

“6’9?” Abbey asked looking down at the man.

“Yes ma’am.” He said somewhat shocked himself, “6’9”

Abbey could not believe it, again her growth had accelerated, she had grown an inch and a half in 4 hours now standing a stunning 6’9. She continued to think about her ever growing height, her constantly increasing bust size and just how truly massive she had become. Abbey wondered how tall she would be when she woke up tomorrow.

Abbey watched as the little man, who she guessed was about 5’8, a little taller than her original height, measuring her entire body, including her giant breasts.

“Well ma’am,” the tailor said checking his measurement sheet, “you wear a size 18 shoe, which we unfortunately do not have here, you will have to order those specially. Which we can do for you…” he said with a pause, “To be honest ma’am, we have very little that will fit your body. And we don’t sell bras ma’am, especially ones that are 36 double F” The man said looking way up at the giant teen.

“I figured as much,” Abbey said with a smile, “as far as the shoes, don’t worry about it. I’m still growing and those shoes probably won’t fit me for long.” Abbey said extremely proud.

The tailor could not believe it, this girl, who couldn’t be much older than 18 already towered over a foot over him; she made him feel absolutely tiny and she wasn’t even done growing yet! His eyes were just about level with the girl’s massive breasts, which he could not help but stare at.

“Thanks for all your help little guy.” Abbey said as she ducked out of the door. As she walked she thought about her new measurements, 6’9, 36 FF with a size 18 shoe. She loved repeating them over and over in head.

“6’9…” she whispered as she walked, hoping that she would grow even bigger

The next day as Brooke awoke she was shocked at what she saw. She hadn’t seen Abbey all day yesterday but had heard from Jason that she had grown to over 6’7. She looked at the massive lump beneath the blanket across the room. She saw that her legs and head were both curled up as small as possible, looking impossibly tall. Although Abbey was scrunched up as small as she could make herself her feet and head were both nearing the tips of the bed. Brooke walked over to the bed examining her roommate’s body wondering if she grown yet again.

Suddenly Abbey rolled over, her giant boobs bouncing slightly. Brooke jumped back with a yelp, startled by the sleeping giant.

Abbey awoke quickly, the loud yelp the cause. She opened her big green eyes staring directly at her scared roommate a few feet in front of her.

“Oh Abbey, I’m sorry,” Brooke said looking somewhat scared “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

As Abbey sat up she felt somewhat groggy from her slumber. She looked at her roommate again and began to speak, “Its ok Brooke,” she said placing her massive feet on the ground, beginning to stand, “I needed to get up soon anyway.” Abbey said as she stood up.

As soon as she began to rise, Brooke’s mouth dropped wide open. Her eyes widened as she watched her roommate continue to rise, her incredibly long body seemingly stretching upwards forever. Brooke could believe it, as Abbey reached her full height, her head was only inches from the ceiling!

“Oh my god!” Brooke screamed jumping back towards her bed, “Abbey, holy fucking shit! You’re a fucking GIANT!”

Abbey could not believe how impossibly small Brooke looked standing in front of her, she looked like a child. The fear in Brooke’s eyes didn’t upset Abbey, in fact it enthralled her. Abbey had indeed grown since the night before. 6’9 was now nothing more than a memory.

“I can barely reach the top of your head.” Brooke said as she stood on the chair, standing on her tip toes she could just place the tape at the top. “Oh my god” Brooke exclaimed as she checked the measurement.

“Well…?” Abbey said with much anticipation her bright smile wide.

“You’re 7’2” Brooke said jumping down from the chair, “I can’t fucking believe you’re 7’2, I really can’t….”

Abbey could not believe it, 5 inches since she had gone to sleep, she continued to grow faster and faster, the doorway 7 inches below her, the ceiling only 3 above. Abbey knew that soon, possibly by the end of the day, she would no longer be able to fit inside her room while standing. She truly didn’t care; in fact she loved it, she was now a true giantess, towering well over a foot over her roommate. Looking far down at Brooke a foot and a half below her she couldn’t her but smile. Brooke looked forward, directly at the bottom of Abbeys enormous tits which now stuck out incredibly far from her chest.

Just then the door opened, and Jason walked in past Abbey.

“Hey babe,” he said as she touched Brooke gently on her arm, “whats up?”

Brooke could do nothing but shake her head and point at Abbey who was looming behind Jason. Jason turned around and was met by a spectacularly large pair of breasts, easily the biggest Jason had ever seen. He tilted his house up, looking at the giant that stood before him. In shock he began to step backwards towards her girlfriend.

“Surprise surprise,” Abbey said looking down at Jason and Brooke, “guess I’m not done growing.” She said with a laugh.

“Just…how tall…” Jason said stammering, “are you…?” he asked.

“She’s 7’2!” Brooke yelled, grabbing her boyfriend, “There’s definitely something wrong with her! Abbey we should take you to a doctor!” Brooke pleaded.

“Fuck that.” Abbey said quickly, “I don’t need a doctor to tell me that I’m growing.” She said as she walked around the room.

”But Abbey,” Jason butted in, “no one is supposed to grow this fast! As far as I know, no one ever has either! There could be something wrong with you.”

Abbey began to think about what Jason had said, she knew in the back of her mind that he was right, that there indeed could be something very wrong with her. Yet she loved growing bigger and bigger, the last thing she wanted was a doctor trying to slow or stop her growth.

For some time, Brooke and Jason attempted to get the giantess to go to the doctor and get checked out. At one point Abbey got frustrated and yelled at the couple, telling them she didn’t want to go. This outburst frightened both Jason and Brooke, neither wanted to anger Abbey now that she was so much bigger than they were. Watching this Abbey found herself getting excited, she was now so big that people began to fear her and her massive size. However, eventually Abbey gave in to Brooke and Jason and agreed to go to the doctor, if only to show off to the world, her new incredible height.


Part 6


“Well Ms. Buckley,” the doctor said as he examined his charts, staring at Abbey sitting on the medical table, even sitting looking extremely large, “I have to say I have never seen anything like this in my life.”

Abbey had been measured only minutes before, to her delight the nurse had measured her at 7’3; she had grown an inch in a little over 3 hours. Abbey knew that the doctor would have no idea what to say, what could he say?

“I have never seen anyone grow 20 inches in such a short period of time,” the doctor said, still puzzled, “it should be impossible.”

“Doc,” Abbey said as she stood up, towering over the small man, “I’m not really worried about this at all; it’s just some sort of super growth spurt, I don’t know why everyone is getting so up in arms with me being so damn tall.” She stated, “I love being this tall, if I don’t have a problem with it, why should everyone else?” she said as she headed toward the door.

“Ms. Buckley, there is much to be concerned with here,” he said jumping in front of her, her giant breasts nearly colliding with his face, “your body isn’t supposed to growth this fast, you could have many health issues. You should not be so calm about this.”

“Well,” Abbey said as she pushed the doctor out of the way, ducking her head way down to get through the doorway, “I will call you as soon as I start having issues doc, have a good day.” She stated as she left the room.

Abbey walked down the hallway of the doctor’s office, watching as the little nurses and patients scurried below her, looking up at her giant body. With each giant stride she took, Abbey felt more and more incredible, doctors, who were used to seeing just about everything, were absolutely shocked at this massive woman before them. On her way out Abbey couldn’t help but stop but the measuring station, she walked up to a nearby nurse with a wide smile on her face.

“Excuse me,” Abbey said politely, “do you think you could measure me before I leave?”

The nurse agreed and took Abbey’s height while standing on a small step ladder, even then barely being able to reach her head.

“7’4” the nurse announced, “wow, you’re definitely the tallest person I have ever seen, how did you get so tall?” the nurse asked with a laugh.

“It just happened.” Abbey said proudly stepping off the device smiling. She had grown another inch within the hour so had been in the doctor’s office, her mind began to race, just how tall and how fast was she going to grow?

When Abbey returned to her room, she could feel the top of her head grazing the ceiling. The feeling thrilled her, she was quickly becoming the biggest thing she and many others had ever seen. She looked over at Jason and Brooke lying on Brooke’s bed cuddling.

“Well what did the doctor say?” Brooke asked as she stared straight up at Abbey.

“Well,” Abbey said with a pause, “he said I’m 7’4…” she added nonchalantly.

As Abbey said this, both Jason and Brooke nearly jumped up out of the bed. Jason had noticed that Abbey’s head now was even closer to the ceiling then it had been before, but refused to believe she had actually grown so quickly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Brooke yelled as she got to her feet, she almost began laughing as she noticed that Abbeys giant tits now hung noticeably higher than they had before she left, there was no doubt, Abbey was taller.

“You grew 2 inches in 2 hours?” Jason asked shaking.

Abbey smiled widely looking down at Jason and Brooke, she wondered how much smaller they would get. She loved the world seemingly shrinking around her, her giant frame the center of attention. As she thought about this, she could almost feel herself growing ever taller.

Later that day as Abbey was lying in her bed, which had become way too small, watching television. Jason and Brooke reentered the room after eating dinner. Abbey looked up at both of them, who seemed to suddenly become nervous as they entered the room.

“Hey guys,” Abbey said with a smile, “whats up?”

“We’re heading out,” Brooke said, grabbing her coat, “the basketball team has a game tonight, we were gunna check it out.”

Abbey thought about the idea, the school’s basketball team was pretty good and she was sure was filled with guys who were considered ‘tall’. The thought of dwarfing these supposedly large men made Abbey extremely hot.

“Ya know what,” Abbey said rising to her feet, “I think I’ll join you guys.” She said as she stood up.

Jason and Brooke watched in near horror as Abbey stretched to her full height, watching her crazy long legs unbend. Suddenly, before Abbey could fully straighten out, her head collided with the ceiling.

“Ow” Abbey said, rubbing the top of her head. She had to tilt her head slightly to be able to stand in her room. Yet again Abbey had grown; she now was an inch too tall to stand. She guessed that she now stood a stunning 7’6. Abbey knew that there would be no man anywhere near her height at the basketball game. She liked it that way.

Jason and Brooke stared at Abbey, no somewhat used to the shocking height she now possessed, yet still phased that she was now too tall for the room.

“I really can’t believe this shit.” Brooke said, craning her head back to look at her giant roommate’s face. “Lets just go to the game.” She added.

Jason and Brooke left the room first. As Jason turned around to watch Abbey duck way down to get through the doorway, which was becoming smaller and smaller every hour, her massive boobs hanging as she bent. Jason could not help but get turned on; his urge to fuck the giantess once again was still strong. Jason could feel himself get hard as he watched Abbey return to her full height, her neck tilted forward so she could fully stand.

At that moment Jason wanted nothing more but to ravage Abbey yet again, to have his dick in between her tits, to have it probe her pussy. The thought of her skyscraper like body stretching so far she did not fit into her bed. He wanted so badly to have this monster of woman please him, and he wanted even more to attempt to please her.

“Well hello Jason,” Abbey said as she bent over, whispering in his ear. “looks like someone misses me.” She said running her incredibly long fingers across his shoulder.

Brooke had walked far in front of both Jason and Abbey and missed the entire interaction. Jason now stood at full attention, his obvious boner poking down his pants.

“I think you’re too small for me now Jason.” Abbey said with a laugh as she attempted to walk down the now small hallway. Abbey hoped that at this game, she would find a man who may be large enough to satisfy her needs.

Abbey, Jason and Brooke sat in the bleachers in the gym watching the game, just about everyone in the gym stared at Abbey more than they stared at the game. Abbey felt so wonderful being the center of attention, her now 7’6 frame was so eye catching, people couldn’t stop staring.

Although she loved the attention, she couldn’t help but notice how small the bleachers were. Her giant feet and super long legs came nowhere near fitting into the small bleachers. Caring little about being polite Abbey spread her longs into the row in front of her, her feet reaching the floor in the row with her butt still planted in the seat behind. Abbey almost couldn’t believe how far her legs stretched; she truly had become a giant.

Abbey couldn’t really focus on the game before her; she kept trying to find the tallest man on the court. She watched as massive bald, black man as he dunked over a much smaller man. Abbey noticed just how large this man was as he jogged up and down the court, he was easily the tallest man Abbey had ever seen and had such an aura of power around him. The more Abbey focused on the man the more she noticed just how incredibly dominant he was on the court. The massive man was a fierce competitor; he grabbed rebounds like they were nothing, scored with ease and was able to make the other players on the court feel positively weak. Abbey knew she had to have him.

At the end of the game, Abbey’s new muse had put up an impressive 34 points, matched with a powerful 17 rebounds. He had blocked 6 shots, basically dominating the game, which his team won.

As the crowd and the players shuffled out of the arena, Abbey watched as the tiny people scurried around this mountain of a man. She watched as her giant ducked through the doorway, Abbey guessed that he stood around 7 feet tall, still half a foot shorter than her.


Part 7


As Darren Farrell packed up his duffle bag, he thought of the great game he had just played. He was proud that he played so well, he hoped that NBA scouts would soon take notice to him. At 7 feet tall, Darren was a force to be reckoned with on the court. As he finished packing he noticed that he was the last one left in the locker room yet again. It seemed like everyone else on the team always left early, ready to go out and party, instead of reveling in their dominant victory over the home team.

As Darren walked out to leave he stopped dead in his tracks, watching as a giant figure ducked way down into the locker room. Darren couldn’t see who or what was entering the room, but he knew whatever it was, was massive.

As Abbey ducked into the room, bending her long legs, her breasts bouncing together, still not contained in a bra, she was filled with excitement. She looked at the giant man before her and almost laughed, noticing just how much smaller than her he was.

Abbey quickly entered into the light, looking down at the man before her. As she stood up to her full sexy height she noticed that the locker room ceilings were high enough for her to stand up straight, again her head only inches from the new high ceiling.

“Wow,” Darren said as he dropped his bag on the floor, “who are you?” Darren asked as he walked toward the giantess.

“My name is Abbey,” she said with a wide smile, “and I’m the biggest thing you’ve ever seen I’m sure.”

Abbey stepped forward, meeting Darren in the middle of the room. As they stood less than a foot away, Abbey noticed that she nearly stood a head taller than the “tall” man. She couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s your name,” she said with a giggle, “little guy…”

Darren couldn’t believe how big this girl was, she easily towered over him. He was always used to being the biggest thing around, ever since he was young. He stared this majestic woman up and down, her assets were incredible. She possessed the most amazing legs, and the largest pair of breasts he had ever seen. Her face was cute, her long brown hair and green eyes catching his attention. Darren was extremely turned on by this girl, he was intrigued by her massive size.

“Damn girl,” he said looking up into her eyes, “my name is Darren.” He said sticking out his hand.

Abbey wrapped her huge fingers around his equally large hands. She smiled as she looked down, seeing his wide eyes as he looked way up into her face.

“How tall are you?” Darren said quickly, not being able to contain his curiosity.

Out of her pocket, Abbey pulled out the infamous tape measurer and handed it to Darren. He looked back at her with a question.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself,” she said standing up as straight as possible, her body stretching as she did this, “little guy.” She added.

Darren couldn’t really grasp what was happening; this giant woman had just strolled into the locker room. She was obviously looking for him, eager to make what was considered an extremely tall man, feel small. Now Darren held the tape measurer in his big hands, anxious to see just how tall this sexy woman was.

Abbey stood tall, she was used to this position, as she had been measured countless times in the past few days. She watched as the tall, black man explore her body with his eyes and measure it with the tape.

“Damn!” Darren said as he checked the measurement, “you are definitely the tallest person I’ve ever seen.” He said checking the numbers again.

“Well,” Abbey said smiling, “how tall am I?”

Darren was somewhat confused, she didn’t know? Darren assumed that this giant woman, loved being measured, being told just how massive she truly was. Humoring her, he let the woman know what the measurement said.

“7’8 and a half.” He said looking way up at her, wondering how someone got so tall. The 8 foot ceiling only inches from her beautiful brown hair. If he were to look forward, his eyes would be level with the lower part of her neck. He had never been near someone so tall.

Abbey smiled wide as she heard the wonderful news. She was growing so fast now, she could barely even believe it. The thought of nearing 8 feet tall excited Abbey, she felt herself getting extremely hot. She began to run her giant hands up and down her body, moaning slightly.

“Oh my god,” Abbey said, biting her lip, “I’m so fucking horny…and so fucking BIG!” she continued to ran her hands, over her giant breasts. She looked down at Darren, who watched intently as she did this.

“Hmm…” Abbey said sensually, “sorry about that, I just can’t help myself sometimes.”

Abbey had a sexy smile on her face; she bit her bottom lip as she stepped forward, watching her shadow cover the man before her. She looked down at Darren, and grabbed him by his broad shoulders, bringing him into her breasts. She ran her hands down his sides purring softly as she did. She could feel her body filling with desire; she wanted so badly to have this man inside her. She could feel his giant dick protruding out of his shorts, she was thrilled to find that it make Jason’s look positively small.

“Have you ever fucked someone so big…?” Abbey asked as she ran her hands over Darren’s chest. “Do you want to climb this mountain?” she asked coyly. Her massive boobs pressing into his neck and chest, they were so big now; Abbey wondered where she would be able to find a bra.

Darren could not believe what was happening, this giant girl was wasting no time getting into his pants, she was daring him to try and feed her sexual needs. Darren was something of a player, he had fucked over half the girls in his school, with no plans of slowing down. Every girl he had sex with, could not get enough, they raved about his giant cock and his amazing abilities. Darren had always been so much larger than every woman he slept with, a 6’3 volleyball player the tallest he had ever been with. Abbey was like nothing he had ever seen, his cock was rock hard at the sight of her magnificent figure, and she was so damn tall! Darren wanted to know what it was like to make love to a woman so much larger than himself.

“I’m up for the challenge baby.” he said, grabbing the bottom of Abbey’s shirt, pulling it up slowly “Do you think you can handle me?” Darren said, trying to be confident, in reality he was extremely anxious to see the giantess naked, in her full glory.

Within moments, both Darren and Abbey were naked. Abbey held her breasts in her hands, she could not believe how big they were, and she absolutely loved them. She looked down and saw Darren’s massive cock staring back at her; she could hardly believe how big it was. She had heard the legends of black men, but never gave them much thought; now she was looking right at proof. Darren’s cock had to be at least a foot long, and it was thick.

“Oh my…” Abbey said, wrapping her hand around the unleashed dick, “I’m not the only big thing around here.” She said with a smile.

Abbey quickly lay down, spreading her long long legs, awaiting the pleasure. Darren wasted little time, mounting the giantess, his giant erection entering her slowly but surely. Abbey moaned softly as the large dick entered her, it was so big, and Abbey wondered if she would be able to handle it. Darren quickly took control and began to thrust in and out of Abbey. Her body thrashed in response, it was the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced. Darren made Jason seem like a child, everything about him so much bigger.

Darren continued to work, not being able to believe how incredible the sex felt, with each thrust he felt more and more incredible. He watched Abbey’s giant boobs bounce up and down as he continued.

Abbey continued to moan louder and louder, her body coming to an amazing orgasm, which seemed to last forever. Her desires were being answered, yet still she craved more. She reached her long arms around and grabbed Darren by his butt, pushing his giant further and further inside of her with each thrust. Darren could hardly believe it, not many girls could take his full manhood, but this giant girl couldn’t get enough. Throughout the session Abbey experienced multiple orgasms, each more intense then the last.

Soon Darren brought himself to a trembling orgasm himself, his cock exploding over and over again. It was the most incredible orgasm he had ever had. As he turned to pull himself out, finished the giant held him close.

“Ohh, don’t stop…” she moaned, her big green eyes holding a look of desire.

Darren tried to move away, but couldn’t seem to break her grip. Abbey noticed his struggle and quickly flipped him around, pressing him down on his back. With Abbey riding his dick he truly got a sense of how giant she was. Her body seemed never ending as she hopped up and down on his giant dick.

Again Abbey was brought to orgasm, her moans had become screams as she continued to ride Darren. After what seemed like hours of incredible sex, filled with dozens of orgasms, Abbey was satisfied. She rolled off of Darren, lying down on the locker room floor, stretching to full her full height on the floor. Darren looked over at this monster of a woman; he still could not believe how long her body was. Both were exhausted from their session and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Darren awoke first, early in the morning, surprised to find himself lying on the floor of a locker room, naked. He looked to his right, staring at the naked giantess, her massive breasts lying so perfectly on her chest. Darren looked her up and down, marveling at the woman he had fucked the night before. She was like no other woman he had ever experienced. As Darren looked he quickly noticed something incredible. Abbey had again grown overnight, significantly.

Darren looked like a child next to her now, and slowly stood up, amazed at her incredible new size. Her feet and hands looked much larger than Darren’s, much larger than any human being Darren had ever seen. Her breasts were enormous, Darren wondered if they even made bras that big. Darren could not believe what he was seeing, she had actually grown taller! He thought it was impossible, but couldn’t resist waking her to find out.

“Girl,” he said as Abbey slowly opened her eyes, “you’re not gunna believe this shit, but you look way taller than you did last night.”

This was exactly what Abbey wanted to wake up to. She quickly brought her feet and legs underneath her and began to rise. Darren watched as she just kept going, he couldn’t believe it, her legs were no were near unbent and she was rapidly approaching the ceiling!

As Abbey stood up, her head quickly struck the ceiling. She looked down and saw that she still had much more of herself to stretch out, this was definitely the biggest spurt yet. Abbey laughed as she pressed her head against the ceiling attempting to continue to stand. She still was not able to stand to her full height with her head pushed up against the 8 foot ceiling. Darren could not believe it. The night before, Abbey easily had 4 inches of clearance before she hit the ceiling, now she could not even begin to stand at her full height without her head hitting the top. Darren knew much about growth, when he was much younger he had a huge growth spurt, but he had never grown like this. Darren guessed that Abbey had grown over a foot since they fell asleep!

Abbey realized that there was no way she would be able to stand, her knees were still bent and her neck was now pressed against the cold ceiling.

“Looks like I’m way too big for this room now.” She said with a laugh, she began to lay back down, knowing that she could be measured at this height.

“Measure me?” Abbey said as she was able to stretch her body as she lay on the concrete floor.

Darren wasted little time measuring her, the tape stretching up and down her long body. Darren checked the measurement at the top of her head, nearly screaming as he did.

“Holy shit!” he yelled backing away from the giantess, “This shit is impossible…” he said shaking his head.

“Well…” Abbey said with a smirk, “how tall?”

“You’re 9’1,” Darren said still shaking his head, “no one fucking grows that fast! No way is this shit possible! No one has EVER been that tall before!”

Abbey could not help but laugh, she had grown even more than she had imagined. 17 inches in one night, her growth was scary fast now, she wondered if she would hit 10 feet before the day was over. She looked up at Darren from the floor, she was now a little over two feet taller than him, she was the tallest human to ever walk the planet.

“Ha,” Abbey said with a laugh, “9’1?” she asked, with Darren nodding slightly in response, “god damn I’m big!” she said running her hands down her stomach.

Darren watched as she rubbed herself up and down, attempting to cover every inch. He could not believe how big she was; let alone how much she had grown. He couldn’t help but stare as this giantess caressed her giant tits, rub her pussy and moan softly. She seemed just as amazed with her own body as he did. Soon Darren found his dick standing erect, eager for more of last nights activities.

Abbey looked up, seeing that the now tiny man wished to again be inside her. Her sexual lusts had not died down after their fucking session last night. She motioned for him to bring his giant dick over to her. Darren took little time to agree. Soon they were interlocked like they had been last night.

Again Darren began to feel extreme pleasure; he could not believe how quickly he was being brought to orgasm. Abbey began screaming from the beginning, her body shaking with pleasure with each thrust. As both giants were brought to orgasm Abbey screamed in ecstasy, thrashing with pleasure.

After the sex, both got dressed. Abbey found that her already much too small clothes came no where close to even being to fit. She could not make herself comfortable from any position while standing. She quickly scurried out of the room, on her knees, the only way she could fit through anything. Darren stood next to her in this position, only a few inches taller than her. Abbey could not wait to stand at her full 9 feet 1 inch height next to this now tiny man.

As they began to leave the building, Abbey grabbed a large tarp and wrapped it around herself, creating a makeshift dress. Even in the tarp, Abbey’s boobs looked giant, her body even bigger than that. As they arrived in the sunlight, Darren turned around awaiting the giantess. He watched as, while on her knees squeezed through the doorway. He watched as she planted her massive feet on the ground and began to rise. Quickly she shot way way up to her full height. The top of the doorway was at her low back.

As she stood Abbey could not believe how high off the ground she was, it seemed as if the world had shrunk significantly overnight, including Darren. As she walked over to the big man, he got smaller and smaller. When she arrived in front of him, he was staring right into her stomach.

Darren nearly gasped as he looked way up into Abbeys eyes. She was easily the biggest thing he had ever seen, she absolutely towered over him. Her super long legs were nearly as tall as he was; her waist was even with his shoulders.

“Holy shit…” he said as he backed away slowly.

“Ha!” Abbey said looking down at Darren, “you’re TINY!” she boomed.

As Darren continued to walk backwards, Abbey shot her long arms down and grabbed him by his shoulders, pulling him towards her. With such force she pulled him right into her stomach, his face mushing into her flesh. She held him like a child, marveling at how small he was.

“How does it feel being so small?” she asked with a laugh

“Yo,” Darren said pushing his way out of her grip, “chill out, you fucking freak.”

Darren was obviously upset, not only was this woman making him feel absolutely small, but she was treating him like a child. He had always been the biggest thing around, and was used to being the dominate force, now he was on the opposite end.

“Aw poor little guy,” Abbey said with a laugh, striding easily to catch up with Darren. “are you jealous?”

Darren didn’t really know what to say, he looked up at Abbey ready to unleash a retort, but decided against it. He turned around to walk way with a sound of distaste. As he walked Abbey walked beside him, her long legs striding far longer than his, walking faster than he could possibly go. Darren could help but stare at her incredibly long body as she walked, so amazingly tall.

“So how did this happen?” Darren asked as he walked quickly, attempting to keep up with Abbey. His growing curiosity could no longer be contained.

Abbey looked down at Darren as they continued walking with a wide smile on her face.

“It just happens,” Abbey said with a laugh, “and I’m still growing…” she added.

Darren was shocked, to think that she was now the tallest person to ever live, and was not even done. He wondered if she would continue to grow so quickly, to shoot up another foot with each passing day, the thought seemed unsettling.

“I bet you’re not used to being so small huh?” she asked with a laugh

Darren couldn’t help but nod slightly as he walked quickly. “You make me feel fucking little” Darren said disgruntled, “at 7 feet tall that usually doesn’t happen.”

Abbey loved making a 7 foot tall man feel small, she could not wait until she was twice his size, she knew at the this rate, it would not take very long.

As the arrived in the parking lot, Darren hopped into his large SUV, ready to return to his own school. Abbey walked forward to say goodbye, the roof of the car below her waist.

Abbey got to her knees and forced her massive lips and tongue into Darren’s mouth, kissing him passionately. As she removed her face she couldn’t help but laugh at his awestruck face.

“Thanks a lot little guy.” She purred rubbing his leg softly, “I hope we can do this again. You were out of this world…”

“You were fucking amazing.” Darren responded still dumbfounded.

“Bye little guy.” Abbey said as she stood up, winking at Darren as she quickly walked away.

Abbey hoped that she would meet Darren again soon, she also hoped that she would be even bigger when that time came around.


Part 8


As Abbey walked through her college campus she could not believe the looks that the people out and about were giving her. It was a typical Saturday, many students out on the quad and around campus. With each person she passed Abbey received much attention, when asked how tall she was she excitedly responded, “Over 9 feet”. Each reaction more surprised than the next, Abbey was loving this. Suddenly her parade was interrupted by a scream.

“Abbey! OH MY GOD!” it was Brooke, as Abbey looked to her left she saw her miniature roommate running up to her, when she finally arrived Brooke was level with Abbey’s crotch. Abbey laughed as she saw her now tiny roommate craning her neck and far back as it would go to look into her eyes.

“What….the fuck…” Brooke said as she looked up into Abbey’s eyes. “How…how…tall?” was all she could say.

“I was 9’1 this morning.” Abbey said with a wide smile, “but at the rate I’m growing, I doubt I’m still the same height.”

“I’m calling the hospital…” Brooke spouted out, “there’s something wrong with you! You need to get checked out!” Brooke brought her phone out and quickly dialed 911.

Abbey reached way down and plucked the small phone from her roommate’s hands. Brooke could do nothing but watch as her phone flew feet above her head.

“Oh no you don’t little one.” Abbey said holding the now battery sized phone in her hand, “I’ve had enough of you telling me there’s something wrong with me.” Abbey added and she tossed the phone into the grass.

Brooke watched in near horror as Abbey stood in front of her, nearly blocking out the sun. She could not believe how enormous Abbey had become, her legs were now longer than Brooke was tall, growing more and more each day.

“There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me!” Abbey boomed looking down at Brooke, “I am the biggest, most incredible human being to ever walk the planet.” Abbey added. “I make men tremble! I am sexier than you could ever hope to be!” Abbey said forcefully, “You are just jealous that your boyfriend wants to fuck me instead of you!”

Brooke could not believe what was happening, Abbey was positively scary and gigantic. Brooke slowly began to back away from Abbey, visibly frightened. As Brooke turned to run, Abbey quickly wrapped her gargantuan hands around Brooke’s small waist and lifted her up into the air bringing her level with Abbeys bright green eyes.

“I don’t think so….” Abbey said with a smile holding the grown women as if she was a large doll, “don’t you dare try and turn me in Brooke, I love what I’ve become…and I can’t wait to get even FUCKING bigger!”

Brooke knew that Abbey had lost it, she couldn’t help but speaking up, “Big…bigg…bigger?” Brooke asked, shocked, “you really want to be…bigger Abbey?”

Abbey began to laugh as Brooke finished her sentence, “You better believe it girl! I hope I never stop growing, that I just get bigger and bigger, sexier and sexier! Look at my tits Brooke! They make yours look like mosquito bites! I’ve never seen a bigger pair! My legs are longer than most people! I’m a fucking gorgeous giant; men would give anything to have this Brooke!”

At this point, there was a large crowd of people around Abbey and Brooke, amazed at the sheer size of Abbey, able to hold a normal girl 9 feet in the air. Each guy could not believe how amazing the giantess was, agreeing with each thing she stated, exploring her incredible curves as they did.

After she finished her rant, Abbey released Brooke and placed her on the ground. She stood back up to her full height and began to walk away, smiling as she did. As she walked through the crowd, who was only waist high to her she couldn’t help but say something in her grand exit. “Shows over!” she boomed, looking down at the small people around her, “Don’t worry, you’ll see plenty more of me!” she said with a giggle, walking away with all eyes on her.

”I can get used to this.” Abbey said to herself, her strides incredibly long.

Hours later as Abbey was polishing off her 5th pizza in the middle of campus, the only place she comfortably fit, Jason Freeland walked up to her.

“Hey…Abbey…” Jason said cautiously, his eyes darting to the empty pizza boxes.

“Oh hey Jason!” Abbey said loudly, finishing the last piece of pizza “I guess its true what they say, college kids do eat a lot of pizza!” she stated, she couldn’t help but laugh at her own joke.

Jason laughed slightly as he looked at the giantess before him. She had gotten so much larger since the last time he saw her, he could hardly believe it. He began to stare at her amazing breasts, her incredible legs, he couldn’t stop thinking about her ever since they fucked. Quickly he snapped out of it, remembering what he was truly here for.

“Uh….” Jason stammered, “Abbey, we need to talk…”

“About what Jason?” Abbey asked, standing up to her full height, towering over him.

“Holy…shit.” Jason said as he watched her rise to her impossible size, “oh my god Abbey, you’re too fucking big! You are….a freaking giant!” he couldn’t help but stare in awe.

“Ha…speaking of which,” Abbey said, taking the tape measurer from her pocket, “would you do the honors?”

She didn’t have to ask Jason twice, as she laid down on the grass he stretched the tape from her feet to the top of her head. He checked the measurement over and over again, not believing what he saw.

“9’10!” he screamed when asked by the giantess.

“Ha, looks like I’m still growing!” Abbey said standing back to her near 10 feet in height, her growth had not slowed one bit.

“I can’t believe how tall you are!” Jason exclaimed “You’re almost 4 feet taller than me!”

Abbey couldn’t help but laugh as she looked way down at Jason, stressing this fact. The world was beginning to look small to Abbey and she couldn’t love it more.

“So Jason…” Abbey said looking down at Jason with a smirk, “do you want to start where we left off?” she asked sexily.

Jason was shocked at her request, she was so forward, she didn’t care who the hell heard her. Jason couldn’t help but get turned on, knowing that this incredible woman wanted him yet again.

“Abbey…” Jason said tentatively, “I don’t think that is such a good idea…”

“Oh stop” Abbey said walking toward Jason, her waist in his face, “don’t even pretend like you don’t want me….”

Abbey bent way down to look Jason in the eyes, her massive cleavage right in his line of vision.

“You may be a little small for me now…” she purred, “but I think we can manage.”

Jason didn’t know what to say, he wanted so badly to attempt to please the giant, to take her giant boobs in his hands.

“Where can we go?” he questioned, “You’re too big to fit anywhere now.”

Abbey began to laugh at the comment realizing how true it was. Abbey had gotten so big that she could no longer fit inside; she smiled wondering how she would deal when she grew even larger. She knew that once she was big enough that the world would cater to her every whim, she craved to grow even faster.

Abbey stood back to her full height looking way down at Jason with a wide smile on her face.

“Lets just do it right here” Abbey stated as she began to undress slowly.

Jason could not believe what was happening, he had always had an urge to fuck in public, but he never imagined that it would be with a woman twice his size. He watched as Abbey stood in her full naked glory, her tits incredibly more massive than the last time he had seen them, her body so much longer and more beautiful. Jason’s eyes ran up and down Abbey he could not believe the woman that stood before him. Quickly Jason’s dick got hard, excited to enter the giantess. Jason looked around, it was now nearing night time, no one was around, he saw it as safe. He quickly took off his clothes, his rock hard member ready for action.

Jason was along for the ride as Abbey thrust his entire body forward with ease. Jason was no more than Abbey’s play thing, a human dildo. Abbey moaned softly as she ran her free hand across her nipples attempting to grab her mammoth breasts in her hand. Jason could not believe what was happening; he was much too small to satisfy her now, yet she was determined to try.

Abbey could barely feel Jason’s now tiny cock inside of her, she wished so badly to feel pleasure but he had long become inadequate. In frustration, Abbey literally tossed Jason off of her grunting in anger.

“Damnit Jason,” Abbey said as she ran her hands over her body, “you are like nothing to me now…looks like I’m on my own.” Abbey said as she slipped her incredibly long fingers inside of her.

Jason watched as Abbey began to pleasure herself, her fingers much longer than his cock. Which each passing second Abbey began to moan louder and faster. Jason could not help but pleasure himself as well.

Abbey thought of herself again growing larger, thinking of herself towering above the world. Her free hand flicking her nipples she could hardly wait to get bigger.

Jason quickly brought himself to orgasm his cum flying out onto the grass. He looked up at the amazing woman before him, he wished so badly that he could please her. Suddenly Abbey’s back arched, her screech was incredibly loud, and her orgasm seemed incredible and lasted for over a minute. Jason saw Abbey moan slowly and then continue to please herself, with no intention of stopping.

“BIGGER!” Abbey yelled as she moaned, “BIGGER!!!” masturbating quicker now.

Jason couldn’t really comprehend what was happening but he wasn’t complaining. As Abbey finished yet again, her body thrashing with pleasure her moans had become screams. Abbey removed her hand from her wet pussy and sighed slightly, smiling with pleasure. She looked at Jason, who stood naked, his eyes not darting from Abbey for one second.

“Ha,” Abbey said as she began to stand up, she body seemingly stretching longer as she did, “I guess I might really be TOO big now….” She paused, “or you might just be too damn small.” she said with a laugh.

Abbey walked toward Jason, staring down at his still erect penis. Abbey crouched down and wrapped her impossibly long fingers around his waist, lifting him up in the air like she had done with Brooke.

“I guess I’ll give you a little something for trying…” she said as she brought his cock up to her mouth level.

Jason was no suspended over 10 feet in the air, high above Abbey’s head. He shivered slightly as she engulfed his dick with her massive lips, the entire shaft entering her mouth. Jason could not believe how large her mouth was, normally his dick was somewhat large for many girls, but Abbey was sucking on it like it was straw. Soon Jason was brought orgasm, unloading in Abbey’s mouth. Abbey took this in stride, swallowing the load and wiping her mouth as she placed Jason back on the ground.

“Oh my god…” Jason stammered as he found his footing, “that was the most incredible experience of my life!” he exclaimed.

Abbey looked down at him with a smile; she had manhandled Jason with little effort. He was now like a small child to her, nothing more than her plaything. She was quickly becoming a giant in a world of normal sized people. Her feet and hands were much larger than any human she had ever encountered; she was the tallest human ever to live and getting taller by the hour. She was amazed at how easily she was now able to lift normal people into the air, it turned her on to know that now in any situation she was a dominate force, she would never encounter another person even close to her size, the thought thrilled her that she was the biggest thing there ever was.

“You’re welcome little guy…” Abbey purred bending down to get level with Jason.

“I can’t believe you can do that…” Jason said looking into Abbey’s green eyes, “you’re incredible.”

Abbey’s smile got even wider as Jason said this, and she returned to her full massive height. She placed her hands on her hips which now seemed higher than Jason and stood up proudly.

“I know….” She stated with a laugh, “trust me,” she added running her hands across her body, “I know.”


Part 9


Later in the night Abbey sat in the school’s gym with a large crowd around her, normal sized men and women all looked in awe at the massive woman before them, each was asking Abbey questions attempting to understand the giantess.

“How tall are your parents?” asked a somewhat tall guy to Abbey’s left.

“They aren’t very tall at all actually; I’m the tallest person in my family by far.” Abbey responded with a smile.

“Um…” a young attractive girl stepped forward looking at Abbey, “just how big are your boobs?” she asked.

Abbey laughed loudly as the girl talked. She had no idea what to say to the girl, she didn’t know the answer.

“Haha,” Abbey laughed, “big…really, REALLY big.” She responded.

As Abbey said this many people laughed and the crowd nodded in unison. After the crowd died down a short guy piped up with the next question.

“Do you play basketball?” he asked.

At this point Abbey stood up and walked over to a nearby basketball hoop. As she stood in front of it, the hoop was level with her eyebrows. The crowd gasped as they saw this. Abbey then lifted up her left arm, placing her giant hand on the top of the backboard with ease.

“I don’t…” she said with a laugh, “but I guess I probably should.”

The crowd began to yell many things, each person more surprised than the next. The crowd gathered around Abbey, most people at her waist. She loved how small they looked, she could not believe how tall she was getting.

“DAMN!” a boy exclaimed from the crowd, “hoops are 10 feet from the ground! Shes HUGE!”

Abbey was curious at what the boy had said, he what he said was true, Abbey was now over 10 feet tall, by a good few inches.

“I am huge,” she said pulling the tape measurer out of her pocket, “who wants to measure me?” she asked with a devilish smile.

As Abbey lay on the ground with the small crowd around her she watched as a small blonde girl stretched the tape from Abbey’s feet to her head. The crowd moved with the girl watching as she reached the top. Gasps had started at her stomach but as the tape reached the top the crowd nearly screamed.

“She’s 10’4!” the girl yelled as she checked the tape. “Oh my god!”

Yet again the crowd began yell and murmur. Abbey smiled widely as they did this. She had grown yet again, another half a foot added to her already amazing height. Abbey was growing faster now, 6 inches in a little less than 3 hours. She placed her giant feet on the court and rose to her full height yet again, the entire crowd craning the heads back to see her face. She loved how small each of them looked to her, she almost began to laugh.

“Well everyone…” Abbey said as she took a giant stride to the door, “I’m getting pretty tired, I’ll see you all later.” She added as she continued to the door.

As she got onto her knees to exit the gym and still had to bend over considerably to get through the doorway, crawling to the outside. Abbey hated how small the world had become, she hated that most buildings would never be able to fit her, yet she still loved growing taller even more. As she walked she wondered how big she would be tomorrow.

Abbey awoke the next morning in the woods, the only place she could sleep comfortably anymore. The giant tarp which she had been using for clothing was now her massive blanket. She lifted her head up slightly to see that the large tarp only was able to cover from her shoulder to her knees, it was apparent that she had grown yet again overnight. She smiled as she moved her even larger feet to the ground, beginning to stand. Her giant boobs bounced together as she stood, her body rising higher into the air than ever before. Suddenly her head hit a branch; she winced in pain and began to rub her head. She stepped to the side and continued to rise to her full height. As she stood to her tallest, the branch was now level with her upper lip. Again Abbey wrapped the large tarp around her body, tying it in the back. Her giant boobs stood out considerably, pushing the tarp nearly to its limits.

“My goodness…” Abbey said attempting to wrap her giant hands around her even larger breasts, “these things are getting out of fucking control.”

As Abbey began to walk towards campus she suddenly stepped on something cold and smooth. She looked down and saw that it was her trusty tape measurer. She bent all the way down to the ground and picked it up.

“Can’t forget this.” She said with a smile and began to make the short trip back to her campus.

As she walked into the quad, she was greeted with a chorus of whistles and yells. She looked at the small group of football players which were making the noises. She walked quickly over to them, their faces becoming more shocked the closer she got.

“Hey boys…” Abbey purred. She looked down at the boys and couldn’t believe how small they were. Abbey must have grown a lot over night, as the players were barely over her kneecap. “Like what you see?” she added.

“Holy fucking shit!” exclaimed one of the players. “This bitch is HUGE!” he yelled.

Abbey curious to find out how much she had grown threw the tap measurer into the players chest, he instinctively caught it.

“Want to find out just how huge?” she asked

Yet again Abbey found herself laying on her back, the tape crawling up her side. She waited with much anticipation as the climbed higher and higher. Suddenly Abbey heard a horrible noise and the tape went taught. The football player was standing around Abbey’s shoulders staring at the tape measurer with disbelief.

“It….” he stammered, “it ran out of tape…” he added dumbfounded.

“Let me see that!” Abbey said she grabbed it out of the players hands. She examined the front to find that the tape measurer only reached for 12 feet. She began to laugh uncontrollably as she saw this and tossed the measurer to the side. She hopped up to her full height yet again staring down at the football players.

“I am so fucking big.” She said as she began to walk away from the boys laughing.

Abbey felt it necessary to find out just how big she had gotten. As she walked through the quad many people began to address her.

“Hey Abbey!” one man yelled as she walked by “hows it going hotstuff?”

“Abbey!” another girl yelled, “what are you up to tonight?”

As Abbey walked it seemed like the world revolved around her, with each giant step she took more people began to stare and acknowledge her presence. She loved being the center of attention, to have all eyes on her. Everyone seemed to know her know as the incredible giantess. She stopped near a young Asian guy who was staring way up at Abbey.

“Hey, theres a giant measuring thing in the gym right?” she asked bending way down to meet the man.

“Yea…” he said thinking, “I’m pretty sure there is, they use it to measure those giant steel beams that hold it together.”

Abbey smiled as she stood back up to her full height, she pointed at the man and began to talk.

“You.” She said to the man, “Come with me” she demanded

The small man easily complied and walked towards the gym. Abbey began to talk to the man, who looked positively small walking beside her.

“So,” she said watching him run trying to keep up with her massive strides, “whats your name?”

“I’m Shin,” he said looking way up at Abbey, “nice…to meet you.”

“Ha,” Abbey laughed, “is that because you only come up to my shins?” she said with a laugh.

Shin halfheartedly laughed at the terrible joke as they arrived at the gym. Shin walked through the door like normal; he then turned around to watch the giant. Abbey got down on all floors squeezing herself through the tiny door. She crawled into the gym, her back inches from the ceiling in this position. Shin could not believe how massive she was; he practically drooled as she stood all the way back up to her full height.

Abbey saw the giant measuring machine, similar to the ones at a doctors office, yet much much larger. She saw that it nearly reached all the way to the giant dome shaped ceiling of the gym, it would accommodate her…for now.

She walked over and pushed the measuring piece up over her head and placed her back up against the wall.

“Alright little guy,” she said pointing to a ladder nearby, “measure me.”

Shin took little time getting the ladder set up and he began to climb. The ladder was only a few feet higher than Abbey, Shin had to nearly reach the top to be level with the giantess. He positioned the piece right on top of Abbey’s head and checked the measurement.

“Holy shit,” he said nearly falling off the ladder, “this is incredible!” he added.

“Just tell me how tall!” Abbey snapped impatiently, the giantess did not like to wait.

“13 feet 2 inches…” Shin stated with a gulp.

“I’m 13’2?!” Abbey nearly jumped up and down with joy, “I’M FUCKING HUGE!” she boomed and began to laugh. She knew that even the tallest people in the world would be level with her stomach looking up into her giant boobs, feeling absolutely small. The thought of this turned her on; she began to run her hands up and down her large body. Without hesitation, Abbey slid her massive fingers into her pussy.

Shin did not know what to say as he watched this massive person pleasure herself, moaning loudly as she did.

“Don’t just stand there…” she purred in between moans, laying on her back ripping the tarp off herself exposing her giant breasts to Shin, “handle these…” she moaned grabbing one of her gigantic tits.

Shin hesitated but could no resist. He walked over the giant, watching as she continued to finger herself. He placed both of his hands on one of Abbey’s gargantuan tits, coming no where near covering it. He began to furiously massage the massive boob, stimulating the already erect nipple.

“Oh god…” Abbey moaned, “YES!” she exclaimed. “SUCK IT!” she demanded, wrapping one of her giant hands around the back of Shin’s head thrusting his face into her breast.

Shin took the hint and began to flick his tongue around the nipple. Abbey began to moan louder now as he did this. Abbey pinched her other nipple in between her long fingers, getting all the stimulation she could handle.

“OH GOD!” she began to scream now, “YES! YES! YES!!!” she boomed.

Shin continued to work the tit with both his hands and his mouth, worshipping the tit that many men would die to touch.

Abbey slid her fingers out of her wet pussy and wrapped her hands around Shin’s tiny waist, lifting him up in the air.

“I want you to eat me out little man…” she purred as she guided his head into her throbbing clit “now!”

Shin continued to work his tongue and lips, attempting to please the giant women. As he did this Abbey began to rub both of her giant tits in her long fingers, moaning significantly. Abbey loved how easily she was dominated this small man, her every wish was his command. She could not wait to explore her ferocious sexuality even further, having these tiny men please her in every way she could imagine. It seemed like her sexual hunger could not be quenched, every day the more she grew the more her sexual appetite did as well.

Abbey continued to scream wildly as Shin did his best. He licked like his life depended on it, fiercely pleasuring the giantess. His face was engulfed in her giant pussy, her incredible legs, which were longer than Shin was tall, rested to either side of him. Abbey’s back arched as she moaned loudly, her hips bucking up and down, craving an even more satisfying form of pleasure. Her moans turned to whimpers as she was brought to orgasm. She breathed softly as she lay on her back, enjoying the pleasure. She watched as Shin stood up looking across her stomach. Abbey grinned widely as she watched the tiny man back away from her wet pussy.

Before Shin could even move, Abbey’s long arms shot across the floor and her giant fingers wrapped around his waist yet again. Abbey placed Shin on her chest and smiled widely.

“How was it little man?” she asked

“…Incredible” Shin managed to say, “you are amazing, I’ve never seen a woman quite like you! You’re my wildest dreams come true!” he exclaimed.

Abbey loved the compliments, she agreed with everything Shin was saying, she was truly a wonder. She could not believe how big she had gotten; everything about her was the biggest and the best. She slowly placed her massive feet on the ground and rose to her full unbelievable size. Shin barely came up to her mid-thigh, staring way up into her face.

“I am pretty amazing aren’t I?” Abbey stated with a giggle. She reached down and grabbed Shin by his waist, lifting him up so he was level with her eyes. Her face was much larger than Shin’s entire head. She brought him close and pressed her supple lips against his face, “Thanks little guy…” she said after the kiss, “you did good.” She said with a smile, placing him back on the ground.

“N….No….problem.” Shin said with a gulp, shocked at what had just happened.

Abbey grabbed the tarp off of the ground and re-wrapped it around her massive body. It was becoming somewhat small, barely containing her giant boobs and quickly becoming a mini-skirt.

“Wont be too long till I’m gunna have to find some new clothes…” she though to herself as she squeezed through the gym door. She stood back up and looked out across the campus. She began to walk through the campus watching the tiny people scurry around below her, gasping at the sight of her. She smiled as she took massive strides, attempting not to crush the small insignificant people below her. She loved being so big, she couldn’t help but hope she grew even more.


Part 10


When Abbey awoke the next day, she felt incredible sick. As she tried to stand she nearly fell over. Her head felt as through it was going to explode and she was incredibly dizzy. After puking into a nearby bush Abbey tried to stand again. Her body felt extremely weak and felt as though it could collapse at any moment. As she took a few stumbling steps she quickly sat down attempting to level her head. Her body felt incredibly painful, her joints ached terribly. She had little feeling in her legs and her knees felt sore. As she sat, her headache subsided, yet the severe body pains did not. She tried to massage her pained legs but to no avail. Not knowing what to do, Abbey reached into her tarp and grabbed her cell phone. She could not believe how tiny it was in her hands. At about the size of a paperclip she could easily crush it in her hands. She found it difficult to dial the numbers as her massive fingers pushed more than one button with each push. Eventually she managed to call her roommate.

“Hey….what do you want?” Brooke said bitterly.

“I need…” Abbey said feeling sick, “your help. I’m in the woods, I’m really sick, my whole body hurts.”

“I knew this would happen Abbey!” Brooke yelled, “I’m calling a doctor, stay where you are.”

Nearly an hour later Abbey saw her tiny roommate walking next to a not much larger doctor. She could see them talking as they walked towards them.

“Over here!” Abbey yelled trying to stand up, as she did this her head, shoulders and back crashed into branches. She quickly toppled over and hit the ground hard. She felt incredible pain shoot up and down her body. Not knowing what else to do, Abbey began to cry. As she sobbed, she heard the four feet cracking through twigs and downed branches.

“MY GOD!” an unfamiliar voice exclaimed, “SHES GIGANTIC!” it screamed.

“Holy shit,” Brooke stated as she ran towards Abbey, “she’s way bigger than the last time I saw her.”

Suddenly Brooke appeared in front of Abbey’s tear filled eyes, she looked impossibly small. Abbey could not stop crying as she looked at her tiny roommate.

“Abbey babe,” Brooke said placing her tiny hand on Abbey’s forehead, “what’s wrong?”

Abbey wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to sit up, but found it too painful. “I….” she said between sobs, “I…don’t know….my body…” she whimpered, “it hurts…so bad.”

Suddenly the doctor appeared next to Brooke, shocked at what he saw. He watched as the giantess cried, barely able to move.

“My goodness….” He said as he inched closer to Abbey. He looked to Brooke wondering what to do next.

“Abs…” Brooke said, “just how tall are you now?” she asked.

“I….” she wiped the tears from her eyes, “I was….13 foot 2 yesterday.” She said with a sniffle

“Holy crap Abbey!” Brooke exclaimed, “That’s freaking giant.”

“I’ve never heard of anyone…” the doctor cut in “being even CLOSE to that large….in my entire 30 year career in medicine.”

“Doctor what’s….” Abbey said quietly, “whats wrong with me?” she asked.

“I….really can’t say,” he said looking at Abbey, “I’d have to run some tests, how tall did you say she was not too long ago?” he said looking at Brooke.

“Around my height.” She stated.

“God lord…” he looked at Abbey, “Abbey, that may have a lot to do with the pains, we’re gunna take you somewhere we can do testing, we’ll try to make you better, ok?” he asked tentatively.

“Yes…” Abbey said softly, “please help…it hurts.”

Within a few hours, Abbey was transported to a large room in a hospital. Having no beds large enough to fit her, they had to place her on the floor. Many blood tests were taken, and Abbey was asked to take many pills. After a while she began to feel somewhat better, the pain was slowly going away.

Soon a small team of doctors came into the room and began to take many measurements of Abbey.

“16 feet 5 inches.” One doctor said as another jotted it down on a piece of paper.

“36 K” another said as they measured her tremendous breasts.

“Her feet are over 3 feet long” a small woman said as she measured her feet.

The measurements took some time and Abbey could not believe how truly massive she was. Her feet alone were becoming nearly as large as some people. Her giant boobs were so massive the doctor could barely even measure them. She was shocked at the growth that had occurred overnight, she grown over 3 feet in one night. For the first time in this entire experience, Abbey began to worry that she would continue to grow at this rate. She was scared that she would never stop growing, and the eventually the world would close in around her. Her entire life began to flash before her, wondering how she could ever live a normal life.

As Abbey sat in the large room, hooked up to a dozen machines, the door opened and the doctor walked in.

“Hello Abbey.” He said as he looked at her charts. “How are you feeling?”

“Better doc…” she said, “but not great, I’m worried about my size…”

“Ha…you’re not the only one Ms. Buckley.” He said looking at her, “but don’t worry we are doing everything we can to try to slow and stop your growth.” He said, “But Abbey, I have a question, why didn’t you come earlier? You had to have noticed your growth.” He stated.

“To be honest…” she said sitting up, “I kinda liked getting bigger and bigger.” She said nervously, “in fact, I loved it.”

“That’s…quite interesting.” He said with a slight laugh. “Well Abbey, its done quite a number on your body.” He began to explain. “Your body isn’t supposed to grow that big, especially not that fast, its quite unhealthy. Your body was growing so much, so fast that your body was beginning to break down just as quickly. Your body just kept growing with no sign of stopping and your body could hardly keep up.” He explained. “Eventually you just grew too much too quick and your body responded, letting you know that something was very wrong.”

“So am I gunna stop growing?” Abbey asked.

“We’ve given you some things that should slow you down, you will still grow, but the hope is not nearly as fast. Eventually it should stop.”

“Thanks doctor…” Abbey said as she yawned.

“No problem, I hope you feel better,” he said as he walked out of the room, “try and get some rest.”

As he left Abbey slowly drifted off to sleep, having nightmares of being as tall as a skyscraper, the world rejecting her.

Over the next few weeks Abbey continued to grow, each day the same doctors came in and did measurements. Each day the numbers got bigger and bigger. Eventually the growth began to slow, but not after Abbey hit an incredible height of 19’2. They continued to give her drugs hoping that the growth would continue to slow

One day Abbey was measured at 21 feet even, the next day she had only grown 2 inches, still an incredible amount, but much smaller than the 3 feet per day she was experiencing before.

In a few days, at the height of 21 feet 8 inches, Abbey’s growth stopped. She did not grow at all over a span of three weeks and the doctors felt it ok to release her. Abbey’s family who had come to see her, were amazed at how large their daughter had gotten and were somewhat scared of her. A generous clothing company had made Abbey a large dress which would fit her incredible size.

Abbey walked out into the world standing over 2 stories tall, normal people stood far below her knee. The world was incredibly small to Abbey, she did not fit in any cars, however her giant legs took her where she wanted quickly enough. She could not fit indoors nearly anywhere. She could not live a normal life at her size, it was impossible.

Eventually Abbey joined a circus, and toured the world as “The Incredible Giantess”, each night the crowd was amazed by her incredible size, yet Abbey was extremely unhappy.

She was introduced to the 2nd tallest person on the planet not to long after she began her career, a man who stood over 10 feet below her. She felt like a freak among freaks. No person was anywhere near her size and no one would ever be.

Eventually she learned to love her incredible size as she became the “Worlds Largest Supermodel” and became an instant celebrity. Her gorgeous long legs, massive breasts and pretty face still made her the desire of many a man. Soon she pleased her many fans, exposing her incredible figure to the world, becoming the tallest Playboy model ever.

She continued to rise to success when she stared in a remake of ‘Attack of the 50 foot Woman’, requiring little special effects, the movie made much more money than was required to make it, making Abbey quite rich. She used her money to buy herself a house in which everything was made to fit her incredible size. She also bought herself a new wardrobe filled with the largest clothes known to man.

As a precaution, she was measured quite frequently; however she never added another inch, at an astounding 21 feet 8 inches tall, Abbey was quite happy with her massive height and embraced her status as a giant.

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