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Maggie (sequel to Lydia) by Solomon

Page history last edited by Massive 15 years, 11 months ago

Maggie (sequel to Lydia)

by Solomon


'I hope all your wishes come true.'


These were the last words Maggie and Lydia's mother had said to them. They

were spoken in a whisper, right before she went out to get groceries. And

never came back.


Both Maggie and Lydia hadn't paid much attention to them then. Lydia even

added: 'Don't forget the chocolate milk!' after their mother had already

closed the door. But now those last seven words reverberated through

Maggie's mind like sounds caught in an echo chamber, endlessly repeating.


And this is what haunted Maggie, as she sat in her dorm room and stared out

the window at all the other freshmen and their loving families. Parents'

Weekend. Her roommate Jessica's parents, her father a lawyer and her mother

a doctor, had picked Jessica up hours earlier, leaving Maggie alone in her

room all day, staring out the window.


I hope all your wishes come true, Maggie softly muttered. 'Yeah,



Her ex-boyfriend Rob was in an insane asylum. His sister Stacy had been

beaten up by some gang of thugs or something and was left handicapped and

deformed and mute. Lydia's friend Debbie had tried to hang herself, but

fortunately the ceiling fan she had tied the rope to was old, so when she

leapt off her chair, the fan came down on her and only gave her a mild

fracture on the skull and amnesia.


And Lydia...who knew what was going on with Lydia? She had been dating

Chris Sampson, one of the most popular guys in school, but then, last

summer, as he was crossing the street, he was run over by an ice cream

truck. Lydia had tried to bring him to the hospital, but she wasn't strong

enough or fast enough, and he had died. Ever since, Lydia had become even

more withdrawn and quiet than ever.


'I hope all your wishes come true.' What a crock.


Maggie walked around the room, and glanced over at Jessica's side. What a

mess. Clothes were strewn everywhere, mixed in with the occasional box of

pizza or half-empty bag of chips. The stench would have been devastating

had Maggie not had them keep the window open 24/7. So what if a rapist

could climb in? At least they'd be able to breathe.


Maggie half-heartedly sorted through her roommate's things. Three

hairbrushes. Panty liner. A used tampon (ick). A vibrator. A pair of...


A vibrator?


Maggie looked it over. Sure enough, that's what it was. A long vibrator.

Maggie pressed the on button and felt it purr alive in her hands. She

giggled. She had had sex before -- with crazy Rob -- but she had

masturbated before -- everyone girl did, didn't they --but she had never

had battery-powered stimulation before.


And Jessica would not be back for hours. She was probably out at some fancy

restaurant, laughing with her two wealthy parents over a glass of wine and

a plate of lamb.


Maggie locked the door just to make sure. And she closed the blinds --

though not the windows. And then she took off her black pants and lay on

the bed. Would it tickle? She wondered if she would even be able to orgasm.

It had been over nine months since Rob had been put away.


So she inserted the vibrator, turned it on, and began. Immediately,

electric bolts of joy zapped through her body. Her pelvis thrust back and

forth as the vibrator continued to massage and excite. Her breathing became

erratic. She closed her eyes. Back and forth. Back and forth. The bed

springs squeaked. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.


Release! She sighed, relaxed. Release.


So maybe she could still orgasm.


She slid the vibrator out of her.


'Oh, God,' she whispered with a half-smile. 'It's now all wet.' But then

she looked over at Jessica's clutter. She deserved some kind of punishment

for forcing Maggie to live like this. And what kind of punishment was this

anyway? Maggie knew she didn't have any venereal diseases. At worst, when

Jessica used her vibrator again, it would be sticky and incredibly



Maggie grinned and replaced the vibrator where she found it. Feeling a

little better, she put her pants back on, opened the shades, and turned on

some music.


Jessica did return late that night, and Maggie was already asleep in her

bed. Jessica turned off Maggie's stereo and sat down.


It was a rare night of loneliness for Jessica. She had promised herself no

boys this weekend, and she was going to uphold this promise. For her

parents' sake. Heck, the two prudes thought their daughter was still a



'I wonder what they'd think if they knew about the abortions,' Jessica

wondered. Sometimes she wished she could tell them, but they still treated

her like such a child -- and spoiled her -- and part of her still longed

for that kind of innocence.


But not right now. Right now, she longed for a penis inside of her. So she

did the next best thing. She dug out her vibrator from under her pile of

clothes. She knew it wouldn't wake Maggie up. Maggie had slept through



Jessica turned the machine on. It was her 18th birthday gift to herself,

and she had been grateful ever since. She was still wearing her dinner

outfit -- a suit, a blouse, a skirt, etc. -- so all she had to do was

remove her panties, which she did. And she happily slid the throbbing

device inside.


It did not go in as smoothly as she was used to, but that problem was soon

solved as her pussy began to moisten. The vibrator purred and pumped, and

she softly exhaled pleasure.


But then a new sensation joined her pleasure. An unfamiliar one. Was it the

seafood she ate? She removed the vibrator and lay still on her bed. No, she

felt strange. But not nauseous. But definitely uncomfortable. Her clothes

felt tight, even her designer shoes. She kicked them off and massaged her

aching feet. Then she unbuttoned her suit jacket. What was going on? Her

bra straps began to irritate her skin, pinching. She sat up and looked down

at her breasts. Was she hallucinating? They looked bigger. She cupped them

in her hands. They were bigger. Fuller. No wonder her bra was tight. But

she had heard arousal could temporarily increase breast size a bit, so she

ignored it and lay back down on her mattress.


Hair brushed against her lips. She grabbed a strand and looked at it. 'I

guess I need another cut,' she thought. 'Oh well.' Then she stretched out

to induce a yawn. Her feet kicked against the wall at the end of her bed.

The white nylon stitching was stretched nearly clear on her feet and legs.

Long legs. Really long legs. She stretched her legs out again just to see

how long they were, and suddenly holes split open in the material around

her calf muscles. And her lace bra was still getting tighter.


'This isn't possible,' Jessica said, and with each breath felt her blouse

squeezing her chest closer and closer. She could see her skin and bra

through the now-wide openings between her buttons. And somehow she could

see her stomach too -- her blouse had simply untucked itself from her

skirt? Speaking about her skirt, the belt around her waist was killing her.

Finally, she reached down to undo it before certain bodily harm. She

grabbed the leather strap and yanked...and pulled the belt in two.


Things were happening quickly now. Her blouse buttons were exploding away,

one at a time, first the middle. Her swelling breasts, suffocating in the

restrictive 36C bra, finally exhaled with relief as the back clasp snapped

open. The cuffs on her sleeves were open, too, and they now only reached

her elbows. The suit jacket became too small for her back, and burst open

down the middle with a loud rip. Her stockings, meanwhile, were shredding

very rapidly on her still growing legs, revealing more and more hard flesh.

Her skirt, once one piece, was now more like seven or eight pieces, barely

covering her thighs and pussy and ass.


'Stop!' Jessica cried.


And, coincidentally, it did.


She slowly rose to her feet. Her large feet. Everything looked so small

now. She looked down at her body. Two huge breasts sat in front of her. Two

long legs stretched below her.


Then Maggie, finally disturbed by all the ripping noises, opened her eyes

and looked at her roommate. She rubbed her eyes. Five times. Turned on her

night lamp.


But there was her roommate, Jessica, almost seven feet tall. Or at least

the face was Jessica's. Her red hair was different. Jessica didn't have

this much hair. And Jessica certainly didn't have that size...


'Holy shit!' yelled Maggie.


'It just...happened. I was lying in my bed and it just...happened.'


'Do you feel okay?'


'Maggie...I feel great! I feel amazing! Look at me. I'm incredible! Of

course, this was a Rubani outfit. Oh well. I'll just buy all new ones. I

wonder if they make them in my size. I wonder what my size is. I wonder

what my bra size is now! 48E?! Oh, I feel like I could conquer the world!

Even my muscles have grown! Watch.'


She bent over and lifted her box spring. With her right hand.


'Oh.' Maggie stood up. Jessica was so much taller than her that Maggie,

staring forward, ended up staring at her huge breasts. So Maggie looked to

the window. And drew the shades. 'I've never seen anything like this.'


'Maybe I'm special. Maybe I'm unique.'


'And it just happened?' Maggie asked.


'Just like that.'


'You were thinking anything or doing anything?'






Jessica shook her head. 'It doesn't matter. I'm going to go have fun!'


And she opened the door and skipped out of the room.


'This can't be good,' said Maggie. She went over to fix Jessica's bed,

which Jessica had left on its side. As she adjusted the mattress, Jessica's

vibrator fell out and onto the floor.


'The vibrator?' Maggie stared at it, puzzled.


Meanwhile, Jessica, naked, had skipped over to the third floor. Deric

Robertson's room.


'So much for my promise,' she sighed, and knocked on the door.


'Go away!' Deric's roommate Chester grumbled. 'It's one o'clock in the



Jessica placed her palms against the door and pushed with the slightest

effort. The hinges snapped open and the door fell forward, into the room.

Jessica entered, flicked on the light, turned to Chester, and said:


'You get out. Now.'


Chester got out. Deric -- handsome, intelligent history major Deric -- had

been sitting up in his bed, reading a magazine. Now he was just staring at

Jessica, his jaw having fallen around his ankles.


'Let's,' Jessica ordered succinctly, and she climbed onto Deric's bed. He

did not move a muscle. She looked down at his jeans and tossed away the

magazine, revealing a huge, hard bulge underneath his zipper.


In seconds, she had his most of his pants on the other side of the room.

Mere seconds later, she was on top of him. And, unfortunately for her, mere

seconds later, he had done what she had wanted him to do...only not quite

so quickly.


He removed herself from him. He had not changed his position at all. He

still stared forward. His jaw was still at his ankles. It was as if every

cell within his body had just suddenly froze with, what, terror? Fear?

Shock? Complete and utter joy?


Who knows.


'It's never as good as you think,' Jessica complained, and as she began to

scan her mental Rolodex for more companions, a sudden wave of dizziness

passed over her, and her body began to compact.


'Oh, great,' she snarled, as she felt her power rapidly ebbing away from

her body. Her breasts returned to their normal, normal size. Her mighty

muscles were gone. Even her lust had dissipated. Jessica sighed and crawled

into Chester's bed and pulled the blanket over her naked 18 year-old body,

and, mere seconds later, fell asleep.


The next morning, Maggie woke up and wandered her dorm looking for her

missing roommate. Eventually, she reached the third floor, where a small

crowd had gathered around Deric and Chester's room.


'What the hell happened to their door, man?' someone asked, between

spoonfuls of Frosted Flakes.


Maggie pushed the others aside and stepped into the room. Jessica was still

asleep in Chester's bed. Deric was missing, as was Chester.


'Jessica? Jessie?' Maggie rubbed Jessica's arm.


Jessica slowly stirred. 'Maggie? Hi. I had the strangest dream. I dreamt



Jessica saw the congregation outside the room. Deric's room.


'Leave,' she growled.


'Please,' Maggie added.


The congregation went away.


'Wow. So it wasn't...'


Maggie shook her head.


'Wow. I...can you get me some clothes from the room?'


Maggie complied, and brought her roommate a t--shirt and shorts.


'Where's Deric?' Jessica asked, slipping into her new clothes.


'You don't know?'


Jessica shook her head. 'Where's Chester?'




'The guy whose bed you slept in.'


'Oh. Eeeewww!' Jessica bounced to her feet. 'I'm going to now go take a

long, long, long shower.'




'Yeah, Maggie?'


Maggie wanted to ask Jessica why she had lied. Why she hadn't mentioned the

vibrator. Of course, people don't usually talk about such things, but last

night was not a usual night. Still...


'Have a good shower,' she said.


Jessica left. For some reason, she was certain this had something to do

with the vibrator. But then why hadn't she transformed? She had used the

vibrator. She had even orgasmed...


Chester had spent the night in the basement bathroom, masturbating. Deric,

on the other hand, after Jessica had left, put on some new pants, snuck

out, and went across the quad to visit his girlfriend Tanya in another



He tapped on her window.


'What are you doing here?' she asked. 'It's three o'clock in the morning!'


He tapped again. Finally, she opened the window and let him in.


Tanya had a single for the weekend, because her roommate's parents had

taken her roommate out to L.A. until Monday. She sat up in his pajamas and

kissed her boyfriends on the lips.


'What's wrong?' she asked, closing the window behind him. 'And why the heck

didn't you use the front door?'


'It's locked after midnight. You know that.'


'You could've called. I would've let you in.'


'Anyway,' Deric said, 'you'll never believe what just happened to me. And

I'm going to tell you now because I don't want to feel guilty, because it

really wasn't my fault in the first place.'


Tanya eyed him suspiciously. 'What?'


And he told her. After he was finished, he added: 'She raped me, Tanya! It

wasn't my fault. See.'


'Some giantess broke into your room and ripped off your clothes and raped



'Yes! You've got to believe you.'


'I believe you.'


'You do??'


'Sure. Why would you make up a story like that? I mean, the only reason I

can think of is to cover up the fact that you cheated on me with some girl

you're too afraid to mention, and you acted stupid, or maybe you were too

drunk and 'not responsible for your actions', and now what's left of your

pathetic little conscience is egging some form of guilt on you, and so, you

concocted the wildest story you could come up with -- which surprises me,

Deric, because I didn't think you were this imaginative -- and then told me

it, expecting me to be too exhausted to argue with you about it or poke

holes in it like a balloon.'


'Holes? What holes? It's the truth!'


'Holes?' Tanya echoed. 'Well, let's see, how about: nobody can rip a door

off its hinges? How about: there are no seven foot women wandering naked

anywhere except on the internet? How about: you're an idiot, Deric, and a

terrible liar.'


'Please. Look: she even cut me!'


And he showed her his legs, which had indeed been cut when Jessica had torn

his pants right off his body.


'Proof!' he cried.


'Go home, Deric. How far is the walk to Hell now, anyway?' Then the

telephone rang. 'Jesus! Why are people awake at this hour? Hello?'


Deric watched her as she spoke on the phone. Slowly, her face of anger

shifted. She glanced at Deric, then hung up the phone.


'That was my friend Maggie over in your dorm. She called to ask if I'd seen

you. She said the door of your room was knocked off its hinges.'


'Told you so,' Deric pouted.


'Oh, my poor baby. I'm so sorry.' She embraced her. They kissed. Then she

bent down.


'Uh, Tanya, what are you doing?'


'Kissing your wounds and making them better.' And she started planted three

kisses on each of his leg cuts. After the ninth kiss, though, she sat up

and wiped her mouth.


'What's wrong?' he asked.


'I tasted some of your blood. Ick.'


'I guess that makes you a vampire now.' Deric leaned forward. He whispered

into her ear: 'Why don't you suck me, vampire? Why don't you suck me dry?'


Tanya laughed and pushed Deric away. 'Go home, Rimbaud.'


Deric opened the window.


'The front door isn't locked on the inside, genius.'


'Oh.' Deric closed the window and left the room.


Tanya sighed, shook her head, and lay back to sleep, dreaming of



Tanya's alarm went off at 10:00 a.m. She blindly reached over and slapped

it quiet and, groaning, sat up. Deric had caused her to miss out on

valuable weekend sleep time.


She threw off her blanket and sat up.


'Ooh, where's the chill coming from?' she muttered. Hadn't she closed the



But then she opened her eyes and realized the chill was coming from the

fact that she was barely dressed.


Her pajama top was wide open, revealing her breasts to the world. And its

shoulder seams had somehow split during the night, as had the seams on her

pajama pants up to almost her crotch.


'What the fuck?' she declared. She tried to button her top back up, but

then noticed that all of the buttons were gone.


She stood up. Her clothes had not shrunk, and she had not grown. How had

this happened?


Across the quad, Jessica was getting dressed for another day out with her

parents. Maggie was sitting on her bed in her t-shirt and jeans, skimming

through biology notes.


As Jessica finished buttoning up her blouse, Maggie suddenly asked her:

'Why didn't you tell me about this?'


And Maggie took out the vibrator from underneath her pillow.


'Well, Maggie, I don't mind sharing clothes with you. I don't even mind

sharing some of my jewelry with you. I'm a philathropic person. But some

things roommates don't share. Buy your own.'


'You used this last night, didn't you?'


'So? Give it back.'


'It happened when you were using it, didn't it? The transformation.'


'Transformation. Christ, you'd think I turned into a goat or something.'


'Am I right?' Maggie asked.


'So what. It was a coincidence.'


'No, I don't think so.'


'Yeah? Well, I don't care. Give it back.'


'I think this has something to do with it. I think this has everything to

do with it.'


Jessica shrugged her shoulders. 'What if it does? It's mine.'


Maggie wanted to tell her that it hadn't worked when she had used it, when

Maggie had used it hours earlier. Which completely went against the

argument that the vibrator was the cause. Unless she was somehow immune to

it, like it was a virus or something...


Or maybe...


'Holy shit,' Maggie whispered.


Jessica snatched her vibrator and put it back in her closet. 'Have a nice

day reading,' she snickered, and went out.


She peeked her head in the doorway and added: 'And don't you even think of

touching it.'


Then she left.


'This is crazy,' Maggie thought. 'I mean, if I did somehow pass on

something to the vibrator when I orgasmed, then why didn't I have it in the

first place. I mean, why can't I transform like that?'


And she returned to her biology notes. She started rereading something in

her notebook when an energy suddenly filled her chest. She gasped. The

notebook fell to the floor.


It all happened in a daze. Her muscles ballooned underneath her clothes

like growing bubbles. Her legs, her arms, her entire body swelled and

stretched. Even her breasts filled, and faster than the rest of her. Pretty

soon, her suffocating body had its release, though, as her clothing burst



'Oh, God, oh God, oh God,' she whispered, and slowly rose. Rags of cotton,

which used to be her t-shirt, slipped to the floor on top of her notebook.

Strips of denim, which used to be her jeans, fell on top of her t-shirt.


She stood up straight, and bumped her head on the ceiling. She had to be at

least 7 feet tall. Without having to move, she reached over and closed the



'Well,' Maggie said, 'that answers that question.'


Then the telephone rang.


Maggie picked it up. The receiver was smaller than her hand! 'Hello?'


'Maggie, hi. Are you awake yet?'


It was her little sister. Lydia.


'Hi, Lydia. I, um, can't really talk right now. Can you--'


'Guess where I'm calling from?'


Maggie frowned. 'The house?'


'Nope. The front door of your dorm. Surprise!'


Maggie dropped the phone and it exploded all over the floor.


Lydia waited outside for her sister to open the dormitory's front door. Her

left hand carried a suitcase, her right hand carried her bus ticket.


'This school is so beautiful,' Lydia thought, gazing around at the leaves,

already browning and reddening with the onset of October. 'I wish I were

old enough to...Lydia, you moron, stop! You know what happened last time

you wished for something. And all the damage that did. Although I

could've...I could've saved Chris's life if I hadn't wished my powers away.

I could've reached the hospital in plenty of time. Oh...life sucks.'


'Hey, babe,' squeaked a voice.


Lydia turned around.


'I'm Chester,' the gawky, apparently color-blind 18 year-old said, sticking

his hand out into her face, waving it back and forth. It looked like a



Lydia reluctantly shook it. 'Hi.'


'I haven't seen you around before. You must be new.'


Normally, Lydia would have been flattered to have been mistaken to be older

than she actually was. She was 14, but people always thought she 'had to be

a cute 10 or 11.' But for this sweaty argument against Darwin's theories to

mistake her for a college student...


'Do you know what room Maggie Webb lives in?' she asked, desperately trying

to avoid his lecherous gaze.


'Oh, sure. Maggie and I are, you know...' Chester showed Lydia two of his

fingers and slapped them together. Then he began to have one finger move up

and down the other, wrap around the other, tap against the other again and

again and again...


'Great. Which room is she in?'


'I'll do more than tell you, babe. I'll show you.'


Chester unlocked the front door and escorted Lydia through the colorful

first floor of Maggie's dormitory, down the 'East Wing' to a pink door.


He rapped an odd beat on the door. 'Oh, Maggie, Chester is here. And with a

very attractive guest.'


'Hi, Maggie,' Lydia said through the door.


'Uh, can you wait a second, Lydia?' came the reply. It was Maggie's

voice...sort of. Did she have a cold?


Lydia looked at Chester. He was drooling.


'Uh, no, um, Maggie. I don't think I can wait a second.' And Lydia grabbed

the knob and pushed open her sister's pink door.


'Hi,' Maggie said, from under her covers.


'Hi, Maggie,' said Chester, entering first.


'Wow. And Dad says I'm the late sleeper.'


'I haven't been feeling like myself lately,' Maggie replied.


'Hi, Maggie,' Chester repeated.


'No. You do look...different.'


'So where's Jessica?' Chester frothed.


'Out,' said Maggie.


'Why don't you join her?' Lydia added.


So Chester shuffled out. Lydia slammed the door shut behind him.


'What species was that?' she asked.


'No one knows.'


Lydia sat on Jessica's bed. Stared at her sister.


'So, aren't you happy to see me?' she asked.


'Sure. Of course.'


'I figured you'd be lonely this weekend. Dad wanted to come up but...you





'So...' Lydia frowned. There was something definitely different about her

sister. She looked like she was rolled up into a ball underneath those

covers. Could she be that cold? 'Maggie, what's going on?'


'What do you mean?'


'What are you hiding?'


'What am I hiding?'


Then Lydia's mind clicked. 'But how could it be possible!' her mind

screamed. 'It's all over! Maggie wasn't even involved!'


Finally, Lydia spoke: 'How did it happen?'


'How did...oh, fuck it.' And Maggie stood up. Her blankets fell away,

revealing her massive, muscled, beautiful 7 foot frame. She looked down at

her tiny sister. 'Surprise.'


'I wish it were,' retorted Lydia.


'You don't look surprised.'


'Well, I think I got a surprise for you, too. Have a seat.' And Lydia told

Maggie everything that had happened to her last year, about her wish to be

tall and beautiful and how it had come true and everything that happened

after that. After she was finished, the two sisters sat in silence for a

long time. Finally, Maggie broke the silence:


'Rob's not crazy!'




'Well, that's good. I guess. I suppose.'


'But that doesn't explain this. How did this happen to you, Maggie?'


So Maggie explained her story, from the vibrator to the broken door to what

had happened to her body only a half hour earlier.


'It all makes sense,' Maggie said. 'Somehow, our vaginal juices--'




'Whatever. But I tried to turn back to normal after you called.'


'Maybe you were under too much stress. Try again now.'


So Maggie closed her eyes and thought about her normal body and squeezed

her fists together, which did little more than erect a thick vein across

her biceps. But then she wished harder, and began to feel her size

diminish. She opened her eyes and watched the posters on the wall drift

higher and higher. Her feet, which had previously occupied almost two floor

tiles each, contracted back to their regular, one tile length. Her shapely

leg muscles seemed to vanish back into the flesh of her shrinking legs. And

her breasts returned back to a size that could fit into a brassiere -- in

Maggie's case, 35B.


She felt a lot weaker, and a little dizzy, but Maggie knew she was herself

again. She danced around and immediately put on some clothes.


'So if I wish for this never to happen again, it won't, right?' Maggie

asked Lydia.


'Well, I don't know. I mean, you didn't wish for it to happen in the first

place, and your roommate grew.'


'Oh, God. Do you think she can still...OH GOD!'


'What?!' Lydia asked, suddenly alarmed by the look of terror on her older

sister's face.


'Jessica slept with Deric!'


'We have to find the both of them. Now.'


'And do what?'


'We'll figure that out when we get there,' Lydia replied, and they were



Jessica and her parents was at Chez House, the local beach side silver spoon



'No, dear,' her mother said to her father, 'we met the Wilsons at the

Hamptons with the Birches over by that cluster of elms. Don't you



'Darling,' Jessica's father volleyed back, 'we met the Wilsons at the

Vineyard with the Carters. And the Elms have that summer house in the

Hamptons. The Birches live on Nantucket.'


'You know, I once knew a man from Nantucket...' Mom began, and as she

continued in her story, Jessica could not help but notice the busboy by the

kitchen. He looked foreign. Jessica liked them foreign. Domestic was good,

too, actually. She winked at him. He winked back.


'Jessica, is something the matter?' her father suddenly asked her.


She looked at him. Wait a second. Something was the matter. That warmth

from last night... She could already feeling her clothes closing in on her



'Um, I have to go use the little girls' room,' Jessica said, and

immediately stood up. As she rose, her blouse untucked itself from her

skirt. She bolted for the bathroom.


Fortunately, there was no one there. Jessica stared at her swelling

reflection in the mirror. Her red hair had already grown five inches and

was hanging down in long mess. The spaces of revealed flesh between her

blouse buttons was growing, too, and Jessica could make out part of her

straining bra.


'Oh, this is bad,' she muttered. Her large fingers fumbled with the small

buttons on her blouse, but she managed to pull it off before ruin ensued.

She was too late for her shoes, though, and watched with teary eyes as her

designer pumps split open on her widening feet. She pushed her skirt down

her rapidly-muscling legs and was about to work on her bra when the

bathroom door opened.


'Hola,' the waiter grinned, locking the door behind him. 'Oooh. You're all

ready for me.'


Jessica stared down him. He sure was attractive. And would probably last

longer than mere seconds, unlike some quick shooters she knew.


'I sure am,' she replied, and pulled him close to her. His face buried in

her expanding breasts. He wrapped his arms around her to attempt to undo

the bra from the back, but he couldn't reach the entire way. Just as well:

the back snaps popped on their own moments later. The waiter, engulfed in

flesh, paid no attention.


He took down his pants, noticed she was not wearing any panties anymore,

shrugged, and buried himself into her deep pussy. As he rocked back and

forth, she picked him up and matched his motions with her own girations. He

wrapped his bare legs around her ass and pushed and pulled and pushed and

pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled..


Jessica was squeezing him tight now, lost in the passion of the moment. She

could feel him throbbing within her. He was lighter than a basketball in

her arms, but most of his body was now irrelevant. The only thing that

mattered was already doing its job like a factory piston, and wonderfully.

She squeezed her arms tighter, embracing him with all the carnal love she

could muster.


Push and pull and push and pull and push and pull and push and pull and

CLIMAX...and then a rather odd cracking noise.


Jessica opened her eyes. What the hell was that? She stared at the waiter.

The waiter was staring at her. A strange, sort of vacant stare. Still

holding him with her left hand, she waved her right hand in front of his

eyes. He did not even blink.


'Oh, shit,' she groaned, and let go of her waiter. He fell to the floor

with a dead thump, and began to drool blood out of the corner of his mouth.


'Honey, are you all right?' her mother asked from the other side of the

door. 'Your lobster is getting cool.'


Jessica looked to the wall. A window! Well, a small window. A window she

may have been able to fit through when she was five. Or maybe five feet.

But it didn't matter. Jessica reached up and gently tugged the frame off

from the rest of the wall. Then she began to make herself a bigger hole,

grabbing chunks of wall surrounding the opening and tossing them aside like



'Uh, honey? That doesn't sound too good.'


'Oh, go fuck a hamster,' Jessica muttered, and crawled out of the bathroom,

out into the rear parking lot of Chez House, overlooking the beach.


And there was something going on down at the beach. Something very unusual.


While Jessica had been lunching it up with her parents in Chez House, Deric

and Tanya were enjoying their Sunday at the beach.


'I bet those could glow in the dark,' Tanya quipped, referring to Deric's

florescent green bathing trunks.


'The bathhouse's right over there if you're really curious.'


'Curiosity killed the cat.'


'Ooh,' Deric purred. 'Kinky.'


They sat back on the warm white sand and watched the waves tiptoe up the

beach, then bashfully scamper away. It was a gorgeous Indian-summer day.


And the beach was fairly vacant. There were mostly young couples and their

younger children. All the older couples were out driving, and the college

students were home with their families. So it was quiet and peaceful.



Tanya patted her blue one-piece and enjoyed the sunshine. Absolutely



'Nobody's looking,' Deric whispered in her ear. 'Let's hickey each other to



'We're obsessed with this sucking motif today, aren't we?'


And they kissed each other on the lips. Long. Hard. French. Slowly, they

moved away from the lips and began kissing each other on the body, on the

flesh. Tanya licked Deric's chest. Deric pressed his lips against Tanya's

neck. Then he began to move further and further down. Down the side of her

chest. Across her chest. Over her left breast. He heard her giggle. Below

her left breast. Her stomach, through the bathing suit. And then below.


'Deric,' she muttered, but didn't stop him.


His lips found her hips, and then her thighs, and then back up again,

slowly. Slowly.


She began to tremble. Deric smiled. He was better than he thought. He

continued on her thigh. Since when was she so muscular there? She must be

working out, Deric concluded. Her trembling intensified. Deric stopped, sat





And suddenly, just like that, her one-piece was a two-piece. The top split

from the bottom with a loud pop, revealing incredibly textured stomach





But the top was soon becoming too tight for her growing breasts. Some flesh

began to slip underneath the top, and over the top, her cleavage stretched

out beautifully, all the while complemented by an increasing muscle tone

all across her upper body. Her shoulders widened. Her arms became thick.



As did her legs below. Pubic hairs began to peek out from the sides of her

'shrinking' bottom. And the seams themselves were showing undeniable signs

of strain.


She was like a voluptuous Playboy model wearing an 8 year-old girl's

bathing suit, and the suit couldn't take it anymore. The top ripped open

down the middle, spilling out her breasts, and the bottom exploded moments





Then the ruckus on the beach began. First, a six year-old boy noticed her.

And pointed. Then his mother, spanking her son for impolitely pointing,

noticed her. Within a minute, the entire beach began to either curiously

approach Tanya and Deric, or run far, far away.




She was gigantic. Over seven feet tall. And beautiful. And in a definite,

numbing state of shock.


Deric began to have flashbacks to the night before. To Jessica, ripping

down his door, tearing off his pants, molesting him.


'Tanya?' he asked again, but now his voice was tinged with fear, and

hesitation. He began to crawl backward, away from his girlfriend.




Deric froze. That wasn't Tanya's voice. He gazed up, and saw naked, massive

Jessica slowly approaching down the sandy hill from Chez House.


And she looked very, very unhappy to see him.


'If they're not here, where could they be?' Lydia asked Maggie as they

walked around the lovely campus.


'I don't know. And you know, there's still one thing about this whole mess

I don't understand. When you 'wished' your power gone last year, why did

Debbie Dugan turn back to normal? I mean, if this thing is like a virus,

then...you know what I mean?'


'Maybe it was psychological,' Lydia replied. 'Debbie knew she couldn't

change without my help. So when I took it away, her mind just rationalized

that she had lost her powers, too.'


'You know, this means you can still grow, if you wanted to.'


'Those are the operative words, aren't they? 'If I wanted to.''


Maggie snapped her fingers. 'Wait! Deric probably took my friend Tanya down

to the beach!'


And she and Lydia crowded into Maggie's breadbox-sized Volkswagen.


'I see you're keeping the car up nicely,' Lydia chirped, knocking on the

dashboard. The dashboard knocked back, and Lydia shut up.


On the beach, Tanya watched, still paralyzed, as Jessica towered over

Deric. His entire body fit in her 'thin' shadow.


'You disappointed me, Deric. And I don't like to be disappointed.'


She wrapped her hand all the way around his neck and lifted him up three

feet off the sand.


'Don't worry. I know you like it quick.'


'...help...me...' he gasped. '...tanya...'


Tanya blinked. The world began to crystalize for her again. Yes, she was on

a beach. It was a gorgeous day. A Sunday. And she was on the beach with...


'Deric!' She rose. 'Oh my God! How did I get to be so big? Where's my

bathing suit?!'


'Oh, shut up, Tanya,' Jessica grunted.


'Hey. Let him go.'


'In a minute,' Jessica replied through her thin smile, as she began to

apply pressure to Deric's neck.


'I said: let him go!'


And Tanya rushed at Jessica, knocking both she and Deric into the water.

Deric rolled away from Jessica, and a few of the passive onlookers grabbed

him and carried him away from the two giantesses.


Jessica reached out with her hands. She grabbed Tanya's E-cup right breast

with one hand, and picked her up in her pussy with the other, and threw the

poor girl thirty feet into the sea, where Tanya helplessly landed with a

violent splash.


'Bitch,' Jessica muttered.




Jessica looked to her left. 'What do you want, little girl?'


'Jessica, please. You've already killed one person. You're going to jail!'

Maggie cried. 'Don't make this any more difficult!'


And Jessica saw policemen also beginning to gather on the beach, taking out

their pistols.


'Oh, please,' Jessica said.


'Jessica, it has to stop now.'


'You know, Maggie. I've always not liked you. You snore. I hate people who



And she took a giant step toward Maggie.


'This is the police! Please stop moving and put your hands up!'


Jessica took another giant step toward Maggie.


'Uh, Maggie, maybe we should leave,' Lydia suggested.


'No. I'm not leaving until Jessica leaves. A normal-sized Jessica.'


'Don't hold your breath, Maggie,' Jessica chuckled, and grabbed Maggie by

the shirt.


'Don't shoot!' someone yelled. 'You'll hit the girl!'


Jessica lifted Maggie up over her head. 'I wonder how hard I can throw you

down. I wonder just how many bones I can break.'


'Maggie, you've got to change!' Lydia screamed. But Maggie was too

frightened to hear her sister. All she could think about were her bones,

shattering, and the fact that all this was her fault.


Lydia looked down at the water. Tanya was slowly crawling her way back to

land. Ordinary Tanya. Unable-to-stop-Jessica Tanya.


And then Lydia saw Chris, running across the street to meet her, carrying a

bouquet of flowers. Chris, who had noticed her and accepted her for who she

was. Chris, who she could not save.


Who she did not save.


'That's not who I am,' she thought. 'I can't just let this happen all over

again. I can't! This is a part of me. This is part of who I am.'


And Lydia grew. Her immature breasts filled with power. Energy that had

been storing up for almost a year coarsed madly through her veins. Her

clothing burst to pieces on her tall, beautiful body. And she continued

growing, accepting her power and her strength willingly. This was a part of

who she was, and she was very proud of it.


And she was also very pissed off at Jessica.


When Lydia finished growing, she was eight feet tall. All that stored up

potential had just exploded within her, and now she was bigger than even



'Put her down, punching bag,' Lydia demanded.


'What?' asked Jessica, confused.


So Lydia explained, and sent a massive punch right into Jessica's jaw.

Maggie fell harmlessly onto the sand, and Jessica also fell, suddenly,

completely unconscious.


'Maggie, are you okay?' Lydia asked, kneeling beside her sister.


'Yeah. Thanks.'


The police began to cautiously surround them. Several officers still had

their guns pointed at Jessica, who was quickly shriveling back to normal,

and a few of the officers were aiming their pistols at Lydia, not knowing

what to expect.


So Lydia shrank herself back to her ordinary 14 year-old self. A policeman

covered her nudity with a beach towel.


'Thanks,' she said.


Maggie and Lydia followed him to a squad car, for questioning. While

waiting to be taken to the station, Lydia turned to Maggie and asked:


'So. Now what happens?'


'Who knows?' Maggie replied, smiling at her sister. 'Anything can happen.

Whatever we wish.'



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