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Magic Shoes By Spitfire

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Magic Shoes?

By Spitfire



Magic shoes! How corny does that sound? Maybe cursed, haunted or even possessed shoes may be a better term. Throughout history there have been many legendary objects that supposedly had magical or mystical powers, BUT SHOES? Okay, anyways, you may wonder why I'm ranting and raving about shoes. Well, I guess the best place to start this story would be the beginning. It all started when my wife Shelly bought a funky old pair of platforms from a thrift store. It was an odd find to say the very least. A pair of 6" heels with 3" platforms in a size 4 isn't all that common. But then I though, "Who better to buy a pair of shoes like this than my Shelly?" She had always been a petite little woman standing 4'10" tall and weighing about 92 lbs. soaking wet. I'm not really one to brag about being so tall myself, but at 5'4" I was considerably taller than Shelly even when she wore heels.well until she wore these heels! Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself here, so once again, I will regress.


As I walked in the door, I saw Shelly sitting on the floor with newspapers spread all over the floor and a bottle of bright red shoe dye her hand. Without saying a word, I knew this had to be another one of her "projects". I really shouldn't complain because Shelly was always a crafty person and due to this, she was able to save quite a bit of money by making her own clothes and buying a lot of things to fix up. As I walked over to her, she just smiled up at me and said, "Mark, you'll never guess what I found." I just rolled my eyes and said, "You're right, Shelly, I'll never guess." From behind her back she pulled a pair of very high-heeled platform shoes. They were very old looking and scuffed up.


Had I not known Shelly's talents for restoring items to like new condition, I would have asked, "Why did you buy them?" But instead, I said, "Ah, yeah Hon, I'm sure those will look really nice when you get them done." She just smiled again and said, "Yeah, they'll not only look nice, but I should be considerably taller with these on. They're 6" heels with 3" platforms. I should be able to look you in the eye with these on. It's going to be nice to feel like I'm an average size woman, even if it's by artificial means!" Then she stood up and craned her neck back to kiss me. As I bent over to kiss her, she said, "Yeah, just imagine if I could look you in the eye and be able to kiss you without you having to stoop over!" I laughed and said, "Yeah, that would be fun for a change!"


I watched as she covered the old grungy brown leather with bright red dye. She worked on them for several hours after dinner as if she were somehow obsessed with getting them done. It was midnight and they still weren't done. I got tired of waiting up for her and I bent over to kiss her as she slowly rubbed the dye into the leather. "Goodnight, Hon, I'm getting tired, I said. She craned her neck up to kiss me and said, "I'll be in as soon as I finish these. By abound 3:00 a.m. they started to look halfway decent, yet not good enough for my little perfectionist. When I woke up, she was still sitting on the floor working on her shoes. I was shocked to see her still sitting there and I said, "Shelly! Have you been working on those all night?" She smiled and said, "It took several coats, but look, now they look just like a new pair!" She held them up to confirm they surely did look new. I bent over to kiss her. She kissed me back and said, "Bye, Mark, have a good day." And with that, he was off to work.


I'm sure Shelly couldn't wait for me to come home to try out her new shoes on me. When I walked through the door, she proved me right. She slowly strolled up to me wearing a red teddy as I opened the door. With my shoes on, I was maybe an inch or more taller, but I definitely wasn't used to Shelly being so close to being able to look me in the eye! It was a definite turn-on seeing her like this. She kissed me and said with a laugh, "Welcome home, shorty." Then she stood waiting as I took my shoes off so I'd be in my sock feet. Her smile grew even larger as she noticed she was in fact able to look me straight in the eye. The shoes looked so sexy on her. The red color added just the right amount of naughtiness to the rest of her little outfit. She knew it was really turning me on seeing her like this. Being kind of a short guy, I was never able to attract women that were my size or taller and it made me feel so horny seeing my wife at her new size, even if it was artificial.


It surprised me that she wore the shoes for such a long period of time. Usually she only wore her 3" heels for a short period of time because she said they hurt her feet. I tried to be considerate and ask her if she wanted to take them off. She looked at me with a mischievous look and said, "What's the matter? Is it making you nervous seeing me the same size as you?" I replied, "No, I was just worried about your shoes hurting your feet." She smiled and said, "No, surprisingly they don't. In fact, they are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!" Then she walked up to me and slung her arms over my shoulders and said, "You wanna go into the bedroom so I can show you what I can do in my shoes?" That was more than an attractive offer to say the least! I excitedly nodded my head "yes". She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. As we stood kissing and caressing each other, I could feel that she was getting very turned on also. Suddenly she turned with her back to me and bent over the bed. As she did this she slowly pulled the teddy to the side and rubbed herself against me. "Put it into me Baby" she said in a sexy voice." I moved my hips into her and even stood on my tiptoes but as much as I tried, I couldn't reach her! I said, "Shelly, you're not going to believe this, but I can't reach you!" She turned around with a huge smile on her face and said, "Do you want me to spread wider so you can reach me shorty?" I tried to be sexy and just lowly whispered, "Uh-huh."


We made love in several positions we had never been able to do ever before. Most of the positions involved her standing and she was thoroughly enjoying it. I swear she was getting off on her newfound height so much! It was around midnight again before she finally let up and slowly just started to caress me again. "Wow!" I said. She smiled with satisfaction and said, "Uh-huh!" Then we got in the bed and lay next to each other. She still had her platforms on and was admiring how tall they made her look. I was much too tired to just lay there next to her without her saying anything to me and I fell asleep. Shelly looked at me and chuckled to herself. Then she walked into the bathroom to take off her make-up and outfit. As she bent over to undo the straps on the platforms, she heard a loud click and then the room started to look blurry. She felt as if her feet were on the floor for a moment and then she had a dizzying feeling as if she were standing on something that raised her in the air several inches. She steadied herself on the sink for a moment. After her dizzy spell stopped, she bent over and finished taking the shoes off. As she rose back up, she felt kind of disoriented everything in the room seemed to be a little lower than she was used to. She shrugged her shoulders and figured the whole episode was due to having sex for the last several hours and just being dizzy.


Then next morning was Saturday. As usual Shelly woke before Mark. Slowly rolled to the edge of the bed and tried to slide her feet into her slippers. "What the?" Shelly said to herself. Her slippers were much too tight for her feet, but she shoved them in anyways. She heard a slight rip and noticed her heel sticking out the back several inches. Then she put on her nightie and walked out to the kitchen. Everything seemed much lower than she was used to, except her nightie, that is! Usually it came to just below her knees, but now it was halfway up her thigh! In spite how strange everything seemed that morning for some reason, she started to make breakfast. As she reached up into the cupboards she noticed she didn't have to stand on her tiptoes to reach the measuring cups and bowls. The stove also seemed a little lower than she was used to. She felt as if she was still wearing the platforms, yet she knew she was standing in her slippers with next to no sole at all. Excuse the pun, but something was certainly strange afoot here!


As Mark lay in bed, he woke slowly to the smell of cinnamon French toast. He smiled as he opened his eyes and slowly rose out of bed. As he walked out into the dining room, he saw Shelly at the stove cooking. She looked taller for some reason. Mark just shook his head and thought, "She's really getting her money's worth out of those shoes!" He thought she was wearing them but wasn't totally sure as the lower half of her body was hidden by the counter. As he walked around the counter to embrace her, he was met by an unexpected observation: Shelly was the same size as she was last night while she had her platforms on, but she was standing there wearing her slippers! He hesitantly walked closer to her. Shelly was concentrating on cooking and didn't see him coming. Mark stood there by her speechless for several minutes, as he looked her up and down. "She's the same height as me now! How could this be?" He thought.


Just then Shelly noticed him standing next to her and it startled her. "Ah-h-h!" she screamed. Then she gave Mark a strange look and said, "Oh, funny are we? Okay, Mark, the jokes over, you can stand up straight now! You don't have to make fun of me for wearing the platforms." Mark looked at her in shock and said, "Shelly, I AM STANDING STRAIGHT UP!" At the same time they both looked each other up and down and then into each other's eyes and said, "What the?" For the next several minutes they started at each other and tried to find some explanation for what they were seeing. Then Shelly finally spoke out and said, "Maybe it was the shoes?" Looking for some logical explanation I said, "How could it be the shoes, Shelly?" She replied, "What other possible explanation could there be, Mark?" Mark replied, "I don't know, but are you trying to tell me that by wearing those platforms, they somehow made you taller even when you're NOT wearing them? I've never heard of shoes doing that before!" Shelly looked at me with a serious look and said, "Maybe they're magic shoes?" Mark said, "Come on Shelly, get real!" She replied, "I am trying to be real here. How else did I suddenly get 6" taller and OVERNIGHT?" Again he replied, "I don't know Shelly, but there has to be SOME logical explanation here. I would almost believe the shoe thing, but you're not just taller, you're bigger all over.just as if you had the same body, but were scaled up by 6 inches."


"So what are we going to do about this Mark?" asked Shelly. "Mark thought for a moment and then said, "I'm at a loss Shelly. I've never heard of anything like this happening before. Who knows maybe it's only temporary, I don't know." Shelly said, "Well, in any case, I could really get used to being the same size as an average woman." Mark looked at her and said, "You're not exactly the same size as the average woman Shelly. You're the same size as I am and I'm an inch shorter than the average woman which makes you still shorter than the average woman." Shelly was a bit ticked off by his remark and she replied, "Yeah, but if I wear heels, it'll be even less apparent how short I am." You being a man on the other hand can't wear heels, so alas I will be of average height but you'll still be a short little man." Then she gave him a big grin. For the first time, she noticed how much of a real difference there was between their bodies now. When she was at her old height she was not that imposing of a figure at all, although she worked out with small weights and aerobics most of the day in between her daily domestic tasks. On the other

hand Mark rarely worked out and spent most of his day sitting in front of a computer. He was just a short little man and seemed a lot less impressive to her now that they were the same height. She figured she now had to be at least as strong as he was if not stronger! She also knew that Mark was attracted to taller women, but was never able to get one to talk to him, let alone date one. Now he saw that fantasy coming true as his wife could literally tower over him by several inches just by putting on a pair of 3" heels!


As she saw the slight bulge in his pants, she knew what he was thinking of. She looked at him slyly and said, "Why don't you go sit at the table for now and let me finish cooking breakfast? We can figure this out later." Mark reluctantly nodded his head "yes" and went back out to the dining room and turned on the TV. A few minutes later Shelly brought out a plate full of French toast for him along with some maple syrup. She placed the plate in front of him and walked back to the bedroom without him noticing her at all. For the moment his thoughts were on taking that first bite of Shelly's French toast. "God, she made the best French toast!" He thought. As he sat chewing his toast and looking at the television, Shelly walked back out into the dining room and stood next to him. She gently tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Now that I've made you breakfast, why don't you make me some?" At first he just chuckled, but then he noticed how much higher her crotch was. He quickly looked down at her feet and saw she was wearing the platforms again! He slowly stood up with a slight gulp.He had never in his wildest dreams ever thought Shelly would ever be able stand and look him straight in the eye, let alone have to look up into eyes the way he was doing now! Confirming that she had gotten the desired reaction from him, a huge grin appeared on her face as she said, "Well, hello! How's the weather down there shorty?" Mark just looked up at her in awe as she took his hand and led him back into the kitchen.


"I know that you're not that good of a cook sweetie, so I'll help you out a little." Shelly said. As she reached to the top shelf in the cabinet, she continued, "The first thing you have to do is get one of these bowls up here." Shelly could now easily reach the bowl now but she hesitated and said, "Here, why don't you get the bowl while I get some more eggs out of the refrigerator." Then she stood there smirking as she watched her shorter husband try in vain to reach the top shelf. Just as he was about to get the step ladder she said, "Here, let me reach that for you, shorty!" It took all she had to keep from laughing at the expression on her husband's face. Then she stepped behind him, stooped over and started nibbling on his ear and said, "I remember how you used to do this very same thing to me!" The sensation of his towering wife being able to do the very same thing he used to do to her when HE was much taller kind of unnerved him a little. That feeling quickly faded as he felt his underwear getting tighter and tighter on him. Shelly brought him back to earth when stooped down slightly and leaned over him. Then she slowly slid her hand down his chest and over his crotch and said, "We can take care of that later Babe, first you have to finish making me breakfast." She could tell her husband wanted her so badly, and got quite the kick out of the fact he was getting so flustered by her newly found size advantage over him.


She led him over to the counter and stood in back of him as he whisked the eggs and mixed in the ingredients. Shelly stood in back of him and put her hand over his to show him how to properly whisk the eggs. It was almost the same size as his now! It was making him so horny having her warm breath against the back of his neck. It was giving him goose bumps and she could notice it was driving him wild. After they both cooked her French toast, Shelly took six pieces into the dining room. "That was odd," he thought. Shelly rarely is able to finish 3 pieces. Maybe her eyes are just too big for her stomach. Much to his surprise she finished all 6 pieces, held up the plate and said, "Would you please make me two more pieces now that you know how?" She had a very mischievous smile on her face and she knew Mark would never refuse to do something for her while she was hanging the possibility of sex over his head!


He gladly took her plate, went out to the kitchen, made her two more pieces then brought them out and sat them in front of her. Upon finishing the last bite Shelly said, "Boy, a girl could get used to this!" Then she grabbed his butt, gently squeezed it and said, "Now would you be a dear and clean this mess up?" Before he could even answer, she stood up. It would take a lot for him to get used to her towering over him this way a foot taller than he was used to seeing her! She bent over slightly, kissed him on the forehead and said, "While you're cleaning up, I'm going to go and pretty myself up for you.Maybe we can even stage a part 2 from last night?" How could he refuse an offer like that? All he had to do is a few measly dishes and his wife would once again treat him to sex like they had never had before in their marriage. The sex he had always fantasized about and with his own wife, no less!


About half an hour later Shelly called him into the bedroom. As he walked in, he noticed she was wearing the same teddy she had on last night with one very notable exception: It looked much tighter on her and she wasn't able to fasten it in the crotch! It looked like a cross between a lace bathing suit and pair of crotch less panties. She walked up to him and put her finger under his chin to force his gaze up into her eyes, Then as if to exaggerate how much taller she now was, she slo-o-o-wly moved her lips down to his in a forceful, very sexy kiss. Her tongue was probing the inside of his mouth and pushing his out of the way. She had never kissed him like that before and they both were enjoying it! Then she grabbed his hand and put the on top of her breasts. She her hands over top of his and guided his caress over her as she moaned with pleasure. Then she turned around and forced her butt into him. The combination of her lengthened legs and the platforms brought her gorgeous derriere up to the lower part of his chest! He stood there for a moment and then said, "Shelly, there is NO WAY I'm going to be able to reach you!" She turned her head, glanced over her shoulder and smiled. Then she spread her legs. Still Mark couldn't reach. He tapped her on her bottom and said, "Umm Babe, I still can't reach." Again she looked over her shoulder to confirm he was still too short to reach. As she spread her legs even further she said, "You're just trying to make me spread out my legs real far so I'll be tighter for you." Finally she was at a level he could reach.


As he went in and out of her, she held herself up with one arm and stroked her clit with the other hand. It didn't take her long before he could feel her hips pushing back against his forcefully. Not only was she bigger, but with the size she gained Shelly was obviously stronger also! As she started to scream, a rush came over her as her whole body went into ecstasy. Mark could feel her cum dripping down his leg and started to pump her even faster. She begged him to stop because it just felt too good. Mark continued, but Shelly now had a new weapon against him with her newfound height. She simply closed her legs back together and stood up! Once again he was nowhere near being able to reach her! She stood up straight to her full height and turned around. She looked down at him and said; "Now that was a naughty little boy, making me beg you to stop and still not stopping! That's okay, I have a little something for naughty boys!" She grabbed his shoulders and gently moved him around to where he had his back against the bed. Then she put her foot in back of his leg and pushed against his shoulders. He flew almost to the top of the bed with a look of surprise on his face! Before he could come back to his senses, she was on top of him in a schoolboy pin with her dripping pussy just inches from his mouth! "Then she said in a sexy forceful voice, "So you want to be a naughty little boy? Then you may as well do what all naughty little boys do. Lick me like the naughty little boy you are!" Then she shoved it into his face. As she rocked back and forth slightly, she turned and saw his raging hard on. She spit on her hand, reached back and started stroking him. His hips were gyrating and she could tell he really liked it. Within a few moments, he felt as if he was going to explode and then.M-m-m-m-m-muuuuuf! He shot his load up her back as he struggled to get away from her, yet she continued to stroke him. "M-m-m-m-uuuuf!" As he struggled to get her to stop she continued to ride his face. He could feel her already dripping pussy getting even wetter. She was really enjoying her newfound control over he former larger hubby! Then it happened. Though her thighs were pressed against his ears, he could hear her low moans as she rode his face faster and faster and then all at once slowed w-a-a-a-ay down.


Shelly glanced over at the clock and said, "Holy crap, Mark! Do you know what time it is?" Again Mark just said, "M-m-m-m- muuuuuf!" Shelly giggled and rolled off him. In between gasping for air, Mark said, "God Shelly! I never knew you could be so aggressive!" Shelly smiled and said, "Well, it helps now that I'm not the size of a 5th grader anymore! Anyways, I said do you know what time it is?" Mark looked over at the clock and it read 3:00 a.m.! He looked up at Shelly and said, "Whoa, we were going at it that long? I can't believe it, almost 16 hours? No wonder I was getting so tired! Shelly got off of him and rolled over next to him. As they lay next to each other, Mark noticed they were just about the same size from head to toe. Shelly's little feet were now maybe a size smaller than his if that. Her legs were longer than his, but her shorter torso allowed him to be the same size as her overall. About a half an hour later Shelly said, "I have to get a shower, I am so sweaty and sticky! Do you wanna come?" Mark shook his head and said, "Go ahead, I'll be there in a minute."


Shelly walked into the bathroom and started to undress. The teddy looked as if it were on its last legs. She just unsnapped it and threw it into the waste can. Then she bent over and undid the straps on the platforms. Once again she heard a loud click and then she felt as if her feet were touching the floor. As she started to get dizzy again, she felt as if the floor were pushing her up higher once more. She looked in the mirror only to see a huge shock. Once again, she was much taller! She stepped out of the platforms as Mark walked into the bathroom. Mark didn't even notice she was in her bare feet as he walked by her and said, "As much as you like those shoes Shell, I don't think you can shower in them." Shelly was still not over the shock that she had grown taller once again.not just taller, but BIGGER! As Mark turned the faucet on, she stepped into the shower and stood in front of him. He was washing his hair and had his eyes closed. Shelly put her long arms over his shoulders and placed her hands against the wall, towering above her little husband.


He turned around to rinse and slowly opened his eyes. He noticed a hand next to his that was slightly larger with longer fingers. He turned around with a startle and looked up into his wife's eyes! Then he quickly looked down to the floor to see his wife standing barefoot. Then quickly he looked back up into her eyes in shock and said, "Shelly, you're.you're.She put her long finger over top of his lip and said, "A lot bigger than you!" Then before he could even get another word out, she bent over and started kissing him. He could feel her feet rubbing on top of his and they felt much bigger than he remembered too. Finally his Amazonic wife let him up for air from her kiss. She smiled down at him and said, "Well, well.it looks like those shoes really must be magic after all! I have to be at least 5'10" tall now! That makes me even taller than the average woman, I believe! I think I even qualify to be allowed to enter "tall clubs" now!" Then patronizingly she looked down into her husband's eyes and said, "Oh, but you're still a short, little guy aren't you honey? I bet you couldn't even reach my lips on your tiptoes now could you?" Mark was still having difficulty trying to comprehend the whole situation and couldn't even answer her. He just stood there dumbfounded and searching for an answer.


Finally he managed to say, "Shelly, I'm not sure what's going on here, but this can't be normal! I mean people don't just grow because they put on a pair of platform shoes! Those things must be possessed or something and I don't think you should put them on again. Who knows what will happen to you!" Shelly looked down at him, smiled and said, "Oh, I know what will happen to me, I'll get taller! I think we've already figured that one out haven't we?" Mark protested, "But Shelly, don't you see this could be dangerous?" Shelly laughed as she said, "Dangerous? The only one it could be dangerous for is you, my little lover! I'm considerably bigger than you now and most likely even stronger! I virtually dominated you about an hour ago and I was smaller than I am now." Immediately she saw the look on her husband's face go from one of concern to one of fear! As she felt his little trembling body against hers she stroked the side of his cheek and said, "Don't worry darling, I'd never hurt you. Don't tell me that you're not enjoying seeing me tower over you and taking more of a dominant position in our love life. I know you used to dream of marrying a tall dominant girl and I've always hated being short. Don't you see, those shoes are a blessing, not a curse?"


Her husband still stood in front of her speechless. She grinned as an idea came to her. She soaped up the washcloth and started to wash him. She could see goose bumps on his skin. Then she saw his penis getting hard again. She went down on her knees and washed his lower half as she kissed him on the belly. Then she moved in closer to him and stood up, while rubbing up against Him, looking into his eyes with a mischievous look the whole time, never breaking eye contact as she straightened up to look him in the eye, then continued to rise several inches above him. He had all but forgotten about his worries as she grabbed both of his wrists and pinned them over his head. At first he jokingly tried to free his hands, but then he slightly panicked as he found out his wife was now more than strong enough to hold his hands there!


With a satisfied look on her face, she handed him the washcloth and said, "Okay, it's your turn to wash me now, my little muscle man." And with that she turned around for him to wash her back. Her shoulders were much higher than his own now and much to his embarrassment looked larger and stronger. Her derriere was at the same level as his stomach and he didn't even have to bend over to wash it. He got on his knees as she turned around. She looked down at him with a smile on her face and said, "How's the view down there, my little lover? Just imagine, after a few more times of wearing the platforms, what you're seeing right now might soon be a real perspective for you!" The thought of his wife being that much bigger than him made him uneasy, but at the same time turned him on a lot. He gently rubbed the rag up and down his wife's long legs. Then as he kneeled, she put her foot on his thigh. He could plainly see her foot was now several times larger than his. He finally had his dream Amazon at last, but he was scared shitless of her! Shelly rinsed and then turned off the water. As they got out of the shower, Mark could barely see their reflections in the fogged up mirror, but from what he could see, he was looking more like a child walking with his formerly petite wife. As they climbed into bed, he felt his wife's long arms pull him in close to her. As they both lay on their sides as if he was sitting on her lap. It felt so very soothing to him, yet it disturbed him slightly. There was little doubt in his mind that she was not only taller than him, bigger than him, but also stronger than he was now! He thought his wife was just going to fall asleep quietly.


This however wasn't the case. The feel of her husband's body against hers, so much smaller was such a serious turn on for her. Mark detected a slight aroma of her juices that he mistook for residue still up his nose from earlier! He felt her softly pinch his nipples as her hips moved back and forth against him. Then she started to nibble on his ear and rub her shins against the bottom of his foot. She was getting hotter and hotter. Then all of a sudden, she squeezed him. Then playfully she said, "Bet you can't get away my little tough guy." Although Mark was considerably smaller than she was, she had appealed to his sense of male ego just then. Shelly let go of him and he got up onto his knees and tried to pin her. She laughed as she picked him up off of her as a teenager would when wrestling with a smaller child! Then she rolled over on top of him easily pinning him again. Then she said, "Try to get away again, it's turning me on so-o-o-o bad! DO IT!" She felt him struggle to break free of her as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. As he lie trapped under her larger, heavier and stronger body, she grinded her hips into him. There was no mistaking it, though very subtle; this was an act of domination on Shelly's part. She was literally toying with her weak little husband and she was really getting off on it! She continued to tell him to try and get away, but he saw little point and gave up. Shelly stopped and said, "Don't you give up, you little pussy or I whip your scrawny little ass!" Once again he started struggling to get loose. It was making her wetter and finally she came. Then she slowly slid her body up his as he lay there weakened from trying to get away from her. She rolled back off him and once again pulled him into her where he lay motionless for the rest of the night.


Slowly Mark opened his eyes. He looked over to the other side of the bed only to see his wife had already gotten up. Suddenly what had transpired yesterday and last night had gone through his mind. Hopefully his wife hadn't put the platforms on again. It would take him a while to get used to her being 6" taller than him instead of the other way around. "It may be more than he could handle if she were to make herself too tall too fast," he thought. He slowly got out of bed rubbing his eyes and ran into a wall of flesh! He opened his eyes and saw the upper part of someone's abs.familiar looking abs.HIS WIFE'S ABS! He slowly looked up until he saw the bottom of his wife's breasts! Then he slowly backed up until he was able to look her in the eye! The top of her head was several inches above the doorframe now! He quickly looked down at the floor to see her standing in her bare feet! Then he looked back up into her eyes in shock.speechless! Shelly smiled down at him and said, "I'm sorry to startle you dear, but I was just on my way into the bedroom to wake you up. I'm a big girl and I'm getting awful hungry! Do you think you can make me some breakfast?" Dumbfounded, he just nodded his head "yes". Then as she stepped to the side for him to pass, she just looked down upon him and patted his head like a child's as he walked past her and said, You're such a good little hubby Mark! Mark was in too much shock to even comment. As he walked out into the dining room, he saw the platform shoes. They looked to be several, several sizes bigger and at least 4" taller than when Shelly first put them on. He thought to himself, "I guess it's only fitting that they got bigger too, how else would she put them on her feet?"


Shelly walked out behind him and said, "I know you're probably wondering, how tall I am now.how many times I've put the shoes on and off. Well, to satisfy your curiosity, I'll have to honestly say I'm not even sure. The shoes seemed to have grown along with me. Unlike when I first put them on, I grew 6" taller and then the second time I grew another 6"to 5"10" tall. However when I woke up this morning, they looked a little taller than I remembered, so I measured them. They were 8" tall! I couldn't resist putting them on just to feel what it would be like to be 6'6" tall. I felt so tall, so powerful, so invincible! Your little petite wife is now ONE BIG, TALL, STRONG GIRL Markie!" Mark couldn't believe his ears or his eyes, and yet he managed to say, "B-b-b-but Shelly, you're way taller than 6'6"! I mean you're taller than the doorway for Christ sake! Shelly smiled down at him and said, "I know, when took them off and I felt the power of how big I was at 6'6", I couldn't resist putting them on again! I didn't measure them before I put them on, but I figure they gave me another 10" or so." I guess that makes me about 7'4" tall or two whole feet taller than you.munchkin!" And with that she bent over and picked him up with her hands under his arms. Slowly she raised him up to her lips and began to kiss him. Her huge tongue was easily pushing his out of the way and it was yet a preview of things to come if he didn't do something with the shoes in a hurry! She held him there several minutes kissing him as if he was light as a feather. Finally she put him down and said, "Now why don't you run along and make me some breakfast? I'll have about a dozen pieces of French toast to start with Babe. While you're cooking, I'm going to get into the shower to clean up from last night."


Mark went out to the kitchen and began to cook Shelly's breakfast. Although he liked it when she was 5'10", she had obviously taken it way too far now! She was a giantess compared to him now! What was he saying? She was a giantess compared to anybody now! He looked over at the shoes. Those damned shoes! He picked then up and took them out to the garage. He placed them on the floor and picked up his sledgehammer. He swung the hammer at the shoes with all his might and to his horror the hammer shattered in a thousand pieces across the garage! Then he looked down at the shoes and they didn't even have a scratch on them! These things had to be evil, he thought! Nothing that he knew of could ever do such an incredible thing as what he just witnessed. These shoes couldn't be of this world! He picked them up, carried them back into the house and sat them back in the spot where he found them.


As he stood at the stove making French toast, he got another brilliant idea. As the old saying goes, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander!" He thought. It wouldn't be all that bad if his wife were 7'4" tall if he were at least 7' tall himself! He walked over to the platforms and placed them on his feet. He stared down and thought to himself how huge they looked on his feet. He felt like a small child trying on his Mother's shoes! Just then he heard a clicking noise. The shoes started to pull inward and shrink down to his foot size. Then he felt a sensation as if his feet were touching the floor. He felt extremely dizzy for a few moments and a weird sense of vertigo as if he was sinking into the shoes somehow. And then he opened his eyes. He peered at himself in the dining room mirror and oddly he didn't see any increase in his height. In fact, he looked as if he were the same size he was BEFORE stepping into the platforms! His heart started to race as he looked down and saw the platforms growing and expanding to the size they were before he stepped into them!


As he stood there trying to catch his breath, he felt a huge presence looming over him! "How cute!" Shelly's voice boomed, "The little boy is trying his big Mommy's shoes on!" He quickly stepped out of them to find his size had obviously changed, although it wasn't the effect he desired! He was much shorter than before! He was standing barely eye level with his wife's navel now! Shelly noticed that he looked much smaller and said, "Well, well, it looks as if my little shoes have a much different effect on you don't they Mark? It seems as if they've actually made you smaller!" Once again he was speechless. He stood in front of his titanic wife and started to tremble. Finally he managed to mumble, "I'm not smaller." Shelly argued, "So what you're saying is that my shoes didn't make you smaller?" Hesitantly he nodded his head "yes". Shelly smiled and said, "Well, I guess it wouldn't matter if I put your feet back in them then would it?" Just as he did that Shelly grabbed him underneath the arms and stood him back into her shoes. Once again the shoes started shrinking to conform to his feet. They looked to be the same size as when Shelly first brought them home. Then Mark felt as if his feet were touching the floor for a moment and felt himself sinking, again. He felt Shelly's huge hand upon his shoulder steadying him. Then he felt as if he was floating and softly touched the floor. As his vision cleared he could see the outline of Shelly's blonde hair. Was she a normal size again? As his vision continued to clear, he could make out that the blonde hair he was seeing wasn't on her head, but actually her vagina! He was staring straight at her vagina! As he slowly gazed up and up he could barely see her smiling eyes staring down at him between her breasts. Then she felt her huge hand gently grasp the back of his head and rub his face into her crotch. :0)

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