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Reaching the Mark by Mandangalo

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Reaching the Mark

by Mandangalo


“Where is that damn shoe?!” she whispered as she riffled through the closet, tossing sandals, rain boots and sneakers aside. “Ah-ha!” she exclaimed as she pulled out a small brightly colored sneaker from the mess. Getting up off her knees she walked into the kitchen, the prize in hand. “Look what I found.” she said with a smile, holding the shoe out in front.

“Thank you mommy!” said a little girl sitting in a chair, a juicebox in hand, the identical shoe already on her right foot.

Kate Sanders, also known as “Mommy”, bent down and placed the shoe on the foot of her four year old daughter Alicia. A young mother, Kate was only 26 years old. Happily married at the young age of 22, Kate and her husband Chris decided to waste no time having their first child. Alicia, now four years old was a wonderful child, although sometimes more than a handful. Kate was getting her daughter ready for another day at preschool, packing up her lunch as Alicia ate her breakfast.

As Kate was spreading the jelly over the peanut butter, she was startled by a pair of hands grabbing her at her hips. The figure which the hands belonged kissed her on her ear.

“And how is Mommy doing this morning?” Chris said holding his wife lovingly.

“We couldn’t find Alicia’s favorite shoes, so that took some time…” Kate said finishing the sandwich.

Chris stood admiring his young wife. Kate stood around 5’4 with a slim, young, attractive body. She had worked hard after the pregnancy to retain her good looks. She kept active most of her life, playing softball and had a very tight, athletic body still to this day. Her butt was her crowning feature. Nice and round, it was more than a handful and it bounced beautifully while she walked. Her breasts were not large, but were described by Chris as “perfect”, they were a nice full B cup, still perky even after Alicia’s birth.

Chris wandered over to the coffee maker and made himself a cup and sat down next to his daughter. Playfully making faces at Kate behind her back as Alicia giggled.

“Can Daddy come to take me to school today?” Alicia asked with a spoonful of cereal in her mouth.

“Sorry kiddo” Chris said as he sipped his drink, “Daddy has a very important phone call with a publisher today.”

Chris was an author and was about to have his second novel published. Kate loved Chris’ job because it meant that he worked from home, able to help with Alicia as well as give more time for the young couple to spend together.

Kate walked over to the table and kissed her husband on the cheek and she sat down. The young family enjoyed breakfast together.

Chris had gone off to make his call, kissing Alicia on the forehead as he left and giving his wife a kiss on the lips, saying that he would see her soon. As he walked away Alicia sat in front of the television watching her favorite program. Kate was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast.

“Mommy?” asked Alicia from the other room.

“Yea honey? Whats up?” Kate responded as she scrubbed.

“When I was over playing at Becca’s house” Alicia began to tell a story from a playdate she had had days before, “she had these lines on their door and…they showed how big Becca was…” she continued, stumbling over he words somewhat, “and I was wondering if you could make lines for me?”

“You mean measure to see how TALL you are Alicia?” Kate corrected her daughter, teaching her the correct way to express what she was saying.

“Yea…yea that! Can we Mommy?” Alicia asked standing up walking over to her mother.

Kate looked down at her 4 year old daughter and smiled, opened up a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a large, rolled up measuring tape.

“Come on lets go.” Kate said grabbing her daughter by the hand and leading her over to the door that lead to the basement.

Kate spent the next few minutes setting up a makeshift measuring rod in the doorway on the basement entrance. Making it far more elaborate than she needed to, Kate proceeded to attach the measuring tape to the wall, stretching it from the floor to well over the top of the doorway. The very top of the measuring tape read ‘8 ft’ the height of the high ceilings in their house.

Kate had grabbed a pencil from her husband’s desk and was ready to mark her daughter’s height. She laughed at the measuring contraption she had created, realizing that 8 feet of measuring tape was simply overkill.

“Alright lovebug,” Kate said standing in front of the measuring rod, “lets see how tall you are. We have to get going soon!”

Kate looked down and saw that Alicia was shying away from the whole idea, her head tilted straight to the floor. She looked up at her mother with a somber face.

“Can I see how big you are first Mommy?” Alicia asked, “I’m kinda bashful”

Kate smiled at the word that had recently been added to her vocabulary thanks to a famous Disney movie.

“Sure hun,” Kate said with a smile “you’ll need a chair to get high enough.” She said as she went to grab one from the kitchen.

Kate placed her back straight against the wall as Alicia climbed onto the chair as Kate explained how she was going to do it.

Moments later Alicia scrapped the pencil across the doorway, making a mark of her mother’s height. As Kate turned around she knew that the numbers ‘5’4’ were going to be looking back at her as they had since she was 17 years old.

To her surprise, the crooked mark made by her daughter matched up just below the 5’7 mark. Kate was immediately baffled, she had been measured many times in her life and had never been taller than 5’4. Quickly Kate realized what had happened.

“Alicia…” Kate said turning to her daughter standing on the chair, “did you mark it right above the top of my head?” she asked.

Alicia quickly nodded as she climbed down off the chair. Kate placed her back up against the wall again, this time brushing her hand over her hair, marking her height this way. The mark made by her daughter was a good 3 inches higher than where her hand was.

Kate smiled as she watched her daughter stand back and admire her work. Kate pulled out her cell phone to check the time and was shocked at what she saw.

“Crud!” She exclaimed, trying not to curse in front of her daughter, “Alicia we have to go, you’re gunna be late for school!” she said rushing her out to the garage.

After dropping Alicia off at school she began to drive back home, breathing a sigh of relief that her daughter would be out of the house for half of the day. Although she loved Alicia, she missed her more relaxed lifestyle before being a mother. She thanked god that Chris worked from home, because of this, their sex life had not struggled at all. Kate had always been a fan of “going at it” and her sex drive had not changed despite the birth of her child and her busy lifestyle.

Thinking about the sex got her excited and she hoped that Chris would be off the phone when she returned, ready to meet her needs. Her thoughts were quickly halted as she noticed that her wedding ring felt very tight around her finger. As she fidgeted with the ring she noticed that her shirt felt very uncomfortable as well. She chalked in up to being antsy and not wanting to be in car and dismissed the discomfort.

When she arrived back at home she simply pulled the uncomfortable shirt up over her head and left it on the kitchen counter. She walked through her house to her husband’s office where he did all of his writing and his work.

As she turned the corner she was startled to see Chris in front of the basement door, examining the measuring area.

“Holy…” Kate exclaimed as she jumped backwards, “you scared the crap outta me!”

“Sorry,” Chris responded with a laugh, “I was just admiring this height measurer you got here…” his eyes drifted to his wife’s exposed upper body, standing in only jeans and her bra, “Well look at you.”

Chris stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her softly. He then turned his attention back to the height chart.

“By the way,” he said breaking the embrace, “since when are you 5’7?” he asked.

Kate laughed as she explained how Alicia had not measure correctly, placing her back against the doorway yet again, to prove her point.

“See?” she said with a smile, “I’m still only 5’4” she stated boldly.

Chris looked his wife up and down puzzled. At 6’1 Chris had always been a head taller than his lovely wife. There she stood, with the top of her head reaching his chin.

“No babe,” he said examining the marking, “Alicia did it almost perfectly.”

Kate looked at her husband confused, only a half an hour before she was a good few inches below the marking. She turned around and placed her hand over her head, checking the mark. As she pulled away, she was shocked, the mark made with her hand matched up perfectly with the crooked pencil marking.

“What the hell?” Kate looking at the mark, was she going crazy? Or had she magically grown 3 inches?

“Measure me again Chris” Kate said, wanting to check the marking again.

Chris was confused, it was quite obvious that there was no need to mark her again; however he decided to humor her.

He grabbed the pencil that had been left behind and placed himself in front of his wife. He was getting turned on staring at his wife in just her bra and he began to kiss her with the pencil still in hand.

Chris groped her breasts with his free hand, running it up and down her stomach. He rested his other hand above his wife’s head, the pencil between his fingers.

“Hmm, I hadn’t noticed you had gotten taller baby.” He said kissing her neck, “You still look damn good” he added.

Kate quickly forgot about the measurement, her urges had returned. She kissed her husband passionately and ran her fingers softly across his crotch, unzipping his fly and undoing his belt as well.

Chris found himself erect extremely quickly, his free hand running down his wife’s stomach. As Kate pulled his stiff member from his pants, he shuddered, the pencil in his fingers slipping, making a long, shaking mark across the doorway. He quickly dropped the pencil placing his hands around his wives hips, picking her up, her legs wrapping around his waist.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.” He said walking towards the stairs, Kate still mounted around him.

As he walked away he saw the giant slash mark he had made with the pencil in the moment of passion. The mark was nowhere near the measuring tape yet it ran on to the newly painted wall. “Crap” he thought, seeing the strayed marking. He realized that now was not the time to worry, carrying his wife up the stairs, her kissing his neck.

Chris laid Kate down on their Queen Size bed. He proceeded to undress himself, watching as Kate did the same. Kate grabbed her husband by his shoulders and pulled him into bed, moaning with each kiss she landed. She grabbed Chris’ member and placed it inside of her, her sexual passion overtaking her. The two had raucous sex, thrashing around on the bed. Kate moaned and screamed, her body in total ecstasy. She rolled her husband over, taking control on top. She bounced up and down, her “perfect” breasts dancing as she did. Orgasm after orgasm occurred, and after an incredible session of lovemaking, the couple made their way into the shower.

Chris was the first to place himself underneath the flowing water, he watched as Kate followed behind him, her naked body absolutely gorgeous. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him softly.

“That was wonderful.” She whispered as she kissed him.

Chris continued to kiss his wife, wrapping his hands around her firm buttocks. As their lips entwined Chris noticed that he had to adjust his lips multiple times during the session. With his eyes closed he managed to meet his lips with Kate’s as often as possible, as he let his hands explore her body.

Kate finally broke the clinch and bent down to grab her shampoo; she was not going to waste this relaxing time. As she bent down she nearly fell over, her legs not bending as much as she had hoped. She threw her hand up against the fall preventing her fall. On the second try she was able to bring the bottle from the ground to her hand.

“God,” Chris said as his hands traveled around Kate’s stomach from behind, one venturing its way to her chest, “you’re beautiful, you know that?” he added.

Kate’s smile became wide as she rubbed the product into her shoulder length blonde hair. “Oh stop,” she said, “you’re far too kind.” Kate stated with a laugh.

She turned around to plant another kiss to her lover, but missed and ended up kissing him right between the eyes.

“Haha oops!” she exclaimed as she washed the shampoo from her hair.

Chris was the first to notice; Kate did not bend down at all in her kiss attempt. He noticed that his eyesight met hers. Kate was looking her 6’1 husband in the eyes.

“Whoa!” Chris yelled as he looked at his wife, who stretched much farther than before, “Kate what is going on?!” he added.

Kate opened her eyes, the remnants of the shampoo still clinging to her eyelids. She saw her husband as she had never seen him before, when she had normally had to look up into his handsome face; she now found it level with her own.

Kate opened her mouth to comment “Wha…” quickly her sentence was cut off, she was taken aback by a disoriented feeling. It seemed as though her eyesight was rising, slowly, but she felt as if she was rising toward to the ceiling!

Chris watched as his once small wife, inched higher and higher. Her nose was rising into view and slowly but surely, centimeter by painful centimeter, the point of her nose rose above his eyebrows.

”Kate…your…” he stammered, “are you…? Growing?!” he exclaimed.

“Oh my god….” Kate gasped as she watched her husband as he seemed to shrink, her vision now able to see over the top of his head.

Kate began to panic as she continued to rise higher. Everything about her was longer and seemed to be creeping even longer by the minute. She estimated that she was at least a couple of inches taller than Chris, with no signs of stopping.

Her growth was by no means drastic, yet they both noticed her very gradually growing, the top of Chris’ head level with her soft lips. Chris backed away, too shocked to say anything, looking into the panicked eyes of his wife.

”Chris…” Kate looked to her husband for answers, “what is happening?!” she screeched, her eyes beginning to water up.

However, just as quickly as it had occurred, the mysterious growth ceased. Kate looked around, examining the world from her far higher perspective. The world seemed much smaller than it had only hours before, the showerhead flirted with the top of her head, with the metal less than an inch from her blonde locks.

Her attention turned back to Chris, who stood cowering in the corner of the tiles of the shower. Once he saw that the growth had stopped, Chris slowly stepped back towards his newly giant wife.

“Baby…?” he said as he stepped closer, “Oh my god Kate, you’re so…TALL!”

“What the hell happened?!” Kate exclaimed, searching for answers.

“I don’t know babe,” Chris said wrapping his arms around his taller wife, “but its gunna be ok, it looks like its stopped….” He said unsure.

“How….how…how tall AM I?” Kate asked looking down at Chris, towering a few inches over him.

Kate stood naked in front of the measuring rod that she had created earlier in the morning. Her husband standing in only his boxer shorts on top of the chair used by their daughter before.

As Kate walked toward the tape, fearful of the results she found the entire situation mind-blowing. Her husband, who had always stood over half a foot taller than her, now needed a chair to mark her height.

“Now turn around baby,” Chris said softly, “let’s see what we’re dealing with here.”

Kate, still in a fragile state, attempted to cover her nude body and she placed her back against the wall, extending her body to her new, full height.

Chris stood above her on the chair watching as her head rested far higher than it had before, and watched as his wife’s head matched up with the tape, the top of her head reaching the numbers, 6’5.

“Well….” Kate said still nervous, “tell me already.” She added, getting somewhat agitated.

“Honey, please don’t freak out,” Chris said stepping down from the chair, “you’re 6’5”

It hit Kate like a ton of bricks, “6’5?!” She blurted out as she stepped toward her now small husband. “I’m 6 feet…5 inches tall?!” she exclaimed placing her plump bottom into the chair next to the measuring tape, burying her face into her hands.

Chris spent the next 20 minutes trying to calm his very tall wife down. Rubbing her back with his hand, yet nothing seemed to make her feel better. He decided to try something different.

“You know what baby,” he said standing in front of her, “I like really tall women…” he lied.

Kate looked up, wiping her tears from her face, she slowly stood up…and up and up. Looking down at her husband she smiled slightly and began to speak.

“You do?” she asked, wiping her nose.

“Oh yea!” Chris exclaimed excitedly looking up into her eyes, “I LOVE that movie…Attack of the 50 foot woman! Oh man…I really love women who are taller than me!” he continued his lies.

This put a huge smile on Kate’s face, she knew he was lying, but she loved him for trying. She decided she would play along.

Standing up as straight as she could, towering 4 inches above her husband, she pushed her boobs out and put her hands on her hips.

“You mean….like THIS tall?” she asked looking down at Chris.

Chris couldn’t help but stare, taller than him or not, Kate was still gorgeous. He couldn’t help but notice that this unexplained growth did seem to make every part of her body look more appealing, longer and leaner.

His vision focused on his wife he saw the stray pencil mark that he had made before in midst of the passion earlier. He quickly realized that this mark, matched up perfectly with the marking he had made on the doorway, which showed Kate’s new height. The stray mark, etched across the painted wall was a good two or three inches to the right of the doorway, however it was even with the 6’5 mark that represented his wife.

Chris remembered his wife’s shock earlier this morning that the marking made by their daughter was accurate. A smart man with a vivid imagination, Chris put the puzzle together.

“Kate,” he said climbing quickly back onto the chair, pencil in hand, “come here I want to see something.” He said, ushering his wife over to the doorway.

“What?” Kate said in a huff, “You want to make fun of how big I am? Lay off Chris, this is fucking weird enough!” she exclaimed.

“No no,” Chris said grabbing his wife by her now large hand, “come here, let me measure you again.”

“Chris…” Kate said with a smile, “I know you’re pulling my chain! I KNOW you don’t really like super tall women!” she said as she playfully pushed her husband.

“Kate,” Chris pleaded, “just come here, I want to see something”

Not understanding, Kate shrugged and placed her back against the wall yet again. Chris examined the marking that he had made only minutes before which showed his wife at 6’5.

To test his new theory Chris took the pencil and made a dash a few inches above Kate’s head, the new dash was level with the height of 6’10.

“Chris?” Kate asked, still standing straight against the wall, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just…hold on babe.” Chris said watching the top of Kate’s head intently.

Suddenly Chris saw as Kate’s head began to rise, just as slowly as before, climbing higher. Without a doubt, Kate was yet again growing!

Kate stood patiently against the wall as her husband working above her. While she waited she contemplated her new size. She looked down at herself, still not believing her sheer mass. She wondered what had caused her amazing growth and if she was going to grow even larger.

Almost immediately after this thought crossed her mind Kate felt her now giant feet sliding across the floor, she could feel them getting larger! She turned around quickly looking up and her husband standing on the chair. She saw her perspective changing slowly, the top of her head growing closer to Chris. The feeling was like none she had ever felt before; she was growing so fast she could feel it! She found the feeling somewhat exhilarating this time around, watching as she slowly grew taller and taller.

“Chris!” she exclaimed as she slowly inched upward, “It’s happening again! I’m still growing!” she added.

Chris was amazed, even standing on the chair Kate seemed to be growing ever closer to him. Chris looked at the new mark he had made, which was still a couple of inches above Kate. He knew that she was not done growing. He jumped down off of the chair and stood in front of his ever taller wife. Nearly a head taller than he, Kate was becoming quite large.

“You look so…” Kate said searching for the right word, “fucking small!” she exclaimed as a wide smile crept across her face.

Oddly enough, Kate was enjoying this experience, looking down at her husband, for seemed to get smaller and smaller by the second.

“Babe, I’m not that small!” he said, “You’re just HUGE!” he added watching as she grew, nearing the 6’10 marking.

Chris watched as Kate continued to grow, the bottom of her chin rising above his head. He looked directly forward into the bottom half of her neck, her great tits hanging just below his chin. He could not believe how sexy she looked at her new giant size.

Yet again, just as quickly as the feeling how come, it stopped. Kate noticed that she was not rising anymore, her second spurt was done.

“Oh my goodness” she said with a laugh, looking down at Chris, “measure me! I want to see how big I got this time!” Kate exclaimed.

Chris smiled and looked up at Kate, “I already did.” He stated as he climbed onto the chair yet again.

Confused, Kate turned toward Chris as he climbed up onto the chair. She laughed noticing that he only had a few inches on her as he stood on the chair.

“What do you mean you already measured me?” Kate asked standing slightly on her tip toes kissing her tiny husband on the lips, amazed at how big she had become.

“Kate,” Chris started, “I can’t exactly explain why…but for some reason, whenever a mark is made on this measuring thingy you’ve got here,” he added with a gulp, “you grow to meet it…I think.” Chris said unsure.

Kate turned her attention to the markings on the doorway, noticing the newest mark that seemed to be level with her new height. The marking below it looked accidental and strayed from the doorway. Looking at the first measurement that was now a foot below her she remembered how the marking was once too tall for her. What her husband said made sense, yet it seemed very improbable, then again this somewhat magical growth was improbable as well.

“Do you really think that’s what’s happening?” Kate asked examining the markings on the doors closer, admiring her new 6’10 stature.

“Really,” Chris said caressing his new giantess’ blonde hair, “I do, as crazy as that sounds. I mean you grew right into the new mark I made.” He added.

“I wanna test this…” Kate said as she grabbed the pencil from her husband’s hand and quickly made a dash at the 7’4 mark on the tape.

Chris did not know what to say, although his theory was outrageous, it seemed to be true, yet his large wife wanted to test it? To make herself even larger?

Only moments after making the marking, Kate felt that now familiar feeling of her feet sliding across the floor as her body began to stretch yet again. The height difference that had been created due to Chris standing on the measuring chair was closing bit by bit.

Kate looked her husband directly in the eyes which slowly came closer and closer. She was enjoying how small he was becoming and strangely enough, how big she was!

Not knowing what to say, Chris quickly spoke, “NOW do you believe me?” he asked, watching as Kate hit 6’11 and kept on growing.

With a wide smile Kate wrapped her hands around Chris and picked him up off the chair, easily holding him up as she continued to approach 7 feet.

Chris was amazed at how strong Kate had become, she had no problem holding him up high above the ground, you would think Chris was her child. He was amazed at the sensation of Kate growing as he was in her grasp. He felt the floor inching farther away as well as Kate’s body expanding slowly but surely.

Kate thrust her lips onto his, locking herself in a passionate kiss and she continued to grow. She looked her tiny husband in the eyes and smiled as grew ever larger.

“Well,” Kate said as she placed her husband back on the chair, “I think you might be right Chris.” She said with a smile.

Kate’s height was now blowing past 7’2, ever inching closer to the new marking. Chris watched and she continued to grow. Now even standing on the chair, Kate was taller than he, and was only getting to get bigger.

Kate watched as her already small husband became slowly even smaller. She looked down, watching as her legs stretched longer and longer, her feet expanding across the floor.

“This is incredible,” Kate said tilting her head upward, watching the ceiling inch ever closer, “I cannot believe I can just grow as I please! I wonder why the hell this is happening?” she asked, looking down at Chris.

Chris could not believe his eyes, Kate just kept on growing! He looked at the newest marking, seeing that Kate still had over a half inch till her spurt would cease. He watched as she continued surging upwards, hers breasts rising towards his shoulders.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Kate’s grow slowed and eventually stopped. The very top of her head rested equal with the 7’4 mark, now 2 feet taller than she had been earlier in the day.

“Oh my…” Kate said, stepping toward Chris on the chair, “look how small my itty bitty hubby is!” she exclaimed wrapping her long arms around his chest.

Kate had truly become a giant, her sheer size was incredible. She towered over everything, only the ceiling had an advantage on her new size. Standing naked before him, Chris could not help but run his now tiny fingers across his massive wife.

“You’re the most beautiful thing…” he said kissing his wife’s shoulders, “I have ever seen.”

With a large smile on her face, Kate slid her giant hands underneath Chris’ armpits, lifting in into the air and quickly bringing him from the chair, to the floor. As his feet hit the floor, Chris had to turn his head toward the sky to see the face of his beautiful wife. Now standing on a level terrain, Chris was simply amazed at just how big Kate had become.

“How do I look from all the way,” Kate said as she bent her long legs, bringing her face level with Chris’, “down here.” She added with a bright smirk.

Kate found it difficult to stay balanced in her current position. Both her knees and her back were bent significantly, her giant body nearly unable to shrink down to the size of her husband whom she had towered above by over a foot. Kate slowly brought her body back to her full height, Chris disappearing below her.

Looking straight ahead, Kate’s perky boobs hung level with Chris’ forehead. Quickly finding himself aroused, Chris stood on his tip toes and caressed and kissed his giant wife’s flawless breasts.

Kate moaned softly and bit down on her bottom lip, wrapping her long fingers around Chris’ head. Her breathing became rapid as the moans mixed in, she watched as Chris worked his lips and tongue around her hard nipples.

“Oh god,” Kate moaned, “I can’t take it anymore!” she exclaimed gently pushing her husband’s mouth from her breasts.

Picking up Chris as he had done to her before, she abruptly turned and headed for the stairs. Stumbling slightly at every step, still getting used to her new size, she laughed as she looked down at the man between her arms.

“I could get used to this.’ The giant woman said, throwing her husband down on to the bed, looming massively over him. “I’m the big one now…little man.” She said with an evil smirk.

Chris not knowing what to say lay on his back with his mouth wide open, watching his wife snap back to her now massive height. Sexily, Kate ran her hands through her hair and up and down her chest and stomach, moaning lightly as she did. She stared down at her husband lying on a bed that seemed far too small to accommodate her giant size. Quickly her attention turned to her husband’s erect penis pointing up at her, ready for action.

“Well what do we have here…” Kate said bending down, lacing her long fingers around her husband’s member.

With a sexy grin on her face and a lustful look in her eyes, Kate slowly began to fondle her husband’s hard dick. Sensual pleasure flowed through Chris’ body, watching as a super sized Kate jerked him off slowly. Gradually Kate brought her mouth down level with Chris’ cock, her warm breath inches away.

“Oh baby,” Chris said, tilting his head backwards in pleasure, “you’re so good to me…” he moaned.

Kate brought the rock hard dick in between her lips, running her tongue up and down his shaft. She purred softly as she slowly pushed the cock further into her mouth. Continuing to pump away with her hands she licked the head of his penis, flicking her tongue at every angle.

Chris could not believe the feeling that shot up and down his spine, he felt an earth shaking orgasm approach as Kate thrust his dick down into her throat, her tongue passionately dancing and swirling around his penis.

“Oh god!” Chris blurted out, softly running his hands through his wife’s hair as she worked; his climax imminent.

Bringing her mouth away from his shaft, she begun to stroke it faster, watching as her husband shifted furiously in satisfaction. She smiled as she brought her supple lips back on the head of his dick, allowing it to enter her mouth and delve into her throat. Bobbing her head up and down she ran her long hands up her husband’s chest, her tongue working heatedly. She could feel his cock throbbing with every suck and lick. She ran her free hand up underneath his balls, massaging them gently accelerating her tongue movement.

“Oh…I’m” Chris stammered, amazed at the ability of his wife, “I’m…I’m cumming!” he exclaimed, his penis tingling with delight.

Kate whimpered quietly as the warm substance shot into her mouth, licking the tip of his cock clean, swallowing the load without a hitch. As Chris lay on his back in an intense paradise, Kate very softly continued to stroke his penis, sucking on the head till it was dry.

“That…” Chris started as he sat up, “was fucking amazing.” He added pulling his immense wife into bed with him.

Kate could not believe how tiny her once large bed had become. Her legs shot off far beyond the edge of the mattress with her head against the bed board. Bringing her knees nearly to her chest, Kate found herself able to fit, only her toes extended off the perimeter.

“Well,” Kate added, curling up into a ball, “I sure would enjoy it…if you were to return the favor.” She said with a giant grin, rubbing her pussy softly with the tips of her lengthy fingers.

Kate began to kiss her husband on the forehead, giggling and smiling as she did. She rubbed his stomach with her massive hands.

“Please Chris.” Kate said coyly, “I want you so badly.” She purred.

Always eager to please his wife, even before she had grown to her massive proportions (which gave her the ability to throw him across the room if he declined), Chris climbed over her gorgeous flat stomach and kissed it softly.

“Oh you…” Kate moaned as she watched her tiny husband kiss her stomach, “my little love machine.” She smiled.

Chris made his way down past her bellybutton, kissing and caressing her hips and upper crotch. Amazed at how big every piece of her body had become, her still slim hips were now much wider, to fit her larger frame. He ran his finger up and down her shaved privates, quickly inserting a finger and bringing it right back out. He ran his tongue down her pussy this time, watching as Kate shuddered in response. After she moaned softly Kate released a primal cry and wrapped her giant fingers around the back of her husband’s head, shoving his face into her pussy.

His face buried in her vagina, Chris licked like he had never licked before. He sucked and kissed every inch of her pussy, his tongue swirling in and out as he did. Finding that he now had a lot more space to cover, Chris worked diligently, his mouth working frantically.

Kate moaned and bucked her hips with every lick, wrapping her super long legs around her husbands back, pushing his face deeper into her crotch. As Chris continued to work she began to moan louder and more frequently. Her breathing became far more rapid, her pelvis kicking upward faster, her orgasm approaching.

“Don’t stop!” Kate yelled as she moaned, her hip thrusting repeatedly.

Chris followed his massive wife’s directions, sliding two of his fingers into the depths of her pussy, stroking as he licked.

This maneuver drove Kate crazy as she began to scream, arching her back in ecstasy. Juices flowed from the lips of her crotch, her hips relaxing as she whimpered. Her moans stuttered as her climax continued.

Chris slowed all of his motions, licking slowly, running his fingers against the top of her vagina. His fingers now encased in the fluids from his wife’s crotch he slowly retracted his fingers from her pussy. Bringing his face up from her groin he looked at his wife’s face a long distance from his position. She was breathing slowly, enjoying every second of his orgasm, a slight grin across her face.

“Hmm, well I’m glad to see you enjoyed it.” Chris said, crawling onto his wife’s chest.

“You, my little man,” Kate said running her huge hand through his hair, “are quite impressive.” She added.

As Chris lay on top of his wife he examined her size, still baffled at how large she had become. He must have looked like a child on top of her. With each breath that Kate took Chris rose up slightly. His head rested at the base of Kate’s neck and the tips of his toes reached barely beyond her knees.

“I am pretty little,” Chris said laughing, “aren’t I?”

Kate loved how small her husband was compared to her now giant frame. The length of her legs thrilled her, she was proud of her new size. On the flip side, Kate was quite upset with the size of her bed, now much too small. With her legs hanging off the bed, she could scrape the rug on the floor below with her toes.

“And I,” Kate said with a smile, “am quite large!” she boomed.

“And just think,” Chris responded pushing himself up on his wife’s chest, looking into her eyes, “there’s still what…8 inches left on that measuring rod downstairs!” he said with a laugh.

Not laughing at Chris’ supposed “joke” Kate quickly turned her thoughts to the measuring device. She had forgotten the mechanism which had given her the pleasure of her recent growth spurts. She had grown to love the feeling that growing gave her and found herself increasingly hot as she watched the world shrink around her.

Kate had always enjoyed being somewhat dominant in bed, liberally taking control to meet her needs. Her new size gave her more power than she had ever imagined, able to bend her husband to her whim. The thought of growing even larger, gaining more power over her now tiny husband delighted her.

“Oh boy,” Kate purred, sitting up, her giant body rising, “8 whole inches, just waiting to be added to my size!” she exclaimed with a wide smirk.

Chris nearly fell off the bed, rolling off of Kate’s chest, her new size and strength far too much to be concerned with him. He looked at his wife, her body bigger than any he had seen before. He had enjoyed the entire experience of the day, finding watching Kate grow extremely erotic, yet somewhat frightening. He could not fathom his wives new desire to grow even larger. The thought of his already oversized wife becoming even bigger made him somewhat uneasy.

“You’re kidding right?” Chris asked, leaping to his feet, “You really want to grow more babe?” he asked.

Planting her gargantuan feet on the ground, Kate slowly began to rise off of the bed. With her legs bent significantly, Kate was already taller than Chris. She loved looked down at him as she stretched her legs out to their full length, watching as he seemed to shrink below her.

“What’s wrong Chris?” Kate asked, extending her body a few more inches into the air, “You don’t want me growing anymore?” she said with frown, towering over Chris.

Chris was accustomed to this look; Kate had a natural knack for getting her way. As Chris stared up at his wife, her brilliant, naked body a prize before him, he could not help but change his tune.

Her big, bright blue puppy dog eyes had always been more than Chris could handle, and Kate knew this. Although she loved how physically dominating she now was, she still loved to abuse her feminine charm. Bending down she began to kiss her husband’s neck, then worked her way up to his ear. Biting it gently she began to whisper into his ear, breathing sexily as she did.

“Come on Chris,” she purred, “wouldn’t you just love… to fuck me… while I grew even bigger? My body just stretching as you made love to my massive body?” she asked coyly, kissing his upper lobe.

Chris knew that he could not resist this proposal, even if his brain said no, his now rock hard dick said another thing. Watching as Kate again stood to her full height, he knew that this was far from over.

Moments later Chris found himself standing before the ominous measuring tape, pencil in hand. As he climbed onto the chair he had become so accustomed to standing upon, he imagined his wife growing ever larger, 8 feet her goal.

As he stood on the chair he looked way up to the mark, which hung just below the high ceilings. He knew that soon enough, Kate would be that high, towering nearly 2 feet above him.

“Well,” he said with a huff, “here goes nothing.”

He struck the pencil across the doorframe, matching it perfectly with the top of the measuring rod, 8 long feet above the ground.

Jumping off the chair he charged up the stairs, tearing his underwear off as he entered the bedroom. What he saw amazed him.

Kate had moved from the mattress to the floor, her long body stretched to her full height, looking bigger than ever. Her body was absolutely incredible, a true piece of art. Kate saw her husband enter the room and looked up at him with a sexy smile on her face.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as she began to grow, “Hmm, here we go again little man!” she added.

Lifting her infinitely long leg off of the ground, she hooked her massive foot around her husband’s rear end, pulling him towards her.

Chris watched as his already giant wife again started to grow, her body lengthening slightly with every passing second. Yet again bending to her will, he fell to his knees, his already erect dick ready to please his giantess.

Before Chris made the move to enter, he felt a giant pair of hands wrap around his upper back. He could feel the fingers expanding across his shoulders as they pushed him closer to the giant woman. The outstandingly long fingers laced around his member and thrust it deep into Kate’s pussy, her colossal body shivering with the entry.

The immediate feeling that Chris experienced was like none he had ever encountered before; while inside of his wife, he could actually feel every part of her body growing larger around him. He watched as Kate’s head extended further and further from his own, her face twisted in elation.

Kate lost herself in the passion of her growth; she loved every single inch that she added to her imposing figure. She loved watching her husband make love to her, seemingly shrinking smaller as he did.

“Deeper baby,” Kate whimpered wrapping her hands around his hips, “deeper!” she moaned, pressing her tiny husband forward.

Chris watched as his wife took complete control, thrusting his entire body forward effortlessly in unison with her rapidly bucking hips. Her body grew and grew as she moaned loudly, he had become her plaything.

Faster and faster Kate began to plunge her husband into her ever growing vagina. She brought herself to a loud orgasm, gently pressing her husband deeper inside of her, growing slightly as she did. As the orgasm concluded she relaxed her growing body, breathing quickly, softly thrusting her husband’s member in and out of her.

Chris then found himself lifting into the air, his wife’s giant hands the culprit. He was flipped around and placed on his back, watching as his ever expanding wife spread her legs on top of him.

Kate had to bend her extensive legs significantly to comfortably insert her husband’s cock as she began to ride it. Bouncing up and down on top of her miniature husband, Kate turned her head toward the ceiling, gasping with pleasure.

Looking up at Kate, her perky breasts bouncing with each thrust, Chris was incredibly turned on. His once petite wife was now a giant, dominating force; although she had once enjoyed being fucked, she was now doing all of the fucking.

Kate could feel herself growing as she rode her husband, his dick becoming too small to satisfy her growing needs. Yet Kate plowed on, taking every inch of her husband’s penis over and over again. Her legs bent over her husbands’ groin were growing longer and longer, pushing her body ever further toward the ceiling. Kate placed her gargantuan hands on Chris’ chest, pushing his dick further inside of her, moaning loudly as she bounced.

Chris could feel his wife getting heavier and heavier as she continued to surge taller. With each thrust Kate slammed her weight down of top of his cock, screaming with intense pleasure. Chris attempted to place her hands around his wife’s hips, but found his hands far too small. There was nothing for him to do but kick back and watch his giantess go to work.

“YES!” Kate screamed, “OH GOD! YES! YES!” she howled as she gasped loudly.

Kate worked even faster now, bouncing at a near unnatural speed, Chris’ cock pulsating inside of her. She felt yet another marvelous orgasm approaching. An extraordinary warm sensation flowed throughout her enormous body. She threw her head back as her body thrashed with pleasure. She let out a grand scream, moaning softly as she climaxed. Her pussy was drooling, her body shivering in delight; finally her giant sexual appetite had been quenched.

Rolling off of her husband, Kate lay on her back, allowing her body to stretch out to its full outstanding height. Her body growing faintly as she did. She had reached the magical 8 feet, and she was absolutely massive.

“I can’t believe how freaking big I am!” she exclaimed looking down at her long torso and her expansive legs.

Chris turned to his giant wife and began to stroke her shoulders, admiring her size.

”Baby,” he began, “do you really love it as much as it sounds?” he asked nervously.

Suddenly, it dawned on Kate. Whether she liked it or not, her life at 8 feet tall was going to be drastically different than her life had been 24 hours ago. None of her clothes would come even close to fitting; hell fitting in her own house was becoming a chore. And she sensed that Chris was somewhat concerned, which upset her.

“Hmm,” Kate said as she stood up, her head nearly colliding with the ceiling, “as fun as this whole adventure has been, maybe we should figure out a way to make things normal…”

Yet again, Chris and Kate stood before the magical measuring tool, Kate now standing level with its greatest height. Chris held the pencil in his hands, breathing deeply as he turned the eraser towards his doorway.

“Well,” he said hopping onto the chair, “its worth a shot…”

Chris began to erase the markings, from the top 8 feet marking, all the way down to the first crooked mark at 5’7. After all the pencil scratches and marks had been eliminated, Chris hopped off the chair, looking up at his magnificent, enormous wife.

Moments later, Kate began to feel a somewhat familiar sensation flowing through her body, yet this time, her point of view began to lower, bit by bit. Smiling down at her husband she shrugged, her fun over.

After a few minutes Kate had returned to her normal 5’4 stature, Chris now inches taller than her. He walked over to his back to normal size and hugged her tightly.

“Sorry to rain on your giant parade.” He said with a kiss, “8 feet is fucking huge babe, although I love you at any size.” He said with another peck.

“All good things must come to an end.” Kate said somewhat dejected, “I did love being so much bigger than everything, I felt like an all powerful super woman!” she exclaimed.

“Well,” Chris said looking up at the measuring device, “I’m sure its not all out of magic just yet, we can always have some fun on a rainy day.” He added with a smile.

Chris and Kate locked in an embrace, Kate kissing her husband gently, holding him tightly, everything back to normal.

“Well babe,” Chris said grabbing his car keys, “I’m gunna go grab our little bundle of joy from school. I’ll be back.” He said as he headed out the door.

Kate stood in front of the tape, craning her neck to see the top, a height she had reached only minutes before. With a wide devilish smile on her face Kate grabbed the pencil, stepping forward to the measuring device. She made a dash inches above her height, topping herself out at an even 6 feet.

Before the growth even began, Kate thought of her husband, who would stand an inch taller than her at this size.

“Well,” she said, bringing the pencil up, “we just can’t have that.”

She made a second marking, 3 inches higher. The numbers 6’3 would be her new goal. As a now all too familiar feeling began to well up inside of her, Kate began to giggle slightly, her body inching higher as it had done before.

“Seems to me,” she said as she inched taller, “that there is PLENTY of magic left!” she said with a big, bright, beautiful smile.


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