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Jenna by dedlam

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years ago


By dedlam



Jenna grew up in a sad reality. Her father had never been around. Her mother didn’t want anything to do with her. The verbal abuse that her mother would throw upon her was close to unbearable. The only reprieve Jenna had to the constant verbal onslaught was when her mother was too drunk to put together a comprehensible sentence, or when Jenna was out of the house.


Jenna realized early on that the more time she spent away from home, the better. By the time high school came around, she was only home for 7 or 8 hours a day. Usually when her mother was asleep. Jenna’s life away from home wasn’t so bad. She had a couple good friends, did fairly well in school, and generally didn’t get into trouble. Other than her few good friends, Jenna wasn’t really social. She didn’t want anything to do with boys, which was OK because she didn’t have much to attract them. It was her junior year, and her body didn’t change much with puberty. She was still only 5’1” tall, her hair was a mousy brown, and her face was still clearing up. Her body was extremely thin and very pale. Jenna was very aware that she didn’t have the physical features of some of the girls in her class. This didn’t seem to bother her too much.


All she could think about was one last year. She was preoccupied with the opportunity of getting out. Her plan was to work during the summer and get together enough money to move out right after graduation. She was hoping that she could get the money together to apply to Marquette. She wanted to go to the big city, and she knew she could get all the aid and loans that she needed to get in. She was sure she would succeed, and leave all of this crap behind.


She spent a lot of time after school looking for work. There wasn’t much to be had. She lived in a small town. This wasn’t Mayberry or anything, but it was close. She finally managed to get work at the local hot dog shop. The polyester sleeveless numbers and the tall hats were pretty lame, but it was a job that paid more than minimum wage, and would work around her school schedule until summer started. It would do fine. She decided to go home and tell her mom, hoping that this news wouldn’t bring on the avalanche of verbal ridicule that she normally had to take.


Jenna walked in the door quietly. She walked into the family room where she found her mother watching Jerry Springer.


“Hey mom, good news.”


“Really, since you were born I haven’t heard any good news.”


Jenna ignored the slight. “Well, I…I..got a job today. I can start saving for college.”


Her mother cackled loudly. “You think you can make it in college? Just like your father. He though he could get an education and make something of himself. All he ended up doing was being a glorified lab rat for a year. Then he disappeared. Maybe the same thing will happen to you, that would get rid of all of my misery.”


Jenna started to close in again. It was a well-worn defense mechanism that she had developed over the years. Her mother gets too insulting, and she just shuts everything out. But her mother had brought up her father, and this interested her. Jenna knew very little about her father. Her mother only brought him up to complain. The three statements Jenna’s mother had just made told her more about her father than she had learned in the last five years.


“What do you mean lab rat?” Jenna asked.


“Why the hell do you care?” was her mother’s response.


“He figured that he could make some easy money right after we got together by being in some human performance study.” He had to lift weights, run, and take all of these hormones. Then he just up and left. No good bye, no nothing. His last present to me was you. He had knocked me up before he took off and left. What luck. I’d wished he’d just left me some flowers.”


Jenna left the room and went upstairs to try on her new uniform. The shirt and pant were very loose. And with the hat, she looked a lot like the hot dogs she would sell. That was if they were red, yellow, and blue striped. As she looked at herself in the mirror in her room, she started thinking. Maybe she wouldn’t make it. Maybe her mom was right; she wasn’t any good, just a mistake in the first place. These feelings of doubt brought her diving to her bed, tears running down her face. A few hours later, she called Jessie. Jessie was her best friend and confidant. More importantly, Jessie always knew how to cheer Jenna up.


“Jen, you know how your Mom is. You also know what she says isn’t true. I just think she doesn’t appreciate you, and that she is being a jerk.”


“Yeah, I guess.” was Jenna’s reply.


“You will be so much better off at Marquette. I just hope I can get there too.” Jessie said.


Thoughts of college, and being away from her mother always improved Jenna’s spirits.


“Gosh, that would be great. We would have the time of our lives.” Jenna’s responses were growing more enthusiastic.


“Should we get a dorm or an apartment?” “A dorm I guess. Save some money for a couple of years, then move in to an apartment and party all the time!” Jessie always wanted to know what was going on, because she always wanted to party. It was killing her grades, and her chances to get into college.


“It would be a lot of fun.”


“Speaking of fun, I heard someone may be asking you out soon.” Jessie liked to fill Jen in on all of the gossip, especially when it involved her.


“What! Who would want to go out with me?”


“His name is Seth. He was on the football team, but didn’t play much. I heard that he was in some classes with you, and thought it would be fun to go out.”


Jenna didn’t think much of this news. “Well, whatever. I won’t hold my breath.”


School ended for the year and Jenna had been on the job for the last month. It was boring work. Especially making the “fresh squeezed” lemonade. She had to fill a trashcan sized bucked with lemons, sugar and water, then mash it all together with some sort of tool that had a handle. It was a lot like churning butter in the old days. Still, she wasn’t at home, and she was making money.


Jenna was working one Friday night, in the back doing inventory when she heard the bell ring. She ran to the counter and almost froze in shock. It was Seth. He had his letterman’s jacket on, and looked uncomfortable.


“Hi, can I help you?” Jenna didn’t even think Seth knew who she was, much less want to take her out.


“Uhh, yeah, can I get a large cherry lemonade?” Seth was shuffling his feet, totally unable to make eye contact.


“Sure, anything else?” Jenna was business like, but very nervous.


“Yeah,…. I was wondering if,… maybe if you would like to go see a movie tomorrow night? If you have the time, maybe we could get something to eat.”


Jenna almost jumped for joy, but managed to contain herself. “Well, that sounds like fun. If it’s ok with you, I’ll meet you at the theater.”


“Sure, I guess, How about 8:15? The movie starts at 8:30 at the UA theater” Seth was getting more comfortable now.


“Sounds great. I will meet you there. Here is your lemonade, that will be $1.79.”


”Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“See you then.” Seth walked out of the restaurant. Jenna could hardly manage to contain herself long enough to get to the storeroom. Once there she hugged herself and hopped up and down for at least two minutes. Then it struck. A date? What do I wear? What do I say? I am such a dork; I don’t have any idea what to do. Gees, I am almost 17 years old and don’t know what to do on a date. Still, her apprehension couldn’t contain the excitement that she felt. She had to call Jess. After the initial screaming, the two agreed to meet at the mall at 9 a.m. sharp. They had serious business to take care of. Jenna barely slept that night.


“I told you Jen!” Were Jessie’s first words to her friend as they met in the mall.


“I just forgot about it. You told me that over three weeks ago.” “Maybe he was waiting for school to get out. Anyway, he called me a week ago to ask about you. That is how he knew where you worked.”


“What! You sent him to my store, where I look like a complete idiot in that rainbow polyester nightmare of a uniform! How could you! If I wasn’t so excited I would be really mad right now.”


“Think of it this way, he has seen you at your worst, now he will see you at your best!”


Jenna smiled at the thought. Jessie had been such a great friend. She was probably the only thing that maintained her sanity during the last few years.


The next few hours were spent shopping, talking, and getting makeovers done. Jenna had never experienced anything like it. She could see why all the girls loved this. It was really fun to get pampered.


She decided to get ready at Jessie’s house. It was closer to the theater, and she didn’t want to have to deal with her mom on this night.


“Ok Jen, you look great! Remember; just try to be yourself. Seth wants to get to know you, not who you think he wants to know. Relax, and get to know him.


The date went off without a hitch. A movie is a perfect first date. They didn’t need to talk much, but were close enough to say something when they wanted to. They spent dinner talking about the movie, school, and plans for the future. All in all it was a great time. Seth really seemed interested in Jenna, and Jenna learned a lot about Seth. After dinner was finished, Seth walked Jenna home. More conversation. As the got to the door, Seth turned to Jenna. “I would really like to go out again. Maybe this time, I can pick you up?”


Jenna, showed guarded optimism: “That would be fun. Give me you number, and I will give you a call.” Seth hadn’t expected that, usually he was asking for the number, but just as well. He gave her his number, and awkwardly kissed her good night. That kiss brought on such a feeling of warmth that Jenna almost couldn’t make it to her room, where she fell on the bed and took it all in. Her entire body was trembling with a feeling of warmth. It was an amazing experience that lasted for what seemed like an hour. Actually only a few minutes had passed, and as soon as she could, Jenna picked up the phone and called Jessie.


Jenna was unbelievably cheerful over the next few weeks. She had been out with Seth two more times, her job was going well, and she was having all kinds of fun with Jessie. Shopping had become more important to her. She found that she was starting to have a bit of a growth spurt, needing longer pants, and a bigger bra. Heck, now she was wearing a bra. That was a big step. She found that her tastes were starting to change as well. She started to like the skirts, before she would only wear pants, jeans usually, and occasionally overalls. Now she was seeing the low rise, hip hugging jeans in the stores, and although she didn’t ever think she had the body for anything like that, for the first time, she wished that she did.


She gave Seth her home phone number after their third date, and he called to ask her out again. They both decided it would be nice to go to dinner and then just walk through the park. It sounded romantic to Jenna. She couldn’t believe how nice Seth was. He was a patient listener. He seemed to know when she wanted to talk, and when she wanted to just be quiet. He was fine either way. He didn’t pressure her in any way. He kissed her at the end of the evening on both nights, but that was it. This last date, they actually held hands. Again, this was a new experience to Jenna. Again, the feeling of warmth spread around her entire body. She was so elated to be with Seth, and hoped they would date for a while.


During their date on Friday night, Jenna felt comfortable enough to talk openly about Seth.


“Honestly now, why did you ask me out in the first place, Seth? I’m not that popular, and I know that most of the girls in school look a lot better than me. I just can’t figure it out and was hoping you would let me know.”


“Well, I remember first getting to know you when we were in that history class. I don’t know if you remember, but we were in a group together, working on a project. I know that there were 7 or 8 others in the group, but I was really impressed with the way you spoke. The way you held yourself. You are smart, and you don’t care what people think about you. You seemed to be honest. As far as looks go, I think you are really good looking. I mean, I know you don’t dress like a lot of the other girls, and maybe you don’t spend as much time on your hair or makeup, but I don’t look at that. I just see you the way you are, and that is what attracted me to you. I mean, if you were a cheerleader, and one of the popular girls in school I would still be attracted to you, but not because of that, because I like who you are. Does that make sense?”


Jenna wanted to sit down and cry right there. She had never heard anything more meaningful, or beautiful in her life. Jess was right. Be yourself. Relax. She would have to thank her tomorrow. Right now, she needed to sit down.


After finding a bench, Jenna turned to Seth, and they started kissing passionately. Soon their tongues were dancing around each other as they made out with reckless abandon. It was so perfect. Jenna didn’t want to be anywhere else then right there, right then. It was at that point that she felt the warmth again. She was too enraptured to stop what she was doing; in fact, she wanted to kiss even more passionately. She wanted to be as close to Seth as possible. She squeezed him tighter, kissed him harder, wanted him more. Her trance was broken by the sound of a popped button.


They both stopped long enough to look down. One of Jenna’s blouse buttons had popped off. She uncomfortably held her shirt together with one hand, and had a hard time looking at Seth.


Realizing her embarrassment, Seth looked for a way to make her more comfortable.


“That button must have come off when you were up against my jacket. It must have pulled off on one of my buttonholes in my jacket or something. We were up against each other pretty close.” A smile escaped from Seth’s lips.


“Yeah, I think your right.” Jenna too smiled. “Let’s start walking again.”


“Sounds great. It is a great night, and I am really enjoying myself. You know Jenna, I have had so much fun with you, and I just can’t wait for every minute I get to spend with you. I was hoping you would like to go steady with me. I mean, if that sounds good to you.”


Seth had managed to pull off his class ring and put it into Jenna’s hand.


“Gee Seth, that sounds really great. I would love to be your girlfriend!” They hugged each other, and kissed again.


Jenna got home that night and quickly ran upstairs to her room. Once there, she pulled Seth’s ring from her pocket, and held it in her hands tightly, never wanting to let it go. Next she pulled off her bra. It felt so tight, and she could see the marks it was making on her back. She would have to go shopping again tomorrow, but first, she need to call Jess and let her know the good news.



Part II


"Fine I guess, but I have been feeling pretty bloated lately. Nothing fits right."


Jenna was speaking with a nurse. She had gone in for a checkup and really didn't experience anything out of the ordinary.


"Well, lets get your height and weight and see what is going on." the nurse replied. She measured Jenna's height and weight. She was talking to herself as she wrote it down.


"5 feet, 4 inches. 102lbs."


"WHAT!" Jenna was shocked. "I'm 5'1", and I have never weighted more than 95 lbs, are you sure?"


"Yep, the scale and ruler don't lie. Don't worry; it's just a growth spurt. You get those at your age. I have seen kids grow 12 inches in 8 months. I wouldn't be too worried."


The rest of the appointment went as normal. Everything was fine, and the doctor noticed Jenna was changing.


"Well, I think this growth spurt is doing you some good. Everything checks out fine, your complexion looks great, and you seem to have a glow. What's bringing that on?"


Jenna has always trusted her doctor. She found her to be compassionate, and with her home life, she liked having a confidant other than her friends.


"Well, I have a boyfriend named Seth. We have been going out for about three weeks or so..."


"Good for you Jenna. He must be pretty special." The doctor grabbed Jenna's hand, and rubbed it softly.


"I think he is. He is patient, kind, thoughtful, and a great listener. He plays on the football team at school, at least a little, on the third string."


"Well he sounds like quite a catch. I know that this may be uncomfortable for you, but think about some form of protection. Condoms or something. He may be all of those things you spoke of, but you still want to be careful."


"I don't think that will happen, at least not very soon." Jenna was blushing.


"You'd be surprised how fast it happens. Be ready. I don't want to have to refer you to an OB/GYN in a few months. Just promise you'll be careful."


The doctor was almost pleading. She had seen Jenna for several years and had a good idea about her home life.


"I will." Jenna said.


"Wow, I may be looking up to you sometime soon!" Seth started laughing after hearing about Jenna's doctor appointment.


"Yeah, right. It's just a growth spurt. I bet I don't grow another inch."


"Just don't forget me when you become a 6' tall supermodel, ok? I want everyone to know where it began, and who dated you first."


Seth had a way of making Jenna feel special. She leaned over and gave him a kiss. Pretty soon the kissing became more passionate, and before either one of them knew it, they were in the backseat steaming up the windows. Jenna's hands began working their way to Seth's back, and down to his jeans. She grabbed his ass and pulled it on to her as hard as she could. Seth grabbed Jenna's ass as well, and the two started dry humping. Jenna began to feel the warmth again. All over her body. She rolled Seth over, and began rubbing harder on Seth's erection, all the while making out with reckless abandon. Fifteen minutes later, they had calmed down. Both of them were sweaty and exhausted. Jenna lay in Seth's arms, realizing how true her doctor was this afternoon. Seth was ever the gentleman:


"I'm sorry if we went too far."


"No, no Seth. I'm fine. I just love being here with you. You are such a great guy, I would never dream that you would ever do anything I didn't want to do."


Jenna didn't say it, but she wanted to do that again. Again and again.


She got home at around 11:30. Upstairs in her room, she put on her pajamas. She was wrong, the pajamas hadn't shrunk, she had grown. Well, she was fine with her growth spurt. Nothing could bring her down right now.


She had the opening shift the next morning, so she was up early showering and getting dressed. She noticed that her top no longer felt so loose. It actually rubbed against her breasts. She kind of liked the feeling, but was too embarrassed to admit it, even to herself. She got to work on time, but she was alone. The other girl had called in sick. She began putting the hot dogs in the batter, preparing them to go in the deep fryer. She turned the heat on the oil and turned around to start making the lemonade. She hated this, it was monotonous work peeling all of those lemons and throwing them into the bucket. She poured in the sugar and water, and grabbed the masher. She started pushing down on the concoction, making the lemonade. She started to get tired, and leaned into the masher, hoping that leverage would make the work easier. She kept pushing, up and down and up and down. The handle of the masher started to hit her on her breasts when she pulled it up. Jenna began to enjoy this, and finally put the masher down and started rubbing her own breasts. She stopped for a quick second to see if anyone was in the store.


Once she was sure she was all alone, she sat down in the stockroom chair and began again. She softly rubbed her hands around her small A cup breasts, massaging them thoroughly. Finally she worked her way to her nipples. Just touching them against her tight bra brought a sensual reaction. She reached around and unclasped her bra underneath her uniform top. She brought her hands underneath her now loose bra and began to work her nipples. She had to work to contain the moans that were escaping from her mouth. She stood up and straddled the shaft of the masher, which was still in the bucket of half made lemonade. While holding the top half of the masher, she started rubbing her womanhood up and down its shaft. With the other hand, she continued rubbing her enlarged nipple. She felt it again, the warmth. It hit her harder this time, much more intensely than before.


"Ooohhhh...OOHHHHHH!" she grabbed her tit, with one hand and the masher with the other, jamming it against her pussy. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOSSHHHH!" Jenna arched her back and she gave the masher three more good pumps, and then fell to the chair, completely relaxed.


She sat there for a minute basking in the glow, before clasping her bra back on. After quite an effort, she managed to clasp one of the three clasps, and went to work. She spent the rest of her shift trying to pull her underwear out of the crack in her ass.


She couldn't see Seth for a few days. She didn't see anybody. Jenna knew something was wrong, but she didn't know what. She thought she would try to find out. One night, she got out the measuring tape, and measured herself.


Bust: 28 inches

Waist 19 inches

Hips 30 inches

Height 5 foot 4 inches

Weight 109 lbs.


It had only been a week since her doctor’s appointment. This seemed to be more than a growth spurt. She looked at herself in the mirror. Were her freckles really going away? Her hair seemed thicker, longer, and lighter. She was also worried about what happened in the hot dog shack. What happened? Is puberty supposed to be like this? She had her period for over a year, but still waited for the growth spurt, and here it was. Well, she thought, just take a few days and get a hold of yourself. Sleep in, wear sweats, just lounge.


Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be. Jenna's mother went on a drunken binge the very next day.


"Well look at you! All miss grown up!" "Just remember that as long as you are in my house you are nothing but a no good punk kid, as worthless as your father!"


As has happened countless times before, Jenna left the house in tears. Having nowhere to go, she went to the mall to do some shopping. She figured she could spend a couple of hundred dollars of her savings; she would need clothes for school anyway. Shopping had become an escape for Jenna over the last two months. Ever since her first day really shopping with Jess, she learned how much fun it really was. Speaking of Jess, maybe she wanted to join her.


"Jen, is that you!" Jess said.


"Man, you look great! What are you doing?"


"Nothing, same old same old. I guess." "Well dating is certainly agreeing with you."


For the next few hours, they shopped and talked. Jen told Jess about her growth, and how it scared her. Jess didn't think anything of it.


"Hey, you are a teenager. You grow, you mature...you become a wooommaaan." Turning the last few words into a bit of a song, both Jen and Jess started laughing.


"Jess, have you had.... sex yet?" Jenna was wading into deep water here. They had never talked about sex before because Jenna had never had it, and was never interested.


"Yeah, a couple of times...have you and Seth..."


"No, no,no,no!" Jenna looked around the store hoping no one heard her friend. "At least not yet. We are having such a good time together, and I am finding myself wanting him more and more. I am having a hard time stopping when we are making out, you know."


"Why Jen, you little slut!" Jess was laughing now. Jen even smiled.


"My first time was because the guy I was with was such a stud. I mean, I practically tore his shirt off of him. I didn't know what I was doing either, but I had to have him. We got better as we did it more. Don't worry; you have a great thing with Seth. It's ok to feel like you do. Just be careful. You know, use protection."

"Geez Jess, now you sound like a back to school special."


"Very funny. You know what I mean."


The rest of the trip was spent on hard-core shopping. Jenna was trying on, and buying more tight fitting jeans. She bought those low rider jeans she had seen before. She bought some dresses with shorter skirts, and a couple pair of shoes with a higher heel. She topped it all off with a couple of new lacy bras, 30 B, (just in case) and a few pair of thong panties. Jess was ecstatic.


"Now you are shopping like a woman! You are going to look so hot Seth won't be able to control himself."


Jenna was more worried about controlling herself.


That night Jenna was alone in her room reading and thinking. She heard a tap at her window. She walked over to look outside, and quickly opened it.


"Seth! What are you doing here?"


"I hadn't seen or talked to you for a few days and was starting to worry. I stopped by the shack tonight, and then came here. Are you ok? Are we ok?"


"Seth, nothing is wrong. I just haven't felt like myself lately, and wanted to have some quiet time."


"Hey, if you need that time, just let me know, I just want to make you happy, so if you need space, I'll give it to you."


"Well, let's talk at least, come on in." Jenna opened her window and let Seth climb in. Her mother was long past sleeping, so Jenna wasn't terribly worried.


Seth sat down next to Jenna and began softly running his hand up and down her forearm.


"What's up Jen?"


"I was just thinking about us, and great things have been, and wondering if we should take the next step."


Seth put his arm around her and gave her a hug. "Jen, don't feel any pressure. I am here, and would love to go as far as you are comfortable with. I am ready, but I won't do anything you don't want to do."


Jenna turned to him, and gave him a kiss. That was all she wanted to hear. They spent the next 20 minutes fumbling around trying to make their first experience having sex a good one.


Seth penetrated Jenna and the warmth overrode the pain she felt at the tearing of her hymen. She was only slightly conscious as the feelings of warmth and euphoria nearly overtook her. She dug her fingers into Seth's back and began to moan quietly. By the time it was over, the two again lay exhausted, side-by-side in Jenna's bed. After talking for a few minutes, and hugging, Seth got dressed and climbed out the window. Jenna watched him as he walked out to his car, and once he left, she ran to the bathroom. She was starting to see a connection. The warmth, her growth. What was the connection? Once again, she grabbed her measuring tape.


Bust: 31 inches

Waist 20 inches

Hips 32 inches

Height 5 foot 6 inches

Weight 115 lbs.


She wrote everything down, and looked into the mirror. She didn't see a freckle on her entire body. She noticed that her breasts we getting more full. She might be B cup. Her ass was getting more shape. Her waist hadn't changed much, but that just made every other part of her look that much better. She wasn't concerned about her growth now. She had a theory as to why it was occurring, and now she wanted to test it. A small grin grew on her lips as she went back to bed.


Part III


She wanted to go back to Seth. She got up and put on her new tight jeans. She put on a t-shirt that used to fit well, and now was pretty tight. You could even see some of her midriff. She didn't have to be at work until 2 p.m. so had time to see Seth. She got there and Seth's mother answered. Seth is out with some friends this morning.


"He should be back at about 1:00, do you want me to have him call you?"


"No, that's all right, I will call him later. Thanks."


"Jenna, you look great. Are you doing something different?"


"Thanks Mrs. Edwards, just working and enjoying my summer."


Jenna went by Jessie's house. She was gone too. By this time it was 9:30 so she headed to her new favorite place, the mall. Jenna went straight for Veronica's Closet. A lingerie store with high end products. There was only one employee in the store, a late twenty something woman with dark pulled back hair, a white blouse and gray skirt. She had no nylons on her tanned legs, and had three inch strapped heels. Jenna looked at the sales clerk and thought how good looking she was.


The clerk was extremely helpful to Jenna, bringing things into the fitting room. Jenna decided she needed something that would make her feel special. Something soft, and lacy. Jenna tried on a bra and panty set that really fit the bill.


"This is really nice, but I am not sure if the bra fits right."


"Well, I can measure your bust and see where we are. I am sure we have that set in any size that you need."




The rep stepped into the fitting room, measuring tape in hand. She wrapped it around Jenna's bust.


"Hhmmm. Looks like a 32, and something between an A and a C cup. I will get all three and we will see what fits. Jenna tried on all three. While Jenna was trying them on, the sales clerk sat outside the fitting room. She had a sudden desire, something she was having a hard time fighting, she had to get into that fitting room again. She tried to walk away, but she was having a harder and harder time controlling herself. Biting her lip, she finally gave in.


"Let me help you." Jenna didn't have a chance to respond. The clerk stepped into the fitting room, and started pulling at the bra at different places.


"Turn around and I will see how this fits." She put her finger behind the back strap to see how tight it was.


"Looks good, now turn to face me." Jenna turned around, and the clerk began pulling at the cloth, and on the under wire to check the fit.


"Does this feel right?" the sales clerk looked Jenna in the eye, waiting for a response.


"Yea, I guess so." Jenna started to feel uncomfortable in the tight quarters with this woman. Still, she wanted to stay. She was broken from her thoughts when the sales clerk put her hands on Jenna's ribs, and slowly ran them up to her covered breasts.


"Let me check the cup size." She began to massage Jenna's breasts over the material. Jenna was horrified. A part of her felt this was wrong, but a larger part of her was enjoying this, and wanted more. That part took charge.


"That certainly makes things feel better." That was all the sales clerk needed to hear. She grabbed Jenna and kissed her passionately on the lips. "I'll be right back."


The clerk disappeared, and a few seconds later, she reappeared. "The store is closing for a while." She kissed Jenna again, and began to work her way down her neck and shoulders. She started running her tongue down Jenna's slight cleavage, while unclasping Jenna's bra with her hands. Once free, Jenna pulled the bra off, then grabbed the back of the clerk’s head, and slowly guided her onto her exposed nipple. The clerk licked and sucked energetically. Jenna began to moan, feeling warm again.


"Ooohhh yesss. Suck me. OOOHHHHhhhh." The clerk worked her way down Jenna's stomach, her hips, and to her womanhood. She attacked the slit with her tongue. Jenna began moaning louder and louder. The warmth was overtaking her. She put her arms out to the walls of the fitting room, trying to hold herself up. Before long, she dropped to the fitting room chair. She lifted her legs up around the clerk's shoulders. The clerk began running her tongue in and out of Jenna slit again. Jenna was losing herself. She clinched her thighs around the clerk’s head, as her orgasm began. She grabbed the back of the clerks head and jammed it into herself time and time again in rhythm with her moans of passion, finally holding her there while she screamed to her peak.


The comedown was slow and relaxed. They sat with each other, the clerk softly kissing Jenna on the cheek and neck. Jenna finally spoke,


"That was great. I never felt anything like it."


"Me either." replied the clerk. She continued.


"The funny thing was that I have never been with a woman before. I never had any desire to do that. Something about you just drove me to do it. I didn't have any control over myself."


"Wow, I have never been with a woman either. It was really great, but maybe we should pretend this never happened." Jenna replied, trying to relieve the tension.


"That would probably be best. Still, keep the bra and panties. Think of them as a gift."


"Thanks so much, but I had better take the C cup. I think I need room to grow."


Jenna left the store in a hurry. She couldn't wait to get home and measure herself again.


Part IV


"Hey Seth!" Jenna was breathless. She hadn't seen Seth for a few days and was excited to get together.


"What are you doing? I would love to go out!" A few months ago, Jenna would never have been so forward, but things were changing. She was becoming something different.


"That sounds great. I will stop by tonight." "See you later."


Jenna hung up the phone and returned to her sheet of paper.


Bust: 33 inches

Waist 20 inches

Hips 32 inches

Height 5 foot 8 inches

Weight 122 lbs.


"Gosh!" Jenna told her self. One day and two inches, and 7 lbs. Was she growing faster now? She looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her hands up and down her body. Self-stimulation was fine, but Jenna knew she needed another to intensify her feelings. She loved her new body. She could probably get any guy at school. "Just wait until September!" She thought to herself.


It didn't take that long. People were already starting to notice.

"Geez Jenna, you are growing again?" Was Seth's first statement to her. "Your head used to come up to my chest, now I would swear you come up to my nose.


"I'm just a growing girl." Jen replied.


"So big boy, what did you want to do tonight?" Jenna grabbed Seth's hand as they walked outside Jenna's house.


"I thought that we could go get something to eat and walk the park."

Jenna and Seth enjoyed the park, the conversations, the quiet time alone together.


"OK, that sounds great."


Dinner went off without a hitch, and the two found themselves walking on an empty path in the park. "I can't believe how empty it is here tonight" Seth started, "usually there are joggers or something."


"What's wrong, don't you like privacy?" Jenna replied. She pulled him to a near by bench.


"Sure I do." Jenna interrupted Seth as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Seth, you still like me, even as I am getting taller, right?"


"My gosh Jenna! You get more and more beautiful every time I see you. I couldn't help but like you. I am just worried about all of the other guys that will like you when we get back to school."


"Oh Seth, that wouldn't happen, you are my guy."


Jenna began kissing Seth's ear and neck. Seth soon turned to her and they began to kiss more passionately. Before long, Jenna began unbuttoning Seth's shirt. "Jenna, not here, not in public!"


"Here Seth, Now."


Jenna began kissing his chest as she worked open his belt. She pushed him down on the bench, as she continued opening his pants, trying to get to his member. Finally successful, she grabbed it with her hand, and slowly guided it up her slit. Her hiked up skirt was rubbing her waist, and her thong briefs were rubbing Seth's cock as she slowly lowered herself on his member. "OOHHHhhhh yesss. I've missed you Seth. I know it's only been a few days, but I missed you. She unbuttoned her own blouse, exposing her new bra, now filled with her expanding bosom.


"God Jen, you are too beautiful. Please ride my dick!" Seth replied.


Jenna gave him a smile as she unbuckled her bra, exposing her mammaries. Her bucking on his member grew faster and faster. She was coming down on him harder and harder. She grabbed his hand, and brought it up to her left tit. He grabbed her tit, and began to play with her nipple.


"OOHHhhh baby, that's it. That's sooo niccccee!" Jenna pulled Seth to a seated position, still riding his member. She brought his face up to her boobs, and practically begging him to suck on her nipples.

As he began to lick her hardened nipples, he shot his load. Jenna's ecstasy grew to desperation.


"OOHHHhh, Seetthhhh! OOHHHhhh, Seee....NNNOOOOO! Jenna jumped off of him and dropped to her knees to examine his exhausted penis. "Come on baby, you have more for me, don't you?" Jenna began to rub his dick, hoping to bring back the life. "Please Seth, I need some more from you, I didn't finish."


"I..I'm sorry, give me a few minutes." Jenna wouldn’t wait. She had never given a blowjob before, but she was desperate. She put is dick in her mouth and started teasing his head with her tongue. "MMMmmmm" Up and down his shaft, hoping to bring on another erection, She thought she had felt a tickle of a response and quickly jumped back up on his manhood. She needed release badly. She grabbed Seth's shoulders and pumped him furiously. "YEeeaahhh, yeaaaaahhhh!" He was barely able to keep a hard on, but it was enough for Jenna. She finally felt the warmth coming on. "AAAAhhhhhhhh!" She was hoping on his dick now, wanting every last millimeter inside of her. Practically screaming, she finally reached her orgasm. Pulling Seth's face to her own, and giving him a long passionate kiss. Their come down was interrupted by a pop. Feeling around, Jenna noticed that her skirt had popped open a seam in the waist. She was growing again.


Part V


It took a minute regain her bearings. Seth was still laying on the bench, almost out cold. She was in shock. What did she do? It almost seemed animalistic. She jumped off of Seth and started walking home.


"Jenna, where are you going?" Seth was just sitting up.


"I will call you tomorrow." Jenna turned and walked away as quickly as possible. She had one hand holding up her skirt, and her other hand buttoning her blouse. She was walking as fast as her heels would let her as she exited the park and turned down Warner Ave. It was late, so there were a few empty cars, and a lot closed stores. Jenna didn't notice. She was trying to figure out what was happening. This was the first time she actually felt herself grow. She must be an inch or two taller. She also realized the pleasure she felt when she reached her orgasm. She couldn't stop herself. She almost became a different person. She didn't want to stop, but she was getting pretty nervous. It hit her, what if she didn't stop growing, what if she grew every time she had sex. How big would she become? The thought was running through her mind, and she picked up her pace, reaching a slow jog. It was at that point that she felt herself being pulled from behind into an alley.


The first guy grabbed her ass. The second rubbed himself up against her tits and pussy. She tried to push him away, but all she succeeded in doing was dropping her skirt. All Jenna had on was her blouse, heels and her thong. Her bra was struggling to hold her expanding bosom. The man in front of her ran his hand to her pussy, jamming his finger into her slit. "Yeah baby, here I come. You say anything and I cut your throat." He ripped open her shirt and bra, and ran his hands over her breasts. "Hmmmm, nice rack. I'm gonna enjoy this. Move over Mick!"


At his command, the second man moved from behind Jenna. The first threw her up against a parked car, and began ramming his dick into her. Jenna was too shocked to yell. All she could muster was a quiet moan. She didn't fight the guy, she didn't want to get killed. She thought it best to let them finish what they were doing, and go to the police later. Without really thinking, she noticed that her fear started to become arousal, and she began to moan louder. Should she be enjoying this? "Ya hear that Mick, she's loving it!" The first guy started to push harder into Jenna, bucking himself into her pussy.


Again, Jenna felt it, the warmth. As soon as she felt it, she needed more, she couldn't stop herself. "Yeah, yeah, harder, come on baby, harder, harder." Jenna began to spur on the rapist. "Shut up bitch!" His words came with a slap across her face. Jenna barely felt it. If fact, it continued to arouse her, it intensified her warm feelings. She wanted more of his dick. "Just give me more of that dick baby." The rapist pulled himself out of Jenna, and turned her around. Grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart, the man then forced his member into her tight *******. Jenna had never felt this before. The pain was almost debilitating, but it was quickly replaced by stronger warm feelings.


The young punk was pounding himself into Jenna's ass as she was bent over the hood of the parked car. Jenna was moaning, only one word was clearly discernable, "More."


"Hey Billy, watch me shut her up." Mick said. He pushed her up off of the hood of the car, letting Mick grab her by the waist while raping her backside. Mick then sat on the hood of the car, directly in front of Jenna.

"Here you go baby, something to suck on!" He unzipped his pants and exposed his erection to her. Before she knew what to do, Jenna felt her head being forcibly thrust unto the hard on. Jenna practically gagged on the size of it. It had to be 10 inches. Still, Jenna knew that doing this would intensify the feeling that was overtaking her, and that was all she wanted. Jenna soon took charge and began giving the rapist the blowjob of his life. Massaging his balls, she ran her mouth up and down his shaft, lightly tongue tickling his knob.


"OOhhhh yeah. You are a slut aren't you?" Mick sat back and closed his eyes, reveling in the feeling. His partner continued pumping her ass, now reaching around to grab her mammaries. Pulling them and squeezing them roughly through his hands, without concern for Jenna.


Jenna was feeling warmer and warmer. Fixated on herself, she let the two men have their way with her. She knew that the longer they were doing this, the better it would feel. Suddenly, she noticed her blouse getting tighter. One of the punks had ripped it open across the front, exposing her bra, which he also tore open. But now Jenna could feel the back of her shirt getting tighter and tighter. She couldn't stop herself. She wanted to feel more. The punk fucking her backside let go of her tits, and started to slap her butt cheeks. He slapped harder and harder as he shot his load into Jenna's ass. Jenna released the penis she was licking and turned around to face the butt-fucker.


"You can't be done, can you? I was just beginning to enjoy myself." She turned around, and dropped to her knees.


"I need more from you." Jenna grabbed the guy's ass with both hands, and began sucking his almost flaccid cock. Running her mouth up and down his shaft, she would stop for a second between thrusts and try to inspire the guy


"MMMmm. Come on baby, you can do it."


"Get harder for me...Come on now."


Mick was sitting on the car, with a saliva covered boner. "Hey bitch, what about me?" He got up, and rammed is dick up Jenna's pussy doggy style.


"OOhhhh, niccccceee." Jenna looked back at Mick. She gave him a smile of satisfaction. Mick slapped her ass as hard as he could, hoping to scare her straight. "MMMMmmmm." was her reply. She turned to her still flaccid oral partner. She was getting frustrated. She moved up a little so she could rub her ample breasts on his dick, tit fucking him. She had noticed something. Her boobs, they were bigger, much bigger than she remembered. She smiled inside trying to inspire Billy to another erection. She looked at him with the best come hither face she could make. Billy looked back, part in shock, and part in lust. This girl wanted more. He thought. What was up with her clothes. Her shirt was torn to shreds, and he had slapped her to within an inch of her life, yet she kept wanting more and more. He was thrust back to reality when Jenna started to shout at him.


"Come on you little ****! I need your bone in me. What's wrong with ...." She couldn't finish her sentence. Billy had punched her in the face, clean across the jaw. He did it two more times. Jenna looked up at him. "I just want you in me." was her reply. She began to pull Billy down, at first he tried to fight her off, but he soon realized that she was really strong, probably too strong for him. He was now flat on the ground, underneath Jenna, who was still on all fours getting fucked from behind. She pulled his face next to hers.


"If you can't **** me, then suck me."


She kissed him passionately, and pushed his head into her expanding breasts. Billy didn't know what to do. He had become this woman's prisoner. He began sucking her breasts and nipples, rubbing them between his teeth.


"That works for me!" Jenna replied, looking down at him. Still, she felt he could suck a little harder, so she pressed his head more tightly against her tits.


The pressure on Billy's head was too much to take. He tried to push back, but couldn't break her grip on the back of his skull. Jenna did notice his attempts,


"Just relax baby, just relax." Jenna had one hand on the ground holding her up, and the other on Billy's head, pushing him into her mammaries. Finally, Billy could take no more and lost consciousness. Jenna, in her state of passion thought that Billy was tiring. "Come on baby, don't stop now." She rubbed his face into her nipples. The lack of response enraged Jenna. "I said DON'T STOP!" She grabbed the back of his head, and slammed it into her breasts, pushing it as hard as she could. The crunch of Billy's skull against her breast was loud enough for both Jenna and Mick to hear. Jenna pulled Billy off of her breast and looked at his badly misshapen face, blood running from his nose and mouth. She looked down on her own body. She saw the blood on her breasts, but wasn't disgusted. She only felt the euphoria, the warmth. She dropped Billy and turned around. Still on her hands and knees she began to speak. "I guess I broke him." She stood up, wiping off the blood on the tattered remains of her blouse. "Do you think you can finish the job?"


Mick watched as Jenna stepped toward him. She seemed bigger, fuller. She began to walk toward him. He was backed into the car behind him. Jenna stepped up to him, now three or four inches taller than his six foot two inches. Without taking her eyes from him, she reached down and grabbed his member. She began to rub it, hoping it would grow again. She smiled at him. "Come on baby, finish me. I know you can." She grabbed his head, and pushed him softly into her breasts. Mick began sucking and chewing on her nipples, as hard as he could. He pulled his mouth back stretching her nipple, and grinding it between his teeth. Jenna didn't notice the pain, only the pleasure he was bringing on. "OOhhh, that's good doll, keep it up. Speaking of up...." Mick's penis had responded to Jenna's probing. She reached around Mick, and grabbing both of his ass cheeks into her hands, pulled his dick up a couple of inches to her smoldering pussy. Jenna needed to finish. She rammed his dick into her pussy, all the while pounding her pussy onto Mick's thrusting penis, harder and harder with each thrust. Jenna was moaning with pleasure, Mick in total pain, as his body was being bashed against the car on one end, and Jenna's strengthening and expanding body on the other. Jenna's powerful thrusts were crushing him. First a couple of ribs, then he felt his pelvis cracking. His mouth was full of her breast, and he couldn’t yell or scream. He flailed his arms against her, but she didn’t notice. The last thing he remembered was hearing Jenna screamed as she reached an orgasm, the sound of bending metal as she slammed her body into his, against the car. Jenna looked down on the unconscious rapist, then stood up, letting him fall to the ground in a pile of flesh and bone, completely broken by the rape he began just a few minutes earlier.


Part VI


Bust: 41 inches probably a DD

Waist 32 inches

Hips 34 inches

Height 6 foot 4 inches

Weight 185 lbs.


She wrote this down with great concern. My God! 8 more inches and 60 something pounds! How big would she get? This was the greatest growth spurt by far. Could she learn to control herself when the warmth came on? What was she going to do for clothes? She had on the biggest t-shirt she owned and it barely covered her massive tits. The cotton was stretched so thin that the shirt was practically see through. She managed to get some sweats over her shapely hips and ass, but they only came up to her knees. Her height was one thing, the warmth another, but now she was also concerned about her strength. She pulled that rapist down to the ground without any effort. She knew he was pushing against her, but she barely registered his struggles. She crushed his skull into her breasts without effort, or concern; she smashed that other guy into a paste against that car so that she could reach her orgasm. Strangely, she didn’t worry too long. She thought about having two orgasms in one night, and began to focus on how good that felt. Nothing else really mattered that much.

She had managed to run off before anyone saw them. She heard on the news that the two bodies belonged to a pair of streetwise criminals, and that it looked like one had been caught between two cars, and that one had his head smashed by a sledgehammer. The news reported this as a gangland killing. The only odd part was that both of the dead men had their pants removed. A police gang expert was interviewed. He said it was some new form of ritual killing. Jenna almost laughed. They got what they deserved. This would have caused her problems in the past, but she wasn't concerned about it now. She just wanted to make sure she wasn't implicated. She tried on each pair of her shoes, to no avail, nothing fit. She decided it was time to go shopping...again when the phone rang.

"Hey Jess, it has been a while. What are you up to?" Jenna was happy to talk to Jess again, as usual; she brought up Jenna's mood.


"I haven't seen you in so long that I got worried. Is Seth taking up all of your time?" "No, just working, and...."

Jessie didn't give Jenna much time to reply "Listen Jenna you seem out of it."


"Well, remember when I was telling you about my growth spurt?"


"Sure I do. Is that still bothering you? Listen, you're just becoming a woman. You are looking better, sexier even! You need to enjoy this, take advantage of it...Live it up!"

Jenna thought about what happened to those two guys last night and if that applied to what she did to them.


"Live it up, huh? Well, I think I'm becoming too much woman. Maybe you should come by and see."


"I'll be over in a few minutes."


Jenna hung up the phone, looking forward to opening up with someone.

Jenna's mom opened the door for Jessie. "She's up in her room, where she always is, that hopeless shut in!"

"Thanks Ms. Jones."


Jess walked up into Jenna's room, and sat on the bed. She heard the shower running, and decided to let Jenna know that she had arrived. "Hey Jen, how are things?" "Good, I guess, I'll be right out." Jessie heard the water stop, and the shower door open. A few minutes later the door to the bathroom slowly opened.


"OH MY GOD!" Jenna stepped out, covered in only a white bath towel that was stretched to wrap around her generous bosom and ass.

"Who are you and what did you do with Jenna?!?" She had never seen anything like it. "Jen, you look unbelievable! I've never seen anything like you!" Jenna couldn't look Jess in the eye. Going back years and years, Jenna was always embarrassed about her looks. Years of verbal abuse from her mother caused that. Still, Jenna and Jessie had 4 years of P.E. together, so it wasn't odd for Jenna to be walking around with just a towel on.


"Come on Jess, take it easy." As she said that, she lost her grip on the well-stretched bath towel, and it dropped to the floor. She quickly wrapped her arm around her breasts, covering her nipples, and placed her hand over her pussy.


Jess saw the towel fall, and was mesmerized. Suddenly, she felt a strong urge to touch Jenna's body. Trying to control herself, Jess made a joke. "Well I have got to feel for the silicone!" Jenna and Jess both laughed. The mood in the room started to get uncomfortable, almost tense as Jess stood up and walked over to Jenna. Jess had always been attractive, 5'6" tall, thin, with beautiful features and long brown hair. She had her pick of boyfriends in school, but she had never been this infatuated before. She almost felt like she was under the influence of a drug.

She was having a hard time staying focused on anything except Jenna's body. She started to run her fingers from Jenna's shoulder down her arm, finding her way to Jenna's breast. "You are magnificent, totally perfect!" She was running her fingers down to Jenna's nipple.

Jenna was taking this all in, but realizing this was her friend, broke things up, pushing her hand away. "You better be careful, someone may think you are one of those lesbians or something!"


Jenna laughed self-consciously. Jess, who was shaken out of her daze, replied: "We wouldn’t want that, but look at yourself. When school starts in a few weeks you are going to have to fight'em off with a stick! I mean you are really hot! Jenna, you are Playboy Playmate hot! You have got to get new clothes for the new you. Let's go shopping. It will give you a chance to see how many guys will go for you."


"I don't have a lot of time, I am working tonight." Jen really didn't want to go out looking like she did. She needed time to take these changes in.

"Don't worry Jen, you need clothes, don't you? You have to get something before the start of school. Besides, it will be fun to watch the guys fall all over you."

"You're crazy. I am too big. I am a Frankenstein!"

"Jen, trust me on this. You are no monster."

"I guess I do need new clothes."

Jenna managed to slide herself into the same pair of cut off sweats, only this time Jessie has "modified" them. It was funny, even with her new height, and curves, her waist hadn't gotten much bigger. "Jeez Jess, do you think you could have cut these much shorter?" They had to be about 10 inches from waist to the bottom. She found that they were riding a little up her ass, and that she wanted to pull them down.

"Don't worry, the guys will love it. Now try on this shirt."

With just a pair of scissors, Jessie had managed to cut from the top of the shirt down so that some of her cleavage was showing. The short sleeves didn't extend much past Jenna's deltoids, so Jessie cut underneath them so that Jenna could mover her arms more easily. The shirt was so tight across her breasts that the EATT of Seattle was stretched to nearly double their normal width. Without any cutting, the shirt still exposed most of Jenna's midriff. She had to go braless, and without panties. She had just grown too much. The same was true for her feet. She didn't have any shoes her size so she had to wear a pair of thong sandals that were woefully small.

The first order of business was underwear. Jenna was disappointed to find that she had outgrown Victoria's Secret. She remembered the salesgirl from her last visit, and she was sure she could get some sort of discount. Jessie was absolutely thrilled with the news. It was her chance to go to a store she would not normally frequent, Fredrick’s of Hollywood.


Jenna had never been to Fredrick's before. Victoria's Secret had been a shock to her, but this store totally blew her away. The lingerie came in colors and textures that were amazing to her. Jessie dragged her though the store picking up things that Jenna thought only a prostitute would wear. She thought that patent leather was only for shoes, and that she didn't need any 4-inch heels. She was definitely tall enough. Jenna was still lost staring at the different choices when a salesperson approached her and Jess.


Well, you are the most beautiful woman I have seen today. She softly grabbed Jenna's hands and raised them to her sides. "I’m going to guess 40 DD, and by the looks of it, at 30 waist. You know with those measurements, there isn't much we can do outside of mail order. Still, I think we can help you. Sit down and get comfortable." She let go of Jenna's arms and was gone in a flash.


Jenna looked at Jess, "She sure doesn't waste any time, does she? Jenna said. "I guess she knows what you need." Jessie replied.

The salesperson returned with a few sets of bras and panties. Jenna tried them all on, and nothing felt right. She felt badly about making the salesperson go through all of that work. "Oh, one more thing,” the salesperson called out, "and I think you will like this."


She handed the underwear to Jenna over the fitting room door. It was a bright red pushup bra and a matching pair of thong panties. Jenna thought that this was too racy for her, "Isn't this a little trashy?" She said.

Jess was quick to try to convince her friend. "Listen Jen, this is hot, and so are you. Just try it on and see what you think."


Jenna put them on. She looked at herself in the mirror. The bra was a little small, but it showed all of her fabulous cleavage. Her panties were perfect, high-rise at the leg, and thong in back. She ran her hands up to the bra, checking for fit and support. She brushed her hands against her nipples, excited about how she looked. She ran her hand down to her panties, rubbing over her pubic area, liking the way the satin felt against her most sensitive area. She brushed her hands over her ass. She couldn't believe how great she looked. Her body was solid, and voluptuous, with a hint of muscle in the arms and calves.


It was then that she felt the warmth coming back. It wasn't so strong, but she felt it nonetheless. She stood there, watching herself, focusing on her own body. She began to rub her ribs and legs, enjoying the slight warmth. She noticed her bra becoming even more tight, and watched intently as her breasts slowly grew. She saw her areola show more of itself bit by bit over the bra, pushing itself out and into view. A smile grew upon her face. She loved this feeling. It became clear to her that she could control, at least in a small way, her warm feelings. "Could I also control the amount that I grow?" She thought to herself. She took a few quick deep breaths, and found that the warm feel, though still there, was very subtle.

She quickly took of the bra and threw it over the door of the fitting room to the waiting salesperson. "I think this is a little small. Do you have one size larger?" "I'll check hon, but you may be out of luck." Again, the salesperson disappeared into the see of brightly colored racks. She returned quickly.


"O.K. 44 DD. This is it honey, you can't get any bigger here at the store." Jenna tried it on, and still felt the warmth. It was a little big, which was good. She didn't want to out grow another set of underwear, at least not yet. She did want to show herself off to Jess and the salesperson and see if she could control herself. She walked outside the fitting room in just her bra and panties.


"What do you think?"


The salesperson and Jessie were frozen, staring with their mouths open. "Well, do I look OK?"

Jessie was the first to respond. "Uhh yeah Jen, you look great. How does it feel?"


Jen thought she would test them further. She ran her hands around the back of the bra straps, up to her boobs, cupping them in the bra. She locked her knees and bent over into the mirror.


"I don't know. Are you sure this looks OK?" The sales rep took over. She walked up to Jenna and started fitting the bra to Jenna's breasts. "It looks a little big."


"I know, but I have been growing a lot lately" Jenna replied.

Jenna was amazed how in lust both of them were for her. She could sense it. It wasn't a smell, or something she could touch or see, but she knew it just the same. She knew that with a word she could get either of them into the fitting room for a quick lesbian love session, possibly both of them.

She thought back to the lingerie store a few weeks back, and that sales girl. "She started attacking me as if she couldn't control herself. Maybe this warmth is attractive in some way to women, like some sort of homosexual pheromone. HHhmmmm."


Jenna realized that enough was enough, moving over and out of the way of the excited sales rep. "OK, do you have these in other colors?

The sales rep walked into the seeming endless sea of racks looking for other sets. She came back with the same set in black, white and a naked color.


"I'll take all of them, and I'll wear these out." Jenna disappeared into the fitting room and put on her clothes.

She paid for her lingerie and walk out of the store.

"OK Jen, let's see what the guys think of you." The two walked into the mall.


Part VII


Jenna was amazed. Guys were coming up to her in droves. All trying to use one bad line or another. Even in the shoe store. Some short guy who looked to be a sophomore in high school, with acne and a shirt collar one size too big for his neck was helping Jenna. As she was sitting in her chair, she would look down at Wally, noticing that he couldn't look her in the eye. "Maybe it was the bright red bra through the t-shirt,” she thought. "Probably what's in the red bra." She smiled to herself at the thought. Her only disappointment of the day was her new shoe size. 13 women's. Wow, hopefully no one would notice.


"I like these. I'll keep them. Is there anything more formal?" She asked as she put the tennis shoes in the box.

"I'll go check." Responded the now sweating shoe dog. Jenna couldn't help but notice that he was arranging his slacks in the crotch area as he walked to the stockroom. He came back with several pairs of shoes, which Jenna tried on diligently. The last pair were 4-inch heels, with thick soles and a strap across the top of her foot. She tried them on and fell in love. She felt sexy, and wanted to have a little fun pushing Wally over the edge. She walked up to a full size mirror, probably seven feet tall, and looked at them. She started pouting when Wally appeared, "Is there anything wrong with the shoes Miss?"

"Well," Jenna replied. And with that she bent over as she had done in Fredrick's, locking her knees and hitting Wally in the stomach with her shapely ass, "I think this strap may be too tight."

Wally walked around and bent down to her feet. He felt the strap of the shoe, and then looked up, and up, and up, finally seeing her face just past her spectacular rack.

Jenna smiled, "Well, what do you think?"

Wally almost passed out. "Umm, they are a little tight, but I am sure that they will stretch for you."

"OK, but if they don't, I'll be back!" Jenna smiled after making the threat. "I'll take both pair."

Wally couldn't take any more. "I will take the shoes up to the cashier. You can pay for them there." He quickly put the shoes in their boxes and walked up to the counter. He whispered something to the cashier and ran almost tripping into the stockroom.

Jessie was having a hard time not giggling about the verbal exchange between Jen and Wally. "You sure knew how to handle yourself there."


"Aw Jess, he was just a kid."

When Jenna was paying for the shoes, the cashier had told her that Wally had given her a 33% discount. "Well I will have to go thank him in person." Jenna said. As she walked back to the stock room, she heard some quiet moaning. She turned a corner to find Wally sitting on a desk masturbating. His eyes were closed, so he didn't see Jenna walk in. Rather than be shocked or disgusted, Jenna was turned on. She knew that she had driven Wally to do this.

She walked up to Wally putting her hand on his penis and her lips up to his hear. She gently began to jerk his member up and down.

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help today. You were great." The shock of her holding his penis, and whispering into his hear sent Wally to orgasm, shooting his load all over Jenna's hand and his pants.

Jenna casually stood up, and wiped her hands off on a dry leg of Wally’s pants, all the while looking at Wally and smiling.

"See you soon." She said, and turned and walked out.

She saw Jess and smiled, "I think Wally is pretty spent, but he appreciated my thanks."


The next couple of hours were spent if different stores, looking for new clothes. Men continued to hit on Jenna. One even offered his business card for a local strip club. After telling him that she was only 17, he replied

"No one would ever know, but if you want, call me on your birthday. You will make a fortune!"


Upon leaving, Jenna was excited about a few things. First, she loved her body. For the first time in her life, she thought that she was physically attractive, and those others, both men and wome


Upon leaving, Jenna was excited about a few things. First, she loved her body. For the first time in her life, she thought that she was physically attractive, and those others, both men and women, did too. Second, she was growing intoxicated with her new ability to attract women, and for that matter, men. Her outlook was starting to change. Jenna was glad that Jessie took her on this trip. It helped her more than either one of them would ever know.


Jenna got home and started getting dressed for work. She suddenly realized that her uniform was far too small for her. Again, as she did with her clothes this morning, she cut her shorts to fit over her thighs, and the front of her top so that she could get it over her huge boobs. This didn’t seem to bother her too much; after all, she was just happy to have shoes and underwear that fit. Besides, the prospect of growing out of them again was starting to sound a little exciting.


Once again she was alone to close. The other girls didn’t show up. “Why does Mr. Franklin keep these girls on?” She thought to herself. She didn’t have time to think of answers to these questions, as it was 6:30, and the dinner rush was in full swing. The men were taking a long time to order, mostly because they couldn’t take their eyes off of Jenna. More than once, a wife or girlfriend pushed their significant other to remind them of what they were doing. Jenna thought it was a little funny, and she decided to play a little bit.


“Excuse me for just one moment, I have to get something from the stockroom.” Jenna said as she walked away from the counter. She received several evil looks from the women in line, and most of the men just kept staring with their mouths open. Once in the storeroom, Jenna began to rub her breasts, slowly working her way to her nipples.

“MMmmmm” she moaned softly. It wasn’t long before she felt the warmth coming back. As soon as she felt it, she moved away from her nipples, and walked back out to the front of the restaurant.


“Sorry about that, now who is next?” There was a line of 12 people waiting. She smiled and looked at all of them. None of them seemed upset over the wait, they just seemed in a bit of a daze. The men didn’t change, they were busy looking at her, but looking away when she met their glance. However, the women were a different story. Their stares matched the ones she got from Jessie and the lingerie store lady earlier in the day. It seemed odd. Jenna couldn’t understand how she could put these women into such a trance, however, she was no longer comfortable with all of them, and so, feigning clumsiness, she dropped a tray. The loud noise that accompanied it’s falling seemed to shake the women out of their stupor. Jenna worked the rest of the night without incident, but now she was well aware of the strange hold she had over these women.

Jenna was pretty prepared to leave right at closing time. She had managed to complete most of her closing routine during the slow hour and a half before. She was really just going through the motions. Her mind was preoccupied with her situation. School would be starting soon. That excited her. She would be the hottest thing that anyone at her school had ever seen. She knew it. She would be able to date anyone she wanted. That also excited her. Her drive home was uneventful, arriving at her normal time, around 10:30 p.m. Her mother was at the door to meet her.


“Well, Ms Fancy Pants finally made it home. I hope you didn’t spend all $8.63 you made tonight; looks like you may need it to buy some new clothes. You look like a common streetwalker.” Jenna’s mom had been drinking again. It had been at least three weeks since her last drunken diatribe, and Jenna hadn’t missed those episodes one bit. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if you were fired soon! It looks like you are eating all of the profits, you big fat cow!” Jenna’s mother began to laugh at that last comment, almost uncontrollably. Jenna was beginning to close herself up again. That old defense mechanism, her trusted escape. However, something inside of her wouldn’t let her just accept this verbal abuse. Jenna didn’t know where it was coming from, but she was starting to get mad. The long scabbed over emotional wounds were being ripped open, and this time, Jenna wasn’t hiding away. A wave of rage swept over Jenna, and she slapped her mother across her cheek with the back of her hand.


Her mother was thrown against a wall some two feet away. Jenna’s mother began to moan in some pain, rubbing her jaw. The three teeth she had lost were now sitting on the carpeted floor.

“Why you dumb, fat bitch! This is how you treat me. Maybe you need to go out on the street and try to make a living! You are dressed like that…..”

Jenna didn’t hear everything her mother was saying. She was still trying to come to grips with the fact that she had struck her. She looked at her hand, still slightly red from the contact, but didn’t feel hurt in any way. Then Jenna felt something else. Not really the warmth that she had experienced before, this was a stronger, sharper feeling of heat. Like she was being branded. She noticed that the more her mother yelled at her, the more intense the feeling. She decided then and there that she would handle this, in her own way.


She walked up to her mother who was still spewing her verbal barrage, and grabbed her by the neck. By this point in time, Jenna was easily a foot taller than her. Jenna squeezed her mother’s neck. As she did so, her mother reached at Jenna’s arm, maddeningly trying to punch, scratch, or in any way move it away. Jenna responded to this by picking her up by the neck. Quickly, her mother stopped scratching Jenna’s are, and began to hold on to it for dear life. Her eyes widened like headlights, as she realized the position her daughter had put her in. Terrified, she met her daughter’s eyes. Jenna’s , calm and cool began to speak: “I am not going to reason with you. I am not going to speak to you from a place of love, or as a daughter. I am going to tell you how things are going to be from now one. Do you understand? Jenna’s mother couldn’t respond with her voice, as she was using all of her energy to keep breathing. She nodded her head slowly.


“I am going away to college after my senior year. Once I am gone, you will not see or hear from me again. I will not, nor do I expect any contact from you. I am no longer your daughter. For this remaining school year, I will live here and eat here. I will go where I want, when I want. Do you understand me? “ Another nod. “You will clean my room, do my laundry, and make my meals. Only the things any normal mother would do. Other than that, I want nothing to do with you. Don’t talk to me unless I speak to you first. I have spent as much of my life as I can remember trying to stay away from you. Now, for the next year, you will do that for me. Am I clear?” Another nod. Jenna released her neck, and her mother fell to the ground like a pile of dirty laundry. As soon as she was able, she got up and ran to her room.


That ended Jenna’s emotional slavery to her mother, and also brought her some peace through the following three weeks of summer.




That searing heat Jenna felt struck a nerve. She went and measured herself again.


Bust: 46 inches

Waist 33 inches

Hips 34 inches

Height 6 foot 6 inches

Weight 197 lbs.


This was new. That great anger seemed to also bring about the growth; then again, she had pleasured herself at work that night, but just a little. She wasn’t sure what was causing what, but she was sure that she didn’t want to share her findings. She decided to make a doctor’s appointment, and see what could be found out physically.


“I’m glad you called Jenna, I’ve never seen anything remotely like this, even in the medical journals. You’ve grown something…” The doctor had to check her chart “like 15 or 16 inches, and gained 90 lbs just in the last three months!”


“I know, isn’t it amazing! I really feel great!"


Jenna had a glow about her. It had been three weeks since she stood up (and stood up to) her mother. Things had never been better. Work was fine, Seth was great, but he was acting a little odd. Jenna didn’t worry too much about it. After all, she would be the best looking girl in school. She knew Seth would feel great about showing her off in a few weeks. “Funny” she thought, “I’ve never said that about myself before.” She was noticing the change in her outlook, the way she saw the world. She also knew that her personality was changing. She had learned more about her self in the last few months than she had in the rest of her life.


Jenna had spent the last two weeks thinking about what was happening, and how it was affecting her. She wanted to keep herself away from Seth sexually, as she had been worried about her control. She definitely felt different. She felt more independent. She had never experienced the amount of freedom that she now had, or maybe she never let herself. Before this started, she had so much emotional weight to carry around; her family life, her future, her body image all weighed upon her. Now it just seemed as though her new body, and the strength it provided were able to handle that weight with ease.


Jenna decided that she was happy. She liked what she was becoming, and was beginning to want more. Her growth, her sexuality and her strength were causing her less and less concern. She wasn’t worrying about them as much as she had just four weeks ago. She had decided she wanted to enjoy them, and see where they took her. The changes Jenna was going through emotionally had a much more profound effect on her than the amazing physical ones. Even Jessie had noticed how much Jenna had changed. She chalked it up to Seth, as well as her growth. It was as if Seth’s attention to her helped her to grow. She would never know how wrong she had been about that. Jenna’s growth had little to do with Seth.

“Jenna, I am not going to try to scare you, but this type of growth is unprecedented. I think we need to run some tests. It could be really important, possibly life threatening.”


“If you feel that way, no problem.” Jenna replied.


It was another two hours of poking, prodding and measuring. It was funny how several of the needles that Dr. Roberts was using bent when she was trying to take a blood sample.


“HHmmmm, that is funny. I guess we just got a bad batch.”

“Yeah, I guess Doc. How much longer is this going to take? I am going to the mountains with Seth tomorrow for a picnic, and I need to get ready.”


“You are still with Seth, the third string football player, right?”


“That’s him. We are having a great time.”


“Not to be rude Jenna, but have you consummated the relationship yet?”


”What? Oh, you mean sex. Well, yes, but we are being very careful. Don’t worry, we won’t have any accidents.”


“You know, abstinence is the best birth control.” Jenna almost laughed. Now that she had tasted the apple, she was ready to make sauce.


Abstinence was a word Jenna would never use again.


“Besides, at your size, you might hurt the poor boy!” Jenna and Dr. Roberts both laughed at the joke.


“I think we are done here. I will call you with the results as soon as I hear something.”


“OK, thanks, see you in six months.”


Dr. Roberts didn’t reply. She had already picked up the phone receiver and started dialing before Jenna had even left the room.



“You OK? You sound kind of down and out?” “No, I’m fine. How was your doctor’s appointment today? Did they tell you anything about your size?”

“Nope, but she ran some tests. I should hear something soon. You don’t think there is anything to worry about, do you?”


”Gosh Jen, I don’t know. You have grown so much in such a short period of time. I mean, you don’t look sick, that’s for sure!”


“You are a smooth talker Seth! If I didn’t know you better, I would think you are trying to take advantage of me.”


“No,….at this point… I think you are taking advantage of me.”

Jenna heard Seth, and grew concerned. He sounded so down, so depressed.


“Are we still on tomorrow? I am looking forward to the ride.”


“Yeah, sure, I’ll pick you up at 10:30, and we will picnic in the prettiest forest in the state. Are you sure your mom won’t mind you being gone for eight hours?


”No. My mom is fine with it. She won’t bother us at all.” “That was weird” Seth thought. What does she mean, won’t bother us?”


Seth was on time, and the pair left for a long drive to the mountains. They mostly made small talk on the way there; occasionally a serious topic was broached.


“So what do you know about your dad?” Seth said. He knew that Jenna had never known her dad, or seen him, but he was still curious.

“Not much, my mom’s never really told me a lot, only bits and pieces. They were dating in college; he was an athlete, worked hard. He and my mom were starting to think about getting married after they were done with school, then, he was gone. Just disappeared. My mother never saw him again.”


“Wow. That must have been tough.”


‘I am sure that is why my Mom is a bitter as she is today. She has never been able to let go. She found out she was pregnant after he had left.” Jenna looked off to the landscape as she was saying this. Seth soon understood that she was saying this to convince herself as much as she was explaining it to him. He grew uncomfortable, and changed the subject.


“You look spectacular Jen, I can’t believe how beautiful you are. You are so hot in that outfit!”


Jenna was wearing a tight, cropped “wife beater” tank top, and denim daisy duke shorts. The white bra did it’s best to hold her massive tits, but was clearly being overworked. She had on a pair white Ked’s style tennis shoes. She loved them because they were comfortable, and cheap. Besides, with size 13 shoes, Jenna was very limited in her selection.


“I’m glad you think so. I dressed for you.” Jenna looked at Seth seductively. The talk started to get Jenna hot. She had held off sexually with Seth for a while, and wanted badly to make love in the mountains, under some trees, out in the open. The thought excited her. Now she wasn't sure how much longer she could wait.


“Well, I sure appreciate it. I appreciate everything you give me.”


“Well, then you will appreciate this a whole lot.” Jenna smiled. She ran her hand to Seth’s leg, then up to his crotch. She unbuckled his belt, and with amazing dexterity, had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped in a matter of seconds.


“What! Hey Jenna, I’m driving!”


“Just relax…. I think you will enjoy this.” She freed his semi flaccid member from his pants, and began to run it down. His member was engorged in no time.


“See baby, I thought you would like this.” She smiled again. Seth would look over at her with quick glances, too nervous to take his eyes off of the road.


“Yeah, that feels great.” “Oh, I’m not done.” She grabbed his right arm at the elbow, and put it on her own shoulder. Then she bent down and began to suck his dick.


“OOHhhh!” Seth was shocked at first, but soon grabbed the back of Jenna’s head and ran his hands through her hair, in almost total ecstasy. It was becoming harder and harder to keep his eyes on the road.

Jenna probed his penis, from tip to base, wanting to taste each and ever millimeter of it’s length; she ran her fingers lightly across his balls, feeling out each testicle gently. She wanted to milk him. She wanted every last drop of sperm in her mouth. She was consumed by the need to swallow everything that he would give her.


Her work was soon rewarded. She felt his orgasm building in his balls, and she prepared herself. His ejaculate shot into her mouth like a fountain. She didn’t release her lips from his shaft the entire time. Three or four shots went into her mouth, before she felt Seth cool down. She still licked his tip, and milked his balls hoping for just another drop. Once done, she rose up and whispered into his hear:


“How soon till we’re there? I want to ride that magnificent pole of yours like a dime store pony. Baby, I want to **** you into the ground. When will we get there baby?”


Seth was sweating. He couldn’t take it much longer. Even after his orgasm, he knew he wanted her again.


“Uhh, let’s pull off at this gas station and see if we can find a spot a little closer. Besides, I could use some gas."


“You get the pump Seth, I will go in and pay.” Jenna walked into the convenience store attached to the gas station. Seth just looked at her and shook his head. He really didn't know if he could handle her much longer. Still, if she did kill him, it would be a great way to go.


Jenna was feeling it again. That warmth. The sexual predator in her was coming out. She walked into the store and stopped in her tracks. Behind the counter was an absolute stud. Probably only an inch or two shorter than her, bit she could see he was build like a tank. He was probably some kind of amateur bodybuilder. He had to be 300lbs if he was an ounce. She could see from his uniform shirt that his name was Duane.


The warm feeling was getting stronger. She was beginning to act on instinct, not thinking things through. She walked to the back of the mini store, putting on a straw cowboy had that looked worn, even though it was brand new. She caught a quick glimpse in the mirror and liked what she saw. She continued to the back of the store where she found the cold drinks. She warmth inside her was growing to a palpable heat. She grabbed a quart-sized carton of strawberry milk. She carried it up to the line. There was only one person in front of her. She made eye contact with Duane, and slowly opened the carton and brought it up to her lips. She indulged in each gulp of the sweet milk. Her drinking became more ravenous, and soon lines of the pink liquid were running down the sides of her mouth, and stopping at her tank top. She continued as the customer in front of her finished their transaction. It was all Duane could take to try to do business and still watch this magnificent specimen of a woman. Jenna walked up to the counter, and put the carton down. Not losing eye contact with the hapless counter attendant, she then ran her tongue across her top lip, then across the bottom. Duane watched breathlessly. This tall and voluptuous stranger aroused every particle of his being. She spoke.

“I’m afraid that I made a little mess,” she looked down on her tank top, now covered in pink stains. She slowly took it off, always smiling and looking at Duane. She dropped it on the counter. Now in a bra that was too small, and tight ultra short shorts, Jenna gave her best innocent little girl impression.


“Can I borrow your shirt? Please?”


Duane couldn’t believe it. This half naked goddess was now asking for his shirt. He quickly unbuttoned it and handed it over. Jenna put it on, but instead of buttoning it, she just tied the bottom across her midriff.


She saw more of him through the t-shirt he was wearing. "Yes, I need that." She thought.


“You are quite a gentleman.” Jenna then picked up her tank top from the counter. “Do you think you could a girl wash her intimates?”


She turned around and started to walk to the bathroom. Duane heard the door open, then close. He had never been the smartest tool in the shed, so it took Duane a few moments to collect himself, at which time he ran like mad to the bathroom.


He opened the door to see Jenna sitting on the sink, out of her shorts. She turned to look a Duane, opening her legs to expose her naked womanhood.


"Oh, can you help me clean this out?" Duane dove at her.


Ten minutes later, Jenna walked out to the car. She walked up behind Seth and squeezed his ass.


‘That’s mine, all mine.”


Seth laughed then began to speak:


“Where did you get the shirt and the hat?”


“Oh this, mine tank top got a stain, so the attendant gave me one of their uniform shirts. Wasn’t that nice? I just loved this hat. I had to have it.”


‘You know, you even make a green polyester uniform shirt look hot.”


“Dammit Seth,” Jenna reached over and licked his earlobe. “You are going to get so lucky you won’t be able to walk for a week.”


They both laughed and continued to their picnic spot.


A few hours later, Duane’s boss found him lying on the bathroom floor, unconscious. His nose had been broken, and his face was bright red, as if he brushed up against sand paper. He told his boss that he had slipped while cleaning the mirror, but in his mind he told himself he would never, ever, ever give oral sex to a bitch again. No matter how hot the girl was.


Jenna IX


We left Jenna and Seth as they left the gas station, Jenna having been orally pleasured by Duane in a bathroom. Jenna was beginning to feel the warmth again, and wanted Seth at their romantic picnic. Here is the story. 18 and over please.


The next fifteen minutes of driving were lovely, neither Seth or Jenna spoke. They just took in the landscape. It was beautiful, and seemingly untouched by development. Once reaching their spot, the two lovers unpacked their picnic meal and sat on a grassy field near their car. The only things reminding them that they were in civilization were the car, road, and the wood picnic table they were eating near. Jenna had placed the picnic basket on the table and was slowly bringing different dishes down to the blanket. The warmth had been on going since her blowjob with Seth earlier. It had peaked during her little run-in with Duane, and she was ready start a fire. She seductively lay down, stretching in the sun. The shirt she was wearing was stretched to the limit, and was slowly beginning to unravel. She kept her eyes closed, but began to smile.


Seth was watching her with a dry mouth. She was the most beautiful woman Seth had ever known. He was so attracted to her. Still, she was so forceful. She was addicted to their sex. He was a little scared. He couldn’t believe he was saying this. He seemed to be the only red-blooded high school stud that didn’t want sex.


Jenna grabbed a celery stick and began to play with it in her mouth. She licked is slowly, and then looked over to Seth. This was more than Seth could stand. He crawled over and began to kiss Jenna, working his way down her neck to her breasts. Jenna helped by unclasping the back of her bra, so that Seth could attack her breasts. Seth knew that Jenna was OK with his rough handling of her body. He nibbled on her nipples while he ran his hands around her back, reaching around to her ass. Jenna worked on Seth’s shirt, unbuttoning it, then starting on his pants. Once free, Jenna began to pump his shaft. The warmth was growing, getting even stronger than when she was in the gas station. She was having a hard time focusing. She again began to work on instinct and pulled away from Seth for a moment.


“Oohhhh, wait a second baby, I have something for you.” She stood up, and unbuttoned her shorts. She then turned around and bent over the picnic table, shaking her ass until her shorts fell down to her ankles. Freeing one foot from the shorts, she spread her legs, and stuck her ass out at Seth, who was sitting there watching. She turned her head to look at her mesmerized boyfriend.


“What do you think?” Seth didn’t think. He acted. Standing up, he walked over to Jenna. Grabbing her hips, Seth rammed his dick into her tight ass with reckless abandon, pumping with a greater and greater fervor. If felt so great for Jenna. The tightness of her ******* against the size of Seth’s manhood drove her over the edge. Screaming more and more loudly. The warmth was taking her over; Jenna was becoming primal in her urges. Naked except for her shoes, Jenna lifted her head to look out on the road. She saw a few cars drive by. This caused her to smile and the warmth intensified. She loved the idea of people seeing her getting fucked. It was exciting. Just as it excited her to have people shocked when they saw her beautiful body for the first time.


She started to push her ass back in anticipation of Seth’s thrusts, continuing to moan loudly. “OOOHHhhhhhh, OOOHHHHhhhhhhh, YYYYEEEEsssssss!” Jenna began to tighten her grip on the picnic table, matching the intensity of her lovemaking. The more excited she became, the more tightly she squeezed the sides of the wood table. Seth was reaching around, trying to grab to Jenna’s breasts, but unable to reach. He was running his hands over her back, and started to feel another cumshot building when he heard a tremendous crack. He pulled out of Jenna’s ass and stood back. He was surprised when Jenna turned around with a large piece of wood in each hand. Confused, Seth then looked at the picnic table. It’s top had been broken in two. “Geez, how could she do that?” Seth thought.


Jenna looked at him girlishly, holding the 4 inch pieces of wood in front of him. “I guess it broke, must have been old.” Seth knew instantly that she was wrong. That table looked very new. She moved closer to hem. He looked up to her, and back at the table, then back to her again. The smile on her face was somewhat disconcerting. Jenna interrupted him again. “Don’t let this slow you down, stud.”


She grabbed Seth and again made out with him. Slowly she pushed him down to the picnic blanket, and continued kissing him while working her hand back down to his near flaccid member. Seth, still a little shocked, became concerned. He didn’t have the ability to stop his natural urges however, and within a few moments, his erection returned. “Look at you, baby, I want to taste you again.” Jenna then moved down to Seth’s waist and began sucking his cock. Seth looked down at her, amazed at her passion. He could feel the warmth in her body, as she lay next to him. Then he saw Jenna’s left leg go into the air, as her crotch came into view. He knew what was coming. “Jenna, no, I don’t want to do tha..” His objections were muffled as Jenna lowered her crotch onto his face. She reached down and spread open her womanhood, and then slowly reached her hand around to push Seth’s head into her.


She stopped sucking his cock and began to speak. “Just try it baby, I think you will love it. Just lick me baby, stick that tongue in me!” She was grinding herself into him with no reciprocation of effort. Jenna was getting angry. “Come on Seth! Just try it, or I could just **** your nose.”


That threat inspired Seth’s actions. He had never heard Jenna like this, and realized that she was totally overpowering him. He began to lick her. Jenna quickly noticed. “OOOHHHHhhh, that’s it, keep going! MMMMMMmmmm. She sat up, completely putting her weight on Seth’s face. “Wait just a second baby!” She pulled herself up and turned around, looking down on Seth’s helpless face. “Let’s try it this way, I want to see you working.” She sat on his face again, grabbing the hair from the top of his head; she shoved him into her pussy. She looked down and smiled. “OOOHHHhhh baby! That is so good.”


She looked at Seth and smiled. She was grinding into his mouth, and began to rub her breasts. The afternoon sun felt good on her body, and it shone off of her, making her look like a goddess. The heat from the sun made her feel stronger and healthier. Totally lost in her feelings, she grinded harder on Seth’s face, taking his nose into her open lips. Seth, not completely covered, lost his ability to breathe. He began bucking wildly against Jenna, biting and punching with all of his energy.


Jenna was rubbing her nipples, and massaging her breasts when she looked down at Seth. His eyes had a look of terror, and she noticed his kicking and flailing below her. The sight ripped her out of her stupor. The warmth departed, leaving her so cold that goose bumps appears on most of her body. She quickly leaned off of Seth, and got down to him to see if he was OK.


“God Seth, are you alright?” He was speechless trying to catch his breath. He only looked at her. His facial expression showed both anger and fear.


“I’m al...al...alright.” Was his breathless response. Jenna began to button his shirt and pull his pants up.


“I didn’t know how far we had gotten. I guess I lost control.” She got up and began to dress herself.


“I really didn’t mean to hurt you!”


“I’m sure you didn’t, Jenna. What do you say we pack up and head for home? I am a little tired.”


Jenna was depressed, but she understood. She didn’t know what had come over her. The last time she lost herself like that she had pounded those two rapists into a pile of skin and bone. She didn’t want to hurt Seth, but she also felt the need to finish herself. She felt so bound by her passion, but she knew that nothing was going to happen.


The drive home was a quiet one. Upon reaching her house Seth spoke, “It was nice to spend the day with you. I’ll call you tomorrow, OK?”


“Sure Seth...I’m really sorry about today. I didn’t want to hurt you. She felt tears coming on. The thought of hurting Seth really upset her. She managed to fight them back. “I love you.”


“You too.” Was Seth’s disinterested reply. Jenna got out of the car and walked into the house. She went to her room and put on the biggest pair of sweats she could, and laid down on her bed to cry.


Her sleep was fitful, partially because she fell asleep at 6:30, and secondly, because of a strange feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. She awoke at 9 p.m. Her sadness was replaced with anger. “Damn that Seth. What the hell was wrong with him? I can’t help it if he can’t handle my sexual appetites. Maybe he isn't enough man for me” She got up and walked out the door, grabbing her purse and the keys to her mother’s car.


Jenna X


Driving around seemed like the best thing to do. Jenna was mad. Mad at Seth, mad at that punk Duane for passing out so soon, mad at those two rapists, mad at her mother. She needed an outlet, and something inside her wouldn’t let her relax. She saw the local gym. Never Closes flashed high above the entrance. It was open 24 hours, and Jenna was interested. She pulled over and went in. She noticed that there were only a few people in there working out, maybe 5 or 10 tops. Good, she thought, the fewer the better.


“How are you Miss? Need a workout?”


An employee greeted her before she had a chance to look at him.


”Fine, thanks.” She saw that he was really muscular. He had a handsome face, but what really caught Jenna were his eyes. Pure green. She always loved green eyes, and this man had the greenest she had ever seen outside of a magazine. She noticed that except for his head, there wasn’t a hair on his body, he was totally clean shaved. He was probably a body builder. She decided that she needed to pay more attention to him.


“Hi, I’m Brad. Nice to meet you.”


“Hi, I’m Jenna. I was hoping to workout tonight.”


“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Are you interested in joining our center? We are offering some great specials.”


Jenna realized that the quickest way to a workout was to play along with the sales pitch; besides, Brad was attractive, and the idea of lifting some weights was starting to excite her.


“Sure, tell me what you’ve got.”


20 minutes later, Jenna had her membership. She looked over at a nearby display selling workout clothing.


“Is it too late to buy anything over there? I hate working out in sweats, and I am naked as a jailbird underneath.”


“Well,” said Brad, “We wouldn’t want to have you walking around here in the buff, so lets get you some clothes.”


Jenna bought a couple pair of Lycra shorts and a few workout bras. She knew they would be small, but they would probably do.


She went to the ladies room to change clothes. When she returned, she noticed a hush in the gym. It seemed that people all over were looking at her. She could feel the warmth returning. Again, the prospect of being desired excited her. She liked being the center of attention. She walked back out and met Brad.


“OK, I am ready to start.”


Brad was as taken as the rest of the gym members. This huge goddess was an absolute vision. He had never seen anyone so large, and so beautiful.


“Well, judging from your physique, I would guess you are pretty familiar with a lot of our equipment.”


“Actually, I have never worked out before. I have been going through a bit of a growth spurt lately and thought I should get into shape.”


Jenna knew that this information would shock Brad. She could tell that he wanted her. She wanted to play with him.


“Why don’t you come over here, we usually take our new members measurements before we start them on a program, that way we have something to compare to after a few months of working out.


“Great!” Jenna was excited about having someone measure her. She looked down at Brad as he measured her hips and waist. He ran his tape around her bust, visibly uncomfortable.


“Be careful around there.” Jenna smiled.


Jenna could see that he was a little nervous, and having a hard time hiding it.


“No problem, I do this for a living. Now if you could get on the scale, we will measure you weight and height.”


He wrote down the results.


Bust: 48 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Hips: 57 inches

Height: 6 feet 7 inches

Weight: 210 pounds


“I would also like to take you body fat percentage as well. That will give us a good idea of your body’s composition.”


“Sure. I’d love to know.”


Brad took out the caliper and made his measurements.


“Wow, 15.5%. That is really low for a woman. You have some spectacular genes. Your body makeup is amazing for someone who doesn’t work out. I have never seen a woman so tall with your body type.”


“I don’t know what to say...Thank you. Do you think you can show me some of the weights now?”


“Sure, let’s get out there.” Brad led Jenna to the free weight room. Normally he wouldn’t start there, but he could tell that she could take it.


She practically ran to the dumbbells. Grabbing two 40lb dumbbells, she began bicep curling. She was lifting them as if they were a pound each. Brad was shocked. She was extremely strong, so he decided to take her to the “cage.”


The cage was a special area of the gym where the strongest men worked out. There was no dumbbell or plate there that was lighter than 75lbs. The cage was an intimidating place, and very few of the gym members ventured in there. Tonight there was only one other man working out there. Brad tried to ignore him. Brad knew who he was, and didn’t want to get into a conversation with him. His name was Mike, and he was one of the biggest jerks in the gym. He was 6 foot 9 inches, and probably weighed close to 350lbs. At his size, he did what he pleased in the gym, and no one, even employees, dared stop him. Most men didn’t even spot Mike, as he used weights that were just too heavy.


“The circus in town Brad? You must be working with the giant woman.” Mike smiled.


Jenna gave him an evil look.


“Ignore him, Jenna, he’s a jerk. Let’s start with something easy, how about a bicep curl.”


He gave Jenna 75lb dumbbells to begin. At the 20th rep, Jenna stopped.


“I don’t think this is working. I’m not feeling anything.”


Brad gave her 100lb dumbbells.


After about 12 reps, she looked at Brad. “That fells a little better.”


She put them down and grabbed a pair of 135lb dumbbells. She started to pump out the reps again. Brad could see her arms getting bigger as blood was flooding into the muscle. She forced out 5 repetitions. A smile grew on her face.


“That was great, what is next?”


Brad took her through exercise after exercise. It was nearly an hour after the workout began, and Jenna seemed to have more energy than when she started. Jenna seemed to get more and more excited. This feeling was awesome. The strength, the power. She knew that she was lifting incredibly heavy weights, and that Brad was very impressed.


Occasionally, Mike would chime in with a remark from the other side of the cage.


“Those steroids are really working for you.”


Jenna would give him the same nasty look. Brad, for his part was patient, and helpful. In reality, Brad was totally shocked. He had never seen a girl like this and he wanted to see what she could do.


“So how old are you? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”


“No, I don’t, I am 17. I’ll turn 18 about a month from now. Not long after school starts. I am going to be a senior.”


Brad couldn’t believe it. 17!!! My god, what was she capable of when she really started to work out?


“I’ll be you will knock the boys dead when you start school.”


She knew she would, but she wanted to play coy. “Aww, come on Brad. I think you are just being friendly.”


She had just finished a set of 12 repetitions at 325lbs on the bench press. Brad could see Jenna was excited; her nipples were practically ripping through her sports bra. A sports bra that looked too small to begin with. Brad had to try to be professional. “17!” he thought to himself. Jenna was smiling at him and standing up, “Ready for the next exercise, coach!” She wasn’t getting tired. Brad was amazed.


“OK, lets start on the legs. The squat is a great exercise for that.” Brad showed Jenna the basic stance and procedure to the squat, and then heard the bell ring at the front door. “Look Jenna, just sit here and I’ll be back in a few minutes. Squats are a hard exercise, and proper form is vital. I would like to be here when you start.”


“OK coach, I’ll wait.” Brad left for the door. Jenna decided to try some weight. She put a 100lb plate on each side, and squatted 20 reps without feeling anything.


”Wow, I’ll have to try some more weight.”


She added two more 100lb plates to each side, giving her a total of 635 lbs. She ran another 20 repetitions.


“This seems too easy” she thought to herself.


She took off all of the plates and put three 200 lb plates on each side. This was a challenge for her. She completed three reps, and almost finished when it something happened. The feeling of warmth came back so strong, she almost dropped the bar. She reveled in the feeling. She was able to pump out another four reps, before finishing. She could feel the blood flowing to her legs and ass. It was stronger than anything she had felt before. It was invigorating for her.


“You sure you aren’t a man in a wig?” Mike said.


Jenna wouldn’t take it any more. She needed to calm her warmth. She walked over to Mike.


“Gosh baby, you are so big, can I feel those muscles?


Mike was impressed with Jenna, but in his mind, women were to be talked down to, they were the weaker sex, and as far as he knew, they liked it that way.


”God, she was hot though.” He thought. He was wondering what she was doing lifting such heavy weights, and he had never seen such a vision. She was so tall, but she had the physique of a fitness model, great hips, abs, and tits. Fantastic tits. Still, she didn’t look cut. Just smooth. Not really fat, just perfectly smooth. He was broken from his thoughts by the sound of his shirt ripping.


“Hey bitch! I just bought that!”


Jenna started kissing his chest, working her way to his nipples. “Don’t worry big boy. Everything’s all right. Didn’t you hear me earlier? I’m only 17, just a little girl. I couldn’t possibly hurt a big strong man like you.”


She continued on his chest, leading him down on an empty bench. Her licking grew to nibbling, then to biting, when she finally broke his skin.


“Dammit you stupid Amazon whore! Knock it off!”


Mike pushed her up. She looked at him with a disapproving face.


“You know, you aren’t so nice. I don’t know what is driving you to be such a jerk, but I think you should be put in your place.”


Jenna was sitting on Mike know, and Mike grabbed her arms.


“Listen here you stupid bitch, I am going to get up and walk out of here. Don’t make me slap you around.”


“You definitely need an attitude adjustment.”


Jenna pushed her arms up, easily breaking Mike’s grip. She grabbed the 35lb bar sitting on posts above Mike’s head, and put it on his chest.


“Let’s see you bench this.”


She then grabbed as far as she could at the ends of the bar, and bent them over Mike’s chest, and underneath the bench.


Mike was in shock of the act he had just witnessed, and breathlessness was brought on by having the bar bent on his chest. He finally managed to speak.


“What the f*#@! HELP! HELP!!! HELP ME!!!!”


Jenna laughed at his struggles. The warmth had grown. It was now an almost searing heat. She recognized that she hadn’t had an orgasm with Seth earlier today, and needed the release. That was what motivated her now. She probably would have had Brad here now, but Mike was such a jerk, and Jenna liked this better. She needed to put him in his place. She was stalking. She thought it all along, but now she knew. It all made sense, like some natural urge driving her. Now she could do what was necessary to release it, Mike was just the instrument of her release. He was merely a loud-mouthed, arrogant, muscular vibrator. The only difference between herself and a common animal in heat was the amount of restraint that she had shown so far, choosing an ass like Mike to do this to, instead of a good guy like Brad. That was fine with Jenna. In fact, knowing what a jerk Mike was made it easier, she wouldn’t feel guilty, she wouldn’t hold back.


“We wouldn’t want anyone interrupting our private time, now would we?”


She took off her bra, exposing her massive tits, and stuffed it into Mike’s mouth, muffling his cries.


“That’s better, now where were we?”


Jenna stood up, and grabbed a bar from another bench. She returned and quickly sat down on Mike’s legs, preventing him from flailing them about. The then bent another bar around Mike’s legs, totally immobilizing him. Jenna liked the way her pectorals strained underneath her boobs when she bent the metal.


“Now we can play.”


Jenna took a quick look up at the front desk. Brad was working with some customers, and looked like he was pretty busy.


“Oohhh baby, let’s see what you can do for me.”


Jenna bent down and slowly ran her breasts across Mike’s body, letting only her nipples make contact with his skin.


“Uuuummmm, isn’t that nice Mikey?”


Mike couldn’t say a word.


She then sat up on his chest, facing his feet, and ran her fingers over his crotch, quickly tearing away Mike’s exercise shorts. She turned to Mike with a smile on her face.


“I guess the anger wasn’t the only side affect to the steroids, eh Mikey-poo?”


She started flapping around his flaccid member, trying to massage an erection.


“Oohhh Mikey, I need some help here. I am ready to play, and you are the only one big enough to play with. Can’t you help me out?”


She then put her lips to Mike’s penis, licking as best she could. Finally, Jenna got a response. Although small, an erection was growing.


“I guess this will have to do.”


Jenna pulled one leg through her shorts, leaving them around her other thigh. She knew she may have to make an early exit, and wanted to be prepared. She lowered herself on Mike’s small member. Thrusting slowly, she began to speak.


“Ohhhh Mikey, this sure is nice, but I wish you had a few more inches on this little pecker of yours.”


Jenna began pumping with more intensity, trying to build her arousal.


Mike tried to speak in mumbled tones. “MMMEey…” Jenna interrupted him.


“What, am I being to soft? OK, let’s go a little harder.”


She started pounding on him even harder. She pulled her bra out of his mouth, and looked down at him with a smile.


“Let me give you another gag, OK?”


He put the bra on her right bicep, as she did her shorts to her thigh, then bent down, taking one hand and stuffing her nipple, and as much of her huge tit as possible into Mike’s mouth.


After being so close to orgasm with Seth earlier today, it didn’t take long for Jenna to reach her point of no return; although it did take her playing with her other breast and nipple before she could achieve it.


‘Oohhhh, YYYEEEEeesssss, HERE IT COMES!!!!” She was sitting up completely straight now, dropping all of her weight on Mike with each thrust. Mike had lost his ability to fight back. He was practically unconscious at this point.


Jenna’s last thrust came with a wail that Mike thought would wake the dead. Jenna laid on him, grabbing his head, and looking at him with a smile.


“Thanks baby, that was pretty great.” She stood up and began to put her clothes back on. “Let’s say you are a little nicer to the people here in the future, OK?”


Mike could only nod his head, he was barely conscious.


“I guess he couldn’t handle a big girl.”


She bent down and twisted the bars, releasing Mike. He was still unconscious, and didn’t move an inch. Jenna then tried her best to straighten out the bars so that no one would notice. She found that it was difficult to straighten out the bars perfectly, but she came close, and left them on the weight benches.


Mike was starting to groan, and turned his head to see Jenna smiling at him.


“Remember baby, let’s be nicer to people, OK?”


“Yeah, uuhhh, sure, whatever you say.”


He gingerly sat up. He could feel a lot of pain in his pelvis and back. Probably a cracked tailbone, he thought.


“You made quite a mess around here Mikey, I think you are going to have to pay for it. Oh, and I hope that no one finds out what happened here. I mean, who would believe that a 17 year old did all of this anyway?”


Mike was smart enough to know when he lost. “Whatever you say. What was your name again?”


“Oh, don’t worry about that Mikey, just remember to be nice, oh, and the next time I feel like working out, you will stay out of my way. Right?”


“No problem” was his disgruntled reply.


Jenna went to the locker room and grabbed her sweats. She was walking out of the gym, and saw Brad. She smiled at him. He quickly walked away from his other customer and approached Jenna.


“Are we all done for today?”


“Yeah, but I wanted to thank you. I appreciate your help today, and look forward to coming back again soon.”


“Listen, I really look forward to working with you again, I think you are something special. Come here for a moment.”


Brad grabbed Jenna’s elbow softly and lead her back to the office where she signed her paperwork. He grabbed her contact and ripped it up.


‘You come in here whenever you like, no charge. Just let me know, and I’ll make arrangements. You are something special.”


Jenna returned to the 17 year old schoolgirl, a huge smile emerging on her face.


“Thank you! Really, thank you, I think that is just great!”


Both of them stood up, and Jenna, still excited about Brad’s gesture, grabbed him, and pulled him into a bear hug. Brad’s face was covered in Jenna’s tits, his eyes staring into her nipple. He managed to pull himself away.


If it weren’t for his extremely dark skin, Brad’s blushing would have been more obvious.


“No problem, like I said, you are special, and I would like to work with you again.”


Jenna left the gym, relaxed and happy. She got to bed around 11:45 that night, and fell asleep quickly.



Jenna XI


“Seth, are you sure about this?” Jenna was near tears. It was a week since their last date, and Seth was calling to break up with her.


“Jenna, I really like you, I think I still love you, but I just think things are going out of control and I don’t think I can handle you. I just need some time. I think we should be friends for a while, and hopefully, date again.”


“So you want me on a string while you figure things out!”


Jenna was getting mad now.


“No, not at all…”


Jenna interrupted Seth,


“So I should just wait for you to make a decision! To decide if you can handle me! Just sit here during my senior year! Forget it! I am going to have some fun my senior year, whether you like it or not. I want to be with you Seth, but if you can’t handle me, I am going to move on.”


“I’m sorry Jenna, I hope that we can be friends.”


“We’ll see Seth, we’ll see.”


Jenna got off the phone both sad and upset. She really cared for Seth. He had always been great to her. Still, it wasn’t her fault he couldn’t handle her. She wasn’t going to change, and it sounded like he didn’t want to. She would have her fun, whether he liked it or not.


For the first time in almost all summer, Jenna felt depressed.


The first day of school had finally arrived. Jenna was totally free, no Seth, no problems. She decided she would wear a tan Scot plaid skirt and a white collared dress shirt. The shirt was tied around her waist and unbuttoned far enough down to show most of her cleavage. She was also wearing strapped large soled shoes that gave her an added two inches of height. The skirt was shorter than when she tried it on. Now it only covered a couple of inches past her ass.


She looked at herself in the mirror. Pigtails, she thought. She brushed her hair in pigtails on either side and tied them up.


“Now that’s a proper school girl.” She thought.


Needless to say, the eyes of the school were on Jenna. The girls wanted to know who she was. The boys just wanted her. For her part, Jenna just tried to be herself. It had been two weeks since her breakup with Seth, and she was amazed how she now felt. She was in the depths of depression for a few days, hurt for another 3 or 4, and just sad for the last week. The return to school had done wonders for her mood.


The funny thing was, since she had Mike at the gym, she hadn’t had sex at all. Maybe it was the affect of breaking up with Seth. She didn’t know. She didn’t do much over the last couple of weeks, she worked, she went shopping, she talked on the phone with Jess, but mostly, she stayed at home. She did know that would soon change. She just knew that she was excited to be back at school. This was her senior year and she was going to take advantage of that. She knew that all eyes were on her, and that they would continue to be for the entire year. That excited her.


“…I know this is your “big” year seniors, but we have a lot of work to accomplish in this class, and I won’t be patient about laziness.”


Jenna was in second period. She had Mr. McKnight for calculus. She knew that he was a prick. He was hard on all of his students. She knew that she needed this class to really look good for Marquette. Math always required the most work for her. She didn’t want to be there, but she needed the class and the grade.


Mr. Phil McKnight was a 42-year old recently divorced math teacher who had more than his share of bitterness toward the world. Being tough on his students was his way to give some back.


“Jenna, Jenna!” Jenna was awakened from her daydreaming by Mr. McKnight.


“Some place you would rather be?” “Problem with the desk?” That was a joke. Jenna had barely been able to fit into the desk once she got into class. She was trying to adjust herself for the last half hour, which wasn’t easy based on the length of her skirt. She had finally gotten comfortable when Mr. McKnight got her attention. She had the attention of the rest of the boys in class since she first walked in.


“No sir, I’m fine. Do you need something?” Mr. McKnight was struck back. She seemed so calm, so cool about her response. He didn’t like back talkers much.


“Just your attention. Please report to me at lunch.” Everyone looked at Jenna, and then at their desks.


“See you then.”


“What did you want me to take a picture of?” asked Jess. She was pulling her phone out of her purse when Jenna has asked for the favor.


“Just trust me. I am going to put McKnight in his place, and I need you to snap a few pictures.”




Jenna walked into Mr. McKnight’s room at 12:05 that afternoon.


“You wanted to see me?” Jenna walked up to his desk.


“Sit down, Jenna.” Mr. McKnight didn’t even look up to greet her. Spurned, Jenna sat on the corner of his desk, letting the slit of her skirt open to expose the most thigh possible.


“I don’t know about your outburst….” He looked up at her, sitting on the corner of his desk. She was a goddess. He tried to continue,


“…Today, but I need you to show me respect in the classroom. If you don’t, then what can I expect from the rest of the class?”


‘I appreciate that sir,” Jenna crossed her legs, almost touching him as she did so.


“And I didn’t mean any disrespect. I’m really nervous. It’s really important that I do well in your class this year, and I may need some extra help.”


She started to rub her arm, running her hand past her right breast. Her nipples were expanding noticeably.


“I don’t know how smart you are, but if you work hard, I am sure you will do fine.” He was unknowingly watching her hand as Jenna softly caressed her arm.

It had been over a year since he had sex with anything other than his hand.


“Bitch of a wife” he thought.


“Wait, I am the teacher here, I need to remain in control.”


He stood up and walked over to the classroom door. He opened it, knowing that the threat of anyone walking by would keep him under control. Jenna noticed an erection in his pants. She smiled. She knew she would get this reaction. It was too easy now. She was starting to get excited. It was the control. Knowing she had power over him was an aphrodisiac to her.


“I may not be that smart Mr. McKnight,” She stared at him as he sat back into his chair, “but I will do whatever it takes to make the grade.”


She uncrossed her legs, nudging his knee and giving him an open view of her crotch.


“I want to be successful.”


She began rubbing her hand on her inner thigh. He was starting to sweat. He was losing control.


“We will see what happens as the semester progresses. I will help you as much as I can.”


“What if I can’t wait that long?”


She ran her finger up to the side of her underwear, pulling it down her legs. She then spread them again, putting a heel of each shoe on each of his shoulders. She had him trapped. They both knew it.


He could stand it no longer, as he lunged between her legs. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and began to pleasure her orally. Jenna noticed instantly that he was different from anyone else she had been with.


“Oohhh, wow. Wha…ooohhhh!”


She sat on his desk, her hands holding her up. She let him do the work, feeling the most intense pleasure she had experienced from this type of sex. She thought to herself that if he was this great at oral how would he in other areas.


She looked out the window and saw Jessie, but couldn’t concentrate. A variable had come into play. Mr. McKnight was fantastic and she wanted more.


“Oh baby, oh baby, yes, YES!”


After five minutes of his services, Jenna was ready for more. She pulled him out of her, and stood him up. Jenna remained seated on his desk, but with the size difference, the two met face to face and the two started to kiss passionately. Jenna rammed her tongue into his mouth. She could taste herself in his mouth and it excited her. Her passion was burning now. She was fully under the influence of her sexual urges.


They heard something. Jenna dropped down to her knees and hid underneath his desk. Mr. McKnight just sat down and started writing something.


“Hey Phil, how are you?” Ms. Magdelina stopped at his doorway, smiling and trying to make polite conversation.


Jenna heard this and giggled to herself. She was still in the throws of passion, but didn’t want to embarrass poor “Phil”


“Doing alright Doris, how are your NEW…” he stopped mid sentence. Jenna had been unzipping his pants, and started to lick his erect prick.


Uhh, kids?” He finished


“Well, it’s a new year, who knows? Yours?”


“Oh, they’ll be all right. None of them seem to bad.”


“By the way, did you get a look at that one girl, Jenna something or other? She must be seven feet tall!” “She’s got the body of a stripper! I can’t believe she is only a senior.”


“Yeah,” Phil responded, “I have her in one of my classes. She really is something, isn’t she.”?


Jenna responded by swallowing as much of his cock as possible.


“See you in the lunchroom, Phil.” Doris walked away. Jenna continued sucking him off.


She ran her hands up his legs, and reached for the armrests of his chair. Pulling with some effort, she was able to tear them from the chair.


Phil looked down at her, then at the armrests that she tore off.


“Holy crap.”


He looked down at Jenna. Jenna kicked his desk back, and gave his penis on last long lick. She stood up in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her massive bra. She unclipped it from the back, putting on a show for her calculus teacher. She stood in front of him stretching her arms in the air, her breasts swaying free from their constraints. She slowly smiled and looked down at him.


“I am going to **** you dry. When I am done you won’t be able to walk for days.”


She sat on his erection, grabbing his head and leading it to her nipples.


Jenna began to whisper at Phil,


“Gosh I love your dick. It’s so big, so fat. Give me more baby.”


She was so hot, overheating actually. She wanted to scream but she knew she couldn’t. She could feel herself starting to grow. Her shoes straps began to get tighter against her feel. Her skirt was tighter on her waist. The feeling of growth, combined with the power she had over Phil inspired her to pump his shaft harder. She continued to ride him for another few minutes, finally going over the edge.


For his part, Phil sat trying to do what he could to pleasure this giant stripper goddess. He valiantly tried to grab her buttocks and control Jenna’s thrusting, but it wasn’t to be. She was too strong. She had her own pace and he could only hope to hang on for the ride. Her orgasm came and she responded with a long low growl. Staring him in the eye, she looked like a predator, with a face as serious as a heart attack.


A few minutes later, still sitting on Phil’s deflated member, Jenna started to fix her bra, and button her blouse. She had become a student again.


“Thanks Mr. McKnight. I really appreciate your help. I really hope that I can get that A this semester.”


Phil watched her entranced with her face and her body. “Well, I see how committed you are. I think you’ll do fine.”


Jenna kissed him on the cheek.


“I want to do whatever it takes.”


She walked out of the class and back to her locker.


Jenna walked home with Jessie, both feeling a little weird.


“So what was it like?” Jessie asked. “I mean, you two looked like you should have been is some kind of porn movie or something.”


Jenna seemed uncomfortable again. In her mind, she was trying to understand the paradox of her changing personality. One moment, she was a sexual predator, attacking her teacher, a symbol of authority by fucking him senseless. A short thirty minutes later, she felt like the undersized high school student that couldn’t get a date; ashamed at what she had done. She was embarrassed again. She was still feeling a little uncomfortable while Jessie continued her line of questioning.


“It was definitely hot, I mean, it felt…you know, I really don’t want to talk about it, maybe later.” Jenna couldn’t look Jess in the eye when she said this. Neither of them felt too comfortable.


“Hey, my parents won’t come home until later tonight, why don’t you come over for a pizza, we can zone out in front of the tube.” Jess couldn’t admit it, but she was feeling more and more attracted to Jenna. First she thought it was nothing, something she could fight off by thinking of something else. However, over the last week or two, it had become too hard to ignore. She wanted; actually, she needed to spend as much time with Jenna as she could. It had become an obsession, and she was going to act upon it.


“Well, OK. It sounds like fun. I am working tomorrow night, and I need any reason to keep away from my house.” Jenna smiled. She always appreciated having such a good friend in Jessie. No matter what happened, she knew Jessie would be there for her.


They continued to Jessie’s house, making small talk all the way. Jessie smiled. Her plan was working…





JENNA XII - A New Experience



It was already 7:00. Jenna and Jessie had finished their homework, downed the pizza, and talked about all of the boys at school. Jessie never had one steady boyfriend, at least for longer than two weeks. She was really popular, and didn’t feel the need to commit for too long. The conversation became much more interesting after Jessie brought out a six pack of beer from the fridge.


“Let’s drink!” Jessie said.


Jenna was shocked. “I have never really had too much of that, I thought it always tasted gross.”


“That’s because you never tried the good stuff.” Jessie replied. She popped open two bottles of the Guinness, and handed one to Jenna.


“You will enjoy this...by the third one.” Jessie said, smiling.


“Alright I guess. It’s a good thing I trust you.” Jenna never really drank more than a sip here or there; but because it was just Jessie and her, and they were safely at Jessie’s house, she felt comfortable enough to take the chance.


It only took about an hour for the two girls to finish all six beers. Jessie pulled out another six-pack, and the two finished off two more each. It was affecting Jenna. She thought that because of her size, the alcohol wouldn’t affect her much. She was wrong. She felt very relaxed, in a kind of groove that she couldn’t explain, and hardly understood. It was a feeling type of thing. Almost everything seemed funny to her. Everything that was on TV was hilarious, and what Jessie was saying brought her to hysterics. She finally realized that she didn't think about any of her problems, and when she did, they didn’t bother her so much. Her mood was lighter. She felt happier. She thought she should start drinking beer more often.


Jessie wanted to start a new conversation. Homework and boys weren’t what she really wanted to discuss.


“Jenna, how big do you think you are now?”


“I don’t know, as big as a cow I guess.” Jenna replied. “A big, fat, Jersey milking cow.”


She grabbed one of her boobs to emphasize the milking part of the statement.


“Seriously, you don’t know at all?”


“Why would I? I’m a freak.” Jenna replied.


“My gosh, you are killing me.” Jessie said. “You might have said that six months ago, but look at yourself now! You have a great body. Every part of you is perfect!, I think every guy at school wants you, especially Seth, now that he knows what he lost, and at your size, they can’t stand it. You are driving guys, AND TEACHERS, crazy!”


Jenna smiled. Jessie was right, she did look great, and she knew she could have anyone she wanted, student, teacher, whatever.


“I guess I am about 6” 8” or so. I am not sure.”


“Let’s find out.” Jessie quickly replied.


"I don't know Jess..." Jenna replied, hesitant to continue, and hoping Jessie would let it go. Little did she know Jessie's true intentions.


'Why not, I mean really, it's just the two of us, and I think you really want to know."


Jessie wouldn't take no for an answer. She grabbed Jenna's hand and started trying to pull her out of the couch. There was no way she could complete such a task if Jenna didn't get up under her own power. Both of the girls started giggling as they walked to the bathroom.


"Ok, Stand up straight." Jessie was untying the measuring tape, hardly able to contain her excitement.


"Here we go." she ran the tape around Jenna's hips. "OK, now up a little" then her waist.


She got to Jenna's breasts, and decided something wasn't right. "Let's get this off." she said, pulling at Jenna's shirt.


"You have to be kidding. What do you need that off for?" Jenna replied defensively.


"I have to get an accurate measurement. Take the bra off too."


"No WAY. That is too weird."


"Listen, no one is here, it's just you and me. I won't tell anyone, and I just have to get this right." Jessie look at Jenna sheepishly. She hoped the line would work. Jenna returned the look with a smile.


"Whatever, just don't get crazy on me." Jenna said. She reached back and undid the four clasps and let her bra fall to the floor. Jessie was trying to contain herself. She couldn't believe the perfection in front of her. She wanted to touch them so badly, but she had to keep control. She didn't want Jenna to know she had these feelings, unless....."Maybe she, no, she wouldn't even think about it. Calm down girl." she told herself.


She ran the tape around Jenna's bust, making sure to hit both of her nipples. She looked Jenna in the eye. "Wow. I'm impressed!" Jess said.


"What, how big are they?" Jenna was really excited to know.


"I will tell you in a minute, just relax. Now get on the scale."


Jenna stood on the scale, and waited for Jessie to give the OK. "I've got it, you can get off now. Let's get your height."


Jenna turned around and put her back up against the wall. Looking at herself in the mirror, she no longer felt so self conscious. She was wearing nothing but her plaid skirt, and her socks. The little girl currently climbing to measure her height had stripped her of all else, and it didn't bother her. In fact, she liked it. "Was it the beer?" she thought, "or was it the warmth?"


"I think I am going to need some help," Jessie said, leaving the room and returning with a stepstool.


"This should do the trick." She put the bottom of the tape under Jenna's heel, and ran the tape up to her breasts, purposely holding it there while she stepped on the stool. Jenna gave her a look.


"What is she doing?" Jenna was starting to get excited. Jessie had hit her tits twice now, and running that tape over her body made Jenna feel more and more aroused. Jessie gave her a look back, and for an instant, Jessie thought, no, she knew that she was going to pull this off. She ran the tape up to the top of Jenna's head, never taking her other hand of Jenna's breast, and looking away only long enough to check her measurement.


"Six foot eleven inches" Jessie said. She was no longer able to control herself. "You are almost seven feet tall!" She started to run her hand over Jenna's breast, finally reaching the areola and nipple, circling them gingerly. "and perfect. You are unbelievably beautiful." Still on the stepstool, Jess reached up and gave Jenna a long passionate kiss; running her tongue all around Jenna's mouth.


Jenna quickly responded by kissing Jess back. Her tongue was almost too much for Jessie to take. Soon, she felt Jenna's arm wrap around her ass, lifting her from the stool. Holding her now, Jenna walked to Jessie's room, all the while keeping her tongue tied in an erotic dance inside Jessie's mouth.


Jess was shocked when Jenna dropped her on the bed. "I hope you are ready for this. I am not sure you will be able to handle it." Jenna told her, smiling.


"Well, let's see what you can do." Jess smiled back at Jen, watching her unbuckle the waistband on her skirt. Jessie spread her legs seductively, running her finger to her mouth. Jenna knew what she wanted. She fell on the bed, forcing her head between Jessie's open legs, and thrusting her tongue into Jessie's moist slit.


Jenna had only experienced this type of thing twice before, but she had a pretty good idea what she liked, and what Jessie would like. She could tell by Jessie's moans that she was hitting the right spots. Jessie held her boobs, while squeezing her thighs around Jenna's head. She couldn't believe what Jenna was doing, and how good it felt. She didn't want to stop. Jenna then pulled her head up and began to finger fuck Jessie. Running her index finger and middle finger into Jessie's slit, Jenna was able to watch as Jessie writhed in orgasmic pleasure. Wanting to see if she could push Jessie over the edge, Jenna tore open Jessie's blouse and began to suck on her nipple. Jessie's moans began to increase and Jenna flicked her enlarged nipple between her teeth.


Jessie was thrusting into Jenna's waiting hand, fucking her for all she was worth, heaving her ass up and off of the bed, bouncing into and around Jenna's now wet fingers. Jessie's screams grew closer and closer as she approached orgasm. She pulled Jenna's face from her nipple, and kissed her passionately on the lips


Barely over her orgasm, she looked Jenna in the eye, "wait here for a minute." she said.


Jenna rolled over, running her fingers over her own naked body, watching Jessie run out of the bedroom. Jenna smiled lazily. She liked pushing Jessie to orgasm. For so long, Jessie was the cool one, the one who had more "experience," but now, Jenna was filling that role. She knew that Jessie was into her for a long time. "Gosh, I love this. Is it so wrong to do this?" Jenna thought to herself. "I just can't seem to get enou....


She was interrupted when she felt something on her crotch. Opening her eyes, she saw Jessie climbing on her body, pushing something into her. "Let's see how you like this!" Jessie started thrusting a strap-on dildo into Jenna's pussy. Jenna didn't know what to think. God, it was huge, and it felt so good. "Just let it go, enjoy this." she thought She had never felt anything that big inside of her, it was stimulating parts of her she never knew about. She started moaning in unison with Jessie's thrusts. She opened her eyes to look at Jessie. She was almost completely in the throws of passion. Jessie had a smile on her face, loving the fact that she was doing this to her much larger friend.


Jenna decided she was too close to orgasm to mess this up. She reached her hands around and grabbed Jessie's ass. She forced Jessie to thrust faster and harder. Jessie didn't know what to think. She was a little scared, but also really excited. She bent over and grabbed one of Jenna's breasts. Kneading it relentlessly, she ran her thumb over Jenna's nipple. flicking it and watching it get longer.


"Suck it, goddamit!" Jenna replied. She grabbed the back of Jessie's head and softly pushed her down to the aroused nipple. Jessie started to tease her with her tongue. Jenna was loving it.


:"Yes! Yessss!" Jessie moved to the other nipple, running her tongue around her areola, and finally attacking that nipple as well. She knew that Jenna was close to getting off, and she wanted to do everything possible to push her over the edge. Suddenly, Jessie tasted a strange sweet liquid in her mouth. For a minute instant, she didn't know what it was. She quickly realized it was Jenna, lactating. Jessie, totally in the throws of passion, began to suck with a reckless abandon. She then aggressively grabbed Jenna's other nipple, sucking ravenously, she was quickly rewarded with another mouthful of warm milk.


'Ohhh, OOOHHHHhhh, JESSSSSSSSSS!" Jenna exploded in orgasm, she simultaneously grabbed Jessie and pressed her down into Jenna's body, and pushed three or four final thrusts so powerful that Jessie was lifted off of the bed. Her suckling connection to Jenna's breast was terminated as she was thrown around like a rag doll.


Now resting, Jenna again closed her eyes. Totally satisfied, and relaxed. Jessie crawled up to rest her head next to Jenna's neck. "Gosh, that was amazing." Jessie kissed Jenna's cheek and nuzzled up into her. Jenna smiled. The both of them fell asleep.



Suck it, goddamit!" Jenna replied.


She grabbed the back of Jessie's head and softly pushed her down to the aroused nipple. Jessie started to tease her with her tongue. Jenna loved it.


:"Yes! Yessss!"


Jessie moved to the other nipple, running her tongue around her areola, and finally attacking that nipple as well. She knew that Jenna was close to getting off, and she wanted to do everything possible to push her over the edge. Suddenly, Jessie tasted a strange sweet liquid in her mouth. For a minute instant, she didn't know what it was. She quickly realized it was Jenna, lactating. Jessie, totally in the throws of passion, began to suck with a reckless abandon. She then aggressively grabbed Jenna's other nipple, sucking ravenously, she was quickly rewarded with another mouthful of warm milk.




Jenna exploded in orgasm; she simultaneously grabbed Jessie and pressed her down into her own body, and pushed three or four final thrusts so powerful that Jessie was lifted off of the bed. Her suckling connection to Jenna's breast was terminated as she was thrown around like a rag doll.


Now resting, Jenna again closed her eyes. Totally satisfied, and relaxed. Jessie crawled up to rest her head next to Jenna's neck.


"Gosh, that was amazing. I feel so warm, so...relaxed, but energized."


Jessie said as she kissed Jenna's cheek and nuzzled up into her. Jenna smiled. The both of them fell asleep.


Part 11 - The Passion is Contagious


Jenna was awakened by Jessie's tossing and turning in bed. Wiping her eyes to awaken herself, Jenna looked a Jessie. She was dripping sweat from every part of her body. She was moaning as if in a bad dream. Jenna looked at the clock. It was only 10:00. They had been sleeping for about an hour. “What could be wrong? Was it the pizza, the beer, or the….” Jenna shuttered to complete her thought, but she was fairly confident what brought this on.


"Hey, Jess, wake up...WAKE UP!" Jenna grabbed Jessie's shoulders and shook her slightly.


"Wha...What's up Jenna?" Jessie turned over to look at her friend, still groggy.


"Are you feeling OK? You look feverish." Jenna said.


"Funny, I feel fine, I was sleeping so deeply, I mean, until you woke me up. I don’t remember the last time I slept so well." While talking, Jessie realized the sweat building on her forehead, and wiped her brow. She realized that she was dripping wet.


"I don't feel bad, but I better go wash up." She got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Jenna noticed something different but didn't want to say anything. Her thoughts were confirmed when she heard Jessie screaming from the bathroom.


Jenna ran in, and saw Jessie standing in the bathroom covering herself in her boobs and crotch. She was right, something was different; Jessie had changed.


"Jenna, look at me! Gosh, what happened?"


"I don't know!” Jenna replied.


“Get into the shower and calm down a little. We can talk afterward."


Jessie, still in shock, sat on the toilet seat. Jenna turned on the shower, and handed Jessie a towel. Jessie quickly wrapped it around her sweat soaked body, not even looking up from the tile floor.


"I'll get us something to eat."


"Ohh," Jessie replied, "I am really hungry;” Jenna was surprised by Jessie’s quick response. “Is there any pizza left? Let's call the pizza place again, get an extra large with everything. That sounds tasty.” A slight smile grew upon Jessie’s lips; “...and see if they can send that same delivery boy over again, he's hot!" "Odd," Jenna thought, "I never really noticed the delivery boy, I’m surprised she is."


It was about 10:30; Jenna went back to the bedroom and got dressed. She had hoped that Jessie was just sick from the beer without eating any food. She knew that wasn't the case, but she still hoped it was the case. She knew it had something to do with her lactation, her milk. "What is up with me?" she thought when she dialed up the pizza place. 'I know we just ordered earlier, but we are hungry again. Send and extra large with everything, and send the same delivery boy, we like him, he's really nice. OK, thanks."


Once off of the phone, Jenna thought some more. It was clear that Jessie had grown, and not just in height. Her body had more musculature, her breasts were clearly larger. Her hips slightly bigger, giving her more of an hourglass shape. Her hair even looked longer, but Jenna wasn’t sure. The sweat that covered Jessie’s body made it hard to tell how her hair looked naturally.


“Is she going through what I did? Oh my God.”


Jenna was thinking of Jessie. Jenna’s experience was unique because she was so timid, small, and plain. She didn’t know what it was like to have sex, to be wanted, and when it happened, she was able to temper her feelings (somewhat) because they were so new to her. Still, it took all of the restraint she could muster and still, she was an animalistic lover.


“Jessie knows about sex, how great it is. There isn’t anything to hold her back. She might go out of control!”


She shook herself.


“Let’s just wait and see…”


She looked up before she had finished her thought to see Jessie walking into the family room. She was wearing a t shirt that was easily two sized too small, covering only a part of her abdomen. Her shirt sleeves ended up around her deltoids. He also had on a pair of cut off sweats, so tight they looked painted on.


She walked up to Jenna, visibly scared; she sat in her lap and hugged her.


"Don't worry, everything is OK;”


Jenna was holding her now, looking at her body.


“You just went through a little bit of a growth spurt.”


Jessie looked up at her friend.


“Jenna, what is going on? I know this has to do with your growing and that milk from your boobs!”


Jenna knew that was probably true.


“I don’t know Jess, but look at yourself, you are beautiful!"


Jessie pulled back, almost in shock.


"Are you serious? I must be over six feet tall, I'm an Amazon!"


Suddenly caught in the silliness of her statement. Even at her new size, she was much smaller than Jenna. Jessie broke a seemingly endless silence.


"Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking; I am just scared I guess." Jess said.


"It's OK, you are upset."


Jessie stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.


"Gosh, I think you are right, look at my boobs, and my ass!"


She grabbed her boobs, holding them in her hands.


"They are amazing!"


They were full breasts, at least a D cup, but they were firm, not saggy. They looked like Jenna’s but smaller.


Jenna looked as Jessie. She was impressed at how good she looked.


"You should stay home for a few days; tell the school you have mono or something.”


Jenna was now rubbing her hands on her ass, overjoyed at its curvature. She had never had much of a butt to speak of, but this was different. Jessie had almost completely forgotten about her fear. She was growing intoxicated with her new beauty.


“God, I am hot, really, really hot!” she thought to herself.


"You’re right, I will call my parents, then the school...."


She was interrupted by the doorbell. It was the pizza. Jessie turned from the mirror.


"Come on in, I'll be right there. Jenna left the room; she had to finish getting dressed, and do something with her hair.


The pizza boy walked into the house, "Nice" he thought.


"Those high school snobs live here. I wonder why then needed another pizza; maybe they are having a bulimia party."


Ricky was lower class. He went to high school with Jenna and Jessie, and had a thing for Jessie. He knew he never had a shot, and that combined with Jessie’s money made him bitter.


"Hello! Extra large with everything! $14.95 plus tip!"


Jessie walked out from the living room. Ricky couldn't speak, he barely recognized her. She was huge, and hot!" He looked her over from head to toe. Jessie could tell he liked what he saw. She knew that he wanted her...


"Hang on; I'll get your money. Just put the pizza down and have a seat."


She walked right next to him. He must have been about five or six inches shorter than she was. She bent over the kitchen counter, sticking her fine ass out for Ricky to see while she when through her purse getting money. She grabbed a twenty and a ten. She turned around to see him still staring.


"Here you go."


She slowly walked up to him, standing millimeters from him when she put the folded bills into his shirt pocket.


“Oh, I have another tip for you as well, if you can stay for a few minutes."


The delivery boy was in shock.


“Well, I don’t…”


He stopped cold when Jessie pulled her shirt off, exposing her breasts. Her smile was devilish


“Please?” She said, rubbing one of her rounded tits.


He pulled out his phone in an instant.


“Hey, Ted, get Mike....Mike, I am feeling sick. I delivered my last pizza; I think I am heading home. I feel really sick….Yes, all delivered….Yea, and Mike is there for deliveries right now…”


He looked up to see Jessie start circling her nipples, licking her lips.


He was waiting for a response, but Jessie couldn’t wait any longer. She ripped his t-shirt open and started kissing his chest. Now kneeling, she looked up at him and smiled. She began rubbing her breasts against his newly exposed torso. She smiled, then silently mouthed the words


“You like?”


He nodded his head; trying to maintain a phone conversation while this six and a half foot goddess was giving him a tongue bath. She started to like his stomach and belly button.


“Thanks Mike, I’ll see you on Saturday night.”


He hadn’t even flipped his phone closed when Jessie tore open his jeans, ripping apart the zipper to get to his engorged member.


Jessie couldn’t control herself. She had given a couple of blowjobs before, but mainly because the guys she was with loved them so much. She really didn’t care for it. Now however, she was an animal. She couldn’t stop herself from getting as much of his man pole into her mouth. She savored the taste of him and wanted more.


Mike had never experienced anything like this. He had only had sex once, and it was nothing like this. The girl, Jackie, or Jennie, or Jessie, or something like that; was bobbing her head on his dick like a dehydrated dog licking from a bowl. She was licking and sucking, she had her fingers on his balls, massaging his cum tube. He couldn’t handle it much longer.


“Oh god, yess, YESSSS!”


His moans got progressively louder as he felt his orgasm coming. He put his hands on her head and began to thrust into her mouth. His only thought was to cum everything he had into her..


Jessie felt his dick enlarge slightly, and she knew what was coming. As he put his hand on her head, she started to suck harder. She needed his ejaculation. She grabbed his ass, trying to pull his dick even further into her mouth. She was rubbing his balls, waiting for his finish.


He blew his load into her in four long thrusts. Jessie had no problems keeping it all into her mouth. He looked at her with a lazy smile, happily exhausted.



“Thanks for that, you were really great!”


Jessie looked at him as she stood up.


“You sound like you are done. I haven’t even started.”


She pulled him up from the kitchen chair and walked him into the family room. She helped him lay down on the rug.


“You have to get me off now. “


She started kissing him; passionately moving her tongue around the insides of his mouth. She was rubbing against his body, squeezing his ass and back as she did what she could to keep him as close as possible. She pulled her mouth away from his.


“Are you ready?”


She stood up and started to take her shorts off. From his perspective, she seemed ten feet tall. He didn’t know what she wanted, but he didn’t care. She smiled as she turned around, so that he had a perfect view of her womanhood.


“You are so hot!” he said, “Gosh, every part of you is perfect.”


Jessie smiled as she responded.


“Well you should see me up close.”


She knelt down, resting her knees on the carpet, on either side of his body. She gently picked up the back of his head, and pushed his face into her waiting sex. Feeling his nose again, she tried to rub it against her aroused clitoris.


“Oh baby, that’s it, you are going to get me off in no time.”


Jenna walked outside the bedroom. She had heard Jessie the entire time. She quietly walked past the two as Jessie was thrusting herself into the pizza boy’s face. Jessie opened her eyes to see Jenna leave. An orgasmic smile crossed her face as she gave Jenna a brief wave. Jenna left the house, taking a last slice of pizza. She could hear Jessie’s moans from almost a block away.


Part 12 – The Plot Unfolds


She was once again modifying her work uniform. It was becoming ridiculous; this was her third uniform in as many months. That wasn’t her only problem. Jessie had been affected with whatever she had; she wasn’t saving enough money to pay for school; she didn’t know when all of this would stop. She knew she was working hard enough, but she was spending so much on new clothes. The saddest part was that most of those clothes were already too small for her. Still, school was great. She could do almost whatever she wanted.


“So you feel OK?”


“Never better! Even though I have been in bed all day, I feel great. My parents are going out tonight, so I will get up and test myself. I positively have to do something!”


“Have your parents said anything today?” Jenna replied.


“They don’t seem to be too concerned. Then again, I covered myself in a blanket all-day, coughing and moaning. They barely walked into my room. I am sure they will notice next week, but I don’t think it will be a big deal.”


Jessie’s parents were very career oriented. Her mother was the director of Human Resources for a software company in town, and her dad worked as an executive for an import/export company. Although they were not abusive like Jenna’s mother, they were usually not there, especially her father. She didn’t feel close with them. She grew up as an only child, given what she wanted, and treated as an adult from the time she was eight years old.


“Did anyone ask about me in school today? I can’t wait to get back to school and show off.”


“Well, Vida asked how you are doing.”


“I really like Vida. She is really sweet.”


“I don’t know her very well.” Jenna replied.


“Well, her mother cleans our house, and a couple of other houses in the area. Sometimes she helps. I don’t usually don’t hang out with her at school, but we talk sometimes while her mom is cleaning. She is really poor, but she always seems so happy. I don’t remember seeing her when she wasn’t smiling. Sometimes I give her my old clothes and stuff. You can tell that her family is having a hard time getting by. I don’t think her dad works regularly, and he doesn’t treat her very well.”


“That’s sad.” Jenna felt an instant connection with this girl. Victims of abuse, emotional or physical would always have strong bond. Well, she didn’t have to worry about that any more. Still, poor Vida. “I don’t even know her.” Jenna said.


“I should get to know her a little better.” Jenna paused, wanting to get to the point of her call.


“Are you sure you are OK? A lot changed for you yesterday. I mean, I am really sorry. I don’t know why this happened, and I didn’t want to force my proble...”


“Problems?” Jessie interrupted, “I don’t think this is a problem. I’m taller, healthier and stronger. Oh, and I was looking at my skin today. I swear it is clearer, and my hair seems fuller.”


Jenna was happy that Jessie wasn’t upset any longer.


“Still, now that this has happened, I think you should be honest with me.” Jessie took a more serious tone.


Jenna swallowed hard. She had a pretty good idea what was coming.


“What is causing this? Why did you grow so much? Did you do some drug or something? I mean, are you an alien? A clone? A robot? What?” Jessie was half kidding; knowing it would ease Jenna’s concern, but she felt she deserved to know what was going on.


Jenna knew this wasn’t a conversation she should have over the phone, especially when she was late for work.


“Listen, I have to go, so we will have to talk about this later, but just know that I am human. I am a girl, and I have never taken drugs. Let’s get together this weekend. Maybe a sleep over?”


“Great. Let’s meet at your house.” Jessie said.


“No problem, my mom hasn’t been around much lately, so she won’t bug us.” Jenna replied.


“Take care; I’ll call you later this week.” Jenna finished.


“OK. I’ll catch up on all of my favorite soap operas!” Jessie said before hanging up.


Jessie hung up and left for work.


“I need a car” Jenna thought to herself. She was tired of walking, and the catcalls she was getting while she did. That led to other thoughts. “Geez, I was supposed to have about $2,800 dollars by now. I don’t think I have $1,200.” She had no questions where her money was all going; clothes.


The thing that really killed her was that half of the clothes she purchased were sitting in her closet, too small for her.


“I really need to make more money. I think I’ll see about getting a raise at work.” She thought.


“Hey Betty, how are things today?” Jenna walked into the hot dog shack.


“OK, kind of slow. I am sure the dinner rush will be busy though.”


Betty was absolutely sure business would pickup. Over the last few weeks, the shack had become much busier when Jenna showed up for work. It was as if there was a neon sign outside the restaurant with her schedule on it. ‘It must have been from all the boys at her high school.” Betty thought. “Gosh, she has only been in school for what, a few days? Word sure spreads fast!” Betty thought.


Most of the girls would have disliked Jenna if they didn’t know her before she started changing. She really hadn’t changed her personality, but boy was she different from the outside. Most of the girls were sweet to her, but they were still really flaky. The new girls, the ones hired after her, still disliked her due to their jealousy over her stature.


Jenna walked to the storeroom and clocked in. She walked back around to the front.


“What do we need for tonight?” She asked.


“Well, it doesn’t look like there will be enough lemonade. Do you think you can make some more while I help customers? After all, you have the muscles for it.” Betty smiled after her comment.


“I guess she is right.” Jenna thought, “This stuff has become really easy.” She went to the backroom and started to fill the bucket with lemons, sugar and water. She found the masher and began mixing the lemonade. It hit her as she grabbed the lemonade masher; this was how everything got started. The first time she played with herself; the first time she had an orgasm; the first time she felt the warmth. Probably the first growth spurt she experienced. It seemed so long ago, but it was only a few months back.


“Hey Jenna.”


“Hi Mr. Stanon.” Jenna replied.


Mr. Stanon owned the hot dog shack. He was a nice man, patient and understanding. That was probably why so many girls called in sick so much and got away with it. He didn’t have the heart to fire people for all but the worst transgressions.


“Mr. Stanon, there is something I need to talk about.”


“Sure Jenna, what is up?”


“Well, I have been here for almost three months, and I have tried to do a good job, I have been dependable, and I was hoping you would consider giving me a raise, or maybe a promotion. I wouldn’t ask, but I really need the money. I have had some new expenses at home.”


“Jenna, you are right, I appreciate all of the work you are doing for me. I would love to promote you, but you need to be able to work more than part time. I will see about giving you a raise, but usually I don’t give a raise until after the first six months of employment. Still, in your case, I think I can give you something.”


“I was hoping for about a dollar or a dollar fifty an hour.” Jenna said. “I think I need another uniform too.”


“Well, I won’t argue, that uniform is way too small, but this is the what…third uniform this summer? How much more do you plan on growing?” He laughed slightly at the rhetorical question.


“I can give you .50 cents, but I don’t think I can do any better.”


Jenna was shocked. She was sure she could get a dollar an hour more, but this was surprising. Not being anything near an expert negotiator, Jenna lost it.


“Fifty cents! You have got to be kidding!” Jenna dropped her masher and walked up to Mr. Stanon.


She stood over him, her voice rising in volume.


“I am here every day! I never missed a shift, and I covered for most of the flakes I have to work with!” She started to point her finger into Mr. Stanon’s chest as she was making her point. He began to step back, almost as if the force of her voice was pushing him.


“I am the best employee you have here! I work the busiest shifts, and never complain!”


She couldn’t stop herself now, she was enraged, and the heat hit her. It wasn’t like the warmth she was used to, it was stronger, more focused. It was intense, and she couldn’t, or wouldn’t stop it.


“You had better think about this!” She reached down and grabbed his shirt, lifting him off of he ground, almost to eye level.


“You don’t know what you have here.” She was cool now, cold, but focused. As if adding a period to her statement, the strap on her top ripped and fell over her shoulder.


For his part, Mr. Stanton maintained his composure, as much as he could in his situation. A moment passed, and he realized he wasn’t going to get beaten to a pulp.


“Jenna! Put me know right now!” Jenna, still looking at him, released her grip on his shirt, slowly, finger by finger; watching as he fell the eleven inches to the floor.


“I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I can’t accept this. I would have liked to give you the raise, but there is only so much I can do. I’m limited to a certain amount that I can pay my employees. Regardless, I can’t have one of my employee’s treating me like this. Jenna, I’m sorry, but you’re fired.”


Jenna was frozen by his words. Wanting to rip him limb from limb, but realizing it would do more harm than good, she simply continued her frozen stare.


“You can bring back what is left of your uniform to get your final check on Monday.”


Not taking her eyes off of him, Jenna pounded her fists on a table. The force of her action destroyed the table, sending pencils, paper clips and other office supplies all over the storeroom. Stanton stood at the side of the room frozen in fear. He was ready to take the worst from this teenaged Amazon, but that didn’t happen. He watched as she destroyed the table, and walked out of the storeroom.


“See ya Betty. Good luck.”


Betty was wondering what all the noise was, and was afraid to go back to look when she heard Jenna yelling.


Once outside, Jenna still felt the serge of power her anger had brought on. She clinched her fists, and flexed most of the muscles in her upper body. The second shoulder strap on her work top popped loose, not being able to handle her added mass. Jenna walked home holding her uniform top up, trying to think of a new way to make money.


“I should talk to Brad at the gym.” She thought. She was pretty sure she could get a job there, but what would it pay?


Lying on her bed, Jenna continued to think about where she could work. “The mall?” No, she remembered all of the men staring at her when she was shopping; seven or eight dollars an hour wasn’t enough to deal with that hassle, but, it would be nice to get a discount on clothes.


As she was thinking, she was rummaging through her purse, cleaning it out. She found a business card. It read Platinum Palace and below it was the tag line “Where Goddesses are Worshipped”


She remembered the man she met at the mall. “Make a bundle, huh?” She remembered his words. “When you turn 18, give me a call, you could make a bundle!” “I wonder what he meant by a bundle?” She thought.


She looked lower on the card:


Sal Bando – Manager of Talent Procurement


"I wonder how many seven foot strippers he employs?" she thought as she rolled over in her bed and picked up the phone.



Part 13 - The More the Merrier


The week passed by fairly quickly, even without Jessie. Jenna found herself calling Jessie almost everyday, now that she didn’t have a job. Jessie was doing fine, so they set plans to get together that night.


‘Well, that sounds like fun. Are you sure Jessie will be there?” Vida asked.


“Yep. She is feeling a little cooped up, so I thought we would bring some friends over to lighten her mood. Besides, I would like to get to know you as well.” Jenna replied. Vida was standing on a raised platform, and still Jenna dwarfed her. She had on a clean, white V Neck t-shirt, and some unknown brand of jeans. She was wearing well worn tennis shoes, and no belt. Vida was a very smallish girl. Almost sickly thin, with a large nose and ratty short hair.


Now that Jenna started noticing her, she really began to feel badly for her. “So many things in common.” Jenna thought as Vida was speaking to her. “You can see the shell she has protecting herself.”


As if reading her mind, Vida pulled her textbooks up against her chest, as if they were a shield protecting her from the heartless verbal barbs thrown against her.


“Just like me.” Jenna continued. “I feel so bad.” Then it hit her.


“Listen Vida, I think you are going to be really surprised when you see Jessie tonight. She has changed a little bit. It might be something you are interested in.”


“OK Jenna, I will see you tonight. Should I bring anything?”


“No, I have the food covered…Oh, dress comfortably, you know, baggy sweatshirts and shorts. We are going to relax and have a good time. See you tonight, 7:00 sharp.”


Jenna walked to Mr. McKnight’s class. She wanted to share herself with Vida; she wanted to give her the gift she had received. It was exciting to think that she had something so valuable and that she could do something so great for someone else. She was sure Vida would like it, once she saw Jessie, and it would be the perfect way to combat the abuse she was taking at home.


The thought of it made Jenna happy. Actually, she was excited. She could feel the warmth coming on.


She sat again in Mr. McKnight’s class. It had been over a week since their escapade. She smiled thinking about it. She watched the way he wrote on the chalkboard, the way he walked around the class. She decided she needed more of him. She sat quietly the remainder of class, devising the plan that would get her what she wanted.


All she could think about was Phil, or Mr. McKnight, and how she could fuck him again. She needed him to eat her out, to pleasure her like no other man had. She was consumed, nothing else, not her classes, her friends coming over, the concern for Jessie could take her away from her obsession. She waited until school was out, and sat near the teacher’s parking lot. While sitting in the hot sun, she thought how glad she was that she had dressed more comfortably today. A simple tank top dress, bright blue and awfully tight. It only came down to the upper half of her thighs, and her breasts were having a hard time limited to their measly confines. She had also had on a pair of tennis shoes. She didn’t wear any kind of socks, and other than a bra and g string, that was it. She pulled her dress down her legs, fidgeting idly while she was waiting. Checking that her shoes were tied, and flipping the hair out of her face.


When she saw him, she got excited. Again, she felt the warmth come over her. It was the hunt. She had her prey, and was planning her attack.


“Will, I don’t think the Brewers have the pitching to get it done,” Mr. McKnight said to another teacher as they walked out to their cars.


“But I guess we will see tonight. Let’s talk tomorrow.” He said as he reached his Toyota Corolla.


“See you tomorrow Phil, and go Brew Crew.” The other teacher said as he entered his own car.


Phil started rummaging through his bag, looking for his car keys. The other teachers had all gone, and he had the parking lot to himself. He finally found his keys and just as he pushed them into the door lock, he felt two hands grabbing at his hips.


“What the…” He turned to see the bright blue of Jenna’s dress dominating his field of vision, as well as her magnificent breasts. He eyes ventured north to Jenna’s face as she stepped closer.


“Mr. McKnight, I was having some issues with our homework, and was hoping you could give me some…” she paused for a moment, “tutoring.” She reached down and lightly rubbed his penis through the Dockers he was wearing.


He nervously looked around; making sure no one was around. “Listen Jenna, this is a bad idea. I could get in a lot of …” She put her finger to his mouth, stopping him mid sentence.


“No one is here, except you…and me.” She bent over and kissed him passionately. She could feel his erection building. She had him, she could barely wait to feel him in her womanhood.


“I was hoping for some home tutoring; at your home, right now.” She looked at him with a sly smile, placing her fingernail between her teeth.


“Geez, get in.” He replied.


Their ride to his apartment was short, but anxious. Jenna was already working his member, almost to release. She could hardly fit in the passenger seat of his car; her knees, locked up against the dashboard, were brushing against her breasts.


She looked at him when they stopped at a signal. He turned to look at her, still nervous.


She began to speak, “I’ve been thinking about you all week,” as she was talking, she reached around the back of her dress and unclasped her bra.


‘And I am dying to have another…go.” She dropped her bra on his dashboard. She then reached down under her dress and carefully pulled her panties to her knees. Having a hard time getting them over the dashboard, she simply pulled on both sides, ripping them from her body. She put them on his crotch, rubbing them against his raging hard on.


He could barely get the key in the door while she was rubbing her massive tits against his back. Throwing the door open, the two almost fell inside his family room. He grabbed her hand and walked her into the bedroom. She lay down on the bed.


“How comfortable.” She said.


He jumped on top of her and started to kiss her all over. He rubbed her tits, squeezing her nipples as best he could.


He began to whisper in her ear. “I have something. You want to try it?” Jenna’s concern showed on her face, “Trust me. We will both enjoy this.” Phil said.




Jessie was sitting on her couch, watching another episode of Jerry Springer. She couldn’t wait for tonight. She was secretly hoping to have another round of what happened last week. The thought of growing, combined with the anticipation of having her friends from school seeing her next week had her horny beyond compare. She masturbated three times and it was only 3:30 p.m. After her last orgasm, she had an idea.


“Well who could still pleasure me?’ She thought to herself.


“Chris Marquez…that was it!” She quickly picked up the phone to give him a call. Chris was called the man mountain at school. He was six foot seven inches tall, and easily 350 lbs. He never had a girlfriend. He was quiet and nice. Word around school was that he was hung like a horse. Jessie was surprised that Jenna, at her size, didn't go after him. Maybe she just didn't think of it. School was out but this time of the day, so she should be able to reach him.


“Chris, how are you?”


“Good, good. No I am feeling a lot better, as a matter of fact; I was going to a little party and wanted to see if you would like to come along. Do you know where Jenna lives? Yes, she is really tall, isn't she? She was hoping to have a few friends over and....”




Jenna was so excited, she would do anything, confident, but inexperienced, she responded, “Sure, make it happen.”


He continued to kiss per neck, cheek and ear as he fumbled around his nightstand drawer. Jenna thought she heard some clanging, but was too wrapped up in her warmth that she didn’t notice.


Phil slowly ran his hands up and down Jenna’s arms, carefully moving them so that her wrists were near his headboard. Quickly, Phil handcuffed both of her hands to his headboard.


“What’s this?” Jenna replied as she pulled on the handcuffs.


“Just something I think you will enjoy.” He said.


Phil then zip tied her ankles to the corner of the bed frame, forcing her legs open in the process. He stood up, looking his captive lover in the eye. Jenna was still wearing her dress, although its form filling cotton was now around her waist only, leaving her breasts and snatch exposed.


He smiled as she tensed her leg and arm muscles, testing the strength of the binds she was in. Jenna felt a little uncomfortable, but the warmth that was overtaking her also buttressed her confidence once again. She smiled at Phil, looking him in the eye.


“What now baby?” she said.


He was quickly on top of her, running his tongue into her moist hole. He took is finger and started to rub her clit.


Jenna was quickly aroused, and began moaning.


“God, this is it. Yes baby, yes!”


She started thrusting her hips into his face. She closed her eyes, trying to experience as much as she could without distraction. Moaning in pleasure, she continued thrusting her hips into his face. She could feel herself getting warmer, her feelings building as he continued to tongue lash her private area. He reached up and began to squeeze her breasts. The added stimulation drover her deeper into ecstasy.


“Holy……Gosh….yes, yes, YES!!!” she began to yell louder and louder, no longer aware of anything but her current situation. A knock on the door was heard, followed by a yell.


“Mr. McKnight! Mr. McKnight, is everything alright in there!?!”


Phil pulled is head from Jenna’s crotch. He was away from her for mere seconds before Jenna lost her patience.




Shocked by her response, Phil looked at Jenna, mouth agape.


Jenna's rage changed to a child-like pleading almost instantly.


“Come on baby, I need this.” Jenna continued.


He grabbed Jenna’s ass and continued with his licking, starting with her clit, then working down to her vagina once again.


“Thank you baby, ooohhhhhhh, THAT’S IT BABY!”


Before long, Jenna began screaming again, unable to control herself.


A second time, the knocking started.




The voice sounded like it came from an elderly woman.


Phil pulled his mouth out of Jenna again.


“Mrs. Stencher.” He said, more to himself than to her.


“That nosy old bitch would call the police too.” He finished.


Jenna had enough. This was the second interruption, and she wouldn’t stand for it. She began to pull at her left wrist, testing the strength of the handcuffs.


Phil looked at her, as she was pulling. He smiled, knowing that she wouldn't be going anywhere.


“I guess she isn’t that strong.” he thought.


“You stay right there missy; I'll be right back. Don't do anything while I'm gone, or it will be detention for sure." He said it with a smirk. Jenna was angry, and this made her more so.


He quickly jumped up and put on his pants, running to the door without a shirt or shoes.


He threw the door open quickly.


A disingenuous smile crossed his lips.


“Mrs. Stencher. How are you?”


He was cool and collected, even though sweat was rolling down his chest.


“Well, how are you?” she didn’t give him a chance to respond before speaking again;


“I mean with all that yelling and screaming, I wonder what could be happening in there.”


“Fucking eyes and ears of he complex.” Phil thought.


Mrs. Veronica Stencher had lived in the complex longer than anyone. So much so that she seemed a permanent fixture there. She had maintained residency through several managers, and a few owners. It was her single minded goal in life to know everything that was going on in all 54 unit of the Casa Tiempo apartment complex. Phil thought she was a sweet old woman when he moved in, living right next to her apartment. It didn’t take long for him to realize that she was a hopeless busy body, and a cranky old bitch to boot.


“I do have a … friend over. There isn’t any reason to call the police.” He said with a smile “especially if she isn’t 18 yet.” He thought to himself.


“Well my goodness, she is soo……”


The old lady was frozen in mid sentence by the sight of a seven foot tall girl walking to the front door. She was so tall, she almost reached the top of the door jam. She was almost completely naked, except for her tennis shoes, and the bracelets on her wrists. She had the face of a young woman, but her body, her curves, her hips...


Old Stencher held her hand to her heart, unable to speak, or blink.


Jenna walked up next to Phil, draping her hand over his shoulder. His face was just level to her tits.


Jenna spoke; “Mrs. Stencher, is it?”


Phil felt her arm around his shoulder. He looked over, surprised that she was there. He saw her wrist, draped over his shoulder, the handcuff, with it’s broken chain dangling in the air.


He didn’t know what to deal with, the fact that this huge woman was naked in front of his AARP enrolled neighbor, or that she had broken through the handcuffs he had held her with. He looked down at her feet. Both of the zip ties had been broken, a red line appeared around both ankles as the only proof that the zip ties had existed.


"We appreciate your concern, but everything is quite under control. Mr. McKnight and I were working on some issue."


Mrs. Stencher was entranced by the same spell that Jenna had unknowingly (for the most part) cast on all of the women she came into contact with. She nodded her head absentmindedly, her mouth still wide open.


"Speaking of fun.." Jenna replied, as she placed her hand on the back of Phil's head, and forced his face to her right nipple. He tried to fight her at first, but it was no use. She was far too strong for him. He began lightly biting her aroused nipple, sucking and licking it with boundless energy.


"OOOHhhhhh." She looked at Stencher with a lazy smile, groaning with a low guttural tone.


"As you can see, we are fine." She held her hand against his head, the other on her hip.


"Alright then, just thought I would..." The door being slammed in her face interrupted Mrs. Stencher. She turned around to walk back to her apartment, still in a trance. "What a nice girl" Mrs. Stencher thought as she heard Jenna's great orgasmic cries.


"Now where were we?" Jenna said as she led the still sucking Mr. McKnight back to the bedroom.


"Oh, yes." She released him at the corner of his bed. Grabbing his shoulders, she pushed him to the floor. She then took his head and placed it on the corner of the bed. Before Phil could say anything, Jenna spoke:


"You had your fun," She held her wrist up, showing him the dangling handcuff. "Now it's my turn."


She held her hand on his forehead long enough to spread her legs and drive her aching pussy into his face.


She thrust into his mouth and nose. Holding herself up with one arm, she began to feel Phil's tongue as she continued thrusting. She groaned with pleasure, increasing the speed and power of her thrusts.


Phil tried to get his tongue into her slit. It was a real challenge with her pounding pelvis ramming his face at an ever-increasing rate. He grabbed her ass, trying to get a hold of her, but he knew it was useless. He would do what he could, but she was in charge.


Jenna began rubbing her pubic bone against his nose and the resistance was driving her wild. She held her breast with her right hand, slowly massaging it. This was a great contrast to her hips, as she continued thrusting violently. She let her tongue reach her erect nipple, and licked herself. As she did so, she felt Phil's head get smaller against her womanhood. She reached down to grab his hair. She placed her hand on his skull. Yep, she was growing She looked down at him. All she could see was his hairline, and the almost strawberry color of his skin. She smiled as he continued with his struggles. She began to moan at the tempo of her thrusting.


"This is unbelievable!" she thought. She was thinking of both her orgasm, as well as her size. "God, I want to get bigger. Dammit, I need this! Why am I holding back?" She thought. No man could resist her, and she held other women in a complete trance. Almost at the peak of her orgasm, she spoke the last words before screaming. "Fuck it, I'm going big!"


Finally reaching orgasm, she pushed her hips into Phil's face for one last elongated thrust. She shouted at the top of her lungs as she reached her peak. Her toes were ready to break out of her tennis shoes. The pain was enjoyable to her. She smiled, thinking how much she had grown in this time.


Riding to the end of her orgasm, Jenna stood up; releasing Phil from his vaginal prison. He fell to the carpet, totally exhausted. His breathing was heavily, far to heavy to speak.


"Thanks for your help Mr. McKnight. I think I've worked out my issue. I'll see you Monday in class."


Jenna grabbed her dress and threw it over her head as she walked out of his apartment. She finished getting dressed and took off her shoes as she walked to Phil's car. She had taken his keys.


"He wouldn't mind if I borrowed his wheels for the weekend." Jenna thought. "He isn't going anywhere for a while." She smiled at the thought of the exhausted, sexually spent Mr. McKnight lying in bed for a few hours.


"I'd better get back home before Jessie and Vida do." Jenna thought to herself as she opened the car door.

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