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New Life of Kimberly by Liveordie83

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New Life of Kimberly

by Liveordie83



Chapter One - Kim and the Idol of Tokyo Bay


"I miss you so much, honey. And when I get back from Japan I can't wait to show you what I found!" Kim hung up after leaving Jake yet another voice mail. This was the fifth time in a row that he didn't answer the phone and she was getting worried. Was Jake working late everyday, in the hospital, has he lost his cell, or something else entirely?! After being transferred to Tokyo a month ago and not being able to talk to her fiance for a week the stress was coming down hard. With her first trip back to Chicago since her promotion coming in two days Kim didn't know what to expect, but she knew he would love her new found assets.

Four days ago while swimming Kim came up for breath and her foot touched an object embedded in a sand bar. At once she knew it was one of a kind. Even though it was caked with petrified sand and barnacles she could tell it had a human shape and what looked like a red jewel embedded in it's head. She tried her best to clean her knew found treasure in the Tokyo surf but eons of sand wouldn't wash off with her minimal strength. Kim swam back to shore and took it back to her apartment intent on getting a better look at it. After hours of scrubbing and scraping it was a sight to be seen. A golden idol bejeweled with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds; it was priceless. Kim couldn't believe her eyes. This had to be the grandest artifact on Earth, and she found it out of shear luck.

Intent on finding out what it was and who made it Kim spent the entire night online searching out the strange symbols along the arms and legs etched in the gold. She passed out early before dawn and awoke to find herself ten minutes late to work. "Shit I can't afford to loose my job!" She screamed and hurried to dress her self. On the way out Kim stuffed the idol in her laptop's case and ran for her life to the elevators. With no time to hail a cab she tried running 2 blocks in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet in high heels. To her surprise she made it the the building in record time and was only a half an hour late to work.

As she walked across the lobby the front desk clerk pulled her aside and told her Fujicara wanted to see her. Kim's boss was always nice, but lateness could be severely punished. Her tension built as she made what seemed to be the longest trips to Fuji's office Kim had ever embarked on. When Kim entered Fujicara's office his scowl sent a shiver down her spine. "I have no need for your excuses Kimberly. In America tardiness may be over looked, but I have no need for it here! Just because in a few days you will be going back to the Chicago office doesn't mean that I will over look this, but since you are a fine worker and have shown yourself time and again I will. Don't let this happen again!"

"Yes sir." Kim squeaked and fled out of his office before he changed his mind. While on her way to her floor Jamie got on the elevator with her. Jamie was the only other American here working for Fujicorp and they were bitter rivals. Jamie was a Knockout in the beauty department and her massive E cup tits intimidated Kim to no end. Being an A cup since 6th grade has always been hard on Kim, but she had a cute face and was still hot. She was of average height ( 5' 3") and Jamie was 8 inches shorter than Jake rounding out at 6' even.

"I heard you were late. Can I have your office now that you won't be using it?" She stretched her back shoving her tits in Kim's face once again. Jamie's shirt (which was always under more pressure than a med student on finals day) seemed like it would have burst if Jamie didn't let go of her breath releasing it from untold amounts of force.

"No you can't have my office! I'm not going anywhere. AND if you shove those melons in my face again I'll show you what a titty twister really is."

"An ass chewing from Fuji really tore you up didn't it." Jamie said as she pushed Kim against the elevator wall using her chest. "I always knew you were jealous of these Kimmy. Too bad for you your always going to be flatter than a runway" Jamie stood on her tip toes putting her tits at eye level and leaned hard against Kim almost suffocating her. The elevator rang telling them it was their floor and Jamie walked off strutting like a rock-star.

Kim stormed out and went strait to her office almost crying along the way. She slammed the door behind her and leaned against it and dropped her laptop case at her feet. The idol was pushed out sliding it to the center of her office. Just the sight of it calmed her. Why should she care about Jamie, she was probably richer than Fuji now! Kim scooped up her little trinket and cradled it over to her desk like she would a child laying it down next to her picture of Jake. Kim stared at her treasure for what seemed like an hour before starting her work.

As one of Fujicorp's top office manager's in America Fujicara decided to bring her to Japan to see how she faired running the main office. She excelled in Tokyo, which gave Fuji the respect and trust in her to take over the main office for all of North America. She could sense the tension between her and Jamie from day one. Kim over looked a lot of Jamie's childish behavior because she understood it was pure jealousy. But maybe this time she should report her; it was so humiliating! As Kim was halfway through reading and evaluating today's reports she came across one of Jamie's. Anger welled up inside of her and she almost had to physically stop herself from ripping the report in half. She just couldn't work like this. Then the idol caught her attention again.

"Why should I care about Jamie's stupid childishness? I could buy my own large breasts now that I have this." Kim reaches over and picks the idol up watching the gold luster in the daylight coming in through the windows. She thinks of herself having double D breasts and Jake massaging them, tit-fucking them ,and why the hell not she'd even blow him while he tit-fucked her too. Things were definitely going to change, and soon she knew it. This new found happiness even got her through Jamie's report. As she went back to work something amazing started to happen. It began with her breasts swelling up to a B cup which tightened her blouse ever so slightly not even enough to make her notice. As she expanded to a large B her bra began to cut into her back and sides causing her a little discomfort but not enough to bring her out of her work. Kim's breasts didn't even spend 30 seconds as B cups when they upgraded to a C stretching her shirt to the point where bits and pieces of her chest and bra could be seen between the buttons. Kim picked at her now taught bra before peering down at her chest which had almost reached D range. "Holy Shit!!!" She exclaimed as one of her buttons flew across the room like a projectile."This is a dream! I fell asleep reading these boring papers and I'm dreaming. If I pinch myself I will wake up and go back to my work." Just then her breasts jumped up to fully fledged D cups and her bra pinched her tit's and sides harder than she was going to pinch herself. She was pretty sure you didn't feel pain in a dream but there was no way this could be happening to her. The top of Kim's white blouse looked like it could explode at any moment, she already lost the third button and the second and fourth didn't look like they'd make it if she continued to grow which they were doing right before her eyes. They gave way as she was now looking at the double D breasts she always wanted. Kim removed the rest of her tattered and now useless blouse and stared at herself. She could barely believe that her bra could hold up to the pressure of these babies. "I guess there's a reason why Victoria's Secret charged so much for this thing." It was holding, but it was skin tight. She couldn't even get the damn thing off. Kim tried for 10 minutes and couldn't quite force the clasps apart.

Just then she heard a scream come from across the building. Kim grabbed a jacket from the coat closet and covered herself to go out and see what was happening. As she peeked out in the hall Kim saw Jamie walking fast down the hall with her arms around her now not so significant chest. She couldn't help herself, as Jamie walked by they made eye contact and Kim flashed her. Jamie looked down at Kim's new endowments and about tripped. Without saying a word Kim backed into her office and shut her door with a large grin stretched across her face. She was almost back to her chair when she heard her door open up. "You didn't knock and I didn't say come in so you better have a good excuse for entering my office."

"What? How? Why?" Jamie said sounding almost in shock.

"I don't know, but don't they just look great!" Said Kim as she dropped the coat and spun to face Jamie, arching her back to show her hardly restrained assets. Jamie's arms dropped to her sides revealing her deflated shirt to Kim who had expected this but was thrilled to death anyway.

"Are you just going to stand there staring at my lovely rack, or could I get you to help me with this bra?"

"Are those mugh mugh mine?" Jamie stuttered.

"Maybe." Kim said in a cute tone of voice with a smile on her face.

"How did you do this?"

"Like I said I don't know, but I really need you to help me because this really does hurt. I'm wearing a bra 6 sizes too small."

Kim turned around to show Jamie her straining clasps which had to be about to break for how this felt. "I have to about get on my knees to do this because your so short." Jamie said as she leaned in to inspect the bra.

"Yeah if only I was 6 foot like you then it would be easier on you." Kim was looking toward her desk as she said this and seen the jewels on the idol irradiate a pale light for half a minute. As Jamie started picking at Kim's bra Kim noticed her skin tight panties putting a little pressure on her thighs and waist. OMG I think I'm growing all over this time she thought. The pain in Kim's chest suddenly became intense she almost couldn't breath. Jamie stepped back as Kim bent over grasping herself. They both heard the fabric on her bra shred as Kim started her new round of growth and the bra finally gave way as her body continued to increase in size.

When Kim stood up she noticed Jamie wasn't so intimidating any more. In fact they were the same height!( Which at this time is 5' 6") As Jamie noticed this she freaked "What the fuck is happening here!?!" Jamie shouted.

When Kim seen the long sleeves of Jamie's shirt fall past her palms she realized that just like with their breasts it wasn't just her that was changing. "Well it fells like I'm getting taller, but that's not all short-stuff!"

Jamie watched as Kim's ankles were coming into sight, then her lower calves as Kim's pants started to look like her bra did. Then she heard a small sound and felt Kim's button on her pants fly across the room and hit Jamie in her stomach. This is when Jamie noticed she was now 5" shorter than Kim. "Holy shit Kim you must almost be 6 and a half feet tall by now."

"No." Said Kim as her panties came into sight and ripped up the back at the same time. "I'm still under 6 foot Jamie. It's just that now at your smaller size it just seems like I am"

Jamie looked down at herself and noticed her shorts were down around her ankles, the only thing holding up her panties was her nice ass, and her baggy shirt's sleeves fell down past her finger tips. She looked like a girl playing dress up. Mind you she still had modest C cup tits so she didn't exactly look that young. "Oh crap I'm shrinking. This can't be happening to me!!"

Kim stopped at 6 foot even and started to pry her ass out of her pants. When she was done Kim handed them to Jamie and reached down grabbing up her shorts. "You won't be needing these anymore you little shit." Kim chuckled.

"It's not funny Kim, I'm absolutely short! What am I going to do now?"

"I don't know but I'm taking the rest of the day off to go shopping!" Kim slipped on Jamie's shorts, but they didn't quite fit right. They were still a little large on her. She thought for a second and decided she might not be done with Jamie after all. "Hey Jamie do you think you might be able to loan me a few more inches before I leave."

"Fuck you bitch!" Said Jamie as she made her way for the door. But before she could get too far her panties slipped down to her knees making her fall on her face. Her ass was left up in the air, ripe for the picking. Kim strode across the office and brought her hand down hard on Jamie's ass. "Ouch, what was that for?!"

"I'm sorry but I just had to. You just left yourself wide open, and I felt like I still needed more payback for how much of a bitch you've been to me." Kim looked down at the red mark appearing on Jamie's left cheek. The mark made her hand look almost as large as Jamie's ass. As Jamie stood up she went to pull up her panties but she looked stunned. They had to be at least 6 sizes too small. When Kim noticed this she felt what was left her own panties start riding up her ass and realized that Jamie must still be in the giving mood after all. "No Jamie, now I'm at least 6 and a half feet tall!!"

Jamie looked up at Kim and freaked. "No, no this can't be happening. I shrunk again? How? You're doing this aren't you? Reverse it now!! I can't go through life being under five feet tall!"

"Four foot nine by my calculations. You look so cute now Jamie, at least now your Japanese boyfriend will be taller than you." Than an idea flashed in Kim's mind. She walked toward Jamie who now seemed very intimidated indeed. She had always been taller than all the other girls at school. This was the first time she'd ever been afraid of someone else's size. Hell an hour ago she was almost a foot taller than Kim, but now Kim had almost a two foot advantage. Kim backed Jamie further toward the door and excitement built inside her as Jamie's tiny ass squished up against it. Kim than leaned down and shoved her beautiful breasts into Jamie's awaiting face. Kim's double D's seemed very huge to the diminished Jamie she tried to fall to the floor, but Kim's new found strength wouldn't let her. After a minute of well deserved revenge Kim leaned back allowing Jamie to slide down to the floor. Kim looked around her office every thing seemed so small now, she was even taller than the door frame!

Jamie stood up still breathing heavily "Okay I deserved that, could you please make me normal again now? I promise to be nice to you from now on. I won't do anything to you ever again."

"No I think I like you at this height. Maybe after a few months as a shrimp will really change your attitude."

"But in a few months you will still be in America!!"

"Who knows I may find it in my heart to return to Japan and give you back a few inches, that is if I remember to. Now I want you to leave my office shorty before I make you a flat chested three foot squirt."

"But... but... but."

"No buts. If I were you I'd leave while I still had my cute little tush."

Jamie pulled up her over-sized panties and left out into a new and very big world. Kim made her way over to her desk which now looked like it was made for a child. "Damn how am I going to leave the building without being stared at by everybody."

She decided that the best course of action would be to wait til the office closed and then try to leave. She finished her work as best she could, it's a little hard to read when you're looking down and squeezing your tits every 5 minutes to see if they are still there.

When the she finished today's and most of tomorrows work she looked out the window and seen that the parking lot was almost empty. She tried her hardest to zip up her jacket but to no avail. How could she walk down the street half nude and bare foot? She didn't know, but she was going to try. Luckily none of the janitors were on her floor and she made it to the elevators without being seen. As she walked across the lobby the desk clerk said. "Damn three hours ago I've got one girl walking by without any pants and now I've got one walking by flashing me her tits. What were they throwing Kimberly a going away party up there or something?"

"Something like that." Said Kim as she closed the door behind her.

There wasn't as many people on the street now as there was before, but every one that she passed couldn't help but stare. To Kim everything was different. She was at least a foot taller than every one she walked by. Kim made her way back to her apartment thankfully without anyone trying anything. With her new size no one had the nerve to even attempt to touch her exposed rack.

She opened her door and almost needed to duck to enter her apartment. She needed to find something she could fit in to at least attempt to go out again now. She picked up her night shirt, which was one of Jake's old college jerseys, to see if it would still fit. She remembered it used to come down to her knees, but now it was almost a perfect fit. Her tits could be seen jutting out now which never was possible before. Then she realized she was almost as tall as Jake. He was 6'8" and now only two inches taller than his "little princess". How could she explain these changes to him? Would he even understand? She knew he loved her body the way it was. Could he handle her now at this size? Then she looked at her tits again. "I'm sure that these babies will make it up to him."

Kim pulled the idol out of her laptop case and set it on her night stand. How on Earth could this thing be so powerful? It was the most beautiful artifact that she had seen and was definitely one of a kind.

"Well you are mine now, I don't know why anyone would leave you out in the Tokyo surf." She kissed the Idol than slipped it in her purse that now seemed like a child's toy. She made her way to the door of her apartment and opened it up.

Kim opened her purse one last time to covet her unbelievable treasure. "Okay baby it's time that me and you had a night out on the town to celebrate." Kim then closed the door behind her and left her apartment to have the time of her life.


Chapter Two - Club of the Rising Sun


The first place that Kim headed to was to get a decent outfit. She didn't feel that an undersized pair of that dyke's shorts and her boyfriend's old jersey did her new body justice. She flagged down a taxi in what seemed like no time at all "These things are working for me already." She said cupping her D's together. Kim had to almost squeeze herself into the cab, she had no leg room at all. "Take me to the nearest clothing store." She hadn't gone shopping for clothes since she had been here and wasn't sure what styles the stores sold. She just hoped to god they had something in her size.

When Kim arrived at the shop she was relieved that the place was at least still open. As Kim strode past the clerk and toward the racks she was in shock. All of the clothes on display probably would have even been a little small at her original size. Kim knew that the Japanese were tiny, but she at least hoped that something would fit. She walked up to the clerk and asked "Do you carry any clothes in my size?"

"I think we have a few things in the back."

When the clerk returned she was carrying quite a few outfits. The mixture included a few different tops, some jeans, shorts, and even an outfit she could where to work tomorrow; too bad they didn't carry her bra size though. Most of the outfits fit perfectly, but it really excited her that some were a couple of sizes too large. She purchased all of them and left to return some to her apartment.

A few minutes later she was posing in front of her mirror wearing a tee shirt and jeans that were clearly of Japanese style. She thought that it showed off her boobs rather nicely and made her almost look like a Japanese teenager. Kim knew that she wanted to go out and have fun, but where would she go? It had been quite a few years since Kim and her girlfriends went out partying almost every night. She didn't even know if she could even dance that well any more. And she definitely didn't know the latest Japanese club dance moves. But tonight none of that was going to stop her. Hell, tonight she felt like becoming the life of the party.

As Kim left her apartment she strutted down the sidewalk like she was the most badass girl in Japan. She caught a few of the local men taking a glimpse of her new body which under normal conditions would have made her blush, but all it did to her now was bolster her ever increasing confidence. As Kim grew closer to the lights of downtown her excitement could be seen by every one she passed. Tonight Kim felt like whatever happened in Japan, stayed in Japan. If she kissed another guy at a club so what. For all she knew tonight might even be her first lesbian experience. Street corner after street corner, block after block all of these things slipped in and out of her mind. Kim was so focused on what she was going to do she almost got hit by a car. It wasn't all her fault though seeing as the driver of said car was almost too busy staring at Kimberly to put on the brakes.

Kim was now passing closed shops and closed restaurants and was getting ever closer to the bars and clubs she was intending to visit. She arrived at one bar, but when she peeked in it appeared to filled with a bunch of old drunks so she quickly left to find people at least around her age. As she moved closer into the lights of downtown Kim could see what looked like a line gathering outside of a building a few more blocks ahead. She hoped that the line meant what she thought it meant, and her hopes were realized as she read the sign which roughly translated into English as 'The Club of The Rising Sun'. The people standing in line appeared to be of many different nationalities and were definitely her age if not younger.

Kim was in line for what seemed like only a minute before she was getting stares by her fellow club goers. Two Western looking boys in front of her whispered something in a third boy's ear who then clearly turned around to look at Kimberly. As their eyes met a smile came across Kim's face. She went from an almost flat chested shorty into a head turner in the last couple of hours and she was loving every minute of it. Slowly the crowd was being allowed entrance into the club and Kim's anticipation was almost as clear as the smile on her face. As Kim approached the bouncer he gave her what looked like a lewd grin, checked her ID and allowed her entrance into what was sure to be the best, if not craziest night of her life.

In her short life Kim had visited quite a few clubs in Chicago, but not one of them compared to the Rising Sun. It was all surreal to her. Maybe it was the fact that many of the partiers were about a foot shorter than her, or maybe it was because it was her first time in an environment like this in over 3 years. But reality quickly returned to her as Kim's new found self confidence paraded back into her faster than the speed of light. Kim strode past the dancing collage students, tourists, and celebrities approaching the bar to loosen up a little. Kim downed three shots of liquor before felling anything at all. At her old size that much would probably have amounted to a date rape drug, but now all it did was give her a little buzz. She took one more for good measure then set about to at least try and dance the night away.

After about two minutes it all came back to her. She was feeling great and looking even better. The only adjustment she had to make was dealing with the fact that she wasn't at least a foot shorter than the people she danced with tonight. One guy in particular named Jarret who she assumed was from Europe was just about infatuated by her new 6' 5" body. After about an hour of dancing Jarret offered to by her a drink and she said yes. As he went off to order them she decided to take a short rest. Kim was sitting down for probably thirty seconds before she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"You heard me you tiny bitch, I said you're a whore!!" Jamie shouted at a petite Japanese girl. "How dare you hit on my boyfriend!"

"I didn't know." She squeaked.

"I bet there is a lot that you don't know!"

Kim almost laughed at the sight of Jamie as she turned around to peek. She was in a very long black dress that almost flowed all the way down to the soles of her shoes. But something was wrong. It looked like she had somehow grown all the way back to her old height, but one look at Jamie's arms made Kim realize that she must have had on some very large platform shoes. The Japanese girl on the other hand didn't seem to notice this fact as she looked like she was cowering away from Jamie who was at least at this moment towering over this 4' 11' girl. Kim bet that this girl would probably love to hear that her tormentor was probably 2 inches shorter than her. Kim didn't want to grow any taller tonight, but thought that she needed to reinforce her punishment on Jamie. If only there was a way to shrink her and stay the same size. Out of the corner of her eye Kim noticed a soft glow coming out of her purse and knew she should brace for a sudden growth spurt.

Kim wasn't feeling different at all, but she could see why immediately. Jamie slowly started to shrink once again. Her C cup breasts were starting to look a little less prominent, but her nipples were slowly coming into sight as well. The black dress began to slowly droop down to the floor and was looking more like a gown by the minute. But Jamie was still raging like a bitch and didn't even notice when the straps on her plats loosened up and started creeping toward her knees.

The Japanese girl on the other hand was starting to notice her bra and panties were getting very tight. Her tee shirt was visibly tight on her making her D cup breasts really stand out. As she crept past 5' 3" she seemed to notice that Jamie didn't look so scary anymore partly because even with her new shoes she now stood only 5' 8".

The straps on Jamie's dress were slowly falling off her shoulders and she even adjusted the right side without noticing her new stature. She didn't even notice that her breast were now exposed for the entire club to see. The other girl's boobs were also slowly coming into sight along with her bra which was almost to it's breaking point.

"And further more bitch..." But just then reality was dawning on Jamie making her stop in mid bitch. Even in the platform shoes Jamie now stood a mere 5' 5". The Japanese girl was now visibly taller than her at 5' 6". Both girls heard the resounding rip of her panties that split up the back all the way down to her pussy. As her growth increased her belly button came into sight and her tee shirt began to rip around her neck. Her growth stopped as suddenly as it started making her an impressive 6' 1". The shoulders of her shirt were ripped to shreds, her jeans were skin tight almost cutting of her circulation and came up right below her knees, and her boobs which had burst her bra at the seams were now visible out of the top and bottom of her tee (which now reassembled a tank top).

With a smile on her face the Japanese girl leaned forward and spoke. "My name is Susan not bitch you little fucking midget."

Jamie was at a loss of words for the second time today. Why was this happening to her? Was she cursed, infected , or zapped by something? She had no idea at all. She found herself now almost cowering at the sight of this newly amazonian girl. She didn't move though in fear of falling off of her shoes which now felt more like stilts. And that was when Kim decided to get up and walk over.

"You like calling names and tormenting people? How about I use a few? Shorty! Shrimp! Elf! Munchkin! Pipsqueak! Pygmy! Small-fry!" Susan was leaning forward and shoving her finger in Jamie's face as she spouted out every word she could think of to describe Jamie.

"She couldn't be closer to the truth, could she Jamie?" Said Kim as she leaned over the top of Jamie's head. The sight of Kim scared Jamie shit-less and caused her to fall off her towering shoes and disappear into her now pup tent sized dress.

"Holy shit you made the bitch vanish!"

"No she's still here." Said Kim as she lifted the black dress off the ground. As she did this Jamie tried to hang on to her gigantic garment, but her strength was now minimal at best. Finally the dress was yanked away and there on ass was the now diminished 3' 7" Jamie. She tried hiding next to her platform shoes, but realized this wasn't even a temporary refuge. As she stood up she seen than her boobs barely came up over the straps of her plats. Kim reached down and picked her up by her underarms.

"Put me down this instant! Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I already been embarrassed enough by you in one day? Now you've got to do this to me in the middle of my favorite club?"

"You brought this all on yourself bitch. You didn't learn your lesson the first time. What was that about making you a flat chested three footer?"

And almost as soon as Kim said it Jamie's tits dwindled down again. First to a small C, then a rather large B, falling rapidly in to A, then AA.

Kim was the recipient this time making her new tee stretch out as her boobs shot up from her Double D's all the way to a Double E Cup. This caused her sexy tummy to come into sight making her shirt rest right above her navel.

"Return me to normal right now you bimbo!"

"You seem to be very bossy for someone of your stature. My little sister could beat you up and she's in middle school." Boasted Susan.

At that Jamie shut her mouth, at least for now.

"You're just going to have to accept the way you are for now on. I gave you the chance at redemption and you continued to look down on people. At least now you won't even have to worry about looking down on anyone anymore. You can forget about getting even one inch back."

Jamie looked as pissed as anyone Kim had ever seen. The little scowl on her face almost made her look menacing. She probably would have even scared Kim if she wasn't half her height. Kim sat Jamie gently back down on the floor and she then angrily grabbed up her now enormous black dress and rapped it around her. "I'm leaving! This has been the worst day of my life!" The dress was so large on her that it was dragging on the floor as she went to pick up her shoes. She soon realized that carrying both of them would be an impossible task as she could only be able to drag one at a time across the dance floor. "Fuck I can't even return these useless things" Jamie hissed as she turned around stomping off toward the door. Jamie stormed out walking past dozens of people who were staring at this abnormally sized girl who barely came up to their bellies.

"I thought they carded people to get in here?" said one girl to another.

One lady asked Jamie if she lost her mom and needed to find the restroom to change clothes. Jamie replied to this with a resounding, "Fuck you bitch!!"

As she reached the exit Jamie turned around to scowl at Kim once more. "That's one tiny bitch." Said one man in the corner. This infuriated Jamie even more making her slam the door behind her.

"What the hell just happened?" Asked Jarret as he returned with some drinks in hand.

"Oh some little girl snuck in and was told to leave." Kim lied. As she turned Jarret almost dropped the drinks. He had obviously noticed her boobs. "Hold on to those cowboy I haven't finished drinking yet." Jarret handed one to Kim and she almost downed it in one sip.

"I think I'm going to need another one." Said Kim shyly to Jarret. "Hey Susan do you mind coming with me to the bar?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I promise I'll be right back Jarret." They both walked away leaving him standing there, still awe struck.

"So what just happened to me?" Asked Susan curiously.

"I seen you being attacked by that bitch and...." Kim told Susan about every thing she was thinking at that moment, about taking Jamie's gigantic boobs, and about the first time she shrank Jamie, but she left off the parts about the idol.

"Thank you for helping me back there. How can I repay you?"

"Stick around with me tonight. I might think of something."

Shortly after that Kim and Susan returned with more drinks in hand. Kim noticed him watching their bra-less boobs jiggle and shake as they walked toward him. Susan's breasts were even slightly falling out of her tattered shirt.

They spent the next hour dancing together out on the floor. Jarret had a perma-grin on his face the whole time. He brushed up against their chests any chance he got. He even kopta feel on Kim who only smiled at him greedily afterwards. It had to have been almost 2 a.m. when Kim needed to take another rest, her feet were hurting probably because they were supporting this new found weight. Kim started to walk out the door before thinking about what her alternatives tonight would be. Should she invite them over to finish the night off right or just go to sleep? At that moment the answer was a no brainer. Kim walked back toward the two of them and asked plainly, "So are we having a threesome tonight or not?"


Chapter Three - Kim's Sexy Slumber Party


About ten minutes later all three of these new friends were in Susan's car making their way to Kim's apartment. As Susan laid eyes on her vehicle she was truly surprised about how small it looked. For a moment she almost forgot that she gained over a foot in height about an hour ago. And as she slid into the driver's seat she realized that this might take some real getting used to. It felt like she had to cram herself in just to adjust her seat back. Both Kim and Jarret made their seats in the back of the car, which was surprisingly comfortable to Kim's 6' 5" frame. Jarret on the other hand was slightly smaller than Kim at 6' 3" and easily fit in the back seat. After getting used to her newly compact car Susan pulled out of the parking lot and drove toward their rendezvous.

"So Jarret are you here in Japan as a tourist?" Posed Kim.

"Yes my brother, my friend, and I traveled here during our university's break to have a good time. And the way that tonight is turning out I may just be accomplishing that!"

"Oh your still in school. Just how old are you anyways?"

"Twenty-two. And I'll graduate soon and become the best architect in Spain."

He was only three years younger than her. That made Kim feel at least a little better. They spent another moment in silence before Kim broke it. "So Jarret do you like tall women like us?"

"Actually that's exactly what I like the best about you is your height. I've always enjoyed tall girls. I'm not sure why."

Kim thought that if this boy loved tall women she could fulfill many of his fantasies tonight. This might be a very interesting night after all.

Kim and her new friends parked outside of her apartment at what seemed to be the dead of night. No one inside seemed to be awake at all. Which was probably a good thing because of what they were planing to do. They quietly made their way into the building and up into Kim's room. After they walked through the door Kim set her things aside staring at her purse for a moment thinking about her prized possession. Before getting down to business Kim thought that she might need to shake things up a bit. She walked over to Jarret and looked down into his hungry eyes. "So Jarret just how tall do you like your women?"

"What do you mean?" He asked with trepidation.

"Would you like us to be even taller than we are right now?"

"Sure. The bigger the better."

"Okay you got it."

Kim pictured Susan growing ever slightly up to 7'. And just as soon as she did the idol in her purse gave off it's faint glow telling Kim what was going to happen. Susan, who was at first the shortest one in the group at 6' 1" instantly edged Jarret in height draining from him 3 inches before he could tell what was happening. He slowly began to shrink down past 5' 9" looking up at the eyes of Kim in utter amazement. Susan was shooting past Kim tearing her shirt to shreds and exposing her now very large D cups to the apartment. But the smile spreading across her face was short lived as she was soon sent into a whole new world of pain. Her jeans, which crept past her knees, were now splitting up along her thickening thighs and cutting into her waist hard enough to send her to tears. She quickly tried to unbutton herself before it became impossible, but her ever increasing size did that for her ripping the fabric holding the button in place. Her thighs and ass did the rest of the job turning the rest of her jeans and panties into rags on the floor. She now stood an amazing 7' tall over a half foot taller than Kim.

"Holy shit!" Exclaimed Jarret as he looked at his baggy clothes clinging to his now 5' 4" frame. He wasn't the shortest guy in Japan, but he was getting close to it. He now barely came up to Kim's collar bone and was eye level to Susan's beautiful tits.

"So shorty how do you like us now?"

"I.... I.... I...." He stuttered.

Kim pulled her tight shirt off walking toward Jarret and thrust her Double E's in his face. He immediately took the hint and started to lick and suckle her breasts with a passion. Susan walked up behind him resting her tits on the back of his head and moved in to kiss Kim. Kim had never kissed a girl before in her life and didn't even know if she'd like it. Kim allowed Susan to thrust her tongue into her mouth and was amazed that it didn't disgust her. In fact it slightly increased her hornyness to the point of lust. Kim's tongue then penetrated into Susan's mouth opening her eyes for a split second in surprise. Jarret found himself sandwiched in between these two ladies, and realized this was the single best moment of his life. His pants fell off flinging his hard cock up into the thighs of Kim making her brake her kiss. They both looked down at him with their lusty eyes and then over at Kim's bedroom.

The trio approached the bed. Susan laid down spreading her legs, revealing her anticipating sex. Jarret eagerly climbed on top and inserting himself into her. His cock was just about the right size giving her immediate pleasure with his slow trusts. Kim watched them fuck for over a minute until Susan beckoned her over into the fray.

"Don't... auh!! just stand there.... aauuh!! looking like a lost puppy. You can.... auh!! jump in any time."

Kim came around to the other side of Susan and started more tongue action. It lasted for about a minute before Susan whispered to her, "You know I can use this tongue for other things too. How about you move your pussy down here in my direction to find out." Kim stood up on her bed and squatted down on top of Susan's face. After all the years she had been with her boyfriend he had never gone down on her, not once. As soon as Susan started nibbling on her clit she under stood exactly what she was missing. Her tongue was above average size due to her last spurt making it an amazing 5" long which almost qualified it as a sex toy. It filled her rather nicely and hit all the right places at once almost immediately sending her into orgasm. There they were enthralled in ecstasy for over a half an hour climaxing at least three times a piece.

Jarret pulled out once more shooting another large load across Susan's taut belly. He slid down between her long legs off the bed onto his ass. He was feeling a little tired from the force it took to please such a large woman, but right now that was the furthest thing on his mind. This was the first time he met, let alone made love to a woman this size and he still wanted to experience every second of this night.

Kim cummed one last time before laying down next to Susan and looking into her large deep blue eyes. "That was the best sex I've ever had in my life." She cooed.

"It's my pleasure sexy." Replied Susan. "You know what? Being 7' tall is great in all, but do you think it would be possible that just for tonight I could be even taller?"

"Sure, why not?"

Jarret didn't see what was happening to him at first, but when he shrank past the 4' mark he noticed how large the room was starting to look. He jumped up and turned around looking right into Susan's face which by now was over twice the size of his. She leaned forward grabbing the back of his head and shoved her enlarging tongue into his mouth. Her hand completely covered the back of his head and he could feel it growing as her fingers slid over his ears. The sensation of her tongue slowly growing inside his mouth sent him back into the passionate lust he was feeling earlier. It elongated down his throat almost choking him before she pulled away leaving him almost in a state of nirvana. When he regained his senses he was in a whole new world. Now at 3' 4" his eyes barely came up over the mattress of Kim's bed.

Kim and Susan were already back into passion of the moment; Susan was kneeling on the floor holding Kim in the air upside down in what looked like the hottest 69 position Jarret had ever seen. Earlier Kim thought that she had already had the best sexual experience of her life, but that was nothing compared to this. Susan's educated tongue used it's new found girth to all of it's ability sending Kim into climax immediately after penetration. It had grown almost 3" making it longer than an average dick and definitely wider. Susan could feel Kim shutter every time she flexed this muscle making the small giantess pause her work, which almost felt more like a tease to Susan at the moment. Susan was starting to feel frustrated until Jarret spoke up.

"Is there a spot in there for me?"

Susan lowered Kim down onto the floor licked her lips and replied. "I'm sure we could find out."

Kim was still laying there with a dazed look on her face as if she was in an orgasm induced coma. Susan laid down on the floor taking up a lot of the room with her now 9' body. Jarret quickly got right back to work trying to work his magic on a woman who was now three times his size. Susan yawned and giggled saying, "You'll have to do a better job than that shorty." He went about trying to fuck the shit out of her, giving it to her harder than he had ever before. "I think you lost your edge with your last shrink spurt. You might need to try something else."

When Kim came to her senses she seen a very funny sight. Jarret looked like he was trying to bring home the gold medal in fucking; Susan on the other hand was just laying there with a look on her face that suggested boredom.

"You'd probably do a better job with your arms little man. Your dick was just big enough to please her at her old size, do you think you could do the same after you can bravely come up to her knees."

Kim walked over to the frustrated giantess and whispered an idea into the largest ear she had seen in her life. Kim then climbed up on top of her and started to turn her back on by playing with her breasts. The nipples were larger than her thumb and she almost had to use her whole hand to massage them. They perked up rather nicely, and she took that as her cue to start suckling them. Kim looked up into her eyes and seen that this was working rather nicely. Jarret on the other hand had taken Kim's advice and was thrusting his fist in and out of Susan's dripping pussy taking time out only to change arms. Susan was enjoying the two of them trying to send her into orgasm, almost biting her lip during one of Jarret's trusts. Their work wasn't done in vain as she cummed triumphantly spraying the side of Jarret's face with her juices.

The trio of lovers didn't skip a beat and switched positions again with Jarret climbing up onto Susan's large pelvis and turning around to begin going downtown on this 9' lady. Kim laid down on her back and slid herself down underneath the package of her tiny lover. She then began sucking his dick which easily fit in her mouth at it's reduced size. This left Kim's leg's hanging over Susan's shoulders and her pussy right in her face. Susan who had participated in many 69's in her life never had heard of a threesome version of this maneuver, but that didn't stop her from participating in it.

Susan was amazed at the way his small tongue felt. He licked all over her like a kid trying to finish the last of the brownie batter in a mixing bowl. When he found her clit resting on his chin he took it in his mouth and started nibbling at it. This was an unbelievable feeling to Susan which made her arch her back in ecstasy almost throwing her small lovers off on to the floor. The feeling of having a tongue that was half the size of her clit rubbing all over it sent her into an orgasm that lasted all of ten minutes.

Kim sucked on his dick with a passion slurping up all of his precum like candy. She could feel his balls tapping on her upper lip and that gave her another idea. Kim opened her mouth at the right moment making them swing right in along with his member. The first and only time she gave her boyfriend a blowjob his dick almost choked her out. Being able to fit both Jarret's dick and balls in her was almost as surprising as the load of cum that almost immediately followed this action.

They were locked into this position until they were all to tried to even move a leg muscle. Kim cuddled up to her gigantic new girlfriend resting her head on one of Susan's tits. Jarret slept like a child in the arms of Kim.

Kim woke up the next morning when light from her bedroom window splashed across her face. Jarret was still in her arms with his face resting on her gorgeous breasts. Something was out of place, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. She stood up setting Jarret on her bed and noticed that the curtain that covered the large double windows in her bedroom was missing. When she turned around she noticed Susan was gone too.  Looking out the window confirmed her suspicions; Susan's car wasn't parked out on the street. How on Earth could a 9' girl tear off the window blind, and sneak out of the apartment without waking anybody up? The thought of Susan wrapping that curtain around her enormous ass, crawling out of the building, and squeezing into her tiny car sent her into uncontrollable laughter.

Jarret woke to the sound of a girl laughing. He had almost forgot what happened last night til he opened his eyes and came face to face with a girl that was twice his size.

Kim smiled at him and said, "Well last night was great, but it looks like you won't be returning to normal anytime soon shorty."

"What do you mean?"

"Susan left and took all of your height with her."

"You mean I'm going to be this small for the rest of my life?"

"You might be."

"Is there anything you can do to help me?"

"Well I'll see what I can do for you. Right not I just need you to stay put and keep quiet because I've got to get ready for work."


Chapter Four - Jaime's Short, Sweet Revenge


Kim considered that even though he had no hope of returning to normal, and he was now smaller than most children Jarret was taking the situation real well. He sat on her couch dosing in the hazy morning sunlight as she was trying to squeeze into the top of her new suit. She had bought this while she was at a smaller breast size, but now at an impressive double E cup she could barely get both of her melons restrained enough without a bra. She eventually crammed them inside the top, but wasn't sure how long it would last. Kim looked at herself in the mirror and thought to herself that she at least didn't look as bad as Jamie looked at her sluttiest and made her way out the door to work.

In the cab ride over she thought of all the things that people would think or say about her. Who are you? What happened? Are those real? She was sure that she could at least try to bullshit her way through the normal questions, but what would she do if they asked about Jamie? She wasn't always that good at thinking on her feet, and she had no time to think up anything as the cab pulled up outside of Fujicorp. She squeezed out of the cab, almost undressing herself as her large chest brushed up against the door frame.

"Here goes nothing." She whispered as she walked toward the entrance.

Kim strode across the main lobby toward the elevator doors drawing stares from all that she passed. Before she was able to cross the center of the room the front desk clerk beckoned her over to him.

"Good morning is there something that I can help you with?"

"Not really I was just heading up to my office."

"You work here? I've never seen you before."

"Sure you have. It's just that I might just look a little different today. My name is Kimberly McGee."

"That's one of our executives. You do look like you might be her sister, but she isn't nowhere near as tall as you."

"It really is me Ken. I just went threw a bit of a growth spurt last night."

"That's an understatement!!" He said peering down at her barely contained rack shooting his eyes right back up at hers with a nervous smile on his face. "Sorry."

"Well if there's nothing else I've really got to get to work."

"No nothing else Miss McGee, I just didn't recognize you."

Kim gave him a sexy smile and continued on to the elevators. She made her way up to her office trying to explain very little of her metamorphosis to her colleagues along the way. When she closed her office door behind her Kim gave a sigh of relief. This was her second to last day of work in Japan and was sure that she could still jeopardize her promotion. Kim wasn't sure that growing a foot in height and several breast sizes was a firable offence, but she did know that she would at least have to explain herself to Fujicara and she had better think up a good excuse and soon.

Kim went strait to work finishing off the reports she started yesterday in less than an hour, and continuing on to tomorrow's at a quick pace. Before she was barely into the stack she heard a knock at the door.

Kim opened the door and looked down at the surprised face of Fujicara's assistant Mrs Yuniko. She was staring right into Kim's tits like she didn't know what to make of them.

"Why hello Mrs. Yuniko. How are you doing today?"

Her gaze slowly crept upward toward Kim's eyes pausing for a second at Kim's cleavage(Which didn't look like it could be held back for even one more minute). When their eyes met Kim could see the confusion on her face like it was stamped across her forehead.

"Um. Uhh. Fujicara would like to see you in his office Kimberly."

"Okay tell him that I will be right there."

"I will." She said dropping her eyes back down to Kim's amazing rack.

As Kim closed the door she almost had to push Yuniko out because Kim's new features seemed to have put her in a trance. She eventually got the door closed and went over to her desk to file the rest of her paperwork. Her mind raced to what she was thinking of earlier. What would she say? Why didn't she think of something? Fujicara was no fool; could she lie to him?

Kim's elevator ride up to Fujicara's office was excruciatingly long. The infernal machine was ticking off the floors like a death sentence. When the elevator dinged to announce her arrival she made an audible gulp. During her walk down Fujicara's hallway her nervousness increased to the point of sending her body into a cold sweat. Her hand tried to grip the office doorknob, but slipped at first because it was clammy.

The terrified giantess entered Fujicara's office trying her hardest to hide her feelings. Fujicara was sitting at his desk showing his trademark expressionless face.

"So Kim it's true. You've grown quite a lot."

"Yeah and tell her to give it back to me!!!" Squeaked a woman with a high-pitched voice that Kim didn't notice when she walked in. Jamie peered out from a chair facing Fujicara with an evil scowl on her face.

Anger was the first thing that went through Kim's head. She couldn't believe that Jamie brought Fujicara into this. What was she trying to do get her fired? Kim wouldn't let her get away with this, she worked too hard for this promotion to see it slip through her fingers now.

"Now Jamie there's on reason to start out our meeting screaming like this. We can work this out together, and get you back to normal. Now Kimberly have a seat."

Kim sat down hard in her seat causing her tit's to jiggle almost enough to burst her straining top. As Jamie seen this her jealousy was painted across her face. Jamie had to be wearing the smallest business suit ever. It looked like it was tailored perfectly for her 3' 7" height.

"Kimberly what caused you to steal from Jamie her umm assets?"

"I didn't steal them from.."

"She's lying she even told me that she could!!!"

"Jamie!!!" Scolded Fujicara.

Kim regained her self and then restarted her explanation, "I don't know why I grew. Jamie just seemed to be giving this all to me."

"Why would I GIVE you every ounce of my breasts and over a foot in height?"

"I just assumed that you pissed of the wrong person and they decided to make you a more giving person. Fujicara you know how domineering Jamie can be. I didn't even believe in any superstitious things before this, but seeing is believing I guess."

"If she thinks that I pissed of a witch then she's wrong, unless she's a witch."

"Now Jamie there you go accusing Kimberly of witchcraft again. I don't think that you should be so quick to accuse Kimberly. She might even try to help you trough this uhmm this little problem."

Jamie was left speechless. She couldn't believe that Fujicara was taking Kim's side on this.

"I would be happy to help her deal with her situation for as long as I can Mr. Fujicara, but

I'm only going to be in Japan for five more days so there probably won't be much that I can do for her."

"You have a point there Kimberly. If can just do what you can for her in the mean time it

would really help me out."

"Of course sir."

"I'm sorry for calling you all the way up here to hear all of these accusations Kimberly. I know that you are going through the same changes that she is and you must be feeling very tired. I need you to be at your full strength when you arrive back in America, so don't do anything that will cause any undue stress."

"But... but... but..." Stuttered Jamie.

"Jamie you really have to let Kimberly help you through this and quit blaming her for your problem. She really wants to help you."

"Yes Jamie I will do all that I can for you." Says Kim plastering a convincing smile on her face.

"You see Jamie your luck is changing all ready. That gives me an idea." Fujicara reaches under his desk and pulls out a dusty wooden cage that resembled a house. "My grandfather gave this to me when I was just a child. He said that it once held the luckiest cricket that ever existed and that the luck was passed to it's cage when it died. You can see all the luck that I've had in my life with my great wife, my fantastic children, and my profitable business. And it seems like you can use all the luck you can get right now so I am giving it to you."

Fujicara handed the cage to Jamie who took it with reluctance. Due to her reduced size it looked more like a doll house in her hands.

"If you need a little time off till you regain your uhmm features I will be more than understanding. I can see that this situation has left you very embarrassed."

"Thank you." Jamie said in a tone that made her sound sad and defeated.

"Well now that this little dispute is taken care of Kimberly you can go back to work. Your last day is tomorrow and I don't want to think that I am forcing you to work on your last days here by helping Jamie out."

"No sir this will be no problem at all. I know how it is to be tiny so I wouldn't consider it work at all."

Kim and Jamie got up and walked toward the office door. Kim was still amazed at the difference in their sizes. Jamie stood up eye level with her belly button and was physically trying not to look Kim's way as if she was trying to hide this fact from herself. When the office door closed behind them Kim stood there for a second watching Jamie walk up the hallway toward the elevator. She told Fujicara that she would try to help her return to normal, but wasn't so sure that would be the best idea. There was no way that Jamie had learned her lesson by now. Kim just couldn't let her return to normal yet.

"Hey shorty wait up."

"I don't want to talk to you. You lied to Fuji and told him that you had nothing to do with this, and he believed you! You have just embarrassed me for the last time."

These mixed matched rivals arrived at the elevator at the same time. Jamie entered first with Kim blocking any exit that Jamie could have hoped for. When Jamie turned around to select her floor she came face to navel with the now gigantic Kim.

"I wanted to ask you earlier Jamie, where did you find such a cute little outfit? I didn't know that they sold that style it child size."

"You think that you are so funny well I have news for you, I'm not stopping at this. I will not rest until I get you fired. You maybe be bigger than me now, but when I'm done you will be kissing my feet."

Kim couldn't allow Jamie to put her job or her new promotion in jeopardy she had to think of something and quick.

"Wow Jamie I didn't know that you felt so intensely about this. If you promise to forgive me I'll return you to normal right now."

"Okay do it. Make me six feet tall again."

"I can't do it right here in the elevator Jamie. I will need you to come with me to my office first."

"You better not try anything. If you are lying I will not stop till you are living penniless out on the street."

Kim programed the elevator to go to her desired floor. What was she going to do to stop Jamie from ruining her life? She had to shrink her again, but she couldn't grow any more right now. How could she leave the building at nine and a half feet tall? How would she explain that to Fujicara? She could try to transfer her size to Jarret. Could her Idol work at that far a distance? There was only one way to find out.

"I'm really sorry that I put you through this Jamie."

"You should be. Not only did you cost me a lot of money at a custom made clothing shop, but you embarrassed me all over Tokyo."

"I didn't mean to ruin your life Jamie. I didn't really know that I was responsible at first. I just continued to shrink you because I wanted to try to make you a better person."

"How can you make someone better by pissing them off and embarrassing them?"

"I just figured that after time you would learn from your mistakes and treat people with more respect."

"I guess you were wrong about that."

"Only the future will tell."

When the elevator arrived at their floor the impatient Jamie was the first one off. She almost sprinted down the hallway toward the door to Kim's office. Kim on the other hand was in no hurry. She walked as slow as ever behind the tiny temptress who didn't know what really lied behind that door for her.

"Can you hurry up? If you fix me fast enough I might not try to get you fired again."

Kim unlocked the door to her office and Jamie darted in fast, not wanting anyone to see her at this size. She didn't notice Kim locking the door behind her.

"So Kim, what are you waiting for? Turn me back now!!"

"I thought about doing that, but like you said; your new size hasn't taught you a thing. So, I think it's time that you receive your next lesson."

Kim thought of Jamie shrinking once again. She wanted Jamie's size to go to someone that needed it and hoped that the Idol's magic could reach all the way back to her apartment and to Jarret.

"You can't be serious! We had a deal! You said that you would be returning me to normal!"

"I lied."

Right before their eyes her reduction started again. Jamie's clothing began to loosen on her slightly, causing her to look like she was trying to wear her older sister's clothes. Her new suit grew ever larger on her making the sleeves fall down past the tips of her fingers. She was now 3' 3", eye level with Kim's intimidating crotch.

"No! Please!?!"

Jamie's newly re-sized rings fell off and hit the floor with a resounding TINK. She bent over and picked one up looking at her enlarging jewelry. As she shrank down past 3' her ring looked like it belonged to a giantess. The cage in her other hand was now beginning to feel quite heavy. It didn't look like an insect cage anymore. In fact to her it looked like a rather large doll house instead. She sat it down on the floor quickly before it pulled her down with it. As she did so her pants fell to a heap on the floor. Jamie looked up and up and up to look into Kim's eye's, but could not see past her amazing breasts.

"I hope your happy with yourself! You've turned me from a midget into a pygmy what's next?!?"

"I was thinking that you would really have a good time being under a foot tall."

"Under a FOOT!?!?! What are you trying to turn me into, Barbie!?!"

"No Barbie has bigger boobs that you've got."

Jamie's dress shirt slowly lowered down blocking the sight of Jamie's tiny pussy. Her shrinking increased rapidly making her 2' 5". At this point she didn't care if anyone seen her, she just wanted to escape while she still could. Jamie made a break for the door almost tripping over her pants in the process, but regained her footing before falling face first on Kim's office floor once again. When she reached for the door knob her hopes were smashed. She reached for all she was worth, but her now 2' body couldn't make it.

"Shit, I'm trapped in here!"

Jamie looked over at the threatening giantess standing in the center of the room. Kim had a wicked smile on her face that almost made Jamie shiver in fear.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"That depends all on you dear."

Jamie coward against the door not wanting any of this to be real. This had to be a dream. People just don't shrink down to 2' tall, but she wasn't even that tall anymore. Jamie continued to shrink, falling down into her remaining clothes; her shirt was now the size of a large blanket to her now. Kim then walked over to her and sifted through the petite clothing pulling out the now 21" Jamie. Kim held her in both hands lifting Jamie up to eye level.

"Put me down!"

"You passed the point of being able to make me do anything a few feet ago. You look so cute right now; almost like a living doll."

Kim lightly rubbed her thumbs across Jamie's tiny breasts. She carefully shifted Jamie over to one hand to make what she was going to try next easier. Kim extended her pinkie on her other hand and began caressing Jamie's ever shrinking body with it. She slowly dragged it down her stomach toward Jamie's shrinking snatch. Jamie didn't know what to do, but considering that she could do nothing to stop Kim she might as well not risk hurting herself fighting it. Kim slowly penetrated Jamie with the smallest finger she had. Kim easily pushed it in there and started to move it around to see what would happen. To Jamie Kim's pinkie felt like the largest cock she had ever felt. It was amazing how it moved inside of her. Kim began to push it in and out fucking Jamie with a single finger. Jamie continued to shrink down and at 18" Kim's pinkie was larger than ever. The pressure clamping down on Kim's finger was amazing. Jamie's pussy felt so tight Kim couldn't even fuck her anymore. As Jamie shrank down to 15" Kim pulled out creating an audible POP. The look on Jamie's face was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. Kim had just given her an incredible sexual experience, but why?

"What are you Kim some kind of lesbo?"

"No, but I'm learning how to be."

"What are you going to do to me now?"

"I'm not sure, but first I need to find a safe place to keep you while I finish my work" Kim lowered Jamie down to her large bust and slipped Jamie in between her Double E's.

"Hey you're going to crush me with these car sized tits of yours."

"They're firm yet soft so I don't see them squeezing you too hard."

Kim went trough the rest of her paperwork finishing up what she had to do to make sure that she would have nothing to do on her last day at work. All that time Jamie was trying to squirm her way out of Kim's cleavage, but like quick sand the more she struggled the deeper she sank. Jamie continued to shrink losing every precious inch slowly. Jamie watched in awe as Kim's tits seemed to swell up around her enclosing her like an anaconda squeezing it's prey. With every breath that Kim took in more and more pressure was surrounding Jamie. It wasn't hurting her yet, but she really was being crushed by Kim's tits. She struggled harder then ever not wanting to end up with broken ribs on Kim's next breath.

"Quit moving down there. Your tickling me." Kim giggled.

"I can't help it. It feels like your tits are going to kill me."

"Well I have to focus so you better stop or..." Kim had an idea. She got up out of her desk and looked down on her office floor. Right where Jamie left it was that tiny cage Fujicara had given her. "He was right this thing is going to be lucky for you."

Kim gently pulled Jamie out from between her breasts and marveled at how tiny she looked. Jamie had stopped shrinking, and was left at only 7" tall. Kim lowered Jamie down to the cage which no longer looked like a dollhouse anymore to her.

"No don't put me in there. I don't want to live in a cage."

"You'll have to for the time being. I'm not about to let you walk around my office. You could hurt yourself trying to escape."

Kim opened the door and slipped Jamie inside. She couldn't stand up inside without hitting her head on the roof. This was definitely not built to house a tiny person.

"This thing is too small! I feel like I am cramped up in here."

"Did I hear that you want to shrink even more?"

"No. No I'm fine." At that Jamie decided to be quiet while she was still larger than a microbe.

Kim set the cage on her desk to keep an eye on her while she finished up. It was amazing how tiny she was now. As she continued her work Kim's thoughts returned to Jarret. She really felt sorry for leaving him at that height. Could the Idol's magic travel all the way to her apartment? She would see when she got home.

The Idol was a very powerful object, but it couldn't perform miracles. It was able to travel halfway there, but in the end couldn't make it to the diminutive man. But still trying to please it's master the Idol searched for someone that truly needed a boost in size. Invisibly the Idol's magic swept in and out of building after building room after room looking for anyone that could be deemed worthy of this gift. After about a half an hour of searching within it's range a suitable choice was made.

The Idol's magic came across two sisters that were fighting as usual. The older one named Yuriki always tormented Sumi at no end. Sumi had no way of combating her because she had always been at least a foot shorter than her and she now found herself being held down on her own bed yet again for no reason at all. You would have thought that after Yuriki reached twenty-one years old she would have grown out of this, but she still wouldn't grow up and treated her now eighteen year old sister like she was still a little kid.

Sumi stopped growing at age 13 and was left at a tiny 4' 10", while her sister continued to shoot up gaining inches it seemed over night. Now at an impressive 5' 11" Yuriki towered over her little sister. She loved to show her dominance at any chance she got and got off overpowering Sumi.

"Say it."


"You better!" Yuriki squeezed Sumi's wrists hard enough to cause tears to form in Sumi's eyes.

"OK! Ok! You're the greatest and sexiest girl in all of Tokyo."


"And I'm never going to be better then you."  Sumi repeated this for probably the thousandth time. It was always humiliating to be held down and being forced to say anything that popped into Yuriki's head, but she didn't have to hurt her like she did this time.

"Are you going to let me up now?"

"No. I just want to watch you squirm."

Sumi tried her hardest to force her way out from underneath her sister, but her minimal strength couldn't even budge Yuriki's arms. All of a sudden the dissembodied spell engulfed Sumi and started to run it's course.

Sumi's arms began to lengthen, moving slowly across the bed. This caused Yuriki to have to spread her self out a little more to encompass her enlarging sister's frame. When Sumi reached 5' 4" her clothes began to feel tight against her body. The cups of her bra dug into her C cups and her panties were riding up her ass. She continued to struggle against Yuriki and even was able to lift her arms off the bed for a second before they were slammed back down with all of Yuriki's strength. Sumi's growth reached 5' 8" and she noticed that Yuriki didn't look so big anymore. She couldn't beleive what was happening to her was she growing? Her shirt grew taut across her expanding breasts showing off her straining bra. Sumi tried once more to force Yuriki off of her and almost succeeded if not for gravity being on Yuriki's side.

Yuriki was astonished at her little sister's new found strength and looked down to realize that she didn't look so little any more. Infact she looked at least Yuriki's size now. She could even feel Sumi's wrists growing in her hands.

Sumi gave one final push and Yuriki flew backwards falling on her ass on the floor. She grew even taller surpassing six foot as her shirt and panties began to rip and tear to shreds. Her shorts were now skin tight almost cutting off circulation to her legs. Sumi slid of the bed and peered down at her "Big" sister with an evil smile on her face.

"What the hell is happening to you Sumi?"

"I wish that I new so that I can make it continue."

Sumi didn't need to do anything because the magic was only halfway done with her and began to expand her up to 6' 9". Yuriki rose off the floor at this moment and freaked. Sumi was now almost a foot taller then she was. Sumi's shirt finally gave way to her enormus body and fell to the floor like a forgotten rag. Her shorts split up the back and tore at her thighs showing off the tiny bits of fabric that used to be her panties.

A few more inches later her bra tore up at the seems releasing her tits from their captivity. Yuriki had a great view of these because she now stood eye to nipple with her "little" sister. Sumi stared down at Yuriki and a grin slowly appeared across her face. She reached out and grabbed Yuriki pulling her toward the bed and tossing her down onto it. She climbed onto her strattling Yuriki holding her down by weight alone all the while increasing beyond seven feet tall. Sumi then tried to squeeze her thighs together bringing a sqeak out of Yuriki from surprise and pain.

"Ooow get off of me!!! You're heavy and that really hurt."

"Say it!"


Sumi continued to grow on top of her increasing to an amazing 7' 10" before the growth came to an end. She squeezed once more with her thighs and could see Yuriki writhing in pain beneath her.

"You heard what I said."

"You're the greatest and sexiest girl in all of Tokyo."


"I'm never going to be better than you."


As Kimberly finally finished her work she peered into the cage to find Jamie curled up and aparently sleeping. She looked so cute in there that she really didn't want to wake her up, but figure that after she picked up the cage that would be impossible. Kim gathered up all of her things including Jamie and started to make her way out of her office toward the elevators.

"Where are you taking me?" Asked the tiny girl.

"Home of course!"


Chapter Five - Every Inch Counts


Jarret awoke to the sound of the apartment door opening. He had almost forgot all that had happened to him before Kim walked through the door automatically imposing herself as the largest person here. He stood up which didn't help much because his head didn't even come up over her bush. Kim looked down at him frowning.

"Well I guess my plan didn't work because you're still tiny. I had found a suitable person to steal from so you could get back your normal size, but I guess long distance transfers don't work."

"That's okay, I'm sure Susan will feel sorry for me and comeback."

"Well you better hope so because I don't want to shrink half the town for you."

Kim walked past her miniature lover and set the cage containing Jamie on the dining room table. She then proceeded to her bed room to change out of her tight business suit. Jarret was curious about what she had brought home, but couldn't see over the top of the table. He dragged a chair over toward it and climbed up peering into the cage and seeing a tiny woman laying down inside.

"Aaaahhh!" Shrieked Jamie after being startled by Jarret's large eyes.

The tiny woman's scream surprised him enough that he lost his balance and fell backwards in the chair hitting the floor hard.

Kim ran in from the other room dressed only in her skin tight panties to see what all the noise was about. Jarret was just getting up off the floor holding his back from the large fall he had taken.

"Being a little nosey are we. I was going to show you my new pet soon enough."

"Pet? That's a person in there."

"Believe me she deserved it. You should have heard the things she was threatening to do to me. I had to do something to stop her."

"So you turned her into a living doll?"

"It worked."

Kim opened the cage door to let her diminutive captive out. Jamie shied back not wanting to be seen this small by anyone.

"Come on out Jamie. I promise that you won't get hurt."

"No!! I don't want to be humiliated by you ever again"

"I'm not like that. I was just having a little payback from all those times that you wanted to make my life hell. Come on I know you have to be hungry, come out so I can feed you."

"Feed me what?"

Kim walked over to the cupboard finding a bag of chips. She pulled one out setting it down outside of the cage. Jamie seen the gigantic potato chip and could feel her stomach growl and her mouth salivate. She swallowed her pride and crawled out of the cage and picked up the chip that looked larger than a dinner plate.

"Holy shit she's small!" Exclaimed Jarret.

"You don't look very tall yourself shorty."

"Who are you calling shorty?  I'm at least 6 times your size."

"She maybe small, but she still has the biggest mouth on Earth."

Jamie took a bite out of her chip and greedily chewed it up to take another. She was finished with it quickly.

"Hey Jamie I betcha can't eat just one."

"No I'm full, but I could use a drink."

Kim took a bottle of coke out of the fridge and filled the lid up with soda. To Jamie the soda cap which looked like a very large bowl soaking her with sticky soda as she drank it down fast belching loudly afterward.

"Ahww that was the cutest burp I've ever heard." Said Kim.

"I'm not cute!! Little kids are cute I'm a full grown woman."

"You don't look full grown to me." Jarret Jokes.

"Believe me I could show you a few things little guy."

Jamie peered down and seen that Jarret was getting turned on by their exchange and a smile came across her face. Even at seven inches tall she still had it.

"It looks like you're getting a little too excited there, let me see that thing up close."

Jarret climbed up onto the chair again and put his dick right into her face. This was the first time she had seen a dick this large in her life, it had to be almost half her size and about as wide as she was. But Jamie being the girl that she was didn't want to seem eager or too impressed.

"You see that, it's more than you can handle right?"

"You wish! It doesn't look that big to me. I'm seven inches so what does that make you three?"

"If you think that you're so good then why don't you try it out for size?"

"That should be easy. It doesn't matter how small I am, I still have my skills."

Jarret held out his hands and Jamie reluctantly climbed into them. He carried her over to the couch climbing on it and setting her down on his stomach. She walked across his body marveling at the shear size of him. Jamie arrived at her destination and proceeded to give the world's smallest hand-job, rubbing her hands up and down his shaft sending unexpected pleasure across his body. She began licking him in just the right spots and messaged his head vigorously trying her hardest to show him she was the boss.

"Oh Jamie you're such a little slut. I didn't think that you could enjoy yourself when you didn't tower over your lover." Said Kim.

"You'd be surprised what I'm capable of."

The tiny temptress continued her job bringing Jarret into inches of cumming by her movements.

"This is really turning me on Jamie. I think that it'll have to be my turn next." Kim reaches down and starts playing with herself excitedly.

"Damn, and you were calling me a slut."

Jamie made her final strokes bring him beyond the breaking point, and sending a load of hot cum strait into her face soaking her from head to toe.

"Oh my god he slimmed me!"

Kim couldn't help herself. The sight of Jamie trying to clean herself off brought her to laughter. Jarret looked down at her with a sympathetic smile across his face.

"I'm sorry, but aiming was never one of my strong points."

"Don't make excuses, just help me clean up."

Kim went to the closet and grabbed a wash rag wetting it down in the sink. She handed it to Jamie who had a hard time using it. To her it was like trying to wash up with a soaked beach towel. She managed to get the job done though and looked up to see that Kim and Jarret were already starting on round two. She laying down on the floor spread out while he was thrusting like crazy trying to please her even though he was half her size.

"I can feel you in me, but your cock is almost like a tease Jarret. Maybe you should try something else."

"Hey what about all the work I just did. I want to get off too!" Complained Jamie.

"I would, but I don't want to hurt you little one. Remember that even my fingers are too large to fit inside you."

Jamie wasn't taking no for an answer. She climbed down the side of the couch and walked across the living room toward the entwined couple.

"If you're not going to try to fuck me then at least let me help."

"You could please shorty here, but I'm a fully grown woman. You'd have to work at least ten times as hard."

"Oh, I'm just getting started."

Kim let the 7" girl climb up her arm and onto her chest. Jamie stood there looking at Kim's tits which looked like small hills at her reduced size. She climbed up on top of them and found Kim's beautiful nipples.

At that moment she had many feelings flowing through her at once. The lust was taken over by sudden anger and jealousy; these tits belonged to her. Kim had stolen them. But she quickly turned to fear, not wanting to endanger herself by fighting with her giantess captor. With acceptance of her situation came the return of her lust. She wanted to please Kim, she must. And maybe along the way please herself.  

Kim peered down at Jamie who was looking intently at her chest. She watched as Jamie grabbed hold of her nipples and began licking them slowly.

Jamie tried to open her mouth wide enough to fit the nipple inside, but she just couldn't. That didn't stop her from trying her hardest to suckle it.

Kim's right nipple was being worked over by a professional. Even though Jamie was under a foot tall she was able to please her breasts better than her man back in the States ever did.

Kim's nipple slowly became erect which was noticed immediately by Jamie. The ever stiffening nipple gave her an idea. She repositioned her self and started to straddle Kim's nipple trying to force it inside of her. Thrust after trust it came ever closer to penetration. Finally she was able to work it in and gasped ever so slightly. Kim's nipples were wider than any dick she had ever taken in, and it was almost impossible for her to get it in any deeper. But that didn't stop her from trying.

After several minutes of thrusts and grinds Jamie was in the heat of the moment. The trio were lost in themselves focused on every second of pleasure. Suddenly Jarret pulled out exhausted falling on his back; all the energy drained from him. Kim sat up and looked down at her weary lover frowning.

"Are you going to finish what you started little guy?"


"Come on shorty get up. It's my turn to cum."


"Aaaww the poor little guy's tired himself out trying to please his big bad giantess." Kim looked down at the tiny girl that was still straddling her breast.

"It's time for you to step up to the big time little one."

Jamie didn't even realize what was happening until Kim's hand closed around her. Kim gently pulled Jamie off of her nipple, hearing an audible "POP" when it was released from her tight pussy.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Posed the helpless SW.

"I'm going to see if you can help finish the job that he started."


"You'll know in a minute."

Kim lowered Jamie down to her awaiting chasm of a pussy. Jamie realized what was happening to her at the last second and was struck with fear.

"You said that you weren't going to hurt me."

"This shouldn't hurt at all sweety. Just pretend you're a vibrator and you should be fine."

Kim began inserting Jamie inside of her. Jamie could feel the juices of Kim's pussy between her toes. It felt like she was slowly sinking into a warm mud bath. As her legs were being drawn in she began to move them around inside sending shivers up Kim's spine. She was now stuck all the way up to her waist and decided that this wasn't as bad as she though it would be. In fact Jamie was starting to have fun.

"Oh Jamie you have no idea how good this feels. Every single move that you make is sending me right to the edge."

At this moment Jamie's breasts were being swallowed, rubbing across the inside of Kim, sending even more blissful pleasure through her. Jamie then started to twist around inside of Kim peddling her legs around trying to touch every square inch of Kim's pussy. Jamie's movements made Kim cum instantly making her arch her back out of shear ecstasy. The muscles of Kim's pussy constricted sucking Jamie in even deeper. Even her head was drawn inside of Kim causing Jamie to fill with panic. She writhed around inside trying her hardest to claw her way out. She wasn't sure how deep she was and hoped to god that she could escape before she suffocated inside of Kim. Jamie was still holding her breath swimming and climbing and searching for the surface. Just when Jamie thought that she couldn't last even a second longer she broke the surface of Kim's sex gasping for air. She pulled her arms out and gripping the lips of Kim's pussy trying to push herself out. With a very hard shove she dislodged herself and flowed out onto the floor in a puddle of Kim's juices.

"You are good Jamie. You could learn a few things from her Jarret."

Jarret on the other hand was still sleeping off his hard work at the foot of the couch. Jamie slowly stood up still dripping wet from Kim's juices.

"Do you still have that towel?"

"Yeah it's right here."

Jamie wiped herself off and looked up at her giantess lover with a feeling of accomplishment.

"Wow that sure was something. I never thought that someone your size could do anything like that."

"Yeah I know. I'm just that good." Jamie boasted.

"Jamie I really am sorry that I had to do this to you, but you left me with no choice. You were becoming a real threat to my carrier. And your actions were hurting all the people around you. I guess that I just felt that you needed to learn a real lesson."

"I guess you are right, I can be a real bitch. The thing about this is I'm starting to have some fun at this size."

"You are?"

"Well just a little bit. It's like a thrill ride."

"Yeah and you just survived the biggest roller coaster in the park!"

Kim and Jamie laughed together enjoying their first moment of real friendship. Kim put out her hand so that Jamie could climb up on it, and she brought her over to the couch setting her on a pillow. When Kim sat down Jamie could feel a tiny tremor shake her new seat.

Kim turned on the T.V. flipping through the channels to find an entertaining show to watch. Doing so she came across a commercial that instantly caught her eye. New Japan Pro Wrestling was showing a clip of one of their newest prospects that would be performing this weekend. There in the ring stood a nine foot tall masked giant taking out another masked man with a single punch. On a second look that guy looked like he had tits.

"Wait a minute. So that's where she went!"


"Oh just an old friend of ours." She said peering over at Jarret snoring on the floor.


Chapter Six - Rendezvous with a Giantess


"You two are still going at it?!?" Kim said opening up the gym bag while walking back to her apartment. "Both of you are acting like you haven't fucked anyone in a week."

The sight of Jarret and Jamie rolling around on the clothes stuffed at the bottom of the gym bag was quite hot indeed. Just looking at them climax made Kim's pussy wet once again today. Jamie looked up at Kim with a dazed and lusty look in her eye and began to speak.

"I don't know what it is. Maybe it has something to do with my change in size, but I've just been extra horny these last couple of days. That night that you shrank me down to three and a half feet tall I masturbated myself to sleep, after having sex with my boyfriend three times!!!"

"I know what you mean. I've had more sex in the last 48 hours than I've had in my whole life. It's almost like shrinking is an aphrodisiac." Said Jarret.

There was no doubt in Kim's mind that they were right. These past few days have felt like an orgy. Was this a side effect from the Idol? While trying to rationalize all this her mind drifted back to that kiss. Not just the one she received ten minutes ago, but the surprise first kiss that Susan gave her that night. Kim found herself not only looking forward to tonight, but longing for Susan right now. Was there a connection between the Idol and this insatiable lust?

Kim's walk home was an adventure all in itself. She was getting heavy stares from the locals, many of whom were taking out their cell-phones to take a picture of this busty giantess. A few passing motorists ended up crashing into the cars in front of them because both drivers were were too enthralled by Kim. She was a little embarrassed from all the stares, but Kim really liked being the center of attention.

"Now I know how Godzilla feels." Kim joked.

Kim was finally only one block from home when she turned around to see a small line of men trailing behind her. The first man in line was so close that his head would probably go up Kim's ass if she suddenly stopped. Kim turned around putting her hands on her hips looking down at the captivated men. She leaned down a little making her seem even larger to them.

"You guys are cute and all, but I already have enough little pets for now."

She turns around and starts walking away leaving them there stunned. As she turns down her street she looks back again seeing them standing right where she left them.

Thankfully there was no one standing outside of the building as Kim squeezed her way through the door. She thought better of the elevator, and climbed up the stairwell instead even though it was quite hard to. When she reached the top floor she crawled to her apartment barely making it through her door.  

"Damn, It's hard to get around at this size!!" Said Kim as she burst into her apartment. The room within looked like it was made for a child. Her ceilings were barely eight feet high making maneuvering around quite a large task. She set the gym bag down on her couch and tried her hardest not to knock the kitchen table over as she made her way to the bedroom. Kim slowly collapsed on the bed hoping that her weight wouldn't crush it. She laid there staring up at her ceiling and thinking about Susan. Her long legs, large tits, lean physique, and beautiful deep eyes. After a while she started to drift off into her fantasy slowly falling asleep.

Kim is back in the Windy City. Walking down the streets that she grew up in gave her a thrill like no other. She wasn't just nine feet tall anymore. She's now a twenty-five foot giantess glaring down at tiny pedestrians that act like they don't even noticed her. She stops at one of her normal hangouts spotting a group of her old friends talking. Kim squats down bringing her large face up to the table they are siting at.

"I've missed you all so much!!" She says receiving no answer from her friends.

"Don't you recognized me? I know I look a little different, but it's me Kim."

"Ashley? Veronica? Megan? Why won't you talk to me?"

Kim stands up and looks around noticing that no one is even giving her a second look. This seems rather odd seeing as she is a twenty-five foot tall bare-naked hottie.

"What am I invisible?" Kim asks herself. "They'll have to notice me if I pick them up!"

She reaches down trying to grab hold of Ashley, but is astonished as her hand passes right through her.

"What the fuck?" Kim says in amazement."Am I dead?"

She looks around and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then she notices something move out of the corner of her eye. What Kim sees when she turns sends a cold chill up her spine. Floating in the air around her head is a dark shadowy mass. It was in the shape of a cloud and looked like it was growing. Then suddenly the shadow changed form. Limbs burst out from every direction and glided into place. Then it's head and neck appeared making it look almost humanoid. It's transformation continued further as a long cloak started to take shape and blow in the wind. The Shadow-Man continued to grow in front of her eyes, it's features becoming more defined with every passing second. Then a pinpoint of light appeared in it's left hand and slowly began to grow. Kim thought that light looked familiar, then realized what it was.

"The Idol?! How did you get that!?!"

The cloaked shadow grew larger before her eyes almost drowning out the sun. Kim was so enthralled by it's presence that she didn't even notice that she was shrinking. She was now only 18' 4" and wasn't stopping. Then the traffic light began to come into her field of vision breaking her trace as it changed to red. Kim was surprised at first, but that quickly turned to anger when she shrank below twelve feet tall.  

"You can't change me back!! I don't want to be small anymore!"

The silent creature didn't flinch continuing Kim's shrinking even more. Before long Kim was barely even a giantess at only 8' 8". Fear began to well up inside of Kim as the shadow lowered it's large cloaked face down to her. Kim could feel it's cold breath flow though her hair and it was too much for her. Kim turned and ran as fast as she could, her shrinking never ceasing. The people around her were soon larger than she was, but that didn't stop her in anyway. Soon even the children she passed were twice her size and getting larger.

Kim dashed between building sized people narrowly dodging deadly boots and high heels. Then she thought that she could hear that creature start to move.


The sound of it's heavy feet walking toward her made Kim run faster. She could even feel it's eerie presence as it easily closed the gap on her. She stopped and looked up at the gargantuan creature standing over her and was frozen in place. Kim could feel all of the light around her just seem to give up as the shadow beast came down upon her.


Just as she was in that dark creature's grasp the dream's grip on Kim was severed. Kim almost hit her head on the ceiling as she shot up out of bed. She was back in Tokyo. Her body was drenched in a cold sweat. The images from her dream already fading from her memory.


"Hey Kim, are you going to get the door!? It's not like we can reach it!!" Shouted Jamie from the other room.

A smile crept across Kim's face as she realized who arrived. Kim crawled across her apartment, past the tiny couple peeking out of the gym bag. She quickly opened the door as she reached it. Susan's smiling face was what greeted her. Kim then backs up a bit trying to make room for Susan to enter the apartment.

"I'm so glad to see that you made it!" Kim said beaming with joy.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Said Susan as she dropped a very large bag she was carrying by the door. Susan pushed her way through the door frame and looked around the apartment. "This room is a lot smaller then I remember."

"It looks pretty spacious from my angle." Jamie spat out sarcastically.

Susan leans down for a closer look and recognizes the tiny face looking up at her. The smirk on Jamie's face doesn't even flinch as Susan begins to laugh uncontrollably.

"I was wondering what happened to you short-stuff. It looks like that alligator mouth finally overrode your humingbird ass." Susan manages to say in between giggles.

"You better check yourself before you wreck yourself, Gigantwhore!"

"What are you going to do, attack me with a tooth pick?"

"I'll do a hell of a lot better than that bitch!!"

"Okay you two, quit it!" Says Kim in a stern tone.

They both look up at the giantess who looks completely serious letting them know her words are a demand and not just a request. Jamie sticks out her tongue at Susan in defiance and then turns her attention back to her tiny lover hugging him tightly against her. Susan sees this and looks back into Kim's eyes. Kim's inviting stare is almost soul piercing, and the wink that she gives her is tremendously sexy.

"So what's in the bag?" Asks Kim in a sultry tone.

"It's a surprise!" Susan looks over at Kim's open bedroom door.

"Oh, I love surprises! How about we go check it out?" Kim starts to crawl back toward her bedroom excitement building inside of her.

Susan follows behind her, the floor creaking under their enhanced weight. The Japanese giantess opens up her large tote bag pulling out her extra set of wrestling tights and dropping them on the floor. What she pulls out next is very surprising to Kim who is laying down across her straining bed.

"I see you came prepared." Kim sounds delighted.

Susan is holding the largest strap-on on Earth. The colorful shaft is well over a foot long and wide enough to fill the girl's up nicely. "I bought this at a novelty sex shop on my way over here. You should have seen the look on the shopkeeper's face when I crawled in and asked for the largest sex toy that he had."

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Try it on!" Seeing Susan playing with the sky blue shaft is almost too much for her to take.

Susan pulls down her form fitting tights and tosses them into a pile in the corner of Kim's room. Even though the toy was clearly meant as a gag gift it was made proportionally correct enough for it to easily fit over Susan's sexy hips. When she is done, Susan does her best to sexily crawl over to her awaiting lover. Kim is quickly pulling down her shorts, letting them rest around her ankles. Their eyes meet once more before they start, making them lock their lips in another Earth shatteringly passionate kiss. Kim welcomes Susan's tongue, missing it's former girth now that they are close to the same size. Kim closes her eyes blindly and starts to feel up Susan's chest, reaching under her tight top to caress her stiffening nipples. Kim is almost surprised as she feels the rubber shaft pressing against awaiting sex, being too caught up in her foreplay to think about what came next. Susan gently penetrates Kim's dripping wet sex letting her natural juices lubricate it enough to move around in her easily. At first it feels a bit uncomfortable, but that quickly changes as Susan starts to thrust in rhythm with her slow breathing. Kim can feel pleasure building up inside of her, biting her lower lip when Susan picks up speed. The Japanese giantess begins pushing forward harder and stronger getting a deep feeling of confidence as she dominates her slightly larger lover.

"Ahhhh!" Kim orgasms grabbing hold of Susan tightly bring down all of their weight on her bed. It's too much for the tiny piece of furniture that instantly collapses to the floor with a large crack resounding throughout the apartment.

"Sorry I think I broke your bed!" Susan looks embarrassed.

Kim looks at the crushed and useless wooden frame and giggles. "We may have to rethink this or we might end up going through the floor next. One of us is going to have to shrink."

"Shrink? But we were just starting to have fun!!"

In the pocket of Kim's gym bag the Idol comes to life glowing brilliantly in the darkness. Again it's power begins to search through the apartments around them looking for a suitable subject to receive this great gift. Finding no one in the building it moves on to a high-rise just one block away. The disembodied magic scans room after room finally find it's target on the 114th floor.

Mieko enters the suite that she shares with her husband having just finished a full day's work. She takes off her shoes and approaches Torao who is sleeping quietly in front of the television. She tries to sneak behind him not wanting him to wake, but she hears his voice from behind.

"Do you have any idea what time it is!?!"

"Sorry I'm home so late, but the meeting went an hour longer than expected. And afterwards we took the clients out for some drinks."

"Bullshit! I know what you're up to!!"

Mieko is use to his accusations, but this time he looks unbelievably furious. He stands up immediately towering over her with his 5' 7" frame. His cold stare pierces through her beautiful deep eyes making fear well up inside of her. She knows what he is capable of in this state having experienced his jealous anger on many occasions.

"Torao I was with clients, you have to believe me!"

"I've had enough of your lies!!" He grabs her wrist squeezing it with an extreme amount of pressure.

"Ouch! Stop it Torao, I'm telling the truth!" He ignores her cries and drags her over to the bedroom tossing her light body on the bed.

She looks up at him with tears streaking down her face causing streaks from the makeup she applied this morning. A broad smiles stretches across his face as he approaches her, he can see Mieko begin to shake in fear.

"It's time to receive your punishment you adulterous slut!" He picks her up and forces her to lay down across his lap.

She has been forced to receive this humiliating punishment before, but this time is different. He shows no signs of caring about her safety, flinging her around like a rag doll carelessly. The grip from his strong firm hands is already leaving bruises on her soft milky skin. He pulls down her pants and gently pats her ass foreshadowing his intentions.

"Please don't do it! I'm sorry I was late, it'll never happen again!!" Mieko looks up at him with her pleading tear soaked eyes.

"It's too late Mieko." He raises his hand up above his head and brings it down harder than he ever has before.

The pain is instantaneous making Mieko's mouth fly open with a spray of saliva. She screams for him to stop hoping that the neighbors will hear her this time, but alas the thick walls of their high-rise suite drown her completely out. She can feel his cock wake up underneath her, this always turned him on. His next slap feels even worse than the first making her fear that he drew blood from it's intensity.


Torao's hand crashes down again landing dead on the bright red welt swelling across her posterior.  

"I'll stop when I feel like you've learned your lesson." He slaps her again and laughs at her pathetic attempts to squirm off his lap.

"Please Torao I'll do anything!"

His hand stops just inches from her sore behind. He smiles and lets go of her making her fall to a heap on the bedroom floor. She picks herself up and is almost surprised to see him drop his pants revealing his swollen cock.

"Okay how about you start with a blow-job?"


"Do I have to continue your punishment Mieko? You said that you'd do anything for me to stop!" He laughs watching her look up at him in fear. She timidly gets up on her knees and grabs hold of him and begins to stroke with her trembling hands. "Yeah, that's good. Now open wide Mieko."

"I.." She starts to protest, but thinks better of it. Opening up her mouth she closes the distance and reluctantly begins licking his rock hard member. Torao grabs the back of her head and forces his cock deep into her mouth til it touches the back of her throat. This almost chokes her out, but she is thankfully able to begin breathing again. She feels disgusted in herself as she pleasures him hoping to find a way out of this problem.

At this moment the Idol's spell sweeps over her filling Mieko with magical energy. She can feel his cock moving around in her mouth, but doesn't realize what is happening at first. Mieko's body is slowly expanding, her button up top stretching across her swelling C cup breasts. Torao is floating off in a sea of pleasure not paying any attention to his dominated wife. At her old height old 4' 10" she was always the tiniest person in the room, but in the next few seconds her height surpasses Torao's changing that fact forever. She feels an odd sensation as he remains completely stiff, but seems to be shrinking in her mouth. Mieko opens her eyes and is shocked by the sight before her.

Torao looks like a shadow of his former self, now a few inches shorter than his six foot bride. She immediately spits him out seconds before he climaxes and stands up to her new height of 6' 2".

"Hey I didn't tell you to stop!" He opens his eyes and has to crane up his neck to see her smiling face. "What the..."

Mieko puts her hands on her hips and leans down just inches from his face. "I'd like to see you make me!"

Her sudden burst of confidence confuses him for a second, but when he stands up he realizes that his size advantage is completely gone. Not only that but she's still growing! Her top begins to burst at the seams revealing her straining bra through the gaps created between her buttons.

"This is impossible!" Torao is still in shock, staring up into his wife's expanding body. Thinking quickly he grabs hold of both her wrists and tries to force her down to her knees. Even though she has surpassed his height he still has the advantage in the strength department, and is able to cause her an enormous amount of pain. Mieko tries to fight back, but he is too strong making her fall to one knee quickly. She struggles in his grasp using her growing strength to come within inches of breaking his grip.

"Give up!" He can feel her wrists expanding as he uses his full strength to keep her down

"Never!" Slowly she can feel the balance of power begin to shift into her favor. Mieko begins to use her increasing leg strength to force herself off the ground.

"No! You can't be that strong!" Torao has nothing left in the tank and begins to feel a sliver of fear as Mieko rises up to an astounding 6' 7", a full foot taller than him.

Mieko's top finally gives up, it's tattered remains falling down to the carpeted floor. The only piece of clothing that remains is her bra which is now being annihilated by her expanding chest. Mieko tries once again to pull her arms free from Torao's grip. He tries his hardest to keep her held back, but her growing strength is too much for him to handle. Mieko's arms burst up into the air, she pumps her fists in victory knowing than Torao is no longer a threat. At that moment her bra's struggle ends, it bursts at every anlge falling down into his fear stricken face. Soon her growth stops leaving her as a 7' 2" Japanese Amazon. Torao backs up against the bed not sure what to so now that Mieko is over a foot and a half taller than him now.

"Torao, it think it's time for you to return the favor!"


"You heard me! Get down on your knees, now!"

He suddenly realizes what she wants him to do. Never in his life has Torao even considered  pleasuring a woman like that. He shakes his head in protest.

"Do I have to make you?" He doesn't respond, and just continues to stare at her perfect grandoise body.

Mieko puts her large hands down on his shoulders and uses her enhanced strength to make him fall to his knees. At first he fights back, but her leverage is too much for him to withstand making his legs buckle under her supirior might. Torao falls down to his knees and winces in the pain he's recieving from the death grip Mieko has on his shoulderblades. The sight in front of his eyes is shocking. Her tight juicy sex has been replaced by an intimidating force of nature unlike any thing he's ever seen.

"I'm waiting!" Says Mieko in an amused tone.

"No! I can't!! I won't!!"

"You will!" She grabs hold of the back of his head forcing face against her awaiting sex. He struggles, but can do nothing to stop her. Her strong scent fills his senses as she grinds against his face.

"Don't just sit there, do something!!" He keeps his mouth closed, refusing to bring his tongue into action.

His refusal to please her angers the new Amazon, she bucks her hips hard enough to break his nose. She sees blood being to flow and lets go of him cause Torao to fall to a heap on the floor.

"Get up you useless little coward! Please me now and I might go easy on your punishment."

His stubburn pride blinds him from his new possition in this relationship. Torao spits blood on his dominant wife's feet to show his defiance.

"Wrong answer shorty!" Mieko scoops him up showing no signs of caring about being gentle. She sits down on their bed and holds him down on her lap using most of her strength. He wriggles and writhes using all of his strength to escape, but it is nowhere near enough as she binds his arms behind his back with one hand.

"No you can't! Don't!" His panicked voice sends her into a fit of laughter.

"You've deserved this for a long time!" She raises her free hand as high as she can and brings it down hard enough to make Torao scream in pain. At this moment she feels exhilerated, years worth of fantasies comming true. This time she drops her hand down harder, Torao's cries for help filling up the room.

"You can cry all you want, but no one can hear you!"

"Please stop!" Her next blow causes tears to wellup in his eyes.

"I'll stop when I feel like you've learned your lesson!" His own words coming back at him sends shivers down his spine.

Mieko wails on him for over five minutes, putting years of pentup rage into every slap. When she is done Torao is a blubbering mess of tears, but she still feeling like his punishment hasn't come to an end. She smiles at the welts and bruises spread out across his ass, pinching him hard once before she stands up making him fall to the floor.

"Get up!"

He continues to lay there, still refusing to obey his now dominant wife.

"I said get up!" Torao ingnores her, reaching back to feel his swollen behind. He winces and withdraws his hand having caused himself a large amount of pain from just a minimal touch.

Mieko bends down and easily lifts him up, tossing him onto their bed. "Wow you're so light. It felt like I was picking up a child."

"Please.... enough...." He can barely speak having used up all of his energy during his failed struggle.

"Torao, if you want the pain to stop there's only one way bring it to an end." Mieko crawls up onto the bed, moving across his prone body on her knees. She moves up close to his face, a lusfull need filling her mind. Torao looks up as she pins him down with her enhanced weight.



She lowers her soaked sex onto his face forceing him to either open his mouth or suffocate. He tries to struggle, but is unable to move at all. Finally he gives in and slowly extends his puny tongue into her.

"That's right Torao, you're mine now!" Mieko's laugh echoes across the suite, having broken Torao's will to fight back.

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