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Long Drink of Watters By Rapscalion

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Mark was surprised when he got the call from Stephanie, his high school girlfriend. They had been pretty much inseparable for three years, but after the Senior Prom, they decided to finally consummate their relationship, and... well, things just hadn't worked out. They had each gone their separate ways for college, she to North Carolina, he to a small school in Connecticut. He was working in the school library for the summer, and found a small guest house to rent.


And then Stephanie called. It was great to hear her voice. A reconciliation was out of the question -- they still were very fond of each other, but it just wasn't gonna happen. But Mark was not entirely pleased to hear the reason for her call -- she wanted him to meet a friend of hers from school, who was in town for the summer. She thought the two of them might hit it off. It was very sweet of her, but Mark couldn't help but be a bit disappointed. Stephanie was so completely over him that she'd set him up with someone else. But she'd always been the more practical one, and what the heck... Mark didn't have many friends in town. Why not?


And so Mark called Stephanie's friend, Kathy Watters. Kathy wasn't expecting the call, but she immediately knew who Mark was. She'd heard a lot about him from Stephanie -- all good things, she assured him. Mark talked about school, about Stephanie, about things and stuff in general. Kathy did the same. It wasn't until Kathy noticed the Letterman show ending that they realized they'd spoken for nearly four hours. They resolved to meet the next evening, at 7:30, at her place. They both hung up ecstatic, anticipating the next night.


Mark drove up in his ratty little Mazda promptly at 7:30. He rang the bell, wondering what the night would hold. The door opened, and Mark looked up in shock. Standing before him, her head flush with the door frame, was a beautiful young girl. At 6'1", Mark wasn't used to looking up at women -- especially such a young-looking girl -- but she stood a good four or five inches taller than him.


"K... Kathy?" he inquired.


She smiled down at him, delighted. "You must be Mark!" Then she called into the house. "Kathy! Your date's here!"


"Well let him in, dork!" came a voice from upstairs. Mark recognized it as Kathy's. The tall girl motioned Mark in. He felt so short next to her. It was a feeling he wasn't used to. Kathy called down from upstairs. "Just a second, Mark! I can't find my shoes!"


"They're down here, dimwit!" the girl yelled.


With that, Kathy appeared at the top of the stairs. She saw Mark and smiled... she liked what she saw. Mark, for his part, was astounded. Standing there, at the top of the stairs, was the most spectacularly beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. Long, dark hair. Big brown eyes. A killer smile. And a black mini-dress that barely contained her ample, round breasts. Her long, shapely legs shot out from beneath the short skirt. Mark stared in awe as she gracefully descended the stairs. He was so captivated that at first he didn't realize she'd reached the bottom...


And she towered over him...


Way, way over him...


"So you're Mark," she said, looking down at him. It took a second for Mark to realize her size. There she was, in her bare feet, standing at least a foot taller than him, and probably more. If he looked straight ahead, he would be staring into her spectacular cleavage. So he looked up -- way up -- into those deep brown eyes. "I see you've met my little sister," she said.


"Mindy," the girl said, by way of introduction.


Mark just stood there, in awe, as Kathy slipped into her shoes, adding a couple of inches to her already imposing figure. She looked at him funny, and frowned. "Don't tell me Stephanie didn't tell you."


"Tell me what?" Mark stammered.


Kathy sighed. "About my size. You had no idea, did you?"


"That you're tall?" Mark blurted out with admirable understatement. "No, I don't think she mentioned it."


"If it makes you uncomfortable, we can call it a night," Kathy offered. "I understand."


Mark snapped out of it. Standing in front of him was not only the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen, but the biggest breasts, the longest legs... hell, just the most incredible female specimen he was ever likely to meet. AND she was the girl he'd spent hours gabbing with on the phone the night before. Don't be an idiot, he thought. "Don't be an idiot," he said. She smiled.


Kathy didn't have an easy time fitting into the Mazda, but Mark was able to pull the seat back far enough so that, pressing her knees against the dashboard, she could just squeeze in. On the drive over, Mark kept glancing at those incredibly long legs, and her spectacular breasts, bouncing slightly with the car. As they pulled into the parking lot, Kathy grinned down at him and announced "Seven foot four." Then added "...and a half." Mark just looked at her, stupidly. "C'mon," she answered, "I know you were dying to ask." Mark didn't think it necessary to acknowledge that he was.


Kathy ducked into the restaurant, then stood up to her full height. Almost immediately, everybody in the restaurant was staring at her in amazement. "Comes with the territory," Kathy assured Mark. "I'm used to it. Sometimes, I actually enjoy it." A waiter seated them, and Kathy slid her long, long legs under the table. They finally ended under Mark's chair. "I hope you don't mind. I have to put 'em somewhere." Mark didn't mind a bit.


As the night went on, they spoke of many things. Mark felt strange asking about Kathy's height, but once he broached the topic, she was more than happy to talk about it. Her parents, she explained, are quite tall -- her mother six-four, her father a couple of inches taller than that. But Kathy had outgrown him before her fourteenth birthday, and kept right on growing. She felt gawky only when she was in the same range as the boys in her class. Once she towered over everyone in sight, she realized it was pointless to try to pretend she was short. And so from then on, she stood up tall and used her size to her advantage. It wasn't until the eleventh grade that she finally filled out, she told him, "but when it happened, it sure did happen." Mark could only nod in agreement. When, he asked, did she finally stop growing?


Kathy shrugged. "We'll see..." she smiled.


"You mean, you're still...?"


"Growing taller?" Kathy asked. "You bet. I've grown two-and-a-half inches since I started school in the fall. My mom didn't stop growing until she was 21, so I may have a couple of years left. It's something of a pain. I keep outgrowing my clothes, and believe me, when you have to have them all made for you, it's not cheap. Look at this dress -- I got it last year, and I'm practically bursting out of it!"


As she laughed, she rubbed her long legs against his, wrapping them around his ankles. "What I can't understand is, how did Stephanie let you go?"


Mark was speechless. This gorgeous giant of a woman was wasting no time in getting physical. "She didn't tell you?" he asked.


"All she ever told me was how great you were. Frankly, I don't get it."


"Well," Mark replied,"...it's a long story."


"And it's a long night," Kathy responded. She stood up, just avoiding a chandelier that hung well below the top of her head. Looking up at her, Mark still could not believe her height. He couldn't waste another moment, so he threw a few twenties on the table to cover the tab, and they got back into his car. As Mark started the engine, Kathy leaned against him, her big breasts rubbing against his shoulders. "I'm new in town," she whispered. "I'd love to see the sights. Starting with you naked."


Mark must have driven 90 the whole way, and he still didn't get there fast enough. He ran up the steps to his front door, fumbling for his keys. Kathy approached from the side. Three steps above her, he was almost her height. Their eyes locked. Their heartbeats seemed to synch up. They grabbed each other and locked lips for what seemed like forever. Finally, they came up for air. Kathy sighed, sexily, rubbing her hand through her long, black hair. "Stephanie's gotta be gay. That's the only possible explanation."


His place was small, and looked tiny when Kathy stood up in it. Then she sat down on the bed. She lay back on it, her hair cascading over the pillow, her knees off the end. She lifted a foot and pulled Mark over. He wasn't exactly resisting. She pulled him down on top of her. He slid his hands over her huge breasts. For the first time, her enormous body was a real, concrete thing. He was not imagining. She was monumental, and magnificent.


She stood up and unstrapped her dress. Mark went into shock. Her breasts were even more impressive than he'd imagined. Her body was perfect, flawless, a living statue in full size. "Impressed?" she asked coyly.


Then she leaned over and kissed him. She ran her hand down his chest, popping buttons off his shirt as she traveled to his pants. She unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants. Beneath his jockeys was an impressive bulge. "Mmmmmm, not bad" she purred. And she pulled off his underpants. What she saw was a nice, big penis... that promptly flopped downward. Kathy couldn't believe it -- it was as big as any she'd seen, and it wasn't even erect!


"I'm sorry," Mark said. "Sometimes, it takes a minute. Don't worry, it gets bigger."


It grew at least another inch downward before it even began to rise. Then, slowly, it got bigger and bigger, angling upwards as it grew. Finally, it pointed up at Kathy. She was astounded -- it had to be a foot long... and it was still growing! Its huge head continued to swell as the shaft extended it closer to her. It grew and grew, bigger, fatter, and longer, until finally it was completely hard. Mark looked up at her. "Fourteen inches," he told her. Then added, "...and a half." She just stared, dumbfounded. "C'mon," he smiled, "I know you were dying to ask."


Kathy wrapped her lips around as much of it as she could fit -- which, even at her size, wasn't all that much. She swirled her tongue around it, then pressed her chest out and rested his massive erection in her enormous cleavage, surrounding it with her boobs. "Poor little Stephanie," she purred. "She didn't stand a chance, did she? There's no way she could take something that size!"


"Believe me, she tried," Mark replied.


Kathy slid his cock out of her cleavage as she lay back on the bed. He slid on top of her as she spread her legs and let him in. She couldn't believe how deep he was going -- every time she thought he was all the way in, his massive cock probed further. He buried his face in her huge breasts, which swelled in response. Suddenly, she rolled over on top of him and sat up, grinning in ecstasy. A ceiling lamp hung at her head level. Kathy lifted her long arms, raising her huge breasts, and pushed against the ceiling. After a few seconds, the bed's legs snapped under the pressure, giving her clearance. Mark's cock just exploded, throbbing and coming for what seemed like ten minutes. Kathy's body shook as intense pleasure coursed through her long body. Finally, she collapsed onto the bed. She pulled Mark on top of her as they drifted off to sleep.


Mark woke up still on top of Kathy. She was still asleep, and as she breathed, her stomach lifted him up and down. In the light of morning, he was newly amazed at how beautiful she was. His room was a mess, starting with the collapsed bed on which this giant beauty lay, her legs dangling off the edge and into his bookcase. When she woke up, she grinned knowingly at him. "You're incredible," she said.


"Me? Here I am, with the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, who just happens to be almost seven-and-a-half feet tall, and I'm the incredible one? Not to mention you must be as strong as an ox!"


"Oh that," she grinned. "When my dad realized how big I was getting, he insisted on a strict regimen of weights and exercise. At my height, gravity is not kind to the weak. I hated it at first, but it certainly has paid off. Sorry about the bed. I thought it would be preferable to yanking the lamp off the ceiling." She looked down at his penis. "Now how did that get so big?"


"I never even realized it was," Mark said. "Then one day, I snuck a copy of my mother's Cosmopolitan. And I come across this article, and it says that the average erect penis is like six inches, and there's mine, higher than the magazine..."


"And what did Stephanie think?" Kathy asked.


"Well, we'd played it kinda slow... partly because I was worried I was too big. But it was after the senior prom, and her parents were out of town, and how long were we gonna hold off? And she's getting really hot, and pretty soon she's got my pants off, and there I am, all fourteen and a half inches. And she got incredibly turned on, I guess, but she's worried it's too big. So she starts to stroke it and lick it, and right away, I just start to come. I mean, instantly, and I'm just spraying it everywhere, all over her parents' place. And I can't stop, and she freaks out, and I'm drenching her, and it feels too good for me to worry about. But finally I finish, and I look around, and it's just everywhere. On books, staining the couch... it got into her dad's receiver and actually shorted his stereo out!"


"Let's see what else it can do," Kathy said. She pulled Mark up so their lips met. Mark could feel his feet on her knees. Kathy felt his cock growing huge again against her stomach. For the next two days, they had sex, sex, and more sex, stopping occasionally to have sex. They didn't get dressed all weekend. When the pizza guy came to deliver four pies ("After all," Kathy giggled, "I am a growing girl"), Kathy answered with a sheet wrapped around her waist and only her hands covering her breasts. The delivery guy nearly went into shock, and left without payment. They had a good laugh at that one, and celebrated by having sex. Incredible sex, followed by even more incredible sex. By the time Monday morning rolled around, Mark's apartment was a disaster area, and he couldn't have cared less.


As Mark showered, preparing for a new week of work, Kathy joined him in the shower. As she stood, her head grazed the ceiling, and the shower head hit her at chest level, creating a waterfall between her massive boobs. Mark stood between them to finish his shower. Looking at the smiling Kathy, as water traveled over her breasts, past her stomach, and down her long, long legs, Mark thought to himself that this was going to be a summer to remember.




The winter was really dragging for Mark. He'd quit his summer job to spend more time with Kathy. Now they were back in school, a thousand miles apart, and he couldn't afford to visit her. It was no easier for her. She didn't have a car, and was much too big to ride a bus or train up to visit him. Besides, her father didn't like the idea of her seeing "such a small man." If only he knew, Kathy thought. On the other hand, she realized, it was probably better that he didn't.


But when Kathy's father announced that they'd be spending the summer in Florida instead of Connecticut, Mark knew he could wait no longer. He found a friend of a friend who was driving down for the summer, and was on his way.


When he saw her again, he was in heaven. Somehow, she was even more stunning than he'd remembered. She wore a clingy white top that showed off her breasts, and a short black skirt that showed off her legs. Her long black hair glistened in the Florida sun. She leaned over to kiss him, then stood up again. Looking up at her, Mark couldn't believe it -- she'd grown even taller! "Why didn't you tell me you'd grown?" he asked.


"I wanted it to be a surprise!" Kathy said. "How do you like me at 7'7"?"


"Let's find out," Mark replied. As they walked to the hotel, passersby stared at his towering girlfriend in awe. In the room, Kathy lifted Mark up onto the bed. Standing on it, he was able to kiss her, despite their difference in height. Their lips locked onto each other. Mark lifted off Kathy's shirt, exposing those huge, round breasts. She unzipped his fly, and without hesitation, his cock grew hugely erect. She lay on the bed, spread her superlong legs and let him in. It was like they had never been apart, and yet it was better than it had ever been.


Kathy's body thrashed in ecstasy, Mark on top going along for the ride. He took his face out of a huge breast and looked up at her amazingly beautiful face, glowing with orgasmic pleasure. Mark was in awe that this towering giant of a woman had grown even more gigantic. It almost seemed arrogant! Like she didn't dwarf everybody enough already, she had to get bigger and bigger. And what's more, every inch seemed to make her more beautiful, more confident, more sexual. As he thought of this, his massive cock throbbed harder and harder inside her, sending them both into realms of ecstasy beyond anything they'd experienced before.


"That was... beyond belief," Kathy purred afterward. Mark agreed as he crawled up her body so he could look into her big brown eyes. But her satisfied smile seemed tempered by something. "What's wrong?" he asked her.


Kathy hesitated. "I was unfaithful," she said, adding immediately "Just once! But I want you to know about it..." Mark said nothing. She went on.


"It was right before Christmas. You were going to come down, but then you couldn't. I was lonely... and horny. There was this freshman, a basketball recruit. Seven foot three. I guess I just had to know what it would be like. To make love to a man my size... well, almost my size. Whose body could cover mine. Who could kiss me, and touch my toes... it just was something I had to know."


She paused. Mark interjected. "And...?"


"It felt good," she answered after a moment. "But not like you. Nothing even close to what we just had. And afterwards, there was nothing. Just two overgrown college students lying on a small bed, trying to pretend we had something in common besides our size."


"And he felt the same way?" Mark asked.


Kathy smiled. "Of course not, you moron! He's a guy! He's gonna want to stop fucking me just because we had nothing in common?" She laughed. "Although it kinda freaked him out how tall I've gotten. I think he's used to looking down at everybody. Not with me around."


"So it meant nothing?" Mark asked.


"No," she said. "It meant something. I had to get it out of my system. Now that I did, I can't ever imagine being with anyone but you." She kissed him, lightly. "Oh, and not that it matters, but since you're wondering... it was half as big as yours, if that." Mark was about to object, but didn't. He knew she knew he was wondering.


Suddenly, she spun around and got on top of him. She lifted her massive chest and dangled her huge boobs into his face, effortlessly smothering him in her cleavage. "So," she giggled, "do you forgive me?" As she lowered her breasts further into his face, she could feel his gigantic cock rising up between her legs. She took that as a "yes."


Mark barely left that hotel room the two weeks he was there. Kathy went home at night, but Mark couldn't come with her. Her father, she said, would explode if he knew. But she was free all day and into the evening, and her sister would cover for her if she ran late. Mark spent the nights recovering from their daily lovemaking sessions. When Kathy arrived every morning, stretching her long, long body nearly to the ceiling, Mark had no problem greeting her with an erection.


"I have news," Kathy announced as Mark packed his bags. "Don't be mad."


Mark looked up at her. "I'm taking a year abroad," she said. "I just got the approval. I'll be in France all year! Isn't that great?"


"Great!" Mark nodded half-heartedly, imagining his phone bill.


"I thought you might be upset, us being apart again and all," Kathy said. "But it's really a great opportunity. I'll get to see Paris! I'll get to use my French! I just hope they have high ceilings is all." Mark kissed her lightly, on the arm. "Don't worry," she assured him. "Every time I see somebody carrying one of those great big long baguettes, I'll think of you."


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Mark wrote to Kathy every week or so. She wrote him twice that. She loved France. "The people are great, the architecture is amazing, and the food is wonderful!" she wrote him. "I've been eating like a pig. At first, I thought I'd gained weight, but it turns out I've grown another inch taller! This can't go on much longer, can it? Anyway, my French is getting good enough that I can understand what people are saying when they see me. 'Gigantesque!' they exclaim as they stare up at me. On many streets, people gather in their windows to watch me pass. For some reason, it gives me a real thrill."


She had been away three months when Mark got a call. It was Kathy. "What's wrong?" he asked, a bit worried.


"Nothing!" she told him excitedly. "I have the most incredible news! You know the designer, Henri Moreau? That stuff that costs like $300 for a shirt? One of his people -- a publicity guy or something -- he sees me on the street in Paris. And he comes running up to me, and I don't know who he is, and he's speaking really quickly, and my French isn't all that good still. I was getting a bit pissed, actually, because I thought he wanted sex or something. But what he was doing, he's offering me 100,000 francs to model for Moreau in a big show they've got! That's almost $20,000! For one day's work!"


"And what do you have to do?" Mark asked, not knowing what to think.


"I did it already. Just today! He's got a whole new line of clothes, kind of a schoolgirl look. And they had some made for me. And I'm just kind of like the representation of each new line. First these two girls came out in his old stuff, last year's line. And then I came out in this new outfit they're premiering. You should have heard the crowd when they saw me! There was this huge gasp! I mean, these models are so beautiful, and tall, and I'm just this giant towering over them. And then the other models came out in this new look like I was wearing, and they showed that line. Then I changed into another outfit, and the other models showed that line, too. I swear, I've never felt so sexy! God, I wish you were here! Anyway, they got such an amazing response that they want me back in two weeks. And this time, I'm going to hold out for more money."


"More money?" Mark asked. "Are you sure you should risk it?"


"Trust me," she replied. "Some of those guys' jaws are probably still on the floor from seeing me. They're going to want me back any way they can get me."


Kathy was right. In a matter of a month, she was making $50,000 a day for Moreau. Even in the U.S., Liz Smith's gossip column noticed. "Though Paris already has the Eiffel Tower, all the buzz in the fashion world is about 'L'autre Tour,' or 'The Other Tower,' a stunning fashion model who's reported to stand over 2.3 meters high. To you and me, that's over seven-and-a-half feet tall! The model, known only as 'Katherine,' dwarfs even the amazons designers usually use as models. She may not be the Eiffel Tower, but she's certainly a towering eyeful! All hail Katherine the Great!"


When Spring Break came, Mark received a first class ticket to Paris, Kathy's treat.


From the airport, he went directly to her show. He stumbled around stupidly backstage, looking for Kathy. "Excuse me?" he asked repeatedly, hoping somebody would speak English. Finally, a woman's voice chimed in "Yes?"


She was a beautiful young woman, with gorgeous eyes and long brown hair. In her bare feet, she was nearly Mark's height. "I'm looking for Kathy," Mark blurted out.


A huge grin broke out on the woman's face. "Oh, you must be Mark!" she exclaimed as she looked him up and down. "Follow me."


She led him down the hall and into the dressing room. Mark's eyes nearly popped out of his head. There was no sign of Kathy. Instead, there were maybe fifteen spectacularly beautiful young fashion models. There were blondes and brunettes and redheads, a couple of black girls, and one Asian. The shortest one was maybe 5'9". Several were topless, and didn't seem to care. "Ladies!" the first model announced. "This is Mark. Kathy's Mark."


Instantly, all of them turned to look. The first model turned back to Mark. "So, is it true? What Kathy tells us?" She ran her fingers into his shirt, grinning, as the other models gathered around. She looked down, giggled, and unzipped his fly. She reached in to feel Mark's cock growing downward. "Better get this monster out while the getting's good," she exclaimed, as she yanked it out through his fly.


The girls gasped. Mark didn't know what to say, or do, as his erection grew bigger and bigger. "Oh my god..." several of the models murmured. They came in closer to stare as it swelled huge, slowly expanding to its full size.


"It's real!" a blond model exclaimed as she reached out and wrapped a hand around Mark's erect penis. "I wanna touch it!" shouted another, who also grabbed it. Soon, four of the girls had wrapped their long fingers around it, and still the head emerged from the top. Mark thought he felt his cock getting even harder, though he couldn't be sure. As the four girls pumped his cock in unison, the first model licked her lips and wrapped her mouth around the head, swirling her tongue all over it. Mark thought his penis was going to explode, it felt so huge.


"Now now, girls!" a voice boomed out. Everybody turned to look. It was Kathy, in a robe, standing at the door, her head nearly touching the ceiling. "Hands off."


The models retreated from Mark, who just stood there, his massive hard-on pointing up at Kathy. "Thanks for warming him up," she laughed. "I'll take it from here." She motioned for Mark to follow her to her dressing room.


"Sorry I was late," she said as she closed the door behind them. "Although it looks like you found a fun way to pass the time. I had to have a couple of blouses let out. Believe it or not, my boobs have grown bigger. See?" She took off her robe to show him. "Measure me," she said.


"Your chest?" Mark asked, staring at her incredible breasts.


"No, silly. My height. I feel really tall." She handed Mark a tape measure and stood against the wall. Mark pulled over a chair to stand on. Even standing on the chair, he still had to look up to her. She stood up straight, and Mark checked the tape. "93 inches," he said.


"7'9"!" she exclaimed. "I knew I'd grown!" She looked down at his cock, still fully erect.


"Speaking of grown..." she said. She glued her lips to his, and they kissed passionately.


She spread her legs apart against the wall. Mark put his arms around her neck, and she took him off the chair and lay back against a table. She moaned loudly as he entered her. "Oh god!" she shouted as he pumped on top of her.


Suddenly, the table snapped under their weight, and they fell to the carpeted floor. Mark's cock throbbed intensely inside her as she threw her huge body around the floor. It was the most intense orgasm either of them had had yet.


Mark woke up on the couch, as Kathy zipped up the outfit she was modeling. She kissed him lightly. "Get some rest," she told him. "We've got a very long night ahead of us."


As it turned out, she was right.




Mark looked out over Central Park, admiring the view that, even after two months, he still found awesome. Now a year out of college, he and Kathy had moved into a penthouse apartment in Manhattan. She bought it. She could, considering the money she was making. The modeling gigs begat a series of popular beer commercials, pin-up posters, and the like. Kathy had finally stopped growing, topping out at 7' 9 1/2". The penthouse was necessary, since the ceilings were ten feet high -- high enough for her to stand up without brushing her head against the ceiling.


Kathy had been away two weeks in Italy on a big fashion show. She wasn't due back for another two days. Which is why Mark was surprised when the doorbell rang. "Who is it?" he asked.


"Don't tell me you don't remember me," a woman's voice replied.


Intrigued, Mark hurried toward the door. When he opened it, he got the shock of his life.


It was Mindy, Kathy's little sister.


And she was huge.


She leaned way down to fit through the door. Then she stood up. And up. And up. She was stunningly beautiful, with medium-length black hair, gorgeous eyes, and a perfect mouth which smiled confidently. He body was incredible. Her build was perhaps a bit more athletic than Kathy's; her breasts were big -- very big -- but not as big as Kathy's. Her legs were shapely and impossibly long.


Mark looked down at her flat shoes, then back up. There was no question -- she was taller than Kathy. And not just a little. Mindy was over eight feet tall!


"Nice place," Mindy said, looking around. "Nice high ceilings. We Watters girls need that."


Mindy walked past him, into the apartment. Mark could hardly believe his eyes. Her round, perfect butt brushed by him at chest level, barely contained in a short, tight skirt. "What... what brings you here, Mindy?" Mark finally stammered.


Mindy shot back a devastating smile. "What, I can't visit my sister and her boyfriend without a reason? It's been four years since I saw you last, Mark. I was only fourteen. I've grown up a lot since then."


"So I see..." Mark replied. "But Kathy won't be home for a couple of days still."


"I know that," she replied, grinning down at him in a way that made his heart race. She walked over to the window, the light silhouetting her incredibly long, graceful legs, her perfect hips, her full breasts. "Nice view," she commented.


"Sure is," Mark replied. The double meaning wasn't lost on Mindy, and Mark wasn't so sure it was such a smart thing to say.


"She sure has done well for herself, my big sister," she said. "Or should I say 'older' sister?"


Mark could contain his curiosity no longer. "Just how tall are you, Mindy?"


Mindy stretched out her superlong body to its full, towering height, running her hands down along her waist and past her hips. "Two weeks ago, I hit 8'3"" she said. "But don't worry, I'm still growing. In fact, I'm on something of a growth spurt."


Mark's cock was starting to grow in his pants. He knew this wasn't good, but there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Mindy saw the expanding bulge, and smiled. She didn't have to say anything. She sat on the couch and slowly crossed her legs. Sitting down, she was only slightly shorter than Mark, but she quickly remedied that by slipping one of her long fingers into his belt loop and effortlessly pulling him down on the couch next to her. She looked down at him.


"Let's not beat around the bush," Mindy said, directly. "In the last year, I fucked half my high school, and the other half were girls. Some of those guys were good. Some of them were great. But according to my sister, you are mind-bogglingly fantastic."


"Well, that's very flattering..." Mark responded, weakly.


"Cute," Mindy replied, "but don't pretend you don't know what I'm getting at. Look what I have to offer you. Unparalleled size! Even Kathy looks small next to me, and I'm still growing! With no sign of stopping! Imagine how tall I'll be in six months! In a year! I'm already too huge to stand up in most houses. I'm the biggest thing there is, and I'm getting bigger by the month. I can get anything I want. And right now, I want you."


Mark swallowed hard. "I think you should leave," he said.


Mindy shook her head, smiling. "I don't think so, Mark. If you think you can get me out of here, you're welcome to try. I don't think you can, and I don't think you want to. What are you worried about? Try me on for size."


She reached down and pulled his pants open. Mark's cock stretched loose and throbbed bigger and bigger. Mindy bit her lower lip as it swelled to full size. "Wow," she purred, "it's even bigger than I'd imagined."


She leaned over to lick it, and it suddenly grew a little bigger. She pulled her head back, startled. Mark was amazed. Suddenly, Mindy lifted him up and carried him to the bedroom.


Kathy had had a huge bed custom made, and Mindy tossed Mark onto it. She pulled his pants all the way off, then stood up to her full height. She lifted her shirt up over her head, revealing her big, perfect breasts. Then she slid her skirt off down her long, long legs. She lay down on the bed next to Mark. Her feet dangled off the edge of the mattress. "Just as I thought," she said. "Still not big enough."


She looked over at Mark, lying flat on the bed, his gigantic erection pointing skyward. A huge grin spread across her gorgeous, massive face. She reached over and picked Mark up off the bed. As she held him above her, she slowly spread her legs. Mark could hardly believe the length of them. Some people's whole bodies weren't as long as one of her legs, he thought. He was incredibly aroused, but guilt flashed over him. This was not right. "I love Kathy!" he blurted out.


"So do I," Mindy replied, honestly but as though it were completely irrelevant. Then she lowered him onto her, guiding his cock inside her. The further it went, the more she started to moan, rocking back and forth on the bed. "Yes! Yes!" she cried out as his last few inches disappeared inside her.


Mark's face came to a rest between her breasts. He was amazed at the length of her body. He ran his arms up as high as they could go, and he could only reach her mouth. Mindy sucked a few of his fingers into her mouth. He thrust inside her, coasting on the waves of her massive body. But the guilt returned. He stopped.


She looked down at him. "Well, if you're not going to cooperate, I'm going to have to do this myself." She spun around on top of him. She pinned his hands into the bed as she dangled her breasts over his face. "Like 'em?" she asked.


She pushed her boobs into Mark's face. They were smothering him. He could barely breathe. Mark knew he was going to have to play along. He thrust repeatedly within her. Suddenly, a charge of pleasure coursed through her body, and her back arched up, her breasts rising high above him. Mark gasped for air.


"You're incredible..." she whimpered, mid-orgasm. Mark looked up at her, her breasts bouncing above him, her stunning face contorted in ecstasy, and he decided to show her what he could do...


---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Mindy woke up first, still reeling from the hours of sexual ecstasy the night before had brought. She looked over at Mark, still snoring next to her. Flaccid, his penis gave little hint of its immense erect size. He looked so small next to her. She was used to that by now, but it never failed to excite her. She stretched her legs, her feet shooting out past the edge of the bed, and laughed to herself. She thought about her sister, about how her size had made her a fortune, how it had bought this massive bed... but not massive enough for her "little" sister Mindy. She wondered how much taller she'd grow. She seemed to be getting bigger by the month... and considering that she'd grown seven inches in the past year, she hardly seemed to be slowing down. A year ago, she looked up at her sister. Now, she towered over her, with no end in sight. It gave her an intense thrill.


When Mark woke up, he could hear Mindy in the shower. But that's not what woke him up. It was a clicking sound. The front door.


"Honey?" Mark's heart sank. It was Kathy!


She entered the bedroom, looking absolutely radiant in a cute blue dress that barely contained her huge breasts. But her smile disappeared almost instantly as she entered the room. There was no mistaking what had gone on the night before. "Mark...?" she asked, the rest of the question simply implied.


"Kathy!" Mark blurted, desperately. "It's not... you don't...!"


Quickly, her sadness turned to anger. "Who is she?!" she demanded. Mark had never seen Kathy like this, and the thought of this giant, incredibly strong woman enraged was a bit scary. There was no telling what she was capable of. She pounded her fist against the wall, and the paintings shook precipitously.


"That you, Mark?" a voice asked from the bathroom. The bathroom door opened, and out ducked Mindy, still damp and completely naked. It was hard to tell who was more startled to see the other, Mindy or Kathy. Mindy stood up. Even in her bare feet, she stood a good three inches taller than Kathy.


Kathy lifted her hand to slap her sister, but Mindy was too quick and grabbed Kathy's wrist. Mindy instinctively raised her other hand, but Kathy grabbed that one. They wrestled for a few moments. Mark stood up on the bed, yelling "Stop it! Stop!" But his cock, which was slowly stretching longer, suggested otherwise.


Kathy slipped one of her long legs around one of her sister's, tripping her onto the bed, with Kathy on top. Mark jumped out of the way just in time to avoid being crushed under them. They spun around, back and forth. First Kathy was on top, then Mindy, then Kathy. Finally, Kathy got Mindy pinned down against the bed. But she was no longer angry. In fact, she was laughing. Mindy started to laugh, too. Mark could hardly believe it. They were like two little girls, except they were very, very big.


"I'm sorry," Mindy said. "After all you'd told me about him, I had to get it out of my system. If it means anything, he had no choice in the matter."


"I'm sure he didn't," Kathy giggled. They both looked over at Mark, who was staring, his massive erection throbbing to full size, pointing straight at them.


Kathy looked at Mindy. "I'll make you a deal. Tonight, you and I share the wealth, as they say. It'll be all three of us, until the morning. And then it's hands off, forever."


"Deal!" Mindy replied, and they shook on it.


Kathy looked at Mark, unstrapping her dress and letting her spectacular breasts free. "What do you say, honey? Think you're up for a combined sixteen feet of pure woman?"


Mark just smiled and dove onto the bed, between their two enormous, warm bodies. He felt tiny as Mindy rubbed her breasts and body all up and down his back, while Kathy rested his cock in her considerable cleavage. Mark was in heaven. And soon, so were the towering Watters sisters.


---- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Mindy was true to her word. The next time Mark saw her was at his wedding to Kathy, nearly two years later. She now stood a mind-boggling 8'10" tall, and thought she still had an inch or two of growing to do. She brought her new boyfriend, a nice enough guy named Frank who, at about 6'6", was huge by any other standards. Word was that his endowments put even Mark to shame... but that's another story.


Kathy wore a white dress cut low on top to reveal her astounding cleavage and high at the bottom to show off her incredibly long legs. When Mark was told he could kiss the bride, there were laughs as Kathy leaned way down to allow it, then gasps as she effortlessly lifted him two feet off the ground so that they could kiss on her level. Mark's penis grew in his pants, pushing very visibly against the side of his left pant leg, much to the amazement of the guests. But Mark didn't care. He just kissed his new, giant wife, literally walking on air.



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