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My Country Cousin by Montrose

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My Country Cousin By Montrose


I honestly thought I would be bored having my cousin come to visit for the summer.

She's from a place called Stillwater, Arkansas with a general store, two taverns and one

two story building that serves as a community center, fire house, jail, town hall and

church. Her name is Tina May Holden but they call her Tiny. She's my Uncle Moose's

daughter. I living in Chicago and I'm kind of embarrassed by my hick relations. I hate

when they come to visit. Fortunately they seldom do and Moose's family hasn't made it

since I was 8.


But now I'm 21 and Tiny just turned 18. I had hopes of going out to bars with my buds

and now I have to babysit. For her birthday Uncle Moose saved up and sent her to the big

city on her own. She wrote and said she was "bustin for me to show her the sites." Fuck. I

figured I would let her watch me read all summer.


But when I picked her up at the train station I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean I know

she's Uncle Moose's daughter but JESUS! There she stood taking up space like it was on

sale! Like she got it half price! Later she told me she runs 6 feet 6 inches and 260 pounds.

But contrast those numbers with her flowing corn silk hair and long lashed baby blue

eyes and my fucking god! It was the first time a family member has ever given me a



"Tiny?" I asked looking up at her.


"BILLY!" she whooped. She dropped her three big suitcases with a crash and hauled me

way up to her lips and threw me around like a rag doll. She squeezed me and kissed me

until I gave in and begged for air. Then she set me down nice and easy. At least she had

the decency to help me steady myself before letting go entirely or I would have fallen

right over. "Billy you've grown into such a handsome man!" she said gently stroking my

cheek. I could tell she wanted to pick me up and squeeze me again so I backed off.


"We should get you home to see my mom and dad." I panted.


"Anything you say, Billy." she said with a big white smile. She scooped up her bags

again in one smooth motion. I pried one away from her to be polite. It dropped to the

floor. Damn thing was heavier than it looked. I pulled it up and staggered along behind



"That way." I grunted as we made our way to my car.


Her strides were almost two to my one so she ended up in front of me. Her long firm legs

(and round ass I noticed) were wrapped in denim Capri pants that fit her like a second skin.

On her feet she wore blue thongs and red toenail paint. She had damn well formed feet. I

could see she hadn't tormented them with heels much. Despite taking such long strides

she did not lope. Hers was a graceful stride and a commanding one, like a lioness.



We loaded up and drove home. All the way she kept saying what a handsome guy I was

and how Moose wouldn't believe what a man I had grown into. "Me? I barely come up to

your tiii..." I looked over at her sweet rack. "I'm only 6 feet tall." I said. "And I barely

top 170 pounds."


What was I supposed to say? "Golly Tiny, you've grown into a big fucking Amazon wet

dream haven't you? Let me hump your chest!" She might break my skull! And was it

warm in that car or was it just me? Maybe it was the way she kept rubbing her big hand

up and down my sleeve as I drove.


"I'm so happy, Billy!" She sighed. For a big woman... girl... whatever... she sure had a

sweet bird-song of a voice - so peaceful. "I can't wait to see all the sights! What-r we

gonna see first, Billy?"


"Uh... first, Tiny.... Uh..." I stammered. "Could you stop calling me Billy? Nobody has

called me that since I was 10."


"Whatever you say, Billy... I mean... What can I call you?" she asked.


"Bill is fine." I said.


"Anything you say Bill." She purred in her charming tones. I bet she had a great singing




I snuck a look over at her and had my heart skip a beat when my eyes met those big blue

pools of hers laced with long lashes. She wore her eyelids at half mast in a sort of calm,

bedroom sort of way. Her white blouse was unbuttoned to the 3rd button displaying an

alarming amount of cleavage. Had that been only 2 unbuttoned when she got in the car? I

could have stashed my wallet, a handkerchief and my face down there, no problem. I bet

Uncle Moose would tell her to button up a few of those. I didn't plan on doing that. The

sleeves were removed from the shirt and the arm holes stitched in tight little red stitches.

I doubt the sleeves that came with the shirt could have held her beefy biceps. I ripped my

eyes away from her and paid attention to the road for a while.


"So Bill, what shall we do first?" She asked again.


"Let's get you settled in - mom and dad are looking forward to seeing you." I gulped. "I

don't think they are going to believe how you've grown. I know I don't."


She giggled. "I did get daddy's size didn't I?" she seemed happy with it. Very

comfortable. Even pleased. This made me even less comfortable, mostly because it made

the raging boner in my lap even more insistent. I don't know if she saw my throbbing lap

snake twitching in my pants (I hope not) but she did seem to sense my discomfort. "But

you don't need to worry, Bill. I may be big, but I'm gentle. Ask anybody." Then she

turned to face forward and crossed her arms for a moment as she thought. "Well, unless

someone does some harm to one of mine. I don't allow anyone to harm my own."


I got the feeling she meant it. She had a steady manner. Even her anger was deep and

strongly held. I chanced a look over at her. Her lovely face was set. Her blue eyes still

had the eyelids half drawn, but they were piercing my windshield with a heated glare.

Her anger made me a bit afraid, though I knew I had nothing to fear. Then I saw her

soften and turn to me and smile gently. She had dismissed something. For 18 she seemed



Mom and dad were as stunned as me. They fed the great girl and listened to news about

the back-woods family. Mom showed her to her room, right across the hall from mine. It

was late so we prepared for bed. Tiny wore a giant t-shirt that would have looked

comically huge on me. On her is snuggled her curvaceous body and stopped well above

mid thigh. "Goodnight, Bill." She cooed at me from her door with those come hither

eyes. Her "Sleep tight." Sounded a lot like Elvira's trademark "unpleasant dreams." That

white smile she gave me suggested she knew exactly how poorly I was going to be



I awoke to the smell of bacon. I love that. I stumbled into the kitchen and squinted at the

bright light.


"Good morning bed bug!" said Tiny from the stove. My mom and dad were eating. A pile

of food sat at my place. I thought it was a serving platter, it held so much bacon. I took 5

or 6 pieces and looked for my plate.


"Aren't you hungry?" asked Tiny pushing the entire plate of bacon back in front of me.

Then she slid 4 fried eggs onto it as well and plopped down a stack of buttered toast.


"I can't eat half of this!"


"Really?" she blinked then shrugged. "More for me then." She tucked in and

methodically obliterated 8 eggs, two stacks of bread and a great tangle of bacon. When

done she dabbed the corners of her mouth and declared "I'm going for a jog or my legs

will drive me crazy all day. Then I'll be ready to go, Bill." She winked at me.


Her legs were driving me crazy already. She still wore that t-shirt nightie and it was

creeping up. Then I realized my mom was around and I stopped staring at Tiny's ass.


Mom smiled at her as Tiny bustled about setting the kitchen to rights before her jog. She

moved with quick efficiency and had everything washed up in no time. "You tell Moose

you're not coming back, Tiny! I haven't had such a relaxing morning in years!" Mom



"It's no trouble at all, Aunty Julie." Said Tiny respectfully. Then she pulled off the

nightie. I gasped because I hadn't noticed she had on more cloths beneath... perhaps

because they were only a skimpy pair of hot pants and a halter top that was losing the

battle. As she laced her sneakers she asked. "Do you want to go for a jog, Bill?"


"I don't... uh...I mean..." For one thing I didn't want to stand and expose my woody to

the room.


"He means he would have a heart attack trying to keep up with you." Finished my

mother. I glared at her. But she was right.


I was engrossed in cartoons when Tiny stepped back in glistening with sweat. My god

how her cloths seemed to disappear right into her wet skin! "It's a lot hotter in the city

than in the country." She said as she performed some cooling down moves. "I'll have to

do more tomorrow, though. It isn't very hilly around here."


She took a quick shower and sat down next to me on the couch. Her big leg rubbed

against mine. "Would you do me a favor?" she asked. "Would you sit on my foot and

grab onto my knee?" Her legs were crossed and her right foot dangled.


"What? Sure. I... What?"


"It'll help with a workout." She explained. "I need some weight on my foot." Slowly I

straddled her big bare foot waiting for the punch line. Were my parents going to jump

from behind a wall and laugh at me? She wore small white shorts and a white sleeveless

top. She pointed to her knee. "Grab here." I obeyed. Her skin was silky smooth. Suddenly

she lifted her foot so that I was hanging on tilted upside down.


"Yikes!" I yelled.


Tiny giggled as she lowered her leg very slowly - a count of 10. "Did I scare you? Hang

on. I need to do a few more on that leg before we move to the other." She bounced me up

and down on her foot over and over. I got used to the motion, but I was humiliated by the

boner that sprang uncalled for and pressed into her calf. I looked up into her calm blue

eyes. Those erotic half-mast eyelids told me she was thinking about that pressure on her

calf. Her full lips parted and she licked them. She bit her lower lip but I don't think it was

from enormous effort.


"Oh my god." I murmured as she thrust me up into the air once more and let me down

slowly. My groin bounced and slid on her meaty calf. I was terrified I would cum in my

pants. "Oh my god."


"Now my other leg." She whispered. I stood and she switched legs never taking her eyes

off my crotch. Was that hunger in her eyes? Was she breathing deeper or was it just my

imagination? I looked at her chest. Her head lamps had definitely switched to high

beams! Her nipples made peaks in the soft cotton at charming angles from her global

orbs. And they did heave.


Half an hour later she was done with leg lifts. And I was done as well. I tried to walk

away but she pulled my down on the couch next to her. Her eyes kept running up and

down from my face to my still bulging groin.


"Thank you, Bill." She purred. "I appreciate it. All of it." She squeezed me close with her

big arm around my shoulder. My cheek bumped into her big firm chest for a moment

before she let up.


"You're welcome." I panted as if I was the one who had just been working out. My face

felt burning hot. I must have been blushing something awful. Did she smell the musk

coming off of me?


"You're quite a gentleman to not be taking advantage of me right now, Bill." She

whispered. "Thank you." And she kissed me on the cheek. I just gulped.


After I had a cold shower we went to a burger joint I knew made big portions. Tiny

seemed charmed by the entire city scene. Even the burger joint was a glaring wash of

activity to her.


The trouble started when I saw Pat O'Rourke and his pals at a table near the back. They

were beefy sons-of-bitches. And Pat liked to make a habit of taking my girlfriends away.

He was a big handsome bastard a few years older than me.


But Tiny had already found us a table and was unwrapping her first burger.


"Shit." I muttered as I slumped into the seat.


"What, Bill? Did you get the wrong thing?"




She followed my eyes. She looked Pat over. Most girls do. "What's wrong with him?"

She asked.


"Nothing." I grumbled. She turned her blue eyes on me. She put a hand on my leg. It just

spilled out. "Pat over there in the blue shirt thinks it's funny to target any girl that's

interested in me is all. I can't keep a steady with the likes of him to take them away."


"Him?" Tiny sounded shocked. "A girl would have to be nuts to drop you for him." She

even sounded like she believed it. "He probably did you the favor of taking a few idiots

off your hands." She patted my leg and got that heated look in her eyes.


Her words made me feel better until one of Pat's buddies poked him in the shoulder and

pointed at us. Pat saw us, then he only saw Tiny. His eyes got big and gained that hunting

wolf quality I saw every time before he walked out with one of my girlfriends.


Tiny saw him coming. "Play along." She whispered. "Let's teach him a lesson." Then she

pulled my face over and planted her lips on mine. It was a very convincing kiss, I must

say. She made the room spin for me by the time Pat made it to our table and sat down on

the other side of Tiny.


"Say big girl," he cooed. "Why you wanna mess up your pretty face on that mope? What

you deserve is quality companionship. My name's Patrick Thomas O'Rourke." He held

out a hand to her.


Tiny took it and clasped it firmly. I saw Pat try not to react to the pain, then I saw him try

to pull his hand away. Then I saw mild panic set in when he discovered he couldn't! And

as Tiny crunched his hand in hers she showed no effort.


"Pleased to meet you, Matt." She replied sweetly. I thought getting his name wrong was a

nice touch. "Is that onion rings on your breath or did a small bird crawl into your mouth

and die? Or have you been playing hide the lap-snake with your friends over there and

your face was his home?"


I thought Pat's friends would fall of their chairs laughing at that one. I was a bit too

nervous to laugh. I don't think his friends noticed the pain on Pat's face yet or may have

taken it for a reaction to Tiny's insult. But they weren't going to take having their leader

hurt by a girl too nicely.


"My... my hand!" gasped Pat finally.


"Yes. It is rather clammy." Said Tiny. "Are you cold? Maybe this will warm you up."

Then she stood, grabbed Pat by the throat and slammed his head onto her chair. It

bounced on the hard plastic but her butt came down on top and trapped it there.


Pat screamed in pain, but it wasn't very loud because the sound was going up Tiny's ass.


Tiny stuffed her burger home then started the next. Pat's buddies, all three of them

chuckled a bit more, then sobered up as they watched their leader smother under my

cousin's big butt. Pat's strong arms pushed at her legs to no effect. He pounded on her

but she ignored him. Tiny finished her burgers and fries. She gulped her the last of her

shake. She patted her lips, sat back and patted her tummy. Then she gave me another kiss

- a more modest one this time - all before getting up and letting Pat fall in an

unconscious heap on the floor.


"Thanks for the lunch, Bill. Shall we go?" asked Tiny. I stood and watched Pat's buddies

move to block the door.


She stepped up to them. "Only three of you?" asked Tiny. "Don't you think you had

better call for help?" Each of them was at least 6 feet 2 inches and over 200 pounds. Tiny

towered over them.


One of them was brave enough to speak. "Nobody makes fools of us or Pat."


"No, I'm sure you handle all that yourselves." Replied Tiny. "It must keep you very busy.

I mean you're such complete fools." They snarled. "Shall we take this outside?" she

asked. Steam was coming out of their ears as Tiny escorted them out.


The fight, if I may call it that, between my lovely 18-year old girl cousin and these three

big nasty 24 year old men was over almost before it began. Two of them grabbed an arm

apiece and lead Tiny back to the brick wall at the side of the building. She didn't resist.

She appeared amused, actually. I peered around anxiously from within the restaurant,

afraid to go out.


The two men on her arms put their shoulders into hers cramming her back into the wall.

The leader took a shot at her tummy. He looked up into her calm blue eyes and snarled.

Nothing. He put his head down and hammered 5 more times quick-fire right into her gut.

During this Tiny suddenly flipped her arms around the necks of the two holding her and

started strangling them with her biceps. They clutched and clawed at her big arms but

couldn't free themselves. The leader was mad that his punches were not getting through

and didn't notice the plight of his friends. He doubled his efforts and managed to jam his

wrist about the same time that his friends went limp. He winced and held his hurt paw.


Tiny let her captures slump to the ground. The leader finally noticed they were in trouble

when they dropped to either side of him gasping for air. He looked up with panic in his

eyes. He took a step to run but Tiny grabbed him by his shoulders and traded places. She

lifted him and slammed him up against the bricks. Now his back was to the wall. She

stepped up close. Was she going to tit smother him? He was frozen with fear as his face

disappeared in her chest. Then she shot home a left to his gut. His entire body shook.

Then a right. He jerked hard. She stepped aside and let him drop face first onto the

pavement. He didn't try to catch himself. He was too busy holding his gut and trying to



Tiny dusted her hands and stepped over them.


"Wow." I heard a voice at my shoulder. "She is hot." I turned and saw the counter girl for

the burger joint. She was a ginger haired cutie herself - tall and lean - as tall as me. She

looked at me with big brown eyes. "Is that your girlfriend?"


"Well... n-no." I stammered.


"Could you give her something for me?"


"Uh... sure." I replied. And then she kissed me. And I must say she was skillful. She had

me panting like a puppy. I found my hands gliding on her back and rump.


She pulled back all too soon. "And this." She said and handed me a slip of paper. It had a

phone number on it. "Feel free to use it yourself." She winked at me then strutted away

with a sultry wiggle. Nice ass.


"Wow." Came a voice from behind me. Tiny was watching the counter girl return to

work. "Is that your girl?"


"What? OH! No... that is... here." I gave her the paper.


Tiny looked at it and smiled "She's cute but not my type." She put the paper in my

pocket. "You use it if you want."


We stepped over the bodies as they rolled around. Tiny casually kicked one of them in

the ribs because he had made it to all fours. He fell in a heap holding his gut and worked

his mouth like a fish.


"How did you beat them so easily, Tiny?" I had to ask as we walked back to my car.

"Those are not small men!"


Tiny raised an arm and made a muscle right in my face. It was as big as my head!

"Squeeze that, cousin." She purred. I did. It was like a rock on her arm! "That's country

muscle. Ya'll don't work hard enough up here in the city to grow that." She looked with

contempt at my feared enemies. "Those boys are nothing. They ever give you trouble you

let them know I'll be back."


"Magnificent." I whispered.


"Thank you." She replied. "Can we go to the zoo now?" She hopped up and down a bit. I

watched her rack bounce.


"Anywhere you want, Tiny." I sighed. Sometimes she was like a goddess of calm serene

power and then other times she was a girl, all bubbly and excitable.


Over the week we saw the zoo and several museums. I got her some cotton candy and

peanuts. We went to the top of the Sears tower. I took the elevator and Tiny raced up the

stairs. She was winded when she got to the top, but she made it! It's funny how you never

see your own city until you get a visitor.


I just wish we could have hit Rush street or some of the blues bars. But Tiny was too

young. I doubt a bouncer in the city would have tried to turn her away, but she wasn't a

fan of bars anyway.


Tiny got the idea to crash the pool at one of the magnificent mile hotels on a hot

afternoon. That's the downtown shopping drag where the big money hangs out. The place

was crawling with gorgeous rich ladies, all eyeing Tiny with jealousy and suspicion

seeping from their pampered flesh. Maybe they thought she was there to steal a sugar

daddy. Tiny easily charmed an elderly gentleman into letting us into the pool (he offered

her much more to ditch me but she declined patting him on his bald pate). Tiny

cannonballed into the pool and almost drained it!


There was a pack of body building men that gravitated to Tiny like she was magnetic.

These were some big, good looking rich boys aging 20 to 35. I was getting nervous but

Tiny kept me close.


Eventually one of them got the idea for Chicken Fights. That's when one person gets on

another's shoulders and you go at each other and try to knock the other guys down,

dislodging the rider. If you fall off, you're out. Everyone teamed up. I got up on Tiny's

broad shoulders of course. I got teased for being on a girl, but I told them I had the best

seat in the house. That shut them up.


There were four other teams, all guys. They ignored each other and zeroed in on Tiny,

who herded them all into the deep end. They were beefy but she was the tallest which

counts for a lot in deep water.


One rider almost pulled me off but Tiny clamped her arm on my legs and kept me on.

With her other hand she pushed the horse for that team under and locked his head

between her knees. That ensured his help for our side. Tiny and he both dislodged his

rider. One down. Tiny threw the rider into the water 5 feet away.


The rest came up from behind. One team climbed up onto Tiny, horse rider and all, and

tried to weigh her down. Tiny ignored them and went after the others. I had my hands full

just staying on Tiny's shoulders. By now I was aroused and my stiff cock was banging

into the back of her head! No time to worry about that now! Her muscles flexed under my

sack so that I was afraid I would blow a load into her hair!


Tiny held both of the other "horses" heads under together until they forced their own

riders off in order to keep from drowning.


Then she peeled away the horse and rider that was stuck to her side and flung them away

like garbage. We stood triumphant! Tiny called for more! We dared them! We taunted

them! Nothing. Those muscle boys slunk away like wounded coyotes with tails between

their legs. We high-fived and splashed at them as they left. We owned that pool!


We lounged around charging drinks to random room numbers for a few hours - the pool

boy was so charmed with Tiny, I'm guessing he knew we didn't belong and was just

letting us get away with it. Tiny put the hurt on the weight room for an hour. Then we

went home.


The last night cousin Tiny was in town we rented six videos, stock-piled snacks, beer and

sparkling waters and curled up on the couch for a late-night binge. I turned her on to

anime that night. She liked it a lot. We got lost in the stories and tried to forget that her

train left early in the morning.


She also liked curling up under the blanket with me after my parents were in bed.


I tried to behave but I couldn't help letting my stiffy linger against her thigh now and

then. It wasn't like she hadn't felt it before. She had been in semi-regular contact with it

off and on for the entire time she was with us. She sure didn't go out of her way to avoid

it. Hell, she got in the habit of draping a leg over my lap right on top of it! What I

wouldn't have given to just hump that big damn leg like a dog!


After the second movie Tiny went a bit stir crazy. "Say cousin." She whispered

mischievously. "Let's wraaastle!" She climbed up on top of me and stuffed me into a

school boy pin without even trying. She giggled down at me. I groaned under her weight

and struggled like a little pansy - that is to say, for all I was worth.



"No fair!" I groaned.


"Why?" she asked.


"You jumped me!"


She giggled at that. "As if you would stand a chance under any conditions." She said

looking down between her tits at me. She was wearing that t-shirt nightie of hers and a

pair of cotton panties. The nightie was riding up to her waist.


"Maybe I would." I struggled on.


That really seemed funny to her but she said "You've got spunk, I'll give you that Billy."


"I told you not to call me that!" I wasn't really mad. I knew we were having fun.


"You gonna stop me?" she tickled my ribs. "You gonna big boy? Huh? You go ahead!

You just try and stop me big boy!" she tickled me mercilessly.


I was about to pass out when I gasped "Stop! I can't take anymore!"


"Say 'nuf." She kept tickling.




"Say I'm the most desirable woman in the world." She purred. She stopped tickling and

fluffed her hair.


"Oh you are, Tiny. I gasped. You are! You are the most desirable woman in the world."

Perhaps I put a bit too much emphasis into that. We stopped and looked at each other for

a while.


She was pleased. And she blushed a bit. "Good boy." She said. She cleared her throat and

let me up. She was a bit flustered I think. I tried an attack when her back was turned but

got nowhere. She dropped me with one hand and leaned on my chest. "You still wanna

play do you? Tell you what. I'll lie down and let you sit on me and let's see how long you

can hold me."


"Okay." I gasped under the weight of her hand on my chest.


She laid flat on her back. I climbed up and sat on her chest with my legs on her arms.

"Ready?" she asked.


"Not yet!" I called. I got her wrists in my hands and leaned on them. I shifted for optimal

leverage. "Okay." I snarled down at her.


Her lovely half-mast, blue eyes looked up, sparkling with amusement. "Are you sure?"


I checked my holds. "Yes."


"'Cuz I don't want to be accused of being unfair." She giggled.


"Just try and get free!" I growled.


"Okay... here I go Billy boy. 1... 2... 3..." She said. And slowly, without much effort

she sat up. I tumbled backwards between her thick legs. She closed them around my body

and squeezed. I could tell she was only toying, but it felt like she would pop my head off

with the pressure!


"'Nuff!" I moaned right away pushing at her big hard butt with my one free hand.


"Are you sure?" she asked coyly. " Don't you think you still have a chance? She gave me

an extra squeeze and I groaned. My ribs creaked.


"No! No! I give! I have no chance! You win!"


"Who's the champ?" she asked looking over her nails.


"You are!"


"Who's the princess?" She asked fixing her hair.


"You are!"


"Call me Princess Tina." She said, sitting up pretty, which made her roll over and half sit

on my face.


"Princess Tiny." I grunted from under her ass.


She clamped hard and I almost passed out. "I said Princess Tina." She corrected gently.


"Princess Tina! Princess Tina!" I gasped. "Please get up! Your crushing my head!"


"Hmmmm..." she mused. Occasionally crushing the air out of me as her mind saw fit.

"Have we had fun, Billy?"


"God yes!" I moaned. Even having her big ass on my head was fun!


"Too bad it may be years before you see me again..."


"Years?" I gasped. She let up the pressure a bit. "You don't mean that, Tiny." She

crushed me. "Princess Tina! Princess Tina!" I groaned. She let up a bit again. "Will you

come again?" I asked. "Please say yes Princess Tina? What can I do to help you come up

again soon?"


She smiled. "I thought you'd never ask. You just send me a ticket and I'll be here."


"I'll start saving now." I promised.


"I've had a great time, Billy." She purred and rolled off my head to lie on her side.

"Thanks for having me." She looked over her hip at me and giggled at my smashed face.


She let go but I just lay between her legs, too spent to move. She gathered me up like a

baby and set me on the couch. She slid the blanket up my lap (covering my obvious hard-

on) and crawled in next to me. She patted me and fixed my hair as I got my breath back.

She cradled my head in her bosom.


Eventually we started another movie. We watched and cuddled - why did she have to be

my cousin? We looked long into each other's eyes. Nothing to be done about that.

Nothing was aid between us. She was big, sensuous and calm - like a goddess and only

18 years old. What would she be like as she grew older? I saw her off at dawn from the

train station. I missed her already.

Now where did I put that burger girl's phone number. I had some sexual tension to


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