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Big Date by macromega

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Big Date


by macromega


Jim pulled up to the apartment building’s parking lot and turned in. This is the place, he thought.

He made his way into the building and found his date’s address. He’d emailed her and talked to her on the phone, but he’d never been here. In fact, he’d never met her.

Jim rang the bell. “Just a minute” a female voice said.

Soon the door opened. Jim smiled as he drank in the sight of his date. She was well under five feet tall, trim and attractive with long blonde hair. She was proportioned like a model, but was more than foot shorter than the tallest traditional models. She wore simple, sleeveless sheath dress that came to below her knees.

“Hi, I’m Jim,” he said.

“I’m Tina,” said the woman.

Jim pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. “My car’s outside,” he said.

“Great,” said Tina. Her smile was pretty, yet seemed to have a slight nervousness. “Let’s go.”

Tina grabbed a large purse from a stand just inside her apartment door. Jim escorted her to the car. As she climbed in, he realized she was wearing a sort of elastic ballet slipper as footwear. Jim thought it odd that a woman as tiny as Tina wasn’t wearing some form of heels.

As Jim pulled out, Tina looked up at him and sighed, then smiled.

Jim returned the smile during a glance as he drove. “So, this explains why you didn’t say how tall you were on your profile,” he said. “You don’t need to be embarrassed about your height, you know. You’re gorgeous.”

Tina blushed and flipped her long hair back over her left ear. “Thank you, but, uh, that’s not why I left the height vacant.”

“Oh, sorry,” Jim said. “I shouldn’t have assumed.”

“No, it’s OK,” Tina said. “Actually, I needed to talk to you before we get to the restaurant so I don’t … freak you out.”

Jim raised an eyebrow. “Should I be intrigued or worried?”

“I hope intrigued,” Tina said. I saw you liked small or big women … and size-change was a turn-on for you.. See, my height varies … a lot.”

Jim blushed as he suppressed a chuckle. He’d always been nervous about having listed that turn-on, but he wanted to be honest. “So, you’re saying you grow or shrink?” he asked.

“Actually, both,” Tina said. “It happens almost immediately whenever I eat, drink or excrete anything.”

Jim chuckled again. “You’re Alice,” he said.

“Not exactly,” said Tina. “I only grow when I eat or drink anything. I shrink when I … well, poop, pee, vomit, sneeze, cough -- excrete anything other than just air.”

“You’re kidding,” Jim said.

“’Fraid not,” Tina said. She took out a tissue. “Excuse me,” she said. She blew her nose and became about an inch shorter as she did.

“I was 4-foot-9 when I got in the car,” Tina said. “Now I’m 4-foot-8. If you’d like, I could spit out the window a few times and get shorter.”

Jim was having a tough time keeping his eyes on the road. “Part of me would like that,” he said, “but I’m afraid I’d watch you too much and get us in a wreck. So, how does this work?”

“It’s … complicated,” Tina said. “See, different foods and drinks affect me different ways. Proteins, like meats, tend to make me put on muscle. Dairy products -- milk, cheeses, yogurt, even ice cream -- make me taller. Fats and carbs like sugars and low-fiber starches … well, they make my boobs and butt grow -- mainly my boobs. Alcohol falls in that category. Fruits and vegies just trigger a general growth. I grow due to water, teas and coffees, but, with no calories, not as much.

“As to the shrinking; I tend to retreat back to this build as I shrink, but it’s less predictable. And I can get quite small. Once, when I caught cold, I wound up under 2 feet tall, and that was with eating chicken soup every waking moment.

“Diarrhea is the worst, though,” Tina continued. “I wound up hip-high on a Barbie doll one time from that. If it had gone on much longer, I might have been bug-sized, or even microscopic.”

“So the more you eat, the more you grow,” Jim said.

“Essentially, yeah,” Tina said. “So, you OK?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jim said, smiling.

There was a pause. “So, where are we going for dinner?” Tina asked.

“If it’s not too forward,” said Jim, “I’m thinking buffet.”

“You will live dangerously,” said Tina, smiling naughtily. “I’m glad I brought my bag.”

“What’s in it?” Jim asked.

“It’s for emergencies,” Tina said. “In case I grow too big or shrink too small. All my clothes are very elastic and have a lot of room for change, but even they have their limits.”

As they exited the car at the restaurant, Tina put her hand on Jim’s shoulder. “One thing you should know,” she said. “A side effect of my condition is that I never get full. All I can eat is all I have the time, money and desire to eat.”

They walked together to the curb. Jim watched her tight, tiny bottom as she stepped up onto the sidewalk. She looked back over her shoulder. “You coming?” she asked coyly.

Hoping he wasn’t about to come in a different sense, Jim said, “Right behind you.”

On arriving and getting a table, Jim ordered lemonade with his meal. Tina chose skim milk. At the salad bar, Tina got a bowl of chicken noodle soup; a heaping lettuce salad with eggs, cheese and dressing; some cottage cheese and pineapple; and a small plate of hot wings. The first thing she did on returning to the table was drink about a third of her glass of milk … and grow three inches taller.

Jim finished his hot wings while tina continued munching and growing. Her breasts got bigger, her shoulders broadened and her arms became more defined. In minutes she had grown to about 5-foot-four and looked like a sexy athlete.

“So, how did this start?” Jim asked.

Tina swallowed a bite and got a little bit larger. “Actually, it just sort of did,” she said. “It started in middle school, of all places. When I hit puberty, this weird condition developed.”

“That must have been awful,“ Jim said.

Tina nodded,. “I mean, I didn’t go on a date all through middle and high school,“ she said. “The guys were all too freaked by not knowing if their date would be a midget or taller than they were.

“College wasn’t much better. I got some dates, but guys were too freaked out by my height changes between when they asked me out and when we actually went out. The build changes just complicated the problem. A guy would ask me out when I had hooters and I would meet him for the date relatively flat-chested, or my fanny would be bigger than it was when he asked me out, or I’d have picked up some serious muscle. It was just tough.

“I finally figured out that Web-based singles sites might be able to help me,“ Tina said. “Maybe there I could find someone who wouldn’t freak out when I grew at the table or came back from the bathroom a few sizes or inches smaller.”

“And that’s where you found me,” Jim said.

“And that’s where I found you,” Tina said. “You OK with that?”

Jim smiled. “I’m not only OK, I want you to eat up,” he said. “I’m looking forward to looking up at you.”

Tina took a few more swallows of milk and hit 5-foot-7. “You could easily be looking up at my boobs,” she said.

Jim’s smile broadened. “All the better,” he said.

Tina leaned forward, showing her now-more-pronounced cleavage. “All right, big fella,” she said, “let’s get the main course.”

While Jim got steak and some mashed potatoes with gravy, Tina came back with a with a steak surrounded by one of the biggest mounds he’d ever seen of macaroni and cheese. She’d also gotten a fresh glass of milk.

Jim ate more slowly than Tina. That was partly because she was eating so fast, wolfing down the food and growing with every bite. It also was partly because he just couldn’t resist watching her grow, so eating his own meal became of secondary importance.

Tina was only halfway through her meal when Jim realized she was now taller than him. Her breasts had, by this time, grown to the size of basketballs. The dress she wore was becoming smaller and smaller on her growing frame, and he was loving it.

When she finished her main course, Tina smiled down at Jim. With far less food, he still hadn’t finished eating. “Stand up, Shorty,” Tina said. “Let’s get a look at you.”

When they stood, Jim could see Tina was now about seven and a half feet tall. Her breasts were now as big as large watermelons.

She stepped closer, towering over him, her boobs blocking the room’s lighting from his face. “So, Jim, what do you think? Am I big enough for you?”

Jim smiled naughtily. “Shall we get dessert?” he asked.

Tina grinned as she picked up her bag. “I’ll need to change first,” she said. “I’ll be right back”

When Tina returned, she was a few inches shorter, down to 7-foot-2. “Sorry,” she said. “I had to make a pit stop, so to speak.”

“So I see,” said Jim brightly. “Let’s hit the dessert bar.”

“Yes, let’s,” said Tina.

While Jim simply got some ice cream, Tina put together and enormous brownie sundae with whipped cream, hot fudge and a cherry on top. As she ate, Jim watched her expand, growing to become the biggest woman he had ever seen in both height and bust size. He was beyond impressed. When she finished her dessert, he was tempted to ask her if she wanted seconds.

Tina stretched her arms, now so long that they reached over the tables on either side of theirs. “I feel like getting a drink, and maybe some dancing,” she said. “How’s that sound?”

“Excellent,” said Jim. “Let’s go.”

The car ride was an experience. Tina was now all the way up to 11-foot-5, with boobs that were getting into the giant pumpkin range. It was everything she could do to fold herself into the back of Jim’s car, and, even so, her legs protruded from the window. Jim suggested she spit herself down to a more manageable size.

“Is that really what you want?” Tina asked.

“Well … no,” Jim admitted.

Tina smiled. “I’ll make this work,” she said.

At the bar, Jim ordered an entire bottle of wine for Tina, and a beer for himself. He watched as Tina’s boobs swelled even bigger. They shared a large order of cheese bread -- Jim ate one piece, Tina the rest -- which made her grow even larger.

When the bar closed, Tina had to squeeze as she crawled out the door. She had changed into her last emergency outfit while inside, but her legs were now nearly eight feet long, so it really left nothing to the imagination.

As she sat on the sidewalk, Tina looked down at Jim. The 15-foot, 6-inch woman with breasts that were bigger than the biggest pumpkins ever seen on the planet offered her hand to her date. He climbed on it as she lifted him up to her.

“What do you think?” Tina asked.

“Well, I’d ask you to my place, but I don’t think you’d fit in the door,” Jim said.

Tina sighed. “I’m sure you’re right,” she said. “Besides, I’d always planned not to go to bed with anyone on the first date -- and, right now, I’d break any bed ever made.”

“So, how are we going to get you home?” Jim asked.

Tina stood up. “I’ll get you home,” she said. Placing Jim between her massive mammaries, she picked up his car and started walking. Getting directions to his house, she started walking there, carrying both Jim and the car.

For Jim, the ride was bliss. He was surrounded by soft, warm breast-flesh, and enjoying every minute of it.

“Take your shirt off,” said Tina. “It’ll feel good to both of us.”

“Yes, ma’am!” said Jim, following instructions.

All too soon, they were at Jim’s place. She put the car on the ground and lifted Jim to her face.

“I had a great time tonight,” Tina said. She kissed Jim’s cheek.

Jim stretched and kissed one of her enormous lips. “Me, too,” he said. “I hope I can ask you out again.”

Tina nodded. “Um, dare I hope that … we could already go exclusive? I mean, I haven’t found a guy like you, and --”

Jim placed a finger to her lips. “Now, where would I find a woman to top you?” he asked jokingly. “I mean, you’re the biggest woman in my life. Yes, we’re a couple, if you want to be.”

Tina smiled, and it struck Jim how beautiful she was as she did. “I’d … really like that,” she said.

“You free next Friday?” Jim asked.

Tina nodded. She placed Jim on the ground. Then, bending at the hips, her colossal rack hovering so tantalizingly close he could feel their warmth without touching them, she said, “Oh, and one more thing to consider: My uncle owns a vacant warehouse here in town, and I bet I could convince him to lend it to me for the night on, say, next Friday.”

Jim was so excited he felt his knees buckle slightly. “Sounds like a plan,” he said.

Tina kissed her fingertip, then pressed her fingertip to Jim’s cheek. “See you then, big boy,” she said. She pivoted and walked away, swaying her colossal hips as she did, waving and blowing a kiss over her shoulder.

Jim sat down. And I thought THIS was a big date, he thought.

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