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The Adventures of Katie Sharrrip by ZZZ

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The Adventures of Katie Sharrrip



Into the darkness, so it begins...


Don Sharrip and Darla Sharrip were once a very happy couple. Don worked hard at the nearby nuclear powerplant. Darla stayed home and nuked breakfast, lunch and dinner for herself and her husband every single day. Everything was going right in their lives, till one day, something umm... wonderful??? happened...


'Oh Don, I'm pregnant! Can you believe it, we're gonna have a baby!' Darla's smile was vibrant, as she looked into Don's eyes.


'Honey, this has to be the happiest day in my life.' His smile was equally bright as Darla's, whether it was from joy or from all the radiation in their lives, it was pretty damn bright...


9 months later....


'Don, Don!!! I think it's time!'


Don and Darla quickly rushed to the hospital in their beat up old Pinto. On their way to the hospital however, a brilliant green blast exploded from the sky striking the small car. Don was so used to this happening at work, he ignored it completly. Donna was in such pain, she didn't even realize it.


Several years later...


'Happy Birthday Katie!!!' Shouted Don and Darla in unison, on their beloved child's birthday.


Katie was up in front of her cake getting ready to blow out the candles. She took a deep breath, and blew as hard as she could on them. They all went out, but just as quickly came back on.


'Hey Katie how do you like your re-lighting candles? HAHAHAHA?' Both Katie's parents pointed at her and laughed.


Katie's body had yet to develop, add on top to that the fact that she was small for her age. However, at that very moment, something very strange was happening as Katie became angrier and angrier...


Katie's eyes began to glow..then just as quickly the glow was gone and Katie was back to normal.


Soon after cake it was time for Katie to open her presents.


'Mom and dad, did you guys get me the 'No Meat Please' Misty and 'No Meat Please' Tom dolls???' Katie asked this as she opened her gift...


'A Barbie and Ken doll?'


Katie started getting angrier and angrier yet again. Her clothes and shoes began to feel snug, her eyes began to glow... Then everything quickly returned to normal.


It was now time for Katie to open her gifts from her grandparents who hadn't been able to attend.


'Oh what a pretty blue dress!' Katie said this and rushed to the bathroom to slip it on. When she came out she had a big poutie look on her face, as the dress was barely hanging off her body, it was way to big for her.


Katie's parents started laughing yet again. 'Awww little Katie, you'll grow into it, someday...MAYBE' They laughed and laughed and laughed. Katie just stood there, thinking about how horrible this day was going, and began getting angrier and angrier. The strange sensations returned to Katie from earlier, only in a greater amount...


'Be quiet!' she shouted at her parents, but they just kept laughing.


Katie felt all this energy suddenly rush through her body as her anger became greater and greater.


Her parents got her the wrong toys...As she thought about this her little blue dress seemed to rub against her body a bit...Her parents tricked her with her birthday cake candles...Katie's shoes began to feel oddly snug...Her parents laughed at the fact that her little blue dress was too big for her...'Too big? TOO BIG???' As Katie focused on this her shoes became ever so much tighter, her eyes began to glow a fiery bright color, and Katie's body began to fit into her dress...


Katie's sleeves began to wrap around her arm tighter and tighter as her arms grew longer and thicker. Her legs started stretching out, the bottom of the dress riding up higher. Her small legs curved out a bit, slightly more muscular and lengthier. Her toes began to bust out from the front of her shoes. The loud sounds of tearing shoes escaped from below...'GRRRROAAANN!!!'. Katie's chest began to feel snug in the little blue dress, as the buttons holding it together began to be pulled apart. More and more of her skin was being revealed between the buttons as Katie grew... The underswell of her ass was soon viewable beneath the dress, as her ass grew larger and wider, more muscular and ever so much firmer. The once barely noticeable mounds on her chest began to push out on her dress with greater intensity as they swelled more and more ripe, bigger and rounder each one became. So much larger they swelled that one of the center buttons on her dress popped off with a loud 'PLINK!'. Her feet were widening out very fast, being accompanied by a now very audible 'GROAAAANNN!!!' escaping her quickly disintegrating shoes. Katie was now about a foot taller, and still she continued to increase in height. Her ass was now completely revealed, large and muscular, each cheek perfectly shaped. The bottom of her dress now barely covered her sex, which had been developing with the rest of her body, more and more pubic hair forming there. Her hips were slowly widening out, pushing open the bottom of her dress further and further, and giving Katie an incredible hour glass look. The top of Katie's dress lost yet another button as her now big bouncy breasts were barely being contained. The two huge orbs of flesh were straining against the opening once covered in buttons. Her arms started tearing up her sleeves, biceps and triceps began to get thicker and more powerful. Katie looked down at her arms and flexed, causing the remaining fabric to explode off of her now much bigger arms 'RRRIPPP!!!!', her muscles bulged out immensely. Her legs were still growing longer, but bigger and bigger muscles were expanding on her thighs and calves. Katie's lips became much more full as well. She slowly slipped her tongue over her lips as she smiled, drunk in the power she was gaining from her growth. Her hair was growing wild with increased length. Katie felt the blue dress begin to tear down the front and the back simultaneously. The front could no longer contain her huge breasts, the other side could no longer contain her back, which was growing wider and thicker with cords of powerful muscles. Katie took in a deep breath, causing the dress to burst down the front with a loud 'SHHHHRRRRRIIIPPP!!!', freeing her huge, firm, round melons, two very big and aroused nipples at the end of each. Her huge back now exposed, the big bulging muscles still growing. The remaining shreds of the dress fell to the ground as Katie became taller and taller very quickly, every inch of her body continuing to grow. She was now several feet taller than her original tiny size. She looked down on her parents who had long ago stopped laughing, she placed her hands on her big curvy hips as she rose higher still, her head pressing against the ceiling, then bursting through. She continued enlarging, her big round breasts pressing against the ceiling, they rose up a bit more, tearing wider the hole Katie's head had formed moments earlier. Soon afterward Katie's hips followed, also widening the whole since she was still growing in every way possible. Her huge muscular ass tore off the remains of the roof with a huge 'CRRRASSHHH!' behind her as it passed through, while she reached down with her hands to remove what was left of the roof in front of her.


'SO I'M NOT GOING TO OUTGROW MY LITTLE DRESS, EH??' Katie spoke with a thundering loud voice. Almost as if to emphasize what she had just said, her body trembled... And she grew even more, her body rising several feet, her breasts bigger still, her ass even more round and firm. Her legs even bigger with muscle, her arms with even larger biceps. Her knees were now at the level of the roof, as she looked down at her tiny parents.


'AND YOU COULDN'T GET ME THE RIGHT DOLLS COULD YOU???' Katie leaned down, her huge muscular and round ass going up into the air, as she scooped up both of her parents one in each very large hand. She lifted both parents up to the level of her enormous breasts, as she looked down on them spitefully. Her parents just gawked with wide opened mouths, saying nothing.


'AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY WHEN I COULDN'T BLOW OUT THE CANDLES???' 'LET ME MAKE A WISH...' After thinking for a moment then smiling, Katie sucked in a huge gulp of air, the wind seemed to shift in her direction as she sucked it in, her breasts rising up higher as her awesomely huge chest filled in with oxygen. After inhaling for a bit, Katie lowered her face towards the remains of the roofless house, and let out the most incredible blast of air the town had ever had. The winds blew in the direction of her breath, trees began falling over, cars tumbling left and right, and her house soon collapsed with several of the walls flying off into the air as well as every bit of furniture. The nightly gust of wind from Katie's mouth was more powerful than some of the winds during hurricanes. Katie finally stopped and smiled. She stood back up and looked down at her parents, 'HMMM MAYBE THIS BIRTHDAY ISN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL. I BLEW OUT MY CANDLES(they were probably in the next town by now), OUTGREW MY DRESS, AND I GOT TWO VERY NICE DOLLS TO PLAY WITH!' As she said this she grinned looking down at her tiny parents in her hands, all they could do was look back in horror.


'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!' said Katie as she looked forward to her wish coming true, that of her having many experiences like the one she just had throughout the rest of her life.



Katie Sharrip





Into the darkness, so it begins...


This time, we look in on little Katie's life at age 20. She is on her way to her apartment, and is about to be late...


Katie quickly ran through the sliding doors of the hotel building. She darted across the lobby, running up to the elevator. She sighed in relief as she realized it was open, then quickly entered.


The elevator bell boy was standing by the buttons, and gave her a somewhat cynical smile.


'The eighth floor please sir...' Katie smiled as she looked at the bell hop.


'Sorry Miss, gotta wait for the elevator to fill up a bit more before taking it up.' He looked away from Katie, still the evil smile on his face.


'But sir, I want to go watch my favorite tv show, 'Something in the Water.' Its about to start, please take us up...' She looked at the bell hop, her heart beat increasing a bit.


'Sorry Mam, we just have to wait until at least a few more people come in.' The bellhop actually had to cover his mouth to stifle a laugh.


'Please sir...it's...about...to...start...' Katie's eyes began to glow red as she looked down at her wrist watch, it clung tightly against her skin. Her tennis shoes were now much more snug and uncomfortable, and her jeans were squeezing her thighs, calves and ass. Katie's t-shirt sleeves began to squeeze her swelling triceps. She began to clench her fists tightly and grunt.


The bell hop wasn't paying any attention to Katie, then sighed after hearing the grunting. 'OK, OK we'll get going. Just as soon as the growth had started, Katie's body shrank back to it's normal size and she sighed in relief, 'Thank you sir.'


The doors began to close when a hand reached in, 'Wait wait, me and my friends are like totally needing a ride up, like OK?' The bellhops eyes opened wide as a sexy girl in a cheerleaders outfit walked into the elevator, and she held the door open while looking out for her friends.


Katie began to breathe heavily again, the buttons on her blouse becoming undone as her each of her breasts swelled larger, pulling apart both side of her shirt. Slowly her shirt became untucked. She began to grunt again, when about 6 more cheerleaders all piled into the elevator. They all crammed as the elevator now had little space to move. The door closed and the elevator started to rise, as Katie started to shrink. She slowly re-buttoned her shirt. Even though it was uncomfortable in there, she would soon be in her room to watch her show. The first cheerleader to have entered the elevator leaned against the bellhop, 'Do you think we can stop on each floor, we just want to see what the rest of the building looks like.'


Katie grumbled upon hearing this, 'No...No...NO!' Her panties began to dig into her growing pussy and ass, her socks squeezed her increasing feet, her hair lengthened down past her shoulders.


The bell hop sighed and shook his head, 'Now now we can do it after we drop off the little girl in the back.'


Katie's eyes opened wide...


'Awww you're gonna let one little girl ruin all our fun...'


Katie's teeth were grinding tightly against each other...


All the cheerleaders chimed, 'Let's have a B, lets have an I, lets have a T, lets have a C, lets have an H, what does that spell?


Katie's blouse split down the center of her back as her muscle expanded huge, her sleeves shredded to pieces as her triceps filled out enormously. The buttons on her blouse once again popped off this time faster and with much more force as Katie's breasts swelled to the size of large melons, then continued bigger very quickly. Her head rose higher and higher...'NOW YOU'VE MADE ME MAD. I JUST WANTED MY TV SHOW!!! NOW I WILL GIVE YOU A SHOW YOU WILL NOT FORGET!!!' Katie's shoes burst apart as her feet escaped through, then her socks ripped to shreds as her toes slowly escaped. Her ass and thighs snapped each of the seams on her jeans as her head slowly approached the ceiling of the elevator. The cheerleaders began to scream and squeeze against the opposite corner of the elevator. Katie continued to grow taller and wider as each muscle grew firmer, rounder and more powerful. Her heaving breasts swelled with each inhale, her abs now completely revealed as her shirt was too small to reach below them on Katie's now huge torso. Katie's head bumped the ceiling, which only made Katie angrier, increasing her growth rate. She had to sit down in the elevator to fit, and her legs slowly lengthened across the elevator, pressing up against the cheerleaders. The bellhop was in heaven as all the women squeezed up against him, and as he watched Katie grow and grow.


'SEE, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE THE ELEVATOR FILLED UP!!!' Katie grinned as she bent her legs, her shins now squeezing against the cheerleaders.


'That little bitch is becoming a real big one!!' The bellhop laughed and drooled while he watched.


Katie squeezed her fists tighter, her eyes closing shut as she surged up another foot in size, she began to have to lean to fit in the elevator even though she was seated. Her breasts bulged another few cup sizes, swooshing into the faces of a couple of the cheerleaders. The elevator suddenly came to a stop and the doors opened as all the cheerleaders screamed and ran out. The bell hop was about to run out when a large hand grabbed him by the waist and pulled him back in. The doors shut before him as he too a gulp. 'NO NO LITTLE BOY, YOU ARE GOING TO STAY AND ENJOY THE SHOW!!!' She jammed the bellhop into her now huge cunt, and used him as a dildo while the elevator continued to rise, much slower than it had been rising so far. She had never done this with anyone when she had become angry before, but she definitely would not forget this incredible feeling. She moaned and groaned so loud that it could be heard throughout the building.


The bellhop felt smaller and smaller inside as she filled in more and more of the elevator. Her huge muscular arms pressed against the sides, her enormous toes scraping the doors, her knees approaching the ceiling, her ass bending and cracking the wall behind her. Finally with a tremendously loud scream Katie orgasmed, her growth stopped completely, and she pulled the bell hop out of herself. She promptly shrank as the elevator stopped at her floor, and was soon back to her normal size, although naked. The bell hop simply cowered in the corner and shook, his eyes blank while his body trembled. Katie smiled as she walked out of the elevator, 'Thanks for the ride little bell boy.'


Katie ran to her apartment door which was always unlocked, then entered and turned on her TV.


Katie was very confused and could feel herself sinking into her bed as her naked body slowly swelled, her head rising higher, her muscles increasing in mass, 'WHY ISN'T MY SOMETHING IN THE WATER TV SHOW ON???' With a sudden realization, she shrank to her normal size and sighed. 'Oh, today is Sunday, the only day of the week the show isn't on. Silly me.'


The End


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