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Balance of Nature by Nomdraserv

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Balance Of Nature 

By Nomdraserv


"Why bother? I mean, you’re just a woman. It’s not like you’re going to get really strong."


David regretted the words to his wife the moment he spoke them. Perhaps they had been sparked by the frustration of needing to make it through two more days before their vacation. Perhaps it was the fact that they’d had to cancel their planned trip, and Barb had decided they could use the time for some home improvements. More likely, it was his frustration at the time she spent working out with her weights and exercise equipment – frustration from the guilt he felt about his own lack of dedication, but also from her decreased free time.


Barb paused, still holding the free weights she had been using for alternating arm curls, and glared.


"And just what is that supposed to mean?"


"What?" he asked, feigning innocence.


"Just a woman," she mimicked icily.


"Oh, well," he fumbled, but decided to force it through. "Nothing, really. You know. It’s just, well, you huff and puff at those weights, but you’re never going to get much results. Men and women are just different that way. I mean, we’re bigger and stronger. And we buff up a lot faster. It just makes more sense for us to work out with weights."


"Like you ever do," she snapped.


Stung, David became more contentious.


"Don’t need to," he smiled superiorly. He walked over and pulled the weights from her hands, despite her brief struggle to hold on. He then hefted them easily. "See?"


"That doesn’t prove anything," she insisted, hands on her hips. She was still slightly out of breath from her own workout, her exercise leotard slightly damp.


He tossed the weight into the air and caught it.


"What are these, 20 pounds?" He checked the colored weights and added them up. "That’s what I thought. These are nothing, baby."


She looked frustrated. "I could lift more if I wanted."


"Yeah," he snorted. "25 maybe. And what can you press? A 100? And that’s after 3 months of this stuff. Hey, you want a challenge?" He leaned down and added weight to the large bar. "We’ll start with 150, then add 20 each round. Clean and jerk. Loser has to do all the cleaning and house stuff for a month." He hated housework, and Barb had to constantly nag him to get him to help.


She glared. "Yeah, right. You’ve got the jerk part down cold."


He patted her head, looking down into her angry eyes.


"Just trying to make things interesting for you. Hey, if I could give you an edge, you know I would."


Her eyes suddenly started. She looked at him with an entirely new glint that made him actually pause in his teasing.


"You would? Really?"


"Yeah, sure," he promised casually, knowing it didn’t matter.


"All right, you’re on." She shocked him by nodding. "Just give me a couple of days to get ready, OK?"


He laughed at the idea of her training being able to make any difference. "No problem. Two days. Maybe we can make a few more deals to keep things interesting." He had visions of Barb serving him in a skimpy French maid costume during the vacation. He had actually bought one once at an "adult" store, but she had refused to wear it more than once.


As though reading his mind, she laughed. "Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Superman. You haven’t won yet. And I think I can promise it will be very interesting. Now, if you’ll excuse me, one of us wants to keep in shape."


"Whatever," he grinned, glad things had ended so well. "I’ll be watching TV." He smirked. "That’s all the training I need."


If David expected any residual bad feelings from the altercation, his fears were put to rest when Barb joined him in the bedroom. She had brought two beers, and had even opened his for him already. She stripped off her sweaty clothes, not bothering to put anything else on. While he watched SportsCenter and drank his beer, she rubbed his back.


"Mmm," she purred. "I just love your broad, strong back."


He chuckled. She was still into this size and strength stuff. He knew it was a real turn on for her, and almost regretted that he’d let himself go so much the last couple of years. At least he still had his natural size and muscle advantage, despite her workouts, not to mention the 4 inches extra height.


"All natural, babe. Just the advantage of being a guy."


"Mm-hmm," she answered. "You’re SO lucky. I’d just love to be as big and strong as you."


David frowned. He sure hoped that wasn’t the way she was planning to take her training. He decided to treat the idea as a joke.


"Sure, babe. In your dreams."


"Maybe," she replied with a laugh.


Whether it was her rubdown or the beer, David suddenly developed an extreme arousal. His 7 inch cock sprang to attention, tenting his shorts. Barb laughed again.


"Looks like part of you wants a workout," she cooed, moving her hands to stroke it.


The TV was forgotten, as David practically tore his clothes off to join her. She seemed unusually passionate herself – maybe these workouts of hers weren’t so bad after all – practically begging him to cum, and immediately sucking him back for another session. Two things stood out in his mind as she rode him to his second orgasm – her excitement and enthusiasm, and her incredible energy after their first session. He, in contrast, felt completely spent afterwards, and almost immediately fell into an exhausted sleep.


His surprise was doubled the next morning when Barb woke him with a blowjob. This was almost unheard of, despite their sexual frequency, but he wasn’t going to complain. She winked saucily at him as she slurped hungrily on his member, even seeming able to suck the entire length in without gagging, which was usually impossible for her. This deep throat technique soon had him cumming yet again, and he was amazed at the force and volume of his ejaculation given the two sessions last night.


Even more amazing, Barb swallowed the cum! In fact, she looked downright ecstatic as she licked her lips.


"Mmm," she declared. "Makes me all tingly."


"Me too," he admitted, happily, settling lazily back into bed. In fact, mixed with his glow at the method of her wake-up call was a surprise at how tired he suddenly felt again. He should have been refreshed after the long sleep, but actually had to struggle to force himself out of bed and start getting ready.


Barb was already half dressed by the time he finished his shower. He’d had to adjust the showerhead, mentally blaming her for moving it, but not noticing that he’d had to adjust it down. He did notice her tugging a bit at her skirt to button it.


"Thought your training was supposed to help you lose weight," he teased, unable to resist revisiting last night’s argument.


To his surprise, she didn’t seem angry. Instead, she just smiled.


"Not if you’re adding muscle, dear," she shot back. "But you wouldn’t know about that I suppose."


He was going to fire back another retort, but paused when he looked more closely. Barb still hadn’t put her shirt on, and he could swear her shoulders were a bit wider. Her chest and back looked stronger too, and the bra straps were stretched. Looking down, he saw that the now tight skirt emphasized a prominent but very firm ass, and since the skirt stopped just above her knees, he could clearly see the swell of her toned calves and thighs. Damn, she was looking good. And buff. Even her upper arms had a hint of developed muscles.


He reflexively looked at his own reflection and winced. His inactivity had caught up with him more than he’d noticed. His biceps were definitely less prominent. Though still respectable, they were at best average now, and he’d lost that nice edge he’d kept since college. His legs, too, looked thinner and a bit softer. He unconsciously tensed and flexed his muscles, pretending that their almost relaxed look was from the way he was standing. Even his chest looked less impressive – almost…smaller when he came to stand next to Barb. At least he hadn’t developed a gut.


In fact, he was surprised when he pulled his underwear and pants on to find that they seemed a bit loose. The pants sagged, and he had to tighten the belt an extra notch to keep them up properly. Despite this, they must have been sitting wrong on his waist, because the cuffs dragged over his feet. Determined to make the best of it, he actually bragged to Barb as he tugged at the loose waist.


"Of course, some of us can lose weight without all that exercising stuff."


Her eyes sparkled as she kissed him. "You amazing man, you. Hope you’re not planning to lose weight in a certain place." She cupped his loose crotch, suddenly making it less loose.


"No way," he proclaimed proudly. "Not as long as you keep me properly exercised."


This drew another laugh. "Exactly what I had planned."


He was reassured and feeling good again, when something else caught his eye. Barb looked taller for some reason – almost his height. And she hadn’t had to lean up to kiss him. He turned to stare at her.


"Hey, how the hell…I mean…" He looked her up and down, then turned back to the mirror in fear. "You’re taller!"


She paused, then burst out laughing.


"I’m in heels, silly. You don’t even have shoes on. What did you expect?"


He laughed weakly himself, relieved at the explanation. Still, it was odd. Those didn’t look like 3 inch heels.


He finished dressing himself, tugging at his sleeves to make them sit properly. They must have been stretched in the wash or something. He slipped his shoes on – very easily – then went out to breakfast. Barb was already heading out the door.


"See you tonight," she called.


"Sure." He wasn’t very hungry, so just grabbed some coffee and left himself. He fidgeted with his car seat and mirror, which didn’t feel quite right. All the way to work, he flexed his biceps, trying to convince himself that it still felt as firm and large as it had, or at least hoping the exercise would magically bring it back.


Work was the usual drudgery. The office secretary commented that he looked tired, confirming his fears of being out of shape, and it sure didn’t help when his friend, Jack, came by to see how their project was coming.


"Tired, huh? Yeah, you probably are out of shape. When’s the last time you hit the gym? I keep trying to…hey, I know. What do you say we skip lunch and play racquetball? My club is just a couple of blocks away. Then we can go back after work and get you started on some weights again. Barb will never know."


David looked hopeful. Sure, a week or two and he’d be back in shape. Barb would never notice. Or if she did, he could really show off how quickly a man responded to weightlifting.


The plan seemed less appealing in practice. Everything went bad. Jack humiliated him in racquetball. David’s serves were weak, but his returns were worse – when he could get to them. Many shots were just blown by him. Even his rented clothes were wrong. They were ostensibly his size, but were too loose and baggy. He silently blamed them for his bad game. They showered afterwards in silence. Then, David caught Jack looking at him curiously, his gaze clearly including everything.


"What?" he demanded.


Jack shook his head in embarrassment, ashamed at being caught looking at another man in the shower. "Nothing. Say, how tall are you again?"


"Six feet. Why?"


"Nothing," Jack repeated, knowing it was wrong since he was six feet himself, and he had at least a couple of inches on David. Weird he hadn’t noticed that discrepancy before. He also silently smiled at the way some guys inflated their measurements. (And not just for height.)


Things were worse after work.


"Ooof!" David grunted, struggling with the bar. "Check it again. You must have added too much."


Jack sighed and looked again.


"200 pounds. Look for yourself."


David’s arms quivered with the strain, but he had to give up.


"Damn. I can’t believe I’ve lost this much."


"Why not? Don’t use it, you lose it," Jack shrugged, resetting the machine, and marveling at just how much smaller David’s upper arms did look. They had worked out together occasionally early on, and the difference was striking. "What do you want me to set it for?"


David gulped. He had to at least make…




Jack did, and David was relieved to find that he could still manage several reps at that weights, though with considerable straining. He cut the workout short because of his frustration, but regretted it when he got home. He found Barb working out enthusiastically. Her leotard seemed to be stretched even more tightly than usual, though the strained fabric and extra-high hips made her quite a sexy sight. She was doing her jazzercise dance while curling the hand weights.


"You’re late," she called in question. "Did you get dinner?"


"Yeah," he lied. "Had some work to finish with Jack," he mumbled. He stared at how high her steps were and at how easily she swung the weights.


And then, he noticed.


They were 30 pound weights.


He watched in shock as she completed her routine. She wiped her brow, but didn’t seem nearly as out of breath as yesterday.


"Wanna try?" she offered. "Help you get ready for the contest tomorrow."


"No thanks," he quailed, remembering the contest. He furtively glanced at her barbell and was relieved to see that it was still only 100 pounds.


Or had it been 80 yesterday? The thought gave him a moment of panic before he remembered he was still well above that. Barb walked over and gave him a quick kiss in greeting.


"Well," she growled. "If you’re not hungry, and don’t want to work out here, maybe there’s another exercise you’d like?"


At her words, his dick sprang to life, and he was as hot and horny as the last night. He didn’t bother to wonder where the sudden sexual energy came from as he followed her to the bedroom, or even at the way she’d kissed him so easily just now.


After all, they made sneakers with heels, right?


Afterwards, he briefly fell to sleep, once more feeling a wave of exhaustion that followed the more powerful orgasms he’d experienced the last day. He felt the bed shift as Barb got up, then dreamily opened his eyes to see her after she finished a shower.


"I’ve got to touch base with Jessica about that research we’ve been doing," she said, coming over to kiss him. Her friend lived in another apartment downstairs. Jessica was not only a partner at the biogenetics company Barb worked at, but a self-proclaimed "witch" who had very pronounced opinions about the relative position of women in the world which never failed to rankle David. He grimaced.


"Hey," Barb remonstrated. "You’re going to be amazed at her latest breakthrough." She looked him over appraisingly. "She is going to change the world this time."


"Yeah, yeah," he mumbled. "But will it sell?"


Barb considered, flexing her arms curiously. David winced at the sight of the noticeable biceps bulge that resulted. Damn, where had that come from?


"I think so," she decided. "Rest up, dear. You look tired."


He watched lazily as she struggled into her jeans, tugging futilely at the waist, even as the bottoms pulled above her ankles. When she gave up, she saw him watching and shrugged.


"Must have shrunk."


She pulled out a pair of baggy khakis. Well, they had been baggy. They fit more snugly now, outlining the curves of her firm legs and ass. When she pulled on a shirt, the bottom immediately lifted from the waist, leaving an inch of bare – and very taut – midriff exposed. Her arms also looked tight in the sleeves. She blew him another kiss as she left.


David felt so tired, he considered taking her advice, but the visions of her increased size and muscularity haunted him. He needed to push himself if he was going to show her up properly, so he forced himself from bed – not noticing when he dropped the last inch to the floor – and reluctantly went to get some clothes. As if to reinforce his condition, even his own shorts and sweatshirt felt baggy on him, but he put the nagging fear they engendered aside and walked down to Barb’s exercise room. The 30 pound weights felt awfully heavy as he started imitating her workout, but he consoled himself with the knowledge that he was just used to her 20 pounders, and was also tired from their lovemaking. He soon felt a welcome burn as he started into a full workout. Even the realization that he was getting a burn from the same weights that Barb used didn’t bother him as much as it should. He pushed himself, really sweating and panting as he tried to copy her routine, consoling himself when he added another set of weights to the barbell before doing his reps.


Unfortunately, 150 seemed a little too much at this point, but he figured he was tired from the workout before, so he settled on 120 as more than adequate. Even that seemed a bit of a challenge, and so he was huffing and puffing when he suddenly saw Barb smiling at him from the door.


"Decided to get in a little tune-up after all?" she joked.


He dropped the barbell, intending to make it look easy, and wincing as it fell accusingly the last 6 inches from his strained grasp.


"Um…not really. I just, um, you know…"


She laughed and walked towards him with an exaggerated swing to her hips. He almost stepped back when she drew close – she just seemed somehow…imposing: cool, confident, and dressed in her tight clothes while he panted in his baggy workout gear. It didn’t help that she seemed to be just as tall as he was in her heels, and he wondered why she’d suddenly switched to such tall shoes. In a flash of inspiration, he realized it was probably to play into her own fantasies about size, and maybe psych him out at the same time. He decided he’d have to wear his own shoes until she got over it. For now, he just looked evenly into her eyes and tried to look as confident as she felt.


To his surprise, she suddenly dropped to her knees and pulled at his loose shorts. Before he knew it, his cock was free and – remarkably – immediately jumped to attention, just as it had the last couple of days. She immediately engulfed it in her warm mouth, making him gasp.


"Mmm," she said around it, before briefly letting it slide out with a slurping sound. "You look so powerful and masculine working out like this. It just makes me weak at the knees."


To be honest, David was the one who felt a momentary weakness at her attention, but his accessory brain had already kicked in, and he ignored the feeling to concentrate on the unexpected blow job. Barb paused occasionally to ask questions.


"Mmm. Did you feel the burn, baby? Are those big, strong muscles all primed for me? Mmm. And your big cock. Mmm. So big."


Strangely, despite her comments, David couldn’t help noticing that she was able to handle his member without any great difficulty despite his almost painful hardness. Even more surprising, he felt himself begin to come again in very little time, once more producing a large load of cum as though by magic. Barb licked her lips greedily and stood up, even as David seemed to collapse from the power of his orgasm. As she stood, there was a tearing sound from her pants. She looked around in embarrassment.


"Oops. Better wear my play clothes next time," she winked. "Now, isn’t this a great way to work out together?"


David simply smiled goofily and sat on the mat. Yeah, he could get into this.


When Barb left to change clothes, he thought he’d better try to finish his reps despite the overpowering weakness he felt. He pulled up his shorts, then did it again when they started to slip. He picked up the barbell and gasped at how heavy it felt. He knew that muscles relaxed after sex, but had never realized just how much that mattered. He grunted, strained and twisted, finally managing to get the weights to chest level, but when he tried to press them, his arms seemed to turn to rubber and he dropped them with a resounding clang. Stupid weights. Oh well, he’d had a good workout, and there was no way she could train enough in one day to make up the difference between them.


He was so satisfied with himself that he didn’t even notice Barb smiling from the doorway.


Barb left the next morning before he could get up. His body, that was. She’d managed to daze him with yet another of her new, super-powerful blow jobs before he even knew what was happening. When she waved goodbye, he noticed that her skirt today came several inches above her knees and seemed even tighter. The shine of her hose also really highlighted how powerful her legs were looking these days. David looked under the sheet at his own legs with considerable discomfort. They were positively scrawny looking .He knew that lower body strength was pretty close between men and women anyway. Was it possible she was even stronger than him there now?


A very disquieting thought, and one that distracted him as he got dressed. He absentmindedly drew his belt in another notch, leaving his pants almost ballooning around his waist, and the cuffs still dragging his shoes. He noticed his shirt collar was loose, and the sleeves half covered his hands, and figured Barb must have picked out the wrong size the last time she shopped. Since he was already running late, he let it go. When his shoes slipped a bit, he cursed the thinner dress socks he wore. In the car, he adjusted the seat forward and tilted the mirror down, apparently bumped when he got out the last time. There was something else odd and uncomfortable about the drive in, though he didn’t realize it was from his altered perspective and unconscious attempts to sit up higher to correct it.


At work, the secretary looked at him oddly. David ignored her stare and walked to get some coffee, almost bumping into Donna, another coworker. She jumped back in surprise.


"Oh, sorry, I …" A doubletake. "David?"


He smiled apologetically. "Oops. Almost an accident." The smile faded. Donna looked odd. Not to mention the fact that she was looking him evenly in the eyes. He glanced down and was reassured to see heels. Maybe tall heels were just the fad now.


Donna was still looking him up and down, especially at the way his oversized clothes made him look...smaller. Damn. He looked almost short.


David walked on before she could make sense of it, drawing a few more second glances. When he sat in his chair, he was surprised to find that the desk and computer looked higher. He got up and adjusted the seat, figuring someone had been using his desk unawares, then pulled back his sleeves and went to work.


Jack appeared some time later.


"Davey, my man! How are…you…" He trailed off at the site of David perched in his high seat, his baggy clothes settled loosely around him. There was actually a small gap around his dress shirt’s collar, and the sleeves had crept back down over his hands.


"Hey, Jack," David answered, clearing his throat at the higher pitch his voice had inadvertently slipped into. "I think I’m finished."


"Great, great," Jack mumbled, still staring at him. "So, are you feeling all right?" Jack was having great difficulty in trying to reconcile what his eyes told him, since it was clearly impossible. Maybe it was a side effect of some flu or dehydration or something.


"Sure," David answered, then paused. "Well, a little tired. Barb’s been giving me a pretty good workout the last couple of days, if you know what I mean."


"Um, yeah. Great. Yeah. Um, about that racquetball rematch? Maybe we’d better call it off, huh?" Whatever it was, it might be catching.


"Sure," David agreed. "I think I’m pretty well primed anyway."


"Yeah, right. Good. Well, I’d better be going." He had already eased out the door when he popped back in, his arm actually making a half-hearted attempt to shield his nose and mouth. "Hey, since you’re starting vacation anyway, why don’t you cut out early? We…I mean, you don’t want to catch something and ruin your vacation."


"You sure?" David brightened. "I don’t want to leave you short."




"Yikes! What do…? Oh, right. Absolutely. No problem. We’ll cover."


"Great." David walked jauntily out a few minutes later, nodding happily at the people he met in the building. There sure were a lot of tall people around today. Even the women seemed statuesque, with a few (well, more than a few) taller than him – something that hardly ever happened. Apparently, this heel fad had taken a wider hold than he thought.


He got home to have his bubble briefly burst. Barb was home, but more to the point, Jessica sat at the kitchen table with her. They both stared as he came in.


"David!" Barb called. "You’re home early."


He saw Jessica move quickly to hide several bottles of colored liquid. He grimaced to think she was pushing her "potions" again.


"You too," he answered. "Both of you." His tone chilled the room.


Jessica smirked. "We finished early. My new project got an early test and seems to be working perfectly. We were just celebrating."


"Yeah," he said noncommittally. "Congratulations. Well, I’ll just go change."


Jessica was staring openly at him, and her gaze swept his body and clothes several times. She broke into a huge smile.


"Fantastic. This is going to be big, Barb." A giggle as she looked at him again. "Really big." Outright laughter now that made him clench his teeth. Was she aware of his recent doubts regarding his fitness? When she saw his face, she stood up. "Oh, don’t worry. I’m leaving." She paused to appraise him from a standing position and smirked again. She then turned to Barb and mimed silently "Really big!" one more time before grabbing her bag and walking out. As always, she wore her sensible flats, but David was too tense to notice the way her eyes kept level with his as she walked past. Unexpectedly, she squeezed his arm. "Ooh, soft," she cooed before laughing and darting out the door before he could react.


He blushed and fumed at Barb. "What the hell…?"


"Shh," Barb smiled in reassurance. "She’s just teasing you. I told her about our bet."


"Oh, yeah," he sat down. That prospect filled him with considerably less pleasure and anticipation than it had. "You know, I wasn’t really serious when I …"


"Nonsense," she replied. "A bet’s a bet. You wanna do it now? We’ll get an early start for our week off, and I really don’t feel like cooking tonight anyway."


"Cooking?" he asked. "I thought…"


"All the household stuff. I think that includes cooking and cleaning, don’t you? Of course, if you just want to admit you can’t do it, we can call it off. I guess."


He almost jumped at the chance, then scolded himself, especially at the note of condescension that had crept into her voice.


"No way. Better put on your maid’s outfit, woman. You’re going to be busy."


"Ooh, you’re so forceful," she cooed laughingly, running her hands over his chest and back. Was it his imagination, or did the trip seem to take less time today? "Let me change."


David tried to psych himself up as they both put on casual clothes. After all, he was still a man, and he had clearly outclassed her a couple of nights ago. All the training in the world couldn’t change that, no matter how she’d changed her routine, or what psychological tricks she used. She was using them again, picking a pair of shorts that seemed to bulge around her toned leg muscles, and a shirt that was at least two sizes too small, enhancing her upper arm muscles and tight abs. It also enhanced her breasts, which strangely seemed larger as well – an unexpected side effect of her training, he guessed, or maybe just because they were closer to his eye level as he bent over to pull on his shorts.


Though, oddly, they still seemed closer than normal after standing. He would have looked more closely, except that his shorts started to slip off when he let them go.


"Hey," he complained. "What have you been using in the laundry? It’s stretched the hell out of this waistband."


She looked concerned, but then smirked.


"You’ll find out, since you’ll be doing the laundry for the next month."


"Ha, ha. By the way, have you seen that old French maid costume I bought?" He hoped to make her as nervous as she was trying with him. Let her think of the consequences for as minute. "I thought we might make a side bet."


She surprised him by reacting without a blink. "Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I was just thinking of that myself. And any side bet is more than welcome."


Now he was the one disconcerted. "Look, Barb, fun’s fun, but you don’t really mean to do this, do you?"


She was already walking to the exercise room in answer. He sighed, pulled his shorts up again, and followed her. Oh well, she was asking for it.


For some reason, she had sat down cross-legged on the floor to wait for him. Her muscled legs were shown to incredible advantage as her short-shorts rode up to near bikini level, as tight as a second skin. He glanced uncertainly at the biceps obvious beneath her tight shirt. Were they really bigger than yesterday? And she wasn’t even flexing this time. Could Jessica have come up with some kind of steroid-muscle enhancing drug? That might explain a lot. Still, a woman’s arm muscles were inherently less efficient, and she’d only had a couple of day’s worth, so he should still have an edge. If he could impress her enough with his first lift, she might be intimidated enough to call it off yet. He still told himself that he was just trying to be fair. There was still no way she could actually win.


"You first," she announced. "I think you said 150 pounds to start?"


"Start and finish," he smirked. "I don’t want you to strain anything."


"Not a worry," she smiled back. "20 pound increments?"


"Um, yeah, sure," he agreed. How far was she going to play this charade? She couldn’t hope to clear more than 150.


He walked up to the barbell rubbed his hands. Squatting down, he grasped it, the bar feeling odd in his hand, as though thicker. With a grunt, he lifted, then gasped as the bar went back down. Barb called out in concern.


"Too much, dear? Should we start with something less?"


Ah, he thought. A trick. She wants to lower the weight already, knowing she can beat me in an endurance test. Probably fixed the weights somehow. Well, now was the time to blow her away and end this thing.


"Hardly," he assured her. "Just getting set."


He reached down with a full adrenaline surge, determined to show her just what she was up against. With a groan, he managed to get the weights up to his chest level, though his muscles screamed in complaint as she shifted his grip to complete the maneuver. Every fiber screamed – as he did himself – as he wrestled the bar higher, almost falling to the side as it started to slip, then recovering as he shifted his legs beneath the weight. Letting out a cathartic roar, he finally managed to raise the bar above his head. He held it there, wavering and uncertainly, for a full three seconds before he released his breath in a final whoosh and dropped it, letting it clang the last foot to the mat. His arms burned and ached painfully where he strained his shoulder, but he was rewarded with an open-mouthed "Ooh" from Barb as she applauded from the floor. He tried to rub his arms back to normal.


"Now then," he said dismissingly. "If you’re satisfied, we can talk about that maid costume and the week’s schedule."


"But what about my turn?" she asked innocently.


He shook his head sadly. "Fun’s fun, Barb, but trying to overlift like that could be dangerous."


"I noticed," she giggled. "I thought I was going to have to rescue there for a minute."


His cheeks reddened in anger. "Don’t be ridiculous, Barb. I don’t know how much weight you put on there, but there’s no way you should try lifting it."


"I agree."


He was surprised. "You do? You admit I won?"


Another laugh. "Of course not, silly. I just said I wouldn’t bother trying to lift that much weight."


He was confused. "Well then, what…?"


She wordlessly crawled over to the barbell, and loosened the restraining collar. But then, to his amazement, instead of taking weight off, she added 20 pounds to each side.


"Barb!" she shouted. "Don’t be ridiculous."


"Not enough?" she asked innocently. "OK, you’re right. Let’s do this right."


She added another 20 pounds, making him stare open-mouthed.


"This isn’t funny. You’ll hurt yourself. Even I couldn’t handle that."


A smile. "Hold that thought, dear."


She stood, took a deep breath, then reached down to grasp the bar. A moment’s hesitation made him think she had realized her mistake, but then, she made a clean lift, moving without hesitation to press it easily above her head.


He stared in shock, agog over her relaxed pose, and the way her upper arm muscles bulged. They were larger than many female weight trainers he’d seen, and as large as most men’s.


And unquestionably larger than his.


His arms seemed to go soft and limp as he stared, and he unconsciously squeezed his own biceps in curiosity. It felt small and flabby, as though afraid to show itself in front of hers. Finally, as she held the bar aloft, he gasped out.


"But how? Have you been taking steroids? Has Jessica experimented on you? You don’t want to be freak, Barb."


She frowned. "A freak? No, I wouldn’t want that." She carefully lowered the bar to the floor, letting it touch softly to emphasize her control, then rubbed her hands thoughtfully. She flexed her upper body, inadvertently ripping the overstretched shirt. Her breasts jutted out even more obviously, the nipples now quite stiff, though whether from her exertion or a rising excitement, David wasn’t sure. "But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. Or, in your case, a short one."


She emphasized her words by coming over to press her body up against his. He felt her breasts mash against him, but noticed her stiff nipples seemed to rub just above his. Even more strangely, her eyes looked DOWN slightly into his as she smiled. He immediately looked down at their feet…


And saw that neither of them was wearing shoes.


Part 2


David went quite pale as the realization hit home. He stared up in disbelief into Barb’s laughing eyes. She had to be at least 2 or 3 inches taller than him!


"Barb, what the hell is happening? How did you get so big? Are you using growth hormones?"


She laughed. "In a sense. I’m using YOU, David, dear. You’re giving me that edge just like you said you would. And thanks to Jessica’s work, you can."


"That bitch!" he shouted. "Using you as a guinea pig. My God! Just look at you!" He looked her up and down, her body hard with exaggerated muscle and well over six feet in height.


She took his advice, striking a bodybuilder’s pose and glorying in her new found bulges.


"Wonderful, isn’t it?"


He gulped. His cock evidently thought so, since it had sprung to life, despite his surface outrage. At least his baggy shorts helped to hide his reaction.


"It’s not right," he insisted.


"What’s not?" she asked.


"That you’re so…big," he finally managed. "It’s not right. You’re a woman."


Her manner became cold.




"Well, women are supposed to be, you know, smaller." And weaker, he added silently to himself.


"Not anymore," Barb sniffed.


"It’s not right," he insisted unhappily, wondering how he would adjust to an amazonian wife. Then, he attacked from a different angle. "It’s dangerous," he insisted decisively. "There’s no way you can grow almost a foot in a couple of days and have it be safe."


She smiled reassuringly. "Don’t worry. I’ve only grown a few inches. It feels weird, but I’m OK."


"Bullshit!" he shouted. "You’re way past a few inches. Look how much taller you are than me."


A laugh of understanding. "Oh, David! Haven’t you realized yet? You’re shrinking."


He felt a cold ball fill his stomach. Even as his mind tried to deny it, the events of the last few days confirmed the fact. He looked down at his baggy clothes.




"Well, shrinking and losing muscle mass. You’re looking pretty scrawny, so I suspect the shrinking will predominate now. It’s sort of the other way round at the start. For obvious reasons." She flexed her softball-sized biceps again in obvious delight.


"It’s impossible," he insisted desperately.


She stood closer, leaving his eyes at her nose level. "Look up at me and tell me that."


"But how?" he wailed.


"Magic and super science," she answered smugly. "Jessica has combined them in a way that allows us to take someone else’s size and strength."




"Women. Or at least that’s our target market. Women have suffered forever by being smaller and weaker than men. It’s time we balanced things out a little."


"You call this balanced?" he demanded, looking at her bulging biceps.


She smiled. "Looks good to me."


"How?’ he asked again. "Am I just shrinking all the time? How big are you going to get?"


"Not all the time," she assured him. "Just during the trigger sequence that activates the transfer."


"What’s that?" he asked suspiciously.


"Well," she hesitated. "We needed a medium that could act as the physical conduit for the quantum bioelectric units."




A crafty look.


"Let me explain." Her hand found its way to his shorts and began manipulating his cock through them. Surprisingly, despite his anxiety, he had remained hard, and he groaned in pleasure despite himself. "Aw, are you happier to see me than you’re pretending? Good. Now, just relax."


A quick tug dropped his loose shorts and underwear, leaving his rod standing out straight and in its full glory.


At least it looked like its full glory to him. He was somewhat dismayed to see that it looked smaller next to Barb’s hand, and that she could easily encompass the girth in her curled fingers, but pretended that it must be due entirely to her larger size. He was almost immediately lost in the glorious sensations as she massaged him up and down.


"Now then," she began, kneeling to lick him in between strokes. "Mass and power are actually convertible using standard physics theory. If you add the fifth dimensional elements of trans-quantum metaphysics, then…"


He stopped trying to follow, instead losing himself in her touch. It seemed like no time before he began to quiver and buck his hips, suddenly erupting with yet another super-sized load of cum. He heard her gasp and coo, and opened his eyes to see her hands and face covered with his jism. A wave of fatigue washed over him at the same time, his knees nearly buckling. She smiled mysteriously.


And then it was his turn to gasp as the entire load slowly disappeared, as though absorbed by her skin. There was a tearing sound.


"Oops," she giggled. "Guess I’ve done in these shorts. I’m going to have to be more careful."


Indeed, the shorts had split up the back, and had begun to tear around her enlarging thighs. The rips in her sleeves had also progressed, which made them bulge even more around her swollen biceps. Somehow, the shirt seemed to have shrunk more. Her tits jutted out obscenely. Even the nipples seemed bigger and stronger as they poked into the material. She stood carefully, trying not to reduce her clothes to scraps.


And now stood half a head taller than him!


He stared up at her in shock.


"You…you’re bigger!"


"Partly," she admitted, glorying at their new relative heights. "But you’ve also shrunk a little more." Another giggle. "Well, maybe more than a little. God, it’s so strange to be looking down at you like this. You look so…short."


He became angry. "This isn’t funny! You change me back right now!" He actually clenched his fists before realizing how absurd it would be to attempt to force her to do anything physical. Instead, he changed his tone to a pleading one. "Please, Barb?" A sudden panic. "CAN you change me back?"


An almost reluctant nod. He sighed in relief.


"But I’m not going to."




"We need more extensive information for our first field test," she replied calmly. "Frankly, we don’t know just how small you’ll get before it wears off."


"Oh my God!" He turned quite pale.


"Don’t worry, dear. We can reverse it. IF I want to, that is. I just need to take the specific antidote, and we can change back. But that won’t be for quite a while."


He felt a rising tide of despair and anger that lifted his defiance again.


"Forget your fucking tests. The changes happen when I come, right? Well, forget it. I’m not letting you near me until this is over."


Her eyes flashed, and she grabbed his arm. Her grip felt like a vise, especially against his flabby muscles. She noticed and smiled.


"Ooh, pretty soft there, Davy." A harder tone. "But what makes you think you have any choice in this? You were always pretty insistent when YOU wanted sex. Was it just because you were bigger and stronger and could force yourself on me?"


"No, of course not," he stammered. "It was just…you know…"


"Men have needs?" she parroted sarcastically. "Well, so do women. And mine are even more demanding right now. So get used to it."


A crafty smile. "You’re forgetting, men have to want it. You won’t be able to force yourself on me like that."


A condescending smirk in return. "Is that what you think?" She reached down and touched his semi-hard cock. It immediately sprang back to full attention. "The potion has an aphrodisiac side effect. You won’t be able to help yourself, darling. In fact, if I don’t help you out, you’ll find it impossible not to try to satisfy yourself." A concerned frown. "I wouldn’t try it that way though. You’ll still end up shrinking, but unless I absorb it, you won’t get that part back. We’re pretty much bonded until after this wears off. But, on the bright side, you have almost unlimited capacity."


She started stroking him again. David gasped as he felt himself respond and jumped back, afraid of losing anything more. She smiled teasingly.


"Don’t want to play again just yet? That’s OK. You can start cooking dinner instead."


"What? No way. I am not…" He stopped as she closed the distance between them again in a more threatening manner.


"You will. What about our bet?"


"That’s off," he claimed. "It wasn’t fair."


She looked surprised. "Oh? But it was a fair bet as long as YOU were the one who was bigger and stronger? Explain that to me."


He blushed and said nothing. She turned away.


"We can have fun with this, or you can do things the hard way." She casually added another set of weights to her barbell, then tested it, tearing the shoulders of her sleeves as she lifted it easily. She gave up and set the barbell down , then ripped off the shreds of her shirt. He gazed in awe at her widened shoulders, defined abs, and thrusting chest. "But I don’t recommend the hard way." She hefted the bar onto her shoulders before a squat thrust finished off her shorts. "Now, let me go back to my workout, and you go cook dinner, like a good little man.


He left his nearly nude wife to her weights and walked away defeated. It didn’t help any when he went to put his shorts back on and had them fall right down his legs again. Walking to the bedroom, he stared at himself in the mirror. His shirt hung on him like he was a kid, and his arms and legs looked as thin as any adolescent’s too. Even his underwear was loose. He rummaged through the clothes on the floor, finding a pair of his pants. When he put them on, the cuffs dragged the floor, and the waist found no purchase on his hips. Even with a belt, it would be like wearing a potato sack. He discarded them in disgust, and found a pair of sweatpants. To his surprise, they fit much better, and he pulled them on in some relief. Maybe he hadn’t shrunk as much as he thought. He tried to comfort himself with that thought, even as he noticed how much higher the light switch seemed to be.


The kitchen didn’t help matters. The counters and cabinets all seemed a little higher, and he actually had to exert himself when he lifted the pot full of water to cook some pasta. He frantically wondered if he could find whatever potion or drug Barb had used to do this, and figure out how to reverse it. While the water heated, he began searching Barb’s purse.


A cold voice sounded behind him.


"Looking for something?"


He jumped, and turned to find her glaring at him. Her hard body shone slightly from the thin film of sweat she’d worked up, and she was wearing only a pair of undersized panties that had become near-thongs thanks to her new size. She looked remarkably intimidating, but a second later, her face relaxed as she burst out laughing.


"My God! You may be getting into this role reversal more than I expected." When he looked puzzled, she continued. "Those are my pants you’re wearing."


His face went even redder than before, but when he started towards the bedroom, she stopped him.


"Oh, don’t bother. They fit you better than anything of yours would anyway. In fact, that’s not a bad idea." She pointed to the stove. "You finish dinner. And open some wine. I feel like celebrating."


She disappeared, then returned some time later, just about the time that he had finally put dinner together. She had showered, and, to his consternation, was wearing some of HIS clothes. The fit of the pants suggested that she was very nearly the six feet he had started at. He calculated desperately, wondering where that left him. As if in answer, she suddenly produced a measuring tape in hand.


"Come here and let me measure you. Jessica wants me to start keeping a real record of the changes."


He almost refused, but his own curiosity got the better of him. She looked at the tape.


"Five foot six," she announced. "Geez, you’re already shorter than I was. This is going faster than we thought."


Five-six! His desperation grew. "Come on, Barb, a joke’s a joke, but you have to stop this. I can’t go around this short. People will notice."


She pursed her lips. "Only if you see someone you know, and I think we can be careful about that. Otherwise, what’s the problem? There are lots of people five-six or shorter."


"Not men," he protested.


A smile. "That’s true. You’re already getting to be a little short for a man. But maybe that won’t be true much longer."


"You aren’t serious?"


"What’s wrong with a balanced world?" she demanded. "It will even things up at last. Actually, we can’t wait to see if men stay as promiscuous as they claim nature forces them to be when they find out any sexual encounter could leave them…shall we say lessened by the experience?"


He ate in sullen and stunned silence, while she brightly complimented him on his cooking and how well his – or rather, her - clothes fit. After dinner, she went to watch TV while he cleaned up. When he joined her on the couch, he was again struck by how much bigger she seemed. She was wearing a pair of his sweatpants and one of his shirts, but no bra beneath it. This allowed her breasts to push the fabric in entirely new ways that seemed to emphasize them even more than their increased size would have suggested. Her nipples showed clearly that they were stiff as he sat down.


And once more, his cock seemed to like what he saw. Worse, she noticed. When she reached out to fondle him, he pushed her away.


"Forget it."


"Come on," she joked. "You know you want it." A wry smile. "Or at least that’s what you used to say to me."


He crossed his arms defensively, annoyed at the way his lower body betrayed him.


"I’m just reacting the way that stuff you gave me is forcing me," he snapped.


"Oh?" she asked innocently. "Then it doesn’t excite you to have an amazon for a wife?"


"Not at all," he lied.


"Then, you wouldn’t enjoy this," she predicted before launching herself at him. In a second, they were rolling around the couch and then onto the floor in a wrestling match.


He tried to counter her attack the way he normally would, automatically holding back on his strength. It was a mistake, of course, but his reflexes hadn’t caught up to his current situation as yet. In no time, he was flat on his back with her on top. When he tried to grab both her wrists in his hand, he was shocked to find that he couldn’t reach around them because of his smaller size. Moving instead to fix her arms, she intercepted his hands, and he instead found his own arms bent slowly backwards as she exerted ever more force, not even straining herself as he clearly was. In desperation, he tried to roll out from beneath her, to dislodge her holds, or reverse their positions, but he made the mistake of still wrestling their old way. His normal advantage in size and strength had made him complacent in their previous episodes of rough and tumble. Barb was handling him almost without difficulty now. His struggles only seemed to amuse her at this point.


"Are you really trying to break loose?" she asked in disbelief, thinking he might want her to dominate him. After all, his erection was about the only part of him that seemed hard during their grappling.


His answer was another futile twisting and kicking with his legs.


"Wow," she said. "You are, aren’t you? This is so amazing. I’m so much stronger now. I hardly have to try." A look of revelation and bliss that brought a flush to her cheeks. She began grinding her pelvis against his cock. "This is making me so hot. No wonder guys get off on physical stuff."


He couldn’t believe how much stronger she was now, holding him almost effortlessly as she worked to bring herself off, and he was helpless to intervene. Coupled with her new size advantage, she was completely in control of the situation. And him. Her grip was even starting to hurt! How could he ever admit that and live it down? Yet, even as he contemplated swallowing his pride and begging her to let him go, he cursed his rebellious cock as it responded even more enthusiastically to her movements.


At this point, Barb decided to take matters into her own hands, so to speak.


"N...no," he gasped, when she pinned him and reached down to tug his pants lower. His much too loose underwear slipped with them, leaving his cock free and bobbing in the breeze as she shifted position to start caressing it with her hands. His protests – and struggles – diminished as her touch worked its magic. He didn’t even try to escape when she released his arms and briefly stood up. He was lost in his magically-enhanced lust.


With a smug smile, she pulled her own clothes off, then straddled his pelvis, easing his rigid penis inside her already soaked sex. She leaned down to lower her breasts into his face. They looked much bigger to him, though he wasn’t sure how much of that was due to a real enlargement or his own changing perspective. He suspected both, since they stood higher on her chest from her enhanced muscles. He rubbed them appreciatively, even allowing his hands to move along her strong chest and shoulder muscles.


"Mmm," she moaned in agreement. "That’s more like it." She adjusted her position to maximize her sensation. "You seem to fit…um, much more easily now. See how losing a little size can be a good thing?"


The sentiment was decidedly unappreciated – as it would be by any man. But, David was too far gone to allow it to affect him, and instead began thrusting his hips. She smiled.


"Eager to lose a little more? My, and you were so unhappy to start. Who’d have thought it?" Another smile as his thrusts intensified. "Heh, and Jessica was worried the aphrodisiac wouldn’t be enough to overcome the fear of shrinking. If she could only see you now."


Even that image wasn’t enough to stop him now. Luckily, Barb was also eager to bring them both off. She answered his thrusts, using her muscles to hold him a little more tightly. The maneuver seemed to please them both, even if she did feel rather heavy on top of him. In no time, David felt himself erupt yet again, filling her eager pussy with what seemed to be an endless supply of cum.


Of course, the reason for this magical profusion also became almost immediately apparent. Even as he moaned in orgasm, he felt the wave of fatigue sweep his body. Simultaneously, he could feel Barb’s ass and legs move slightly over his skin, and she seemed to become a little heavier. He opened his eyes.


"Oh no!" he moaned, sure that his voice seemed a little higher.


She met his gaze and smiled. "Mmm, I can feel it moving through me." She swung her legs off and stood up, stretching. "Oh yes! The power. Your strength. It fills me up. It’s wonderful."


Her muscles swelled just a bit more, but not so dramatically as they had, and she didn’t seem to grow much in height. She noticed it as well.


"The effect is decreasing. For me. The asymmetric change seems to be kicking in as expected." An explanatory smile. "As you said. We don’t want to be freaks. Just a little stronger each time. What a great way to finish off a climax." She looked at him curiously. "You, on the other hand…well, it’s hard to say with you lying down. Stand up so we can measure you."


He did so reluctantly, both from feeling so tired and at being afraid of what they would find. He was a full head shorter than her, and the tape confirmed it a moment later.


"Five-two." A snicker. "Oh my God, you are positively short! Look at you."


The humor was lost on him as he stared sullenly straight ahead – and right into his wife’s chest. Barb was calculating.


"Whoa, four inches. That’s more than I expected. The shrinking may have accelerated. We may have to cut down on the dose in the final form. At this point, the effect is mainly for women who want to…well, punish is a strong word. Let’s just say they want to teach their significant others a lesson."


A hope leapt to his eyes.


"I’ve learned mine," he announced eagerly. "I’ll never make cracks about your training again. Honest. Now, please change me back?"


She smiled. "And ruin the experiment? No way. You’re in for a long week…oops, maybe a short week from your perspective. Besides, I’m not sure I’ll ever want to go back all the way." She flexed her superb muscles.


He looked panicked. "You’re kidding, right?"


A mysterious smile. "We’ll see. In the meantime…" Definite laughter in her eyes now. "I think you said something about a French maid costume?"


He looked puzzled. "But…I lost. Besides, there’s no way you’d fit in it now."


The laughter made her eyes dance. "Then somebody else is going to have to wear it."


Part 3


David moaned as he felt his erection being fondled through his sleep. He woke slowly, eager to enjoy the sensations of the hand stroking him. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, he thought groggily. He sighed and luxuriated in the feeling, enjoying every light stroke and tickle. He tried to ignore a small part of his mind yelling for attention and warning through his sleep haze. What could possibly be the matter? It felt wonderful.


But odd, he slowly realized. Barb’s touch felt different somehow, now that he concentrated on it. The hand stroking him almost felt…larger than normal as it enclosed his shaft.


His eyes flew open as the memories of what he must have hoped was a bad dream came flooding back, and his fears were confirmed. Barb, looking a foot taller than normal, was happily smiling and stroking his very erect cock in obvious anticipation. Even now, she "oohed" in delight as she felt his precum start to coat her hand. She immediately licked her fingers and moaned in delight as she felt the first taste of power.


For once, his shock was enough to overcome his lust, even on the verge of climax. He yelled and scrambled out from under her reach, nearly falling as he leapt from the bed. Was he already shorter? The bed seemed even higher off the floor than last night. He glared at her accusingly, even as his cock twitched in frustration.


"Aw, honey," she pouted playfully. "I thought you liked it when I woke you up like that." She patted the bed. "Don’t you want me to finish?"


"No," he said icily, ignoring the throbbing in his erection. He walked towards the bathroom and locked the door, using every ounce of willpower not to touch himself. The compulsion in the aphrodisiac was going to be hard to ignore, but he just had to. Looking at himself in the mirror gave him resolve. He looked so small and short, barely stomach high to the counter. What was he now, five feet? He couldn’t dare lose any more height.


Barb’s voice came through the door. "You can try a nice, cold shower, dear, but it won’t work. I’ll leave some clothes here for you, but if you change your mind, I’ll be in the kitchen."


David listened to her receding footsteps with a mixture of relief and disappointment. His cock was trying to do his thinking for him, despite the obvious catastrophic results. He tried to subdue it just as she suggested, deliberately letting the water stay cold as he stepped into the shower. His resolve stiffened (in contrast to another part) when he noticed how he had to reach to adjust the shower head down. The soap and shampoo bottle felt strange too, thanks to his smaller hands. When he stepped out, his towel dragged the floor as he dried off, and he couldn’t hold both ends without having it flop behind him.


He studied his reflection. He looked like a kid except for his mature face and beard. To emphasize that difference, he decided to skip shaving, but the rest of his body still mocked him. And it wasn’t just height. He fumed as he thought of how and where his once proud muscles had disappeared, leaving him skinny and even more puny looking. Even Barb would have to admit that he looked ridiculous. Maybe she would listen to reason now that she’d had a night of teasing him.


That hope evaporated as he stepped outside. The clothes she’d picked out for him were hers. In fact, to further rub it in, he recognized the jeans as a pair she’d outgrown soon after starting her weight training. She’d even left a pair of her panties on top of the pile!


Ignoring the insulting implications, he stalked over to the bureau and opened the drawer, pulling out a pair of his own boxers. He pulled them on, despairing at how loose the waistband felt. Looking in the mirror, he saw that they were already sagging dangerously, drooping in front to nearly expose his pubic hair, and the legs billowing around his much thinner legs. One step convinced him that they wouldn’t be stable. He tried an old pair of cotton briefs, but the many washings had left little elastic in the band, and they also threatened to lose their hold. He finally decided on skipping underwear entirely.


Unfortunately, that left him few options for the rest of his clothes. He tried on several pairs of his pants, concentrating on once-tight jeans, but the waists were again dangerously loose, the risk compounded many times by the way the feet dragged the floor. One false step would send him sprawling and expose him at the same time. Cursing, he finally turned to the clothes in Barb’s closet. Hers were also too big, a fact which once more drove home just how small he’d already become, but were at least manageable. He finally picked another pair of gender-neutral sweatpants, the elastic waist and cuffs actually giving them a semblance of fitting. He chose one of his own T-shirts in a gesture of defiance, despite the way the shoulders sagged and the bottom hung to mid thigh. Tucking it in, he walked to the kitchen.


And stopped dead. There smiling at him was Jessica, sipping coffee at the table and clearly waiting expectantly.


"Oh my God! He’s so fucking short!" she exclaimed in delight.


Barb appeared around the corner holding the coffee pot.


"There you are, darling. Jessica decided to join us for breakfast. We’ve been talking shop while you dressed."


David glared and immediately turned to leave.


"Wait, don’t go!" Jessica demanded urgently. "How short is he, Barb? Is the rate fitting to our model? We have to measure him. He looks so small. Is he under 5 feet already?"


"I’m five-two," David announced icily, but actually worried that Barb’s wake-up had changed that. "Thanks to you."


A smirk. "You wouldn’t be so short if you could control yourself, Davey darling. You were my height last night. How many times have you come since then?"


Barb interceded. "Now, Jessica, don’t tease him. He’s being very good about helping us with our experiment." She came over to kiss him, bending down to do so. Her breasts were nearly level with his face, and she pulled him protectively into her cleavage. Unfortunately, having her now huge breasts presented in this fashion served to reawaken his ever-ready and betraying cock.


"Yeah, I’ll bet," Jessica snickered. "Look, he’s ready again."


David cursed the loose fit of the sweatpants and lack of underwear that allowed a tent to immediately announce the truth of her accusation. He pulled away angrily from Barb and tried to leave again.


And found himself caught in an iron grip. He struggled hopelessly, but knew from experience that her new strength was unbeatable.


"Now, David," she pouted teasingly. "It really wouldn’t be polite to leave like that. Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of coffee, and we’ll talk."


He made one last effort to break free, and nearly stumbled when she suddenly let go. Trying to maintain his dignity, he stalked to the table and sat down. To his dismay, his feet didn’t quite reach the floor as he sat in his normal chair. Worse, now even Jessica’s height advantage became obvious when she smirked down at him.


"Comfy?" she teased. "You’re looking a little low this morning."


His face flushed red.


"Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to prove by this, but…"


"Prove?" she interrupted. "We’re not proving anything. We’re doing. And we’re going to improve the life of women all over the world. Men have always equated their size and strength with inherent superiority, no matter what lip service they pay otherwise. It’s time we evened the playing field and made equality a fact rather than fiction." Her eyes lit up. "Speaking of playing fields, I’ve been talking with the coaches for the local girls’ teams. I think we have our first customers lined up."


"You can’t be serious," David exclaimed.


"No?" Her eyes held his calmly.


Barb intervened. "Don’t worry, David. She’s just having fun with you. We’re not ready to market this yet. Besides, most of the time the changes wouldn’t be as…extreme as they were for you. We’re going to even things out, not turn women into a dominating race of amazons."


Jessica seemed to nod in agreement, but when Barb turned away to get a cup for David, she turned towards him and smiled in a predatory fashion, giving him a very suspicious and deliberate wink.


"OK," David insisted, feeling his blood run cold at Jessica’s expression. "So change me back."


"But, David," Barb argued. "This is an unbelievable chance for us to find out the full effects of the potion. You’ve got to see how important this is."


"I don’t have to see anything," David exploded. "I’m sitting here, five feet tall and dressed in my wife’s pants." (An explosive snort of mirth from Jessica) "And you’re babbling about experiments. I can’t live like this."


"Of course you can," she shot back. "There are millions of people five feet tall, and they do just fine."


"And if I get any smaller?" he demanded.


An uneasy silence.


"I am going to get smaller, aren’t I?" he asked hopelessly.


She nodded a bit contritely. "It’s still close to full strength in your system. It would be dangerous to try to reverse it right away."


"I’ll risk it," he insisted.


Jessica interrupted. "Actually, David, I’m the only one who has the reversal formula."


His eyes went wide in shock. When he looked to Barb, she just nodded. "It’s very volatile. Jessica has to make it immediately before use or it loses its potency. We have to figure out how to stabilize that before we release it."


"Only if we WANT to reverse it," Jessica suggested.




"All right, all right. I’m just joking. Besides, that’s where we’ll make our money. They’ll have to come to us, the only provider, for an antidote. And can you imagine how much those tiny, little men will be willing to pay?"


"So make some now," David now turned on Jessica.




"No?" He was livid.


"No. You need to be taught a lesson, and we need the information. You’re small. You’re getting smaller. Get used to it."


He balled his fists in rage. Unfortunately for him, Jessica noticed.


"Aha! Typical male response, and just the sort of thing we’re going to change." She leaned forward taunting him. "Ooh, is the big, strong man going to FORCE the poor, little woman to do what he wants? That’s what you’re used to, isn’t it? Well, no more, short stuff. Go ahead, try something. I dare you."


"Jessica!" Barb intervened again. "You know David would never hit a woman. He’s never, ever been violent to me, or anyone I know."


"Hmmph." Jessica seemed disappointed as David used the interruption to back down. "Probably because the implied threat – just being so much bigger – was always enough. Men don’t have to hit to intimidate." She sipped her coffee a second, then her eyes lit up. She set the cup aside and placed her elbow on the table, palm held aloft. "Tell you what, Davey. I want to see how much effect the stuff has had on your strength, just out of curiosity. Let’s arm wrestle."


"Oh, Jessica, don’t be silly," Barb laughed, trying to defuse the situation.


"It’s not silly," Jessica insisted. "It’s actually a good experiment. How does he stand up after a few doses? I want to see for myself."


"It’s not fair," Barb continued, defending him.


"Not against you, obviously," Jessica reasoned. "But it is against me. He’s smaller, but not by a lot, and I’m still just an ordinary woman. Right, Davey? No ordinary woman could beat you – you pretty much said that to Barb the other night. I don’t even work out like Barb does." She looked almost hungrily at him. "So, how about it, David? You win, and I make the antidote potion right here and now. You could be back to normal tonight. I win, and you quit whining about the experiment. What could be fairer?" She leaned forward again, eyes glinting. "Unless you’re scared?"


David hesitated despite the taunt. On the one hand, he had seen firsthand how much smaller and weaker he was. But that had been in comparison to his now amazonian wife. He was still a man, and Jessica was just a woman. Even smaller, he should have an advantage right?


He felt far less confident than this reasoning should have left him, gazing at Jessica’s ready arm resting on the table. He slowly raised his own, figuring he really had nothing to lose.


"All right!" Jessica proclaimed, immediately locking hands. "Barb, you can count."


Barb looked doubtful, but complied. "Ready? One, two, three – go."


They tensed simultaneously, each straining to quickly put the other down. Unfortunately, they were so closely matched, that neither hand moved significantly. David was pleased to see that his biceps were still better defined than Jessica’s.


But smaller. And that took its toll. As the seconds passed, he felt more and more of a strain to match her. Sweat appeared on his brow, and he glanced at her to see how uncomfortable she looked. He was dismayed to see that she didn’t seem to be hurting at all. In fact, she was waiting to meet his eyes, and as soon as she did so, she smiled, as though this was the signal to stop playing. Sure enough, her hand began to inexorably move his down. He redoubled his efforts, ignoring the pain in his arm, knowing he had to reverse it before the angle became critical. He even lifted his elbow off the table slightly, cursing her longer arm that gave her leverage.


It was all for naught. A second later, Jessica gave a small grunt and slammed his hand down. A second later, she had stood up and was jumping in the air.


"I did it! God, he’s even weaker than he looks. My 12 year old nephew could have lasted longer." She saw David rubbing his arm, utterly devastated, then held out her hand. "No hard feelings?" A laugh. "In fact, no hard anything from the feel of you." The next second, she saw the tent that had again formed in his pants, and she laughed even harder. "Except there, of course. Barb, I think he likes this!"


"Fuck you!" David shouted, dismayed at the way his voice jumped an octave higher than normal when he wasn’t careful. He jumped off his chair, ran past Barb’s attempt to restrain him, and into the bedroom, locking the door. To his relief, no one followed him, though he heard Jessica and Barb talking in low voices. Desperate to get away from this new source of humiliation, he gave up on his principle and grabbed Barb’s jeans. He shucked the loose sweatpants, then actually paused considering the proffered pair of panties. His own underwear was useless, and he’d hated the way his arousal had been so obvious. Was it worth…?


No, he decided. The jeans would hide his erection better, and he could buy new underwear. He put on socks, which felt loose even when stretched to mid calf, then his shoes. These were also loose, but he tightened the laces as much as he could, and was pleased to see they would stay on, even if they did flop a bit with each step. After grabbing his keys, he almost ran to the door.


Barb saw him leaving and gasped. "David, where are you going?"


"Out," he snapped. "Let me know when the witch is gone."


Before she could argue, he was out the door and gone. In his car, he cursed in frustration again as he had to adjust the seat up as far as it would go, and even then he had to sit forward slightly to reach the pedals. How short could drivers be and operate a standard vehicle? He didn’t want to find out. He peeled out of the lot, almost losing control, and then slowed down as he realized how different the wheel and pedals felt at this new size. He drove aimlessly at first, then decided he could at least solve some of his problems if he had clothes that fit.


He was waiting at a light when another car pulled up alongside, both the teenaged driver and passenger staring curiously into his. The girl turned to her boyfriend.


"See, I told you. He’s just really short."


"Whoa, I thought it was, like, a kid driving or something." He noticed David glaring and waved. "Sorry, little dude." With a laugh, they roared away at the light change.


David actually hesitated when he arrived at the mall and saw all the people walking in and out. Did he really want anyone else to see him like this? No. But then, did he want to wear his wife’s clothes instead? Even more emphatically, no. He could run in and out in a few minutes, keeping the embarrassment to a minimum.


Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. His first incident was his own fault. He hurried into the mall, his eyes cast down, deliberately refusing to look up or around to avoid seeing people’s reaction to him. Even so, he could tell how tall everyone seemed, their size automatically intimidating and embarrassing. Even some of the children were nearly his height, and he could hear some comments from the younger ones as he walked past. He tried to ignore his surroundings, hurried round the corner into a department store.


And ran straight into a group of teenaged girls.


Ran was the most appropriate word, too, since his speed betrayed him, making him collide full force into a tall and very surprised blonde. Even worse, the collision sent him sprawling, but barely stopped her. He even lost a shoe in the fracas. As he retrieved it, she stood above him angrily. She wore heavy, almost goth makeup, had spiked hair, and several visible piercings. She couldn’t have been more than 15 years old, and yet she towered over him, made more imposing by her anger. David had never been physically intimidated by a girl in his life, let alone a high school sophomore.


Until now.


"Hey, you little dweeb, why don’t you watch where the fuck…" Her eyes went wide as she took in David’s face, realizing he was an adult. She looked in surprise at her friends for support, but they just started to giggle as they realized what had happened too. The next instant, she was helping David to his feet, gaping openly when she saw how short he was. "Oh, I’m sorry, um, mister. But I didn’t see…I mean, you were walking so fast…"


He slipped the shoe back on and shrugged off her assistance. She stood a few more seconds, looking at his loose clothes, the oversized shoes, and the obvious attitude, exchanged looks with her amused friends, then bit her lip trying to stop her own smile.


"Again, I’m sorry," she repeated, but now with a baiting, almost insolent inflection. She turned and started to leave with her friends, when the suppressed giggles finally broke to the surface. She glanced back teasingly and gave him a mocking, lingering look up and down. "I’m REALLY sorry."


This implied volumes more than it said, and proved highly amusing to all the girls, who burst out laughing as they hurried away, two of them casting a last, backwards look to catch his reaction, and laughing even harder when they saw his expression. He merely clenched his fists in helpless anger and continued on his way.


His situation hardly improved even after reaching the menswear department. First, he noticed he was drawing openly surprised stares from the other men. And he could swear the women all smiled or smirked after spotting him, quickly averting their gazes lest they react more rudely. He also hadn’t counted on the lack of clothes in his new size. He had looked at Barb’s pants in the dressing room. She was a 28 waist and length, and those were already too large and long. Guessing, he figured he was probably about a 22 or 24, and the men’s jeans just didn’t go that small. As he searched the racks fruitlessly, a woman’s voice came from behind him.


"Can I help you?"


He turned to find a young saleswoman. She was probably average height, but of course, she towered over him by at least eight inches thanks to her low heels. Her eyes went wide and she did a double-take as she saw his face. She seemed flustered, but quickly amended her previous question with an added, "Sir?"


"I’m looking for jeans," he announced needlessly.


"Of course," she agreed, trying hard to maintain a neutral expression. She had assumed he was some junior high kid rummaging idly through the stock. "I was just going to suggest you try our children’s…I mean, our teens…, um, young, um." Her eyes swept him up and down in obvious uncertainty. "Our young adults section," she finally finished in relief.


He looked at her coldly. "I prefer my clothes from here."


"Oh, sure," she nodded. "It’s just that you’re so…so…" She waved her hands helplessly, inadvertently drawing her hand parallel to his head to mime an unconscious thought about height. "Well, I mean, you’re probably sort of hard to fit. We have some smaller…I mean, younger…I mean, other sizes across the aisle." She pointed towards a display of baggy shorts and jeans designed for early adolescents.


"Fine," he agreed frostily, forced to admit that he’d have better luck there. "How about underwear? Do you have boxers in a 24 waist? Or smaller?" he added, thinking ahead.


She looked embarrassed. "Um, no. Most kids don’t need…I mean, they’re not big enough to…I mean, they usually buy the jockey briefs." She glanced unconsciously at his crotch."


He blushed. "I think those would be too tight."


She actually burst out with a giggle before catching herself, with another dismissive glance below. Delusions of grandeur, obviously. "Of course, sir. No doubt you need something more comfortable. Still, if you’d like, I could bring you a few packs of the briefs while you try on something."


He blushed in anger and embarassment, but didn’t say no, finally skulking over to the boys’ section. At least here there were clothes that would fit, though it meant ignoring the annoying styles and packaging that tried to scream "cool" and catch the socially awkward tweeners’ attention, but only served to mock an adult male. Having taken the plunge, he loaded up on several sizes, deliberately choosing a few pairs he knew would be too small. For now. He caught himself looking at the young boys’ section – even the toddlers’ clothes – and suppressed a shudder. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.


He tried on what would have normally been a ridiculously small pair of jeans, and was relieved and depressed to find they fit almost perfectly. He went out to look in the mirror, feeling at least a bit more secure to have pants that didn’t drag the floor or threaten to fall with every step, though having pants that fit also served to heighten how large his baggy shirt and flopping shoes were. He almost jumped out of those shoes when her voice came from behind again.


"Ooh. Perfect fit. And don’t you look cu…er, handsome." She held out the underwear packs, and David looked hopelessly at the pictures of young boys and sullen adolescents that adorned them.


But he bought them anyway. On his way out, he stopped to look at shoes. A pair of sneakers caught his eye. They looked like they would fit, and he checked to see what size they were, only to find that he was looking at women’s shoes. Fighting another wave of chagrin, he looked for the men’s, only to immediately lose hope. All the shoes were so damn big! Why didn’t they carry smaller sizes? Weren’t there other men as short as he was.


The crowds milling around him answered the question for him. With a sigh, he tried to decide if buying a kids’ size or woman’s would embarrass him more.


After another half hour, he had enough of a wardrobe to feel more secure, and at least he wouldn’t have to wear any more of Barb’s clothes. Feeling a little better – shopping always provided some sense of authority, and at least the power of his credit card hadn’t shrunk – he headed back to his car. On the way out, he spotted the same girls who had collided with him on the way in. They were laughing and drinking, hanging around the entrance to the store, watching the people leave. They almost seemed to be waiting for someone.


Their eyes lit up when he appeared, setting off a round of covert looks and giggles. When they immediately straightened up, he realized with a sinking feeling mixed with an unaccustomed flash of fear that they were doing just that.


They were waiting for him.




David’s heart jumped as the girls immediately started moving towards him. They were four in number, two brunettes (though one had a kool-aid red mixed in her hair), one blonde, and one with black hair, all mid teens in age, and dressed in typical jailbait, slacker styles. All sported various piercings or tattoos, as though a love of needles was required for their group. Three were about average height, but the fourth, a Latino girl in short-shorts and a tube top, was noticeably shorter.


And even she was taller than David. They quickly closed in on him, the same blonde who had knocked him down leading the way.


"Hey, I just wanted to apologize again," she claimed, with a disarming smile.


"It’s OK," he replied, trying to hurry past her.


"Hey, wait," she insisted, catching up easily. "So, how tall are you?" Her girlfriends had taken up flanking positions, smiling.


"That’s none of your business," he snapped.


"Whoa, attitude," she smirked. "I’ve heard short guys are sort of feisty. You feel inadequate or something?" A knowing glance that made the girls around him giggle.


"That is not something I am going to discuss. Especially with children. Now, get away from me," David growled, again trying to outpace them. Unfortunately, they could easily match his smaller legs.


"Hey, he’s dissing you," one of brunettes announced. "Take him, Val."


Val, apparently the blonde’s name, moved in front of him. He tried to swing around her, but bumped into the accusing brunette.


"Sandy thinks you’re being rude," Val informed him, standing close and looking down ominously. "You trying to aggravate us? We don’t like no hassles, especially from guys." She actually pushed him challengingly in the chest.


If David had planned on pushing through or bullying any of the girls, that push decided him. It was enough to send him back a step, and actually knocked him off balance. It seemed as strong to him now as a forearm from a lineman from his football days. He took a breath and tried to remain confident. After all, they were in a public place.


"I’m sorry," he said, biting the words but trying to make the apology sound congenial. "It’s been a … bad day. I’m sorry if I offended you." The girls exchanged smug smiles. "Now, if you’ll excuse me."


"Uh uh," Val retorted, grabbing his arm. "We wanna apologize too. How about we buy you a coke or something?"


"No, really, I…" David started to protest, but Sandy had already taken the other arm. Before he could struggle, the other brunette had grabbed his packages.


"What’s ya been buying?" she asked rhetorically, opening his bags.


"Hey! Let go…give me those back!" David demanded, trying to no avail to loosen the hands holding him.


"Deedee, don’t go lookin’ through his stuff," Val scolded, watching to see how much attention they were attracting. She was relieved to see that most people simply ignored the scene. "Now, don’t you worry, mister. She’ll give it back soon as we’re done. She just wants to give you a hand." A smile. "Let those little muscles get a break. Maria, get that door for us."


Maria scampered to obey. She was not only much smaller, but looked rounder and softer than the other girls. Something in her bearing suggested she was used to being abused by the others.


David had been so distracted, he only now realized that they had been steering him towards the mall exit. Before he knew it, they were outside and moving into the rows of parked cars.


"Hey," he called, somewhat nervously when he saw how few people were around them now. "Where are we…I mean, I thought you just wanted…"


"Oh, don’t worry," Val assured him. "We’re just gonna have that drink in our car. It’s cheaper than stuff in there. And more private like."


David felt a cold ball fill his stomach. He began struggling more forcefully, but found he still couldn’t loosen their hold. He was being manhandled, literally, by a couple of teenaged girls! He thought about screaming, but his pride wouldn’t let him. How could he admit he was frightened and helpless like this? It would almost be better to…


"Here we are," Val announced, stopping in back of a beat-up van with darkened glass. She took a quick, furtive look around, even as one of the girls opened the back. The door swung open to reveal worn, stained rugs strewn in the back, and a floor littered with cigarettes, bottles, beer cans, and food wrappers.


Before he knew what had happened, David actually felt himself lifted up and thrown in the back. He hit painfully, rolled to his side, but immediately felt the weight of one of the girls on his back. Val’s voice had gone steely cold.


"Get on him! Close that door!"


In a trice, the girls were all inside. David struggled as another body piled on top of his, then started yelling as a hand moved into his pocket and pulled his wallet free.


"Let go of me, you little fucks!" he screamed. "God damn it! I’m calling the police!"


"With what…David?" Val asked archly, glancing at the name on his credit card as she examined his wallet and the tantalizing contents. "You don’t got no phone in those bags, do you?"


"Nothin’ but clothes," Deedee announced in disgust, emptying the bags. Suddenly, she laughed and held up one of the packs of briefs. "Look! He buys little boy’s underwear."


There was a chorus of laughter and profanity, while they looked through his things. David continued to struggle under the bodies of Sandy and Val. The blonde held up his cards.


"Jackpot, girls. We got us a V-gold and over a hundred in cash." She looked at Sandy. "Can you hold him, OK?"


Sandy smiled confidently. "No problem. He’s small AND weak. Like kicking my kid brother’s butt. I bet even Maria could take him."


Maria, the petite Latina, looked doubtful. She was used to always being dominated because of her small size. Every instinct in her body – as voluptuous and stacked as it was compact - told her she could never beat a grown man.


"Let her try," Val decided. Moving to the driver’s seat and finishing her inspection of the wallet. "It’ll be good practice for her. Just pretend it’s that jerk boyfriend of yours, Maria."


The girls shifted position, Sandy holding hers, but Maria moving to assist her. They turned David onto his back, where he glared, red-faced, panting, and frightened at them. Sandy slid down his body to sit on his legs, while Maria moved to take her place on his upper body. He started to swing his arms to fend her off, but Maria instinctively moved to catch them. With a look of delighted surprise, she found that she could match his strength and stop them. In fact, she actually overpowered him and moved them back into a pinned position. She sat heavily on his chest, and looked around in triumph.


"Hey, I can hold him!"


"Good," Val said in satisfaction. "Bout time you found someone you could handle. As for you, Davey, just relax. We ain’t gonna hurt you unless you make us. We’re just gonna…borrow your stuff. You can pretend we’re, like, your girlfriends. You like to buy stuff for your girlfriend, right? If you got one."


"He’d have to date 10 year olds," Deedee snorted. "Look how fucking small these are." She had torn open one of the packs of briefs, and dangled the small whites contemptuously.


"Hey, he don’t look so small," Maria announced, looking at his lower body, where Sandy sat on his legs.


Sure enough, to David’s dismay, his erection had returned, probably due to the girls’ sliding across his body. The girls broke out into derisive laughter.


"Shit! He likes this!" Sandy said in disbelief.


"Probably the only time girls have ever touched him," Deedee suggested, then a crafty look. "Hey, Maria, maybe he’s in love. And he’s almost your size."


Another round of laughter. They all liked picking on the diminutive Maria.


"Hey, Davey, you wanna buy us some beer?" Val asked, starting the van up. "Sure you do. Maybe if you get us drunk you can finally get some. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?"


"God, would he!" Sandy snickered. "He’s done gonna rip his pants, Val."


Maria looked at the bulge at his crotch. "You think he’s as small there as everywhere else?" she asked curiously.


A round of whistles and catcalls as Val started driving. "Well, find out, girl!" Deedee prompted. "I bet he’s hung like a little boy too."


The girls giggled as they undid his jeans, David thrashing helplessly. With a rough jerk, they pulled his pants and briefs to his knees, freeing his erection. Now, David was rather well endowed, and even at his current size, he was over six inches in length. And very hard.


"Shit! He’s hung better than Jimbo," Deedee grumbled in disbelief, once more proving the maxim that you couldn’t judge a book – or a crotch - by its cover. "Look at that."


"Ooh, I think I’m in love," Sandy laughed. "Is that all for me, Davey?"


"Shut up," Val ordered. "And get his pants back on. We’re only a few minutes from the store. He’s gotta buy us the beer and cigs like we planned. And he’d better do it, if he knows what’s good for him."


Sandy didn’t want to stop teasing him. It was somehow exciting to have a full grown man at their mercy like this. "Shit, Val. Why bother threaten him like that? The little dude’s goin’ straight to jail if he makes any noise. He’s naked in a van with poor, little helpless teenaged girls. He’s takin’ advantage of us, that’s what he’s doin’."


"Hey, yeah," Deedee’s eyes lit up. "The guy’s a fuckin’ rapist. We’re statue…statuesque…you know, we ain’t legal. What’s that word?"


"Statuary," Val mistakenly corrected, but she looked thoughtful. "Yeah. We’re like, victims. You ain’t tellin’ no one ‘bout us, Davey, or we’ll, like, put you away. We have got you by the balls, man."


"Maria, stop that," Sandy laughed, as Maria started to interpret that literally. The action made David’s rebellious cock twitch excitedly.


"See? He likes it," Maria announced defiantly.


Val was suddenly inspired. "Hey, Maria. Do it."


"What?" Maria asked in puzzlement.


"Do it. Jerk him off."


An exchange of bewildered looks. "What the hell? Why?"


"Ain’t any of you heard of DNA? Get it on your clothes. If Davey ever goes to the cops about us, we sob our story out, hand over your shirt and he goes to prison."


"Hey, Val! Bitchin’! You the gal, girl!"


David’s heart raced. Suddenly, a merely frightening and embarrassing situation had become nightmarish. If the girls made him come, without Barb to trap it, he’d lose yet more size - forever. Worse, what would happen if the girls found out what his orgasms and cum did?


He yelled and fought for his life, but even his panic wouldn’t make his erection subside. The girls piled on, while Maria started jacking him off.


"No!" he demanded, thrashing and bucking his hips. "Get off me! Don’t touch me! STOP!"


"Shut up," Deedee demanded, slapping him. "Most guys dream about stuff like this. What are you, gay or something?"


"I don’t think so," Sandy laughed. "Look how hard he’s getting. Maria, you got the magic touch, girl."


She massaged his rod with delicate and sensual fingers, clearly enjoying the way he struggled, even as his body betrayed him.


"NOOOOO!" David screamed, his voice rising an octave as his climax rapidly approached. He cursed himself for not letting Barb get him off earlier. Now, his body had its revenge. "God! NOOOOooooooOOOOHHHH!"


He erupted like a fountain, jets of cum flying through the air and coating Maria’s hand and arm. With a cry of despair, he felt the tingle and fatigue move through his body.


"Shit! He’s like Mt. Manubrius," Deedee marveled.


The girls laughed and oohed over David’s potency, Maria still massaging his slippery cock. And then, they looked around in surprise.


"Hey, where’d it go?" Sandy asked in astonishment, moving a bit to reposition herself. Somehow, David’s body felt different underneath her. "Maria, you already wipe him up?"


"No," Maria insisted, stopping her stroking and looking in amazement at her dry hand. "What the fuck? His stuff was all over me a second ago!"


They looked around the van, examining every stain on the dirty rug, and their own clothes in vain, then (ala "Everyone Loves Mary") felt in their hair.


"Shit, Val, it’s gone."


"What the fuck do you mean, ‘gone’?" she demanded, parking the van in the liquor store lot.


"It’s gone. It, like, evaporated or something."


"No way," Val shot back angrily. "It don’t evaporate."


"Well, where is it?" Maria demanded, tugging at her suddenly tight top. She also shifted her legs since her shorts were binding her legs unexpectedly. A small part of her mind managed to worry even under the stressful circumstances that she’d gained weight.


"How the fuck should I know? You guys jerked him off!"




"I can’t believe you losers LOST his jiz!"


"Well, maybe if you hadn’t been driving so bad," Sandy defended them, still puzzled. "It must have gone somewhere when you turned so sharp back there."


"Yeah," Maria agreed, trying to loosen her top. Her breasts strained the fabric, with unexpectedly hard nipples standing out, and even the strap seemed tight across her back.


"Hey, look," Deedee pointed out in awe. "He’s still hard."


It was true. In revenge for being denied so long, his cock remained at a full ¾ and rising, virtually in their faces and begging for more.


"Well then, do it again," Val ordered, moving to sit down again. His wallet was left unattended next to her until they could force him to go into the store. "And get it RIGHT this time. Stupid fucks."


"No!" David demanded, desperate and wide-eyed in terror. "You don’t understand. I can’t…"


"Shut up," Deedee ordered, hitting him hard. "This is a heck of a lot better than what we were gonna do to you. Just sit back and enjoy it."


"No, no, you can’t. I…" Another blow actually rattled him, and he fell silent.


"And you ain’t a bad size for a midget, if that’s what’s gots you worried," she added in a snicker. Though, now that she noticed it, the first climax must have taken some of his edge off – he didn’t look quite as big in Maria’s hand as before.


"Let me just get more comfortable," Maria protested. "My clothes are really tight."


"I told you ‘bout them chalupas, Chiquita," Sandy teased, noting that Maria’s breasts did seem significantly bigger – maybe a full cup size, she decided a bit jealously. At least she gained weight in the right places. Strangely, though her legs looked cramped in the shorts, they actually looked more toned and muscular than fat.


Deedee suddenly seemed to notice it too. She also looked in surprise at the noticeable biceps bulge in Maria's arm as she started to pump David’s shaft again.


"Hey, Maria? You been working out, girl?"


"What? Why?" Maria asked, concentrating on getting this over with as soon as possible. At least she was very good at what she did. David’s cock was already back at full readiness and nearing the edge.


"No, no!" he whimpered, in a higher-pitched voice. "You can’t. It will…it will…ooohhh!" He lost his rational self as the chemical-induced lust descended on him again.


"She been trying to pump up," Sandy decided. Maria's arm muscles looked even bigger than she’d thought a second ago. "Maybe she wants to be big, like us. Hey, Val, maybe she be thinking she can take you now, huh?"


"Dream on, chica. You ain’t never gonna be one of the big girls."


"Fuck you!" Maria shot back angrily, always self-conscious about her size, but strangely enough, feeling an odd sense of strength and confidence that was new to her. Hell, even Val didn’t look as big and intimidating as usual. She felt David’s cock twitch under her expert manipulations again, this time prepared to catch the entire load in her other hand.


David again let out a scream as he came, arching his back and even managing to dislodge Sandy from his legs. Maria felt his hot seed squirt into her hand, amazed at the number of pulses and volume in someone who had just come. A strange tingle swept her body. She suddenly felt a rush of excitement and strength that made her moan in unison with David.


"Damn, she’s getting’ off too. Look at that."


Sure enough, she arched her back, feeling a strange sense of … power sweep through her.


Sandy’s and Deedee’s eyes went wide. "Shit! What’s happening to…hey Val! Look at this!"


Val looked up, then made an exclamation of surprise. Maria was stretching and moaning as though in ecstasy, which was unusual enough, but even more astounding was the way they could see her clothes shrinking on her. No, not her clothes, she suddenly realized – it was Maria growing! Before their eyes, Maria's arms swelled, her muscles becoming obvious even in a relaxed state. Her tube top stretched like a rubber band, digging into her expanding breasts, until with an involuntary shrug, she flexed her back and shoulders and it snapped, leaving her now massive breasts and chest mostly exposed. With an ominous ripping sound, her shorts began to give, several tears forming around her swelling, toned thighs, then the waistband popping, her larger hips and legs immediately forcing the zipper halfway down. Her abs became defined and hard as her midsection lengthened, and she had to shift her feet as her legs grew to match. The sandals on her feet were at least two sizes too small, the straps stretched and her heels hanging over the back.


"What the fuck?" Val exclaimed, watching the she-hulk-like transformation. Sandy let out a small scream and both she and Deedee moved away from her mysteriously enlarging friend.


Which gave David, even with the wave of fatigue and listlessness that automatically came with his orgasms still assaulting him, the opportunity he needed. While the girls stared in wide-eyed astonishment, he scrambled out from underneath the distracted Maria, pulling his pants up and, with a coolness that impressed himself, he even reached to grab his wallet from near Val’s hand. This, unfortunately, caught her attention. She tore her eyes from Maria.


"Hey, stop him!"


Too late, he had fumbled the van door open and fallen out to the ground. Rolling to his feet, and pulling his pants up (all too easily) with one fluid motion, he was already running for the cover of some nearby stores that abutted the liquor mart. He needn’t have bothered. Sandy and Deedee were too frightened and astounded to give chase, and Maria was still lost in a fog of pleasure. The girls finally stumbled out of the van, and David looked back to see if they were following, immediately noticing that Maria was now the tallest girl there, and looking especially buff in her torn, tight clothes. Even Val, staring UP into her formerly petite friend’s face and marveling at her new, muscular physique, didn’t seem to want to bother chasing him given the mystery that confronted them. That was, until she noticed there was something strange about the way David was running, and the way he looked. He looked even more like a kid than before, but she wasn’t sure why. It confused her, until she caught sight of the way his once tight jeans now hung low and loose on him, such a perfect counterpoint to Maria's torn clothes. Then, everything came clear at once.


She pointed after him. "He did it! Get him! He can make us all bigger!"


But by the time Val explained and started after him, he had rounded a corner and successfully disappeared.


And Val’s gang had a new leader.


 It had taken David an hour to make his way back to his car, using stores and parked cars for cover, all the while looking over his shoulder to make sure the girls didn’t find him again. With a relieved sigh, he opened the door and jumped into the driver’s seat. It took a second to realize that he’d had to jump in, and that his feet now dangled above the floor. Damn, how small had he gotten?


He could reach the pedals by sliding forward on the seat, but then could barely see over the top of the dashboard. He considered giving up and calling Barb to come get him, but then refused to admit he was helpless. In fact, as he started the car and pulled unsteadily into traffic, he almost hoped the police stopped him. Then he could make this whole thing blow up in her face, maybe even get Jessica arrested…


For what? he suddenly wondered lamely. There were certainly no laws that he knew of that protected someone from a loss of size. Even if they believed him, and didn’t arrest him as a public danger or for driving with an obviously false license (since his height was proudly stated as six foot one on his license), the best case he could hope for would be a public exposition, with many pictures and stories about him at his new, embarrassing size. Worse, it could put Val and the girls on his trail again. And, if they stuck by their manufactured story, he’d be not only publicly humiliated, but facing a statutory rape charge as well, with Maria as proof.


Needless to say, he drove very carefully after that.


For once, luck actually seemed to be on his side. He made it back to their building without further incident, and, after making sure the coast was clear to avoid awkward moments with any neighbors, made a dash for the apartment. He ran the entire way, finally fumbling awkwardly with overlarge keys at a lock unfamiliarly high on the door, and at last collapsing inside.


Whereupon, a surprised cry greeted him.


"David, you’re back! What happened? What’s wrong? Oh my God! You’re even smaller!"


That realization was brought home when Barb jumped up from the table and raced to his side, and he found he was now eye level to her breasts, which seemed absolutely huge as they filled his vision. Her strength was also obvious as she crushed the air from his lungs.


"Barb…breathe…" he rasped desperately, finally making her let go.


"David, David, " she moaned scoldingly. "What were you thinking? I told you the size loss was permanent if you brought yourself off. What have you done?"


"IF he got himself off," a suspicious voice put in.


If David could have felt any worse, the realization that Jessica was still here did it. Even worse, she seemed suspiciously close to guessing what might have happened. At least Barb jumped to his defense.


"Jessica, you’re the one who said the aphrodisiac must be driving him crazy. It was our fault for letting him go." She rubbed his hair sorrowfully, trying to judge his height, then added reprovingly. "Even if you were angry with me, David, was it really worth losing more height to spite me? We have to figure out how much shorter you’ll be."


"Doesn’t work that way," Jessica put in. "The effect is variable and asymmetric each time, as you’ve found out. All we know is that he’ll be permanently smaller or weaker." A mumbled addition. "As if that’s a bad thing."


"What happened?" Barb asked. "Did you just come unexpectedly? I mean you didn’t…no, no, you wouldn’t, not like this. What triggered it?"


David hesitated, unwilling to explain the horror he’d gone through, both at his own shame at being overwhelmed by a few young girls, and at the prospect of Barb’s reaction knowing he’d climaxed from their attentions.


"Um, it happened when I was, um, changing clothes. The friction, I guess," he offered lamely.


"Oh, David." Another hug. They felt very strange with her so much taller, like a little kid being hugged by his mother. "I’m so sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be like this." A flash of anger as she turned on her friend. "Damn it, Jessica. This wasn’t supposed to happen."


"True," Jessica admitted slowly, obviously thinking. "And I’m surprised it did. He should have an overpowering reaction to female pheromones, but should have been able to control himself otherwise." A suspicious, considering glance. "Curious."


"Curious?" Barb shouted. "Is that all you can say?"


"What do you want me to say?" Jessica demanded. She came over to stand next to them, obviously reveling in their new relative sizes. "There are always risks in experiments. It shouldn’t have happened. It WOULDN’T have happened if he hadn’t run off."


Barb straightened up, her voice becoming hard and her size automatically making her intimidating. "We need to end this now, Jessica. Make the antidote."


Jessica faced her without wavering.


"No. There’s still too much of the stuff in his system." A wry smile at David. "We still need to get a little more out of him."


David whirled on her, taking out his fear and frustration in a hail of insults and imprecations, made all the more bitter since his size and higher-pitched voice made him sound like a child having a temper tantrum. When Barb tried to calm him down, he pushed her. Of course, he had no effect except to surprise her at his vehemence, but he used her confusion to storm out of the room and lock himself in their bedroom. He looked at himself pityingly – his new jeans already dragging the floor, his old shirt hanging to mid thigh, his body beneath bruised and abused. He looked like an eight year old who’d been roughed up while playing in his brother’s clothes. He tore his new and already-oversized sneakers and jeans off, losing the now loose underwear yet again in the process, and went to use the bathroom. He found the toilet disconcertingly close as he took a piss. (At least Barb would find he had less chance to miss now.) Afterwards, he left his lower clothes off – the shirt covered him well enough – and went to lie on the bed, frustrated to find that he now had to actually climb into it instead of falling onto it.


A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.


"David?" It was Barb.


"Go away."


"David, I want to talk."


"I don’t."


He heard a strange groaning noise. A second later, there was a loud crash. He leapt up to stare in astonishment at the open door, the splintered wood where the jamb had given way. Barb stood there looking apologetic.


"Guess I don’t know my own strength yet."


"You mean my strength." He threw himself face down into his pillow.


She came over to sit on the bed next to him. He felt the mattress squash under her, almost rolling him since he hardly made any impression himself.


"Jessica’s gone."


A noncommittal grunt.


"You want to talk about what happened?"


A flash of panic. "No."


"Jessica says she’s telling the truth about the antidote. She can’t give it until at least a couple of more days. Unless…" A pause. She leaned over to touch him. "Unless we get REALLY, you know, busy."


He jumped up and off the bed, whirling to face her. "No way! I don’t want to get any smaller!"


She stood up to face him. He looked up in amazement. Even knowing the truth, he somehow clung to the idea that it was his body that was normal, making Barb look like a seven-plus-foot tall amazon. Her huge breasts stretched her shirt tight and hung directly at eye level. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath, and the nipples were clearly outlined. Even trying to work up his indignation, it was hard not to stare. And her proximity made something else hard too.


"But we’ll be able to get you back to normal faster," she argued, not adding that she wouldn’t mind seeing just how big and strong she could get. She suddenly reached up and pulled her shirt off, leaving her glorious boobs naked and in his face. "Tell me this doesn’t excite you at all."


He couldn’t, even if his body’s response hadn’t already answered for him. Her breasts were incredible – as big as melons at their current relative sizes, but still firm and proportional on his statuesque wife’s amazonian frame. The thimble-sized nipples were hard and inviting.


"You always did love my breasts," she smiled. "And here they are, at the perfect height for you. And they feel even better than ever. Go ahead. Please. We both want it."


He couldn’t resist, lifting his hand up to touch them. She was right – they felt huge and superficially soft, but still firm when he pressed harder. Massaging them was incredible, even if it did feel so strange to have to raise his arms to head level to reach them. And after all, with the nipples right in his face like this, it would be remiss not to lick and suck them a little. The nipples felt a little strange – larger and thicker, but still easy to roll his tongue around and savor. They felt as thick as thumbs as they perked up even more from his attention.


Barb moaned in pleasure, heightened even more when she looked down and realized she was looking at the top of his head as he pleasured her. His smaller hands also felt wonderful – softer and more delicate. His squeezing was less rough than usual too, though she wasn’t sure how much of this was due to his being weaker, and how much might be her own increased resistance to discomfort. She had noticed the last couple of days that when she inadvertently banged into something because of her larger size that it had barely hurt at all, an extra benefit of Jessica’s potion. Not that she was going to keep it for good, of course. That wouldn’t be right, no matter how wonderful…


She put that unexpected thought aside and watched her small husband run his hands over her upper body. She felt his hard erection brush her mid thigh.


Increasingly excited, David tried his usual move of sweeping Barb into an embrace to kiss her, but of course, under the current circumstances, failed miserably, instead nearly slipping when he pulled. Stung, he looked up to see Barb smiling at him, and abruptly realized he couldn’t even kiss her now unless she bent down. His enthusiasm flagged for a moment.


But only for a moment, for the next, Barb had reached down and literally gathered him up into her arms, holding him as easily as a mother holds a young child. David felt a queasy sense of disorientation as his feet left the floor and he was dropped to the horizontal, but then found himself staring up into her warm smile.


"I wonder how many women have dreamed of doing this to their husbands?" she asked, easily lifting him high enough to plant a kiss on his surprised face. "Or this?" She carried him to the bed, reveling in her sense of strength and control, then set him gently down. "I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore," she decided, pulling his baggy shirt off.


David felt a bit self conscious as his small, thin body was fully exposed, but was gratified to find Barb’s gaze locking hungrily in on his eight inches. Well, formerly eight inches, he corrected himself, but she didn’t seem to mind, and he at least took comfort in the fact that he was still about average down there.


Barb finished undressing and joined him on the bed, again slanting the mattress. He marveled at her sculpted, muscular thighs and calves, almost twice the size of his doubly reduced legs, and joining at a still round, full, womanly pelvis, almost literally with buns of steel. He ran his hands over her firm, ridged abdomen, this time continuing even beyond the tantalizing, full orbs that had mesmerized him. He seemed to linger despite his inner protests over her muscled upper arms and shoulders. Damn! She was just so big and strong!


Barb seemed to revel in the mental equivalent of her physical superiority, and it made her just as excited as he was. Without further foreplay, she pushed him onto his back, then climbed on top. David actually winced a bit as her increased weight came to rest on his pelvis, but was helpless to shift her aside. He also didn’t care a moment later as he felt his erection slip into her warm, soaking wet sex.


"Mmm, there you are," she sighed. "Give it to me, baby."


Despite this admonition, there was no doubt as to who was in control. Barb set the pace, and David was quite powerless to change it. On the other hand, her vagina still felt wonderfully tight and almost caressed his erection as she moved, perhaps the first good effect of her increased muscle tone and strength that he’d found. He lay back and enjoyed her ride, contenting himself with massaging the huge breasts dangling in his face.


And they were literally in his face. They were so much larger, and he was so much shorter, that when Barb leaned forward to try to drive him in deeper, they bounced back and forth just beyond his nose. In fact, he could actually reach them with his tongue without stretching or guiding them, and proceeded to do just that.


The extra stimulation was welcomed by Barb, who proceeded to bump up and down even faster on his cock, trying to push him in farther, and a little frustrated that he didn’t fill her as much as usual. Occasionally, she would grind her pelvis desperately against his in a manner that was again almost painful.


But the rest was still incredible – the best sex he could remember. Barb was a tigress, and moved even faster and more smoothly than usual – a perfect sex machine. All too soon, he found himself ready to climax yet again. As Barb sensed him swelling, she gave a final squeeze with her vaginal muscles that pushed them both over the edge. She screamed as she felt him erupting.


Even as he reveled in the force of his orgasm, David felt the wash of fatigue overtake him, but then watched in awe as Barb swelled slightly. Her biceps were now larger relaxed than his had been when flexed. They both felt her legs pump up slightly, and also her pelvis slide over his as their sizes moved in opposite directions. Perhaps because of his constant attentions, her breasts seemed to grow even more this time, looking like they’d become DD size even relative to her frame. The nipples were thicker than his thumb now.


She rolled off him, delighted and briefly sated. This was awesome, and just kept getting better and better. She couldn’t believe the feeling of strength and power that filled her with each climax, making the sex many times better. The only downside was that he hadn’t filled her the way she was used to. It was still wonderful, but she missed the love-stretching organ that she was used to. Maybe Jessica should come up with a way to spare certain areas when she shrank men, she thought, resolving to mention the idea, even as the image of tiny, two or three foot tall men walking – or stumbling - around with huge sex organs the size of their legs made her giggle.


David was so tired, and afraid of what he would find if he stood up, that he simply collapsed next to her on the bed. Instinctively, he had moved his head close to hers, and noted with alarm that his feet only reached her knees. He couldn’t even see the room over those mammoth breasts unless he raised his head.


"Mmm, wonderful," she sighed, cradling her diminutive husband. They lay together happily for several minutes, David actually feeling a little less hopeless as he enjoyed their intimacy. "I should shower," Barb finally said dreamily. "We have to get going again."


"Why?" he protested. "It’s vacation."


Her eyes suddenly went wide with an idea.


"Yeah," she agreed. "And you know what would be a great way to relax and freshen up at the same time? The beach!"


"The beach?" he asked, suddenly alarmed and unhappy again. "Are you nuts? I can’t go out looking like this!"


She pouted. "Why not? So you’re short. Big deal. It’s other people’s fault if they have a problem with it. I sure don’t."


"I look…ridiculous," he sputtered, not wanting to admit that it was his manly pride that was threatened.


"Nonsense," she insisted. "Here, let’s look at you." She hopped off the bed, and pulled him after her, not waiting for an answer. The next moment, they both looked a bit shocked. David now found himself looking UP at those wonderful breasts he’d been sucking on mere minutes before. He’d have to stand on tiptoe to get the nipples in his mouth now. Even Barb had to admit, he was getting past the point of simply being short.


"See?" he demanded. "Look at me – I’m a freak!" He stared glumly at the wide expanse of his wife’s upper abdomen that stared him in the face.


"Um, no, really. You look…fine," she pretended, fooling no one. "Well, OK, maybe a little shorter than you’d usually see, but it’s not like you’re a midget or anything."




"No. Besides, I really want to go to the beach. Come on. We’ll work through this."


Ignoring his continued protests, Barb walked to her closet while shucking her clothes. Her glorious ass swayed enticingly, the firm buttocks even more incredible since they were close to eye level now. Even as David argued, she picked out one of her more daring bikinis and tried to put it on. This proved considerably more difficult than usual thanks to her new size. She grunted and pulled to bring the bottom over her hips, and had even more trouble with the top, but at last managed to snap it on. She turned to face him with a flourish. "How do I look?"


David gaped, mouth frozen in mid protest. Her tiny bikini was stretched to its limits, the top barely containing her huge breasts (the cups looked more like nipple patches), and further stretched by her wide shoulders and back. The bottom piece, meanwhile, tried in vain to cover the expanse of the that wide, glorious ass that had resulted from the combination of her natural womanly attributes and her much larger gluteal muscles. It fit like a thong stretched over her incredibly toned, round bottom.




She smirked. Once more, his rapidly rising member gave his feeling away. "Cool," she said, patting him. "Keep those thoughts in mind, and maybe you’ll get lucky on the beach."


The beach. The thought brought his mind back unhappily.


"I won’t go."


Her face clouded. "You will," she announced, her deeper, booming voice leaving no room for argument. "I am not leaving you here to get in trouble. Look what happened when you went away before. Now, get dressed."


"In what?" he shot back. To illustrate his point, he actually found a pair of his trunks and put them on. The baggy suit legs hung past his knees, and the laughably loose waist barely held position even when standing still, already drooping to reveal his pubes. When he took a step, the suit promptly dropped to his feet.


She sighed in exasperation. "Oh for heaven’s sake, tie the string."


He did. With the long, baggy shorts ballooned out, and the waist cinched, it looked like he was wearing a skirt, hardly an inconspicuous choice for men’s beachwear.


Barb considered, but only for a moment. "You can wear that suit Stevie was wearing when they came to visit," she chirped happily, searching through the back closet. "I bet it would fit."


Stevie was her 8 year old nephew. David colored even at the idea, and backed away when she produced the brightly colored, child’s swimsuit.


"No way. I’ll look like a little kid," he whined.


"Darling, you DO look like a little kid," she pointed out, then after looking at his still half-hard member, smirked. "Well, almost." She looked him up and down more critically. "You know, if you shaved and lost the body hair, you could really pass for…"


"NO FUCKING WAY!" he screamed, again dismayed at how high his voice came out. It seemed to be arguing her case for her. "I’m a man. Not a … a …"


"Boy. Yes, dear," she agreed wearily. "Suit yourself, then. Use some rope or something to hold your trunks in. I just thought you might want to find a way to be less conspicuous. Either way, get dressed while I pack some drinks. We’re going."


And thus it was that David found himself sitting unhappily in the passenger seat of the car as they drove to the beach, his feet dangling uselessly in the air. He’d made a show of trying to drive when they got in, but found he was too short to reach the pedals now and still see over the dashboard. Barb had taken his place with a smirk, pushing the seat all the way back with great show to its farthest position to accommodate her long legs. The same position he’d been using just a few days before, he realized, and now hopelessly out of reach. He could barely see out of the window as they drove, and was already dreading every moment of his soon-to-be public display.


And he was wearing Stevie’s trunks.




The beach proved every bit as bad as David had feared. Barb asked him to carry the cooler, which taxed his reduced strength to the utmost, forcing him to carry it in front of his body using both hands, and in an almost staggering gait. He stumbled along, his oversized beach sandals flopping awkwardly, while Barb handled the blanket, chairs, and shoulder bags without even trying.


He was wearing sunglasses and a hat to help disguise himself, and one of his T-shirts that came to knee level. The hat hung past his ears, and the glasses kept slipping down, but David figured they were worth it since he’d look like a kid to casual inspection, keeping attention to a minimum. He tried to ignore the fact that even Stevie’s trunks were loose on him.


Barb, on the other hand, was stopping people dead in their tracks – and loving it. She stood out as a six-foot tall, toned and muscled amazon, with huge breasts and a full, firm ass, both barely contained in her too small bikini. Each step emphasized the cords in her strong thighs and sculpted calves, and her enhanced biceps were shown to advantage by her easy carrying of their supplies. The men stared openly, with either open-mouthed appreciation or suggestive smiles, while their girlfriends glared. The women who were alone seemed threatened as well, some looking her over jealously, while the others suddenly seemed to shrink or cover up to hide their own lesser bodies self-consciously. Barb, meanwhile, simply smiled regally here and there to acknowledge their awe.


They found an open spot. "This OK?" Barb asked.


"Anywhere," David agreed, panting and arms aching.


He gratefully heaved the cooler onto the blanket Barb spread. They both sat down, Barb feeling rested and happy, and appreciating the glorious view and weather, and David feeling exhausted and conspicuous. Barb rooted through the bag and pulled out the sunblock, then turned to him.


"Are you going to take off that silly hat and shirt and get some sun?"


"No," he replied, pulling his hat down.


"Then at least do me," she ordered, tossing him the lotion. She then lay down on her stomach and stretched out.


And what a stretch. David gaped at seeing her huge, incredible body laid out like that. Her legs alone seemed to go on forever, looking almost as long as his whole body, and immensely strong but still with womanly curves. Almost with trepidation, he squirted some lotion onto his hands and started to rub it on her. Her skin was soft, yet the muscles beneath felt firm and hard beneath his tiny hands – he was barely able to indent them when he pressed. He worked his way up those amazingly toned legs, marveling at the diamonds of her calves, and the strong bulges in her thighs, even allowing himself to push a bit beneath her suit to caress the firm swellings of her ass. That brought an appreciative moan, and then Barb reached around to unhook her bikini top.


Seeing her bare back and the hint of her exposed globes from the side were enough to cause his cock to stiffen under any circumstances, and with the aphrodisiac still coursing through him, his reaction was even stronger. Ordinarily, he would have tried to take advantage of the situation, and try to warm her up as well, maybe even for some erotic play in the water, but he was desperate to avoid any more shrinking, so instead he tried to will his erection away and concentrate on covering her back with sunblock.


It was hard to believe how broad her back looked and felt to him. It seemed to stretch out like a table under his massaging hands, and the muscles stood out even in relaxation. He actually climbed on top of her to better reach her upper back and her strong shoulders, also wide beyond belief, and finally finished with the bulging contours of her upper arms. Her biceps were hard beneath his fingers, and he massaged them in awe.


"Mmm, that’s nice," she murmured. "You have such a delicate touch now. So soft." She wiggled her butt against the erection she had felt. "Except there. We’ll take care of that soon, if you’re lucky." A long sigh. "But not right now. I’m going to relax for a bit."


She closed her eyes and rolled him off her, as though he were a fly to be shooed away. David was left to squirm self consciously in the glare of the afternoon sun, hoping his erection wasn’t obvious. Luckily, they didn’t seem to have attracted too much attention so far.


Well, correct that. He hadn’t - most people had dismissed him as a preteen kid - but Barb continued to draw lustful or jealous stares from the people around them, more openly now that she seemed to be settling in. David noticed the tell-tale angling of the men’s sunglasses – enough to get a good view without looking directly at her and risk angering wives or girlfriends. Even so, several conversations suddenly became rather one-sided on the female side as more and more male brain cells were recruited to the task at hand. Worse, he noticed several groups of errant guys had moved their base of operations closer to them, and their intent was obvious. One group played an exaggerated game of football that required many grunts and yells to emphasize how strong and manly their exertion was. Another group relied on throwing a Frisbee, which seemed on the surface to leave them at a distinct disadvantage. Though in their defense, it must have been much more difficult than it looked, since it required them to stand around flexing and stretching a great deal in between tosses.


As the play drifted ever closer, David felt a rising sense of panic. He knew it was only a matter of time before the football or Frisbee "accidentally" found its way onto Barb’s blanket, giving the guys an opportunity to express their utter amazement that there was a woman on the beach as well. And what would he do to warn them off? It would be bad enough to be discovered and held up to ridicule, but he imagined the figurative sand-kicking-in-the-face that would inevitably follow would be worse.


Assuming it WOULD only be figurative.


He suddenly decided a little walk would be in order. After a hurried explanation to Barb, he started down the beach, leaving the players to their well-rehearsed games. Maybe a little exercise could clear his mind, and help him settle back towards something like normal. He walked along the water’s edge, keeping his eyes down. Occasionally, he heard muffled comments from surprised or confused beachgoers who noticed the strange figure he made, but he only pulled his hat down tighter.


Ordinarily, he would have indulged himself with ogling the scantily clad beach babes – where else does a man have the chance to openly stare at women parading around in clothes more skimpy or revealing than the underwear they would scream at being caught in public elsewhere? It never ceases to amaze - and delight - the author, at least, and it is a cherished right of every male beacher.


But today, everything was off. He tried, really. It was a tribute to the Y chromosome that he did indulge just a little. And there were some excellent bodies on display, but somehow, it wasn’t the same. There was something disconcerting about looking at women almost twice his size, that he couldn’t get into it. Part of it was a general discomfort at his plight. Part was also knowing the disdain they would hold him in if they caught him looking. There were certain rules to ogling – one was that you couldn’t obviously stare at someone clearly beyond your league, and right now, that was everyone.


It did at least present a novel vantage point, and he found himself noticing much more about the women’s abdomens and behinds than usual. His new size also had the advantage of making just about every woman’s breasts seem huge – and most were nicely presented at about eye level. He could stare at their breasts without being obvious. Well, obvious for a man, anyway.


Several times, however, he caught himself inadvertently staring at the much younger girls in their early teens, at least until their age became obvious. He knew it was his brain’s automatic attempt to look at women closer to his own size – though even the 12 year olds were taller than he was – but it still left him decidedly uncomfortable. He decided to keep his eyes to the ground and enjoy the waves around his feet instead.


His lowered gaze almost let him run into a small girl digging random holes in the sand at the water’s edge. She was about six years old, wearing a colorful, cartoon print suit. She looked up at him from her crouched position.


"Hi, I’m Anna. You wanna play?" She clearly had no idea that he was older.


David was flustered. "I, um…"


She stood up, and his heart jumped to see that she was nearly his height. His size was emphasized every time he got close to another person, but he had almost gotten used to that among adults. Somehow, seeing this young child close to the same height left him even more self-conscious. She looked at him expectantly, then her eyes narrowed.


"Your face is dirty," she observed.


David reached up reflexively, then realized what she meant. "No," he explained. "That’s just my beard. I didn’t shave today."


Her face wrinkled. "Boys don’t got beards. Only daddies got beards."


"Then I must be a daddy," he rejoined, in a flash of childlike logic.


This seemed to confound her for a moment, but she recovered. "Uh uh. You’re too little. Little kids can’t be daddies."


"Well, I am," he insisted hotly.


"MOM!" she screamed, turning for support. "This kid says he’s a daddy. Make him stop!"


If David had hoped to keep a low profile, this wasn’t the way to do it. All nearby eyes swung upon them, and he heard the immediate low babble as people whispered about him to each other. Worse, snickers and laughs began to mix with the whispers. He turned, blushing fiercely, and walked quickly into the water to get away.


He hurried, hearing his nemesis wade in after him, and kept at an angle that took him away from that part of the beach. He moved knee deep into the water, to hide his legs, hoping he would look more like a child than a tiny man to casual inspection. He heard the girl call after him, and took a more direct course out. He knew she could follow to whatever wading depth he chose, but hoped her mother would intervene about letting her wander too far from their camp. Sure enough, a stern, maternal voice called her back. David was relieved, even when she heard her admonishing Anna about going near that "strange, little man."


David waded past his waist, ignoring the way the soaked shirt clung to him. He tried to head to the sandbar he usually favored, but realized he’d have to swim for it today since it lay in deeper water. He looked jealously at the normal sized teens and adults swimming and floating in the water out there, and determined that he would prove he was just as capable as they were. He reached chest depth, and floated a bit as the waves picked him up, riding them up and down. This was actually sort of fun. And at least the water treated him the same way.


No, even that wasn’t true. A larger wave came along unexpectedly, washing over his head and knocking him off his feet. He lost his hat and sunglasses, but much worse, the undertow pulled him out towards deeper water. He slammed into the bottom, and kicked frantically to the surface, where another wave immediately lifted him and swept him along helplessly. He found himself moving farther from shore and was now over his head when he tried to stand. He had misjudged the dropoff point thanks to his reduced height. And swimming was much harder – not only because of his much reduced strength, but because the waves and water were much rougher to someone his size.


This instilled a low sense of panic, but he kept calm enough to force himself into a steady swim, even if his strokes were a bit frantic and hasty, not to mention hampered by his oversized shirt. He made ground slowly, his arms already beginning to feel the strain after just a minute, but at last he reached walking depth again. He struggled back towards shallower water, realizing that even the normal swells were closer to an actual surf at his present size. Twice more waves nearly pulled him under, until at last he reached waist depth and felt safe. He had no desire to further test his weakened muscles against them. As he reached the beach, he almost collapsed in relief and exhaustion.


And looked up to see a bronzed beach god sitting on the blanket next to Barb.


The man was probably no older than about 20, about 6 foot 4, and with the triangular upper body of a weight trainer. He wore mirrored shades and a baggy suit which revealed more than it should since he deliberately bent his legs to expose his heavily muscled thighs. He was laughing and talking with Barb, who seemed perfectly at ease. At least she had the decency to put her bikini top back on.


Ignoring the man’s intimidating size, and feeling a rage fueled by jealousy and a near escape from danger - that Barb had evidently missed entirely - David stalked over, dripping and shaking, to stand by them. The mirrored shades swung his way, along with an annoyed expression.


"Can I help you, kid?"


David ignored him, addressing Barb.


"I could have drowned out there. Didn’t you see me?" His voice was high and whiny thanks to his emotional stress.


Barb looked up in genuine surprise and concern. "But, David…"


"Hey, kid," the man intervened angrily. "That’s no way to talk to your…sister?" he finished hopefully.


David’s fists clenched, and he turned towards the other man. "She’s my wife!"


The man’s jaw dropped, and he looked from one to the other in disbelief. When Barb nodded, he looked more closely at David, only now noticing the adult lines of the face and the unshaven chin. Now, his eyes changed from shock to contempt.


"No way." He looked again at the chiseled goddess next to him, then at the tiny, scrawny and outraged figure that dripped on the blanket. "You? And…HIM?"


David took a step forward. "Why you…"


Barb stopped his ill-conceived assault effortlessly, using one hand. "David, calm down. Brad and I were just talking. I’m sorry I didn’t see you in trouble, but you’ve always gone off on your own. It never occurred to me you’d be so helpless without me."


The verbal rebuke stung more than the physical he’d been expecting. He fumed silently.


"As for you, Brad," she continued, in a more melodious voice, clearly reluctant to entirely switch off flirting mode. "I enjoyed our conversation. Thanks so much for the invitation. It sounds really…um, interesting, but I think we have other plans for tonight." She gave David’s behind an obvious squeeze.


Brad shook his head in disbelief, again looking David squarely in the eye in an unspoken and condescending challenge. The fact that he could look him evenly in the eye while sitting down only further added to the sting.


"You don’t know what you’re missing, babe." He let his gaze sweep briefly and dismissingly to David’s clinging, wet suit and crotch. "Think about it. And I meant what I said about working out together. If you ever get tired of boys and want to try a real man, give me a call."


He stood slowly and leisurely, all but daring David to hurry him, then winked at Barb. Looming like a giant, his six-pack abs mockingly eye level, he actually patted David’s head. "Nice to meet you, Davey. Better keep a closer watch on your wife there. I think she’s more woman than you can handle." As he walked away, he actually kicked up a small shower of sand that caught David on the leg.


David choked in fury and started after him, Barb restraining him with a single finger and thumb holding his shirt.


"Calm down, David. Nothing happened." She effortlessly pulled him onto the beach blanket.


David gave up fighting her grip and sat sullenly. People around them stared openly.


"It could have," he groused.


"David," she laughed. "I can take care of myself. Especially now." She flexed a softball-sized biceps. "Did you know Brad there only presses 200 pounds for his reps? Hell, I bet I could double that."


David heard a camera click at her biceps pose. It only served to feed his anger, as did the whispered comments he could hear from the neighbors, now that they had a better look at him out of his disguise.


"Don’t laugh it off!" he ordered. "And don’t ignore me. I don’t want you talking with any other men, do you understand?"


The last bit was delivered in such a high-handed and demanding tone, made even more insulting by the boyish pitch of his voice, that Barb immediately stiffened and looked at him coolly over her dark glasses.


"Excuse me?"


"You heard me."


"I did," she admitted slowly. "I just couldn’t believe it." She took off her glasses and eyed him coldly. "Now, you listen to me, little man. I’ve put up with years of your openly staring and flirting with women when we came to the beach. Oh, don’t bother trying to deny it. I’ve watched you. Well, now it’s my turn. Suddenly, I’m the center of attention. I look fantastic and I feel better. I like that, and if it happens to get me a little more attention from people, that’s just fine. Turnabout is fair play."


"You’re only getting attention because you’re a freak," he shot back, hoping to wound her.


She was unmoved. "You think so? Brad didn’t seem to – he seemed quite taken with my new look. So did Lance and J.C."


He went pale. "Who?"


"Oh, just another couple of guys who stopped by while you were gone. They asked me if I needed any help babysitting."


His face went back to an angry red. "That’s it, get your things. We’re going."


She slowly put her glasses back on and lay down. "No. We’re not."


He stood up angrily and pulled on her arm, of course to no avail. It was like trying to move a mountain. In fact, using all his strength, he couldn’t even keep her arm off the ground when she pulled it back.


"Come on," he insisted. "I want to leave now."


"And I don’t. You do the math," she retorted.


He sat down glumly, hearing more whispers and snickers from the people around them.


"Come on, Barb," he pleaded, his voice going even higher. "I hate this. Everyone’s staring, and I look ridiculous, and there’s nothing for me to do, and…"


She cut him off. "Oh, be quiet. Do you have any idea how childish you sound when you whine like that? And it makes your voice all squeaky. Now, relax, or go play, or something." A malicious smile. "I know. Why don’t you go try to find that blonde you were flirting with last week? She certainly seemed fascinated with your…personality. After all, size doesn’t matter, does it?" A snicker. "Well, maybe just a little. But she might be the motherly type and not care."


Silent fuming. He seemed to feel every pair of curious and disbelieving eyes directed at him, and had a desperate urge to get away. Ordinarily, he would have simply stalked away, but that would mean parading up and down the beach like this, even worse now that people had noticed him. Ideally, he would have driven away, leaving Barb to find her won way home as a punishment, but that was impossible – he was the one trapped and being punished.


Hopelessly, he hunched down next to Barb and looked around sullenly. Some more men seemed to have pitched their towels to gain better views of their blanket. He heard one make a loud comment to his fellow, "Maybe she had a flat. You know how they never include a full-sized spare." There was a round of guffaws, but even worse, Barb started to chuckle. David was utterly humiliated.


"This isn’t fair," he whined, trying to keep his voice down. "I would never treat you this way. Just because you made me too small to drive, I’m stuck here while…"


She sighed heavily, clearly annoyed beyond patience, and cut him off. "You really want to go home?"


He brightened. "You know I do." He started to pack up the towels, but she stopped him, instead pulling the cell phone from her bag.


"Fine. I’m staying. You go wait up at the drop-off area. I’ll call you a ride."


He protested to no avail, and finally accepted. It was better than hearing the laughter that had started to spread around them. Ignoring the faces that swiveled and comments that followed him as he walked up the beach (e.g. "The water must be cold today."), he reached the parking lot and waited impatiently.


Unfortunately, a group of children running towards the beach got into some roughhousing, and before he could avoid them, he found himself flattened by a seven year old who had stumbled while running. The ignominy of the child’s so easily knocking him over, not to mention finding him a couple of inches taller when they stood up, made David’s temper flare again. Even first graders could overpower him! This was intolerable.


When he reprimanded the children angrily, they laughed and ran away, but then stopped to taunt him. He even heard the boys in the group discussing whether they could beat him up. David ignored them, but then his heart really sank. Their comments had drawn the attention of a group of 12 and 13 year old boys loitering by the snack stand. As a group, boys this age like nothing better than someone to tease and torture, thereby establishing their inherent superiority in the scheme of the universe. In David, they had an adult authority figure more than a foot shorter than them, dressed in a child’s swimsuit, and obviously miserable. In other words – target practice. They yelled at him (not unlike the hounds baying to signal the sight of the fox) and started to saunter over while David tried to move away without showing the fear that now filled him. He looked around desperately to see if the cab had arrived yet. It was nowhere to be seen. He started to walk away more quickly, which just made the boys pick up their pace. They fanned out to keep him from cutting back to the more crowded parts of the lot. This was going to be bad.


Just before the boys got near enough for more than verbal jabs, a car squealed to a stop in the drop-off area in front of him. The passenger door was pushed opened and a woman called from the driver’s seat.


"Hey, Shorty, I hear you need a ride."


David’s relief at his salvation was short-lived.


The woman was Jessica.


"What are you doing here?" David demanded.


Jessica pretended to be hurt as she drove them away. "Is that any way to thank me? Looks like I just saved you from some serious butt-kicking."


David tried to look indifferent. "I was OK."


She laughed. "Sure you were, short-stuff. Anyway, Barb called to ask me to pick you up. Guess you weren’t having much fun, huh? Or was there just too much competition?"


He glowered. "Barb didn’t say she was calling you. I assumed she’d send a cab."


"Now, why would she do that? Especially with me just sitting at home working on my calculations to refine my new potion? I can’t wait to incorporate the data we’re getting from your changes. How short are you now, anyway?"


"That’s none of your business."


She shrugged. "I’ll just find out from Barb later. Suit yourself. But, you know…" A long pause to tantalize him. "If I had enough details and data now, I might be able to make that antidote a little sooner."


He sat up. "How soon?"


Another shrug. "Tonight, maybe. Depends on the rate of shrinking and what it’s doing. I’d have to run some tests."


"What would you need to do?"


A cautious, considering look. "Some careful measurements. Height, body proportions, stuff like that. If you knew how much you shrank your last time, that would help a lot."


He hesitated. "Would it really get me back to normal faster?"


She smiled. "David, I promise to make you …er, this as short as possible."


They drove the rest of the way in silence. When they got to their parking lot, David’s heart jumped in fear. There stood a familiar, beat-up van.


"Oh God," he moaned, sinking down in his seat. Luckily, at his size, he was completely invisible from outside.


"What’s wrong?" Jessica asked, looking towards him, then the van. She saw some people inside, watching the building.


"Some girls I, um, ran into at the mall. They must have followed me."


"Why would they do that?" she asked in genuine surprise.


"How the hell should I know?" he snapped back, trying to cover his fear and the truth. "To torment me some more, probably." An inspiration. "They might ruin your secret experiment if they see me even smaller. We’ll have to come back later."


Jessica paused, obviously considering and looking a little suspicious. "Pretty weird that they’d go to all this trouble just to tease you. Let me talk to them."


"NO! Wait! I…"


Too late, Jessica was out the door and on her way. David didn’t dare follow her, so he scrunched down even further in the passenger seat. He heard some low voices, but was afraid to look out to see what was happening. The minutes seemed to crawl by as the voices went back and forth, then surprisingly turned to laughter. He heard an engine start. After what seemed an eternity, the driver’s door suddenly opened. David half expected to see Val or Maria standing there triumphantly, but it was just Jessica smiling. He looked fearfully behind her and saw the van was gone.


"What happened?" he asked eagerly.


"We talked," Jessica answered noncommittally. "You were right, they were looking for you. Funny they knew where to find you, wasn’t it? I admitted I knew you, but told them you had moved away because you were so sick of people making jokes about your height. I told a couple myself, just to make it sound good. We all had a good laugh, and they went away when I said I didn’t know where you had gone."


David felt a mixture of relief and suspicion.


"And that’s all?"


Jessica looked at him expectantly. "Of course. Should there be anything else?"


"No, no," David answered hurriedly. "They were just so…mean," he finished lamely, obviously not explaining his panic reaction.


They went in to David and Barb’s apartment. David used a towel to cover his face and upper body, hoping to shield discovery from the neighbors, while Jessica used her spare key to open the door. Once inside, she carefully locked it again, then turned with another smile.


"OK, let’s get going."


David suddenly felt nervous being confronted with the seemingly friendly greeting. Perhaps it had something to do with her size – even Jessica was close to two feet taller than him now, and his eyes were pretty much at chest level. Was it his imagination, or were her nipples sticking out a lot more? She certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. Perhaps it had something to do with the almost predatory smile she wore. Or, perhaps, it was the measuring tape she had unobtrusively produced. Men can be understandably nervous if they suspect a woman is openly checking them for size.


"Um, let me change," he stalled, heading for the bedroom. He went to lock the door, only to realize that the lock was useless after Barb’s earlier show of strength. Instead, he called hoping to forestall her. "I’ll be right back."


He stripped off the still wet shirt and suit, then looked for something that might even be close to his size, stretching on his tiptoes to look at his closet shelves. A chuckle behind him made him jump.


"Aww, aren’t you cute," Jessica smirked. "Look at that little, tiny tush."


David turned and clamped his hands to hide his behind, then spun round again when he realized with a blush what he was exposing instead. Jessica had already zeroed in there before he could hide, and her smile became even broader.


"Not bad, especially in proportion," she assessed.


"What are you doing in here?" David demanded in his increasingly shrill voice.


"The door was open," she shrugged. "I figured I’d save us some time."


"Well, get out!" he ordered, ducking into the closet and grabbing an oversized robe that covered him like a blanket. "Let me get dressed first."


"Why bother?" she asked. "You’ll just have to strip again. I need to check everywhere, David."


"You never said that," he growled. "I thought you were just going to check my height."


"That’s just one factor," she explained patiently. "We need to measure you all over to determine how the shrinking is progressing and evaluate the relative mass to linear changes. Otherwise, we won’t know what phase you’re in." A coaxing smile. "I mean, come on. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. I am a physiologic scientist after all. Just pretend you’re at a doctor’s visit."


He stepped out of the closet uncertainly, wearing the robe that trailed the floor, the sleeves completely covering his hands. She laughed at the comical sight, making him blush. "How about something just a little less cumbersome," she suggested. "So I can measure your arms and legs more easily."


He agreed, and reluctantly changed into a T-shirt that came to knee level, remaining bare beneath since nothing else would stay on. Jessica led him over to the bed and ostentatiously picked up a handheld tape recorder and her measuring tape.


"Why don’t you get on the bed so I can reach you more easily. I hate bending over."


He grumbled at her demands, and hated seeing her smirk as he hoisted himself onto the bed like a little kid. A second before he made it, he felt her hand on his bottom.


"Hey!" he piped, flushing and turning angrily.


"Sorry. Looked like you needed a hand."


"Well, I don’t," he snorted. "I’m perfectly capable of everything a normal man can do."


She cocked an eyebrow at his groin region.


"Is that a proposition?"


"Shut up and get this over with." He was acutely aware that even standing on the bed, he was barely taller than she was.


She shrugged. "Subject: David. Third day after exposure to a 30 mg dose," she dictated. "Subject has experienced ejaculation…how many times, David?"


A pause. "Um, I’m not sure. Five? Six?"


"My, you have been a busy boy," she smirked. "Let’s say six." A wink. "Subject is currently…49 inches in height." David’s heart sank – he was barely 4 feet tall. "That represents approximately a 36% reduction from baseline. Subject’s biceps circumference is…6 inches. Baseline is unknown, but it should be noted that the subject’s upper arm looks as weak and small as a little girl’s." She paused, looking him teasingly in the eye. "No offense."


"None taken," David lied, muttering.


She continued measuring. "Thigh circumference is 12 inches. Leg length is…"


She was running her hands over his thighs and calves to measure them, and despite his discomfort and feelings towards her, he began to respond just as most men would when a woman was caressing his upper thighs. A small tent appeared in his shirt. Jessica smirked.


"And what have we here? You want me to see if you measure up there too?"


His cheeks flushed red.


"Don’t be ridiculous. Of course not. It’s…I mean, I’m not…it’s that stupid drug working. I seem to be hard all the time."


"Naturally. How else could we be sure of the transfers? Besides, what else are men good for?"


The question seemed to be rhetorical, but before he could answer, she had started to lift his shirt.


"Hey!" he protested, pushing her hands away.


"Oh don’t be so modest," she said in exasperation. "I’m a doctor, after all."


"A Ph.D.," he pointed out.


"Close enough," she shot back. "And I need to know if the shrinking is symmetric."


"It is," he said, tight-lipped, hands holding his shirt down tightly.


She looked at him coolly and appraisingly, especially at his small hands, then she calmly reached out and grabbed them. Before he knew what had happened, David found both his hands held up by one of hers, and the next second, his shirt was being pulled off.


"I don’t have time for this nonsense," she said tartly. "Hold still."


David did anything but, though his voice was muffled at first by the shirt over his head. As he pulled it free, he glared at her murderously. She was examining his persistent erection with obvious interest, and not paying the least attention to him otherwise, in particular to the way he clenched his fists. He swung and knocked her hand away.


"Fuck off!" he spat. "This is over."


Jessica looked at his calmly, rubbing her hand. His full strength swing had actually stung a little. When he started to turn away, she grabbed him roughly, spinning him around.


"Oh no, little man, it isn’t. Not until I say so."


All of David’s rage was freed at last, and he let loose. Unfortunately, when he swung again, she blocked his fist and held it easily. When the other shot forward to free its mate, she immobilized it as well. To her surprise, however, the kick that followed caught her full in the chest, actually making her gasp.


The backhand that he received in return sent him sprawling.


"Still the same, arrogant male superiority, huh?" she asked angrily. "Men always think violence is an answer, maybe because they’ve had millions of years with the luxury of being stronger. Well, face it, Davey, that won’t work anymore. It won’t work for you, and pretty soon, it won’t work for any other man either. Look at you – you barely come up to my boobs. You’re the size of child, and probably even weaker than a normal child, and yet you still think you’re the boss, just because you have a cock." She looked at the appendage in question disparagingly. "Though it’s not a particularly impressive one any more, is it?"


He reddened again.


"Fuck you," he snarled, starting to roll away.


She immediately grabbed him.


"An excellent idea. I’m tired of just seeing the effect secondhand anyway."


He paled a little, especially feeling the strong grip that held his arms.


"Don’t be ridiculous," he said, his voice betraying his fear. "You wouldn’t dare."


"Oh relax," she said, her voice softer. "I was just kidding."


He sighed in relief, until the sigh turned into a grunt as she suddenly jumped onto the bed, knocking him flat and trapping his legs under her lower body.


"Besides, you’re not worth fucking. I think a handjob is as much as you get."


"Jessica!" he shouted. "What the hell…"


His arms were caught again, and to his chagrin, he saw that she could restrain them both with one hand. His lower body was completely pinned, and he twisted helplessly under her weight.


"Oh calm down," she sneered. "This is just for science." She was holding the tape measure up next to his penis. "Hmm, about 5 inches. Not bad. I bet you used to be pretty well hung."


David struggled fiercely but uselessly. Even a normal woman’s strength was far beyond his own at this size. At least he saw with satisfaction that his cock was softening. Jessica looked disappointed.


"Now, David, don’t fight me like this. Hmm…oh dear, down to 4 inches and getting a little soft. Hell, I probably couldn’t even feel you at this point. Good thing we’re not going all the way, lover."


"You bitch," he snarled. "Wait until Barb finds out what you’re doing. She’ll take you apart, AND end this whole fucking project."


Jessica seemed contemplative. Far from being scared, she seemed almost amused.


"Maybe," she admitted. "If she finds out."


"What do you mean ‘if’?" he demanded in disbelief. "I’m going to tell her everything the moment she gets home. You are done and gone, Jessica."


"I don’t think so," Jessica drawled, speculatively beginning to stroke his wilting cock. To David’s chagrin and her delight, it immediately started to firm up, the potency of the aphrodisiac overwhelming his natural disgust at his situation and her. "I don’t think Val or Maria would like it if we start telling on each other. And they’ve got quite a story to tell, don’t they?"


David froze.


"Wh…what are you talking about?"


"That got your attention, I see," Jessica said with satisfaction. "Oh yes, they had quite a lot to say about you. You were quite the naughty boy, weren’t you?" She toyed with his cock playfully, noting with pleasure his increasing response and discomfort at her attentions. "And, as if cheating on Barb wasn’t enough, to do it with underage girls. David, I’m shocked. Truly shocked."


"But…but..it wasn’t like that. They…" he spluttered, severely shaken. Despite his dismay, his cock still continued to harden under her touch.


"Oh, you can say whatever you want," she dismissed his protests coldly. "They’ve got their story down quite well. Even if Barb did listen to you, I doubt the police will. You are in serious trouble little man. Do you have any idea how you’d fare in prison as a 4 foot tall child molester?"


"Please, Jessica." All his anger and hostility evaporated in his desperation. "You have to believe me. It isn’t what they said. They forced me."


She smiled. "Yeah, and who would believe that from a man?" A short, bitter laugh. "And yet, for once, it’s true. Just look at your little woody here." She pulled her hand away to display his erection in all its 5 inch glory. "As unhappy and frightened as you are, and all it takes is a few brushes from my fingers to make you helpless and ready." An intimidating stare as she started to toy with his member again. Her technique was unarguably expert, and David was already feeling uncomfortable at the intensity of the stimulation. She was very, very good with her hands. "And you are helpless, you know. Feel the excitement building already? Such a hard little cock on your helpless little body. Does this turn you on, Davey? Do you like having a big strong woman control you like this?"


"No, no," he whimpered, twisting again, his erection bobbing comically and accusingly.


"I think you do," she cooed. "All men do. Or will. Helpless and at the mercy of their ever stronger partners. Just look at how hard you are. I think you love the touch of my big, strong fingers on your little cock."


"No," he protested even less convincingly.


"No? You don’t like this?" she demanded, running her fingers lightly around the shaft and his scrotum, teasing the peanut-sized balls within. He moaned despite himself. "Or this?" She closed her hand around the shaft and began softly stroking the entire length. Even in this situation, David was sufficiently self-conscious and proud to feel a pang of extra embarrassment at how easily her hand could encompass his cock. At his normal size, his cock would have been twice the size of her hand. Now, he could barely see it when she held it. Even so, he involuntarily began moving his hips to match her caresses, obviously becoming lost in the pleasure.


Her eyes sparkled. "It works even better than I imagined. This is amazing. Look at you – completely lost in lust despite knowing what will happen, and who’s doing it to you. You’re pathetic, you know that?"


"No," he whined. "Stop. I won’t…"


"Won’t what?" she pounced. "Come? Oh, Davey, please. As if you had a choice. If you could only see yourself like this. So small, so weak, and almost begging me to take more."


"No, please," he gasped, feeling the first stirrings within his groin.


She could see his body tensing, and he expected her to finish him off quickly, but instead, she suddenly stopped the rapid stroking and began a lazy caress up and down his shaft with one finger. It felt exquisite, but wasn’t enough to drive him to climax. Instead, the pleasure was near torture, as his body hovered on the brink of orgasm.


"My, you are hard," she breathed sexily. "The only part of your body that still feels hard. How delightful. More than ever, your cock controls you, just like it will for everyone else. Only now, it won’t be a free ride anymore, will it? Men are so used to sex without consequences, but from now on, they’ll never know what it will cost them to come. You do, and yet you’re still ready to juice my hand. You are close now, aren’t you, David? Very close. I can feel it. It must be just awful to feel this close and not be able to come. I can feel your little cock twitching every time I touch it. Maybe I’d better stop."


"No!" he shouted, wildly, then caught himself. "I mean…yes. I mean…no. Not when I’m this…I mean…" His cock was throbbing, begging for her renewed attention. He was on fire and beyond reason. He tried to reach it himself, but his arms were still immobilized by her other hand.


"You mean you want me to continue?" she asked, all wide-eyed innocence. "But what would Barb say? And after all, you did beg me to stop. I’m such a bad girl, aren’t I? Well, I’m sorry. I’ll stop immediately. And I wouldn’t want you doing something you’d regret. Why don’t I just sit here and make sure this subsides on its own? It probably won’t take more than an hour." She reached out to lightly stroke the shaft again, making David moan hopelessly. "Oh, I’m so sorry. I should stop doing that, shouldn’t I? So helpless. Poor little man. A slave to his cock, just like all of them." She touched it again. "Still so hard. I don’t think this is going away on its own. Dear me, you look quite uncomfortable. Should I keep touching you, Davey?"


"Yes. No. I don’t…" he gasped, nearly out of his mind as she somehow kept him stimulated just to the brink of orgasm. "Please…"


"Please what, Davey?" she asked, again all apparent innocence.


He was so far gone in his lust and need for release that he couldn’t think straight.


"Please, do it. Let me….aahhhh…let me…" he managed desperately, still on the brink.


"Let you what? Come? Even though you’ll get smaller?" she demanded. "Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Do you want to be even smaller, little man?"


David didn’t care. Hadn’t they said it was all reversible anyway?


"Yes, yes," he gasped. "Let me come!"


Her smile and triumph lit her face.




"What?" he screamed, twisting. "Let me go. I have to come."


"Not until you beg me," she said with glistening, hungry eyes.


"Wh...what?" He thought he must have misheard her.


"Beg me, Davey. Beg me to take your size. Beg me to let you come."


"N…no," he stammered, before another languid stroke made his cock scream.


"Beg me. Knowing it will make me strong, and even more dominant over your pathetic body. Knowing that it will make you even smaller and more helpless. Beg me to take your strength, Davey."


"No, I’ll…OOHHH!" Another stroke designed for maximum stimulation without letting him climax. It was obvious Jessica had practiced this technique, perhaps just for this purpose. "Please, Jessica!"


"Say it, Davey. Tell me how big you want me to get."


"Please. Let me come."


Another stroke that made his body scream. He was sweating and shaking in his need.


"Say it, Davey."


"Please, Jessica," he begged in his pitifully high voice, his last shreds of resistance and dignity crumbling together. “I want to make you big. I want to make you huge. Please take my strength." He was all but crying as he choked the lines out, both out of desperation and humiliation. "I want to be smaller. I want to make you strong with my cum. You can do whatever you want to me. Just make me come."


"Good boy," Jessica smirked, and at last took hold of his twitching cock once more in her palm, closing her fingers around the shaft in an almost greedy anticipation. With just a few deft strokes, David was screaming again, this time in a climax that made his body bounce and shake uncontrollably.


Jessica watched him clinically as he erupted, but then looked at the cum that drenched her hand expectantly. She rubbed it between her fingers, releasing David to his moans and continued shaking, then gasped as she felt a rush of warmth in her hand. The warmth and a secondary tingle swept up her arm, even as the cum disappeared into her skin, then swept into the center of her body, producing an overwhelming sense of power and euphoria. Her whole body stretched and swelled, her limbs and muscles experiencing the sort of gratified bliss one gets after a good workout, but one that in this case filled her whole body with a new vitality. Her nipples stood out abruptly as her breasts swelled, and she felt the wave take on a sexual tone that made her very warm in a different place. She moaned in answer to David, even as she suddenly felt her body explode with the stolen power.


They both looked at her body as David’s strength flowed into her, he in horror and despair, she in awed delight. Her breasts had grown a full cup size and overflowed her bra, but even more impressive was the other development in her upper body. Her shirt rose up from her waist, exposing a suddenly taut stomach with barely defined ridges. She began to bend and stretch her arms experimentally. It looked like she was flexing her biceps, but instead of bulging briefly and relaxing, they stayed swollen, bulging larger and larger with each bend, soon giving her the noticeable muscles of a dedicated weight trainer. Her pants felt tighter and tighter as her legs lengthened and thickened, and she finally stood up, ignoring David as he rolled gratefully away from her heavy weight.


"Look at this!" she said in wonder, as her pants crept up her legs, half exposing muscled calves. She grunted and flexed her stomach, bursting the button and forcing the zipper down as the waist dug into her. The jeans immediately dropped lower on her wider hips, exposing even more of her newly muscled abdomen, but still felt too tight. "Aw, the hell with it," she murmured, pulling off the too small pants with some difficulty. They both stared in awe at the incredibly powerful thighs that were exposed – still womanly, but with thick swells of muscle that matched the hard diamonds of her calves. Her legs were sleek, strong, sculpted and gorgeous.


"My God, look at me," she repeated awestruck, and with a now noticeably deeper voice. She held her arms up in a double biceps pose that raised tennis ball sized muscles where there had been nothing before. "I’m a fucking amazon!"


It was true. She already looked bigger and stronger than Barb had after a year working out with her weights, and it was obvious the effect had been much greater this time than it had with Barb. She was as fit and stacked as any woman David had ever seen at the gym.


And all with his muscles.


He felt the anger and shame overwhelm him as his reason finally returned after his sexual satiation. He glared at her hatefully.


She noticed and smirked.


"Aw, is wittle Davey all mad because big, bad Jessica made him come?" She walked slowly to the bed, reveling in her new size. She was now taller then him, even when he stood on the bed, and David cowered unconsciously at her newly daunting physique.


And even so, his cock twitched slightly in happy response.


She saw it and laughed in a rich, deep voice.


"Unbelievable. And he’s ready for more. I guess I’m pretty good, huh?"


David shouted in rage and swung at her. His fists hit with full force – and did nothing at all.


"Wow," she said, watching him pummel her helplessly. "Is that really how weak you are, or are you trying to be nice?"


He swung at her face, and she blocked the blow effortlessly. His knuckles sang in pain from where he’d hit her hard forearm. She easily grabbed his arm and pulled him close, her breath hot in his face. "Are you trying to make me angry, Davey?" she asked almost hopefully.


He quailed.


"No," he replied meekly as he felt her fingers dig into his soft arm.


She released his arm, sending him sprawling back.


"That’s better." She stretched and watched her muscles swell, glorying in her new body. "I can’t believe I waited this long to try this for myself. This feels incredible." Her shirt tore, but she just laughed at the evidence of her strength. "My God! I’m going to make a fortune with this. And the world…" A pause as she read his fear. "Well, the world’s never going to be quite the same, is it?"


"They’ll never let you get away with his," he cried, near tears again.


"Why not?" she demanded. "Who’s going to stop me? You?" He backed away involuntarily as she loomed closer. "Ha! Not likely. One word from you and you’re a divorced predator in prison, little man. Your young girlfriends and I struck up a nice acquaintance. In fact, they’re going to test my first samples of the new drug in its dilute form. Did you know it mixes into a stable compound with simple lipstick? Can you think of a more perfect delivery system than a sweet kiss from a pretty girl? My God, the men will be begging for it! It’s delicious. Their boyfriends are going to become very confused over the next week or so." A scornful look. "You’d just better hope Barb decides to give you back any of your size at all. I know I’m not losing any of mine."


"Others will stop you," David insisted desperately.


"Probably. Eventually. But by the time people realize what’s happening, it will be too late. Look how long you were shrinking before you found out. People can convince themselves of anything. And if women seem to be getting stronger and stronger, they’ll just put it down to more training and exercise. And the men won’t care, since they’ll be too busy suddenly getting all the sex they can handle. By the time the real changes become too obvious to miss, the old balance will be reversed. Then we only have to hang onto what we have."


"You bitch!" he screamed, his voice now as high as a child’s as he shrank again. His fists balled in rage, but a meaningful stare from her cold eyes made him relax them again.


"Still feisty, I see," she smiled. "Maybe I need to take a little more to prove my point."


He paled and started to back away, making her laugh scornfully.


"Oh, don’t worry, little boy. I’ve had enough." A flash of predatory teeth. "For now. I may come back for more later, but I don’t want to make things too obvious for Barb to miss. Right now, she’s so much bigger, I doubt she’ll notice an extra few inches on me." Another cold, warning glare. "And just remember what happens if you tell her anything."




She picked up her recorder. "Subject responded just as anticipated. Results …mmmm… highly satisfactory. Asymmetric transference seems magnified with new exchange contact. This will need further investigation. Current heights are…" A look up and a mocking smile. "Here, you can see how you measure up yourself, Dinky. I need some privacy to test this new body properly."


With a contemptuous nod of dismissal, she tossed the tape measure at him, picked up her too small jeans, and walked from the room, leaving David, smaller and weaker than ever, on the bed staring helplessly after her.


And even in this extremis, he couldn’t help noticing how beautiful her new, longer, stronger legs were as she strode away, her firm ass wiggling in her now too-small and tight panties. Her nearly naked lower body was toned and gorgeous, transformed by his stolen size, and would always be a reminder to taunt him of what he had lost.


And even with that thought to crush his spirit, the miserable David felt his betraying cock twitch plaintively as she disappeared.




David sat for some time on the bed in shock. His life seemed to have taken on a nightmarish unreality that kept spiraling further and further out of control. It had been awful enough watching Barb expand while he shrank, but at least he could hope for a return on some of his strength from her. The teenage girls had been a disaster beyond his control. But now Jessica had been the worst of all. Not only was she responsible for it all, but she knew exactly what she was doing when she drained him, taunting him the whole time.


And now he sat spent on the bed, naked and humiliated. And smaller. He could tell Jessica had taken several inches.


For a few seconds, he just sat on the bed, physically drained and miserable. Then, he decided he might as well get up. He scooted to the edge of the bed and looked down, swallowing dryly. Their bed was at least 3 feet off the floor, and that was getting close to a full body length for him. Gingerly, he let himself slide off the edge. The drop to the floor seemed to take forever, but at last he felt solid wood beneath his feet. The top of the bed was chest level, and David wondered how much smaller Jessica had left him. The discarded tape measure caught his eye, and almost against his will, he took it with him, standing against the wall and then holding the measure in place.


42 inches. Jesus! He was under 4 feet tall. The shrinking seemed to be accelerating rather than slowing, or maybe it was just the effect of a new partner. Still, if he’d been a freak before, what was he now? He couldn’t imagine going out in public again.


The ringing phone made him jump. He picked it up. "Hello?"


"Hello, is David…oh," a giggle. It was Barb’s voice. " Of course. Sorry, honey. Your voice just sounds so funny like this, like a little kid’s."


"It is NOT funny, Barb."


"Of course not, my big, strong man." Another giggle. "Well, maybe just a little. I thought I’d check in. So Jessica got you home OK, huh?"


David almost blurted out the story, but remembered Jessica’s warning. "Yeah, I guess so."


"Oh, David, give her a break. She sounded positively thrilled to come down and give you a ride. I think she’s sorry and wants to patch things up with you. Be nice to her."


"Forget it," David shot back bitterly. "You don’t see what she’s like when we’re alone." Thank God, he thought in an aside. "And you can’t see what a disaster she’s getting you into. This is going to explode in your face, Barb."


"Maybe," Barb admitted with surprising candor. "I can’t pretend I haven’t wondered what would happen when people find out what’s going on. But it’s worth it, David."


"What?" he asked, exasperated. "Have you seen what it’s done to me? How can you say that. And how am I supposed to live like this?"


"It’s not permanent, David," she said in a patient tone. "You’re just a test so we could have some fun and teach you a lesson." Another giggle and sigh. "And I have to say, I love the results so far. This new body is glorious. Would you really mind if I kept it for a while?"


David was so shocked, he could only sputter. Barb laughed.


"I guess that answers my question. Too bad. I’ve had so much fun here today. You should have seen that guy’s face when I …" A long pause.


"When you what?" he demanded.


"Um, never mind. It’s just been fun, that’s all. What are you planning for dinner?"


Another shocked silence. "Dinner? I wasn’t planning anything. Aren’t you…?"


"David, you lost our bet, remember. You’re responsible for all the household stuff this week."


"You can’t be serious."


"I am." And her voice showed quite clearly that she was.


"I couldn’t possibly cook like this."


"Why not? All you have to do is turn on the stove. Or is that already too hard for my poor, little lover?"


He grunted angrily.


"Well then, surprise me. I’m getting ready to leave in about a half hour. Oh, and make extra. Jessica is joining us."


"Jessica?" His heart sank.


"Yes, and remember what I said about being nice. Maybe she’ll take you in hand and formulate that antidote a little sooner."


David’s voice cracked. "What did you say?"


"I just said if you’re nice, she may feel more like helping you out." There was a pause, as a deep male voice could be heard vaguely. A sound like something being pressed to the phone, and Barb’s laughing response, then her voice came back through the receiver. "Gotta go, honey. See you in an hour. Or two. Love you."


The line went dead, and David stared helplessly at the phone. Half-formed images of what might be happening at the beach mingled with much more pleasant thoughts of poison in Jessica’s dinner before he finally roused himself. He set the phone down and picked up his discarded shirt.


Another unpleasant surprise when he put it on. Where it had merely been long and baggy before, it was now almost unwearable. It hung past his knees, and the top kept slipping over one or the other of his much smaller shoulders. It felt like he was wearing a tent.


He pulled it off in disgust and walked to the closet, looking in awe at the now unreachable top shelves. He had to stand on tiptoe to even pull things off a hangar. A couple more of his shirts proved just as hopeless, and in desperation, he finally turned to Barb’s closet. One of her smaller, tight T’s – one that normally left a gap of a few inches above her jeans – came close to fitting, hanging to mid thigh and sitting more securely on his shoulders. It was still loose, and swirled around his legs when he looked in the mirror, while the arms came to his elbows, but it would keep him covered. He deliberately and quite firmly put aside the thought that it made it look like he was wearing a dress.


The kitchen looked positively formidable, though this was a sentiment many men shared when confronted with cooking. They, however, didn’t have the considerable disadvantage of being shorter than the counters. David looked around helplessly before setting himself to the task.


He had to use all his strength to drag a chair over to the cupboard – lifting it proved completely out of the question - and was almost out of breath by the time he positioned it properly. Even after he climbed up, he found the top shelves were well out of reach. Luckily, he was able to reach a box of dried pasta and large jar of sauce. He almost dropped the smooth glass jar when he reached out with a free hand, however, since it felt like it weighed about 30 pounds to his reduced strength. Holding it more carefully with both hands, he climbed somewhat awkwardly back to the floor.


The large pot they used for spaghetti was cauldron sized to him. He dragged it and the chair to the sink, and started filling it with water. While waiting, he started looking for the plates and utensils. It was far too long and irritating to keep moving the chair, so he finally just pulled himself onto the counter and crawled to the various cupboards to get things out. The plates seemed as big as platters, but he could still handle them without difficulty. By the time he’d pulled out three of everything, however, the water was overflowing the pot. Climbing back into his chair, he grabbed the handles and pulled.


And nothing happened.


He strained as hard as he could, but couldn’t lift the pot. The weight of the water made it too heavy. In disgust, he bailed about half out and managed to hoist it with a loud cry. He could barely pivot and lift it the extra six inches higher to put it on the stove, but finally succeeded with a huge effort. Out of breath and sweating from the strain, he actually felt proud of himself for what had become a major accomplishment.


He set the water to boil, and dragged out a heavy iron skillet to heat the sauce. While it warmed, he opened the refrigerator and got himself a beer. Although somewhat awkward to hold and drink, it was refreshing and somehow reminded him that he was still himself. It took a long time to drink, since it seemed about a quart to his reduced perspective. At least he wouldn’t go through a case so fast like this.


While looking in the refrigerator, he grabbed the ready-to-eat salad fixings and a bottled dressing. Perversely, he was beginning to take real pride in showing just what he could accomplish despite what they’d done to him. The chair was dragged from spot to spot as he worked, and he got used to the counter and stove coming in and out of view as he moved. He had some more difficulty with the pasta, since he didn’t dare try to move the heavy pot again when it was so hot, but made do by fishing the pasta out a few pieces at a time. He set it in a steamer above the boiling water and turned the heat down. Within an hour, dinner was ready, and the table set.


David sat proudly finishing his giant sized beer and watching the now wide-screen TV when he heard Barb come in. She had the beach glow of an afternoon enjoyed.


"I’m home. Mmm, dinner smells good." She looked at the ready table and food warming on the stove and smiled. "My, aren’t you the resourceful one? I figured you’d call for takeout." In truth, David had considered that, but dreaded the prospect of facing the delivery person. She walked over to sit next to him, finishing off his beer with one gulp. When she sat, he felt the entire couch shift over to her, and he marveled again at just how massive she’d become. Almost to emphasize it, she stretched out her legs, resting them on and over the table. "That beer tasted great. How about getting me another one?"


David started to argue, but her smile disarmed him. Why shouldn’t he be nice? It was true that he had to take twice as many steps to reach the kitchen, but Barb looked so strong and awe-inspiring, that he found himself scurrying away to obey her. She twisted off the top effortlessly, draining half the bottle in a single draught. To his surprise, she opened her beach cover and unsnapped her bikini top. He gazed in near-drooling delight as her firm, DD globes spilled out. Immediately, the front of his shirt started to tent.


"Ah, that’s better," Barb sighed. "This suit was just too damned tight. I’m gonna need a larger size." She looked at the way the top’s fabric had stretched and strained to contain her, then tossed it carelessly aside. She drained the rest of the beer, handed David the bottle and stood up, stretching, her raised arms almost reaching the ceiling. "I’ve got to get out of this bottom too. I’ll take a quick shower and be right back down." She suddenly noticed the bulge in his clothing’s outline and giggled. "Aww, are you happy to see me, too?" She started to laugh and reach for him, then stopped, frowning as she looked at him standing next to her.


"David, are you smaller?"


He flushed in panic.


"Um, no. No, of course not." He edged away.


"David, come here," she ordered, offering no argument. He came closer, but refused to look up. "Look at me, David."


He tried, but had to look past her huge breasts, which seemed to jut out impossibly far from her chest. He realized in dismay that they were several inches above his head level now, obviously higher than before.


Barb seemed to realize it too, but needed to confirm it. She remembered what they’d done before they left.


"Kiss my breasts, David." When he hesitated, she repeated it more loudly, and added, "Now!"


He tried. He stood on tiptoe and strained as far as his little legs could reach. He even reached up to try and pull her breasts down towards him, but the nipples remained tantalizingly out of reach, just inches from his outstretched tongue. It wasn’t just to satisfy her demand and prove her wrong that he strove so persistently, either. Her breasts were goddess-like in their size and beauty. He wanted to kiss them.


Barb did nothing to help him, however, and her face grew more and more angry.


"Goddamn it, David! You did it again, didn’t you? You fucking came without me." She looked at his smaller body with some disgust. "Jesus, what’s wrong with you? Do you want to get smaller? And stay small for the rest of your life? You were giving me such a hard time about sex before, and here you go and masturbate yourself every time you’re alone. Damn it! What are you thinking?"


David hung his head in shame and anger. Even if he wanted to get back and tell her about Jessica, that would make revelations about his escapade with the underage girls inevitable. He stared at his own small, bare feet, so puny next to hers, looking and feeling every bit the scolded child facing his mother.


"Well?" Barb demanded.


David shook his head. What could he say?


"Fine. From now on, I’m in charge. Got that? Since you can’t handle your sexuality responsibly, it belongs to me. When I want it, we do it. When I ask you, you do it. You are not to touch yourself otherwise. Do I make myself clear?"


He nodded dumbly.


"Good. And don’t bother trying to hide or cover up. Since you’re available 24/7, you don’t get any more clothes than you have now. Get used to it. Besides, that way I’ll be able to tell when you need to get off." She stared at the stubborn bulge in his shirt now. "And since it’s obvious you can’t be trusted, I’d better handle this before I take my shower."


He backed away, panicked at the thought of getting even smaller. "No, wait, Barb. It’s already getting better. I don’t need…"


She pulled his shirt off without effort, tossing it aside and leaving him naked, his small, hard cock obviously belying his words. She ignored his objections, and knelt down as low as possible to bring his penis to face level. When she blew on it, her proximity and warm breath made it jump to full attention, and even David started to falter in his protests.


Too be honest, Barb was becoming more and more excited herself. There was something incredibly erotic about how helpless David had become, and how thoroughly she was the master now. Why shouldn’t that include his sexuality? She really was in control now. His cock knew that, even if he didn’t. She wondered if other women would get off on the power trip this way as they became equal – or more than equal – to their partners. Probably they would, and why not? It was about time women were in the driving seat.


She looked at his hard, twitching cock. It was so small! It looked barely 4 inches to her now, though she knew that was an effect of both his shrinking and her growing. It was so strange to see it this way – at once familiar, and yet so different. Almost like she was giving head to someone else.


That thought also proved strangely exciting, and she engulfed his rock-hard member in her warm, moist mouth. She could take the whole thing without even straining, and was therefore able to try entirely new techniques with her throat and tongue. Perversely, she couldn’t really deep throat him – he was just too darned small.


David didn’t realize this, nor would he have cared. Barb’s mouth felt too incredible as she took him in. He’d never had his entire cock swallowed so easily, and the sensation was therefore new and magnified. He reached to massage those huge breasts, finally within reach again. They were awesome – too large to hold in his palms, or even encompass with two hands. He gamely tried to fondle what he could, marveling at the thumb-length nipples that sprang to attention beneath his fingers. They were warm, firm, and hard, and much thicker. He brought one to his mouth and sucked, making Barb moan.


It wasn’t just David’s tongue on her that drove her passion, however. Barb loved even more how small that tongue felt as it swirled her sensitive nipples, and even more the feel of David’s tiny cock in her mouth, so much smaller than normal, but most of all, she reveled in the growing feeling of power. It was almost as though he started losing size and strength now just by being near her. In fact, he seemed to be shrinking slightly as she sucked him off. Frustrated at how low she had to bend to keep him in her mouth, she finally lost patience and simply picked him up. David was momentarily shaken at the disorientation of being lifted into the air – not to mention the ease with which she did it. It was as though he weighed nothing to her. He was a toy now – a treat for her pleasure. Indeed, she held him and brought him to her mouth as easily as lifting a popsicle (or rather, a cock-sicle), and began to suck him just as enthusiastically. She was able to effectively support his whole body with just one hand, allowing the other to reach beneath and tickle his scrotum and bottom.


The combination was too much for David to stand, even if he hadn’t already surrendered yet again to his lust. Before he could even think to control himself, he was coming in her mouth, his sperm instantly swallowed with obvious delight by Barb as she sucked him hungrily. Instantly, they both felt the tingle move through their bodies.


"Oh no," David moaned, still in the throes of his climax.


"Oh yes!" Barb responded, feeling the energy flow through her body, her muscles already beginning to expand. "YES!" The feeling of strength and growth was as good as any orgasm she could have expected from normal sex.


Her arms swelled with yet greater bulk, each muscle group harder and more defined. Her arms at rest now bulged more than even most weight-lifters did with flexing. Her thighs became sculpted columns, even as her legs lengthened yet again, bringing her to almost six and a half feet tall. As she arched her back in her growth ecstasy, she inadvertently dropped David. He was unhurt, but when he shakily climbed to his feet, he found himself barely past Barb’s waist, her incredibly defined six-pack staring him in the face teasingly. Her bare breasts hung like balloons, well above his reach now.


"Oh, God, no," he whispered.


As though to add further insult, Barb unconsciously flexed, and inadvertently snapped her bikini bottom off, right into his face.


"Oops," she giggled, her bare sex almost face level. "Sorry about that, honey." Only now did she look down and gauge the effect of her abrupt actions. Her eyes widened to see the child-sized man level with her hips. "Oh my gosh…David…you’re so…I’m sorry…" She glanced at his finally deflating erection. "Well, at least it went to a good cause this time, dear." She flexed near-football sized biceps.


He gazed at her miserably. Even at his full size, he would be dwarfed by her, and at the moment, the contrast was absurd. He looked pathetic.


Perhaps she noticed it as well. She looked at him in some embarrassment, and handed back the shirt he’d been wearing.


"Here you go, honey. Better get dressed before Jessica gets here. I’ll go shower and find something to wear." She looked at herself in amazement. "I wonder if even your clothes will cover me now?"


David wandered back to the kitchen in a daze. Robotically, he tried to finish preparations for dinner, even more hampered than before. Barb’s shirt kept slipping over his shoulder, and only a clinging sense of modesty made him keep it on. He wondered how much more he could take, or just how small he was supposed to shrink? Knowing Jessica, he was beginning to doubt there would be any end.


He had to climb up into his chair, and sat there for an uncertain time, lost in thought, vaguely noticing the sound of Barb’s shower in the background. Sitting down, his little legs pointed straight out, and he could barely see over the table, so he practiced sitting on his haunches to compensate, marveling at the feel of the oversized utensils. His glass felt more like a pitcher in his hands, the plates like serving platters. Since everything seemed at least twice its normal size, he guessed he was around three feet by this point.


His reverie was broken by the doorbell. Knowing who would be there, his mood only worsened. It didn’t help that the doorknob was now almost head high, and took two hands to work.


It was indeed Jessica, looking bright, cheerful, and immeasurably satisfied with herself. She was dressed in a pair of shorts, stretched skin-tight and showing off her newly and marvelously toned legs, and a shirt that had probably once been a normal T-shirt, but currently fit more like a crop-top, baring her now taut tummy. She looked around in mock surprise.


"Hello? Anyone here?" Then her laughing eyes fell down. "Oh, David, there you are. I almost…" The eyes narrowed. "Oh my God! You’ve shrunk again. You are such an animal! And devoted to science – why it’s more than I expected. How wonderful. So, what are you, three feet?"


David ignored her and turned away, but Jessica followed right along.


"Well, you’re still above my waist, so you’re probably at least 3 feet, but we could always change that. Still shrinking in proportion?" she smirked. "Shall I check?"


"Check what?" It was Barb’s voice that cut in, and Jessica whirled to greet her. Barb stood in the doorway drying her hair, an amazonian vision: her head near the top of the doorframe, her body filling it, with her bulging muscles all but tearing through the shirt she’d managed to wrestle on. Her loose, formerly knee-high wrap-skirt now fit like a tight mini, not quite reaching around her and coming only to mid thigh, both effects highlighting her massive legs. She was barefoot, since her shoes were too small to fit.


"Oh, nothing," Jessica answered, still trying to gauge David’s tiny body through the loose, slipping shirt. "I just told David earlier that we should make some detailed measurements to see if the shrinking was equal throughout his body. Seems like it is, except for the disproportional muscle loss."


"Which you expected."


"Oh, yes." A hard glint to the eyes. "That’s critical, I think, for the early stages."


Barb nodded, then looked again at Jessica’s tight clothes.




A wary glance. "Yes?"


"You’ve been working out! Why didn’t you tell me? We should do our workouts together."


For some reason, Jessica burst out laughing.


"Maybe we should," she agreed. An amused look to David. "It might be interesting at that." She sat down and crossed her newly toned legs provocatively. "And I could use a workout partner closer to my level."


"Great," Barb sat down, noting how small the chair felt to her bottom, and how low it seemed to the floor. She reached for the bowl of pasta. "God, I’m starved. David, would you pour the wine?"


They ate while the women chatted happily and David sulked. He didn’t feel very hungry, and limited himself to mostly salad. Barb noticed and asked what was wrong. Jessica intervened.


"Probably a side effect from his loss of muscle mass. His body’s adapting to a low protein state – he doesn’t need any anabolic fuel. He probably wouldn’t build significant muscle mass even if he tried."


Barb looked concerned. "I hadn’t thought about that. You mean he’s naturally weak now?"


Jessica nodded. "Probably the first metabolic effect."


"But, it’s reversible, right?" Barb asked worriedly.


Jessica nodded less certainly. "Should be, depending on how much he’s lost without you." Here, they both stopped to look at him, Barb unhappily, and Jessica challengingly. "I think any man who’s even exposed to the drug will find himself losing muscle mass unless he really works at it, and even then it would be much harder than usual for him to build up. And that’s assuming he doesn’t lose anything like David has. Once he does, I doubt he’d ever get back to normal."


"Oh." Barb still looked concerned.


"Not really a bad side effect," Jessica offered cheerily. "I mean, the whole idea is to even things out, right? On the plus side, women will probably bulk up much more easily. Think how rewarding your workouts will be."


This seemed enough to brighten Barb’s mood. They went back to broader discussions. David suddenly blurted out, "You don’t call this a bad side effect?"


Jessica just smirked at him. "As a matter of fact…"


Barb interrupted.


"We’re just going to even things out, David. If men bulk up less easily and women more easily, then they’ll be equal. The world would be a better place if people are truly physically equal as well as mentally and emotionally. Wouldn’t you agree, Jessica?"


A pause. "Oh, absolutely. Well, maybe a little balanced the other way. After all, we have centuries of preconceptions to overcome. Maybe a few years as the smaller, weaker sex will help men understand where we’re coming from."


Barb nodded as though that made sense, and David’s heart sank. He sat glumly and watched her eat a triple portion of pasta, all of which, no doubt, was being converted straight to new muscle.


Jessica obviously couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease David during the meal.


"Hey, David, would you pass the…oh, what am I saying? You couldn’t even reach it."


David simply glared, though she was right. He could barely reach his own plate on the top of the table. When Barb looked reproachfully at her, Jessica immediately began complimenting him about the meal, defusing any anger. Only, when Barb wasn’t looking, Jessica held up her fingers and slowly brought them together to mime something small getting smaller. Then she pretended to pop something into her mouth, rubbed her tummy, and smiled hungrily at him. Barb noticed, but assumed she was complimenting David about the meal. After a few minutes, she started again.


"Hey, where’s…? Oh, there he is," she smirked, pretending to find him after moving a bowl. "Are you sure you’re sitting up straight, David?"


"Jessica, stop teasing him," Barb ordered. "I think David’s being incredibly good about this. It must be very hard for him."


"That is one of the side effects, yes," Jessica admitted.


"Jessica!" Barb scolded, but laughing nonetheless. Then she looked more serious. "So, since he had…missed episodes. Is the size really lost forever?"


Jessica shrugged. "Maybe not. The science says yes, but the addition of magic makes it unpredictable. We need more tests first."


David quailed. "More tests?" he whined. "When can I get back to normal?"


"Oh relax," she snapped. "I mean tests with other people. We can’t figure everything out from one case. Besides, you should be ready for reversal in a day or two." A significant pause. "Assuming Barb wants to."


There was actually a split second of hesitation that made David’s blood freeze.


"Of course I do," Barb finally agreed. She seemed to pick at her food, a remarkable change given her previously robust appetite. "Um, so the next formulation will be less extreme, right? So, we could sort of leave the changes if we wanted."


David protested immediately. "What next formulation? You aren’t planning on doing this again, are you?" he demanded.


Jessica cut any reply from Barb off. "Already being tested. I found some…girls who seemed interested. I gave them a much more attenuated formula to try. We should have results within a couple of days."


"And then?" David asked fearfully.


Barb exchanged uneasy looks with Jessica.


"And then, we’ll see," she finally answered. "Jessica and I disagree a little about how widely we should apply the formula when it’s perfected. The company has branch offices already set up and tentative deals with a cosmetic line."


David’s eyes went wide. "Oh my God! You can’t be serious."


"Very serious," Jessica cut in, her face confirming her words. "I still think the water supply or an aerosol vector is the best route. This stuff is stable enough to pass through any purification procedure. It’s fast and nearly universal."


"And I think we should start with a targeted population," Barb added. "Choosing women who really need it most first, and using them to perfect the formula. It’s not like we’re really trying to change the whole world all at once."


Jessica eyes shot towards David, and she gave him a gloating smile that belied Barb’s words, even as she nodded.


"Maybe we can compromise. A few target groups to try out the different formulations and strengths first. Actually, we could make our research costs back almost immediately. There are some female athletes who would pay big time to score the first doses. Get a leg up on the competition so to speak. Might not be as popular with the male athletes of course." She snickered and reached over to pat David. "A little harder to keep pace at this size, right, David?"


"Jessica," Barb interposed again. "David is just as capable as he ever was. Look at the way he made dinner for us. And just to prove it, I’m going to keep to our deal and let him clean up, too."


David’s face showed that he didn’t exactly consider this a victory. The rest of the meal proceeded uneventfully. Jessica would wait until Barb was distracted, and then catch David’s eye to suddenly flex her biceps or stretch to show off her newly toned legs and watch his reaction, but otherwise ignored him. Near the end of the meal, her cell phone rang. She picked it up.


"Hello? Yes. Oh, of course, this afternoon. Yes. Yes. Really? No. Yes? Wow. Of course. I’ll meet you right away." She switched off the phone and turned towards them. "Gotta go. Business. Some early results, and we’re already building a hell of a word of mouth business."


"Jessica, you’re not distributing this stuff already, are you?" Barb demanded.


"No, no, of course not," Jessica lied. "Just some more chances to test the new formula. I can’t turn my back on science when we’re this close, can I? Thanks ever so much, Davey. For everything." She added the last with a meaningful leer that David was sure Barb would notice, but she seemed thankfully oblivious. And David was simply thankful that she left.



Part 4


Barb stood too, once more stretching to nearly touch the ceiling and showing off her incredible physique.


"Do you think you can manage cleaning up, or do you need help?" she asked. "I’ll understand if it’s too much for you, being so small and everything."


If the remark was meant to challenge and make him too proud to ask, it worked. David immediately hopped off his chair and started clearing the table. Barb came over to hug him, pulling him into the warmth of her crotch.


"That’s my guy. Don’t forget the vacuuming. If you do a good job, I may reconsider our bet and handle the chores the rest of the week. I think maybe you’ve learned your lesson. If you’re an especially good boy, I’ll even have a little surprise for you when you’re done."


David wasn’t sure that was an incentive or threat, but he went to work as best he could, lugging the heavy dishes and bowls to the sink and dishwasher, climbing onto the counter to reach the soap and sink. The sink almost looked bathtub sized by this point, and he actually wondered if by tomorrow he’d find it easier to climb in and wash the dishes that way rather than from the counter.


The vacuuming proved nearly impossible. The vacuum was as tall as he was, making it extremely difficult to maneuver or push. He looked absolutely ridiculous as he heaved a shoulder against it to get it moving, then walked along naked behind it, bent at an angle and pushing with all his might to keep it moving. He didn’t make more than two sweeps across the floor before giving it up.


When he was finished, he felt tired and grimy, and decided to take a shower. He could hear Barb working with her weights, and was afraid to see what level she had reached there, so he passed right by to go to their bedroom and bath. The shower stall was as large as a walk-in closet. The control knob was eye level and needed two hands to pull out, and he was annoyed to find that he couldn’t reach the showerhead to adjust the spray. The force and size of the water jet was almost overwhelming, like being under a fire-hose, but he managed well enough, even allowing for the book-sized bar of soap. Another limit was discovered when he reached for the shampoo and came up empty. Even on tiptoes, he couldn’t manage the normally shoulder-height rack.


Drying off with a towel was like trying to use a floor rug – not only huge and unmanageable, but even the texture seemed much rougher than usual. He briefly wondered what would happen with more extreme shrinking. Would everything take on such rough and alien proportions? How small could he ultimately get? Even Jessica seemed unsure. Could he become bug-sized? Smaller? Would his molecules even interact with his environment the same way if he became microscopic? It was a frightening thought, but he reassured himself that he’d never reach that small a stage to find out.


Handling the giant-sized hairbrush and other counter items was a sobering experience, especially when he picked up his razor. He felt like shaving since he hadn’t for a couple of days, but his razor now seemed extremely awkward if not downright dangerous – the twin blades looked as long as a paring knife in his fingers. He gave up the idea and walked out of the bathroom.


And right into Barb’s stomach.


Needless to say, he bounced comically off her hard abs, like hitting the proverbial brick wall, the impact actually making him gasp. She was naked except for a pair of panties that were stretched as though shrink-wrapped, and had all but disappeared, thong-style into her hard, bulging glutes. In full display, and from his low vantage point, her naked breasts hung huge above his head – jutting like obscene balloons, and each the size of a cantaloupe. Somehow, they looked firmer than ever despite their increased size, standing out almost impossibly perky from her increasingly broad chest. David guessed that not only had her pectoral muscles tripled in size, easily sustaining their extra weight, but that somehow her whole body had become firmer and harder. Her skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat that made it glisten smoothly and seductively. Barb smiled down at him.


"Hey, honey, sorry to startle you. Just coming in to check on you." She ruefully held up some cloth fragments. "Sorry bout your shirt. I guess I’d better start working out in the nude. Might be more fun anyway. For both of us." She flexed a classic double biceps pose, also emphasizing the 12-pack ridges of her stomach (a 6-pack no longer being an adequate description) and the bulging muscles of her shoulders, then shifted to bring her sculpted leg muscles into relief.


David stared in spite of himself, swallowing hard. He’d never seen muscles like these on a woman, at least not close up and real. She was as bulky as those female bodybuilders you saw in magazines. Except in Barb’s case, since her breasts had grown in proportion, and her ass remained as round as ever (if significantly firmer), her incredible size only seemed to highlight her femininity. Her tiny, barely-there panties were an accent mark to better set off the rest of her otherwise naked body. She was incredible. A goddess.


And his cock reacted exactly the way it was supposed to react around a goddess. She noticed and smiled at him benignly.


"Looks like you agree." It was very strange to look down on David’s head this way, not to mention seeing his erection sprout at a level near her knees. His cock looked very different from this angle, and, unfortunately, much smaller, not even as long as her finger now. Seeing his almost child-sized organ brushing her leg just didn’t fill her with the same sense of lust and desperation to feel it inside her. On the other hand, his head was nearly pelvic level, almost perfect for something else she had in mind.


Almost. He just needed a little more "adjustment."


"Ready again?" she asked in mock disbelief as his cock twitched against her bare skin.


"N…no," he stammered, ineffectively willing his almost constant erection away.


"Hmm," she watched him squirm. "Your mouth says no, but your cock seems to have something else in mind. You know, I had an idea while I was working out for a new exercise. Let’s see what you think."


Before he could react, she’d swept him into her arms and lifted him above her head. David was getting used to having her lift him with so little effort, but he still felt disoriented as she spun him so that he was stretched out and facing the floor. She held him easily above her head, actually having to be careful so as not to push him into the ceiling, and tilted her face up, smiling.


"Now, let’s see how many reps you can take. One. And two."


Each number found her dropping him and guiding his still hard cock right into her waiting mouth, then back out, in the most sexual version of presses ever seen. She pumped him up and down rapidly, keeping her lips just tight enough to produce the maximum in sensation and pleasure. Her bulging arms did all the work for both of them – in fact, he would have been helpless even if he’d tried to alter her rhythm. Barb marveled at how light he was – even as she began moving him up and down continuously, almost in a blur, she could barely feel a burn - and how easy he was to take in her mouth now. David, meanwhile, found his sense of vertigo receding as the pleasure from his cock became overwhelming. Barb moved his cock in and out of her mouth almost superhumanly fast, much more quickly than she ever could by moving her head, or even than he could with his pelvis, making it seem like one continuos, warm, wet massage. It was the most bizarre but pleasurable blow job he’d ever had.


She held him in as he erupted, savoring the salty treasure she’d freed. To David, his load was as big as ever – and larger than normal because of the aphrodisiac. But to Barb, it barely seemed more than a few drops by this point. Even so, the transference tingle and wave engulfed them both, making him cringe even through his orgasmic delight, and Barb in greedy pleasure. He felt her tongue swell around his shrinking cock, and her hands seemed to grow around his legs and upper body. Barb, meanwhile, felt David contract in her grasp, his body shrinking even faster than his satisfied cock. Her chest swelled as her pectoral muscles and shoulders – which had been receiving the greatest workout – responded by almost doubling in size. She also felt her legs lengthen and thicken a bit more, now bulging with defined muscles even at rest.


David felt another sickening swoop as she set him down. By the time he recovered, he found himself face to face with her huge thighs, each as big around as his whole body. His heart sank to find that he was now below waist level to his giantess wife. He actually had to crane his neck to see her face now, and her looming breasts were too high to even reach with a jump.


Barb smiled. "Aww, look how small you are, Davey."


"You know why!" he complained, his voice now higher than most children’s.


"I do," she admitted. "And know what? I like it. In fact, it’s making me really excited. Now, what do you think we should do about that?"


David backed away slightly. "Not again, Barb. Even if I could." Luckily, at least to David’s mind, he wasn’t. The aphrodisiac seemed to be losing potency slightly. The last few times, he’d been ready again almost immediately. Now, there was a lag. He hoped that meant the end was in sight.


"Well, that hardly seems fair," Barb answered, fully expecting the reaction. Then, she feigned an idea. "But as long as you’re so close…"


With the barest effort of one finger, she ripped her panties off, not bothering to struggle out of the incredibly tight underwear. Now, David found himself almost eye level to her naked pussy, and from his vantage point, he could actually see the glistening, wet folds just above his face. They looked very different from this angle – it wasn’t often a man found himself staring UP into a woman’s pussy when they were standing side by side. Not to mention the fact that it was more than twice normal size. It was actually rather intimidating.


And before he knew what was happening, Barb stepped right over him and clamped his body between her legs, putting his face right into it.


"Mmph," he mumbled, his mouth covered by her warm, wet cunt. He struggled, but his reduced strength was useless – laughable - against the heavily muscled columns of her legs.


In fact, Barb rather enjoyed the sensation, especially when he tried twisting his face away, but found he had nowhere to go.


"Not bad, Davey, but I think I’d really like something more direct," she laughed, feeling his weak struggles. "And I think I deserve a little something after all the times I’ve brought you off recently. You know what to do." And when he continued to struggle, she gently squeezed her legs, making him gasp at the crushing pressure. "Now."


When she relaxed enough to let him catch his breath, David went to work, obediently if not enthusiastically. Her musky aroma was overpowering this close and at this size, and it was a little tricky to keep his position. She finally allowed him to bring his hands up to make things easier. It was a bizarre experience to be standing up, reaching up, and even tilting his head up, and still be in position to perform like this, between his wife’s spread legs. In a way, that realization marked the moment when he even started to get into it. Her size and strength had never been so overwhelming. It was almost intoxicating, and he ran his hands along her bulging, rock-hard thigh muscles while his tongue worked its way around the cavernous pussy above him. He found her clit effortlessly now – after all, it was half the size of his thumb – making it easy to lick and suck, and making Barb moan in pleasure. She also loved the feeling of his tiny hands and tongue exploring her sex, much more softly and gently than usual, though she had to consciously avoid grinding her pelvis or legs together for fear of hurting him.


Barb was ecstatic. David’s busy tongue and mouth were better than ever. She had never felt anything like having her entire clit sucked into a mouth, or having a tongue close to the same size flick across it. It was a very different and more intense pleasure, and she idly wondered if this was what guys felt with blow jobs. If so, no wonder they liked them so much.


David felt Barb quivering from his oral attention, and wondered what else he could do to with their new sizes. He paused and looked again at the now sopping, cavernous sex above him. It looked huge. Almost big enough…well, he’d try it. Returning to sucking her stiff clit into his mouth, he brought his hand up to massage her slippery folds, then tested the opening with one finger, then two. They slipped in effortlessly. A third finger barely touched the walls. Emboldened, he brought all his fingers together and curled them around his thumb.


Barb jumped. She had felt only the slightest sensation from David’s fingers, and so had been unprepared to suddenly feel the wonderful pressure of something large pushing into her vagina. It was glorious! Almost the same sensation as a large cock, except a little bumpier (good) and a little harder (not so good). She pulled back slightly to see that David had actually inserted his entire hand inside her.


It worked beautifully. Not only was his fist about the right size, but his arm was the only part of him that was big enough and strong enough to pleasure her. Normally, he barely had to use the strength of one finger to push and massage the inside of her canal. Even then he had to sometimes be careful not to push too hard. Now, he was pumping his hand in and out with all his might, and it was just pleasurable to her.


Barb exclaimed in delight and pushed her sex back into his face. David pumped for all he was worth, and once more began to suck on her clit. They were both rewarded as she experienced an almost instantaneous, screaming orgasm. David was actually winded as she involuntarily clamped her legs together. He thought he heard a rib crack, and he fell to the floor panting when she eased up.


"Oh, God…that was…was…incredible," she finally moaned, impulsively reaching down and grabbing him into her arms. She lifted him into the air to smother him with kisses, her mouth completely engulfing his, and David nearly gagged when she unexpectedly pushed her tongue in. Barb giggled.


"Aww, too much for you, little man? Now you now what I go through when you ask me to deep throat you." Another giggle. "Though that wouldn’t really be a problem right now, would it?" She poked his tiny penis, then impulsively sucked it into her mouth.


David felt humiliated. Barb carried him as easily as a newborn baby (though a rather well-endowed one). He demanded she set him down, then faced her defiantly, his tiny cock twitching happily from her oral attention.


"Are you ready again?" she asked, utterly amazed. Having just come, she was actually feeling like a break herself. David, on the other hand, was determined to show her that he was still a man, and no boy toy. If she thought that oral sex was good, wait until she felt him bury his shaft into that cavernous pussy. His cock was small, but he still knew how to use it.


Unfortunately, knowing how to use it and being able to are entirely different affairs, as David found when he tried to push Barb over so he could ravage her. It’s rather difficult to ravage someone three times your size and twenty times your strength. Not that he didn’t try. After all, he was still the man. He grabbed at her waist, then tried to topple her legs, grunting ineffectively while she smiled in amusement.


"Just what did you have in mind?" she asked when he finally resorted to jumping and trying to impale her.


"Only the best sex you’ve ever had," he answered, wrapping his body around one leg in a vain attempt to open it. He finally gave up. "Which I’ll prove as soon as you lie down."


She smiled indulgently. "If you say so…master." A giggle which he might have ordinarily found cute under other circumstances, and an honorific that would have been exciting had it not been so patently absurd. Barb lay down, the bed groaning under her weight, and spread her legs, her still soaking sex an open invitation. "Be gentle."


He smiled grimly. She thought it was a joke, but he’d show her. Memories of her groaning or complaining when he’d pushed himself in too deep (usually followed by screams of pleasure) inevitably colored his judgement, and he confidently crawled between her legs, ignoring the fact that each one was longer than his whole body. Not giving her a chance to reconsider, he plunged his full length into her, driving his hips forward in what he was sure would be an overwhelming thrust.


And he promptly slipped back out.


Another giggle hardly deterred him. He positioned himself more carefully, and drove back in.


And slipped right out.


Another giggle. "Lose your way?" he burned in embarrassment, and entered more slowly this time. Jesus, she was so big! And loose! It was like trying to fuck…well, a warm, apple pie (an analogy that the author never understood, and would certainly never have come up with except for a certain movie which will remain nameless). He tried moving in and out slowly, slipping a bit on the sheets as he fought for purchase, but his little cock was just too small and thin to stay inside.


"Was it good for you?" she asked wryly as she felt him slip out yet again.


"Turn over," he replied.




"I’m going to fuck you from behind," he informed her, recalling how that position was usually too painful for them because of his huge cock. "If you think you can handle it."


She looked at his rigid, throbbing cock – all 3 ½ inches of it. "All right," she agreed huskily, "but take it easy on me."


She presented her immense behind to him, more than twice the width of his shoulders, and more particularly, her huge pussy. Geez, it was big! It gaped slightly because of her position, and it looked like he could put his whole arm inside if he wanted to. Suddenly, his cock looked a whole lot smaller.


He still tried gamely. First, he approached his usual way, on his knees, but that left her glistening sex far out of reach, especially with his small penis. He actually had to stand to bring it into line. The sight of a child-sized man with his 3 inch cock standing behind the enormous behind of this amazon, trying to show her who was boss would have been utterly ludicrous if he hadn't been one of the participants. Ignoring the absurdity, he plunged in again.


Barb gasped that time. She could actually feel his cock in this position. It felt small, much smaller than usual, but it least it was there. To her own surprise, her own lust reawakened, eager to undergo one last normal fucking. She began to drive back against him.


"Harder, faster, deeper!" she called, urging him on as her excitement built. It was disappointing how little she felt with a cock so small. Apparently size did matter.


David tried his best to comply. Standing, he was free to use all his strength and extra distance to plunge in and out, but even so he could tell she was getting frustrated. He could try faster, he could even manage harder, but there was simply no way he could go deeper. He barely reached halfway even with his pelvis pressed firmly into her hard glutes, though he found the sensation of such a firm ass rather exciting. He slapped his whole body back and forth into her trying to go deeper, to no avail.


"Come on!" she growled. "Give it to me! Fuck me! Goddammit, get that pathetic, little cock inside me. NOW!"


Even Barb was shocked at her language, but damn it, she was hot! David had started this and he damned well was going to finish it. She tightened her vagina, trying vainly to make him feel bigger. She pushed back harder, determined to force him in more. She thought about climbing on top of him, but figured she’d barely feel that tiny thing in any other position.


Using all his strength, and pushing himself actually into her ass crack, David actually managed to get another half inch into her. Barb noticed and screamed thankfully.


"That’s it! Now deeper! DEEPER!!"


David was helpless. He couldn’t go any deeper. Worse, her rhythmic bucking and tight squeezing had begun to already push him towards a climax. He knew how angry she’d be if he came too soon, and desperately tried to hold off. He started to slow his strokes.


"Oh no!" Barb yelled. "No, no, NO! Faster, faster!"


She set the pace herself, pushing back and rocking forward with David clamped firmly between her cheeks, and massaged his cock with gentle vaginal squeezing. For a brief, glorious instant, she felt David swell inside her, as he cried out once more in that funny high-pitched voice that signaled his climax. She tried to pull him even further inside before he could finish.


To David, several things happened at once. He felt one last, huge eruption that gushed a whole teaspoon (hey, he’s small) of cum into Barb’s hungry pussy. At the same moment, there was a dizzying sense of vertigo as his whole body seemed to tingle and contract. The shrinking was faster and more extreme than ever this time. Before he knew what was happening, he felt his feet lift off the sheets, his body caught in Barb’s thrashing cunt. His inch-long cock popped out as he shrank, but she clamped down to keep it and him as close as possible. He was doll-sized now - a foot-tall man suspended in the air by his wife’s ass. It was ridiculous - a cartoon of sex: a thrusting man, still caught in the position of entry, struggling to get his cock anywhere near her hole, an obscene toy caught in the irresistible buns and super-strong pussy of a lusty amazon. He was actually riding in her crack, his feet barely reaching the slick folds of her cleft, and he panicked at the thought of being crushed between those rock-hard cheeks. Even now, he could feel them swell as his sperm worked their magic on her. He kicked and pushed desperately to escape.


And managed to force his foot into her vagina. He slipped as it was sucked inside, Barb reflexively pulling him in and thinking he’d managed to reinsert his cock.


"Oh, yeah," she moaned. He seemed even bigger than before.


But that was because his whole leg was inside her. He braced the other against her anus and pushed, inadvertently causing her a sigh of pleasure at the new stimulation. He screamed and yelled, but his voice was too faint for her to hear over her own moaning. He beat frantically on the mountainous wall of her ass, even as his other foot slipped inside.


"Barb!" he squeaked. "Barb, stop!"


Instead, she continued alternating relaxing and squeezing, feeling more and more of him inside. Whatever position he’d discovered, she liked it.


Of course, his current position was half his body inside her vagina (kids, don’t try this at home). Now he beat helplessly at the soft, steaming folds of her labia as she slowly sucked him inside. Unfortunately, his fists hit her clitoris, and proved just the sort of stimulation she needed.


"Oh, yes. YES!" she screamed, flexing again. At long last, she felt him fill her up. In fact, he seemed almost as big as ever. That should have worried her – as should the odd massaging she felt inside her canal, like tiny bumps being moved up and down – but she was too busy moaning and thrusting through an orgasm as the new sensation finally satisfied her.


She eventually collapsed to the bed, her ass raised in the air, still feeling the little bumps and movements inside her vagina.


"Oh, wow…that was…wonderful. Thank you." She turned around to see what David had done, but frowned to find herself alone on the bed.


And then she again felt the movement again inside her pussy. She screamed in realization and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs.


And as she finally relaxed her vaginal muscles, poor, tiny David reappeared at her slit, head first, dragging himself out by seizing some pubic hair like a rope and pulling himself out hand over fist. He collapsed onto the bed, coughing, spluttering, coated head to toe with her love juices, and rather bruised on top of that, while their combined secretions pooled on top of him in a sticky mess.


Well, that was one way to make the guy take the wet spot.


When she saw he was all right, she picked him up in her hand and smothered his tiny body with kisses. Being a man, he had to pretend that he was fine – in fact, that was what he had planned to do. After all, he knew how to satisfy his women.


She looked at him adoringly – her 8 inch wonder - as he brushed aside her concerns, though secretly he groaned at his aching ribs and shoulders. Who knew women squeezed so hard when they came? The enormity of his nightmare was just coming home. He was now small enough to get sucked into his wife’s pussy – in fact, he was his whole body was now about the same size as his old cock. Talk about being a prick.


The analogy had occurred to Barb, but for a different reason. After making sure that he was really all right, and after a few minutes getting used to his extreme size reduction, she couldn’t help remembering the extraordinary sensation of his beating the walls of her vagina while filling it with his body. It had certainly been unique. As he insisted one last time that he was fine, and had really enjoyed it, she lay back. Picking him up between her thumb and finger, she set him back down on the plain of her abdomen, where he fought to maintain his feet, finally grabbing onto her mountainous breast, with its nipple the size and shape of a fruitcake (a thought which would forever change his mind about that holiday monstrosity). She gently loosed his grip and prodded him towards her pelvis.


"In that case," she purred seductively. "Do it again."




The restoration process was every bit as long and humiliating as David had expected it to be, given that Jessica had designed it. As wonderful as it was to be back to a normal size, he didn’t think his tongue would ever work quite right again.


Of course, it was ‘a’ normal size, but not his normal size. His trysts with the girl gang and Jessica had seen to that. After his last few sessions had produced no restorative effect (other than some extra orgasms for Barb), they’d had to admit that was that. Barb kissed him – easily, since they were equal in height now – and tried to comfort him, insisting rather unconvincingly that really preferred shorter men. She even helped him buy some new clothes and shoes that helped preserve the illusion that he was taller. As he walked around the office, miserable at all the newly tall people around him, he kept hoping there might still be a couple of inches they could squeeze back out of her. And every night he tried. Several times. It made her sex life very pleasant.


And in the back of his mind, David kept waiting. For what, he wasn’t sure. Until that weekend about a month after their adventure. He’d resigned himself to being shorter by then, and their life finally seemed to be settling back into a routine. He was watching the football game on TV.


"Oh! Another pass falls short," the announcer moaned. "Johnson just doesn’t seem to have the touch today. He keeps badly underthrowing everyone."


"His line isn’t doing the job either," his cohort proclaimed. "They’re being blown off the line of scrimmage by those defensive linemen."


"That’s surprising, Bob," the first man said. "Hilgenthorpe and Green are both supposed to be about 6’ 8" and over 350 pounds. They’re two of the biggest guys in the league."


"They sure don’t look it today." The replay showed the defensive players surging around the hapless front line. The supposed behemoths in question looked decidedly smaller and lighter than their defensive counterparts, and were clearly overmatched. "Heh, even their uniforms look too big for them today."


"Let’s hope they grow into them before this game is…Oh! Another fumble. Kelly just reached in and stole that ball. Look at that. Even though he was holding it with both hands. Amazing."


The camera cut to the cheerleaders reactions. The women’s routines were truly extraordinary – they seemed to be leaping higher and dancing harder than humanly possible. One even picked another up and tossed her spinning into the air. It was a move David thought only a man could have attempted.


And he noticed a prominent biceps bulge on the girl’s arm as she effortlessly caught her partner coming down.


He turned the channel.


"Another record broken! This time the high jump. There may not be a woman’s record left standing before the end of the day."


"It’s even more amazing considering how poorly the men have been doing," a female analyst broke in. "In fact, that mark is only one inch off the men’s best today, and she’s not done yet."


"Is there anything to these reports of a new training regimen?" he asked.


"Hard to say," she replied, then laughed. "Maybe we’ve just underestimated what the female athlete is capable of. Nature has a way of balancing things out. After all, there’s no reason….YES! Another record. And she’s passed the men’s best."


Another channel switch.


"…that serve was over 120 miles per hour! When did Gretchen develop such a powerful first serve?"


"Good question. It’s obvious she's been working out more." The camera zoomed in to show her bulging arm muscles. Her short dress really showcased a pair of incredibly fit and toned legs. Her thighs looked rock hard, and her calves were incredibly defined.


"She should give Andre some lessons." He referred to her famous boyfriend, who had until recently been a top ten player himself. "His serve was broken no fewer than 20 times during that straight set disaster last week." Indeed, he had abruptly announced a sabbatical from tennis due to "arm problems."


David turned off the TV. The world would be a very interesting place to live in the next couple of weeks.


And the term balance of nature would never mean quite the same thing again.




Copyright 2001 by Nomdreserv








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