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The First Victim

Page history last edited by Rob Classact 12 years, 9 months ago

The First Victim


It was her 27th birthday and her name was Shannon Day. She was beginning to think about why she was not married, she wasn't bad looking and she had a great body to go with her long, naturally blond hair. She was a pretty young woman, with big blue eyes, a well developed bust, and an incredibly slender waist. She knew she was a little too tall for a lot of men, but her long shapely legs never failed to attract their attention. She didn't usually date men who were shorter than her, but she liked being tall, and she liked to wear high heels too. She knew how long they made her strong athletic legs look, and she was equally aware that there were a lot of eligible men who liked their women tall. She couldn't figure out why she wasn't able to find the right man to settle down with, and the arrival of another birthday made her wonder even more. She had a lot to offer, and she wasn't looking for much in return, but the men she dated never seemed to measure up to what she wanted. "Maybe tonight" she thought to herself, "it will be different."


She had a date, with a man she met at a bar while celebrating her birthday. He was shorter than her, but he was cute, with a great little build and a seemingly gentle touch. At 6'1" tall in her bare feet, she was five inches taller than him, but with her high heels on, she knew she would literally tower over him. She knew that people might laugh, and she hoped he wouldn't mind looking up at her.


She was dressed in her favorite outfit, a hot pink, super tight knit dress with matching high heels. She was almost ready as she stood at the mirror in her bathroom putting on some makeup. She couldn't decide what perfume to use and finally selected the one her girlfriend had given her for her birthday. It was a gift, a rare item she had purchased several weeks before while on her honeymoon in Costa Rica. She opened the hand made box and removed the decorative little bottle, then unscrewed the cap and dabbed the bottle to her wrist. She rubbed her wrists together then moistened her fingers and touched delicately behind each of her ears. She placed one more drop on the tip of her index finger and dabbed it strategically between her big breasts. She was ready now, only she didn't plan on what happened next.


She screwed the cap back on the little bottle and suddenly it slipped from her hands and crashed into the sink. The fragile container shattered into a dozen little pieces and the clear liquid formed a small puddle in the bottom of the sink. She was lucky the stopper was down, she always did that when she put on her makeup, it was a habit she picked up after dropping a valuable ear-ring down the drain. She wanted to salvage as much of the perfume as possible, so she took a pair of tweezers from the medicine cabinet and removed all the tiny pieces of broken glass. She needed another bottle for the liquid and when she couldn't find one, she decided to use a container from her favorite cologne. There was only a quarter inch of the purple stuff remaining in the bottom of the bottle and it had a neat little spray top. She could purchase another bottle later in the week since it was such a popular product and reasonably priced. She unscrewed the spray cap and located an eye dropper on the shelf high above. One dropper full at a time, she removed the clear fluid from the sink and squirted it into the container with her favorite brand, Purple Passion.


The first few drops she added made the purple liquid fizzle up and release a small green bubble. She didn't really notice it at first, but when the sink was finally empty, and the bottle was filled to the top, the once clear liquid had turned a bright glowing green. "It certainly was a pretty color" she thought to herself, and she couldn't wait to spray it on.


The door bell rang and she set the bottle on a nearby shelf as she hurried to answer the front door. It was her date, he was early and obviously couldn't wait to pick her up. He seemed a little shocked at her extreme height as he stood back and looked up into to her big blue eyes. He brought her flowers, and a bottle of expensive champagne he thought they might enjoy later that night. He looked exactly the way she remembered him, only a little shorter than she had originally thought, probably because she wasn't wearing her heels the night they met. He was a handsome little man, with the hairiest little arms and chest she had ever seen. His name was Ricky Roberts, and he was new in town and he was staying at the hotel right down the street. She put the flowers in a vase, the champagne in the fridge, and gave him a big kiss. It took him by surprise when she kissed him on the lips, she had to bend way down and it forced his head back and against his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him so tight he thought she going to pick him up off the floor. "What a way to start the evening" he thought as they walked out the door.


They went to dinner at an exclusive restaurant, the service was excellent, the food was delicious, the bill was outrageous. He took her to a movie at the local theater, holding hands and cuddling close through the entire feature. He didn't seem to mind her being so much taller, she could see by the way he escorted her to and from the theater with his arm around her waist, he was showing off, letting everyone know that this tall gorgeous creature was his. She could tell he was attracted to tall women from the start, even before he asked her out the night they had met, she realized he couldn't take his eyes off her long shapely legs. He obviously liked long legs, and she had caught him staring at them more than once. She loved that passionate look on his face when she crossed her long legs as he watched or bent over in front of him to pick up her purse. When he open the door and helped her from his car, politely suggesting she climb the stairs before him, she knew why. She knew what he was looking at. He never missed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her naked thighs or the solid muscular bulge of her healthy young calves.


She had a wonderful time from the moment he picked her up, and when they arrived back at her apartment, she invited him, suggesting they share the bottle of champagne he had thoughtfully given her. The champagne was cooling in the refrigerator, but Shannon was simmering in the kitchen, thinking more about getting under the sheets with this hairy little guy and thanking him for a terrific evening.


The bubbly pink champagne went down smooth and easy as they hugged and kissed and listened to soft music on the radio. The touch of his strong little hands and the sensation of his hairy arms cuddling and embracing her was driving her wild, he started to remove her cloths and she undid the buttons on his shirt. She ran her fingers through the bristly hairs on his chest and she could feel the goose bumps rising up on her soft skin. She felt the gentle touch of his hands on her sensitive breasts and she knew this little man was going to get lucky tonight. Shannon was going to thank him in her own special way, and Ricky Roberts was never going to forget it.


She suggested they move into the bedroom, and Ricky was more than ready. It was dark, but you could see the stars in the sky through the glass dome in the high cathedral ceiling above her queensize bed. They removed what remained of each others clothes and sat on the edge of the bed, hugging, kissing, and fondling each other in the dark. He was disappointed it was so dark, he couldn't see her long shapely legs but he fondled his way up and down their endless length at every opportunity. She got up and stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, Shannon wanted to be sure and take her pill before things

progressed too much further.


There was a faint green hue throughout the bathroom, it was emanating from that shelf in the corner and she knew what it was right away. She couldn't believe the mixture of cologne and perfume was still glowing, it had been over three hours since she mixed them together and it still had that brilliant green glow. She plucked the glowing bottle from the shelf and held it high above her head. She squirted it into the air and allowed the tiny droplets to sprinkle her face as she inhaled the fragrant smell. She held the bottle just below her chin and squirted it once again, feeling the misty liquid drizzle down her neck and chest, covering her large naked breasts and making then glow momentarily before fading in the dark. She took a final sniff at the nozzle, admiring the pleasant smell and then placed the bottle in it original position on the shelf. She gulped down her birth control pill and now she was ready, eager to offer her ample charms to this wonderful little man waiting patiently in her bed.


She returned to the bed and slipped beneath the covers, enjoying the sensation of his hairy little body rubbing against her and the fondling of his talented hands. He was kissing her passionately now, hugging her tight and exciting her more and more with every touch of her body. She never felt like this before, no other man made her feel this way, something was different, something was definitely happening with this little man. He was on top of her now, kneeling between her long legs and rubbing his growing erection across her stomach while kissing her on the lips, their tongues darting back and forth as she moaned out loud and thrust her hips against his hairy little body. He kissed her cheek and kissed all over her neck, gently nibbling and working his way towards her sensitive tits. He kissed and lipped all over her bountiful breasts, avoiding her sensitive swollen nipples till he knew the time was right. He took those tiny buttons into his hot little mouth, alternately sucking them gently, torturing them with the tip of his talented tongue, squeezing them with his moist wet lips, sucking them hard, milking them like a hungry child, then expertly leaving them peaked and inflated, begging for more of his skillful attention. He kissed his way down to her stomach and abdomen, planting his hot wet lips on her sensitive skin and working his way lower with each movement he made. His tongue danced around the rim of her bouncing navel, she squealed when he licked her and darted it into her tiny cavern, slowly carving a path towards her bushy blond forest.


Her body was responding like never before, she had been with her share of men in the past, but no one had ever pleased her like this, discovering so many sensitive areas on her body at one time, dwelling on them, carrying her to a new height of sexual arousal before moving on to another undiscovered erogenous zone. She was melting under his gentle touch, screaming inside for more, and now he was going down on her, diving between her long legs, burying his face in what she knew was the most sensitive place on her body. It took all that she had to keep from screaming out loud and wrapping her long legs around his head to hold him in place. It felt so wonderful, so incredibly delightful she never wanted him to stop.


Her eyes felt like they had rolled back into her head, she was paralyzed with pleasure but she felt so vibrantly alive her body was tingling all over. Her arms were flailing and her hands were clutching the sides of the bed, her legs were spread out so wide her feet were hanging off the corners of the mattress, it almost felt like she could touch the floor. She wanted him to take her, to ram his loving rod into her hungering pussy but she was so busy moaning she couldn't find the words to tell him. She lifted her hips off the mattress with her long athletic legs, inviting him in with a passion she'd never experienced before. She was overcome with desire, begging him to do as he pleased with her, asking for more without uttering a single word. He never stopped and she didn't care, she never wanted him to stop, she wanted this sensation to go on forever.


She reached beneath the covers and placed her hand on the back of his head, pressing his face firmly against her hungering pussy. She was prepared to hold him there with both her hands and legs if she had to, but his head felt so small it seemed to fit in the palm of her big left hand. She held him there, with her legs crossed behind him and her hand glued to the back of his head, grinding his face to her pussy and bucking her hips like a woman possessed. She thought she heard a muffled moan of pleasure from this wonderful little man working so expertly between her thighs, she hoped he was enjoying himself as much as she was. She could feel his body wiggling passionately between her long slender legs, his hands rubbing frantically all over her big thighs, his tongue probing deeper and deeper into her sensitive pussy while she held his head firmly and begged him for more. His moaning continued and sounded more urgent, she suddenly realized that something had changed, it didn't feel the same anymore, something was wrong, something was definitely wrong.


She raised the covers with her right hand and looked down between her long legs, she couldn't see very well in the dark but she thought he looked smaller, much smaller, like about half his original size. She was still holding his head in the grip of her strong left hand, gyrating her hips and fucking his face with her smothering wet pussy. He was kicking his legs under the covers like a wild man, thrashing all over and pulling at her hand on the back of his head. She reached beside the bed and flicked on the light switch, the brightness of the room startled her eyes, her vision was blurred, the lights seemed so bright she couldn't see a thing, her blurry vision slowly returned, and now, almost as suddenly, her eyesight was normal and everything was crystal clear.


The little man hadn't shrunk at all, she was the one who had changed, she was gigantic. Her queensize bed was like a single mattress beneath her enormous body, her long legs were stretched out well beyond the frame of the bed. The little man was struggling with all his might, his face was being mashed against her giant pussy, held there by her powerful hand with fingers so long they wrapped half way around his tiny skull. Her ankles were crossed all the way down around his feet, he appeared to be about the size of her one long leg, but his body actually looked much smaller than her enormous muscular thigh. She couldn't imagine what the hell had happened, this had to be some kind of nightmare, how the hell did she grow to be so big and muscular?


She climbed to her knees and stood up, higher and higher she rose, her head was so close to the glass dome skylight, she looked down at the floor and figured she had to be more than twelve feet tall. The little man, with his head still imprisoned by her long powerful fingers, started screaming. Not knowing what to do to shut him up, Shannon spread her long muscular legs out wide and simply forced his face against her giant pussy again to keep him quiet, and it did. She looked down between her enormous tits and leaned forward to get a better look, she could see his little hairy legs kicking wildly, and they were more than a foot off the floor. Her legs were absolutely enormous, so long and incredibly muscular looking, and she wasn't even flexing them. Her stomach was as hard as a rock, and covered with muscles just like her legs. She lifted her right hand out in front of her chest and made a fist, then slowly curled her arm to make a muscle. She couldn't believe the size of her bulging right bicep, she'd never seen a muscle that big in her entire life, and it was her's. She stood there like a statue, looking at her amazingly huge muscular body, her long legs were spread out so wide she almost forgot about the little man dangling between them. He was still trying to kick her, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't, they were simply beyond the reach of his legs. His tightly clenched fists were pounding furiously on her enormous muscular thighs, making a loud smacking sound every -time he hit her, but it didn't hurt at all, in fact it felt quite good, so good that she decided to keep him there. She rubbed his little face all over her bushy blond triangle, twisting his head from side to side and forcing his lips into into her hot wet groove. She smiled down at him, and started laughing as he struggled with all of his might to escape, she knew he wasn't going anywhere, there was no way he could possibly get loose. She was holding his entire body off the floor with only one hand clamped around his little head, easily, and whatever he was doing with his hot little mouth, it felt so wonderful she had no intention of letting him go.


Her hand was so big and her fingers so long, his little skull felt like a grapefruit in the grasp of her powerful left hand. She wondered if she could crush it like a tomato, or maybe even force it completely inside her giant pussy if she wanted to. She had to think about that for a few minutes while watching him struggle pathetically against her big hairy pussy. "Crushing a man's head with one hand would be an incredible power trip" she thought to herself, "but seeing his brains splatter all over the place would surely make me sick, and create one hell of a mess to clean up too." That was definitely out of the question. Shannon thought about her second idea, stuffing a little man's head completely inside her giant pussy, she had to laugh when she envisioned what a sight that would be. "My legs are so big and long now, all I'd have to do is spread them apart like they are right now" she laughed as she looked at his dangling little body, "He'd be totally helpless, and literally hanging from my big pussy." This idea intrigued her, what an incredibly cruel and humiliating way to dispose of someone, and at her present gigantic size, she knew it was a definite possibility. Ricky would never know how close he came to having his little head swallowed by Shannon's hungry pussy, and judging from the position she had him in right now, he probably didn't care either. Shannon had other ideas on how she wanted to deal with her captive little man, she wanted to thank him for such a wonderful evening, and she was still incredibly turned on by this

whole impossible situation.


Ricky was totally exhausted now, his face was covered with the smell of her fragrant love and his body was growing weaker by the minute from lack of air. He stopped his useless struggling and just hung there, with his face still plastered to Shannon's hot, wet pussy.


She lifted him up and held him out in front of her, face to face, with one hand gripping his little ass cheeks and her other still wrapped around the back of his tiny head, only now the hand on his head was positioned much lower, so she could squeeze the back of his neck with her two lower fingers. She playfully examined his hairy little body, rubbing his fuzzy buns in the palm of her big hand and squeezing the back of his neck to see if she could force him to open his mouth. His eyes opened wide with fright as she squeezed his neck and examined him closely. Ricky was obviously frightened to death of her, and he suddenly started to scream again. Shannon stuck out her big tongue and plunged it deep into his mouth as she tightened her grip on the back of his neck to make sure he wouldn't bite her. She knew it was a strange way to keep him from screaming but it certainly did the trick, he was completely silent. She was staring directly into his frightened eyes and she could feel the pulsing pressure on the tip of her long tongue as he tried to breathe. The palpitating beat started to slowly grow weaker as he struggled helplessly for much needed air. His mouth was so small she only needed to use the tip her giant tongue to stifle him, it was so easy for her and extremely effective too. She flirted with the idea of suffocating him, amusing herself by playfully darting her powerful tongue in and out of his little mouth, holding it there and watching his eyes widen with fright as she threateningly probed deeper and deeper into his wide open mouth with her serpent like tongue. She was stretching his little mouth to it's limits, her long tapering tongue playfully tickled the back of his throat and pinned his little tongue to the bottom of his mouth. Again she could feel his lungs struggle against the sensitive tip of her tongue, she felt his body grow weaker and watched his eyes-lids flicker with fright. She forced him to the edge of unconsciousness then let him gulp down the much needed air while she readied her tongue for another assault. She toyed with him like that for several long minutes, knowing she could have easily killed him with her suffocating tongue lodged deep in his mouth.


When she knew he was sufficiently weakened, she playfully licked his face and kissed him on the lips, then squeezed his little body against her towering frame and wrapped her long arms completely around him. The sensation of his fuzzy body hair rubbing against the sensitive skin on her stomach and chest was even more arousing than before, she decided to take full advantage of his diminutive size and her growing desire to do whatever she wanted with him. She massaged herself with his hairy little body, lifting him high in the air with her hands under his armpits and pressing him firmly against her tender left breast, poking his naval with her hard erect nipple while rubbing and twisting his fuzzy little body against the dark tender skin surrounding her sensitive swollen peak. She mashed him against her other breast and continued her frantic titty massage, keeping his body pressed firmly against her giant orb as she relished the stimulating sensation of his kinky hair on her other sensitive nipple and the ease with which she was able to manipulate him. She reposition him, with one hand behind his head and the other gripping his hairy little ass. She smiled at his frightened face as she slowly lowered his skinny body between her enormous tits and into the valley of her deep cleavage. When his face was even with her giant mellons, she forced his little head deep into her tight cleavage, enveloping him, forcing her mountainous tits together with her elbows as she looked down at the top of his little head. She held his head firmly between he big solid breasts while she rocked him from side to side and rubbed his erection across her big hairy mons.


She could feel his wiry legs swinging back and forth between her monstrous thighs as she rocked him back and forth. She stepped forward and pressed his body against the wall, holding him there with the impossible weight of her gigantic body. His head was still trapped between her huge smothering tits and his skinny legs were pinned securely to the wall by her wide muscular thighs. Ricky belonged to Shannon now, and she was going to do whatever she wanted with him no matter how hard he fought to resist her. She held him like that, helplessly suspended almost five feet off the floor, his head buried between her monstrous tits and his body pinned to the wall by the power of her towering frame. She thought about how attracted he was to her long shapely legs as she held him there, and decided it was only fitting that he experience their incredible new dimensions.


With her left hand still holding his head imprisoned between her tits, she walked across the room and swept her right hand across the top of her highboy dresser. She knocked all the little knickknacks to the floor and cleared a place to sit down. She plopped her enormous bottom on the newly cleared surface. The dresser was like a stool beneath her towering frame and just the right height for what she had in mind. She lowered Ricky's body to the floor between her enormous legs and closed her giant thighs around his chest. She could see their reflection in the mirror on the wall, and even though it was a full six feet in height, all she could see were her big shapely legs coiled threateningly around his captive little body. His feet were barely able to touch the floor, but not enough to allow him to stand. She secured both his wrists with one hand and held them pressed firmly against her left thigh. She leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the back of his neck while staring at their precarious reflection in the mirror.


She squeezed her powerful legs together slowly, applying just enough pressure on his chest to force the air from his lungs and make it impossible for him to scream. She had no idea how strong she was, but the bulging muscles on her arms and legs told her she had better be as careful as possible with this little guy or she'd surely break him. She didn't want to squeeze him unconscious or accidentally crush him to death, at least not yet anyway, she wasn't through playing with him. She smiled at their reflection in the mirror again, then bent over and kissed him passionately on the side of the face, then she started to kiss and suck vigorously all over his shoulders and throat. She clenched her lips tight and nibbled on his skin, then opened her mouth wide and started sucking on him with incredible force. She obviously didn't realize the power of her lips and lungs, she was leaving big purple blotches wherever she placed her sucking wet mouth, on his shoulders, on his back, and all over his neck. She sucked on him again, harder, then licked him with her powerful tongue before moving on to another point of attack. She reached beneath her legs with her right arm and grabbed his hairy ass with her free hand. She squeezed it, then slid her finger between his cheeks as she lifted him off the floor. She loved the sensation of holding his entire body in the palm of her one hand. She knew he was helpless and she knew that he probably hated this, but the combination together made her enjoy it even more. He started squirming and kicking his skinny legs all over but she was one step a head of him and knew exactly what to do.


She raised up on her toes, lifting him just high enough that his feet could no longer touch the floor, with her hand still clamped tightly on his hairy butt, she pushed his fanny forward and trapped his little pecker between her big muscular calves. Now when she observed their reflection in the mirror, she could see his swollen knob poke from between her muscular calves every time she pushed him against them. She held him there, squeezing his little pecker between her balled up calves while his legs dangled helplessly off the floor. She started working him furiously, forcing his little erection in and out of her muscular leg trap, over and over, again and again, she squeezed his swollen pecker between her solid muscular calves. She loved the feeling of complete control she had over him, especially the way she was able to lift and manipulate him with just one hand clamped firmly on his butt. Her calves were almost as big as his skinny thighs, but when she propped herself up on her toes like this, they swelled so big and hard there was really no comparison necessary. Shannon wanted to make him come, to force him to watch their reflection in the mirror and make ejaculate between her tightly clenched calves. She had to stop before he came though, because he started to go limp and she feared she may have squeezed him too tight with the unfamiliar power of her gigantic thighs. She was disappointed that he didn't climax before he passed out, she wanted to see his little knob as it squirted in the mirror, imprisoned between her muscular calves. She was relieved when she discovered he wasn't severely injured, but only unconscious from lack of air and being roughed up a bit too much. She knew she would be able to play with him again, as soon as he woke up.


She laid him on the floor between her big feet and straddled his body, waiting for him to open his eyes. She wanted him to fully appreciate the incredible size and length of her long shapely legs as she stood towering over him. The purple blotchy marks on his shoulders and neck looked darker now, she could see them clearly from her position high above. The sight of his hairy little body stretched out on the carpet below was starting to turn her on again, she didn't know how much longer she could wait. She was thinking about simply pouncing on him and devouring his sexy little body after observing him for only a few minutes, but she decided to wait a little longer for her little captive to come to. Ricky had no idea what was waiting for him, and Shannon never took her eyes off him. She could barely wait for him to open his eyes and look at the awesome sight standing above him, a sight that she knew he might not live to forget.


It was ten minutes before he finally opened his eyes, and when he did, he never moved an inch. He seemed to be paralyzed with fear at the sight towering above him. Her legs were planted beside his little body like two immense oak trees, from his position on the floor they appeared to be twenty feet tall. The higher he looked, the bigger and bumpier they grew, extending upward until their girth was so big and muscular, each one was easily several times larger than his entire body. They joined together in a thick bushy forest hovering high over his body, he had seen that dangerous forest before, it was the same bushy jungle that nearly enveloped his head, and he knew exactly what he was looking at.


Shannon leaned forward slightly and smiled down at him, her giant smiling face was only partially visible between the valley of her massive protruding breasts. Ricky knew how dangerous it was in there too, he had nearly suffocated in that deep dark valley. Shannon could only imagine what she must have looked like from that position, but she knew how much her little date had admired her long legs throughout the evening and she wanted to furnish him with a view he would never forget. From the look on his frightened face, the view was everything she wanted it to be and probably a whole lot more than he ever imagined.


Before he could move, and fearing he might try and run away, she dropped to her knees in one fluid motion, surrounding his body with her long powerful thighs and folding her big calves beneath her. Her menacing bush was so threateningly close to his frightened face that his body was actually shivering with fear. The aroma of her aroused sex descended upon him as she spread her knees wider and exposed her giant wet lips to him. With one hand she quickly captured his little head and lifted his whole upper body off the floor. She pressed his face to her seething hot pussy and closed her enormous thighs around his head. His face was submerged in her hot wet box and her thighs pressed firmly on the sides of hid head. She knew there was no way he could escape her as she watched his little hands clutch helplessly at the sides of her big muscular thighs. She felt his skinny legs wiggle wildly beneath her and laughed at the tickling sensation of his fuzzy hair rubbing her ass cheeks as she leaned back to looked down at him through the valley between her enormous tits. She playfully rubbed her big thighs together and watched his head completely disappear between their enormous mass. She could feel his hot lips sucking frantically on her pussy and the insides of her muscular thighs as he struggled for air. She was getting hot again, and knew she could not hold him like this for too long but it felt so wonderful she didn't want to stop.


She reached between her big thighs as she opened them slightly and grabbed the back of his head again. With one hand, she pulled his little body from between their enormous girth, resisting the urge to give him another tight squeeze when he was half way out, and lifting him into the air in front of her. She turned him around and placed his feet on the floor as she kneeled behind him. She closed her big thighs around his ankles and calves, then wrapped her long right arm completely around his chest. His arms were pinned helplessly to his sides and she hugged him to her chest, forcing his head between her big solid tits. She reached between his legs with her left hand, and grabbed his little penis with her thumb and two fingers. When she started to fondle and play with him, he got hard almost immediately. Shannon couldn't help but laugh as continued to jerk Ricky off. What an incredibly weird feeling this was, she felt like she was molesting a tiny little boy. Ricky was so small and helpless, there was no way he could resist her, but as weird as it felt, she was getting turned on. It felt great being able to take control like this, she could do whatever she wanted to, and she wasn't about to stop until she made him come. She forced Ricky to the edge of ejaculation several times before she finally made him come, and with his little head buried between her enormous tits, she knew she could have kept him aroused all night. The feeling of power she had over him was so enjoyable she was tempted to do him again and again. Ricky was lucky he passed out after his second climax, or Shannon might have played with him all night long. Ricky was out cold, but Shannon wasn't satisfied, she was still turned on and she didn't want to stop. What she really wanted was to be screwed by Ricky, or anybody at this point, who had a really big dick. She didn't even care if he was equal to her in size, she simply wanted to get herself off and release the emotions she'd built up throughout the evening.


Shannon knew she could never find anyone her size to give her a good screwing, and she didn't know if she would ever shrink back to a normal existence. She wasn't even sure what had caused her to grow so big and muscular, but she had a pretty good idea what it was, that glowing green bottle of perfume she mixed up. This left only one logical solution, she had to test her theory to find out if she was right. She laid Ricky's limp body on the bed and crawled into the bathroom. Sure enough, there it was, glowing in the dark on the top shelf. She retrieved the glowing bottle from the bathroom and sat down on the bed. She picked Ricky up and laid him on her lap with his head resting in the crook of her right arm. She was going to wait for him to wake up and try a little experiment. Shannon thought if she sprayed him with the perfume just like she sprayed herself, he would grow big too, and hopefully possess the equipment she needed to be satisfied. She thought he might be a little pissed after what

she'd done to him, and maybe even come after her seeking revenge, but when she thought about her present size and muscularity, she knew she would be able to protect herself, and probably control him too.


She waited a good half hour before Ricky started to move, and when he finally opened his eyes and tried to sit up, she was ready. She wrapped her right arm around his chest and squirted the perfume right in his face, "PSST", when he took a breath of air, he sucked the green mist through his mouth and nose at the

same time. He coughed a couple of times, and his nostrils and lips were glowing bright green. Shannon held him tight so he couldn't get away, he didn't move his arms or legs at all, she thought he acted paralyzed or even worse, like he was dying. She placed the bottle on the night stand next to the bed and watched

him closely. After waiting several minutes, she noticed the glowing green color had faded from his lips and nose but he was breathing much faster than normal. He still looked like the same hairy little guy she'd pulled out from under the covers a few hours ago. She was just about to lay him on the bed when she


felt his little body start to shiver and shake, his skin felt abnormally hot on her big naked thighs, and then he started to change. "Oh My God, What the hell have I done?" she thought to herself as she watched him closely. Ricky was shrinking right before her eyes. He got smaller and smaller with each tick of the clock, till finally, in less than two minutes, she was holding his entire body in just one hand.


This was absolutely unbelievable, Ricky was no bigger than her little finger, he looked like he was only 3" tall laying in the palm of her right hand. Shannon suddenly realized she had forgotten about her own enormous size, he was actually a little bit bigger, to a normal sized person, she figured he was maybe 6" tall. The transformation must have been extremely stressful on his tiny body because he looked like he was dead. She lifted her hand to her face and examined him closely, she was relieved when she saw he was breathing normally, at least he wasn't dead anyway. Shannon wasn't sure what to do with him, he certainly couldn't satisfy her sexually, he was so damn tiny he wasn't much good for anything, except maybe to look at. She was even afraid to pick him up with her fingers, fearing she might accidentally pinch off one of his arms or legs with her long fingernails. She stared at him as he laid in the palm of her hand and thought about how puny and helpless he looked, this was truly unbelievable. "Here I am, 12' tall, more than twice my normal size, with a real live miniature man sleeping in my hand. Nobody would ever believe what happened here tonight even if I told them."


Shannon laid back on the bed and leaned her head against the wall, she dumped Ricky's unconscious body on her big left tit and smiled at the inconceivable sight. Ricky was so small her erect nipple was actually bigger than his tiny head, and when he started to move and rolled over against it, Shannon felt a twang of pleasure vibrate through her entire body. He was still unconscious, but every time he moved his hairy little body across her areole or bumped against her sensitive nipple, the twangs of pleasure were absolutely sensational. After several minutes of tossing and turning on her giant pillowy breast, he unknowingly wrapped his little body around her erect nipple and hugged it tightly. That was all she could take, Shannon damn near lost control, she definitely couldn't wait any longer. She lifted her giant right tit to her lips and started sucking on it furiously while keeping her eyes on Ricky curled around her big left nipple. She didn't think he was ever going to wake up, and she had no idea what he might do when he did. She was so excited now she couldn't wait for him to wake up, she had to work on both her sensitive nipples at the same time. She grabbed her big left breast and shook it, rolling Ricky's hairy little body into her deep dark cleavage. She lifted her giant breasts up and whipped her long tongue across both her sensitive nipples at the same time, it felt so good she squealed out loud. She pressed her enormous tits together and as she licked and sucked on her delicate peaks, she could feel Ricky's hairy little body squirming between their solid fleshy mass. She wasn't sure if he was actually awake, and at this point she really didn't care. She sucked her swollen nipples long and hard, jumping from one to the other as fast as she could move her head and tongue. She had never orgasmed from nipple stimulation before and she knew this was going to be her first. She twisted her head from side to side, feverishly licking and flicking her tongue across her erect nipples. Her hips were moving in unison with her dancing tongue, the mattress was shaking, the springs were squeaking, she could feel Ricky's hairy little body squirming out of control, and then it happened. She mashed her solid tits together, squeezing them tight with her big strong hands and rubbing them savagely back and forth while alternately forcing her giant swollen nipples into her hot sucking mouth. Her orgasm was monumental, one she would never forget, because at the peak of her excitement, just as she was about to climax, she felt Ricky's puny little body crackle and break between her awesome tits. The sensation was not of this world, it was one she would have to repeat.


When she separated her monstrous tits, his little body was pasted to the side of her left breast. Trickles of blood dripped into her deep cleavage but his flattened little body remained stuck to her giant left tit. She grabbed a clean-x from the near by nightstand, and cleaned the gooie mess from between her giant tits. She was exhausted, and she laid back on the bed and fell asleep. She woke up the next morning with a tremendous headache, her bedroom was a mess and she thought she'd had a terrible dream. She looked around the room, everything was on the floor, she was back to her normal height, her bed was all torn up. She looked at the nightstand next to her bed, she saw the glowing

green bottle of perfume and a bloody red clean-x next to it. "It wasn't a dream" she thought to herself, "it was real, it really happened."


She grabbed the bloody clean-x and the glowing green bottle from the nightstand and ran into the bathroom. She put the green bottle back on the shelf and flushed the toilet, that was the end of Ricky Roberts. She was sorry she had killed him, and she vowed to never forget him. "How could she ever forget her "First Victim," the man she crushed to death between her giant tits."


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