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Message Board PLUS by ZZZ

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Message Board PLUS



Into the darkness, so it begins...


Sheila was constantly surfing the net for something new and entertaining.


Her neighborhood was very boring, and her friends tended to be incredibly dull at times. She had to find an alternate source of entertainment, since she didn't even go on dates very often.


Sheila had a slim underdeveloped body, but had a beautiful face. She was also very short, standing at 5' tall. Most guys didn't ask her out because they figured she was much younger than them, but in fact she was actually 21 years old. She lived alone in her apartment room, but she was quite content since she had bought herself a computer with internet capabilities. She was searching around the net when she stumbled upon an entire community she had never heard of. They were known as "Giantess or growing women" admirers.


She was fascinated by the number of sites that were related to it, as well as the variety of interest in it. Some people liked it for the towering woman aspect, some liked it for the clothes shredding aspect, and some... well some were truly an acquired taste. Regardless she enjoyed learning everything she could about it.


It was while linking from giantess site to giantess site that she stumbled upon a message board, entitled "ZZZ's Giantess Grows." She truly enjoyed the message board, since everyone posted their ideas on growth and giantess materials, as well as several enjoyable stories.


Sheila couldn't get over how interested she was on the whole growth/giantess matter, her secret innermost desire was actually shared by others. And now she would express her ideas on the message board as well.


Just as she was about to post a message, a knock came at the door. She quickly turned off the monitor on her computer, and went to see who it could be.


Melissa, the girl from across the hall, was looking to borrow batteries for an unmentioned appliance. Sheila hated Melissa, simply because Melissa was tall, full figured and very attractive. Melissa was a good 9" taller than Sheila.


Even though she hated Melissa, Sheila was nice to everyone, and so she lent her the batteries. Melissa thanked her and rushed back to the room.


Sheila turned back to her room and closed the door. But as she did this, the strangest thing happened. The lights in her room flickered, and it seemed as if some power surge had just occurred in the room. This was very odd however, since the lights in the rest of the building remained the same. She then remembered about her computer, and rushed back to see if it had been disconnected in the power surge. Surprisingly, the message saying hello to all growth fans which she had typed was still in tact. She let out a sigh of relief because it had taken her quite a while to figure out the best wording. She quickly sent in the message fearing another power surge, and the message was then present at the top of the message list. Just then she felt a strange tingle in her body, but she completely disregarded it.


She was about to disconnect when she noticed there was a new message on the board before hers, one that had been posted just minutes before hers.


The name of the person who posted the message was Wizzzard, and the message was titled "Of Curses and Blessings." She decided to check it out before disconnecting.


The message stated:


I've been away for a while, but I've had a while to read up on curses and other such magic devices. There are actual things as curses, but even better are those known as blessings. As you might guess, blessings just the opposite of a curse. Therefore, I don't know if this will work, but I hereby place a blessing on this message forum. Since I'm just starting with this blessing stuff, I can only direct it at one person. Here goes...*****The next female to post to this message board will be blessed with slow growth. Every time she visits this message forum she will grow a little bit more, every time she posts she will grow slightly more on top of that.***** Well, it was worth a try.




Sheila found the post very amusing, but now it was becoming late and she was getting tired. Her shoes felt oddly uncomfortable as well, they feeling rather tight... *****************************************************


Sheila started her next day just like any other. She made her usual preparations, and got dressed up for work.


Sheila worked at a computer store in the local mall. The pay wasn’t too great, but at least she could access the net at any point during the day.


The store was pretty empty when she arrived, so she decided to check up on the giantess/giantess admirer community. Her boss was very lenient, and didn’t mind her playing on the computers so long as the store wasn’t too busy.


Sheila made her usual internet tour. She first checked on Nadia8’s site to see if any new stories were available. Next she headed to Tiny Guy’s message board, then ZZZ’s Phoenix Ashes(a title for a web site she had yet to figure out) to see if he had finally gotten around to updating it(he hadn’t), and finally to the giantess grows forum. It took a while to load up, but when it finally did, she felt a chill similar to the one from the night before run through her. She disregarded it, but then she felt that same uncomfortable feeling in her shoes. It hadn’t gone away, but she was just getting used to it. Now, however, the discomfort was a bit more noticeable. Her undergarments also felt a bit uncomfortable, her panties a bit snug, and she could swear her bra almost felt as though it was a size too small. She realized how silly the idea was, so she went back to reading the new posts on the message forum. Just as she was about to access a reply to her first post, she noticed a young boy walking into the store, and heading towards her. She quickly bookmarked the page and hit the "home" button on her browser.


"Mind if I use this computer? It’s the fastest one in the store."


Sheila smiled and told him he would have to get off the computer if any customers wanted to see it. He agreed and he plunged into several video game sites.


Sheila smiled and walked away, happy that she wasn’t caught accessing the giantess/growth sites. She was a bit annoyed by the fact that she had to leave the computer. Specially since it was because of this young boy who looked to be about thirteen, but was as tall as she was.


The young boy continued using the computer for a few minutes, when an older man walked into the store. Sheila hadn’t gone back to surfing the giantess sites on any of the other computers, she figured she’d wait till the store was empty again.


"Excuse me missy, do you have any of those slip..er.. um...zip thingys?"


Sheila gave him a crooked smile, "Zip drives?"


"Yeah that’s the ticket! My niece wants one for her birthday." She walked the old man towards the zip drives and started explaining how they work. All the while the young boy on the computer was still checking out all the game sites he could, but he felt the need to use the restroom. He moved the mouse up to bookmark the page, when he noticed a bookmark with "Powerforum Standard..." etc. He figured it must be for some cool game he’d never heard of. He moved the mouse over to it, and the site soon came up.


Sheila was telling the old man about the increased capacity in zip drives, when that strange chill spread through her body again. At the same time the young boy posted a message asking if anyone had seen the new street fighter game. Sheila then felt a second chill, and stopped speaking for a second. She had to excuse herself from the old man. Her shoes were now feeling unbearable and she slipped them off. Her bra felt as though it was squeezing her breasts, and her panties felt as snug as some bikini bottoms she had sometimes worn to the beach. Her wrist watch was killing her, so she had to slide it open to a second notch. This was very strange, she had owned the watch since high school, and it had always fit perfectly on the first loophole. Now she had to open it to the third loophole. The old man stared at her and then looked down at her collared shirt which seemed tighter on her than a few minutes ago.


"Sorry about that, I think I’m coming down with something." The old man smiled and asked her more questions about the strange computer hardware in front of them.


The young boy at the computer was disappointed that the site he linked to and posted on didn’t have anything to do with video games. He was about to go to leave the store for the restroom, when he noticed one of the posts had the same name as the one on store woman’s name tag.


Sheila finished helping the old man, who had decided zip drives were a bit too expensive for his tastes. As she was walking the old man out her eyes opened up considerably upon noticing the web site the young boy was on. She quickly rushed over to him, "Young boy I’m afraid you’re going to have to get off the computer because..um.. that old man over there wants to see it."


The young boy nodded his head, "That’s ok, I have to go use the bathroom anyway."


As the young boy passed her, she became a bit confused. She was almost certain the boy was as tall as her when she first saw him, and now she had no shoes on, yet he seemed to be about an inch shorter than her...


"What is going on?" thought Sheila, as she felt her clothes pinching every inch of her body on her drive home from work. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she unbuttoned her blouse as well as her skirt. She also slipped off her shoes while driving. She felt a lot more comfortable doing so, but she was still wondering what was happening.


When she finally arrived at home, she expected her unbuttoned clothes to slip off when she stepped out of the car, but still they held on to her body. Sheila ran up to her room with her shoes in hand. Upon entering she dropped her shoes and removed the remainder of her restrictive clothing. At last she could breathe deeply without feeling crushed...crushed? She wondered...then it hit her, could it be? The thought of crushing invoked memories of the giantess sites, more specifically, the message posted on the giantess grows forum...


Sheila moved quickly to her computer and accessed the internet. She was about to access the bookmark with the "Giantess Grows" message forum, but decided to try an experiment. She went over to her drawer and pulled out her tightest fitting bra, one that she had kept since high school-so as to make herself feel bigger by wearing it sometimes. When she pressed it up to her chest she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The bra looked as though it would not even go around her entire chest. Her breasts looked somewhat larger as well. She smiled and forced it on. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable, but she loved it. Next she went over to the nearby wall and marked her height with a pencil. Finally, she went to her closet and grabbed her smallest jeans, and struggled to get them on. She was more excited than she had been in a long time, and could barely keep herself from shaking as she walked over to her computer and accessed the "Giantess Grows Forum." Just as it lit up the screen she felt that old chill down her spine and throughout her body. Her bra burst open in back, which caused it to fall to the ground. Her jeans rode up slightly, so that she could now see a bit of skin showing where it had not been showing- slightly above her much tighter socks. She jumped for joy knowing full well what was going on. She rushed to the mark she had penciled on the wall and measured herself again. She was about a half inch taller. "This is too good to be true!" She walked back to the computer, but felt very uncomfortable in her now super-tight jeans. She was about to unbutton them when she had a playful thought. She accessed the "post message" on the forum, and typed: "Hello boys and girls, I’m happy to report that WiZZZard’s little blessing has definitely been just that."


She hit the "post" button, and she began to form a big smile as she could feel her jeans grabbing at her lower body, and soon enough the button burst open. The zipper opened up about an inch as well. On her socks, small tears formed. She walked back to the mark on the wall, and made a new one. It was about and inch higher than the one before. "WOW! If I access the site I grow half an inch, if I post I grow a full inch..." She went over to her full length mirror and barely recognized herself. Not only was she getting taller, Her legs looked longer in proportion to how they were before, and she was getting more physically attractive as well. She wondered how much she had grown since this whole fiasco had started, so she pulled out a measuring cord. "5’4"!!!!!" She kept saying it over and over and jumping up and down. It was only four inches so far...so far being the key idea.


Sheila was getting very excited about getting as big as she wanted, but she started to think about what others would think, and how she would explain it all. Her growth "high" came down after thinking about how she would explain this to those who knew her...


"Heck, I don’t really care. This is what I’ve always wanted, and now I finally have the chance to have my wildest dream come true. Still though...maybe I should slow things down a bit..." Sheila was about to quit out of her internet program when she decided, "Half an inch more won’t hurt anyone..." She hit the reload button at the top of the screen, but then a message appeared stating "Error 500 too many users."


"Grrr..." Sheila quit out of the program and sat back in her chair. She slid her hands on her thighs and felt how nice and firm they were. She began to slide her hands up slowly, and began to realize how much of a difference a couple inches made. She continued moving her hands slowly up her body. She stopped at her stomach to feel the tight, firm muscles that had formed. "Mmmm..." Her hands moved further up, and she felt the newly formed mounds that were developing from her once flat chest. "These could use a little more growing....but then what would I wear?" She started to wonder what exactly would and wouldn’t fit her now. She stepped over to her closet and looked for some of her favorite dresses. She found a long one piece dress, and slipped it over her head. She had a tough time sliding it over her chest, and when she finally did, the dress only covered three-fourths of her nicely rounded bottom. She slipped it off and tried on a tight button blouse. She could barely get the blouse to close, but after a great deal of effort, she heard a small tear and she was able to close it over her chest. "Oops, looks like I might be getting stronger too." Everything she tried on was now far too small for her. Not a single bra would fit over her larger breasts, and her panties were tighter than her g-string bikini. She reached over to the g-string bikini and began to wonder what she would look like in it. She slipped it on, and realized her body had developed so much, that she would quickly be arrested if she wore her g-string in public. The front was not able to cover her entire womanhood, and her top showed a bit of her nipples on each side.


I hope I can find something decent for work tomorrow, because if I look this hot in everything I own, I just might get fired..." She smiled and continued searching through her stuff. After about an hour of ill fitting clothes, and slightly torn dresses, she gave up. "Great, what am I going to wear? " She thought about her neighbor, Melissa. "Maybe Melissa has something I can wear!" The thought made her very happy, that perhaps she could wear something from someone she always considered far better looking than her.


Sheila went to knock on Melissa’s door, after having slipped on her bath robe. Approaching the door she noticed it was slightly cracked open. Peaking in she caught Melissa using a computer. To her shock, Melissa was on the GTS Grows Forum!! Melissa was about to post, but she was very impatient, and clicked the button four or five times...


Sheila quickly slammed the door before opening it any further, fearing the effects the multiple post might have on her. She hoped she had closed the door in time, but the increasing grasp her bath robe was having on her was an effective answer to her wondering...


The "V" shaped opening at the front of the wrapped robe began to widen and lengthen as her once small breasts now began to jut out larger and larger, specially as she inhaled. She noticed the bottom of the robe rising up her legs. Her arms now stretched out considerably out of her sleeves, and they also widened up, nearing the point of tearing the robe. Most of her forearms now protruded forth. Her left foot was atop a circular design on the carpet. At first her foot was smaller than the design, half as wide and almost the same length. She watched slowly as her foot first grew as long as the design, and soon it was a couple inches longer. Sheila had to loosen the sash around her waist as well. Her hips had become larger as well, giving her that often spoken of hourglass shape. She felt rather awkward at first being out in her hallway wearing a robe that was now incredibly revealing, but then she thought about how much bigger she had to be now to actually over-fill her bath garment.


Shelia looked down at her breasts and brought her hands to them. "Now this is much better!" She loved how they filled in her hands completely. She had gone from a "flat" woman to a top heavy one. A short cute girl to a tall, beautiful amazon. She was getting rather involved in enjoying her new dimensions when she noticed Melissa’s door opening. She had completely forgotten where she was standing and what she had just done seconds ago...


"Woah!" Melissa looked down at Sheila’s now amazing yet barely covered body. "Can I help you miss...wait, you kinda look familiar...hey, you look like Sheila! You must be her sister, or something right?" Sheila barely even heard what Melissa had said. She was just too shocked by what she was seeing before her. Melissa’s eyes. Sheila was now as tall as Melissa! Sheila had gone from 5’4" to 5’9" all from a few clicks courtesy of Melissa.


"Um...er...yeah, I’m a...Sheila’s older sister..." Sheila looked back into Melissa’s eyes. "Sheila’s bigger sister." Sheila made sure to emphasize and smile the word "bigger" as she spoke it.


"Well, my name’s Melissa, it’s nice to meet you." Melissa shook Sheila’s hand and again Sheila had to hold back her excitement. Sheila remembered back to when she first shook Melissa’s hand, and how it had been so much bigger than her own. Now they were both the same size.


"It’s nice to meet you too...my name’s Sh...er...ah...Shelly." Melissa looked at Sheila oddly as she struggled giving her name, but Melissa wasn’t the brightest person in the world and thought nothing of it.


"Well, besides your face you look nothing like your sis Shelly. I guess we know where all the hormones of the family went." Melissa giggled and nodded to Sheila’s abundant bosom.


Sheila smiled and inhaled, almost revealing too much as her breasts further widened the separation in her robe, "Yep, I guess so."


They both laughed, and although Sheila knew it was about her being so much scrawnier before, she didn’t care since she’d never be that way again.


"So Shelly what brings you to slamming my door?" Melissa smiled, and gave Sheila a look of blame.


"Oh...yeah sorry about that. The door was slightly opened and I...er..."


"Nah don’t worry about it. I’ve been wanting to share that little community in the internet I stumbled upon with someone, specially someone as tall as me." Sheila smiled at hearing someone refer to her as tall for the first time ever.


"Oh yeah? What community is that?" Asked Sheila trying to sound as ignorant as possible.


"It’s called the "Giantess" or "G.T.S." community. They’re stories and collages about women who are twenty to five hundred feet tall."


Sheila nodded, "Well that’s kinda um...odd I guess."


"The oddest thing is that I actually like reading the stories! Go figure. I guess I imagine myself growing to these huge sizes and getting revenge on my ex-boyfriends...there’s other fun stuff these giantesses do, but I won’t get into those." Melissa had an evil grin on her face, but then shook it off. "That site you walked in on me...it’s kinda different. It’s one were people talk about the actual growing process involved in becoming a giantess or amazon. The more I read about it, the more I realize that might be the best part about this whole fantasy." Sheila was shocked at how much Melissa was revealing. Melissa was obviously aching to tell someone about the giantess material. Sheila was now becoming tempted to tell Melissa the whole truth, but decided against it. Besides, she had now received enough time to think up a good reason for having come to Melissa’s door as "Shelly".


"Oh, Melissa, by the way, before I forget...The reason I came to your door was because my luggage was lost at the airport. Then, I spilled coffee on my dress. I tried putting on some of Sheila’s clothes, but as you can see, none of her clothes fit me."


Melissa nodded, "Well, lets try some of my stuff shall we?"


Sheila loved the idea, and both walked over to Melissa’s cabinets. Melissa started picking through it and handing all sorts of random clothes to Sheila. "This is mostly stuff I don’t wear anymore. I was actually planning on giving it away to Goodwill, but you’re welcome to have it.


"Oh no, I couldn’t ask tha..." Sheila felt a strange sensation come over her body. She smiled for a moment thinking that she was about to start growing again, but then a look of concern came across her face. The feeling was very different from the one before. Also, neither of them had accessed the message forum. She looked down at her body and instantly realized what was going on. She watched as her robe’s struggle to hold back her bust slowly decreased. She could feel it become more and more loose by the second. Melissa still hadn’t noticed what was going on. She was too busy looking through her older clothing. Sheila scooped up what Melissa had already taken out of the cabinet as give-aways. Sheila rushed for the door before Melissa even noticed. On her way out she turned back to Melissa and shouted, "Melissa...er, ah...I’m feeling rather ill, I have to get to a restroom! Thanks for the clothes, I’ll see ya later!" Sheila slammed the door behind her and hurried back into her own apartment. She dropped the clothing Melissa had handed her and looked down at her hands in utter sadness, as they quickly diminished. Tears began to form on her face as she wondered if she was about to become just the opposite of what she had always wanted, a tiny woman rather than a giantess.


To Sheila’s utter relief, the shrinking soon stopped. The oddest thing was that she had been reduced to just about the size she was before entering Melissa’s apartment. She was about 5’4" tall once again. She was happy that she hadn’t gone down to her original size, but was rather discontent to have lost her 5’9" height. "What could have caused it?" She wondered aloud.


There was only one way to find out, plus it was the only way for her to gain those inches she lost. She quickly logged on the internet and accessed the bookmark for the GTS Grows Message Forum. She was half afraid that she would shrink even further, but soon she was very relieved when her robe seemed to snug up against her body, while the forum loaded up on the monitor.


Sheila noticed two new messages on the forum. One from Melissa, who posted as Melissa01, and a response from ZZZ. The strange thing was that Melissa only had one post on the forum, rather than five of the same. She quickly accessed ZZZ’s response.


"Once again I’ve managed to keep our message board safe from those evil, yet accidental multiple posts, so that lurkers can open up to us, and avoid the fear of making a mistake.



Sheila smiled realizing the added twist to the "blessing" ZZZ had bestowed upon her. She was also very happy that her shrinking wasn’t going to take her below her original height.


She glanced down at her body and began to long for that tingling feeling. She decided to try something really wild, a wicked grin formed on her cute face. She went over to the clothes she had borrowed from Melissa, and picked out a tan colored pair of jeans and a sports bra sized T-shirt, with a smiley face in the center. Sheila laughed a bit as she slipped on the T-shirt, realizing how much bustier Melissa was than she. The T-shirt wasn’t even close to being sports bra sized on her. It reached down to her navel. The bottom of the jeans was below her feet, so that if she walked in them she’d be stepping on the jeans itself. "Not for long." Sheila whispered to herself.


Sheila clicked on the "Post New Message" sign at the top of the forum. Her message was brief-

"Thanks ZZZ, the blessing is working great!



She chuckled a bit. Her hand shook a tad as she motioned the mouse over the "Post Message" button on the screen. Sheila took a deep breath, then clicked the button like a rabbit on speed...


She stood up from her chair and stared intently at the monitor. The forum began to load up and she looked down at her bare feet. She wanted to feel as much of herself grow as she could. Sheila walked over to a pair of sandals she had laying nearby. As she started to slip her feet into the sandal, she felt her body explode with the tingling sensation. She could see her foot widen and lengthen into the sandal. It was now useless for her to try and slip it on. The T-shirt began to look less and less loose on her. Her hips widened into the jeans. She watched as the jeans bottom rose up off the ground, she tiptoed as the jeans rose up around her feet. More and more they rose and were soon squeezing up against her expanding calves. The T-shirt began to look more and more like it how it was supposed to-A revealing tank-top. Her breasts spread out to much larger dimensions, her nipples hard from her excitement, they seemed to stretch the shirt even further as Sheila continued to enlarge. Her breasts continued to push into the T-shirt, and soon the smiley face design began to stretch out as well, now looking more oval shaped than rounded. The fabric became tight against her ballooning mounds. Still they grew larger, and soon they began to slip out of the bottom of her shirt. She had done it. She was actually getting larger than Melissa. The jeans had gone from far too long and loose, to mid calf length and incredibly form fitting. Her butt began to struggle to escape the jeans. They rounded out further, becoming firmer and more muscular. Sheila could feel the button on her jeans was about to give out like before, but she was curious as to what would give way if the button wasn’t allowed to snap off. She clasped the area around the button on the jeans together with both her hands, and instantly heard the seams along her waist and down the center of her rear split with a rough moan-like tearing sound. She looked over at a glass framed painting on the wall, and could see herself on the reflection. Her hair was now longer and her face looked more beautiful than ever. Her lips much fuller and her hair flowing down her face from her bangs more than ever before. She let go of her jeans and cupped her breasts. They were now far larger than her last spurt. She could feel some of her breast flesh in her hands, while part was still covered with the cotton from the ever-tightening shirt. She took a deep breath and heard more tearing sounds as the seams around her arms shred open. Now about a quarter of her breasts were being revealed through the bottom of the tight T-shirt. Still her body grew. She had forgotten about the jeans center button, and although there was less pressure on it thanks to all the tears on the seams, including the opening that had formed on the seams along her thighs. Her expanding waist, however, was still more than the button could handle. It snapped off and flew into the wall, the jeans opening wide and the zipper opening as far as it could, revealing all of her now much larger womanhood. Sheila looked down and could barely see below her waist, her huge bust a formidable obstacle to see beyond. She reached down to her jeans and tried to pull them up to cover her revealed womanhood, but all that did was split the seams on her waist even further, making the tear go down to the tear her thighs had opened. Only the waist band was holding the tan colored jeans together. Sheila smiled and clasped the open end of the jeans together once again. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but soon her waist pressed out more than the fabric could handle and the waistband split. She let go of her jeans and they fell away, her entire lower body completely revealed. She took a deep breath again, hoping to do away with the now incredibly revealing T-shirt. As she breathed in she noticed the seams tear even more, and a greater amount of her breasts slip out the bottom of her shirt. As she breathed out, the strain was a bit less on the shirt, but she was still growing, so that the shirt revealed more of her upper body even after she breathed out. The smiley face was now a deformed oval stretched out by two very large globes. Her breasts were now only half covered by the tiny shirt, the other half and part of her nipples had now escaped the underside of the shrinking sports bra/tank top like shirt. Sheila could feel it. The fabric felt very thin across her breasts. It wouldn’t take much more. So again she took another deep breath. Her breasts rose up on her chest, and a tear split up the center of her shirt, even though no seam was there. The smiley split in two, and her enormous mammaries escaped through the opening. At the same time, her swelling back tore an opening from the neck area of the shirt to its bottom side. The ring on the neck of the shirt was all that held the incredibly revealing rags on her body. Sheila reached up and tore it off, realizing she now had considerably more strength than even a body of her current size commanded. Her body had not only grown longer and more curvaceous in the right places, it was firmer with a slight sense of musculature to it.


Sheila slid her hands from the top of her huge globes, down her torso to her hips. She was truly enjoying the feel of her new body. She then stopped to think about something. How big was she that she had destroyed her clothing...no, not even her clothing, but Melissa’s!?! She glanced up and could see the ceiling was only inches away from her face. She thought for a bit, then let out a will laugh. She didn’t care that she was now a tremendous and inhuman height, she only cared that she loved it. She reached up and touched the ceiling, wondering how tall she now was. The highest line on the wall came to about the level of her womanhood, and that height was at 5’4".


She was about to explore her new dimensions some more, when she heard Melissa give out a cry of joy. She wondered what it was about, but was definitely not going to go investigate in her current state. She then had a strange thought. "Could it be something to do with the message board?"


Sheila had to kneel down to get to her keyboard, and as she looked down at it she could barely see any of the keys with her huge breasts in the way. She giggled and reached for the mouse. then clicked on the "reload" button on her browser. Again she felt the tingles, and now she could no longer see the keyboard underneath her large, firm bust. The mouse even felt as though it was shrinking in her hand as she grew another half inch.


There were two new messages on the board. Fortunately, all of her multiple posts were still there as well. The first of the new messages was yet another ZZZ post and then a response from Melissa. ZZZ’s post read as follows:

"Sheila, I’m glad the blessing worked, I can only wish you lived somewhere near San Diego ;) So, since it worked for you I figure why not bless yet another female giantess fan. Therefore, the next lady to post to this message board will receive the same blessing as Sheila. Also, sorry about not erasing your multiple posts, I felt kinda lazy- I’ll erase them later.



Sheila didn’t even have to access Melissa’s response. She already knew what Melissa’s shout of joy was all about...


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